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Official Angry Birds Space Trailer, Game Arriving on Thursday


In two days, Angry Birds will try to return to relevance with their newest body of work, Angry Birds Space. And that’s all we pretty much have to say about that.

  • Jonathan Ross

    No matter how many games i download, i still only end up playing angry birds and tiny wings. The other 45 games get dusted off from time to time but i just can’t seem to get into these heavily involved games like dead space.   AB Space seems to have enough of a twist to keep me interested.

  • HotwingCindy

    Throw in a Kim Kardashian mention and this article is golden.

  • zuyu180
  • DanKemple

    I would say I am confused as to why kellex seems to hate AB now (oh yeah I just made an abbreviation for it) when he used to love it earlier. Is it just that it’s overplayed or do you actually not like the game anymore? I’m just curious why you had the 180. I don’t think it’s fair to just say “and that’s all we have to say about that” to what many people still think is a great game and most likely (while still the same as the last versions) be a great game.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Gah, we get it already. Droid-Life doesn’t like Angry Birds. You’re like the guy that doesn’t own a tv constantly mentioning that he doesn’t watch tv. Get over yourselves already.

    They’re fun, dumb little games. Why bother “taking a stance” on them?

    • AngryBirdsRocks

      he used to love angry birds though, but took a complete 180 on the game once it became popular.  Probably because Kellex is a complete hipster and doesn’t like things that are “too mainstream”, he does live in Portland after all.

  • Hadxs

    I have to say that this looks promising. The “normal” Angry Birds bored me to death after only 3 levels.

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    • John Guerin

      playing angry birds?

  • nwd1911

    I do have to admit, I am looking forward to this. The series is a great little time waster.  I’m over the original games, but this is enough of a twist that I’m sure it will eat up some of my life.

  • sc0rch3d

    life will now have meaning again!

  • I don’t understand why people love this game series so much. Enjoy the Angry Bird ads destroying your battery.

    • Phil Austin

       Debbie Downer made an appearance again!

      • I said I don’t understand it why people keep downloading new versions, it is just the same game with a new arrangements of obstacles. It would be more fun if it were like Tanks Online. Just my opinion, not need to get butthurt.

    • patapongirl

      Get Adfree if you are rooted. 

      • Noyfb

        or just turn on airplane mode

  • jldleo

    Is there a line I can stand in to wait for this…? /S

    • nwd1911

      only if you are running iOS 5.2