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Motorola RAZR Bug Fixer Update Tossed, Ice Cream Sandwich Soak Test Incoming (Update)

Many of you were disappointed last week when the expected Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX turned into nothing but a bug fixer. Best Buy was telling their employees that the update should have been Android 4.0, but after their expected date of arrival passed, all they could say was that it had been delayed. Whether it was or not, we have good news for RAZR owners. Motorola has  had (message appears to have been removed) informed their MFN (Motorola Feedback Network) testing group that the soak test for build 6.12.181 has been cancelled and that a soak test for ICS will start shortly in its place. 

After the soak test for 6.12.181 did not happen at all over the weekend, many of us were starting to wonder if Moto hadn’t scrapped it for ICS. Talk about a surprising and exciting change of events. For those not a part of MFN, you can usually expect some sort of official update to rollout within a couple of weeks, assuming the test goes as planned and without any major issues.


Update:  We see that some of you aren’t buying it. What we do know is that Matt (the MFN forums manager) posted at 4:12PM today the following quote which has since reportedly been removed:

Looks like we got a surprise people. This regular soak test has now turned into an official soak test for Android 4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Please subscribe to this feed for updates and more information will be posted as soon as possible.

Thanks guys for hanging in there.

Update 2:  Look folks, we aren’t trying to mislead anyone here. One of our readers who has been on top of every development when it comes to this RAZR update saga saw this message posted and sent it immediately over to us in an email (hence the odd format above). From what we know, it was removed shortly after as it was likely posted prematurely or before all details were supposed to be made available. If Moto has decided to go with ICS, that’s awesome. If they still push 6.12.181 first before ICS, that’s awesome too. Assuming one of them goes out, we’ll know in the next couple of days. Relax.

Update 3:  All we are hearing now is that the update (must be the 6.12.181) has been “paused” and Moto is releasing members from the soak test group. Once the update (whichever one that is) is ready, they will re-email testers to join in on the fun. Hopefully that means ICS is on the way instead.

Cheers Adam Sandler!

  • Dj_rush

    My Razr Maxx just updated to 6.12.181

  • Mslaughter2005

    Vzw tech support told me yesterday that they showed 2 upcoming updates for the RAZR. One in April and one in may.

  • Jopusm

    Ever think the moto emblem was put there to cover the person’s name?

  • Guest

    This time April Fool aint just on the 1st!

  • LanceRomance

    Lol…DROID life you guys need to check your sources…I have a thread in the motor forums and this “soakteast” was brought up…needless to say the thread is under the header ICS DROID RAZR and matt himself has made the statement about lies can travel halfway around the world before the truth even ties its shoes [mark twain]. He also point blank stated he never made the original post or deleted it and it was all a prank…go to my thread and see for urself.

  • dgarra

    Out of curiosity, how many non-Nexus phones have been upgraded from 2.x to 4.x so far? I thought the Galaxy S II and Rezound were but apparently not. 

  • Raul Morales

     In my honest opinion, disregard the other comments on bashing your “sources”. This is a BLOG, a rumor/leak WEBSITE, I have a RAZR and very interested in any development that goes on, if by any chance it comes out inaccurate, OH WELL, it’s a blog, relax, geez.

    • Spc Hicks09

      LOL you jelly bro?

  • I am about to give up on Motorola and buy an Samsung or HTC with ICS pre-installed.  They have untill the end of April to keep me as a Motorola customer.

  • Bionic

    For fuckks sake the Bionic was out before the RAZR.  Can we get some Bionic love?

  • Roswell_V

    That message was faked… There is no ICS update.

    • Adam Sandler

      Why are you so sure?

      • Roswell_V

        I’d tell you, but you’d find a way to fake it to say something else, trying to get someone else in trouble.
        Just everyone know, if you’re waiting on the ics update, this is not the one you’re waiting for.

  • BhaktaRB

    MOTO, can I just have my Ice Cream Sandwich, and eat it too!

  • So basically since everyone had to bitch and complain about it, no bugs (if there are any) will be fixed. Soooooooooooo, essentially Razr and Razr MAXX owners will have a phone with the latest Android 4.0/w bugs. Thankfully they didn’t scrap the two updates for the Bionic. It’s running perfectly without bugs and welcomes ICS when they decide to release it. You go Razr/MAXX owners!!!! 🙂 lol. 

