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FoxFi Enables WiFi Tethering Without the Cost, No Root Required

Another awesome application to come out of the Play Store today is the FoxFi app. It allows you to use WiFi and Bluetooth tethering on your phone without the added cost of a tethering plan on your carrier’s bill. The best part is there is no root required either so you can install and be up and running in minutes. The app allows you to create networks to use with tablets, laptops or gaming consoles even and lets you create a SSID and password all to your liking. There are many phones supported but there are a few that FoxFi is still working on getting up and running. Users with the Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR are reporting no problems whatsoever so head on over to the Play Store and start tethering.

Play Link

Cheers Steve, Aaron, and Mike!

  • Raq

    I have the RAZR HD (jelly bean). I downloaded FoxFi connect my son ‘s ipod. When I got into settings from the iPod and add the network and password in, it tells me it cannot find that network. What do I do? Please help. I’m stupid when it comes to this stuff.

  • Fox Fi has stopped working on my droid razr since Veizon automaticupdate. What now?

  • matt

    How come I cant use it on Verizon thunderbolt? It say HTC phone is lock. Help please

  • mjy1971

    Will this work on a phone with no phone service?..I have a droid X 2 that I no longer use and wonder if i can d/l this and use?

  • Droidian

    The Federal Communications and Verizon Wireless agreed to a $1.25 million settlement that will also allow Verizon subscribers to use their smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots at no extra charge.
    The agreement may save some Verizon Wireless subscribers $20 a month. But figuring out who exactly benefits isn’t so straightforward. So we’ve put together this FAQ to help you understand what it means.
    What did the FCC settle with Verizon Wireless?
    On Tuesday the FCC and Verizon announced that they had agreed to settle a 10-month long investigation into Verizon’s management of the 700 MHz wireless spectrum the carrier is using to build its 4G LTE network. The so-called open access rules state that licensees offering service on C Block of 700 MHz spectrum “shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee’s C Block network.”
    The FCC found Verizon had pressured Google to remove 11 apps from its app stores that allowed customers to use their smartphones to create mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for other devices.
    Under the terms of its settlement with the FCC, Verizon will make a voluntary $1.25 million payment to the U.S. Treasury. The carrier has also notified Google that it no longer objects to the tethering apps. And the carrier also said that it will no longer charge customers using third party apps an additional fee for using their smartphones as wireless modems.

  • By the way, I could not download this from the app store, I had to visit the website and load it because ATT has put this on the dis-allow list (yes I made that up but I am sure its called something similar!)

  • This works great on my Samsung galaxy S2 Skyrocket on ATT!

  • ronskid

    what phone does this work best on i have tmobile thanks

  • umwmt

    i wonder how many people will never realize this exists and pay an extra 20 bucks a month for “mobile hotspot” haha not me!

  • It tells me to use to Bluetooth mode. What does that mean? Can I still use the hotspots option?

  • inmotion

    What an extraordinary app. It works out of the box. I have a Nexus 7 and a Samsung phone using Foxfi. The Nexus 7 saw the Foxfi WiFi and the N7 was able to connect to my Samsung phone successfully, thus, allowing internet access. Whoever developed this app is darn good and I know this person or company has/have a lot of talent.

  • How do I transfer a file?

  • uncle Pauly

    Does this app work with Verizon thunderbolt?

  • Chello!

    They DO charge. It interferes with my Internet and they send me a text saying I used up 100% of my Data and it says something about $100. And my Dad pays for my Phone. I thought Foxfi was FREE.

    And I am on the Computer for at least 5-7 hours a day.

  • agapito72

    does this charge my data antherwords will will my data be efected by this

  • flybikes1330

    I dont get on here much but just thought id let you guys know for useful info ive been using for about 3 months now use it everyday for laptop and ps3 and use between 5 and 7gb a month and no problems yet

  • ?

    is it gonna affect my bill, ? I have a droid x2 from verizon

  • Girl

    The longer the foxfi hotspot is on, the higher the phone bill… :/

    But it finally gave me wifi!!!

  • This app has been out for months.

  • SCB

    I downloaded the app onto my Droid HTC Incredible. No problem. When I went to use it, I got a message that said the application was locked. The message said to use Bluetooth instead. Any way to get around the wifi lockout?

