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HTC Rezound Drops to $49 from Verizon, Incredible 4G Incoming?

The HTC Rezound has dropped all the way down to the staggeringly low price of $49 at Verizon. We aren’t sure if it is a sign that the Incredible 4G is actually arriving in a couple of weeks or if they simply need to remove inventory, but either way, this is a steal of a deal. Originally priced at $299, the Rezound still has one of the most beautiful screens on an Android device to date along with an semi-unlockable bootloader. Fans initially steered clear of it while we awaited the arrival of the Galaxy Nexus, however, it has picked up developer community steam in recent weeks. You can read our full review of the Rezound here.


Cheers Aaron!

  • shepdogsd

    Phone has issues, even with ICS. Specifically:

    1) Screen goes blank on call…it is supposed to in order to save battery…but it is supposed to come back on when you hold phone horizontal so you can key voice mail passwords, turn on the speaker, etc. It is REALLY finicky and will stay blank. Touching the screen does not wake it up. Pressing the top button will, but then the phone is locked and you have to slide the ring up…and the screen winks out again! Changing the display settings does not help.

    2) Data goes out. Just goes out. I’m in the middle of San Diego. Happens anywhere. No voice commands, no email, nothing. Verizon said to turn off WiFi because phone is not smart enough to “switch” from to mobile data on its own when you are out of range. I turn it off, and it improves, but still is not reliable.

    3) Voice commands. They don’t work when data is unavailable. Why not??? They did on my old ClamShell phones in hands free mode! Furthermore, my old clamshell did not confuse calling a contact with calling someplace across the world. I’m convinced Google has some priority logrhythm for ad revenue…and it interferes with calling your contacts. So probably not a phone issue. Tried a friends Iphone…it doesn’t work much better. Stick to ClamShell phones?????

  • John Kuhn

    Wow. I just added it to my cart at $199. I chatted with customer service and they said “That is the price at this time”. Not sure I’ll push the Submit button on the order now. With the new Samsung out today, I thought they’d drop the price (again).

  • You’re mom`

    Still 199$ in my area… wtf

  • Markdcrystal

    this is not true.  i just checked with Verizon

  • Rllnsfrd1684

    Where is the article or ad that shows the price drop for the rezound

  • Matt

    HTC Rezound is still at $199 on Verizonwireless.com…I am eligible for an upgrade but the price hasn’t dropped to $49…what gives…:(

  • Gimp_Ninja

    Guess what? The price on Verizon’s website is $199 again today. I was seriously considering taking this deal when my NE2 eligibility began tomorrow, but now I’m just really upset.

  • ppm

    If you add the extended battery to your cart on the Verizon Wireless site, the price drops to $29.99.  Must be an unadvertised online only special.  Free 2 day shipping.

  • NG

    This is an awesome, awesome phone and I recommend it to everyone who’s considering it! This is seriously a steal.

  • Has anyone thought that maybe the price drop to $49.99 will “end” April 9th because then after that it becomes a free phone?  The Incredible 2 is free, as are other devices…and with the Incredible 4G (hopefully) not costing over $200 that means a permanent price drop would be obvious for the Rezound…even if it went back up to $79, w/e….

  • TC Infantino

    Ahh, I almost wish I had waited 6 months for the price to go down….I said almost.  I love my Rezound and I wouldn’t trade the enjoyment I have had the last six months just to have gotten it at this price.  It is the price one pays to have the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out.  Sweet deal though.  I don’t doubt a bunch of people will jump on this.

  • smellyFeet

    this latest HTC lago-o-matic isn’t worth more than 50 bucks.

