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Mobile Panda: Android 4.0.5 is Next for the Galaxy Nexus, Not Until April Though?

Our friend, the Mobile Panda aka @black_man_x tossed out a quick, but important Tweet this afternoon that has to do with your Galaxy Nexus. As someone that has a well known insider track record when it comes to Verizon and LTE devices, we usually listen when he has something to spit out. Android “4.0.5” and “April” is what he dropped today. According to Sir Panda, 4.0.5 is in testing and fixes “audio reboot issue as well as data falling asleep.” That should make you smile, right? April is a bit late seeing as the device was released in December, but what can you do?

For whatever reason, Google seems to have really struggled to get ICS to play nicely with their own flagship device, the G-Nex. You may remember that the day after it launched, the Android team announced that the 4.0.2 that it was running was old news and that 4.0.3 would be the starting point for OEMs going forward. Ever since, users have been stuck with an extremely buggy build and have fallen back on the developer community to help make their devices more stable. Part of me says, “Well, that’s what this device is for isn’t it?” while the other part can’t help buy think, “Really? 4 months and no updates for any Nexus device?” April can’t get here fast enough.

No better way to raise spirits than a new Android build.

  • grrr

    Still not here and April is wrapping up pretty damn fast imagine that.

  • parsonbrown11

    i think the galaxy nexus with the turd sandwich is close to being a “lemon” product with a massive recall, the phone has so many problems, this mute noise, audible tone, happening during calls is just the latest of dozens of quirks

  • parsonbrown11

    my gf and i bought his and her g-nex’s. 4.0.2 verizon, and we are SO SORRY, on a terrible speaker phone call with her now, might as well be in my pocket for call quality, the software bugs, sms, mail, web, camera, keyboard lag, weird justification issues that reduce emails to a single stacked character, random unpredictable fails and reboots in middle of calls, apostrophes causing jumbled text in html mail, ringer and alerts that lower themselves, hmmm what else of the top of my mind? TOO MANY BUGS TO LIST

  • Jlmcc

    this phone is just awful period, 4th nexus and all suck

    • parsonbrown11

      yes agreed, worst piece electronics i’ve ever purchased, including a fixed decimal 8-digit calculator.

  • Counsel Dew

    Just let me know whether the paperweight on my nightstand will be usable as a phone… Will this 4.0.5 update fix the “hello?  hello?” issue where the other person on a call can’t hear me?  Otherwise, this update still won’t let me use the GN as a phone. 

    • parsonbrown11

      totally true, it doesnt even vibrate hard enough to be a decent sex toy, total junk

  • Counsel Dew

    See http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019… there are people there using GSM devices.

  • Counsel Dew

    Is it that the mic cuts out or is it that voice doesn’t get transmitted?  The other end hears a series of ‘clicks’ then nothing. Not sure the mic would ‘click’ so much as other hardware/software…

  • Counsel Dew

    I still can’t have a conversation with my GNex…  After about 1 to 3 minutes, the other party can’t hear me any longer even though I can hear them clearly (See http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019).  All of the tech and software is useless if I can’t use the device as a phone.  As I was moving over old contacts and had a contract with AT&T that was to expire, I didn’t use my Verizon account much until after the 30 day period…  Yes…  Now I’m stuck with the GNex and have yet to hear if the 24019 Issue will be fixed…ever.

    I had to buy another phone so that I can make calls.  ICS does me NO good if the basic function of the phone does not work.  Just my 2 cents…

    I’d be impressed ONLY if Samsung/Verizon/Google comes out with a statement regarding the issue and the solution, if any…

    • parsonbrown11

      a phone that doesn’t work 100% is not a phone, NOT A PHONE, VERIZON I WANT A REPLACEMENT PHONE, BERRY OR IPHONE, DONT CARE

  • My only true annoyance (besides the random bugs) is when the microphone cuts out during a call.

    I tried the voice privacy fix…didn’t help.  Anything else I can do?

  • Tony Allen

    Would make sense.. at least for the figuring that the “new 16 GB” GNex in white & black are supposed to be released on Verizon. As for the Unlocked GSM variant, I have no idea.

    I haven’t spent any time with a Gnex myself, I can’t imagine it’s any worse about data connectivity than my Bionic was before Verizon finally released an update that fixed it. So maybe holding off until this summer to pick up the Nexus. Can’t wait to get out of blur.

  • Speedyneon76

    Hopefully it will fix the mic cutting out in the middle of a phone call issue.

