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Amazon Appstore Receives Update to Fix Notification Bugs and Increase Download Limits, Does Anyone Still Use It Though?

Yesterday, the Amazon Appstore received an update that fixes notification bugs and also gives you the option to download 50MB apps over 3G/4G (up from 20MB). Other than that, it’s nothing to get all excited over.

What I’m wondering, is if anyone uses this app store anymore? Not one DL reader mentioned it to us. And since I haven’t had it installed in months, I had to find out that it had updated through a family member who was prompted. So tell me, are people still using Amazon for apps or has their 1-trick app-of-the-day schtick worn out?

  • J Dub

    Never have used it. Easier for me to just wait for the Google sales. 

  • Adiehl12

    I have apps from the Amazon store and they still work even though I uninstalled the Amazon appstore.

    • Travis Keany

       I don’t think they update though, right?

      • WallyIAm

        You can always link them to the market..er play store with Titanium Backup.

  • The free apps have gotten bad in my opinion.  I still have it installed but really only so I can use the good free apps that I use on a daily basis.  

  • Justin Everett

    Nope, not anymore here.  I used to when they actually had non-kiddie/useless FAOTD’s, but even then it was always booting itself in the background when it didn’t need to and i am pretty sure it wasn’t helping my battery life.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I use it every single day.

  • Eric

    I check daily, and download the free app if it is good

  • Travis Keany

    I agree, the app-a-day novelty has worn off as the usefulness of the apps has decreased with time. I do still install the Amazon appstore app because I have a few apps that I got for free back in the day that I still use, most notably, QuickOffice Pro, and need the appstore in order to install it. 

    I’m happy to see this update because I was getting tired of all the notifications from the Amazon appstore. I only need you there in order to install QuickOffice, after that, sit quietly in the corner.

  • itsgonnalast

    I almost bought a Kindle Fire but I bought the HTC Flyer instead.  I’m so glad I did because Google Play is so much better than the Amazon appstore.

    I was shocked to read last week that Amazon only offers something like 40,000 apps while you can find over 400,000 in Google Play.   Plus Kindle tablets don’t have access to Google Music, which is my favorite music app.

    Google Play also wins when talking about ease of installing and updating apps.

    I still keep the Amazon store and Getjar just in case they have any good sales, though.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Yes…but only for the “free app of the day”, close to 350 free apps, YEAH!! lol

    • Tim242

      1. Your phone will eventually run out of space. 2. You have an addiction. Seek help immediately! 3. : )

      • EvanTheGamer

        4. It’s a regular routine, like anything else in life. 5. I don’t like change. 6. 🙂

        • EvanTheGamer

          Also, I never said I installed the apps, only downloaded ’em. 🙂

  • Dave

    i use it still

  • mkess

    only use it for the free apps, but people have said – its mostly junk apps now.

  • Mchlls22

    I download the free app everyday, even if its not something I’d install personally it may be something my kids would use on my old DROID.

  • Mack

    They hooked me with Angry Birds Rio but I have since left and never looked back. Although I have heard you can now delete apps from your account which is pretty cool, something Google needs no implement. 

    • Mack

      Edit: something Google needs TO implement

  • GuidZilla

    Update showed up for me early yesterday, so plenty of time for people to contact DL.

  • GuidZilla

    I still usually check the app, but its very rare I install anything anymore. Too much crapware. 

  • Check the free app of the day every morning when I roll out of bed.  Like to get apps through them because I can access them on my phone, and I can also install them on my son’s tablet (by using the same log-in).

    • Tim242

      You can do that with the Play Store as well.

  • Higher_Ground

    D-L, you guys need to come down from that high horse you’ve been riding since the beginning of the year or thereabouts.

    1/3 of my aps (49) are from the AAS.  I check it pretty much everyday to see what the FAOTD is going to be, though most of them are pretty boring.

    Why would one of the readers tell you about an update?  The update just popped up on my phone this morning which would have been about 6 hours ago, not exactly something that qualifies as flying past the radar.  I’ve found it kinda pointless when you guys post about new versions of the Play store or former Android Market – and always wondered why people would really care to update them ahead of time.

    And to rub salt in the wound, I have on at least 3-4 occasions pointed out a free app that was decent and marked down significantly, only to have you guys post some about GameLoft or some iOS app that *might* be coming to android in a few months…  at least I now know why you guys ignored it – not the massive amount of email you probably get, but that you don’t even have the app store installed!

    Just drop the condescension – it doesn’t fit the vibe of this site but it certainly parallels the direction it’s been heading.

    • thebruce44

      How is this condescending? They don’t use the Amazon’s App store as much as when it first came out because the free app of the day is usually a repeat or something not super useful and Google’s market has improved considerably.

      Maybe you should get off your high horse.

      • duke69111

        Just checking, but I have never seen the FAOTD be a repeat, now something not super useful… definitely.  

        • thebruce44

          I’ve seen certain keyboards up there multiple times. At least I think.

          • duke69111

            I think I know what you are talking about.  They were swiftkey, then it was a new version swiftkey X.

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Awe… Did you get your feelings hurt?