  • qingming111


  • guest

    Does anyone know if this is an online only deal???
    Plan on heading for to a Verizon store after work,
    but it would save me the trip if its an online only deal lol

    • PaulieP

      Its only an online deal and you can’t use your upgrade money towards the purchase

      • richardsonadm

        Just did a chat session and my wife has a $30 credit that I had to, pay and they credited me the $30

        • Pauliep

          Wow, i tried twice and they said they couldn’t do it because the phone is priced so cheap after the new promo

          • Gerrysafford86

            i had the same issue i had a 50 dollar loyalty discount chat said i could use it and customer service tried to screw me out of it saying they couldn’t combine promos but i just ask for the supervisor and they gave it to me all i paid for was tax yaaaaa buddy ill take a free rezound all day long sorry gnex but hard to compare with a price like that..

          • Pauliep

            Ok cool, i’ll try that..did you ask for a supervisor through the chat or did you call in and ask? when I called in they said that I could get the phone for $169.00 with my $30 discount O__o

          • richardsonadm

            When I did the chat session, I also copied the chat session to notepad and saved it to desktop and dropbox.

          • Parshooter36

            If put it in your cart from the mobile site the discount is taken off. The only problem is the mobile site wont let you choose your data plan, and automatically changed out to a $30 4 gig plan. I called this morning and the rep had me bill it to my account then manually have me the $50 credit.

  • Daja62

    I have owned a rezound since the first day it was available and to be honest a huge disappointment ,and the htc sense is such a memory hog it slows down the phone so it might as well be a 1 ghz single core at best ,its a battery hog as well on a 1 to 10  scale I would give it a 4 at best and thats only because I am feeling generous today. I will be buying a samsung next and hopefully that will be soon HTC is a big WANT TO BE and will never make it ! I know i own one and its junk! This phone has heated up for no reason shut itself down making it useless and has never acted like a high end phone which for the money it should of been .I made a big mistake in buying it that will never happen again .

    • CharlesHussell

      Either you got a bad one or this is human error for some sort.  Mine flies even with Sense and I can’t imagine what you could be referring to that is not high end.  The camera is awesome, so is the screen.  Mine lasts about 5 hours playing games with the screen on auto brightness.  That’s good enough for me.  


    • JeffDenver

      I have had mine almost since launch, and it has been awesome. Performance is great for me. I dont like Sense either, but Sense runs very smooth on the Rezound. 

      Best camera I have seen so far, and the display still has the best pixel density of any phone out right now, including all the 720p phones. And unlike the Nexus, it not only has an SD slot, but it supports 64 gig SD Cards.

  • So this for 50 or the mid range LG Lucid for 70…

    Verizon has no idea how to price phones…

  • CharlesHussell

    This weight/thickness thing is a myth perpetuated by these blogs.  Its not as though its heavy OR thick.  I forget its even in my pocket sometimes and its much easier to hold than the razr.  
    I don’t know who started the idea that extreme thinness was a quality more desirable than screen resolution but it’s ridiculous.  $50 for this phone is an absolute steal, ICS runs great on mine.  

    It would be very difficult to justify paying $150-250 more for any phone that is available right now. 

    • GoogleMyNoodle

      I weighed it right beside a cinder block…same weight. Promise.

  • I gave the tip 😀

  • George 85

    When VZW drops prices like this what’s the advantage to buying a phone before 6 months into its life cycle? Especially when you consider that Moto is just going to release the Super Duper Ultra Alpha Omega Maxx version anyway.

  • Stephen Morrison

    I paid $100 a few weeks ago for this phone and it’s woth that much if not more still. Great phone and much more to come from the dev community. If you want to upgrade, this is a great deal for a great phone.

  • Jer85008

    And it’s “supposedly” getting the ICS OTA update this week, lot’s of great reasons to buy one. Other than the weight/thickness I have ZERO complaints.

  • bdoc

    At $49 I’m tempted to finally move on from my OG Droid to this phone. I’d probably hold out a bit longer if the HTC One X(or a variant) was definitely slated for VZW, but who knows if/when that might happen.

  • Edwin M

    That’s odd. That is the same price I paid for my Rezound back on Black Friday at Costco.