  • Barlog

    So i bought my Nexus alittle over a month ago and im locked and not rooted and still running 4.0.2 is this where i should be? Or is everyone at 4.0.3 and i havnt got the update? I really want to get the update for my radios cause my reception sucks. I really want to unlock and Root this puppy but dont own a computer so i’ll just have to wait, but i would like to know if im on track or behind with OTA updates Thanks

    • socrates_johnson

      You’re on track. There wasn’t a 4.0.3 OTA for the Galaxy Nexus. Hope this helps

  • Raymundogarcia

    I just hope the data roaming switch gets fixed. I am charged a lot every month for not swictching cellular data off when traveling to Mexico. I would assume that data roaming off was enough. At least the ball is on samsung now to fix it… well.. a VZW representative just told me… hehehe

  • I’m glad I returned the GNex and sticking it out with my Thunderbolt. Developer support is still pretty good and ICS is coming, so, can’t really complain.

  • audio reboot issue?  Is this the mic mute issue or something different?

  • On 3 different G-Nexs (I bought two then had them both replaced from Samsung), I have run into and issue where opening certain things will cause the phone freeze, then reboot. I had it reboot twice when I pressed on the camera app. Also does it sometimes when dismissing and alarm. No root, mods, roms, etc. Other than that it’s been good.

    • S_T_R

       Random reboots disappear with the leaked 4.0.4 update.

  • Earleepa

    As far as phones go the galaxy nexus has not lived up to the hype. A friend of mine has a $25 pay as you go phone and the speaker on it blows this one away. These random reboots are getting ridiculous as is the dropped data. I was sitting next to a friend that has the razr and he was getting 3 and 4 bars where i wasnt getting any. He was watching a video and my nexus never quit buffering. Talk abiut a joke. Thats what this galaxy nexus is. A cruel joke that samsung and google played on us.

  • Doahh

    All I want is an updated bluetooth stack… AVRCP 1.3 or higher so I can see what my damn phone is playing on my cars head unit

  • riteshk

    My GSM version is as stable as I’d expect it to be. Sure there have been a few dropped calls but all of three in the past 4 odd months. That’s hardly a bug! Apart from that, nothing. Maybe the VZW LTE version sucks..

  • joshua northrup

    Got problems with your Gnexus, flash codename, axiom, aokp, or gummy. Or simply use bootmanager on a 4.0.4 stock build as a base and install all the roms. But out of all of them I’ve tried, codename and axiom have got to be the the least buggy and blazing fast.

  •  This is crazy.
    The increasing animosity and polarity within the android camp with the advent of the GNex is starting to remind me of some other pissing match….. just can’t put my finger on it. I don’t remember anyone getting so upset about the Nexus One/S. It really makes me a Sad Panda!

    I used to be a huge fan of Motorola quality/radios, and swore I would never buy a Samsung. I now own a GNex, and have never been happier with an electronic device. However, this satisfaction is 95% related to the software and developer community.
    The only bugs I noticed in 1.5 months before Rom’ing were a couple second data handoff delay and an issue where it opened the wrong app a couple of times, like some kind of multitasking bug. I now run Gummy and this thing is buttery!

    I love this site/community and it is still my favorite for things Android. I used to love reading through the comments, I would learn so much. Nowadays, it is still there, but there is so much more hate than ever before.

    Hopefully this isn’t interpreted as some diatribe, and I tried to sandwich my rant around relevance to the topic.

    • EvanTheGamer

      So you’d highly recommend getting the Gummy ROM set up on my G-Nex?

      • I would definitely recommend it . To be fair though I have only tried AOKP and one other. With my incredible I would try at least a rom per week but always found myself going back to OMGB for pure vanilla. So, I don’t want to come off like the people I see all the time saying “CM is teh best! I have been running it exclusively for 2 years and all other roms sux!”
        My only complaint is pull down toggles aren’t easily customizable. There has been a real influx of of roms in the past month and I wish I had time to try more.
        The beauty of this phone is that I don’t “have” to rom just to get rid of a resource hogging overlay, I do it just to add a search soft button and a couple extra features. So, as long as the dev doesn’t fu¢k it up too bad they should all be fairly decent. Another thing I haven’t given a fair go is testing out kernels biweekly. Damn job!
        Good luck man, let me know how your setup goes.

  • Stevestarange

    For everyone hating 4.0.2, unlock, root and flash 4.0.4.

    I got my gnex on Saturday and that was the first thing I did and I’m glad I did it, I knew Verizon was gonna be dicks about this phone.

    4.0.4 is perfect, I’ve had no issues with anything, super smooth

    • S_T_R

       You don’t need to root to run the update. You just have to unlock the bootloader and temp boot into customer recovery.

      • Jlmcc


  • jdrch

    It’s always been like this with Android developer devices. The Droid 1 was like that too. I wouldn’t call it “extremely buggy”, though. Most of the issues I’ve come across arise from pushing the device to the limits of its capability and doing stuff most regular users wouldn’t.