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HTC One X Review [Unlocked]

HTC had a rough ending to 2011, so to kick off their 2012, they released the One Series of Android phones, including the flagship One X which we are about to dive deep into. With a new outlook on design, a less-intrusive take on Android skinning, and a focus on impressive hardware, this phone is one to “ooh” and “aww” over on paper and in pictures. There are few competitors that have produced phones in the last 12 months that can match the overall package of the One X, however, one question remains – is this phone capable of bringing HTC back from a dark and dreary place and to the forefront of the Android race once again? Let’s find out. 

The Good:

  • Display:  Easily the most beautiful smartphone display you will find anywhere. At 312ppi and 4.7-inches of Super LCD2 glory, the colors and details are natural, defined, and simply put, stunning. We probably won’t find another display that will compete with the One X’s until Samsung puts out a phone with their HD Super AMOLED Plus. Even then, the vibrant and sometimes oversaturated colors on the AMOLED may not be preferred over these LCD2 displays that HTC is using. Experiencing this screen in person is something that each and every one of you should attempt to do.
  • Design, Look and Feel:  There isn’t a more beautifully designed phone than the HTC One X. It has subtle curves, a soft finish, accents in all the right places, and an overall look that we have found almost no faults with. The Galaxy Nexus and RAZR set somewhat of a bar on design a few months ago – the One X just jumped both and then put the contest out of reach. When you hold this phone in hand, it’s noticeably lighter (130 grams) and thinner (8.9mm) than the competition, yet doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic. (It might be too big for some, but we’ll get into that below.) I’ve talked about this in videos, but the unibody casing gives off an elusion that the screen and the device itself is curved, when in actuality it’s not. It’s the little things like this that make this enjoyable to look at each and every day. We should also point out that within the last two weeks, I have had more strangers, friends and family ask, “Whoa! What phone is that?” than ever before.
  • Hardware:  What is there to dislike in the hardware and spec department? OK, the lack of a 4G LTE radio is a little disappointing but we’ll get to that later. Inside this beast, you have a 1.5GHz Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 8MP f/2.0 camera in the back, 1.3MP camera in the front, a 4.7″ HD Super LCD2 display, NFC chip, MHL port, and a 1800mAh battery. It doesn’t get any more top-of-the-line than this. Sure, we would have liked to have seen HTC figure out Motorola’s battery magic and toss in a 3300mAh behemoth in there, but then they may have had to sacrifice on other goodies. And since battery life hasn’t been a problem thus far, we can certainly forgive them.
  • Battery:  In two weeks time, I have not run into a battery life issue with the One X. This phone has powered me through each and every day, begging for some juice around the 14 or 15 hour mark. Even with a decent amount of gaming, you can see that the battery still had 20% left after 13 hours during one day’s work. At 1800mAh, this battery won’t get you through a couple of days by any means, but most of us are happy if one can sneak us through a work day. This phone should have no problem doing that. Also, it reportedly has some sort of bug that when fixed, should provide an extra 10-20% boost in battery life. So I’m seeing favorable results without that.


  • Performance:  With it’s quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, there are few phones on the planet that can match the speed of the One X. I have yet to bog this phone down and trust me, I try. You can open multiple apps in a row, switch to the camera, snap photos, toggle off and on settings, flip home screens, open your app drawer, and more without ever noticing a stutter. Well, you may see them from time to time in HTC’s Sense UI, but without that, this phone is unbelievably fast. We performed a set of standard benchmarks that can be viewed here.
  • HTC Sense 4.0 (parts of it):  Oh HTC Sense 4.0, you and I have one heck of a relationship. In the 20-minute video overview that I posted below (which you should definitely watch), you will probably come away thinking that I despise Sense with a great passion. That’s not 100% true. There are some things about it that drive me nuts, but overall, this latest version is the best yet. It’s slightly less intrusive, yet still adds some UI flair that many will enjoy. I also love the way that Sense manages contacts, makes the camera super efficient, adds options to the lock screen, and continues to polish up widgets. I will always prefer stock Android over an OEM skin, but Sense 4.0 has come a long way in the right direction.
  • Camera:  Let’s just say this – the rear camera weighs in at 8MP with a f/2.0 aperture and is better than your average smartphone shooter. After coming from the Galaxy Nexus, the One X was a breath of fresh air even if it didn’t blow my mind. There were times when it took some incredible photos and others when it seemed to struggle. I’m sure that you could manually adjust many of the settings and take some beyond-impressive photos, but for me, “Auto” is how I roll. And with that, I came away impressed enough to easily include the camera in the “Good” section.

