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Wall Street Journal: Google and Asus to Sell “Google Branded” Tablet Directly to the Public This Year

According to new reports from WSJ, there is most definitely a Google-branded tablet coming to market this year. As reported by WSJ’s sources who are “close to the matter”, Asus and Google will be creating and marketing a tablet that will be sold directly to the public via a website, much like the previous Nexus smartphone devices were.

Not only that, but according to the sources, Google’s next iteration of Android named Jelly Bean, will be available during the middle of this year and may be shipped on this very tablet. Could it be just in time for this year’s Google I/O? Besides the site that is reporting it, none of this info is all too new, and many in the Android community have put Asus at the top of the list that were possible manufacturers of this device. Whether it will actually be Google Play-branded, or just a pure “Nexus tablet” is still to be seen.

Funny, a certain someone from this site mentioned Google branded devices being an intelligent next move.

Via: Wall Street Journal

  • machineheadg2r

    Having a 7 or 8 inch entry level model will be big.  Just look at how successful the E-Readers were

  • Sirx

    The alternate headline is “Google begins developing new Number 2 tablet, will sell at some point.”

    Face it:  Just as “Nobody does web searches–Not when they can just Google stuff”, so too “Nobody buys tablets–Everybody just gets an Ipad.”

  • Forget Google Branded my GNex is a joke.  4 Months of software and random reboots.  my custom NS4G runs better since I at least have 4.0.3 on that.

    • ddevito

      so then install 4.0.4 on your GNex

  • r0lct

    Android needs a better tablet app experince, that’s not going to happen until they move some real quantities of tablets.  So Android needs a 7″ cheap option selling millions (like the KF) for the devs to get on board.  Then they can go after the iPad.  But without getting the devs on board with more/better tablet optimized apps it’s going to be quite the uphill battle.

  • LiterofCola

    This would be the first tablet that I’d seriously consider buying for myself.

  • ABerry5

    gonna be interesting to witness all the jealous, razr remorsed, gnex haters when jelly bean is released and subsequently the gnex is updated in the following few days… especially when they still dont have ice cream blur.. 4 months and counting…. 🙂

    I love jelly beans

  • I am really excited to get this tablet. It will be the first tablet I get (if it can compete with the ASUS Transformer Prime or the new TP2) and I have been saving up for a good, powerful, well-worth it tablet. 

    • unaffected

      It’s gonna be underpowered. No way will it compete withthe prime.

      • ddevito

        it probably won’t compete with specs, but perhaps this mystical tablet will have a trick up its sleeve.

  • Currentsupply

    If Google can do with this tablet what the Nexus One did for Android phones Apple should be worried.

    • ddevito

      umm…why is that exactly?

      • Currentsupply

        The Nexus One was the first Android Phone that was better than the iPhone.  It came out with a higher resolution and larger screen.  It was the first phone that blazed in performance past the iPhone.  The next year 2010 was full of phones that basically mimicked the Nexus One in design, resolution, and performance.  This was the year that Android took over and blew past the Iphone due to these high performance phones that rivaled and beat the Iphone.

        Also, it’s noted that Steve Jobs about lost his mind and truely started to worry about Android when the Nexus One.

        The OG Droid was close, but lacked the bright high res screen, the 1Ghz Processor, and the thinness of the Nexus One.

        To All of the people saying that the Nexus line is a failure.  They are missing the point.  The Nexus Line is/was never about huge sales.  It’s always been a benchmark phone, designed for hardcore users and developers.  The Nexus Line is designed to be a Benchmark or and Ideal that other phones built for the rest of the year should strive to achieve, and then eventually surpass with specs before the Next Nexus blows them all away again the next year.

        That’s what it’s all about people.

        • ddevito

          The Nexus One was a great product, but the way Google tried to deliver it to customers was a complete and utter failure.

          This is Google’s biggest problem, they can’t sell products. They’re not a hardware company. They have no concept of retail space, they have zero supply chain experience. And they have no concept of supporting an actual customer. I’m just as big a fan of Android as you are, but trust me when I say Apple has nothing to worry about.

          • Currentsupply

            Google successfully delivered my Nexus One.  It came in the mail in 2 days.

            You missed the point completely.  Google isn’t building Nexus Devices for mass commercial success.  The Nexus line is for hard core users, developers and as a reference device to showcase the Android Operating system.  And in that the Nexus program is extreemly successful.

          • ddevito

            Yes, congratulations on your phone getting delivered.

            But answer this oh wise one – if the online store was so successful why did it disappear as fast as it appeared?

            Your point about the Nexus program (which I completely agree with) is the EXACT reason it failed. It was for folks “like us” not the general public.

            If Google wants to succeed with a direct channel angle for retail they better have straightened out the bugs because the Nexus One online store was nothing but a flop (to the masses), which is why it no longer exists. Google has no retail channel power.