    • Spc Hicks09

      I’ve had the ICS leak on my phone for almost 2 weeks with no bugs at all lol. U mad bro? It’s not my fault you bought a garbage Bionic.

  • Paul

    ICS will be on the RAZR soon enough. 

  • Yandroid

    also i agree: this new is total bullcrackers

  • Yandroid

    Am i the only person to notice that gnex owners frequently comment on razr posts, and in completely unrelated contexts? what’s with the resentment?

    • Spc Hicks09

      It’s called jealousy because the RAZR will have an OTA version of ICS that is newer than their nexus.

  • jtwildman1

    Don’t blame DL for trying to mislead people. They are simply sharing info as they get it. Sometimes it turns out to be true, other times not. I have gotten a lot of info from this site over the past 2 years.I appreciate the heads up even if it doesn’t always turn out to be true.

  • OhAaron

    I feel bad for Kellex. What benefit would he see from posting something illegitimate? SMH.

    • openyoureyes

      Site hits.

  • winwinwinwinwin

     that  is  really  awesome

  • If this is true it would be awesome. I just got my Razr 2 days ago after my X2 crapped out on me.

  • STiK

    *IF* this is true, I sure hope it’s a newer build. As great as the new ICS build is, there are a few annoying bugs to go along with it. Weird battery readings, lock screen likes to need a double press to open, lags out on occasion, etc… Definately not show stoppers but would be nice if they were addressed before pushing to the public.

  • Emburybrett
  • Counsel Dew

    Nope… I saw a forum post at forum.motorola….  The person was complaining that he had not gotten the information to participate in the soak test…  The ‘official’ response stated that nobody should be discussing the soak test on the forums since it was private.  Therefore, I’d not expect to see anything posted about the soak test on the forums. 

    Just saying.  Isn’t that how it always worked in the past?

  • Anthony Alves

    ='[ I want ICS for the Bionic

  • That1Dude

    LMAO you guys better fix the format you used for your “Screenshot”. Its not even close to what his post would look like. 

  • Ramjet1203

    Droid-Life – where completely lame a@@ made up s##t becomes “news”….

  • Tdrussell1

    Can we stop arguing with eachother and come back to the fact that this story was completely fabricated and then perpetuated by droid-life?!?!?!

    • Foxkat

      I completely agree.

  • D75111

    that is so fake….that was never posted….

  • Foxkat

    So now there’s a Screen Print above???  Who wants to believe that?

  • Foxkat

    This whole article must be one big tongue-in-cheek joke meant to rile us RAZR users, just judging by the signature (i.e. Adam Sandler).  Sick if you ask me.

    • Adam Sandler

      There are some sick people in the world

  • Riiiiiiiiiiight

  • Snodrtrider

    We are already doing an ICS soak test it is called sideloading the leak… works fine send it to the masses!

  • Jared

    What does it look like when you’re running a full screen app?

    • B-rad

      Go Cyclones!

  • Devilsephiroth

    Rumors are now being confirmed, but how come there’s no word if the galaxy journal on Verizon here on Droid life?

    • Because that phone is a myth by all accounts. One random analyst claimed it was coming a few months ago, but he has no track record. If that phone does show up on Verizon any time soon, I’d be surprised.

      • Devilsephiroth

        Noooooo! !

        • I know heh. I think a lot of people wanted that beast on Big Red. Just haven’t heard a peep about it since that one rumor.

          • hkklife

            Have there been any (even from less credible sources) recent developents or rumors on the Droid Fighter? I have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket but I keep thinking that something new from Moto may be just around the corner and rockin’ ICS…

  • It would be so OUT OF CHARACTER for Moto to do something that awesome so very soon.  Sorry, they’ve fooled me one time too many.  I’ll believe it when the actual update notice shows up on my phone…AND WORKS!!

  • joe buck

    no idiot would give me 400 and besides it would take 600 to get something new

    • Ralphie

      after seeing you comment repeatedly about your Nexus woes, i’m convinced you and smart phones just aren’t right for one another. move on

    • OhAaron

      Have you looked at the going rate on Swappa and Ebay? I just got my GNex 2 weeks ago for $420.   You can easily get a Razr for that price. You whine on every post about your GNex. Do something about it or quit your whining.

      • La2da

        He doesn’t really have one….

