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Motorola DROID Bionic Lapdock Selling for $90, Non Refurbished

If any DROID Bionic owners have been holding off on picking up a lapdock, then you may want to strike now. Down from their price of $500 (that’s what the site says), you can pick one up for only $90. With the lapdock, you can charge your device, cruise the web in style, play games, and watch all the videos you want on a full display. It is sort of a novelty item in terms of computing power, but for someone who enjoys toys for their devices, it will serve you well at this price.

If the Bionic does indeed receive Ice Cream Sandwich, we expect that it will have the Webtop 3.0 beta software, which would be a definite bonus for owners. With the 3.0 software, once you connect the device into your lapdock you are greeted by the standard ICS tablet UI, complete with app drawer, notifications in the bottom right, and everything else you would expect from the ICS tablet experience.


Cheers Daniel!

  • Got mine

    So i returned a defective one to 1saleaday, and ordered from bens outlet. Interestingly it arrived in a 1saleaday marked box, heh.

    I like it! I’m using box, uploading my phone vids to vimeo, and I can actually post a comment on DL!

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  • Dan-O

    It also works with the Droid 4. No dremel necessary.

  • dquicknc

    I snatched up this lapdock when it was going for $79.99 on 1Saleaday.com earlier this month. It’s really nice and was a great price! SWEET DEAL!

  • Joel

    Do you have to have a tethering package with this like you do with the Atrix dock? Also curious if this could be hacked to work with the Galaxy Nexus?

    • me

      no you don’t need a tethering package gnex won’t work because you need motorola webtop

      • Jgonza45

        So, are you saying you can browse without tethering package? I read with Atrix you must.

  • Broanius
    • ddh819

      that listing is sold out.

      • Broanius

        bah my fault. I ordered one yesterday afternoon, so I didn’t even check to see if they were still available… I just slapped the link up there

  • me

    I have that laptop 500 with a 14 inch high definition screen and it is sweet.and it runs circles around my wife dell notebook

  • josh

    is there any way you could use this with a galaxy nexus and mhl adapter?

    • kixofmyg0t

      It will not, nor will it ever work with the Galaxy Nexus. Even if you hooked up all the cables it still wouldn’t work. It’s literally just a screen, keyboard and battery theirs nothing else in it. All the software is built into Blur.

  • Mecevans


    Only problem is since its upside down it flops around and looses connection. I bought a male to female micro HDMI and usb cable and it works great. It also works with Webtop disabled(HDMI mirror mode) which is just as fast as the bare phone. Once ICS comes out its gonna be sick!

  • Michael_NM

    If was going to keep my Bionic for more than two more months, this would be sweet…

  • radioactive2008

    does this work with Photon?

  • Cody Macks

    just ordered one! that price is a lot more attractive then the original retail price! hope it works well

    • unsatisfied customer

      ordered one as well… but they shipped me an atrix dock instead. now i have to return it but they don’t have any more bionic docks in stock. 🙁

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  • does it work with the RAZR Maxx?

    • Word on the street is yes… but you have to mod the lapdock so you can connect it ports on the bionic are on the side, and on the razr they are on the top (as you know because you own one.)

    • Yes, I tried it with a co-worker’s Maxx, worked great.

      • Did you use cables to connect the Maxx with the Bionic lapdock? If you used cable what kind of cable (the name of them) and where did you get them?

  • A little work with a Dremel and and it fits the Razr great!  

    • Mecevans

      Ill have to try that. I just bought extensions cables for my Razr Maxx.

      • hkklife

        Where is an affordable source for cheap extension cables? I read some mixed stories about peoples’ success rates with extension cables… I personally got one of these lapdocks a week ago and while its basically just a huge portable charger and a novelty item for the time being on my Bionic, I could forsee getting some real use out of it when/if ICS hits.

        • me

          it’s more than just a novelty you can have a little laptop anywhere you go and have internet and without tethering

    • Broanius

      Atrix lapdock can be found for cheaper

  • sam_evans7

    If my Bionic’s bootloader was unlocked and I could overclock it significantly, it _might_ be worth it…  Also, I want a unicorn…  :/

    • me

      the bonics can be overclocked you don’t need to unlock the bootloader for that really people just don’t have a clue

      • bionic owner

        just overclocked mine 

    • Mecevans

      The Webtop environment runs on-top of android and kills recources. Im currently trying to figure out how to disable it and do HDMI mirror mode on my GF’s Bionic. Once you do that it will be extremely fast.

      • Wsiembida

        Just need to hook it to tv with hdmi cable and it has full mirror capabilities . Even tho it says it doesn’t it does . Trust me I had ine and gave it to my wife . And a micro to full adapter works just fine .