  • HTC ImageSense:  The best part of Sense 4.0 is the inclusion of HTC’s new image software called ImageSense. This right here, is awesome. With the camera open, ImageSense allows you to snap photos in split seconds with no shutter lag, shoot video and snap full pictures at the same time without a hiccup, filter your best shots, toggle to HDR or panorama with ease, and take dozens of rapid fire shots by simply holding down the camera button. We cover this in the Sense overview video below, but want to express to you again how impressed we are with HTC’s camera work. Bravo.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich:  It’s the best version of Android yet, so we were glad to see HTC include it in the One X. With companies like LG and Motorola releasing phones that still have Gingerbread, props should be given to HTC for doing the right thing. They may have tossed their new Sense 4.0 over top of it, but the features that were introduced with Android 4.0 are all there for you to enjoy. Plus, it’s always nice to buy an Android phone that has the newest version that was released just months ago, because you never know when you may see a software update.
  • Call Quality:  I almost always forget to include this in a review, but after all, these are phones we’re talking about, right? I will just say that multiple times throughout a call on my Galaxy Nexus, I have to ask people to repeat themselves. With this phone, I have yet to do that even once. Clarity is top notch.

The Not-so-Good:

  • No LTE:  Since the unlocked (and internationl) version of the HTC One X has a quad-core Tegra 3 chip inside, it doesn’t currently work with 4G LTE radios. That will change probably at the end of 2012, but for now, anything with this chipset in it, will only be HSPA+. In a time when U.S. carriers will only allow 4G LTE phones on their network, this is unfortunate. We like what NVIDIA does in the mobile world, but we hope they figure this out sooner than later. We get the feeling that throughout the next 6-8 months, we are going to see nothing but Snapdragon S4 dual-core phones because they do play nice with LTE. While that processor is as equally (and in some cases more) impressive as the Tegra 3, this is Android, and we like variety.
  • Hardware Navigation Keys:  Seriously, HTC? The Galaxy Nexus came out back in November with on-screen navigation keys, yet you still forced hardware keys on us in April. They aren’t reason enough for anyone to deny this phone’s pure awesomeness, but removing these would have made this a slightly smaller and more manageable phone with less of a chin. Again, having hardware navigation keys is not reason enough to dislike this phone, but it would have made the overall 2012-feel seem complete.

  • HTC Sense 4.0 (parts of it):  Bear with me while I go all Android anal fanboy on you for a moment. HTC Sense 4.0 is the best version of Sense yet, I’ve said that already. However, it still gets to me and I will forever wish that stock Android would be an option when these phones come out. There are jittery spots in the UI because HTC has to get all fancy with their 3D animations, the “Personalize” menu is far too difficult to navigate for such simple tasks as changing a wallpaper, and the color scheme that HTC has clung to is just not for me. Sure, Sense 4.0 has been toned down and is improved, but again, as an Android enthusiast, I want stock or at least the option to turn off Sense.
  • Size:  This phone is huge. I consider myself to have average sized hands and there are numerous times throughout the day where I have to adjust the grip on this phone to get things done. It’s definitely a two-handed device, just like the Galaxy Note. With a 4.7″ display along with separate hardware navigation keys, stretching for the notification bar can be difficult at times. Actually, all of the time. To me, the One X is the biggest I would ever go with a smartphone. If there was a tipping point for a phone to hit the “Way too damn big” category, this would be close to it.
  • No Camera Lens Protection:  While we drooled all over the design of this phone, there is one pretty major flaw that needs to be addressed. The camera lens has been placed on an island with no protection. It sits directly in the middle of the device like most phone cameras, except it isn’t recessed into the body. If you were to set this down on a rough surface or take it in and out of your raw denim skinny jeans over and over again, there is a chance that you will scratch it.

  • Non-removable Battery:  The internal battery is 1800mAh and should get most of the world through most of a day on a single charge. But then there are those of us that are constantly on our phones, travel a ton, attend conferences with zero outlets to charge from, and like having the option to toss in a freshly charged battery when the first one of the day runs out. Since HTC decided to go with this sexy unibody design, you cannot remove this battery and that is unfortunate.
  • Top Lock Switch and Headphone Jack:  This is simply me nit-picking, but I’m hoping that one day all phone manufacturers will listen to me cry about it and follow Google’s lead. The top lock switch, sucks. As does the top headphone jack. The thumb lock switch on the side of the device, makes so much sense, that there should be a law created to make top switches illegal. Same thing with the headphone jack. If I’m listening to music on my phone through headphones, a plug at the bottom simply works better. The cord doesn’t have to hang out the back of the device or dangle to the side if I’m looking at it, and when I place it in my pocket top down (like everyone does), the cord pokes right out, without me having to think about it.



HTC Sense 4.0 Overview:


Screen Comparison:


The Verdict:

To say that I have been impressed with the HTC One X over the last couple of weeks would be a gross understatement. This phone has given us hope for a 2012 that has so far, produced nothing important on the Android front. With the most stunning smartphone display on the planet, a build quality and design matched by few, and a set of specs that will power you far beyond the life of a contract, the One X is a clear winner.

Unfortunately for U.S. consumers, this phone with its Tegra 3 processor won’t be here any time soon unless you import it. AT&T has an LTE version on the way with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor which is no slouch and should be considered, but folks on Verizon and T-Mobile have been left out in favor of HTC One S variants (a slightly less impressive phone). It’s a shame really, as this is easily the best Android phone available, right now. Will it be in a month or so when the Galaxy SIII is released? Talk about the question of the year that we all wish we had an answer to.