  • Yep … that’s what hooked me into the Maxx!

  • joe buck

    well ive had mic cut off on all 5 of my nexus crapers

    • OhAaron

      Then sell it for around $400 and buy another phone, if you don’t like it.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I’m in the soak group.. Where’s my email 🙁

  • Jhamlin13

    What happened to the other half of the original report on this, that the Rezound was to get its ICS update last Friday…no follow up on that I see. Once again, Rezound is a forgotten afterthought despite being the best Android phone out (until the One series launches)…

    • balthuszar

      i’m not 100% positive, but i believe as soon as they have information they pass it on to us…i don’t believe HTC nor verizon could forget the best phone they’ve come out with since the incredible

    • Jeraldeen

      I like the little trollish poke you included at the end there. real smooth

    • The rezound is the best Android phone out? LOL I can think of about 5 phones that blow your Rezound out of the water kiddo. Razr, Razr Maxx, GNex, SGSII, even the LG Spectrum is better than the Rezound lol. Move along.

      • EdubE24

        Damn Hicks you are pretty good at being a douche with your replies! I guess it’s good to be good at something.

        • Spc Hicks09

          Point being?

  • NAM37

    ummm Bionic?

  • Bob Martin

    Does this also fix the bug that my HTC Thunderbolt currently has? The one where Ice Cream Sandwich is missing.

  • Jlmcc

    after seeing the battery in the maxx, I’ll never buy a phone without one that size in it

    • RadicalPie

      Agreed. next phone >  2800

      • Jlmcc

        at least ,that monster battery on the maxx hardly changed it at all

      • droidman101

        I don’t care about thickness, as long as it isn’t ugly and has good battery life I’ll like it.

  • cvhovey

    DroidLife got suckered again. You missed April Fools by almost 1/3 of a month. 

  • Hmm…..

    So…. DL, is this some sort of clandestine attempt at outing the soak test members? Nice. 😉

    • Hmm…..

      Re: The updated info…. Someone is quite obviously having a laugh at your expense, DL. We’d all like to see ICS drop, but wishing doesn’t make it true. You can’t seriously trust someone who sent info in as Adam Sandler?

      • Adam Sandler

        Whats not to trust?

        • Hmm….

           LOL! Choosing a name like Adam Sandler doesn’t exactly engender ultimate faith in your leak’s veracity. Neither would a name like “Hmm…”, but then again, I didn’t supposedly break any confidentiality agreement.

        • Hmm….

           Btw, you do realize everyone’s posting history (and various aliases) are available for all to see? 

  • Travis H

    i wish moto would pull the **** out of their *** and stop making 10 phones per year and start making them more useful and higher quality… eventually the market will slow and they wont be able to do this crap anymore…

    • RadicalPie

      I hope you are right.

  • Blackbullet4749

    Wow you will post any old bull without evidence…

  • I was buying a Razr MAXX as a gift for my sister yesterday at an official VZW store, while I didn’t ask I did mention that the phone would be getting ICS soon  and the sales rep said “Yep! It’s coming next week”

    Take that with a grain..

    • RadicalPie

      He reads DL

      • Daniel Archibald33

         Quit trolling Razr updates!!. We all know that ur POS nexus has ICS already so quit rubbing it un us Moto users faces!!

        • RadicalPie

          You’re an angry Elf

        • Ralphie

          if his POS device has ICS, yet yours does not. I believe that means moto is worse than POS status….

          careful when throwing stones

          • Spc Hicks09

            My RAZR has ICS, not just any ICS, 4.0.4

            I’ll throw stones all day.

  • Jlmcc

    when they put ics on the maxx, it will be the best phone out here bar none

    • RadicalPie

      Display buddy, display

      • Jlmcc

        nexus   = piece of crap,

        • RadicalPie

          You = angry maxx owner. They are both nice phones. Display is better on the GNex. I own both. Thanks

          • Jlmcc

            i have a nexus, my fourth,,, truly awful, and how do you like looking at the gnex screen out doors?

          • RadicalPie

            I can hold both outdoors and the Razr is only slightly noticeably brighter. Also for me it is a non issue. Not to say it isn’t for others. What is an issue is for me to look at the Razr and see pixels. But again personal issue. Suppose thats another power of Android, personal preference.

