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Mobile Panda: Android 4.0.5 is Next for the Galaxy Nexus, Not Until April Though?

Our friend, the Mobile Panda aka @black_man_x tossed out a quick, but important Tweet this afternoon that has to do with your Galaxy Nexus. As someone that has a well known insider track record when it comes to Verizon and LTE devices, we usually listen when he has something to spit out. Android “4.0.5” and “April” is what he dropped today. According to Sir Panda, 4.0.5 is in testing and fixes “audio reboot issue as well as data falling asleep.” That should make you smile, right? April is a bit late seeing as the device was released in December, but what can you do?

For whatever reason, Google seems to have really struggled to get ICS to play nicely with their own flagship device, the G-Nex. You may remember that the day after it launched, the Android team announced that the 4.0.2 that it was running was old news and that 4.0.3 would be the starting point for OEMs going forward. Ever since, users have been stuck with an extremely buggy build and have fallen back on the developer community to help make their devices more stable. Part of me says, “Well, that’s what this device is for isn’t it?” while the other part can’t help buy think, “Really? 4 months and no updates for any Nexus device?” April can’t get here fast enough.

No better way to raise spirits than a new Android build.

  • grrr

    Still not here and April is wrapping up pretty damn fast imagine that.

  • parsonbrown11

    i think the galaxy nexus with the turd sandwich is close to being a “lemon” product with a massive recall, the phone has so many problems, this mute noise, audible tone, happening during calls is just the latest of dozens of quirks

  • parsonbrown11

    my gf and i bought his and her g-nex’s. 4.0.2 verizon, and we are SO SORRY, on a terrible speaker phone call with her now, might as well be in my pocket for call quality, the software bugs, sms, mail, web, camera, keyboard lag, weird justification issues that reduce emails to a single stacked character, random unpredictable fails and reboots in middle of calls, apostrophes causing jumbled text in html mail, ringer and alerts that lower themselves, hmmm what else of the top of my mind? TOO MANY BUGS TO LIST

  • Jlmcc

    this phone is just awful period, 4th nexus and all suck

    • parsonbrown11

      yes agreed, worst piece electronics i’ve ever purchased, including a fixed decimal 8-digit calculator.

  • Counsel Dew

    Just let me know whether the paperweight on my nightstand will be usable as a phone… Will this 4.0.5 update fix the “hello?  hello?” issue where the other person on a call can’t hear me?  Otherwise, this update still won’t let me use the GN as a phone. 

    • parsonbrown11

      totally true, it doesnt even vibrate hard enough to be a decent sex toy, total junk

  • Counsel Dew

    See http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019… there are people there using GSM devices.

  • Counsel Dew

    Is it that the mic cuts out or is it that voice doesn’t get transmitted?  The other end hears a series of ‘clicks’ then nothing. Not sure the mic would ‘click’ so much as other hardware/software…

  • Counsel Dew

    I still can’t have a conversation with my GNex…  After about 1 to 3 minutes, the other party can’t hear me any longer even though I can hear them clearly (See http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019).  All of the tech and software is useless if I can’t use the device as a phone.  As I was moving over old contacts and had a contract with AT&T that was to expire, I didn’t use my Verizon account much until after the 30 day period…  Yes…  Now I’m stuck with the GNex and have yet to hear if the 24019 Issue will be fixed…ever.

    I had to buy another phone so that I can make calls.  ICS does me NO good if the basic function of the phone does not work.  Just my 2 cents…

    I’d be impressed ONLY if Samsung/Verizon/Google comes out with a statement regarding the issue and the solution, if any…

    • parsonbrown11

      a phone that doesn’t work 100% is not a phone, NOT A PHONE, VERIZON I WANT A REPLACEMENT PHONE, BERRY OR IPHONE, DONT CARE

  • My only true annoyance (besides the random bugs) is when the microphone cuts out during a call.

    I tried the voice privacy fix…didn’t help.  Anything else I can do?

  • Tony Allen

    Would make sense.. at least for the figuring that the “new 16 GB” GNex in white & black are supposed to be released on Verizon. As for the Unlocked GSM variant, I have no idea.

    I haven’t spent any time with a Gnex myself, I can’t imagine it’s any worse about data connectivity than my Bionic was before Verizon finally released an update that fixed it. So maybe holding off until this summer to pick up the Nexus. Can’t wait to get out of blur.

  • Speedyneon76

    Hopefully it will fix the mic cutting out in the middle of a phone call issue.