  • Hillary Jacobs

    I love this phone. I’ve got it on LTE (in Austin) and it’s fine wiht the battery life. I mean, it’s worth the speed, right? AT&T is fine, too. I do hair and I love being able to surf through styles and download something between appointments.

  • balducien

    One S + CM9 =Ways better

  • I got this two weeks ago and I love it more than any other device I’ve ever owned (incl my MBP) but Sense is still an eyesore. I hate it, I just hate it. That Gingerbread green with the shiny rounded stupid icons just make me cringe. Stock ICS is just a million times more aesthetically beautiful than this.

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  • Removing hardware buttons won’t make the chin smaller, just look at the nexus.I believe if you take the back off of most phones you will see that there is more than button hardware under there. And lastly, I prefer hardware buttons so I don’t have extra touches, swipes and fingerprints all of the time.

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  • Cant wait for Verizons equivalent. I would take the S4 over the Tegra, So far my experience with tegra’s have not been good. Always been a fan of Qualcomms tech. Currently rocking the Rezound, Definetly FAR better then the Razr Or Gnex.

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  • Removing hardware buttons won’t make the chin smaller, just look at the nexus.I believe if you take the back off of most phones you will see that there is more than button hardware under there. And lastly, I prefer hardware buttons so I don’t have extra touches, swipes and fingerprints all of the time.

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  • Until Samsung puts out a 720p SAMOLED+, then they will not be in the lead. And even with a SAMOLED+ they still may not.

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  • I think the no onscreen buttons is arguable. A 4.7″ screen all the time sounds nice to me.

    distribution California

  • Peter

    Going with the Galaxy S III

  • Louis B

    This is an awesome phone !

  • It sounds great

  • dorfub

    OOH and AHH

  • cool gadget…

  • Mila Ray

    I really like the phone!It looks great in white color .Thanks for
    telling more about it, probably I will need to borrow some money to buy
    it, but I think it’s really great.


  • Mila Ray

    I really like the phone!It looks great in white color .Thanks for telling more about it, probably I will need to borrow some money to buy it, but I think it’s really great.

  • BlaGo

    this phone is cute_i got one recently

  • Oz

    I bought the phone last month and it has performed GREAT. It is fast, it has a great user interface and friendlyness in it. The default software offers pretty much everything you need and the screen and camera resolution y amazing.
    It is a great phone and it has a lot of potential.
    The only bad thing is that the phone is too fragile. I bought the phone and 5 days later while sitting in my pockets I pulled it out and found a craked on the top right corner of the screen. It has not hit the ground at all and it is already craked. It still is working and performing well. I contacted HTC and they reply that the warranty does not cover screen damages. I explained that the phone was only 5 days old and it cost me $660 (Unlocked, international version), but this has no effect on the company. My Blackberry is 4 years old and it has hit the ground several times shown no craks at all. The ONE X was “safely” sitting in my pocket.

  • pete

    I’ve got HTC One X, generally very pleased with it but all of a sudden, headphones or any other devices through the headphone jack at the top don’t work, music continues to play through the speaker. Do we think this is fixable at home or a fault that emerged? It’s been fine up to today

  • MeetOza

    all time good….. chk dis blog tooo…. 

  • AhsanS

    Way better than the Nexus’ screen.

  • Jackseddie

    Will the unlocked version work with T-Mobiles 4G network in the USA?

  • blairh

    Great review except this proclamation that the headphone jack should be on the bottom of the device. Absolute nonsense. I always want my smartphone to have the headphone jack at the top. I never place a phone top first into my pants pocket. The opposite in fact. So having the headphone jack at the top makes total sense. Other than that, great review. 

  • Taglogical

    oooOOOOOooo look at how beautiful that LCD is compared to the OLED in the Nexus!! So excited for IPS panels in my celly yo!

  • Taglogical

    That camera location and extrusion is horrible so I completely agree with you Kellex.  As for the lock button, I will fight you till the end of time on this one – Top locks, left/middle/right are all right where they should be for good ole’ index finger; sidelocks make me accidentally lock the device during regular use.

  • frankandsimple

    Tooooo big. pass. I need compact 3.7″ HD display phone that I can reach all corners of the screen with my thumb on the hand that is holding the phone.

    • have fun living in 2007

      • frankandsimple

        You are simply drunk on the Android Kool-Aid

        • Because I prefer a larger screen?  Okay then..

          • frankandsimple

            no, because you think wanting a less than 4.3″ screen is somehow regressive.. and because you seem to think bigger is better.

          • I didnt mean it like that.  I meant is as in manufactures dont tend to make anything under 4.3 anymore.  For me bigger is better, I have large hands, but anything more than 4.7 is too much for me.