  • joe

    does foxfi work on iphones

  • Works great even on my rooted Samsung Precedent! (I rooted it specifically to get a wifi – infrastructure – hotspot using Android Tether). Android Tether worked sometime but recently stopped working! In frustration I installed “Foxfi” (free app, no root required) and it works PERFECTLY, and seems less buggy then Android Tether. Plus, your carrier will not know (it’s unlimited – why should they care?). Check description in Goole Play (market) to make sure your phone is not one that doesn’t work (there are a few). These devs deserve a contribution!

  • Johndollar

    Just a thought,

    wifi and blue tooth tethering apps provided by

    the telecommunications
    providers to find you

    Fool me once, shame on you;
    fool me twice, shame on me

  • Culloa1963

    I have read many posts about “rooting” the TB so one can use it for mobile hotspot. Since I have no desire to “root” my TB I would prefer to use a app that allows for tethering to accomplish the same thing. My problem seems to be with the TB. I have tried about 4 different apps from PDAnet to FoxFi only to get the following message that HTC has a Hotspot Lock so I am not able to activate the app unless I use USB. How does one “unlock” so I can use the Wi-Fi app? I am mainly wanting this function for our iPads when we are not in a Wi-Fi area. Thanks for your time.

  • Jesse Hudson68

    If this is free can some one tell me why it keeps record of how much data aka bytes and kilo bytes or whatever it is that im useing? I need to know because if its keel track does that mean im gunna be charged?

  • casillas213

    Still works. Gal nexus.

  • Jayne

    Ok…newcomer here!!  Question (keep in mind I am not tech savey so be gentle please!)  I have a Droid x. (long story short)  We were with Verizon for almost 20 years, when they had many other names!  They did us real bad a few months ago, even by their own admission!  We left and had to get another service.  There is now a debated amount owed on the bill and my Droid has no carrier.  It has wifi and all internet apps etc when I am in the right location.  All that to ask this… can I download Foxfi on my Droid without a phone provider and get internet anywhere?  I’m confused!  Don’t laugh, just be  nice and answer please 😀  Thank you and God Bless!!!

  • dude

    Does this foxfi app charge?

  • Koche005

    I have T-Mobile unlimited. Worked fine for a day our 2, then I got a msg to pay up or be blocked. Galaxy s2.



  • scooby4me


  • Androidy

    Why isn’t there any information about the FOXFI developer. Is this app free of malware?

  • Deborah

    I see a lot about downloading this to my phone, which I did and it works great.  But can I download it to my laptop and get the same performance?

  • Joewjesus

    I just found this app but my computer is saying limited access no ip address found. I am using a cspire samsung galaxy showcase s. Any suggestions

    • April

      If you find out please let me know bc I’m using the exact same thing and getting the exact message

    • Solution should be simple. If you get limited access then on your phone enable the airplane mode for a second, then disable the airplane mode. wait for your 3g/4g data to kick back in, that should fix it.

  • Boris

    Same her, I would love to donate…many thanks to guys who developed it, great work !

    I noticed, some posts mention word “stealing”. Well, I think if carrier charging money for unlimited data (my plan) and does not allow using it – it is carrier who is the thief and stealing my money by dishonest execution of service agreement. These corporate PR doctors just pushing the buttons of decent people who hate being called thieves to make a buck on their sheepish customers. Wake up guys, you are not the ones who steal, you are the ones who are being robbed.

  • juan

    Can someone help me. Cant get it to work with boos mobile lg marquee.

  • Actjackson1987

    Hi I was wondering if u could fix this app to work on a htc rezound?

  • Polkovnik Cole

    Does anybodys internet crash when they use it on the Droid X2?

  • Usmcccy

    Fix for HTC Please!!!

  • jaybels

    I tried to connect with my Razor but when I try to connect it asks me to input a device password, which is not the password i set for the foxfi hot spot, can anyone help?

  • ZadaadaZ

    Besides root, what is the difference between using a wifi app and changing the entitlement check in  the DB file?  Does it add an extra layer of smoke and mirrors to the carrier or is it samo-samo?