  • Barlog

    So i bought my Nexus alittle over a month ago and im locked and not rooted and still running 4.0.2 is this where i should be? Or is everyone at 4.0.3 and i havnt got the update? I really want to get the update for my radios cause my reception sucks. I really want to unlock and Root this puppy but dont own a computer so i’ll just have to wait, but i would like to know if im on track or behind with OTA updates Thanks

    • socrates_johnson

      You’re on track. There wasn’t a 4.0.3 OTA for the Galaxy Nexus. Hope this helps

  • Raymundogarcia

    I just hope the data roaming switch gets fixed. I am charged a lot every month for not swictching cellular data off when traveling to Mexico. I would assume that data roaming off was enough. At least the ball is on samsung now to fix it… well.. a VZW representative just told me… hehehe

  • I’m glad I returned the GNex and sticking it out with my Thunderbolt. Developer support is still pretty good and ICS is coming, so, can’t really complain.

  • audio reboot issue?  Is this the mic mute issue or something different?

  • On 3 different G-Nexs (I bought two then had them both replaced from Samsung), I have run into and issue where opening certain things will cause the phone freeze, then reboot. I had it reboot twice when I pressed on the camera app. Also does it sometimes when dismissing and alarm. No root, mods, roms, etc. Other than that it’s been good.

    • S_T_R

       Random reboots disappear with the leaked 4.0.4 update.

  • Earleepa

    As far as phones go the galaxy nexus has not lived up to the hype. A friend of mine has a $25 pay as you go phone and the speaker on it blows this one away. These random reboots are getting ridiculous as is the dropped data. I was sitting next to a friend that has the razr and he was getting 3 and 4 bars where i wasnt getting any. He was watching a video and my nexus never quit buffering. Talk abiut a joke. Thats what this galaxy nexus is. A cruel joke that samsung and google played on us.

  • Doahh

    All I want is an updated bluetooth stack… AVRCP 1.3 or higher so I can see what my damn phone is playing on my cars head unit

  • riteshk

    My GSM version is as stable as I’d expect it to be. Sure there have been a few dropped calls but all of three in the past 4 odd months. That’s hardly a bug! Apart from that, nothing. Maybe the VZW LTE version sucks..

  • joshua northrup

    Got problems with your Gnexus, flash codename, axiom, aokp, or gummy. Or simply use bootmanager on a 4.0.4 stock build as a base and install all the roms. But out of all of them I’ve tried, codename and axiom have got to be the the least buggy and blazing fast.

  •  This is crazy.
    The increasing animosity and polarity within the android camp with the advent of the GNex is starting to remind me of some other pissing match….. just can’t put my finger on it. I don’t remember anyone getting so upset about the Nexus One/S. It really makes me a Sad Panda!

    I used to be a huge fan of Motorola quality/radios, and swore I would never buy a Samsung. I now own a GNex, and have never been happier with an electronic device. However, this satisfaction is 95% related to the software and developer community.
    The only bugs I noticed in 1.5 months before Rom’ing were a couple second data handoff delay and an issue where it opened the wrong app a couple of times, like some kind of multitasking bug. I now run Gummy and this thing is buttery!

    I love this site/community and it is still my favorite for things Android. I used to love reading through the comments, I would learn so much. Nowadays, it is still there, but there is so much more hate than ever before.

    Hopefully this isn’t interpreted as some diatribe, and I tried to sandwich my rant around relevance to the topic.

    • EvanTheGamer

      So you’d highly recommend getting the Gummy ROM set up on my G-Nex?

      • I would definitely recommend it . To be fair though I have only tried AOKP and one other. With my incredible I would try at least a rom per week but always found myself going back to OMGB for pure vanilla. So, I don’t want to come off like the people I see all the time saying “CM is teh best! I have been running it exclusively for 2 years and all other roms sux!”
        My only complaint is pull down toggles aren’t easily customizable. There has been a real influx of of roms in the past month and I wish I had time to try more.
        The beauty of this phone is that I don’t “have” to rom just to get rid of a resource hogging overlay, I do it just to add a search soft button and a couple extra features. So, as long as the dev doesn’t fu¢k it up too bad they should all be fairly decent. Another thing I haven’t given a fair go is testing out kernels biweekly. Damn job!
        Good luck man, let me know how your setup goes.

  • Stevestarange

    For everyone hating 4.0.2, unlock, root and flash 4.0.4.

    I got my gnex on Saturday and that was the first thing I did and I’m glad I did it, I knew Verizon was gonna be dicks about this phone.

    4.0.4 is perfect, I’ve had no issues with anything, super smooth

    • S_T_R

       You don’t need to root to run the update. You just have to unlock the bootloader and temp boot into customer recovery.

      • Jlmcc


  • jdrch

    It’s always been like this with Android developer devices. The Droid 1 was like that too. I wouldn’t call it “extremely buggy”, though. Most of the issues I’ve come across arise from pushing the device to the limits of its capability and doing stuff most regular users wouldn’t.