  • JT22knight

    Once you really think about it you put your phone in you pocket top up or top down. Either way its random. So putting the jack on the bottom wouldn’t make a difference b/c the phone is in a difference position.

  • Destroythanet

    Galaxy Nexus is the tipping point for size imo.

  • Why do you dislike hardware navigation keys? Yeah, sometimes they aren’t as responsive as the screen, but they typically allow for higher ppi screens and more space for non-full-screen apps.

    Moreover, on my HTC Rezound, I actually can drag *into* my navigation keys allowing me extra distance to scroll.

    Sure, they’re not customizable, but I like knowing they’re always available without having to flick the screen first. No big deal. Calm down.

    • Jslafarr

      Aokp allows me to hide my soft keys. Giving me my entire screen.
      And the fact I can put any shortcut to any application in my nav bar. Do that with hardware keys.
      My point is whether you like them or not in my opinion they are obsolete.
      so calm down son.

  • Jslafarr

    And the rezound is NOT – and never will be better then the gnex.

    Rooted and and romed there is no comparison.

    Hardware keys and fat bezzels are a thing of the past,but apparently not with the one x

  • truename

    Instead of buying stupid Beats, HTC should’ve used the $300 mil to double the battery capacity in their new phones. 

  • Bart Gilliam

    The main advantage to having your headphone jack and other buttons and ports at the top instead of the bottom is so that liquids are less likely to enter the phone. Have you ever put your phone in the cup holder of your car only to find liquid or condensation from your drink waiting to void your warranty. I know that I have when using my phone to navigate or listen to music while plugged into my car system. The EVO was the worst with HDMI and charging port on bottom.

    • Jslafarr

      That’s uh.. pretty retardedmaybe you should pay attention or ge a case for your phone. Condensation won’t effect the phone immediately if at all – but if you actually have liquid sitting in your cup holder then you are a slob.

      The side power and bottom jack is the most efficient / preferred.

  • darkseider

    Just one question will this phone, unlocked, work on T-Mobile U.S.?

  • meta96

    fw 1.28 is out.

  • I can’t see the SGIII competing with the One X if all Samsung is doing is an “incremental upgrade”.  Regardless, Samsung has never produced anything to rival the design quality of an HTC anyway.  Spec-wise and hardware, yes, but not feel and design.  HTC puts all other phonemakers to shame in that department.  If an iPhone is like holding the blade of a meatcleaver, an HTC feels like a custom-made svelt gloved specifically manufactured to the contours of your hand.

  • I just wish people tried to stay neutral when posting reviews.

    An example would be:
    In a time when U.S. carriers will only allow 4G LTE phones on their network, this is unfortunate.
    The point Kellex seems to be missing here is that One X is a GSM device. I don’t know about Verizon’s 3G network (or AT&T, or T-Mobile USA, etc.), but my DROID2 GLOBAL easily does 7.5Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up on NWGSM’s HSPA network, and up to 12Mbps down on Softbank’s. One X with its HSPA+ is probably capable of 20Mbps down on Softbank, O2, Orange, or T-Mobile. And really, even 7Mbps is a lot for a mobile device. (Note that since the two countries I move between — Japan and Russia — are sort of advanced in terms of internet access, I don’t really need to use my phone as a WiFi AP for my laptop and other devices — there’s plenty of non-congested fast and free wireless networks available, not to mention wall Ethernet jacks at the restaurants, airports, etc.)

    Another example is on-screen buttons. Let’s face it, it’s a matter of personal preference. Period. Same with the lock button and headphone jack.

    P.S. Speaking of LTE, I have seen reports from my company’s R&D department on Tegra 3 and LTE; apparently there were no issues found when using European band (2.4-2.6GHz) LTE modems in conjunction with Tegra 3.

    • nicotinic

      So that you are in the know, Verizon’s 3g network for data is slow. I max out at 2Mbps down and that actually used to make me happy. O_o.

      • That’s what I was suspecting.

        My point is when CDMA-biased sites like Droid-Life prioritise LTE over everything else, they seem to forget that UMTS and HSPA/HSPA+ are much faster (and more widely adopted) than EV-DO.

        As such, for a mobile device HSPA+ is often enough.

        Oh, and outside the USA people rarely bother streaming video and such on their devices, so it doesn’t eat at/require much bandwidth, as well. (E.g. I don’t even understand why do people jump on Google Music bandwagon so readily.)

  • Ramon Toscano

    Cant wait for Verizons equivalent. I would take the S4 over the Tegra, So far my experience with tegra’s have not been good. Always been a fan of Qualcomms tech. Currently rocking the Rezound, Definetly FAR better then the Razr Or Gnex. I dont give a f… who you are if you think those to have superior specs, because they don’t. Gnex build quality is just garbage, and cant hold on to any signal of any kind. My sister has one and she can not hold onto a 4g signal where I am getting -70db and pulling 20-30mbps. And she has gone threw 2 of them because it will not lock onto gps. I’ve told her Samsung and GPS have never gotten along, and it will probably take her one more gnex to switch to a different device. Now onto the Razr, brother inlaw has one. the build quality is fine, but i find the screen to be horrendous, even worse then the pentile crap on the gnex, but he says he like “big icons”, lmfao, i had the biggest laugh ever when he said that. He can not even be on 4g because it will rape his battery, just the other day he told me that he was on 4g and had gps going at the same time and his battery died after 2 hours. Sure a razr maxx would fix that, but thats not the point, the point is that moto straight up failed by releasing so many devices in a short period of time. regardless the razr is a joke. another 4 relatives including my wife have a rezound and they say its the best phone they have ever had, and almost all of them came from og droids.

    end rant.