  • Onsoku

    Installed last night; works great!  However…I can’t seem to locate the developer’s website…and that make me paranoid…is this a chinese hacker designed app, and Google just hasn’t caught on to it yet?  http://www.foxfi.com redirects back to “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxfi”

  • How can I get this on the Samsung Captivate.  Its says it’s unsupported but it works on the Samsung Fascinate and they are identical phones with same version of android.  Any ideas or where I can install the APK third party source.  Thanks Guys

  • dmagicp

    I remember a long time ago when wireless routers first came out for consumers and the internet providers were in an uproar about it. They wanted you to pay seperately for each PC that was connected to the internet in your home. A modem was provided for the primary computer with your plan, and each additional PC that you wanted to connect had to have an additional, seperate, modem, and its own additional fee. My provider even mailed out a letter “warning” me that if they detected the use of a wireless modem connecting more than one PC that I would be in violation of my contract and my service would be cancelled. I don’t know if they wern’t able to actually detect people using wireless routers, it was more trouble than it was worth, or both, but in the end the wireless router won out. Today, wireless routers are so commonplace, that the notion that you are “stealing” from your cable provider by using one sounds utterly ridiculous. It seems that whenever new tech comes out, corporate greed rears it’s ugly head and a plan is devised to capitalize on it. And that is what we are seeing right now with wireless data. Hell we as consumers are even helping the cellular providers excersize that greed by adopting the mindset that they want. How many times have we heard a fellow commenter say that we are “stealing” data by using wireless tethering apps? I think that eventually, wireless data will be freely shared between devices just like hard wired internet connections are, today thanks to wireless router technology. I am a firm believer that if I pay for a wireless data package, I should be able to use that data however I see fit. Verizon charges 30 dollars a month for a data package, then, they charge another 30 dollars for a mobile hotspot, so in reality, they are charging you for the same service twice. That’s like going to the gas station, paying 20 dollars for a can of gas, and paying the gas station another 20 bucks to put half of that same can of gas in my other car.  Ok, I am stepping off my soap box now. Thank you DroidLifers for letting me vent. lol!

  • Ronh95

    No wifi tether w/FoxFi for HTC phones at all… : (

  • Mikel61101

    Works on my rooted droid 3 and my moms non-rooted d3 had to flip on airplane mode then flip it off and it worked like a champ… I’m a very rare user but for emergencies will leave it on.

  • Jahhh

    This is the greatest app in the world. I’ve been using it for weeks and it is flawless… which concerns me why droid-life is so late to the party… I’m also concerned with them raising awareness about it. Im not sure if it’s smart to write an article about an app that Verizon might consider illegal. I discovered it on my own and kept quiet.

  • D.Charge

    droid charge aint playing well with it 🙁 or maybe im just doing it wrong.

  • Baljinder Singh

    Sucks that it doesn’t work on any HTC phone, Would love to have this run on my phone.

    • 9host99

      it works with HTC phones, but bluetooth only. tried it out this morning with my TBolt and it works great!

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I downloaded and tried it yesterday. works great on my GNEX…

  • JulianZHuang

    i installed even tho everyone around got a data plan already…..

  • Sporttster

    Was using ‘Wifi Tether’ app and dumped that for this. It runs smoother and doesn’t have connect issues when viewing certain sites like the other app had. Nice app!

  • Kbiswurm

    Cant sink my Thunderbolt to my iPad using this.   I did try using the Bluetooth option. Still nothing. Any suggestions?

  • joyride1031

    If this continues to work…  Where can I donate at?

  • Sb_smith2000

    This app works well but as other posters have mentioned, just about any hotspot toggle works too, at least on the Galaxy Nexus. I’m using widgetsoid on my phone to put toggles in my notification bar and it works just as well as this app to start up free wifi hotspot.

  • wait what? I’ve been using this app for months… what is new here? 

    • Billyrouth2000

      Its new to a lot of people, dummy

  • Mike

    I’m the Mike of the props given above.  I have to give props to my co-worker J for letting me know about this.  I run this on my stock G-Nex and it works flawlessly.  I’m running my desktop off the hotspot as I type and I connected my wife’s crapiPhone to it to run a software update with no hiccups.  This is a great tool for spontaneous needs of wireless service.  

  • Craig

    Fantastic app.. takes about a minute from install to up and tethered!  Thanks DL, and who cares how long it’s been out there?  I wouldn’t have known without DL.

  • Tzoller

    Used it successfully in conjunction with an ESPN app  to watch the UNC v Duke game earlier in the year when I was working at a women’s shelter that lacked internet.  Worked flawlessly,,,,

  • Linux4ever

    It works fine on my Droid 4…

  • Kolin Shapiro

    works great on mine and my dads non rooted droid bionics! 😀 works great on his tablet…. now i just need one….

