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Motorola and Verizon Provide Ice Cream Sandwich Tutorial Videos for DROID RAZR (Updated)

We still have no idea if or when Motorola and Verizon will release Ice Cream Sandwich to the DROID RAZR, especially after some forum shenanigans went down yesterday. But what we do know, is that the update is close enough to being ready that one of the two companies has started to release tutorial videos for it. A reader of ours was cruising through Youtube and noticed the videos we have included after the break, which are some of those “Getting to know your new phone” clips of the RAZR, only it’s not running Gingerbread anymore.

Update:  Hold that thought. We now realize that this was the same Youtuber who posted the webtop 3.0 video and will have to assume that he simply pulled these tutorial videos from his phone which is running the ICS leak. Either way, Moto and Verizon are happy enough with the build to bundle in tutorial videos. Now, if only we could get some sort of word on whether or not ICS has actually replaced the 6.12.181 bug fixer.

Using Your Device:


Calling, Contacts and Texting:


Battery Tips:


Setting Up Email:


Cheers Ben!

  • Jackholl

    I finally just upgraded on the leak it is so beautiful its rediculous.

  • The first thing I thought when I saw the main image was, “Those icons are terribly ugly.” 

    The end. 

  • WickedToby741

    Great, but how long will us Bionic users be waiting? I’m going to take a good guess that Razr and Droid 4 owners are going to get first dibs, so just how many more weeks/months will Bionic owners be waiting?

  • Anthony Alves

    Kudos to Motorola

  • MrDoon

    This may be a stupid question but I am still learning so I hope you’ll forgive me.  My question is this… I have a non-rooted Razr Maxx but use ADW as my launcher.  What changes will I see when ICS is available given that I am not using Motorola’s software as my launcher? 

    • r0lct

      The “home screen” and app drawer will look the same.  You’ll more notice the differences when you go into the menus and settings.

  • Travis H

    and still no good news about the bionic…

  • COM

    Not to be a stick in the mud, and I’m just as excied as any Razr (Maxx) owner to finally update to ICS, but what about the Rezound’s update (which was rumored to be this past Friday the 6th?

    I can’t wait to get ICS myself, but I wanna keep a look out for my HTC brethren as well.

  • turdbogls

    wow that is ugly.  yeah it has SOME ics aspects, but pretty much everything has been touched. the only thing “stock ICS” about this is the battery,signal, and app drawer icons, and notification bar.  other than those, NOTHING looks stock ICS to me.

    • Spc Hicks09

      So you don’t own a phone with stock ICS then?

      • turdbogls

         Galaxy Nexus actually……and your point?  still doesn’t change the fact that phone, contact, messaging, and camera look nothing like stock ICS.

  • bakdroid

    Blame Verizon.  They are the problem, not Moto.

  • EC8CH

    Good to see Blur looking more like stock ICS.  Tried helping setup a RAZR and Gingerblur almost killed me.

    • bakdroid

      Too bad it didn’t.  Stock sucks.  It is very limited.

      • EC8CH

        “Stock sucks.  It is very limited.”

        only as much as your imagination… so I can see why you have trouble with it.

        • bakdroid

          Um, ok.  How do you do push email in the stock email client without using exchange?  That’s right, you can’t.  And as a business user, this presents a problem.

          • Eric

            What company in their right business mind isn’t using Exchange isn’t a business IMHO.

          • bakdroid

            Lots of smaller companies don’t use exchange due to the high cost of implementation and maintenance, and rely on their own mail server.

          • hkklife

            The stock Android clients for music, email, photo viewing and especially image capture have always been very weak. Still, there are plenty of fine alternatives such as QuickPic, MoboPlayer etc. Give me an uncluttered, snappy and responsive vanilla Android buold free from bloat anyday and I will gladly add my own 3rd party apps!

          • bakdroid

            Yea well, the functionality should be there from the start.  There is no excuse.  Hence why all the manufactures “fix” this with their skins and added functionality.  As for bloat, look towards Verizon for that fault.  Wait, doesn’t the GNex have bloat on it too?  So much for vanilla….  I will take the added “bloat” functionality of smart actions, native push email, lock screen music controls, motocast, etc. any day.

          • sgtguthrie

            I wouldn’t consider myVerizon bloat…there is no bloat on any nexus there guy.

