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Google Play Link Added to Google Toolbar

Notice anything “new” in your Google toolbar within the last few minutes? You should see a Google Play link attached, well, unless you use a Google Apps account. So far, I’m only seeing the new “Play” link in my standard Gmail accounts and not my Gapps account. That shouldn’t detract from a move that makes complete sense. We wouldn’t be surprised if there are still a couple of million Android users out there that have no idea what happened to their Android Market. For those who haven’t caught up, this simple little change to your toolbar should help a bit.

Cheers Kris and Terry!

  • I saw that, They added it to Google Voices Toolbar before any others. it was there since mar 25

  • Damn waterpump

  • David Seibel

    I remember a lot of people complaining about the missing “PLAY” link than the “READER” link so it is good they got that there.

  • MKader17

    Play makes perfect sense for the Book, Audio, Movies etc. but it is terrible for an app store. I am excited about Google’s move but they have made it look like the Amazon appstore (AKA: cluttered).

    I still don’t see why is couldn’t be Google Cloud, with The Play Store, The Android Market or whatever.

    Hell, I don’t know, I just don’t think my apps should be downloaded from a “Play Store”.

  • Michael_NM

    It’s nice to see Tim S. is still alive. 🙂

  • dbam987

    If the neon-orange “New” word was not their, I wouldn’t have noticed it. :p I haven’t checked, but is it possible to customize what that toolbar shows? I shift between Gmail, Calendar, and Reader only and have no need for the other links really. I really would like to clean up that toolbar…

  • WallyIAm

    Anybody figure out how to remove apps from your history that are no longer relevant?

    • Michael_NM

      I contacted Google about this, and they said it can’t be done. 🙁

      • mark hall

        that’s some netflix sh#@

    • jrummy16

      Download too many boob apps? 😛 j/k

      • WallyIAm

        That’s funny.  I call BS on Google though.  I don’t believe that it “Can’t” be done.

        • Thomasminshull

          if you change back to the old look via the cog (tool menu) the play button goes away. This is a little extreme but if it really ticks you off it seams to work 

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  • sc0rch3d

    2,349,123. Change Android Market to “Play”
    2,349,124. ???? 
    2,349,125. Profit

    we’re missing a step here, google. what’s up?

  • Yep I see it. Nice. 

  • doesn’t show on Google.com, but I see it in Gmail and G+.

  • Droidzilla

    My wife IM’d me the other day all upset that she couldn’t find her Market app; she thought her tab had deleted it accidentally. With some counseling, I think the trauma will pass.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Seeing it in that context, the word Play makes a lot more sense than. There were probably better options, but it does differentiate against Google’s other services.

    But at some point, Google really needs to let us control what comes up in our toolbar. Because I can see a lot of people getting annoyed that there’s a persistent link to buy android apps and media if they primarily use Gmail, Docs, and Reader.

    • I think the whole point is that it’s no longer just (or even primarily any more) for Apps.  They want people buying books, music and movies there whether they own an Android device or not.  That’s why Android Apps are listed last below the other 3.

      • Noyfb

        That’s because they see how apple is raking hand over fist with their appstore nickel and diming everyone for everything. I guess Google thinks it is big enough to make money off of now. No way I’d rent a movie for $5 from the play store. My blockbuster allows me to rent movies and games for $16 a month, that’s 7 movies and 1 game every month i usually get.

        • Sure, I agree completely.  As an Android enthusiast, I hate seeing our App Market lumped into all that other garbage, because I do not believe it belongs there.  Even in iOS, their App Market is separate from iTunes, as is the Book store.  That actually makes more sense to me than how Google is doing things now.