  • Woz

    By the time google comes close to putting a solid ICS build out, jelly bean will be released. JB is coming out soon, and ICS hasn’t even been released officially for any other phone. I love android, but google is becoming an absolute fragmented joke.

  • Dain Laguna

    is anyone having wifi issues? i dont have unlimited data, and i have fast wifi at home, and decent wifi at work and rarely use 3g…would half of my nexus woes be non-issues? 

    • Boomerod

      Right on bro…most of the issues are radio code.

      • Dain Laguna

        good to know. getting a 4g phone was appealing given the extra 2 gigs id have…but even then, i value battery life above all else. well and i’d use it for nav, but i’m sure tha t barometer comes in handy

  • Guest


  • Casey Garske

    Rooted stock GNex, bought day two it was out.

  • Liderc

    I don’t get the complaints.  My Nexus is no more buggier than my OG was.  It works perfect 99% of the time, then I’ll have something force close or a call dropped.  My OG did the same thing and it’s supposed to be the holy grail right?  

    We just happened to get the update as soon as the phone was released in the US, so it seemed like we’ve never had an update.  We got the update, we just happened to get it the same day we got the phone.  

    Do I want the next update right now?  Of course, but we also have to remember that the Nexus remains the only phone with ICS.  No other phone is even close to receiving it.  All these manufacturers said they’d have ICS on the way to their devices and guess what?  No where to be seen.

    We’ve had ICS for months prior to anyone else, we’ve dealt with the early software bugs that happen with every new OS and we’ll be the ones who notice the problems being corrected when we receive the next update.

    Just think we’ll get this update before any other phone even has ICS , after it being available for nearly half a year.  I’d say that’s a pretty big deal.  Not to mention we’ll most likely see jelly bean first as well.  I’m content and continue to feel like I made the best decision for myself and I haven’t regretted the Nexus since I bought it.

    • Jacob121791


    • Q

      Yea, Im running 4.0.2 since launch day and this has been a pretty solid device.  There are little issues here and there, but I wouldnt call it “extremely buggy” .. It’s way more reliable that the Droid X, Thunderbolt, and Bionic I had before.

      • Noyfb

        I never had a problem with my og droid, and my  2 complaints about the gnex is the volume loudness, using s a labs equalizer to boost but it always turns itself off, and the 4g is only like 12/5 mbps avg half a mile from a tower and in-between 2 vzw stores each 2 miles away, but I’m thinking maybe its the 4g network in st.louis..

    • Calculatorwatch

      My OG was so buggy and terrible towards the end of it’s use, it actually completely stopped receiving calls and texts the day I got my Nexus. So after dealing with that for so long the Gnex still feels fast and smooth and awesome to me. Plus I feel so cool around my friends without ICS.

      What really bothers me though is that the Nexus S still hasn’t gotten the big update and might not even get it before Touchwiz and Sense phones get their ICS updates. Which doesn’t bode well for us actually getting jelly bean before this time next year, that’s an update I don’t want to have to wait for.

  • Scott

    I’m stock and am generally unhappy that I blew my upgrade on this phone.  Do I love it, yes.  But I expected fairly common updates and problems not to drag on for four-five months.  Yes, I know it is a developer device, but the price on this thing was premium.  The poor signal, overheating, and random reboots need to be resolved.  


      Do like I did, call and make complaint or 10. Went from charge to charge to bionic to gnex. they know if a phone is messed up and they also know, if you know. It won’t be the first call you make ti them but do what u must.

  • zuyu180
  • joshua northrup

    Buggy….yeah, when you have bootmanager on a stock 4.0.4 build with the latest Codename, aokp build 28, axiom crossbreed monolith b1, axiom patient zero, and gummy 0.8.2, and you keep switching in between them just for funzies. Yeah, I wish the phone would not reboot and bootloop 5 times a day, and I wish the signal (not just data) would not drop every 30 minutes. But aren’t I’m asking for it, when I flash a different rom every 10 hours, and then factory image flash twice a week. But still I love my phone, and Axiom and Codename are pimp.

  • ddevito

    I’m running the leaked 4.0.4 ROM and haven’t had one reboot or dead data connection.

    I hope 4.0.5 brings more to the table.

  • feztheforeigner

    The Galaxy Nexus is definitely not a “buggy” device. I am currently running a completely stock experience (although rooted) on it and have experienced very little trouble. My old Droid X, on the other hand, was incredibly “buggy” while running MotoBlur crap…

    • Jd00510

      Agreed! My BT on my GNex plays LESS well with accessories (and my car!) than the BT on my CM7 OG Droid.