          • Jlmcc

            only thing I dont like abou the maxx is the shape, to boxy, but the radios are far superior

          • RadicalPie

            I think it is better than the Droid Razr. The added thickness helps the comfortable hold. Not to go off topic but thats one thing the Rezound does very well in comparison, holds nicely 😉

            Edit. Even with added thickness

          • Jlmcc

            I put a cruzerlite cover on mine, the nexus is a slick rascal

          • MooleyBooleyTroll

            Odd since I gave away my GNex after purchasing a Razr. I feel for the dude I gave it too.. He is now bitching about the issues that pos has 🙁

          • Jlmcc

            I like others expected updates that never happened

          • RadicalPie

            Fair enough. The Razr is in the same boat. No ICS… yet.

          • Jlmcc

            yes,but it works   lol

          • RadicalPie

            My GNex Works, come to Santa Cruz, CA and I’ll let you use it.

            I think we both know where we each stand on this topic. Enjoy your Razr and I’ll enjoy my GNex. Cheers

          • Jlmcc

            lol   I dont have a razr

          • Jlmcc

            im just screwed till the updates come, if ever, just pray they work

          • RadicalPie

            I guess I am lost on this comment.

          • RadicalPie

            I usually try to be nice around here but. Either you are being sincere and perhaps your GNex had a lot of issues or this is a complete troll post. Tell him he can probably sell that “pos” for a chunk of change to buy a new phone. Android Has options.

          • BSweetness

            I’ll testify to the fact that’s he’s not trolling.  I had the Galaxy Nexus.  Went through four different ones, all with the same terrible radio problems.  I’m now on the RAZR MAXX, and I couldn’t be happier.  The Galaxy Nexus is a great device, just not a great phone.

          • Ted

            We have to remember who the real enemy is those Apple Fan Boys not each other.

          • Edube24

            Why hate on me…I enjoy droid life!!!

        • TheDude

          Troll post invalidates previous post. Welcome to the Internet.

          • Jlmcc

            nexus should never have been released, dime store radieso, reboots, mic cuts off  etc etc, its just sad really I thought this would be a great phone

          • RadicalPie

            I guess you are an unfortunate owner. I literally have NEVER experienced any of those problems. Like you said earlier you are on your 4th? That is awful luck or perhaps I am the lucky one that got one that works. Cheers no hate here.

          • Jlmcc

            they all share the same problems,,I heard one guy on here is on his 5th,  the mic cut off is the worse, cuts off about 3 to 5 minutes into the conversation,2 new and 2 refurbished

          • OhAaron

            That’s a bunch of bull & you know it.  The only legitimate claims one could have about the GNex circle around battery life and average radios. 

          • Jlmcc

            I have no issue with the battery, I have the extended one in my nexus, but when you are standing beside someone with a maxx and they have 2 bars and you have no service,,,,well

          • Binglut9

            4.0.4 fixes that
            And when a phone comes out there is always a tweak to be added to the radios its life with software

          • RadicalPie

            I call my Dad every day after work. 1hr+ convo. CA-MD. Never any problems on mic cut offs. I don’t know dude.

          • Apostrafee

            I heard from one guy who heard from another guy who had a nexus once

        • LiterofCola


      • rmadera

        So according to you, an awesome phone means having a good display? I can see that you know a lot about phones, buddy.

        • Hmm…..

           It’s an awesome phone with a very good display, but not an awesome display.

        • RadicalPie

          I actually never said that. But please inform me on what I don’t know about phones from the statement I made. Looks like I pissed off the razr owners lol.

          • LiterofCola

            Get over yourself

          • RadicalPie

            Likewise. Who pissed on your wheaties?

      • RAZR FANN

        If the screen clarity on a phone that is only four and half outweighs extremely stellar battery life and a thin profile is what defines a phone for you, by all means you are justified. I guess I’m just the only one who doesn’t keep my screen an inch from my eyes trying to count every pixel on the display.

        Sure the screen is Super AMOLED HD on the Galaxy Nexus, but that doesn’t automatically make it the better phone. I know many of you here prefer the Galaxy Nexus, but I for one prefer the RAZR MAXX. All it takes is a simple root to do what you say makes your phone the best of the bunch.

        I’m just saying I’m fine with a Super AMOLED Advanced screen with a much better battery and thinner profile, but, to each his own.

