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Yes, the Google Play Store has a Customer Support Line

Our buddy Jigga_Z was doing some digging through the Google Play Store early this morning and came across a means of contacting a 24/7 help line for anyone having issues with the service. From Android applications, to Play Movies and Books purchases or basically any issue you are having in the Play Store can be solved over the phone with the help of Google technicians. Getting help is pretty easy – simply fill out their form with your name, telephone number, and a brief description of the issue and they call you in a quick manner. Pretty awesome, right?

We don’t know if this service is actually new with the Play Store, as services like Google Wallet have had this exact same customer help form for months now. Kellen took it for a spin when he was switching Wallet balances over from one phone to another before the app was capable of doing it automatically and found it to be useful. Has anyone seen this service before and used it? Now that you know it exists, do you plan on using it?

Update:  Yeah, this has been around for a while according to a handful of commenters. Sounds like it has been helpful to those that have taken advantage of it too.

Contact customer support

Cheers Jigga_Z!

  • Aliasgar

    Hello I cannot download the game Virtua Tennis
    Its a paid game I purchased it from the play store but it shows Error in installing Virtua Tennis (491)
    please help

  • Terri Griffin

    Not very happy as I cant seem to find a contact phone number for the google play store I have tried using your ring back service and with no luck

  • will

    Where do i find the number to stop payment to my credit card ? Text me the number someone please at 6139028215

  • this is one area where google has not invested much effort.  its hard for a lay person to find and reach out to google when they are having issues with a service.  

    i understand it must be near impossible for google to train people on there ever expanding services but for a company thier size, they should at lest have a walk through system and then if that doesnt help, a higher up specialist. 

  • eaglerare

    I used this service when I purchased an Opeth album blackwater park. My droid had crappy reception and i thought it didnt go through so i tried again. I got 2 charges and the album downloaded twice. I searched for support and found they had a button that would call my phone number. When i entered my info and pushed it, it was no longer than 10-20 seconds I got a call.They took care of the charge in a very professional matter. When I asked him how and why someone would want 2 of the same albums on their account he told me they are working on solving that problem.

  • Diablo81588

    Nice to know. I work for Best Buy and customers always come to us when they are having issues with the market on their tablet, like theres something we can do about it. Thanks for the heads up.

  •  My only interaction with the Play Store help was awful.  I called when they had the 10 cent app promo.  I went to buy an app and it said 10 cents the whole time until I went to check out, it changed to $2.99 (don’t remember the app).  I called and provided screenshots from both my PC and my phone, they said they’d make sure I got it for 10 cents.  The next day, I got an email (promo also over), and they said that the promo had ended already and that I couldn’t get it.  I replied with some stern words (no swearing) and a legitimate question and they never replied.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Definitely not new with the Play Store. Used a few times when Google Music went live. The whole give us your number, we’ll call you shortly concept is awesome. No more waiting on hold. The support staff isn’t really huge at all as the same rep helped me 3 days in a row with my issues.

  • MrSteve920

    Saw this on Reddit yesterday!

  • ArmanUV

    Hello? Google Play Store? 
    Yes this is dog

  • Ditto to the other commenters — old news. 24/7 customer support number has been around for about as long as the Android Market. However, any technical issues (e.g., delays in purchases due to bugs in their service) can only be escalated out of phone to e-mail only. That is, if your purchase is being delayed for some technical reason, don’t expect your resolution to come over the phone. You’ll have to wait for the next 9-5 window for someone to take care of it and send you a form response letting you know it’s done.

  • FelisLachesis

    Hello, Google Play Store?  I was wondering why you do not, yet, have gift cards to your store?

    • lixaparis

      They do, they are available at Target, Game Stop and Radio Shack stores.

  • g_what

    Hopefully, no one “plans on using” the service. Ideally, everything will work great.

  • Franklin

    Tis free? We don’t have to pay $30 when we get a new Android phone for the support? ….*cough*verizon*cough*

  • sc0rch3d

    goo, i can haz exsellint c-sat?

  • I used this a while ago when they had their 10cent promotion. Worked excellent and got a call within 3 minutes of the request.

  • EC8CH

    Yes, Google Play Store???

    Why is your name so stupid?

    • Michael_NM

      I’m sorry, my parents thought Hubert was a nice name. Ohh… You mean the store’s name? Well, Google understands that a lot of dumb people buy smartphones. We figured they’d like the new name, and we figured they’d need someone to call for support when Angry Birds doesn’t show up on their brand new phone.

  • Ramp1188

    First :DDDDDDDD

  • Asuriyan

    I first found it and used it when the Play Store launched, during the 10 cent sale. I was having an issue purchasing an app because I had installed an Amazon version of it and it said it was already purchased.

    They said they would get back to me in a week. They never did. Pretty much a total letdown.

    • Ramp1188

      dang it im not first cause of you. i hate you

    • r0lct

      I had a similar problem, except it was a side loaded app from the Humble Bundle that I was just going to buy to make updates easier.  They finally “fixed it” with that last Store update and I can now purchase it, but of course now it isn’t on sale.

    • I’m guessing that’s because they did not know how to fix this issue at that time. They now have fixed it, months later of course.

      • Asuriyan

        True. Probably should give them a call back- she said she would make a note to extend the sale for me because of my issue. If they kept their word on that it would do a lot to improve my opinion of the experience.

    • T4rd

      Hmm, I had the exact same issue but a much different/better experience with them.  I wanted to purchase mSecure during that sale, but I had already received it as the FAOTD on the Amazon App store, so it showed up as “Purchased” already in the Play Store.  I contacted Google through this articles method.  They called me immediately after I submitted the request, I talked to the CS rep who was well aware of the issue and generated a ticket to be forwarded to the some other support division (accounts or something).  I got an e-mail immediately after the phone call telling me it had been forwarded to them.  I got an e-mail back from them about a week later telling me pretty much the same thing that the phone rep told me (it was a known issue and they’re working on fixing it on their end).  So I replied back telling them that I found a solution on XDA forums (that I linked to in the e-mail) where I had to modify the Play Stores page code (on a desktop browser) so that the button on the app purchased the app instead of just trying to install it on my phone (unsuccessfully since it wasn’t actually purchased).  They replied back with a “Thank you” and said that they knew of that fix, but they couldn’t direct customers to do that since it’s too involved and wanted to fix it on their side instead (which is understandable to me).

  • ddevito

    ME: “Hello, I cannot download Google Wallet to my Verizon Galaxy Nexus”

    GOOGLE: –click–

    End of Line

    • EC8CH

      2 seconds later your phone automatically reboots, is unlocked, rooted, and running AOKP with Google Wallet installed.

      • ddevito

        I called for Google Wallet support. There’s a callback option. (I have GVoice).

        Literally 7 seconds later my phone rings – MSG: “Call from: GOOGLE…to accept press 1…”

        So I thought I’d “fool” them and say I was a sprint customer (since gwallet is supported for sprint, etc).

        Without me saying a word, the rep says “Good morning, I see here you’re having trouble with your google wallet application on your VERIZON galaxy nexus.” He went on to explain that although it wasn’t officially supported, etc – bla bla bla.


        • Kiernan Moore

          Did you get google wallet on your nexus even though its not supported

          • ddevito


            (You must be new here) 🙂

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