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Wear Prescription Glasses and are Interested in Google’s Project Glass? There is a Mockup for That

The Project Glass team unveiled their “Google Glasses” a week ago and the internet couldn’t stop talking about them. The main reason for this early reveal, was to gain feedback from all of us. Were we interested? How should the product work? Does it look OK? And so on. Well, one of the questions that came in actually saw a response from the Glass team, having to do with potential users who wear prescription glasses. Would there be a version that would work for someone that wears glasses on a daily basis? There isn’t necessarily a “yes” or “no” answer as Project Glass is still in development, but their team was kind enough to do a mockup. The goal is to make the product usable for everyone, so that would include those of us that are blind.

After a week of Project Glass in the wild, are you still interested?

Via: Google+

  • shanklin07

    This would make much more sense for people that wear glasses than for people that do not. Seems like a given so not sure why that would be a big question. They are glasses at the end of the day. This is why I love Google, they do stuff no one else does and don’t give a sh*t if it makes them money now. It’s about pushing boundaries and advancing our idea of technology. Such a cool thing Google.

  • Jason

    I so hope my FSA will pay for these!

  • *facepalm*

  • Keii Graham

    Why combine the digital with the analogue? I want some bionic eyes. 

  • zaoche55
  • Loffie

    It would be interesting to see how they work with bifocals.

  • tomn1ce

    Its a nice project, I would like to see the finish product. Hopefully the price won’t be up in the clouds.

  • I’m starting to like these more and more!

  • Nick9142

    I have contacts but would switch back to glasses to try these out. looks pretty sweet!

  • Austin

    Looks better. Almost seems like it could be a third party add on for any glasses just add Google Glasses to your current pair.

  • viewthis74

    sign me up! i’d give it a shot. although i don’t like to stand out in a crowd and i feel these would draw a lot of unwanted attention. i still want to give it them a try.

  • Kamesen

    In light of the recent articles about how Google makes their money and how they’re an advertisement company, albeit one of the greatest innovators of our time, I’m a little weary of accepting this potential product with open arms. To think we’re giving away real-estate directly in front of our eyeballs opens the possibility to see scrolling “Ads by Google” at any given time during the day. I’d want to see this interface technology mature before buying into it.

    I can’t even begin to consider the implications (legal or otherwise) of wearing these while driving.

  • C-Law

    What is the massive white block behind his ear.

  • It would be crazy to assume that this will end up as a “built-in” product. I absolutely see Google Glass being an attacheable product, that you can put on a pair of glasses of your choosing (prescription, sunglasses, purely decorative glasses, the ugly prototype from last week, etc.).

  • feel my pain.

    I hope its not just for the right eye, cause my right eye is bad and on top of that it doesnt move to the right cause of a eye movement disorder I have call Duane syndrome.. sad. no cure for it.

    • Binglut9

      I’m sure you can use either eye…which ever is comfortable to you

      • Noyfb

        I’d think for them to be effective the screen would have to be in front of the glass not on the outside

    • marcusmaximus04

      That sounds easy enough to take care of. They’d just have to put a simple accelerometer in it to tell which way is down. That way, the screen will always be right side up and it’d always work.

    • steve30x

      i was just wondering the same thing since my right eye is bad but my left is ok.. hopefully they will have this problem thought out.

    • I bet they’ve already thought of that. Not only are there probably millions of people with disabilities the same or similar to yours, but just like people have a dominant hand, people have a dominant eye as well so it only seems natural that they’d create a solution to people who don’t exactly represent the masses, biologically speaking. It seems like it would be as to implement as just flipping the image and putting it on the opposite side of the frame.

  • Christopher Hsu

    How about custom Google Glasses frames and custom lenses?  Sure it would be more expensive but I’d pay the extra cost on not having to have a dongle strapped onto my glasses.  At night you’d take off your glasses and drop them onto your chargepad on your nightstand.  Guess Google would have to partner with a Lenscrafter but an incognito look is the future.  

  • so so want !!!!

  • Lisacea1203

    How ridiculous !!!

  • I’d have to try it – don’t know how well it would work with ‘old’ eyes!

  • MotoRulz

    Each mention of the “Google Glasses” gets my attention. I am beginning to want these real bad..

  • Sparhawk2k

    I think it actually looks BETTER with real glasses.

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      • You dont say Marly!!! Sign me up….

  • steve30x

    I wonder if they could have the part you on the left instead of right… I.notice on all there pics its always on the right eye.

  • zizzybaloobah

    I wear RX glasses. Definitely want.

  • I wear prescription glasses and I’m interested.

  • NemaCystX

    I can see Google doing this, the frames the glasses will come with will likely be detachable and be able to clip on to the prescription frames wearers like me have to wear.

    Atleast I can only hope thats true


  • littleneutrino

    looks like it would just clip right on to existing glasses, that would be cool, not sure how they will make accommodation for thick and thin glasses though. My frames are VERY slim (made of gun metal)

  • Ok Kellex, I think you should slow down on the “There’s an … for that” title thing.. =P

  • Donald Glover?