  • igloobunny

    I’m due for an upgrade. With the $30 credit from Verizon online, I’d be effectively getting the Rezound for $19 which seems too good a deal to pass up, seeing as the newer phones due in the next month (and even the Galaxy Nexus) are likely to be over $200 to upgrade (especially if you want to keep your old ‘grandfathered’ plan). Brand new contract, sure, they’ll be cheaper, but for us older users, this seems like a nice deal.

    • TheWangDynasty

      I tried this today.  Online chat with customer service said the two discounts could not be put together, so it’s still $50.

      • igloobunny

        Oh, that’s very useful info. Thanks!

        • Lepa71

           I got it for free. I had $50 for every two credit. I couldn’t do it online, so I call. guy talked to supervisor and got it for me. also 50% off for XT battery.
          Guy game direct phone if I need to change anything. He was very helpfull

  • T4rd

    Damn, I just got this for my wife a few weeks ago at $200 :(.  I wonder if I could get some sort of refund by now.

    • Yes, I think they have a 14 day price policy….at least what their sales rep told me.

      • bobbymay1

        Girlfriend bought hers 13 days ago in NYC, left it in a cab when we were there on vacation. I called and they credited her account $150. Which is a lot when you are a college student!

    • john

      Yes call them you should be able to get a credit I paid $200 for mine a few days before it dropped to $99 so I called them and got the difference credited towards my bill no problem

    • Go Hawkeyes

      I almost got this for my wife a few weeks ago but held off.  But I pulled the trigger today and ordered it.  She doesn’t need the latest and greatest phone.  But this will be a big step up from her aging Incredible.

      • T4rd

         Yeah, same here.  I got it for her on March 10th for her B-day.  I’m going to try and call today to see if they can do anything, but that was over 3 weeks ago, so I bet they won’t help me.

    • Goaway


  • marty jones

    Didnt HTC say they were going to unlock all their phones ??

    • Gerrysafford86

      they have for the most part..

    • It’s unlockable, but like all (I think) of their phones, s-off isn’t part of the unlock deal.

    • I don’t know about the “semi unlocked” mentioned above, because the Rezound is listed at HTCdev, and mine is unlocked, rooted, and enjoying some SU goodness

  • Might have to pick up a Rezound at lunchtime

    • Bummer, online price ONLY, the local Verizon B&M store still wanted $199…  um, no.

      • ostensibly

        when they were $99 online a few months ago and still regular price in the stores, a salesperson started throwing discounts at me after I told him I could get it online for under half of the instore price. Ended up paying about $40 more but had it that day.

      • WallyIAm

        …and if you’re an old Alltel customer, and want to keep renewing, it’s not available online.  The system won’t recognize your plan.

        Thought I finally found the right balance of performance and price to motivate me to upgrade from the old OG.

        • WallyIAm

          So, forget what I said.  The explanation that I was given by an in-store employee was a load of you-know-what.  I was able to upgrade online with no problems at all.

  • Guest

    My sister just picked one up. Maybe she’ll get $150 back.

    • Josh Groff

      If not, she could always return it and rebuy, but I doubt Verizon will make her go through all that.

      • Guest

        I think she’s had it just over two weeks, so it’s hard saying.

        • Josh Groff

          They might, Verizon seems to be more reasonable than most other carriers.

  • Apostrafee

    It is definetley coming soon, it showed up on “future MAP” pricing

  • majorhunadadun

    Price drop or not, it’s still better than the GNex and Razr! Bring it on!

    • Thelegendofdavid

      You sir are an idiot! Along with the handful of people who purchase this phone at regular price.

      • Stephen Morrison

        You provide no reason at all for calling this man an idiot and are overreacting by name calling. Both phones have their strong points. Grow up.

      • Somebody must own a GNex. I’m sorry. 

      • majorhunadadun

        Appreciate the compliment! Since when does the amount of units a phone sells make those who choose to buy it idiots?? Look at iphone owners! Rezound’s better than that too…

    • Amen!!!!

