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HTC Rhyme Update 2.20.605.3 is Ready – Dock Features Tweaked, Signal Strength Indicator Updated, and More

The HTC Rhyme should see Ice Cream Sandwich at some point – both Verizon and HTC confirmed that – however, this is not it. This would be a small bug fixer as we wait as patiently as possible for that to arrive. In this update to build 2.20.605.3, Rhyme owners will see some minor changes to their docking experience, a 5-bar signal strength meter, and some other overall experience enhancers. Again, nothing major, but someone you will want to grab as it becomes available.

The update is 67.8MB in size. More info.

  • Mike_Cook7

    Great phone horrible signal, picked this up for the wife and she loves it when she can make a call or get a text.

  • Jlhaase87

    It says service unavailable.

  • Bobbyvandme

    I can’t even get the update. When I check for updates it keeps saying ‘service unavailable’.

    • jen

      You need to clear the quine in the phone before you can update. I had the same problem

  • Peloshas

    How do I get the update if I am not with Verizon. I bought the phone but use a prepaid service other than Verizon

  • haohao113
  • haohao113


  • huihui22


  • Egyptrocks3959

    Updated my sisters and it broke the phone any app yo u try and open the screen goes black

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  • Smartone514

    It’s really not much different updated the wifes but it’s not very different was hoping for her it would be an ics update but not yet