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Google Wallet Team: You can Add Prepaid Cards Again, We Tossed in $5 to Apologize for the Last Few Weeks

Moments after we reported that Google Wallet users were seeing an additional $5 in their accounts without warning from Google, everyone received the email we have attached below that explains. And yep, we were right. Google wanted to apologize for the last few painful weeks with their service and has decided to hand out another $5 for any inconvenience they may have caused. 


As you may have experienced over the last few weeks, we temporarily disabled the feature to add the Google Prepaid Card back to your wallet if you previously removed the card or reset your wallet. We temporarily disabled this feature to ensure the security of our Wallet customers. We recognize this may have been an inconvenience for you, and we did not make this decision lightly.

We are happy to announce that you can now add the Google Prepaid Card back to your wallet with the newest version of Google Wallet, and any funds that you previously had on the card should be restored, unless you contacted Money Network and asked for a refund of those funds. To add the Google Prepaid Card back, you will first need to update your Google Wallet application to the most recent version.

To compensate you for any inconvenience this may have caused, we have credited an additional $5 (five US dollars) to your Google Prepaid Card. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 855-492-5538.

Thank you for your continued support of Google Wallet, and we look forward to launching many new and exciting features for you to enjoy in the coming months.

The Google Wallet Team

So get back to adding your cards, if you didn’t already. Enjoy your extra $5 at 7-11 tonight.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Bennotae

    No effect on my Verizon GN. Very disappointing.

  • projectorinski

    I didn’t get $5…


  • Phil Austin

    last few weeks?  i believe they meant last few months.  it’s been down for a long time!

  • duke69111

    For anyone wanting to know how to prevent the secure element error when flashing new roms, nandroid backups, updates, ect…
    See the forum thread here:  http://androidforums.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-all-things-root/500485-secure-element-problem-google-wallet-help-new-post.html

    Its the last 5 or 6 post that give directions and helpful tips.  

  • I wonder if they are rolling the $5 out in waves. I uninstalled and reinstalled on my gnex using the workaround, but even after adding the card back in I still don’t have $5.

  • steveliv

    was there a new version released. the version on my phone (1.1-R52v7) is the same as what is listed on the android market wallet page.

  • No $5 for me, oh well.  GW has been working great since I got my Nexus besides having the “unsupported device” message.  I have been adding money to my prepaid and spending it.  Thank you Google for not almost buying me a pack of smokes.

  • Great now after GW was working after I reinstalled the leaked version now I’m getting unsupported device again! ugh!

  • Ryan

    I installed Google Wallet from the apk on my Verizon GNex and later uninstalled it. Will I have Secure Element issues if I try to reinstall it or try to install Isis when it comes out?

  • duke69111

    No $5 for me.  🙁

  • Does anyone know how to get the updated version of wallet on the Nexus?

    • Tim242

      Are you on stock, or custom ROM?

  • Singhp7

    How do i install google wallet on Rzer

    • summit1986

      You can’t, no NFC support.

  • MrBlonde04

    How nice, I wish more people would give me 5 dollars for minor inconveniences. ^_^

  • i <3 google 🙂

  • Joe Fischer

    uhhhh i got 10 bucks? not complaining

  • Skyskioc

    Mine still says    UNSUPPORTED DEVICE    Does this mean it doesnt work ? I did get my 5 bucks though. Havent tried it yet at 7 11.

    • Tom Burke

      It will still work just fine. It’s Google’s way of reminding you that they will not help/support you if something happens due to vulnerabilities with root/roms.

    • Q

      cause you’re rooted.. should still work

    • TheRealBeesley

      Tried to use mine today while it said “unsupported device” at McDonalds.  It did NOT work.  

  • Dbarden31

    hey google where is my $5? Lol

  • Enzy

    I’m getting a message saying that the app can’t be downloaded due to an error (940). Anyone have any idea what this may be? Doing the workaround, btw.


      pretty sure vzw blocked google wallet…i cannot update either

      • Yea, I tried doing the workaround, kept getting that 940 error. Now I had to resort to using the APK, and hoping it’s secure.

  • CompulsiveGambler

    Can I use it to buy Lotto tickets?   That would be a sweet multiplier!

    • No. In most states you have to pay for your cheap gambling in cash.

  • Bigsike

    Well I haven’t gotten the 5 extra bucks but I did have to re install the leaked version after the app was showing unsupported device. But it’s working now I can’t complain.

  • zuyu180
  • Bogy25

    Now patent this so those fokers at apple will never have this – patent everything and make them die

  • Funny story. I installed the original APK from launch and it took me to the market and updated me without protest. My balance is still zero though. – Verizon

  • ddevito

    This still doesn’t fix the secure element issue. So this pretty much means whoever has this issue needs a new phone entirely. This is complete and utter bullsh1t.

    I want my money back. 

    • Tim242

      If you have insurance, replace the phone. If not, add insurance. They are having open enrolment. Then, clear the app properly before uninstalling/reinstalling to avoid the secure element issue in the future.

      • ddevito

        You’re right – yes, I do have insurance. But because of flawed design I have to pay $50 for a refurbished phone just to continue to use something that was working great.

        I’m hoping Money Network can reset my account.

        • Tim242

          How can you call it flawed design, when you technically aren’t supposed to be using it? You did it to yourself. BTW, the deductible is $99 for most smartphones, I including the Nexus. Well worth it, just in case I f*&%k up my phone by hacking it. This is why carriers don’t want you rooting, or using unsupported software. Most that f*&%k up their phone, want to blame everybody but the person that did it. You have to take responsibility for your actions.

          • ddevito

            Okay – I like your comments on this site so I’m not going to lash back, however….