    • angermeans

      I agree that the rezound is much better than the Razr, but in my opinion (which is all your statement is, is your opinion) it is no way better than the galaxy nexus and that is that it runs a skinned OS. Yes, I do think that sense is much better than blur or touchwiz but it is by far much worse then stock.

      • TheOiulkj

         If you’re using a stock rom on either of these devices, then you’re doing it way wrong.

        So your argument is invalid.

    • smellyman

       whatever lets you sleep at night.

      • majorhunadadun

        Your smell just may wake me…

  • BJ P.

    does this $49 include beats earphones too?
    if it does, then basically free phone.

    • Aardvark99

      With **only** a 2-year contract!

      • Josh Groff

        That’s why I got onto a friend of the family’s family plan. 😉 Got a $30 Bionic and only have to pay $50 a month could always sell the Bionic and cancel the contract 6 months from now if I so wished, but that won’t happen. I buy most of my phones on eBay and swappa, but getting a pretty nice phone cheap is always a plus. Especially when one has no intention of switching carriers.

        • Dliuzzo110

          I could be wrong but doesnt the rezound still have the best specs on verizon? Dual core clocked at 1.5, best screen, 8mp cam, 32 gigs mem external, removable battery. Actually since its about to get ics this is the best phone you can get right now.ha ha. Plus the hear phones (personally not a fan ) but still a bonus

          • Josh Groff

            On paper, the OMAP 4430 is an overall better processor even clocked at 1-1.2 GHz, and the battery life is much better than the Snapdragon S3. Bionic has an 8MP as well as 16GB internal. The SD and Beats headphones are not much of a plus, and I prefer Motorola phones from a durability and reception perspective. Also, the Bionic unlike the Rezound can be used as a lapdock, which is pretty cool (kudos to Motorola there.) RAZR is getting ICS at the same time as the Rezound, and the Bionic should get it in a month or so, I’m in no hurry since most apps are still GB optimized.

        • Greenroom

          You paid $30 too much for that Bionic

          • Anon

             You need a license to troll here –that’ll be $30 please.

          • Josh Groff

            Considering it’s rooted and debloated already, no I didn’t.

  • Lacokanostra

    Doesnt this have better specs than the INC4G?

    • zepfloyd

      only the screen, otherwise, no.

  • Jason Purp

    I might have to trade my Nexus for an Incredible 4G. Sense 4 looks so amazing, and there really isn’t a reason to have the Nexus instead of an HTC phone at this time.

    • “Sense 4 looks so amazing”

      I can only assume you’re joking.

      • Ekknr

        Why would this be a joke? Someone likes Sense, and it’s frowned upon? I assume you have a galaxy nexus and love the stock look and feel. Yet most nexus owners on here seem to be rooted and running Rom’s on their phones. Which I take as stock wasn’t good enough and you need to change it up a bit. So maybe some think that is a joke!!

    • April Fools’ was yesterday.

      • Jason Purp

         I’m serious. I saw a video of the HTC One X and I’m actually jealous that I can’t use it. You can assume that I’m trolling or whatever, but I’m not.

        • zepfloyd

          Except the Incredible 4G is the One S not the One X. so you’re stuck with an qHD AMOLED Screen (not even Super, or Plus or HD). The Rezound would still have a much better screen, but internally the S4 would beat up the Rezound fairly easily.

          • Jason Purp

             I’m actually fine with a qHD screen. More apps and themes and such are made for qHD than they are for real HD.

        • DroidzFX

          I just googled a video. 

          Too much purp got you seeing things. 

    • skater57

      Rezound is getting a sense 4 Rom today

      • I can’t wait.

      • bobbymay1

        You got a link for that?? The girlfriend has the Rezound and I have been looking for a Sense 4.0 rom for her haha!

    • angermeans

      I’m glad for android as we all have our own opinions, but no matter how the new sense looks it will never be better than stock vanilla android. No skin was even better than GB let alone ICS. there is no need for skins (at least for me) and I won’t buy one again.

    • stinkyFeet

       sense 4 looks “amazing”?  seriously?