        • W 1121

          You’re an idiot. I’m fairly certain that the Motorola milestone is what put android on the map and actually competed with the iPhone…. also I believe the milestone has a higher resolution than nexus one… 840×480 vs 800×480. You are wrong about the iPhone too, no Android device benches better than an iPhone. For what that’s worth.

  • Luis

    Asus? Pass.

    • kulanapan

      ROFL. Bashing Asus for bad hardware? Pass.

  • Brandon White

    I never thought I would even consider buying a tablet, but this sounds kind of nice.

  • Booboolala2000

    Good Bye LTE Xoom (Happy B Day Mom). Hello Google Tablet. Cannot effin wait.

  • J. Gilbertson

    The all new Google Play Tab 7.1 and 10.1 presented by Asus.

  • KevinC

    hopefully they have a 10 inch version.  don’t want a 7 inch tablet.

    • nwd1911

      I think a 7″ on a Nexus tablet is great to get an very low price entry.  I’m with you though, I want a 10″ screen on a tablet.  I’m sure they can figure out a way to beat the common $500 entry point for 10″ tablets.

      • KevinC

        They should release 2 versions in my opinion

  • Damn. I was hoping it would be Moto. {{v_v}}

  • Bionic

    Guys they didnt change the name of the market to “play”  for no reasone.  This tablet will use the brand name “play” in some way for sure.

  • Bionic

    It matters not where this tablet is sold, im buying one.  

  • OhAaron

    Have you guys downloaded the new version of Google Wallet?

    • ddevito

      what’s the version #?

  • imran sabir

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  • Bob

    This worked sooooo well for the original Nexus. People aren’t buying things directly from Google. They see that Amazon sold a lot of Fire’s but people have always bought stuff from Amazon. Another terrible idea from Google.

    • demolition505

      That phone was like $600 and had carrier issues…this tablet will be around $200 and not have carriers screwing it up

      • Goldenpins

        most likely it will be a WiFi device  at that price.. plus you can always tether or wireless tether  

  • OhAaron

    Pre-ordering the day it goes up on the website..

  • Slow down Kellex, you said Google Play branded devices, not just Google branded! As you said, it could end up being a Nexus product, you’re not right yet! =P

    • MrSteve920

      More than likely it will be a Nexus product.

      • Bionic

        No its going to be play branded.  They didnt change the name of their market for no reason.

  • Michael_NM

    Details, please!

  • Dan

    I tend to trust WSJ

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      WSJ IS GOLDEN. Ultimate Sources.

  • MrSteve920

    I could see them releasing Jelly Bean at Google I/O purely because it’s a numbers game. Let’s say Jelly Bean is 5.0, around June, Apple will be releasing/talking about iOS 6. Fast forward to December, Google release the next version of Android which is going to be 6.0. Then next June they release a new, new version which will be 7.0. At that point, Google will have caught up to Apple in terms of version number (June 2013 Apple should be on/near iOS 7). Now to most of us, this sounds stupid, but to the average consumer, they could very easily assume that because iOS is on version 5 and Android is on version 4 that iOS is newer and therefore better than Android only because since it has a higher version number it must be better.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Lmao. You my friend sound like a RABID FANBOY.

      • MrSteve920

        And you my friend sound like an arrogant a-hole. Please go back to being a puppet in a Disney movie.

        • Jordan Webb

          Shrek was Dreamworks.

          Also, I thought you were making a funny, to be honest. 

          • MrSteve920

            Shrek was Dreamworks, but Pinocchio was a Disney movie originally.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Lmao go read your original post and tell me you dont sound like a rambling madman.

          • MrSteve920

            I agree that I do. But that doesn’t mean you have the responsibility to call me a fanboy just because I wrote a lot of stuff to explain a complicated idea.

      • MrSteve920

        I’m sorry, let me rewrite that. “ARROGANT A-HOLE,” Now we match.

    • no

       This guy is absolutely correct. Wondering why firefox started pumnping out new versions every couple months? it’s because IE is up to 9 and I dont even know what version chrome is at, but it’s pretty high. Consumers, being the stupid people that they are, see this and think g bigger number must equal better product.

      • MrSteve920

        Thank you, another example of a company doing the same thing that Google may do. Oh and Chrome is on version 18 now! It’s on 19 if you use the developer version!

      • Dliuzzo110

        I disagree. Consumers aren’t stupid, just ignorant or uninformed and trust people selling the product to inform them correctly. If someone thinks iPhone 5 is better than android 4.0 strictly cuz of numbers its because of poor/biased salesmanship

    • demolition505

      That’s why Eclair, Froyo, and Gingerbread were 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3? Fail

      • MrSteve920

        That’s why Honeycomb was 3.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich was 4.0, fail.

        • demolition505

          3.0 was specifically designated for tablets

          • MrSteve920

            And 4.0 was specifically designed for phones and tablets, your point?