    • Ralphie

      NFC? they wouldn’t build it into the OS if it wasn’t going to play a big role

  • Spc Hicks09

    Whoever tipped DL on this is lying lol. I’m reading the soak test forums right now. There is NO update yet on when the soak will start and they’re still saying it’s NOT ics.

    • Bionic_Pags

      Ooooh… i see what’s going on in here… so sorry to interrupt! Proceed…

      • Spc Hicks09

        Not gonna lie, I literally lol’d reading that reply.


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    • Thach26

      I would have to second this comment. DL should check their source again and make sure that the info is 100% before posting something like this. They have not once said that 181 is cancelled and ICS is on its way for testing. 

    • droidian1441

      This could be apart of the emails they send… They want it private! If its not on the forums, it most likely came with an email that went to one of the testers.

      • BSweetness

        The same people who get the emails are the people that are on the forums.  The forums are private.

        • droidian1441

          I know. The emails are supposed to be private anyway. Yes I know, they usually arent. Plus they just added a picture to prove where it was! Lol

          • That screenshot is not a screenshot of an email. It’s a screenshot of the soak test forums. Which looks a little iffy to me. Also, how is it that just ONE person saw this and no one else from the forums saw it? 

          • D75111

            same here….the forms dont look like exactly like that and there are key thinks missing from it…….the thing that stands out is the M “Logo” is completely misplaced lol

      • D75111

        emails to the soak testers look nothing like that…Its completely fake …. That is a rip-off image of someone trying to copy the look of the private community…I know for a fact 🙂

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    • Roswell_V

      Yeah, the post was faked. People are really pathetic.

    • Max

      my buddy’s mother-in-law got pâid $14808 a month ago. she is making an incomé on the laptop and bought a $419000 condo. All she dîd was get blessed and apply the information written oñ this link LazýCash5.Çom

  • nice! I know my wife will be excited.

  • Zimmick47

    Is the droid bionic get ice cream sandwich any time soon

    • No because no one cares about the Bionic.

  • Michael_NM

    I like the first and sixth word of the headline. That would make a nice story.

  • Arcanexvi

    I’m mildly curious where this information is coming from.

    • Spc Hicks09

      Arcane, I’m part of the soak and can tell you this is bs.

      • Droidzilla

        I see no validation for this on Moto’s internal forum for the soak testers.

  • EC8CH


    Happy Gilmore?

  • Great … looking forward to it … but it should have been installed on the phone at launch.

    • RadicalPie

      OK… before any phone had ICS? 11/11/11?

    • Darthseph23

      Don’t forget the launch for the Razr was prior to the launch of the GalNex.  They we never going to launch with ICS installed.

  • snowblind64

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Adam Sandler? The actor? 0_o

  • “Cheers Adam Sandler!”….WTF?

  • ShopDroid

    Great – this after I spent the weekend getting the ICS leak installed.   Oh well, at least I know exactly what to do (and what not to) when this hits.

  • Spc Hicks09


    • EC8CH

      Love to eat Tur ur ur key!

      • Jothen2002

        Sloppey Joe…slop sloppey joe….

    • Spc Hicks09

      I’m part of the soak and on the moto forums there is nothing that validates this.

      • Michael_NM

        Droid Life > Moto forum or owner’s network

      • Bob Martin

        I am a member of the Apple cult Squad and I disagree with your statement.

        • RadicalPie

          I am suing you for saying that.

      • Seamen

        confidentiality – 
        the state of being secret; “you must respect the confidentiality of your client’s communications”

        • Your mother

          Go be a snitch somewhere else please.

  • I’ll believe it when it happens… so far I’m NOT impressed with BestBuy for the rumors.

  • sc0rch3d

    just when you thot moto had some razr focus, blur sets in again


    I think I’ll take the rest of the day off of work to celebrate. 

  • T4rd

    Did the real Adam Sandler send this in?  Lol


    • La2da

      It’s so weird that I’m ripping my Sandler CD’s for the first time and I read that.

    • Droidzilla

      Your answer? Abby dooby . . . 

    • Mister_Waldo

      The Bionic will get ICS first

      • Lol, what are you smoking? The Bionic is garbage.

        • LiterofCola

          So’s your life

          • Noyfb

            I think the Photon will get ICS first : )

          • Spc Hicks09

            Your mom is garbage. U mad Farva?