    • The_Other_Ray

      Does your native hotspot icon pop up in the notification bar as well as the Foxfi icon? It does on mine but it doesn’t send me to the vzw hotspot sign up web page. It works though but I don’t know if the native hotspots icon popping up means anything of concern.

  • Dom Alegria

    I cannot get any wifi tether apps to work. I’m on a rooted Droid Bionic… Anyone care to help?

    • Kolin Shapiro

      thats interesting… cause i have a non rooted droid bionic and this app worked great for me and my dad who has the same phone…… 

  • Aaron

    I love this app which is why i sent it into droid life, hence my name in the credits! And after using this app extensively, I can report that Verizon in no way knows about me using this app. I have not received a single text message, email, or push notification warning me. However, this app is limited on HTC devices (cannot do wifi tether, but bluetooth DUN is still an option) I contacted the developer about this problem and they reported to me that it is due to a lock that HTC puts on the tether application. It turns out that this app revives the original Android tether application created by Google that is hidden by the service providers, thus providing a tether root free! 

  • nsauce7

    Works with my PS Vita which I couldn’t get to work with the Wifi teather app. Little skeptical about how it uses the built in teather (from settings) to work. GNEX aokp M4

    • Me too. I posted thread over on Reddit on the r/vita about FoxFi and I’m not getting much Karma about it. lol 

  • jwthrush

    I’ll test this when I get home, but from what I see it appears to be working flawlessly on my GNex.

  • Guest12


  • Wish Unlimited Was Unlimited

    I’d love to see some analysis of how this is or isn’t trackable by VZW… if you are locked into unlimited data, is it worth risking having it taken away if they find out and kick you?

    • Aaron

      I have used this app since it came out, and i reported it to Droid life, hence the name in the credits, and I haven’t received a single text message, email, or push notification warning me about tethering without a plan. And if you are grandfathered in it would be hard for Verizon to legally take away your unlimited data or at least if they did they would have a lot of ringing ears from customers calling and yelling and screaming about this. As long as the bill is paid they can’t really do anything.

      • Thomas Cirmo

        Gee, thanks for putting it out there for them to block faster.

        • Noyfb

          Thank you eric, aaron, steve, and mike

          • Aaron

            Your welcome, i found this app and i wanted to share it with fellow droid life readers. 
            @john, for most it won’t increase overall data usage because unless there is a major event going on like a road trip, camping, loss of internet, etc. most won’t utilize tethering apps like this that often. 

      • Balls


      • John

        Increased data usage isn’t the only method they use to flag tetherers.. and they can take away your unlimited data if you break your contract by tethering.  but i do it anyway!     

    • Ryan

      Doesn’t matter if they can track it or not. The FCC ruled they cannot charge you for tethering.


      And if you look at their new share everything plans, it states it includes tethering but I thing it would be reasonable to assume the FCC ruling applied to those of us grandfathered into unlimited data.

  • djembeman

    Holy Mollee!!!! I love this app!!!!  Does PdaNet do WiFi Tethering? No!!!!  Does PDANet cost you money, Yes!  This app is amazing!!  Best app ever made!!!  No cost to the user.  No need to install PC/MAC software.  All the other tethering apps I’ve used, root or non-root, have always dropped the connection after about 10-15 minutes when using a WiFi Hotspot password.  I only had a slight hickup where I had to turn off and re-initiate the WiFi HotSpot.  After that I watched a whole episode of South Park and came back here to read the posts.  It has not lost the internet connection at all for the last 45 minutes.  Just AMAZING!!!

    • KevinC

      pdanet does have wifi tethering now, with the support of foxfi. don’t you feel stupid now.

  • Ive known about FoxFi for a while. It doesnt work on my Droid2. It enables the hotspot but then 3G connection is cut and doesnt reconnect until I turn off FoxFi. 

    • Guest

       Are you rooted?  It works on my Droid 2 Global (now unrooted after foolishing soak-testing the latest root-breaking upgrade).  

  • Works great on Samsung Fascinate! Great work!

  • Anybody know how this works without root? When working with android-wifi-tether* code I could never figure out how to enable tethering without requiring root?!?
    * http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/

    • bria

      I believe it bypasses the security check of the carriers hotspot check it appears to use the carriers hotspots this app has been on the market over a month It works on the bionic and droidx as well

      • socalrailroader

        That hurt to read.