  • Owewil3225

    I was on phone with Verizon trouble shooting today and the lady said there is an update scheduled tentatively for this month. My wifi hand off to 3g been an issue.

  • yarrellray

    It’s ODD but requires some real looking into. I believe it is a network issue or just a cdma issue in gerneral. Having the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for 2.5 weeks before the GALAXY NEXUS came out I realize that the GSM network on at&t was better from a signal standpoint. I love my Galaxy Nexus regardless but signal strength or LTE connection needs to get better. This update would be nice. 

  • Admin

    It’s really odd to see all the complaints about bugs, other than a kinda slow hand off between networks (which I easily tolerate being a 5 sec thing) it’s been bug free. Even the speaker holds up to my old Incredible and my brothers new Rezound. Battery is awesome too. -Stock ICS-

    What’s everyone’s HW(Hardware Version) ??? I ask because I got the Gnex 3 weeks ago.  You can see it in fastboot. I’m running 10. Maybe early adopters got screwed here. idk, I wouldn’t be surprised. 

    • ddevito

      The .10 version simply means it was made in China, .09 was made in Korea.

      I’ve compared mine to a co-worker’s with .10 and there was no difference.

      • Admin

        This is making me look into the hardware revision now, there is no way they are the same. Especially with all the complaints. There was a .10 that was briefly made in Korea too. I think devices manufactured in Korea were the problem. Check the bottom of the box for that. 

        • ddevito

          My point is that I have .09 and don’t have any reception or data issues. I’ve compared it to a co worker’s phone running .10 and saw no differences.

  • Yeah because the other versions came to the Gnex so quickly… Only reason I’m not rooted is I don’t want to have to setup my screens and settings all over again after unlocking the bootloader.

    Btw, I wouldn’t consider my stock phone anywhere near extremely buggy… its actually been nearly perfect. I’m just whining because I want the latest version lol.

  • shdowman

    I have had a few issues with mine:

    Data Connectivity (common problem)
    Random Freezes and reboots (likely not playing well with app)
    Saying it’s charging on cable connected to computer, but actually discharging the entire time
    And other random bits

    That being said, it’s the best Android OS to date and it will be worked on. Not sweating it.

  • sgm182

    I’m rooted and running the Apex Rom on mine which I love, but if this update gets rid of the dropping data connection issue I have at least once a day, I will be one happy camper. Love the hell out of this phone except for that one issue.

  • Darat532

    I hope they get the screen transitions fixed in the update. I would really love for Google to package an overclock on the processor to about 1.6 GHZ if they could include this in the OTA update. The phone needs a faster processor period. My Galaxy Note(unlocked International version) and my Droid Razr are so smooth and the nexus is very CLUNKY at best. I really wished I would not have purchased it now. A BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT!

    • Dain Laguna

      i dont see how the razr could perform batter in this regard….all the razr’s i’ve played with, while smooth, arent as smooth as the nexus…and the processors, while different, are clocked around the same.

  • SD_Scott

    God I hope this has usb audio out…  Also, is anyone else’s lockscreen not showing up when playing music?  This happens whether I’m using Poweramp or GMusic.  Not sure if it’s a Liquid ROM thing…

    • ddevito

      Works perfectly fine on stock.

  • Coopster

    My gnex on rooted/leaked 4.0.4 is amazingly stable and in the Atlanta area I have great data and voice quality. My battery life seems poor until I look at the stats and realize I don’t put the damn thing down all day.

    • ddevito

      +1 agreed.

    • ZenHousecat

      Agreed–4.0.4 + Franco kernel Milestone 1 is beautiful.

      • Milestone 2 has been out for Franco’s kernel.

    • Jim Davis

       My only problem with 4.0.4 is that the audio lags (a lot!) behind video when playing through bluetooth.  I didn’t have this problem with 4.0.2.  Really hope the update cures this issue.

  • kylosma

    “fixes audio reboot issue” Hope this is referring to the mic muting that occurs during cellular calls, that’ my only gripe with this phone.

    • Jwhap

      Me too! Occasionally I get the random reboot but it is infrequent at best.

    • Counsel Dew

      Yes, but a phone that can’t handle a two-way conversation is … useless to me.  I had to buy another phone since it is my business connection to my clients. 😛  No refund from Samsung, nothing…

    • cguella

      This mic issue too is my only problem.  It is so lame.  We should rename it the “Hello, hello, hello” issue since that is the last thing I hear before I say “f*ck not again”.  Other than that I love the phone.  Stock then AOKP B31 ROM, 4.0.4 radio – changes did not fix it! Frustrating.  It is a phone isn’t it.  I did notice that many of the people reporting the issue hail from in and around Charlotte and so do I.  I wonder if there is a pattern there and that it could be network or provision related.