          • demolition505

            Point is how could 4.0 be 3.1 when that number was used for Honeycomb? Google will only use 5.0 for “Jelly Bean” if it’s significantly different from 4.0

          • MrSteve920

            And what’s to say that Google hasn’t decided that every new “desert name” is a major version? What’s to stop 5.0 from being significantly different than 4.0? And what’s to stop 6.0 from being significantly different from 5.0?    ??? 

          • demolition505

            Definitely possible, but it won’t be because they are trying to play os number wars with Apple

          • MrSteve920

            But it could be because face it, consumers in generally are stupid. Now I’m not saying you or anyone here is stupid, but just walk into a Verizon store and see how many people have no idea about what an iPhone or Android phone is. Consumers are stupid because they don’t have to care about what version each phone is on. But if I told a customer this phone runs iOS 5 and this runs Android 4.0, I would bet that many would take the iPhone purely because of the higher number. Of course I wouldn’t though.

          • demolition505

            There may be some truth to that, but what would someone buy if you said this has ios 5 and this has Ice Cream Sandwich? Maybe that is why Microsoft is using 360 and 720 for Xboxes though?

          • MrSteve920

            I agree, the desert names probably do help Google, just like  Xbox 360 vs. PS3, the names have no related naming strategy. Also, this text box is getting really really small.

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    Time to Hypebeast!!!!!! 

  • Sljohnson84

    Just makes me wonder if it’s worth it to buy “Google branded” products anymore because some of those products are still waiting on Ice Cream! And they’re already boating a new system. Hard to get excited about jelly bean when we haven’t gotten to experience ICS yet. Smh…

    • MikeMike

      A lot of us have been experiencing and enjoying “ice cream” for months now

      • petrochemicals

        And then there are those of us who own a Sprint NS4G, Verizon Galaxy Nexus or Verizon Motorola Xoom. All Google branded devices that do not seem to actually be getting any kind of support from Google.

        Five months to get ICS from original source release to a true working version. All the while skipping updates on all of their CDMA devices. Even worse is no one knew CDMA Nexus and Google Experience devices were not true Google experiences. They waited to sell the lot of em, get us trapped in contracts, then changed their minds on what a Google experience is. Let’s just say there are some of us who are not very keen on the Google brand anymore.

        • blahblahblah

           Google already said they were ditching those devices. Sorry for your luck. But the developer community for those devices is huge, and if you haven’t experiences ICS yet on those devices then you are not trying hard enough.

          • petrochemicals

            If I wanted to root, I would have bought an OEM phone. I purchased a Nexus for the fact they are supposed to be updated before all other devices. I should not have to void my manufacturer warranty just to fix a problem that Google has created by not keeping their word on first to receive updates.

        • KevinC

          you obviously don’t understand how software licensing works.  it’s out of google’s control, and up to the IP holders who are just trying to make money for their hard work.

          • petrochemicals

            The maybe Google should not be selling the Nexus S 4G as receiving updates first.

            “With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available.” – 

            This is what we were told and how they are still selling it. Excuse me for actually believing them. First would have been to receive ICS in December 2011.

            If Google is unable to control the licensing then they should not be selling these as “Google Experience” devices.

          • Droidfann

            We drank the Koolaid, and Google never refilled the cup. : (

        • ABerry5

          *edit* wow I didn’t read any new today.. i’m an idiot i’m sorry

          now i’m pissed

    • Which Nexus products are still waiting? Aside from the ones that are too old to run ICS

      • no

         last I heard LTE Galaxy Nexus was not up to the latest ICS version 4.0.4. the unlocked version was. Google is no longer supporting the CDMA devices as well as the GSM devices.

        • Fine, but that does not answer the question.

          We have ICS. The GSM versions were on 4.0.2 until yesterday and AOKP has had a 4.0.3 and now a 4.0.4 Rom out for the LTE nexus. IIRC, they also support other nexus devices besides the Gnex…which modern nexus phones still dont have ICS?

        • tjmonkey15

          Actually Google IS supporting CDMA Nexus devices.  They’ve said it themselves.

        • r0lct

          While it is frustrating it doesn’t get updates day far, it’s FAR from unsupported.

    • feztheforeigner

      Instead of “with Google” my Galaxy Nexus says Verizon…

      • OhAaron

        What the balls!  I never even noticed that it doesn’t say anything about Google on it. :/  Oh well, it still says Google when you turn it on. 🙂

        • feztheforeigner

          Just one of those WTF?!?! moments. (Or in your case WTB?!?!)

          • OhAaron

            Haha, that’s so weird.  I’ve never seen an Android phone that didn’t say “with Google.”  Before this, I owned 4 Motorola “Droid” devices.

          • Legendsoftroy

            How about the droid razr… 🙂

  • So much hype. JAYZUS.
    I can’t wait though. It will get more androids in hands than apples. 😛

    • Dunno.. Not if its an online only sales thing.

  • ShopDroid

    Great.  Let’s see how they can screw up the supply again this time.