          • bakdroid

            Hum….can you uninstall it from the apps menu.  No?!? Bloat!  Same with backup assistant.  If it is locked in and cannot be uninstalled without root, it is bloat.

          • sgtguthrie

            I think you have an extreme view there guy. You can disable it in the apps settings in ics. I think most ppl consider things like “let’s golf” or blockbuster bloatware, not useful tools like my verizon :- If you’re so disturbed by one maybe two apps that may or may not be considered bloatware depending on your definition, you need to get a life… Just saying 😉

          • Noyfb

            you can diable some apps, but the verizon apps seem to enable themselves again

    • Trevor

      I agree.  I’m actually pretty impressed with Motorola here.  Based on the videos, it seems like they blurred this phone up fairly minimally.  I kinda like it.

  • Felipe Ortiz

    great videos but my Razr is rooted do you think I can still get Ota update ICS?

  • FLNiner

    Honestly could care less about ICS at this point.  I haven’t even rooted my Bionic but between Go Launcher EX and Widget Locker I can already do most of what ICS will give me except I can already do it better.  ICS for me will only be an upgrade in terms of looks so I really don’t care when I get it.

    • bakdroid

      *couldn’t care less

      • Flniner

         No, I typed it correctly.  I could actually care a little less than I do now but not by much.  Thanks for trying.

  • the call app looks dated!!! why not use ICS one Motorola?

  • All I can say is they better release ICS for the D4 to make up for the god awful screen they put in it. I got the D4 fro my wife, and I have to appoligize to here everytime I use here phone.  IT really is the worst screen I have ever seen in a device.  Way to go Moto.

    • bakdroid

      So you should have returned it dumbass!

    • Blackmagick20

      So…have you only used a cell phone in the past 2 or 3 years?! I certainly remember monochrome screens that were much, much worse…

    • androida

      Yeah if you’re so sorry why didn’t you switch out her D4 for something else?

  • Stewie

    Moto didnt release this, as it has yet to be dumbed down by B L UUUUUU RRRRRR …. Gads, so glad I left Moto behind …

    • Sp4rxx

       I agree that the OLD blur sucked.  However, the newest version of it is not all that bad.  You should really try it.  It’s not laggy and it is VERY responsive.  Though I am not an apologist when it comes to Moto, but they did it right this time compared to older versions.  I don’t think ICS will be hindered that much by blur when it finally does release

    • bakdroid

      Yea, that is Blur moron.  If you have ever used stock ICS, you would know this.  This is minimal Blur that is now used, which they used on the Bionic/Razr/Droid 4.  It is much better than stock’s limitations.

  • rorytheroman

    A user posted these over at droidrzr.com the other day.  They are not from Moto/VZW.  These were made from the leak.

    • These videos look pretty official and are similar to previous videos. They look professionally made. I highly doubt that they were made by some forum guy or dev who who was behind the leak.

      • rorytheroman

        Yes my apologies, I hadn’t looked at them yet, just remember the post on the forums and jumped to conclusions.  You are correct they do look official.  Don’t mind me.

    • MotoRulz

      The videos are official they were just pulled and posted from a leaked ICS build..

      • John Mozelewski

        How can an android fanboy like moto so much?

        • LiterofCola

          I know it’s probably impossible for you to understand that someone else might like a phone or manufacturer that you don’t necessarily like.

          • John Mozelewski

            nope i got htc rezound and i didnt hate moto always i had a og droid

        • MotoRulz

          Easy.. They are the best Android phone manufacture. They have some shortcomings ie locked bootloader, blur, but for me not deal breakers. 

          How can a true Android fan hate on other Android fans? and if your not an Android fan GTFO.

          • androida

            He’s not a true Android fanboy. He’s probably another galaxy nexus only kinda guy that thinks his phone is superior to any other.

          • John Mozelewski

            nope i got htc rezound and i didnt hate moto always i had a og droid

          • John Mozelewski

            not trying to hate just cant see how someone can like moto above the rest

          • Bharvey24

            Well I’m on a DROID RAZR maxx right now, and it seems like they went out of their way to put a 3300 mah battery in this sexy thinner than most device.. and with their devices now priced at 99 for RAZR, 199 for RAZR maxx, and 299 for RAZR HD, I’d say they covered all the bases.. I am very impressed so far, but may have to trade up for the first ever super amoled 720×1280 device.. w ics, w 13 MP camera, w the 3300 mah battery… I’m pretty sure you need to realize that the og DROID was like 3 years ago, definitely huge changes have been made..