  • Rickerbilly

    I run Gummy Nexus. I am happy and bug free!:D

  • seems like a lot of people are just happy to brag that they have ics, so what if it doesnt work, id rather have a great working phone on gingerbread than a crapping running ics

    • ddevito

      It works fine – if you’re referring to bugs I mentioned, I will say that all versions of Android have open bugs issued. Don’t jump to conclusions.

      Check out the open issues in Gingerbread on google’s code site. Until then STFU.

      • Counsel Dew

        YOURS might work, MINE does not.  Again, I can’t have a two-way conversation using the device as a .. PHONE.  What good is a phone that doesn’t let you have a conversation?

        Verizon’s solution of sending me two other GNexus phones solved nothing as they both had the issue.  I’m glad you don’t have the issue, but many of us do.

        I, personally, don’t consider this issue as a bug so much as a failure.  Your mileage may vary…

    • shooter50

      Most of us would except those that blew their wad on the GN. They simply cant admit how much it blows.

    • Sruel3216

      simply jealous.

      rooted with axiom patient zero v14, not one bug. when i was stock not rooted, not ONE bug

  • ArmanUV

    this article is not really accurate but we have to admit google dropped the ball with ics updates. 
    At least gnexus has ICS. poor nexus s owners are stuck on gingerbread while sg2 users have ics (although a crappy touchwiz-bloated ics)

  • ddevito

    I love the GNex and all, but I must say, to me, the Nexus program simply means being Google’s beta tester for Android, plain and simple.

    I can’t tell you how many bugs I opened or contributed to since buying this phone, and the only one that is getting fixed is the corporate exchange widgets updating.

    The phone is nice but the whole experience has been lackluster.

  • i love the look,feel and the screen on my gnex, just get so pissed that it doesnt work right,if this doesnt fix it, I may also be hopping on the new iphone train, will wait and see, just wondering how the new gnes will run, should be here anyday

    • ddevito

      go now.


  • Bionic4Life

    Since this is a “dev device”, why can’t Google/Verizon just release the source already???  That just blows my mind.  I came from the Bionic to GNex.  Bionic radios just blow the GNex away.  Outside of the radios/data issues, I love the GNex.

  • AngryPhoneGuy

    My Galaxy Nexus is extremely buggy.  Running stock.  Horrible call quality (even with 3-4 bars), horrible 3G speeds, random reboots (maybe 2-3 times a week), crappy volume.  4G speeds have been very good when signal is strong (which is rare).  Wifi & GPS have been good.  UI has been good.

    I was thinking about paying the $300 EFT in June and getting a SIII, but I don’t know if it’s going to be any better since it’s a Samsung.  Or is it a network issue? 

    Between this crappy Nexus and the even worse Asus Transformer Prime (that I returned because of defective wifi and GPS issues), it’s almost enough to make me go back to Apple. 

    • I heard that, I have been very vocal about all these problems, got verizon to ship me a new one,should be here any day,mic shut off happens a lot,now they say april, wonder in april will it change to may?

      • Pattuspl

        Wow same reason MIC works/not works this also makes sound not usuable. I should be getting my tomorrow! I am not the only one. 

    • Boomerod

      It’s a  combination of factors, the least of which has to do with the hardware. I’ve had HTC, Samsung and Motorola Androids on various OS’s from Eclair to ICS and this is, by far, the best of them all. Samsung gets a lot of flack but I’ve found their devices to be physically very nice. They really have a crappy overlay in TouchWiz and they really screwed up the GPS on their SGS, but since then they’ve made good progress. I’m convinced that AOSP is the way to go with Android – customer UI overlays – even HTC’s Sense, which is pretty cool in many ways – just muck everything up.

  • Jd

    any chance the update will fix ui lag?

    • ddevito

      I’m running the leaked 4.0.4 version and it absolutely flies.

    • djembeman

      I was extremely surprised at how bad the UI Lag on the Galaxy Nexus is when I was at the Verizon Store tonight. It was bad on all of the Samsung and Motorola Tablets that, I assume, were running Honeycomb as well. I also really hate not having a Menu button. It’s just so convenient having the standard 4 Android buttons, I have no idea why people LOVE on screen buttons and chopping two of them altogether. I hope and pray that Android will keep some “physical” buttons (most are capacitive, basically a part of the screen anyways) so you have quick access to menu, search, homescreen and back buttons.

      Please Motorola, keep the Bionic and RAZR on Gingerbread until Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t suck. And keep physical/Capacitive buttons!!!! All 4 of them!!!

