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Motorola RAZR Bug Fixer Update Tossed, Ice Cream Sandwich Soak Test Incoming (Update)

Many of you were disappointed last week when the expected Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX turned into nothing but a bug fixer. Best Buy was telling their employees that the update should have been Android 4.0, but after their expected date of arrival passed, all they could say was that it had been delayed. Whether it was or not, we have good news for RAZR owners. Motorola has  had (message appears to have been removed) informed their MFN (Motorola Feedback Network) testing group that the soak test for build 6.12.181 has been cancelled and that a soak test for ICS will start shortly in its place. 

After the soak test for 6.12.181 did not happen at all over the weekend, many of us were starting to wonder if Moto hadn’t scrapped it for ICS. Talk about a surprising and exciting change of events. For those not a part of MFN, you can usually expect some sort of official update to rollout within a couple of weeks, assuming the test goes as planned and without any major issues.


Update:  We see that some of you aren’t buying it. What we do know is that Matt (the MFN forums manager) posted at 4:12PM today the following quote which has since reportedly been removed:

Looks like we got a surprise people. This regular soak test has now turned into an official soak test for Android 4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Please subscribe to this feed for updates and more information will be posted as soon as possible.

Thanks guys for hanging in there.

Update 2:  Look folks, we aren’t trying to mislead anyone here. One of our readers who has been on top of every development when it comes to this RAZR update saga saw this message posted and sent it immediately over to us in an email (hence the odd format above). From what we know, it was removed shortly after as it was likely posted prematurely or before all details were supposed to be made available. If Moto has decided to go with ICS, that’s awesome. If they still push 6.12.181 first before ICS, that’s awesome too. Assuming one of them goes out, we’ll know in the next couple of days. Relax.

Update 3:  All we are hearing now is that the update (must be the 6.12.181) has been “paused” and Moto is releasing members from the soak test group. Once the update (whichever one that is) is ready, they will re-email testers to join in on the fun. Hopefully that means ICS is on the way instead.

Cheers Adam Sandler!

  • Dj_rush

    My Razr Maxx just updated to 6.12.181

  • Mslaughter2005

    Vzw tech support told me yesterday that they showed 2 upcoming updates for the RAZR. One in April and one in may.

  • Jopusm

    Ever think the moto emblem was put there to cover the person’s name?

  • Guest

    This time April Fool aint just on the 1st!

  • LanceRomance

    Lol…DROID life you guys need to check your sources…I have a thread in the motor forums and this “soakteast” was brought up…needless to say the thread is under the header ICS DROID RAZR and matt himself has made the statement about lies can travel halfway around the world before the truth even ties its shoes [mark twain]. He also point blank stated he never made the original post or deleted it and it was all a prank…go to my thread and see for urself.

  • dgarra

    Out of curiosity, how many non-Nexus phones have been upgraded from 2.x to 4.x so far? I thought the Galaxy S II and Rezound were but apparently not. 

  • Raul Morales

     In my honest opinion, disregard the other comments on bashing your “sources”. This is a BLOG, a rumor/leak WEBSITE, I have a RAZR and very interested in any development that goes on, if by any chance it comes out inaccurate, OH WELL, it’s a blog, relax, geez.

    • Spc Hicks09

      LOL you jelly bro?

  • I am about to give up on Motorola and buy an Samsung or HTC with ICS pre-installed.  They have untill the end of April to keep me as a Motorola customer.

  • Bionic

    For fuckks sake the Bionic was out before the RAZR.  Can we get some Bionic love?

  • Roswell_V

    That message was faked… There is no ICS update.

    • Adam Sandler

      Why are you so sure?

      • Roswell_V

        I’d tell you, but you’d find a way to fake it to say something else, trying to get someone else in trouble.
        Just everyone know, if you’re waiting on the ics update, this is not the one you’re waiting for.

  • BhaktaRB

    MOTO, can I just have my Ice Cream Sandwich, and eat it too!

  • So basically since everyone had to bitch and complain about it, no bugs (if there are any) will be fixed. Soooooooooooo, essentially Razr and Razr MAXX owners will have a phone with the latest Android 4.0/w bugs. Thankfully they didn’t scrap the two updates for the Bionic. It’s running perfectly without bugs and welcomes ICS when they decide to release it. You go Razr/MAXX owners!!!! 🙂 lol. 

    • Spc Hicks09

      I’ve had the ICS leak on my phone for almost 2 weeks with no bugs at all lol. U mad bro? It’s not my fault you bought a garbage Bionic.

  • Paul

    ICS will be on the RAZR soon enough.