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Amazon Appstore Receives Update to Fix Notification Bugs and Increase Download Limits, Does Anyone Still Use It Though?

Yesterday, the Amazon Appstore received an update that fixes notification bugs and also gives you the option to download 50MB apps over 3G/4G (up from 20MB). Other than that, it’s nothing to get all excited over.

What I’m wondering, is if anyone uses this app store anymore? Not one DL reader mentioned it to us. And since I haven’t had it installed in months, I had to find out that it had updated through a family member who was prompted. So tell me, are people still using Amazon for apps or has their 1-trick app-of-the-day schtick worn out?

  • Not that big if a deal, but the popular Plants vs Zombies is still only available via Amazon Appstore… so maybe that’s a reason to have it (other exclusive Amazon apps?).

  • NinjaHobo

    I check almost daily for the free app granted it’s rarely any good. Biggest issue that stops me from using it is the time it takes an app to get updated if at all

  • Now that the Amazon App store lured users in by giving out awesome apps like Swiftkey X and Soundhound Infinity they now give us useless apps. I have thought of uninstalling Amazon and just paying for the apps.

  • I only use it because there’s a couple apps I got for free from here and don’t want to pay for otherwise. I just have it for the updates.

  • schwinn8

    I’m in for the free apps here, too…  I have lots of them now, most importantly is the Swiftkey keyboard.

  • socalrailroader

    I use it all the time, I check for free apps every day in fact, and have bought a few apps from it recently as well.

  • Kerrythebeast

    Nope hasn’t been worth my time sense late last year

  • Hubbysatrucker

    I get a free app everyday and wish the play store would do the same.

  • Hud3500

    I use it for my Kindle Fire. Other than that, I still do check it almost every day for the free app of the day, however, after the initial several weeks of its launch, the quality of the free apps has seriously diminished, so there hasn’t been a non Kindle app I’ve downloaded from it in ages.

  • dylan84

    I rarely use it on my phone. But unfortunately have to use it on my Kindle Fire. I’m too lazy to root and install CM7 on it for right now.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I never used it, primarily because the last thing I wanted on my OG Droid was another app that had to load to verify that I was allowed to use some other app that I wanted to use.  Since none of the free apps of the day ever appealed to me, I’ve never seen a reason to install it, even on my Bionic.

  • i’ve never used it

  • I still use it even the quality of Free New App of the Day has dropped of some. I’ve gotten quit a few free Apps that I really like and I’m not about to drop it. I just wish the Google Play and Amazon Appstore would stop telling me I have a update for couple apps I installed from the other store like Abobe Reader, Netfix and Pandora on Amazon but I do have them installed on the wife’s Kindle Fire under my Amazon ID and Soundhound & Shazam on Google Play. 

  • chaz2400
  • Zach

    I only use it for the free app of the day.

  • Christian Bennett

    I only use it for the few good apps they gave me earlier that need updates.

  • Micah Gemmell

    No, I got annoyed at having the app always in my notification bar. I just use the website to add the free app to my account..

  • I still use it, these days it seems my 4 yr old the only one wanting anything from them. I like to download their apps to see if I really like it. If I do, I will then go buy it from google.

  • It looks like lots of us use it for the daily free apps. Most of the apps from them are rarely used, but there are a handful which I do use and therefore saved some money thanks to Amazon. There does seem to be fewer apps of value lately.

    I also used it briefly for another purpose. After I got my Nook I side loaded the Amazon Appstore and used it to load some common free apps which I got from Google’s store for my phone. A week or two later I rooted the Nook and added Google apps, including the store, and over time replaced them with copies from Google’s store.  

  • Droid_Dude

    I get a free app from them here and there. I usually get a free game of some sort that my kids can play when they steal my tablet or phone. Come to think of it, maybe I should stop doing this so that they won’t want to use my toys!

  • rocketdaddy

    Not using. Not a chance.

  • jasondensmore

    yep! gotta get the free app of the day, only missed 3 days so far since they have been doing it (troll face)

  • I still use it but only for the free stuff, have never bought anything. But it does have update issues.

  • Br_d

    They even have some non-free apps on sale sometimes that are still good deals. I got EasyTether Pro for $5 (normally $10).

  • I still use it. I have many apps that I purchased and/or got for free that I still use.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Still check to see what the faotd is everyday.  I believe the only app i have paid for to date from amazon is widgetlocker when it was for 0.99    🙂

  • Sts86gt

    Still have the apps i downloaded from them but they haven’t offered anything decent in a long time.

  • I got this update, but didnt bother reporting it since I only use their app store for the occasionally good free app of the day. 

  • Jon

    this app is the worst app i’ve ever phreaking used EVER.

  • jdrch

    I still use it. You kinda do need it to run and update the free apps you got from it.