  • just thought id let ya know, samsung is doing the same thing with internal storage.

  • Lavoisier1794

    Two thoughts….
    1) Temple Run sure is a battery intensive game.
    2) I like having the power buttom and headphone jack on the top. Makes it easer to listen to music with the phone in your pocket and makes sure the volume rocker is on the right, which helps with tab switching in the Dolphin Browser.

  • Jslafarr

    forget the headphone jack being in the wrong place – why take the time to design the phone and software for it then decide to make it incompatible with LTE. sure it crosses boundaries with its specs …but,

    every smart-phone from here on out wont have a chance in the competition without LTE.

    thats what people want once 4g is constant everywhere.

  • GooGooFruit

    Cock tease

  • I always put my GNex top down.

  • BigRed4X15

    It’s hard to say what LTE is going to do to the battery life. I just got the Droid Razr Maxx, and knowing that I can use my phone as much as I want, for what ever I want in a day without the concern of the battery dying prematurely is amazing. with the exception of the older processor and non HD screen, which i dont think is as bad as people around here make it out to be, the hardware on the Maxx is unmatched. As for the processor, it might not be quite as powerful as the S4 or T3, but for 95% of what your going to use the phone for you wont notice the difference. So now that I am done making myself feel better about my purchase, I really think that all phone manufactures need to take notes from the Maxx. It doesn’t matter how great a phone is if I cant use it because the battery is dead. 

    • unaffected

      I went from a G Next to a Razr and am very pleased with the screen.

    • LiterofCola

      Exactly, phones need more durable battery life all across the board.

  • riteshk

    I got this two weeks ago and I love it more than any other device I’ve ever owned (incl my MBP) but Sense is still an eyesore. I hate it, I just hate it. That Gingerbread green with the shiny rounded stupid icons just make me cringe. Stock ICS is just a million times more aesthetically beautiful than this. While I do like the contacts management in Sense, I could easily give that up for stock ICS and I was quite happy with the contacts on my GNex after I got Friendcaster to sync my FB contacts with the phonebook. I just keep checking and looking for the first stable AOSP or AOKP build so I can get rid of (non)Sense..

    CM9 for One X – I await you like the Indian farmer awaits the monsoon!

  • CudeMonster

    Franziskaner! Good beer choice!

  • Sy0120

    Screen gs3>one x> Droid fighter/HD should be close
    Build q x>df>gs3
    Camera undecided should be close
    Battery df>gs3>x
    Processor gs3>by a little to s4 on df and x screw tegra
    radio df>x>gs3
    UI blur>sense>twiz
    All y opinion off rum ours

    Gs3 should be battling fighter………I think df might actually win!

    • Azn_Android

      I agree on all except these two:

      Screen: It should be one x > gs3 > DF

      UI: should be Sense > blur > touchwiz.

      Sorry but the oversaturated colors just are ugly and cartoonish… and Sense is SO MUCH better looking than blur… Motorola needs to hire some real software designers.

  • kulanapan

    HATE US carriers!

  • Chris

    im wondering if they are going to use this version of sense on the INC 2 with its ICS update

  • Towelie420

    “A less-intrusive take on android skinning.”
    It still has a skin. And I still find that intrusive.

  • Youllreachus

    Removing hardware buttons won’t make the chin smaller, just look at the nexus.I believe if you take the back off of most phones you will see that there is more than button hardware under there. And lastly, I prefer hardware buttons so I don’t have extra touches, swipes and fingerprints all of the time.

    • j__h

      I think that a small chin should be mandatory for these large phones… it just makes using it with one hand so  much easier.

    • j__h

      I think that a small chin should be mandatory for these large phones… it just makes using it with one hand so  much easier.

  • Incrediblesucks

    After the HTC Incredible, I will never buy another HTC phone ever again.

    • Angryunibrow

       After the Thunderbolt – I will never buy another HTC phone!

      • Azndan4

        I’ve owned the TB, Droid X, and Bionic.  The TB was easily the best out of those three.

        • Your name

          I’m still rocking my original incredible and still love it. I’ve had it for 2 years now with no problems and I drop it all the time.