  • Jim Beam

    Do you like FoxFi better than PdaNet 3.50?

  • Tom Burke

    Anybody else notice that Kellex hasn’t been posting much at all? Only 6 posts in the last 4 days. I miss him 🙁

  • Bionic

    Awesome app.  

  • Carlos

    Works very well with rooted Droid3 and Asus TF101 running Revolver 4.0. Thanks DL. 

    • Bionic

      whats revolver 4.0?

  • Guest

    Verizon will definitely have Google remove this app from the store.
    But can Verizon *BLOCK* existing users from all future use?

    • Bionic

      this app has been our for a few months now and verizon has said nothing so far.  

      • teh_Jughead

        When I check reviews it was launched on March 8th. Not sure if it’s been hidden for months or what?

  • N8shon

    Works great on my Razr Maxx. 

  • Absolutely bad ass app. Works great on Bionic ! Thanks so much 


    Works on the Droid 4! Hopefully they won’t charge me. I’ve got unlimited data, so screw ’em!

    • kenny-droid 4

      Did you ever get charged. I’m trying to decide if I should root or use this ap to tether


  • Wonder how long it’ll take before Verizon blocks this app!!!

  • PC_Tool

    Configured and working on G’Nex.  Had to go into the phone’s settings for hotspot tethering and set WPA2/password to what FoxFi had.

    Speedtest reported speeds only slightly lower than I get on the phone itself…but still faster than my 20mbit comcast.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Droid BIONIC, have been using it for weeks now and it works great. Works great along side of PdaNet 3.25 app for USB and Bluetooth tethering. 

    • You know the Bionic has native usb tethering, right?

      And this works on my Bionic. Looks like I’ll be using this from now on.

      • RoadsterHD1

        Yeah, but isn’t it where you have to pay for USB tethering cause VZ knows if you use it?

  • W Andrew Scott

    Does not work on HTC Phones,

    • Aaron

      I asked the developer about this and they replied that it is due to a lock thatHTC puts on the tethering app built into the phone that blocks apps such as this but it is still possible to connect with the new Bluetooth option. This is what i have been doing for the past month on my HTC Thunderbolt and it works perfectly on my MacBook Pro and it has sufficient data speeds. Nothing that will make your head spin but enough to get on Facebook and Droid Life.

      • Dannielrodarte

        I have my T-Bolt to, do you think we could remove that block that is on our phone? Just need the name of the file.

    • hoodie nation

      i’m using it on my Inc2 this very second. But then I’m also rooted and on CM7, don’t know if that makes a diff. 

    • hoodie nation

      Definitely works on my Inc2.  Took a pic with my trusty old OG Droid that I just tethered.


    • S. Fitz

      I’ve had the same problem. Bluetooth works fine with the mac, but doesn’t seem compatible with other apple products like Ipad and Ipod Touch as far as my experience goes. I’ve also attempted to use it through the bluetooth app ibluever with  no success on those devices. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • jjrudey

    Didn’t work for me on my Galaxy Nexus

    • French

      You might have to reboot your phone before it will work.  Earlier versions didn’t work on the Max unless it was rebooted after installation.

      • jjrudey

        Decided to try it again. Still can’t get it to work. 

  • rocketdaddy

    Works like a charm! GNex, root, stock.

  • JoshHenry

    YEEESSS !!!! Thanks Droid Life!! Finally free tethering on my Razr without a root!!!!! 

  • Jacob121791

    This has been on the market err… Play Store for a while now.

    • Yes it has, but we wanted to make sure everyone saw it and took advantage. That okay with you? 😛

      • Drummer62

         Should have a stealth section on the site for news like this so as not to raise awareness to the fact that its out and we know about it. It may help to keep verizon from finding out that a lot of people know and may prevent them from needing to take action to stop it!

        • kixofmyg0t

          I didnt know about it until today. Tethering hasnt been high on my priority list though until now. I decided to cancel my Xoom data plan since its always at home on wifi. This will help me when Im in the field at least. 

        • Lane Wollenweber

          +1 to Drummer62’s Stealth post. Tim-o-tato you should follow this suggestion and find a way to stash it somewhere that Vzw can’t see it or find it. Perhaps a special code or ID only available to Droid Life and its members? Also a way to deactivate it or make it “unavailable” if/when a cell provider attempts to view and or access this app. Get it OFF Play Store before it’s too late

          • That would be sweet. I think that would be something suitable for our forum then 😉

          • Chris G

            There is nothing to stop VZ from having a “person” become a member and snoop.  