  • I was actually coming here to send you this tip, but you already posted about it. I ignore updates for days at a time so I am slow to see these things. 🙁

    I am happy they bumped up the download limit to 50MB, but it should still have an option to disable it altogether. The Market (Play Store, whatever) will warn me but still let me override it, and I think Amazon should to. Some of us have unlimited 4G that is faster than our home internet connection.

  • Kevin Jellison

    I bought a Kindle fire that forces you into only using their app store.Then you are limited on what apps you can install from it (no 3rd party keyboards or launchers). So, I rooted it, put Google play on it, then CM7, and now I’m tasting ICS for the first time with CM9. Amazon locked the Kindle down in a way that has Steve Jobs itching to get out of death so he can impose the same restrictions on As Apple! Their app store sucks!

  • Me08053

    Did this update coincide with the Kindle Fire update to 6.3 yesterday? I saw that my fire randomly updated and I was honestly waiting for Droid Life to tell me what is new 🙂

  • Wmsco51

    Yes quite abit actualy

  • digitalicecream

    344 free apps and counting. Heck yes I use it.

  • Brian Getchel

    Still use it for my Kindle Fire. Also like how it’s integrated with all of my “Android” devices (Fire included)

  • Champlification

    I get every free app of the day.  Just because I might not need something like it now, doesn’t mean it won’t be useful down the road.  Plus, it’s free and only takes a minute or so.

  • BAoxymoron

    I use past apps that were free but honestly I don’t use the appstore itself because the apps usually aren’t as good

  • I still use the AAS. I use Amazon to purchase almost everything, so it makes sense that i use their app store too. One nice thing is that you can purchase the free app from your web browser and then it doesn’t try to instal on your phone. I’ve been doing that for the past year or so, every day and now have a huge library of 300+ apps I can download at any time. Say my little nephew wants to play with my galaxy tab, I can quickly download a couple of young child games and he’ll be good to go for hours. It’s really convenient actually.

  • sciroccohsd

    I use Amazon Appstore for 3 main (money saving) reasons:

    1. The free app of the day.
    2. My entire family’s phones and tables are linked to my Amazon account, which means I buy it once on Amazon Appstore and all of my family’s devices can download and use the paid app.  Beats paying for the same app more than once.
    3. I can buy apps that are on sale for incompatible devices.  Since I’m a gadget whore, I will usually own a compatible device in the (very) near future.  And since I bought the app on sale, I do not have to pay full price later.

  • Gr8Ray

    I finally uninstalled it because I got tired of the Google Play store constantly showing updates for my Amazon apps, then when I tried to update them it would throw an error.  After you get 4-5 apps in the “Updates Available” list that you can’t update or remove, and it constantly notifies you that updates are available for them, the stupid free app of the day deal becomes a lot less attractive.  I’ve actually had to purchase several of them from Google just to get them to disappear from the list.  More of a Google fail than Amazon, and sometimes I wonder if they even do it on purpose to get people to stop using the Amazon app store.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I check it every now and then. The free apps havent been good in like 6 months. 

  • Smooth918

    Only for the free apps via Appfire

  • GJ

    I go to Amazon.com on my laptop every morning and “buy” the free app.  I dont think I’ve installed a free app in months, however.  As most of you have pointed out they pretty much stink as of late.

  • The limit on data is why I don’t use it. It makes no sense that Amazon would force a limit over data plans. Its my data, I pay for it… why do they care? It should be the same on their end. It should work like the Play Store and then I’d use it more.

  • Tim242

    I tried it once, but never “used” it. Just no reason to run two app stores on my phone. I am not cheap…I like buying apps that I like and use frequently. I remember when sites were obsessed over the free app of the day and made a post about it every day. Thank God that was just a phase…and I say that as an Atheist.

  • Tom

    I check it daily for the free app. The problem is I haven’t downloaded one in a very long time. They are low rated apps. The free app thing started out strong and now it is just junk.

    • peggsie

      I agree. That’s exactly what I do.

    • WallyIAm

      I don’t know about all of the free apps being junk.  Yes, you do have to wade through the dregs, but not that long ago, QuickOffice Pro, Documents to Go Premium, and OfficeSuite Pro rolled through in a short period of time.

  • I’ve only used it to get a couple of apps/games that work fine on the GNex, but certain developers (ahem, Electronic Arts) won’t get off their arse and fix the versions that are in the Play Store and haven’t been updated for a year.

  • Rggarrison

    The only reason I still have it on my phone is because of the ad-free Angry Birds.  Seriously, I wish Rovio would release a paid version to the Google Play store so I could get rid of the Amazon App Store.  

    I’ve replaced nearly every single Free App of the Day that I use a lot with versions from Google.  I don’t like that you have to have a data connection in order to run the apps from Amazon.  That can be inconvenient sometimes. 

  • Adiehl12

    Not that I’m aware of, that is true. Actually  Alarm Clock Extreme  maybe the only one I still use that was a free app at some point.