            The issue has nothing to do with the phone. The design flaw is on the Money Network side. I call it flawed design because Google has NO CONTROL over the transactions – yes, that’s a flaw. They have the resources to accomplish this but do not handle them. Application functionality that resides on 3rd party servers is far from a good design, or even secure for that matter.  

            Just because a carrier doesn’t support it for foolish political reasons has nothing to do with actually using the application. To top it off it certainly shouldn’t seize the NFC chip entirely just because I can’t use an application.

            In case you didn’t know when a user experiences this “secure_element” error not only can’t you use GWallet but the NFC chip seizes entirely, and the ‘More’ menu in Settings is inaccessible. Yes, DESIGN FLAW. So that means being unable to access other core functionality of the device and the OS. Yes, design flaw.

            The issue is on Money Network’s servers, they need to reset accounts because once you install an OS update the unique ID will change. I believe even on OTA will change this unique ID so be prepared for more people to have this issue. 

            Yes, wiping the app beforehand would’ve fixed this, but like a good boy scout I backed it up. Who would’ve thunk it that it would be the opposite scenario??

            Carriers don’t care about people like me and that’s fine, but I hold Google on a higher level. And to top it off it’s a NEXUS phone, so activity like this is expected. A little heads up wouldn’t have killed them.

          • Tim242

            I understand that it affects the NFC chip entirely. However, it was using that unauthorized app that caused it. There are certainly things that they could do better. However, blaming them for the issue just seems unfair. I’m lucky I dodged the issue, but glad I have insurance there, for whatever harm I may cause : )

          • It doesn’t effect the NFC chip for me and I have the Secure Element error. I can still use Beam and get into the more menu just fine. From what I have heard it will be fixable with a update that should be coming out in the next few weeks.

          • ddevito

            Yes, I can use Beam also, but only after uninstalling or killing GWallet.

  • fvqu

    If only I could actually use the app, stupid Secure_element.

    • ddevito

      I’m with you – still doesn’t work. But now that it has updated again I’m going to (once again) call Money Network and try to have my account reset. 

      Do the same. Call Money Network, open 9-5 CST.
      (855) 896-0693 – make sure to have your TSM# handy (you should have that number on your electronic receipts) – it’s how Money Network stores your info. Give it a shot.

  • Parrothead

    You could’ve fixed the reprovisioning issue over a week ago, just required a a complete flashing of the system. Couldn’t get it to reprovision even after update last week, so I just went back to 4.0.2, rooted, flashed 4.0.4 like I had before. No problems on Wallet after that.

  • MKader17

    1. Make $11 per device
    2. Give each user $15
    3. ????
    4. …Profit?

    • They are nor really giving users $15 because they get some money back from the purchase you make. So depending on how you spend the $15 and what their agreement is with MasterCard… it could be a lot different.

    • vitriolix

       Different business units with different P/L.

      $15 to aquire a user is really not that much, take a look into it and you’ll be surprised just how much people lay out to get a reoccuring, paying customer. 

      • KleenDroid

        $15 to acquire a customer is cheap. I would pay that all day long.

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Yeah buddy!!!!

  • google just bought me a 40 of OE lol…..

    CHEERS Google!

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    • man you from the old school

  • TooBigToFit

    Thanks Google, you know how to make things right.

  • Steve Hadlick

    True. You have to do as Justin said, load from the side. There was also a market workaround but I thought I heard that was plugged and that was a few months back.

  • I don’t get it. Why are some getting this and not others? I’ve had GWallet since I got my Gnex, had the free $10, spent it, had the locked out card for a few weeks, had it come back a week or so ago, and I am on the latest version. :/ Any ideas?

  • Justin Everett

    New version of Google Wallet for dl here on XDA forums;

    Installed fine for Verizon GNex.  Not seeing an extra $5 though.

    • Casey Garske

      Thanks, couldn’t find on XDA. I don’t have 5 extra bucks either, but I also never had a problem.

    • I already had wallet installed. Wasn’t seeing extra $5 there. Uninstalled and tried to update wallet using the workaround of installing wallet. That workaround doesn’t work anymore. Finally installed it using the direct apk. Added the prepaid card again. But I got the same $10 as earlier, not the extra $5. All in vain… 😛

    • I downloaded the life but my phone says I can not open it. Please help.

    • Do I have to be rooted?  I know the first version I did not have to be.

  • Kal5el

    Since I’m sure some are trying to update their apk, I got the 5 bucks on my Wallet.  v1.1-R52v7

  • smokeey

    Still not getting the extra $5!

  • Arcospark

    Wallet app indicates “not available by your carrier” which is Verizon Wireless.  I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Is this something new?  Broken?  Stupid?  Any work-arounds?


    • Steve Hadlick

      Verizon doesn’t support Google Wallet

      • Justin Everett

        Doesn’t mean you can’t install it on the side and use it anyway ^.^

      • Tim242

        I use it daily on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus .

        • BGRUGGER

          i could use mine also, but unable to ‘update’ app through play…says device is unavail.  Sooooo…works, but not supported by vzw.  Trick to getting updated version and $5?

        • BGRUGGER

          just found your other post with apk…you seem knowledgeable here, so my question now after updated apk…where would the updated $5 be?  ive refreshed my balance and still no additional monies…also, no email.  Thanks for any info! 

          • fvqu

            There’s no new apk, they just add the money to your account. Nothing of a new update to the app was mentioned here.

    • APK is available here. Sideload it. (Direct link, will start downloading immediately): http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=955536&d=1332208568

      • KevinC

        everyone, do not download this.  it is a very dumb idea to put up a hacked up google wallet apk that stores financial information.

        just download it from the market using the browser trick.

        • Justin Everett

          It’s not a hacked up version, it’s just an apk save version of the market one from what i see.
          I understand the concern and caution, but read up a little into it before slamming it.