Amazon Handing Out $115 Worth of Paid Games and Apps for Absolutely Free

In a deal currently taking place through its Appstore, Amazon is handing out over $115 of paid apps and games for completely free, featuring titles which actually kick butt. For starters, gamers can hop up on Zombie Gunship, Unpossible, World of Goo, Sonic the Hedgehog, or even test their trivia skills with one of my favorite games, Trivia Crack.

As for regular apps, Amazon is offering Plex, the Human Anatomy Atlas, Lapse It Pro, Boxer Pro, and BeFunky Photo Editor among a few others.  (more…)

Amazon Hosting Big Halloween App Sale Through Amazon Appstore


It’s that time of the year, where all holiday-themed applications should see cuts in pricing, and Amazon has bundled them all up for easy finding. Taking place on the Amazon Appstore, you can find many titles on sale, some of which should be perfect for any zombie or ghost lovers among us. Not only are Halloween titles for sale, but there are also deals on NBA 2K14, and other non-holiday games.  (more…)

Rumor: Amazon Prepping Android-Powered Game Console for End of 2013

Amazon Appstore 650x

Amazon currently has one of the largest libraries of Android apps in the world, second only to Google’s own Google Play store. According to a new rumor that was originally posted by Game Informer, the world’s biggest e-retailer has an Android-powered gaming console up its sleeve, with plans of utilizing that large library to power its content. The console is rumored to launch later this year, and will connect directly to the Amazon Appstore, allowing for gamers to play their favorite Android games on their HDTVs or wherever else they can hook the console up to.  (more…)

Amazon Appstore Receives Update to Fix Notification Bugs and Increase Download Limits, Does Anyone Still Use It Though?

Yesterday, the Amazon Appstore received an update that fixes notification bugs and also gives you the option to download 50MB apps over 3G/4G (up from 20MB). Other than that, it’s nothing to get all excited over.

What I’m wondering, is if anyone uses this app store anymore? Not one DL reader mentioned it to us. And since I haven’t had it installed in months, I had to find out that it had updated through a family member who was prompted. So tell me, are people still using Amazon for apps or has their 1-trick app-of-the-day schtick worn out?