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Google Voice Update Brings Android 4.0 Integration – Playback Options, Access From Dialer, and New UI


Since we saw Android 4.0 unveiled in Hong Kong last October, we have been waiting patiently for Google Voice integration into the dialer or contacts. That time is now. Once you update to the latest version in the Play Store, you can flag the “Voicemail display” box in GV Settings to turn your dialer into an instant voicemail center.

As you can see in the photos above, your dialer will then attach to your contacts that have left you messages in Google Voice, giving you the ability to play voicemails without having to enter the GV app. From this new voicemail screen, you can slow down or speed up messages, delete them, and call or text the person. The app itself has also been skinned to match ICS styling while allowing for much swifter navigation. 

This new feature only works with Android 4.0+.

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Cheers Adam!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    SICK!  I love the call log integration!  I’m going to avoid answering my phone all day just so people will leave me voicemails!!

  • Bristecom

    Bout time! I was hoping this would happen. I am seriously loving this phone more and more.

  • Darejer

    The best part of GV is the visual voicemail.  It would have been great if they thought to include that on the “recent calls” display.  Maybe in the next revision.

  • Q

    Loving Ice Cream Sando..

  • Cehrl7

    I use to use GV with my Droid..I never had any issues.  I just downloaded and tried it with Galaxy Nexus.  I can’t get it to work.  Help

  • Roger W Turner

    Still US only.

  • Dean2359

    Every time I try to use it it says it cannot verify my phone number. Anyone know a fix for this?

  • My Play Store is showing Installed, not Update, but I don’t see the Voicemail Display checkbox in settings…Color me confused.

    • Do a search for GV in the play store and the update should show up.  It is what I had to do.

  • I’ve been waiting for them to change THAT FREAKING NOTIFICATION ICON SINCE GINGERBREAD! And they did. I am now happy, everything else is a plus too.

    • Dan

      They updated the icon in February…

      • The app icon or the notification icon? I’ve been on stock ICS and have uninstalled and re-installed GV multiple times and the icon up top has never changed until now.

  • moozicmon

    This is fantastic. Definitely room for improvement, but a great first effort.

  • Maybe I am missing something, but I cant seem to get any of these new features on my GNex. I just had a friend call and leave a VM, but it is not in the call log. I have the new notification icon, but no new UI and no link to the call log. Anyone else have this?

    • Colin Zack

      Go into the google voice app, then settings and check the box for voicemail display

  • CORYK333

    Nice, now when is google gonna merge gtalk & g+messenger???

  • What do I have to do to STOP getting the GV notification AND the default Text notification(s)????
    PLEASE… I thought I remembered, but apparently not.

    • ModestMuse

      it’s an option in the google voice settings

      • This never works. Either selection still gives me the default messaging notification.

        • Why not just turn off notifications in the default messaging app? That’s what I did when I installed Handcent. 

          • The option I needed was only on the web settings for GV. Thanks.

      • Found it in the web setting for GV. Cheers!

  • nvmd

  •  first time this happened to me… i received an email yesterday from a friend who sent me a pic via text. not sure how that happened… but i would think even if at the very minimum gvoice could fwd it to your gmail

  • ddevito


  • jonny c

    nice! though it appears to only display voicemails that are in the GV Inbox as opposed to messages that have been archived. it would have been nice to see the voicemail “pinned” to its corresponding missed call in the dialer whether it sits in the inbox or not. still kinda cool, though.

  • wasn’t this supposed to be baked right into ICS?  i’ve been using gvoice for a while so this isn’t a new capability but it seems a little silly that other people need to install the gvoice app for this…

  • dbam987

    I’ve wanted ICS to make it’s way to the Droid RAZR, but now that desire has grown 20-fold. Just have to wait 1 to 6 months for Motorola/Verizon to wrap it up… arghhh…

  • ModestMuse

    Have they finally got it to stop randomly creating new conversations when you are texting the same person? It’s so freaking annoying that I have 40 different conversations with the same person in my inbox.

    • After 8 hours of not talking to said person it creates a new messaging thread.

      • ModestMuse

        WHY!?!? This is very stupid behavior… At least give us an option to turn that off, I’d rather it was one continuous conversation even if we haven’t talked in 8 hours.

        • Personally I like it, but you’re right, there should be an option to turn it off for people that don’t like it.

        • moelsen8

          agreed!  while i understand the purpose here, i’ll just start a new conversation thread if i want that.

          • ModestMuse

            yeah, they wouldn’t even have to make it option, just let you choose for yourself. if you reply to a thread, it stays in that thread, if you compose a new message, it will be in a new thread. seems simple enough to me…

          • Errr, it already does that for me.

          • ModestMuse

            if I send a message to someone who is within that 8 hour window, it will stick it in the previous thread whether or not I compose it as a new message or reply, after that 8 hour window, it will make a new thread whether it’s a reply or composed message

          • moelsen8

            you would think that’d be logical..

  • Glorious, beautiful update.

  • Scotty Brown

    And yet… still no MMS support.

    • Still blaming the carriers for that one. Well, it half works on Sprint phones. 😛

      • Adam Wiggins

         I’ve received one or two MMS pictures via email.  That wasn’t normal?

        • ModestMuse

          it’s normal if the person sending it is on Sprint

          • moelsen8

            i didn’t know that.  as if the carriers could suck any more..

    • i use gvoice as my main msg/calling app – first time this happened to me… i received an email yesterday from a friend who sent me a pic via text. not sure how that happened… but i would think even if at the very minimum gvoice could fwd it to your gmail

  • anyone got the link that forces google wallet to your phone?

    • moelsen8

      i just restored a backup.  the app works, but i can’t get it to update from the market now even though titanium reattached it for me and it’s in my listings.

      • Tim242

        1. On your phone, go to http://play.google.com. choose browser

        2. Search Google Wallet, choose browser

        3. Click the icon, NOT INSTALL.

        4. This time, choose Play Store.

  • garbagedick

    awesome, now lets add quick response support hehe

  • Roshan John

    Wait.. This is huge right? 

  • Bakerbreaker123


  • John

    Nicely done Google

  • But the real question is have they finally updated the notification icon?