  • Scott

    Quit using it six months ago.  The apps were sometimes updated months after they were supposed to be.  The few “free” ones that I enjoyed, I ended up just paying for on Google Play.  I don’t even care what the app store offers now.  I still love Amazon MP3 though.    

  • Jeff Simpson

     There are a couple apps I got for free from Amazon that I wanted to keep using. I got the update, but it didn’t really seem newsworthy.

  • Obi5683

    The free apps aren’t as good as they used to be.  I have been replacing the apps I got for free during Google’s sales.  Amazon doesn’t update the apps as fast as their Google Play counterparts on most occasions.  Some apps that work fine on a tablet if purchased from the Google Play Store do not have a working layout if downloaded from the Amazon App store.  Greedy Spiders is one glaring example.  I also want to support the devs and using free apps with no advertising doesn’t put any money into their pockets.

  • subiedude85

    Still check the free app almost every day, still find a good nugget every now and then.

  • Hohlraum

    I get the free apps every day using amazon.com  if it’s something good I snag it on my phone and/or tablet

  • dqw

    If quick office pro wasnt 15$ dollars in the play store i would have dropped amazon months ago. Got it for free

    • Tim242

      Or, you could stop being cheap, pay the one-time fee, and ditch the extra store using your phone’s resources.

      Just a thought.

  • jjrudey

    You need to have it to use the apps you got from there. So that’s the only reason I still have it.

  • Graffixnyc

    I check Amazon app store pretty much every day to see the free app of the day I’ve gotten so many apps that were expensive (9.99 and up) for nothing. I’ve gotten printer share, docs to go premium, quick office pro, countless games, enhanced email and so many more.

  • MajorDroid

    For FREE apps only

  • ocdtrekkie

    Still have it for the Ad-Free versions of Angry Birds Seasons and Rio I got from app of the day.

    • Blackmagick20

      I had no idea anyone actually played those boring, stale games anymore!

      • ocdtrekkie

        I don’t really have time to play any games anymore. But I have younger siblings and friends, and I never really got to play through most of the Angry Birds crud in the first place.

  • I use it for the free app of the day (when it’s, you know, even good) and to update old apps I’ve downloaded from the store, but it doesn’t even give me a changelog! What’s up with that?

  • Raven

    Pretty much the same as what everyone else is saying.  I still use it for the FAOTD, but recently, when Google at the 10 cent and 50 cent sales I repurchased everything that I could that I had gotten from FAOTD previously.

    • ocdtrekkie

      Same here, most stuff I got originally on Amazon I now have on Google.

  • leftovermagic84

    I still use it.  Lately the daily apps have sucked, but some of my most valued apps came early in the offerings, like business calendar, and a heavily discounted groove IP and swiftkey x tablet version

    • Bodhiballer

      Business Calendar is the one that I keep it around for.  Exchange By (Touchdown) email is the other good one I got from there, but don’t currently use it.  

  • Keith0606

    I use it only to maintain some of the good free apps of the day that i have gotten in the past.  I’d say there are like 4 of those I’d had to lose and don’t want to buy them as they aren’t cheap (like printer share). Their free app of the day selection has been pretty poor for awhile however I can’t remember the last time I have actually taken the time to download one.

  • MrEnglish

    I pretty much quit using it when I was told by several devs that the Amazon store takes about a week longer to accept and approve app updates on average than the G-store does. That was a deal breaker for me.

  • r0lct

    I use it for apps I want to share on wife/kid devices that I don’t want my gmail account on.

    • moelsen8

      interesting use.  i’m in the same boat with sharing my whole google account.

      • r0lct

        Yeah, the thought of my kids having access to my gmail account frightens me.  I basically just use Amazon store for kids books and games.

  • I use it on my Kindle Fire (obviously), but I no longer use it on mobile devices.

    • Scott

       Never thought of that. 

  • Heck yeah I still use it! But I have a Kindle Fire too.

  • Nope, used it once and uninstalled with in the same day. I prefer the Android market don’t really care for free apps on a daily basis, usually Amazon is screwing the devs over giving away their apps for free and not reimbursing them in a proper manner can’t support that. Chillllll

  • Kisuk3

    I check periodically for their free app of the day, otherwise I never use it.

  • WhatsUp

    I still use it to check the free apps everyday. 

    • John

      This.. although the free offerings don’t seem to be of the same quality as they were in the past.. not in terms of how well they’re coded but in terms of how useful or popular they are. I.e. they’re usually apps I won’t ever want, whereas in the past they were typically useful things.

      • nwd1911

        Agree, once in a while I will find a game to entertain me for a short while, but mostly junk.  I might be holding on to something that won’t ever be the same (WOW that sounded dramatic).

        • Klabit87

          Same here. Every once in a while I will find something that will peak my interest.

          • Discjockeys

            Very rare do i use it, but you still get accustomed to checking out the free App.

          • OldBlue

             I only use it to keep my free Sudoku app updated.  If it wasn’t for that, I’d have deleted it a while ago.