      Droid Bionic

      • Burghschred

        Hahaha So much ignorance about ICS. FYI, I have the nav buttons I want. Back, Home, Search, Menu. Long press home for recents, long press search for voice search. If you wanted any combination of those, or all five, you can choose that. Perhaps that is the beauty of on-screen buttons… you can customize them. If you don’t want to customize everything, get a damn iPhone. ICS is absolutely amazing, and so is the dev community for the Nexus. I also love having the weather in my pull-down notification screen, as well as toggles for EVERYTHING, my favorites being 4g, torch, wifiAP.

        I had the rezound for a month before I traded it for my nexus. Yea, the camera on the Rezound was better. But nothing comes close to the smooth polish of the software on the Nexus, and the build quality is second to none IMO. All you fools bashing it as “cheap plastic” don’t really understand what you’re saying. This thing is clean, smooth, light, durable. It’s the only phone I’ve owned to date that I don’t have a case on it and it doesn’t collect dust anywhere. There are no gaps big enough to become dirty, no scratches on anything yet, I’ve dropped it several times with no consequence. Oh yea, and if the battery runs out- I pop in another one. Try that with a Razr/iPhone. 

  • As an early adopter, I expect some level of problems, but the GN has been pretty solid (not perfect), but the same could be said about the OG Droid that I had.

  • Bob Campbell

    I have seen the audio reboot issue quit a few times, but then I also see it on my CM7 HP Touchpad.  Looking forward to the update.

  • xzombiex66

    Ummm mine isn’t buggy at all, not sure where that is from.

  • Rccrod

    Sounds like an APRILS fool. hah.

  • MotoRulz

    From Kellex post to some of the comments I’ve read it seems as though the Gnex, pure android, first to be updated, greatest phone ever fan base is starting to loose some members… I’m just sayin..

    RMaxx ftw

    • tjmonkey15

      You’re loose.

      • MotoRulz

        You’re an unhappy Gnex owner still in denial that any problems exist.. I fixed my spelling error and you can fix your Gnex error by selling it and getting a real phone..

        • Bionicman

          all phones have issues. even my Dinc had bugs that were NEVER ironed out. the ones on the GNex are not show stoppers (well at least not for me). more of an annoyance that anything. do i wish there were NO bugs? of course! but far from unhappy. it feels great knowing i have the latest and greatest. also seeing the skinned ICS in some of the leaked screenshots, wow makes me even more glad i choose the GNex.
          id also like to point out that while I’m jealous of the certain features on other phones for example the amazing battery on the Razr Maxx, i’m sure there are just as many Razr Maxx users jealous that they don’t have a 720p super amoled screen and ICS (yet). we should just be happy we have options!

          • Bionicman

            oh yea and bring on 4.0.5 stop laggin it google!!

          • MotoRulz

            There are probably few Razr Maxx users that are jealous that we don’t have a 720p super amoled screen and ICS (yet). We knew the phone didn’t have those two things when we made our purchase. On the other hand I know there are thousands of Gnex users that didn’t make their purchase knowing that the phone would have the issues that seems to plague the Gnex. Agree.. very happy we have options!

        • Booboolala2000

          Happy GNEX owner that will have the last laugh when it gets 4.0.5 and greater while Motorola gets stuck at 4.0.4 or less.

          • MotoRulz

            I’m laughing right now you just can’t hear me cuz the speaker on your phone sucks..

          • well really we can, its just that you cant hear us

      • tjmonkey15

        Well now I just look stupid.

    • Liderc

      So how long will you be stuck on Gingerbread? 

      Oh yeah, forever.

      • shooter50

        maybe Moto will put out ICS when it finally works. Until then Im happy with gingerbread running stable. Happier yet to see all the gn owners whining about their beloved phone. Ever think no mfg is adopting ICS yet because it freakin blows like u , you freakin fanboy.

        • Casey Garske

          U R Dum.

        • Liderc

          No Moto will put out ICS when they’re done putting out variations of the Razr.  Only 13 more variations to go before they’re ready to make a change.

          • CORYK333

            Bets on a polka dot or zebra version?? They are starting to run out of colors….which 1 is next, blue??

          • Liderc

            I think Zebra.

      • djembeman

        I hope for a really long time!!! I hate the changes to the UI and lack of dedicated capacitive buttons!!! The Lag is horrible on the Galaxy Nexus.

        • Burghschred

          Lag? This is the fastest UI on the market hands down… If you could just nav around with my nexus right now you would literally eat your words. Maybe it’s because I am on DT’s ridiculously fast ROMs but I don’t recall any lag even stock the day I got it.