            The idea is nice, but the reality is you can not hide it.  Unless you only share with people you know IRL.  In which case, why would you put it online.

          • Jenny Rodriguez

            Try this URL
            http://PingCellPhone.com or http://NonPublished.com
            I work for Verizon and love this site, this APP and this Phone lookup site as well.
            Love my Razr, yes I am rooted, I have about 25 gig a month on my unlimited plan and no one has ever said anything about it. 🙂

        • Pastaguy

          If you have a stealth section, how will you be able to differentiate droid-life readers from carrier employees?  A verizon employee could potentially have access to the same stealth sections you have.

      • TheOiulkj

         “Another awesome application to come out of the Play Store today is the FoxFi app”


        Wrong info is wrong info. I don’t think he was bashing the article itself, just the fact that there is a mistake in it’s contents.

        • He meant that we have been covering a lot of apps today, so he meant as in another app we were writing up today. Not that it was new today. Hope that clarifies it today. Lots of todayz!

          • balthuszar

            so not tomorrow?

  • Q

    Tried this and it works on Gnex.

    It seems no different that the “loophole” discovered weeks ago where you can use a hotspot toggle widget to turn on the stock hotspot capability for free.  Ive been using extended controls to turn on the hotspot.  No charges.

    • Samvelavich

      ive been doing that too, but with an app called 1-click tether and its been working flawlessly ever since with no charges on my plan…

      • Droidacon

        Did you update it when the recent update came out? I hae not because I worried that it would stop working.

        • Samvelavich

          Yeah i updated, didnt change a single thing. I guess verizon and samsung arent too aware of it whichis a good thing 😀

  • jimbob

    FoxFi has been around for months…

    • did you submit a tip to droid life about its existence prior to this article? then please stop trolling. this is news to a lot of people. 

      • Pimfram

        You clearly don’t know what trolling is. And I have no interest of alerting a site about an app on the Market.

        • If you’re just trolling then say hello to my hammer 🙂

          • jimbob

            Hello, Mr. Overstepping Your Bounds.

          • Michael G

            Ohhhh SNAP!

          • i got your back tim *walks over to the trunk of his car and grabs an aluminum bat out of the trunk*

        • Del

          So why comment

      • agreed.. i didnt know about it..and Im glad to  know about it now.. and I frequent all the Droid blogs

      • STiK

        Exactly which part of “FoxFi has been round for months…” is considered trolling? Looks like a matter of fact statement to me.

    • Wilm

      Would all of you stop saying “this has been around for months DOT DOT DOT” And????? Do you want a Gold medal, Star, or maybe even a cookie for it??? If Youre sooooo up on the newest SH*T  contribute something to droid life instead of taking up space

      • Agreed… Thank You! 
        Wilm – It’s such crap that we have to work around the carriers like this.  I pay for my data and I should be able to use it for whatever I want.  Thank god I have the G-Nex, AOKP M4 and franco.kernel with unlimited data on mine and my wifes phone. I was having a hard time finding a tether app to work with her Fascinate but this app is awesome. 

        • Droidian

          What Verizon’s FCC tethering settlement means to you (FAQ)
          Verizon’s recently announced deal with the FCC means subscribers can stop paying extra for Wi-Fi tethering. CNET’s Marguerite Reardon aka Ask Maggie explains who benefits and who doesn’t.

          by Marguerite Reardon August 2, 2012 10:53 AM PDT

    • Billyrouth2000

      Get a life, loser

  • j__h

    So no client side software is needed?

    Is Verizon going to be able to track this?

    • JoshHenry

      so what I would put up the fight of my life if verizon tries to charge me for this.. my data is already effin payed for. they already tell me how much i can use.. what gives them the right to tell them how i use it.. ?? these carriers piss me off.. 

      • Jesse Hudson68

        I fought with Verizon bc i bought a hotspot and got a ridiculous bill for going over usage which i dont believe we did. Im worried to use this app bc i dont want the same thing happening..

    • If you have 3G and start sucking down a lot of data, they’ll just offer you unlimited 4G and maybe even give you a phone. 😛

      • j__h

        Not sure if joking?

        Does not matter much anyways as I have the GNex

        • He wasn’t joking. That’s how I got my GNex for free. 🙂