          • Noyfb

            Paid for the .99 add free angry birds in space. Not many apps that they have that android market doen’t have

          • Guest


    • MKader17

      I rely on people like you to report the worthwhile free app of the day to Droid Life.

      • Tim242

        I’m glad sites don’t post that every day anymore.

        • MKader17

          Me too, but if it’s truly worthwhile then I’d like to hear about it. It would be cool if DL could work it into there side bar so you can see it without having to visit the site. Yes, I am that lazy.

    • Matthew Hoke

      Same.  Use it to check free app of the day and for updates to other free apps I previously downloaded.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I still think Amazon’s whole strategy is kind of douchy–using Android and then undercutting Google in one of the only ways it makes money off the OS. I’d be ok with it if they were actively contributing to AOSP, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

  • Stacey Harris

    Same as most, Play Store is my go to App store.  The only apps I download from Amazon are my FAOTD and updates to free apps I’ve downloaded before. I must say though I don’t think I’ve downloaded a new FAOTD in weeks, they’ve been pretty weak.

  • Wookiewombat

    I feel like i am forced to use it sometimes, because of a few apps i got through the free app of the day are my dailies like Swiftkey and Tweetcaster Pro, i did a complete wipe of my phone last night to install AOKP 29 and i tried just to purchase those apps through the market but it says they are already purchased and i cannot buy them. So, unless that’s a bug someone knows a fix for, this kinda sucks.

    • Stacey Harris

      I’d love that fix as well, if I could update previous apps from the Play Store I’d drop Amazon for sure.

    • phrozen087

      There is a fix although it is a huge PITA.  I have done it a few times just to get everything back on the Play Store now.  There is a slightly easier way to do it now though thanks to an app on XDA.

      1) Install an old version of the Android Market (The really old one before the Win Phone 7 like interface).  An XDA app called Old Market can help you do this.

      2) Reboot the phone (prob better to leave wifi off so your connection is a little slower)

      3) Load the market up real quick, accept the terms and search for the app.  It should show up with a price.  Click on it and purchase it.  Once the transaction goes through you have a Play license for the app.  Now if you restore the new market, or try to install it, everything will work correctly.

      Like I said, its a huge PITA to do this, but I can confirm it still works as I just did this last week for the last paid app I was still missing on the Play Market.

  • MFG

    I use it still because I have a few free apps I downloaded that need the app store installed to use. Womp womp.

    • Ahhh yes, forgot that they force you have to have it installed.

      • John

        Wait what? If I uninstalled Amazon App Store, the apps I’ve downloaded with it will stop working?

        • moelsen8


          • John

            wow. i did not know that. that’s lame..

          • moelsen8

            it’s a security thing.  android market is the same way

          • John

            play store*

          • moelsen8

            i still refuse to call it that.  haha

          • Matthew Harmon

            It’s not even a matter of uninstalling, if you are on a plane, you cannot use any Amazon apps.  I still use it though, like the free app of the day.

          • moelsen8

            oh shoot i forgot that part too.  yeah that’s F’d in the A

          • Chris G

            This thing bit me on my last trip.  I was using one of the office apps on my TFP to keep notes.  But on the plane it suddenly wouldn’t work and i couldn’t figure out why.

          • LiterofCola


          • moelsen8

            what is.. the amazon app store?

          • LiterofCola

            Yeah, the fact that you need the store installed in order to use the Apps.  Sorry for the confusion.

          • moelsen8

            i was playing jeopardy actually haha

    • Jared

      I bought the couple of apps I couldn’t live without on Google’s market. Small price to pay to not have to deal with Amazon App Store.

      • Tim242

        ^This! : )

    • itsgonnalast

        Yikes, I forgot about this.  I’m in the same situation, I’ll be forced to keep the Amazon store.

  • Chiaroscuro7

    I just go to the amazon site about everyday and “purchase” the free app of the day – that way I don’t have to install it and I have it if I ever need it 🙂

    • moelsen8

      wait til you get a couple hundred free apps in your collection, then try to use the app.  it takes forever to do anything when you have a pile of apps in your collection.

      • Chiaroscuro7

        I know…it used to be bad…but now it is at least bearable..I have it installed only for Tweetcaster pro etc..

      • Mchlls22

        I just clear the data and re-login when it gets slow…sperfast after that.

  • Jtalwine

    Ill take a free paid app everyday

  • Eom

    I don’t use it to buy apps anymore, but I need to have it to use some of the premium apps I’ve “purchased” (i.e. got for free) through Amazon.

  • Boblank84

    i had two free app of the day apps i still use and just bought from the play store so i could completely remove it.

  • moelsen8

    the constant nagging notifications and battery drain finally pushed me away a few months ago.  feels great to free myself from being obsessive compulsive about getting the FAOTD that I rarely ever used anyway.

  • Dnelken

    I don’t buy from them. I only use it for their free apps…

  • I still have it installed to check for the free app of the day and updates to apps I already downloaded.  Otherwise the Play Store is my main app store.

  • garbagedick

    I use it on my tablet for ad-free angry birds, seasons and rio. If Rovio would put those 3 in the play store i’d pay for them and ditch their store completely.