          • Jgey610

            you’re….     you’re.      not your.  
            Were you absent that day in 3rd grade?

  • Paul

    All these send offs are giving me hope. Something is definitely going on.

  • It looks very much like Stock ICS. Much closer than Sense and TouchWiz. Good on you Motorola, but it could be better.

    • Josh Groff

      Because we all know stock is perfect and gained nothing from manufacturer skins at all. *rolls eyes*

      • Kianjudah

        I’ve had the Galaxy Nexus and the Razr Maxx and the stock ICS on the Nexus is a heck of a lot better than ridiculously blurred out GB on the Razr. Fact. *doesn’t roll eyes b/c it’s true*

        • kixofmyg0t

          You call that “rediculously blurred out”? Boy you dont even know what MotoBlur is. The “Blur” you complain about is downright pleasent compared to what was on the Cliq and even the Atrix.

          • LiterofCola

            Indeed it is, but alas you argue with a fool

      • LiterofCola


    • Droidzilla

      Stock is nice and all, but I almost always ran a themed ROM back when I ran ROMS.

  • Bhain3s

    does this mean we can use this for the droid 4 eventually, since their basically the same phone

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Probably in 6 months with tons of bugs.

      • kixofmyg0t

        So JUST like the G-Nex then? 

        • Dr_Buttballs

          Sure, I guess? 

    • No it doesn’t and no they are not basically the same phone.

      Different phones, different kernels, different cellular radios, different software builds made specifically for each device.

      Oh, and it’s “they’re” not “their”.

  • tired of this ICS Sh*t all over the place

    • Dr_Buttballs

      You should get an iPhone than.

      • John Mozelewski

        or could get g-nex or htc phone with unlocked bootloader instead of boring iphone

        • Dr_Buttballs

          Please see the comment I was replying to. You seem confused.

      • *then

  • LOL motorola will forever suck no matter what.

    • Josh Groff

       Yeah, because everyone needs more than 3-5 roms to flash between, you’re totally right…

      I’m perfectly fine with my Bionic, got it cheap enough to not care, and rooted it and flashed Eclipse day 1, 3 days later moved to Liberty. oh, and there’s an ICS beta ROM as well.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Theirs like 5 ICS ROM’s for the Bionic. Im currently running Gummy. 

  • I surprisingly give this a half-chopped-off thumbs up. Much closer to stock than expected. The icons are really ugly though.

    • evltwn

      They look better than what the last update brought.

      • Really? Dang.

        • LionStone

          I agree, those icons look ugly.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I like the icons better than stock. Some of them at least.

  • Larry

    hopefully releasing it will mean a faster cm9 release.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    people really need tutorials?

    • Believe it or not some people who will buy the phone will be experiencing Android for the first time. In addition, some of those people don’t “just get” stuff as well as others.

      • Josh Groff

         I.E. my parents, and most of them could care less that their phone has the latest OS (especially one that doesn’t have full app support yet.)

        • Not sure where your latest OS comment is coming from? Did you mean to reply to a different comment? Also, are you saying that ICS doesn’t have full app support?? All I know is that I’ve yet to run into an app that won’t run on ICS for me.

          • DroidzFX

            FortitudineVincimus is so angry he starts new arguments in his replies

          • Azndan4


          • cns2007


          • EC8CH

            He’s so angry he’s mad bro

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I only play an angry guy on the internets.

  • gardobus

    There’s way more vanilla ICS visible than I expected.  That’s a good thing for you RAZR users.

  • I want the release not the video of it!

  • It looks soooo…..stock.  I can’t wait to get this update!

  • garbagedick

    Before the Xoom LTE? seriously?

    • NAM37

       …and Bionic.

      • Josh Groff

        Idk about you, but GB is perfectly fine especially on Liberty ROM.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I have a Bionic and im happy for RAZR users. Besides im running ICS anyway. I just want the devs to port Webtop 3 to a Bionic ROM and ill be set.

        • WickedToby741

          I just want them to port all of the parts of the Razr ICS ROM as possible to the Bionic. How about the camera and camcorder? Doesn’t the Razr use the same camera as the Bionic? And Smart Actions would be nice too since my battery life isn’t the greatest.

  • Me

    Haters gonna hate
    Trollers gonna troll