          • Dain Laguna

            i wouldnt say fastest ui on the market hands down…i think ios still beats it for smoothness, same with high end windows phones.

            but like you said, lag isnt a term i’d associate with the nexus. its the most lag free android device i’ve ever used. and plenty smooth

        • Liderc

          You don’t lose capacitive buttons through the update, nor will your UI change as you’re using your manufacturer’s skin over whatever android version your device is using.

          And I can assure you that you’ve never used a Nexus if you think it lags. 

  • i’m stock and i really don’t have any problems except sometimes the data drops off, but other than that, it’s been good. been wanting 4.0.5 though

  • Mr. Snrub

    The only bugginess I’ve experienced is occassionally Swagger will get turned off.   It’s amazing, every time I feel a loss of swagger the toggle happens to be in the off position.   What I really want to know is if the phone is responding to my swagger or if I’m getting my swagger from the phone.

    • PC_Tool

      Man…I wish I had your problems….ever since I toggled it on, I haven’t been able to toggle it back off. 

      …and trust me, you don’t want your swagger stuck on when you’re a skinny, pale, white guy walking through City Center at night…

      • ArmanUV

        I reserve swagger for the ladies. Using it all the time is just a waste of precious butter. 

  • Thank you AOKP.

    But in all seriousness, that is a ridiculous wait. Plus those on screen button animations make every animation extremely choppy. It’s unfortunate really. 

  • Marvin de Pano

    About time. I have the leaked 4.0.4 installed on my phone and it’s got quite a few bugs that are preventing me from being truly happy with it. An occasional unresponsive keyboard as well as softkeys, random reboots, freezes (had to do a battery pull this AM), constant screen redraws, etc. I hope most, if not all of these, are fixed in the next build.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I dogged this poo phone from day 1 and all the marks here were like “oh, it is the pure experience” and “oh, it will get updates faster”.. bwaa haaa haa this thing was just plastic junk & weak leftover hardware – like that joke of a camera – with ICS and is already old old old news and wrought with issues. SO glad I did not blow my upgrade on this phone.

    Want to see something badazzz? See the SGSIII that would “raise my spirits” if it came to VZW but sadly, don’t expect that.

    • PC_Tool

      Bitter, much?

      • Jacob121791

        I think he is just jealous….

        • Let’s not resort to using an iSheep’s argument.

    • RadicalPie

      Are you 12?

      • EvanTheGamer

        Uhh…I don’t think he’s 12. 12 year old have the common courtesy to keep their f’d up comments and opinions to themselves. I’d say he’s around 5-8.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Whoever liked his comment is an f’n idiot. Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, his trollish followers.

      • Calculatorwatch

        Why is it that reasonable comments get consistently ignored and one-sided, inflammatory comments get all the likes and attention?… The internet sucks

    • Logan_jinx

      u mad bro?

    • Liderc

      The Nexus will probably have Jelly Bean before the SGSIII even comes out.  

      • BTLS

        That would be t*ts

    • Dain Laguna

      how is ics old old news?

      • Josh Groff

        Sensation 4G has it, Rezound has it, G2X has it, Thunderbolt has it. Need I continue? Been using ICS since January… Sure, none of them are “official” But who really cares about official. THIS IS ANDROID!!!

        • Liderc

          99% of the people who use android smart phones care because they don’t rom or use non-ota updates. 

          We’re a very small 1%, I wouldn’t even wager that we’re 1%.

          • Josh Groff

            And about half of those people probably couldn’t tell you what version of android they have.

          • Liderc

            Just because they don’t know, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from having the latest. 

          • Josh Groff


        • Dain Laguna

          exactly. none of these phones ACTUALLY have it. and given how long gingerbread was around, and how many phones still run it, hell…still SHIP with it, calling ICS ‘old news’ is pretty retarded imo

    • Mannysaurus

      Want to know how I know you got a Bionic?

    • Boomerod

      Um, plastic piece of junk compared to what? This phone is as tight as they get. Yes, there are a few bugs that surface from time to time, but by no means is this phone a POJ. Some of the most complained about issues are with signal and data and quite frankly, I think it has more to do with LTE being rushed out by VZW. This is a market where awesomeness lasts not so long; speed to market is the name of the game.

    • Hating for the sake of hating isn’t a good look.  Please troll again.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I don’t care when we get the next Galaxy Nexus update, just as long as we get an update soonish. Not to sound like a complainer, but my Galaxy Nexus has been acting strange as of late(actually has been for awhile now). Random freezing/reboots…hang ups(apps hanging for like a few seconds, then goes on to act normal, etc), etc, etc.

    Hopefully this next update will fix most, if not all the issues everyone has been experiencing.