  • gcforreal

    this phone would be perfect if it came to vzw and had a unlockable bootlaoder (to get pure ics) and side note i may be in the minority but i actually like hardware nav  keys better because they give more screen real estate for games and web browsing

    • The onscreen buttons disappear for full screen gaming and web surfing. also for videos…try one before you bash it. you do have the whole 4.6 inches. I would rather have three buttons show up at the bottom, than one big ass menu button taking up .7 inches of my screen. Sense…hmphh! Non-sense…

      • Gcforreal

        Not bashing I’m a proud day one owner of the gnex and unless you do some type of custom mod the buttons don’t disappear for games only videos ..unless I’m missing something but I agree stock ics is the best Android experience

  • I think the no onscreen buttons is arguable. A 4.7″ screen all the time sounds nice to me.

    • Liderc

      They could have made it 4.9” with onscreen buttons. 

  • Eandrebutler

    Who puts a phone in their pocket top down???

    • Diablo81588

      I know right?

      • Cyberhawk66

         jack on the bottom .. up side down.. jack on top.. up side up.. did you guys misse volution.. or just wanted to argue over nothing.. ?
        me .. i really dont care. as long as they are not on the side..
        when i listen to music its in my pocket.. no need to show off my phone.. 😛

    • Me, and everybody else with a Nexus S.

    • iLock_N_iLoad

      I do! So when you pull your phone out. You don’t have to flip it or nothing. Phone sits perfectly in hand. 

    • nightscout13

      phones that have headphone jack on the bottom force you to put the phone head first.

    • EatUrCrap

      Pretty much everyone..

      • Diablo81588

        Everyone with a bottom headphone jack and a side power button.. It wouldn’t make sense to put your phone in your pocket upside down if your power button is on top..

        • EatUrCrap

          But when it is on top then you have to flip your phone upside down in your hand before you put it in your pocket, so that it goes bottom down. That’s why we all like it on the bottom. 

          • Diablo81588

            I’m right handed and keep my phone in my left pocket. I take the phone out of my pocket with my left hand and switch it to my right. Also, “everyone” is a relative term. 🙂

          • Josh Groff

            Depends on how one puts a phone in their pocket, for me it’s natural to put it top up with the screen facing me, doesn’t require any extra effort, just different hand placement. There’s no supposed flipping of the phone like some of you suggest there is (just a 90 degree rotation so that the top of the phone faces my wrist, would require a 270 degree rotation to put the phone in upside down.)

      • riteshk

        Where? Define “everyone” ..

      • kixofmyg0t

         Not everyone. I certainly don’t. But I never keep my phone in my pants pocket. The left chest pocket on my ACU’s is where I keep my phone, topside up.  Right over my heart now that I think about it….

        No joke.

        • Liderc

          Your heart is in the center of your chest, despite the common belief that it’s on the left side of your chest heh. 

          • Jslafarr

            A more accurate location is the apex being located 9 cm to the left of the midsternal line.

          • LiterofCola


          • Liderc

            I’d say it’s in the center, with overlap on each side.


          • Tyrone

            I love how a discussion about the orientation of a phone in one’s pocket ended up with an illustration of the heart’s location being posted…

      • LiterofCola


    • C-Law

      I do. Its easier. You don’t have to flip it in ur hand first or when u take it out

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      • Haxcid

        Agreed. Top down screen facing me. 

        • Taglogical

           ^^^This^^^ there is no other smart way.

    • Towelie420

      Who cares?
      Can’t believe no one has said that yet.

    • kulanapan

      I do…

    • Azn_Android

      I do. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean no one else does. Stop being egotistical the world doesn’t revolve around you. Princess.

      /s (sorta)

    • riteshk

      A lot of people do.. and quite frankly, I have no issues with the headphone jack on top. Or bottom.

    • i do… especially when i have the headphones plugged into my nexus 

    • TheOiulkj

       I put it in my pocket diagonally.


    • Me, its easier to take out and when i have my headphones plugged in i get more cord slack 

  • EC8CH

    Admit it… you luv it cus it’s white

    • That too. 😛

      • YourFriend


      • LiterofCola


  • Azndan4

    Screen tech: HTC > Samsung > LG > Motorola

    • Diablo81588

      Battery tech: Motorola > LG > Samsung > HTC
      Radio tech: Motorola > LG > HTC > Samsung

      It’s all relative to what you want out of your phone. Does Moto make the best screens? No. But at the end of the day, I can see everything just fine, especially in the sunlight.

      • LionStone

        I’ve been checking my signal (Inc. and TB) along with other devices and have found that the htc devices were getting the best signal out of all the ones I checked. Which were LG Spectrum, GN, Razor, Bionic and Rezound. I’ve checked units in stores and phones my family have. For instance right now I have a -67dBm on my TB. I’d say from what I’ve seen… HTC > Moto > LG > Samsung.

        • Azn_Android

          No… I’m sorry but it’s just a fact that Motorola makes the best radios. Period. And Samsung makes the worst.

          • Azndan4

            I didn’t feel like my Droid X had very good radios.  My original droid was pretty good though.

          • Reeb99

            Dunno about that, I’m still on a DX and I regularly use it inside when others stuggle to get a signal. The only issue is the dreaded 1X bug, which is a software problem. WiFi is still pretty sad on it though.

