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French Mobile Site Says Android 4.0.5 for the Galaxy Nexus will Not Happen in March, Makes Sense with 5 Days Left

French mobile site SFR, who made a splash back in February by announcing that Android 4.0.5 was next for the Galaxy Nexus, has updated their upgrade page to show that the update has been suspended and won’t happen in March. While that certainly makes sense since March has all of 5 days left in it, we can’t discredit this site completely as it did mention 4.0.5 over a month before anyone else, a version of Android which has now been confirmed to be real by LTE insider @black_man_x.

So no for March according to the French, but we weren’t really expecting it until April anyway, were we? Then again, there are 5 days left, which is plenty of time for Google to surprise us all.

Via:  SFR

Cheers Mike!

  • Sjobalia

    Update will come on April 5th.  Just wait and see.

  • Yellowcanary73

    So much the great and fast updates from google(the main reason i bought this crap)then its the reminder every week from wife asking if i got the update to fix the problems with anything from restarts,,the letters on keyboard disappering,locking up,slowing down then i get the told you to get the Iphone cause to be honest she just has no problems.

  • Problems w/my Galaxy Nexus: I have a couple of reboots/week (especially when I am doing something w/my Bluetooth headset). Mic has cut out once or twice since I bought in December. 3G–>4G handoff sucks and 4G signal is significantly weaker than my wife’s Droid Bionic (e.g., in our apartment she has 1 bar of LTE while I have 2 bars of 3G). Usually she a good 20 DB better than me. Finally, lately I’ve had a problem with making some calls: I press dial but the call just never dials. Strangely, I can still receive calls even while the phone is trying to dial unsuccessfully. 

  • PC_Tool

    At this rate, we’ll see another Android update on this device around 5.0.2?? Honestly, I don’t even care if they OTA them…just release the source. At least give us 4.0.4, ffs…

    • James Burkett

      I ahve had 4.0.4 on my Verizon Nexus since 2 days after I bought it like 2 months ago. I have None of the problems that everyone talks about. All you do is unlock the phone and download the leaked 4.0.4 update. The phone is phenomenal with good software on it (4.0.4)

      • PC_Tool

        ” source.  ”

        I believe that’s what I said….

  • Towelie420

    Is 4.0.4 even available on any custom rom?

    • PC_Tool

       There’s a few, but they are not built from source.  There are also a few that are built from 4.0.3 source and use a few 4.0.4 binaries.

  • Scott

    April? Nah, I was expecting when they said 4.0.3 in January, then 4.0.4 in February, then 4.0.4 in March again, then 4.0.5 in….oh wait.

  • Stewie

    Ahh, I know a couple of french words … I surrender!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    …and in other news, water continues to be wet.

  • Ichump

    just get an iphone, updates on time and no bugs…

  • WizOz

    Nope, android isn’t defragmented. Just because there are 5 versions above for 10 phones… it’s all in your heads. Nothing to see here. Move along……. seriously. Move along…. google is fine. shoooo… shooo shoooo…

    • PC_Tool

       As much as I love watching trolls starve to death….

      “shoooo… shooo shoooo…”

  • Arcospark

    plenty of time for Google to surprise us all.”  Really?  I thought that Google already had this out and we’re waiting for Verizon and other carriers to make it available.  Which is it?  Who is holding this up?

  • Bewara2009

    I hate to say it I told you so! 

  • just told them to order me another one, maybe third times the charm, but somehow I doubt it

  • Since i’ve had the phone, the only problem i’ve had was 2 random reboots. thats all. The speaker being too quiet on videos and the data being moody at times, but thats very rare.

  • Yeah this is kinda old news, it was posted on XDA forums awhile ago..

  • FortitudineVincimus

    The French.. bah

  • well I’ve have my 2nd nexus for one weekend , rebooted 3 times, mic cut out twice and saturday when I tried to send a text message by touching the text message icon the camera started up,over and over, every time I press the icon for message the camera came on, had to reboot to get it to stop….,verdict,,,,  this nexus is an even bigger  P O S  then the first one

    • snowblind64

      Seems to be a lot of defective units floating around. I got lucky, my first G-Nex works great, no reboots, no mic cut-out, nothing. 

      My girlfriend, not so lucky, she has been through three phones and the one she has now has a weird glitch where it completly loses signal (even voice) and she has to try a couple times to make a call.

      Samsung needs to work on their QA.

      • Keii Graham

        I haven’t had mic cuts but I have had frequent weekly (sometimes daily) reboots.

        • Eric Payne

          Got my nexus the day it came out, have had mic cut out once, and one reboot that I blame Words With Friends for. I have had one other odd issue though that no one else seems to mention, about once a month over night while the phone is charging it turns off, and wont turn back on without a battery pull, I am thinking that this is probably cause by some crap app i got or something. Stock Nexus Unrooted and Locked

          • Danieljensen90

            No I have that same issue. Not rooted and a stock CDMA version. Although I don’t have to be charging it for it to act up.

          • I just cant imagine what they were thinking to release a phone with this many problems,also cant believe how many people on here worship this phone and get mad everytime someone says anything about its many shortcomings

    • LiterofCola

      And here I thought this phone was perfect

      • Towelie420

        well its still better than any locked down, blurred-out Motorola device could ever be!

        • LiterofCola

          If it makes you feel better buddy!

      • If you thought any cell phone was perfect, you’re pretty delusional. 🙂

        Every phone has its problems. Every release has its duds. It’s still much better having an unlocked phone free of manufacturer UI then having a locked down phone and an ugly and bloated UI. (cough, Blur, cough).

        • LiterofCola

          Obviously you missed the point of my sarcastic comment.  A couple of months ago, how dare anyone look at any other phone except for the precious Nexus.  And to be honest, only the bootloader queens care about Motorola’s encrypted bootloader, I sure don’t. 

          Say what you want, but Motorola does make good products with a good UI that isn’t cumbersome.  But some people wouldn’t ever admit it, even though they’re secretly salivating for a Motorola Nexus.

          • It’s really hard to take you seriously, maybe I shouldn’t. 🙂

          • LiterofCola


    • Tora

      Seriously dude… go return your phone if you don’t like it. You come on every post crying about the “problems” you are having with your phone. I’ve had mine since day one with no issues.

      • dude,this is my second one,and have another one on the way,crap like this is why apples stock just keeps climbing and makes android phones seem like they are built in someones garage

  • mjmedstarved

    What’s the point of this article, really??

  • Michael_NM

    Didn’t they actually say it won’t be available on Mars? 😀

    • RumbaCembe

      I don’t trust the french, not after their colonizing of my people and lands

      • Bewara2009

        Oh really, how is that so? 

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Nor after they tried to endlessly vilify Lance

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