    But don’t get me wrong, I still thoroughly enjoy the bloody hell out of my G-Nex(greatest phone I’ve ever had next to my Droid X), but it would be great to see some of these rather annoying issues/bugs get resolved with the next update. Here’s hoping!

  • MKader17

    “Ever since, users have been stuck with an extremely buggy build and have fallen back on the developer community to help make their devices more stable.”

    Seriously? I rooted on day 1 and didn’t install a ROM for a long while. The reason I did install a ROM was to get features that the stock ROM didn’t have. It was in no way to make the device more stable. I realize some people have had problems, but “extremely buggy” is a term I have never heard.

    You’ve stated elsewhere that the G-Nex is one of your favorite devices and that you couldn’t last going back to Gingerbread because of some missing features, but you consider ICS to be “extremely buggy”???

  • Tim242

    Anybody running stock on a Nexus deserves to wait.

    • Scott

      Anybody who forked out $200-$300 for a phone deserves something that works.

      • Tim242

        It works just fine. All software has bugs.

        • Dain Laguna

          that may be true, but this was supposed to b relatively bug-free…one of the biggest appeals of a nexus device.

          an ex vzw employee who works with me talked about the laundry list of issues the nexus shipped with…and how they nailed it up to the wall and joked about how it was almost as tall as him. 

          some of the bugs that have plagued early nexi are far from simple. i’m glad google is making good on sending updates quickly. 

          if people spent 99 bucks on a nexus,(which i plan to) they probably wouldnt complain as much. but paying flaship prices? that raises concern.

          • Burghschred

            I’ve had the nexus since the day it was released and have had no real problems with any bugs. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’ve had NO problems. Even if I did, I’d rather have it open the wrong app once a month than have to deal with all the BLOAT on all the other VZW Android devices.

          • Dain Laguna

            well i’d rather have a quirk every now and again rather than bloatware (playing with a razr and rezound last week at a vzw store really made it hit home how bad the bloat really is), but my orginal point still stands: i’m glad you’ve had no issues with your device, but alot of folks have. 

  • Stupid comments from RAZR and REZOUND owners in 3…2…1…

    • das0527

      Kimir, here’s your comment from this Rezound owner – 

      Eat a dick.

  • fallsgable

    I bet ICS 4.0.5 will be released on 4/05….just a hunch!

    • Booboolala2000

      And the SGSIII will be released with 4.0.4. Lol

  • Skyskioc

    I smell a leak coming soon !

    • fallsgable

      you’d better wear Depends™ then…

      • JustTrollin69


        • You’d better = You had better
          It is used when giving advice.  He was advising Skyskioc to wear Depends.

  • Tim242

    Extremely buggy? Not even close. That is exaggerating.

    • RadicalPie

      Yeah motoblur on my droid x is extremely buggy. This gnex goes down like a shot of rum and perhaps every now and then a hiccup

      • 4n1m4L

        I’m completely stock, use the cloud for music, and have to admit, sometimes as a cellular device it fails. A lack of data connection, and slow handoffs are all I’m upset about. Occasionally when i push the button for sms, it opens ebay, but who knows what that is about. And my favorite wallpaper, microbes, makes everything choppy. Even dragging the ring around on the home screen slows down. The app drawer opening uses all of 3 frames over the course of a second or so. But I rest assured, that with a few adb and fastboot commands, i could put anything i wanted to on here. That makes everything else relatively irrelevant. 

        If I wanted to, I could fix it myself.

        • bryan

          Sometimes when i press the sms button, it will just open the last app I had open.

          • Smeckle

            That happened to me all the time when I first got the phone. Lasted for a week or so and hasn’t happened since. It was incredibly annoying.

    • theineffablebob

      But it is a little buggy. Data issues and battery life are my main issues with the phone (Verizon LTE version). Otherwise it’s a beautiful device.

    • Keith

      Glad this was the top comment.. After reading “extremely buggy” I thought I was in the minority since I haven’t noticed any bugs. I don’t read the forums though so I wasn’t sure.

    • Counsel Dew

      My gnex isn’t usable as a phone. I call it a paperweight…

  • Merritt Seth

    April 5th maybe?

    • Bodhiballer

      More like April 1st! 

  • Michael Forte

    Ugh that sucks. Panda’s usually right though.

    • mordyF

      April is right around the corner dude!

      • Michael Forte

        Yeah true, I forgot how late in March it was already.

  • Hopefully it will be leaked sooner

  • sc0rch3d

    i was on stock ICS for nearly 3 days….that was 2.99 days too long

    cm ftw

  • Asd

    I think you need to use some software that’s “Extremely buggy” before you can saw android is this.

    • MaryJane

       Like your grammar checker?