            That being said, HTC has always had strong radios as well, and Sammy some of the worst. HTC’s main problem was how fragile the phones were, along with sub-par battery life. Looks like battery life is improving, but tough to tell without a LTE radio.

            I’m starting to get curious about some of the upcoming Sony phones. I never hear of Xperia users complaining much about the radio or battery life, it was just that hardware and OS version being a year behind. If they can fix that, they may be one to watch.

          • LionStone

            Well that fact is now a myth from what I have seen, there’s a new player on the block with great radios…things change, try to keep up.

          • Liderc

            Actually the Rezound has proven to have the best radios out of the current top 3 verizon phones. 

      • Azndan4

        Please substantiate your claims. Thanks.

        • Diablo81588

          How about, I’ve owned phones from each company except for HTC. I can speak for HTC because my friend and his girlfriend both have HTC phones. They’re both terrible with battery life, and have reception issues with constant dropped calls. Granted, they do have ATT, which I happen to hate with a passion. But, I’ve never had issues with any Moto phone I’ve ever owned.

          • nicotinic

            That couple is not really good for proof of HTC’s radio quality being lackluster since AT&T may be the culprit. My sister dropped calls on her iPhone with AT&T. 
            Motorola does have the great radios. That’s what they do. They actually make radios separate from phones. Hard to mess that up but the credit is due.
            I also agree with Moto’s battery life. Not only are they increasing the batt size they are tweaking the batt manager software on their phones. Smart. Rehashing the same phone over and over and over. Dumb.

    • feztheforeigner

      Screen tech: Samsung > HTC > LG >> Motorola

        • feztheforeigner

          Can’t wait for HD SAMOLED+ non-pentile displays! 🙂

      • Butters619

        until Samsung puts out a 720p SAMOLED+, then they will not be in the lead.  And even with a SAMOLED+ they still may not.

        • SAMOLED will never be a top choice for me, personally. I can’t stand the over-saturated colors and ‘dirty’ white colors. Just look at the “Chrome Beta” words in the photo above. I much prefer the super sharp highly accurate colors of a good quality LCD screen. 

          • Butters619

            That’s just a SAMOLED display (no +).  The pentile matrix is causing that.  However even SAMOLED+ will have over saturated colors and issues in sunlight.

          • Diablo81588

            I prefer “vibrant” colors over oversaturated. Even if that were true, I’d still take oversaturated over faded blacks any day. I do agree on the whites though.

            Edit: On a side note, I find it funny how you consider using “LCD” and “accurate colors” in the same sentence. LCDs will never have perfectly accurate colors, because they cannot produce a “true” black.

          • True, although I’m much quicker to notice the issue with the white tones than I would with the black tones. The other problem I have with SAMOLED displays is when you take pictures. In the phone’s gallery you may think they look great because of the oversaturation and excessive contrast. But view them on a regular display like a computer monitor and you’re in for a rude awakening. 

          • Sobr0801

            Black is not a color.

          • Diablo81588

            Doesn’t matter. You need to have a true black or you won’t have perfect contrast. If your contrast is off you won’t have accurate colors. The better your black levels are, the more vibrant colors are. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter how calibrated a LCD is, it can never produce accurate colors.

          • unaffected

            That’s the reason the iPhone 4/4s has the best screen right now, regardless of the fact that the name retina display is a marketing gimmick. The One X may be giving it a run for its money.

        • Azn_Android

          Until samsung learns how to calibrate a screen, I’ll pass on SAMOLED.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Really? Maybe you missed this. 

        • MKader17

          I think my Nexus screen is awesome but after seeing this I really want to go take a look at a OneX! Thats ridiculous how different it looks at that level. I’d really love to see that compared to the “almighty” Retina.

          • nicotinic

            I just saw the GNexus next to the Rezound recently at Verizon and the Rezound’s screen easily blows it away. 
            You don’t have to zoom in to tell the difference. 
            The SLCD 2 is the next step.

          • MKader17

            Thanks I’ll have to go look. My friend had a Rezound for a while that I played with one day. The only things I took away from it were, hefty, Gingerbread, tired styling.

          • Sobr0801

            Been running ics for at least 3 weeks now on my rezound with sense 3.6 stock. Love it.

        • LiterofCola


        •  Yikes that is quite bad. I mean granted that’s zoomed in quite a bit, and most of us aren’t going to notice that pixelation, but the clarity HTC has going on in its phones is very impressive. I had a Rezound for a while before my GNex, and I must say, I was blown away by the screen quality. Nexus, not as much. Someone on here mentioned ‘dirty whites’. They’re on point with that for sure.

    • Azndan4

      Well, either way, Motorola is the worst.

  • Supposedly, T-Mobile will get the HTC One X Tegra 3 version as a G-Series phone (running stock Android).

