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Google I/O 2012 Sells Out in 28 Minutes (Updated)

Google I/O 2012 registration opened at 7AM Pacific and appears to have sold out in 28 minutes. Even with raised prices and a third day added on, developers and Google enthusiasts in general, flooded the system. In fact, most people were greeted with a “checking for tickets” screen before being timed out. Once you were timed out, it seems as if you were dead in the water, as you had to head back to the registration page and start searching all over again. By that time, the tickets were likely gobbled up.

Hopefully at least some of you got in! We will be there covering it live, so if you didn’t, you can follow the entire week through us. Or you can cruise over to Craigslist in the next hour and probably find some for double the $900 price tag.

Update:  Tickets already going up on eBay for as much as $4500. Scratch that, seller pulled it.

  • WhoaManWtF

    The funny thing is it is probably not even mostly Devs, just people trying to get the giveaways they have had the past few years.

    • Emmereikichi

      Agreed…and this they probably get nexus tablet with them…

    • danvuquoc

      Having been at almost every Google I/O… the gross majority of the people there are devs of some sort. If they were just there for the gifts, I’d have an easier time finding a seat during sessions, but almost every single session has been packed with people crawling all over the floor at capacity to sit in on sessions. 

  • Why would they not have a bigger venue? or Why not do it my invite to existing Devs? All declined invite tickets are sold or something. 

  • Bigpapibob

    well this is lame.  I got one buy my colleague didn’t which makes the ticket useless to me now.  I can’t get a refund nor can i sell it. wtf google we were both on the first second and it kept saying none available

  • John

    via Vic: https://plus.google.com/107117483540235115863/posts/iyc4arLjidR
    They were experiencing 6,250 qps load on their servers at 7:01am.
    Holy hell!

  • Ninjapig123

    I got my ticket i clicked it the second it popup up!

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Google shouldn’t give away anything this year so that we can weed out those who are going for the products.  Been going last 3 years. This is crap.  This conference is going to full of scalpers (of tickets & give-aways) rather than developers.

  • Keger

    This one wasn’t pulled off eBay and got sold for $2000: 

    Google really should work with eBay to track the guy down, ban the seller and refund the buyer. And since the buyer is obviously really interested in attending, he should be given a chance to get a ticket directly from Google for the regular price.

  • Jeremy Edwards

    Don’t buy a ticket on ebay. They can’t be resold.

    • John

      Hah. Poor sucker(s) who actually do try & buy a resold ticket

      • moelsen8

        F*ck them.  They’re jerkoffs.  That’s awesome they can’t be resold.  Haha.

        Edit: Sorry, F the people buying them just to sell them. not the poor souls who buy resold tickets.

  • Noble Four

    So from what I gather, it became clickable at 7, but wasn’t ready until a little later. So those who were there right at 7 or shortly after failed, but those who were a little later were successful once it was actually up an running. Pretty janky. Pretty damned janky. Was really looking forward to going. Can’t believe Koush didn’t even get a ticket.

    • John


    • BrianBrick

      I had a few different devices trying at short intervals starting at 7. By 708 all academia ticket searches were returning “sorry no tickets”

  • Royal2000H

    It wasn’t first come, first serve unfortunately. People who started later got tickets after people who had already been rejected. Lame.

  • i don’t understand why they don’t monetize on this… the freaking tickets are $900… get a bigger place and get more people… mo people mo money.

  • You can only say it “officially” sold out in 28 minutes. To everyone trying from the start it sold out it under 1 second…

    • Tazcell

      I kept trying and got a ticket after 15 minutes.

      • Droidfann

        Is this becoming like sports game finals, where brokerage houses buy up the tickets and then legally scalp them for 5x the price of the tickets. Messed up.

  • I timed out first but then did the process over again and got in ! But  yeah it seems like it sold out faster than 28 minutes.

    • Nice! At least you got in!

      • Noble Four

        Did you get in Kellex? Or do they do early registration for fancy pants folk.

        • I’d say big time media blogs don’t have to worry about this sort of thing, but that’s just a guess.  I just can’t see places like Engadget not getting in.

    • Noble Four

      How is it possible that you got in after timing out once…but people who tried immediately got denied? 

      • I clicked on register like right at 7:00 Pacific time. After this it was searching for tickets for about 4 minutes then a message popped up saying there were no more academic tickets. So then I went back and searched again. Within like 3 seconds this time it came back and said I had 3 minutes to claim a ticket it found.

        • b1six

          Happened to me as well, I got the ticket.

  • sad this event sells out quicker than android phones. far quicker.

  • Noble Four

    Really, really disappointing. Was awake at 4 AM local time to register, right on the dot. Hit the button, and it just spun until it timed out. Let down. Major let down. Even spotted a friend the money to get a ticket to come with me. Neither of us got it.

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Sold out in 2 minutes. Not 28

    • Well they flipped the “sold out” switch at 28 minutes. 😛

      • Thelegendofdavid

        They should have flipped it earlier. I tried countless times includimg several others and at 7:03 people were getting turned away.

        • I got my ticket at 16 minutes after the hour.

  • jayman1576

    Sold out faster than that. More like 28 seconds. I was in at exactly 10am EST and I didn’t get one…

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