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Another New Motorola RAZR-esque Device Surfaces in China

While this device remains a complete mystery, one thing is certain, Motorola is going to play out this RAZR styling of phones until the end. In the latest leak of a Moto product out of China, we have a device that looks somewhat similar to the DROID Fighter we saw last weekend, only it’s missing branding, appears to have hardware soft keys and one of the bigger chins in recent history. The Mfunz and Phone HK threads that they were posted in mention the word “Blade” as a potential name. It’s tough to tell if that was a Google translation from “razr” or is actually the name. After “RAZR,” the name “Blade” would certainly fit the scheme of things, especially with such similar styling. 

So on the front we have what appears to be a massive screen and camera. It does look like there is room for hardware soft keys though, rather than the on-screen versions we believe we see on the Fighter. The back side contains the kevlar covering that has become standard, however, it runs almost edge-to-edge unlike the current RAZR models. The rear camera is “HD” and could be 13MP, like similar HD devices from Motorola in China. From the side, this phone appears to be about as thick as the RAZR MAXX, so it’s probably safe to assume it packs a similar 3300mAh battery inside.



Cheers Antony!

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  • Jimmy Collyer

    Where is the droid krazr? The krazr was an awesome phone

  • lol dont care. locked bootloader and no removable battery. bye

  • Guest

    I managed to play with Motoblur ICS and they actually have a really good looking widget for the clock/battery/weather.

    Also, the version I played with on the droid fighter only changed the icons and the lockscreen. Everything else is pretty much ICS. The screen also looks very nice.

  • it better not be for verizon
    they still have a winner with the razr and razr maxx
    DO not release a new phone god damn it
    or release it for a different carrier

  • Does anyone remember when phones looked different? The Razr? The Pebl? The Rokr? No? Ok then. All hail the mighty slate! 

  • Tim

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  • Guest

    The center picture in the group of 3… is one of the lamest photoshopped attempts I’ve ever seen.
    Why in the world does droid-life publish such crap????

    If I send in a bunch of horrible, doctored pictures… will droid-life publish them all as “truth”????

  • Hot Damn

    That thing looks like it’s 8-1/2 inches long.

    • tvjrc603

      that’s what she said.

  • Scottyb112

    This is the new one with banana repelent monkey glass, carbon fiber spoiler, 13,000 ma battery, polaroid camera, .25 inch rims, and Android version “Andre 3000” of outcast.. $599 on 5yr upgrade, with unlimited 5g data (up to 200mb)

  • Ryan C

    Every single one of these pics have been photoshopped in an attempt to cover something up. at the bottom of the phone on the kevlar, the lines in the weaving is off and the front where buttons would be it’s smudged.

  • dezignstuff

    It’s just two bad photoshop jobs. They seem to be covering up something on the lower back center of the phone. The patterns don’t blend in on either shot of the back in the same area. Maybe another logo. I agree it’s just another Chinese knockoff. 

  • They can’t really.

    There’s ZTE Blade already; colliding trademarks? Doubt it.

  • Stephen D

    Oh boy. Another Motorola phone. What a surprise. 

    • Right, and of course the little horde of Motorola haters is 100% sure it will be available on Verizon.

      • Stephen D

        I never said that I hated Motorola, nor did I say that this would be on Verizon…so I don’t see what you’re getting at here. 

        • I read “Another Motorola phone. What a surprise.” as the typical rant about Motorola pushing out new models like there’s no tomorrow and how people who bought the previous model on Verizon can feel bad about it.

          (Which is, to me, a stupid argument anyway, because stuff keeps improving no matter if someone wants it to or not.)

          • Sp4rxx

             I read that too but I think you are getting defensive over it because I didn’t interpret that comment that way.  In fact, I had the same thought as well – and I’m an OG and RAZR owner ….  so don’t get your panties in a fluff based on a simple comment.


    • Motorola’s answer to fragmentation of android, by releasing the same phone over, and over and over and over again.

      • Lgreg64

        no one says anything about HTC who phones all look the same. 

        • Yes they do have a similar look and yes people do say things about that fact; it just so happens this article is about Motorola.

        • LiterofCola

          It’s easier to hate on Motorola

    • Alexander Garcia

      That lame joke is really gettin’ old now

      • Jayb

        Lol I know..really

      • Prime7

        Same phone, same jokes.

  • hoodie nation

    Cool now unlock it and keep it stock Android and I’ll use my upgrade on it. 

    • Guest

      If it’s unlocked why do you need stock android? Isn’t flashing ROMs the main benefit of an unlocked bootloader?

      • hoodie nation

        pretty much, but if i’m getting it the way I want it right off I might as well ask for it all.

        • Guest

          Yeah but that’s asking for something you’re just gonna toss out like a used condom anyway, whats the point?

    • Was it already confirmed for Verizon?

      • Djyosnow


    • Phoneman67

      And put a bigger screen and better camera, and i will use all 4 of my upgrades on it!

  • Mattyb1085

    All motorola phones are the same…you see a leak…the design is cool…you get all excited….buy it…then your stuck on last years OS…repeat

    • niteperson

      Personally, I think the Razr is a great looking device.  Extremely well built, very fast, and my Maxx is still at 40% battery after almost 16 hours off the charger.  I know ICS is coming (eventually), but I’m willing to wait.  Not too keen on being a beta tester for a new OS.

      • Lgreg64

        i agree. i love my maxx and ICS is not on hardly any phones so people need to stop making it sound like Moto is doing anything different than HTC, LG, SAM

  • Android1997

    i think ill wait for the Droid Fighter Maxx super uber deluxe edition

    • Guest

      Insert original comment here: ______________

      • Guest

        you mad bro??

  • Pmagent2013

    I’m waiting for motos quad core version. Any leaks on that kellen?

  • The front looks really nice, the back.. is whatever.

  • Paul

    Edge-to-edge kevlar looks interesting. Wish it was like that on my OG DROID RAZR. Man, it feels weird typing OG already.

    • RadicalPie

      Ahh you can thank moto for that one

    • Meh

      It would feel weird to me too, I mean even if Verizon wants me to believe it can fly down city streets and chop up light posts…I somehow doubt a phone can be “gangsta”. And if It does fly down the street slicing through everything I don’t think I’d want it, what if I gotta make a call but my phone’s 30 miles away causing blackouts and such?

  • Casey Megginson

     In the first picture of the back, the texture is way off towards the bottom of the phone.

  • It is typical of Motorola to get their greedy paws on new hardware, slap it in a device and ship it out to the fish.  

  • Mike_Cook7

    If you look closely at where the capacitive touch buttons would be it appears to have been blurred or smudged out.  = Fishy 

    • Kuboo99

      I noticed that too.

  • Michael_NM

    Moto is so creative…

    Coming this fall: the Droid KRAZR
    2013 CES: the Droid Q
    Summer 2013: Google sells Moto Mobility assets, but not their patents.

  • It looks….off… Cant explain why, just off…..

  • virtual

    Long have there been rumors about the Daywalker…

  • David Hussey

    how did this not immediately get filed under the “chinese knock off” category?

    • Sp4rxx

       That’s the same thing that was said about the phone we know now as the ‘maxx’ …. then BAM – it came over to us.

      I highly doubt it’s a knock-off, but Motorola really needs to get innovative as they are starting to get boring.

      • David Hussey

        The difference here, though, is that it looks almost exactly like a thickened RAZR, chin and all.  Maybe I’m wrong though.  Just smells funny, but maybe it’s the blurrycam effect.

  • …Yawn.

    • Michael_NM

      Have a cup of coffee, or take a nap.