    • RobMorris

      Lol when they make it a slider phone

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Personally, I for one am not happy if my phone can sneak me through a work day, which my GNex couldn’t hardly do unless I made myself stop using it so it wouldn’t do. I think these brain dead freaking phone companies should get off of their cheap, pathetic keesters and stop ripping off the entire freaking phone consumer market and give us some freaking batteries that last a day. Freakin’ pathetic. I could almost cuss over how sorry these freaking phone batteries are. It’s nauseating. 

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      Thank God I traded my GNex for the Razr Maxx. No way I’d trade back. 

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I thought about it… but i love stock ICS…. bugs and all.

        • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

          I like the GNex much better except for the horrible battery life. 

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            IT’s really sporadic with me… but still terrible. How do you like the Maxx software wise?…. And how long does it go on heavy usage?

          • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

            Honestly, I’m not crazy about motoblur at all! With heavy usage, I’ve easily made it through a day with battery life still in the green. Then again, I have had to charge in mid-day, but only once. 

    • Liderc

      U Mad Bro? 

      • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

        Umm……No, but your mom is 🙂 

    • Butters619

      I really wish they would just make the phone a little larger and put a 2400 mAh or larger battery inside. I honestly don’t care if it is removable, because I don’t want to carry around a pocket full of batteries anyway.

      • Diablo81588

        No way. It’s already too big as it is. Maybe if they would’ve left out physical buttons they could have used the extra space for a bigger battery. I feel like most companies are copying Apple at this rate – form before function.

        • Butters619

          “Maybe if they would’ve left out physical buttons they could have used the extra space for a bigger battery.”

          This line is getting old and it shows ignorance.  Look at the Galaxy Nexus.  No capacitive buttons, but the bottom bezel is the exact same size!  We will see when the SGS3 drops, but I am going to guess that even with on screen buttons the bottom bezel will be the same size again.

          Edit: http://www.mobot.net/writer/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/one-x-vs-gnex-1.jpg

          • Diablo81588

            Maybe thats just the design of that particular phone. The Nexus is the only phone available to my knowledge without physical buttons, so how can you say for sure that other companies couldn’t use that extra space accordingly? Don’t assume just because Samsung wasted that space that it’s impossible to fill it with other components.

          • Butters619

            Like I said we will see with the SGS3.

            But you are assuming that manufacturers can and will get rid of the bottom bezel or use the space for something else.  So far that hasn’t been shown either.

          • Diablo81588

            There’s not a ton of data there. One manufacturer, on one phone..

          • Butters619

            Better than your assumption based on zero phones though. (negative 1 if you count the G-nex against your assumption).

            I’m not saying I am right or that no phone manufacturer will be able to do it.  That is something to be seen.  I’m just saying that people saying Capacitive buttons make the phone bigger sound foolish because the only phone with on screen buttons has proven contrary to that.

          • Diablo81588

            Well, I think if Moto can design a phone with a battery the size of the entire backplate, and still make it less than 10mm thick, I think they can pull it off. Agree to disagree though 😛

          • Zurginator

            And Moto is the worst example for talking about bezel around screen. The Razr has a bezel 3x as wide as the Galaxy Nexus… not to mention the size of the chin.

          • unaffected

            They should use it for the screen.

  • Someone

    Shouldn’t this be on Android Life?

    • feztheforeigner


    • jonny6pak

      Nope, it’s right where it belongs.

      • I agree. 🙂

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I honestly think you should just Kill off android Life… i didnt even know it was affilated with this site till a couple months ago and I still dont bother. Droid Life is where all the action is! There really isnt a need for a dedicated Verizon Droid site. Open up the GATES KELLEX! WOO!

    • kixofmyg0t

      There is no point to Android life. All android phones regardless of make or carrier show up here.

      • LiterofCola

        I agree….give it the ax, and dump all of the android articles onto here. 

  • Butters619

    Next Monday can’t come soon enough!

  • The Snapdragon S4 version should provide even more battery efficiency, performance + LTE.

    • Butters619

      Integrated LTE, 28nm technology.  I really can’t wait to see how it does.

  • Asdf

    After the Droid Eris, I will never buy another HTC phone ever again.

    • jason6g

       i hear ya, but i would honestly try to consider some of the newer htc’s – just stay away from the bottom end of the phone spectrum

    • Ron Berry

      well, thats you’re problem…

    • kulanapan

      Dang, that was a long time ago…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Lmfao…. come on man that was forever ago

      • Asdf

        I know, but the Droid Eris was -that- bad. I have the Galaxy Nexus now and love everything about it.

  • When you say nothing in 2012 has been impressive, I take it you consider the Gnex a very late 2011 phone?

    • Well yeah, it was released in December 2011. 😛

      • Lakerzfan80

        Agree or disagree …a phone case with built in battery with an extra say 1500 mah(to keep it slim) like the iPhones have would make this perfect phone…protects camera lense and adds extra battery…and in white to match the phone ??? Kellen fund this idea and we can split profits I’m sure it will sell

    • Or maybe it’s because it’s a POS

  • Man I love this phone…