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Contest: Tell Us Why You Want an Android Tablet Instead of the New iPad, Win One of Two Transformer Primes and Docks (Update: Winners Picked)

asus transformer prime

We are teaming up with NVIDIA once again to offer you all a chance to win the top Android tablet on the market. The Transformer Prime along with its matching Lapdock station, was the first tablet in the world to sport the powerful quad-core Tegra 3 processor, capable of delivering an Android experience no other slate can. With the unparalleled gaming experience that the Prime and NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone can deliver, this tablet should have been on everyone’s Christmas list. But don’t worry if Santa didn’t bring you one, here is a another chance (for two of you) to receive one along with a docking keyboard station.  

Update: We have our two winners:

Sirlandry – I want a real pad to learn Android development and possibly effect the community in a big way with some fresh ideas and ways of thinking!

ONeal Pierce – Would be great to finally get a tablet.  Using my Thunderbolt screen is ok but would like larger screen, without lugging around a laptop on the road for work.

How to enter: (do as many of the following as possible, #4 for sure)

1.  Follow both @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Want to win an Asus Transformer Prime? Check out @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/BgBTJ #android

3.  Like Droid Life on Facebook.
4.  In the comments, tell us why you want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad.

Entry period:

You will have from the time of this posting, through Monday (3/19/2012) at 8AM Pacific to enter. U.S. entries only.


Two winners will both receive 1 (one) Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet along with 1 (one) Lapdock Station.


Two winners will be picked randomly on Monday (3/19/2012) at 9AM and announced shortly thereafter. The winner will be contacted through their choice of entry (Twitter, Facebook or comments).

Good luck everyone!

Huge thanks again to NVIDIA for hosting the prizes! Be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for some of the best mobile games you will find anywhere.

  • fajitatt

    ICS, more customization, open, true quad core processor… and the last reason, it’s not made by Apple 🙂

  • Skunk13

    Hmmm Android, need I say more.

  • lisa vaughan

    Because Android tablets run Android and not iOS !!

  • Mat Murdock

    Because it it can turn into a netbook.

  • peezwizz

    Because I am not a sheep! 

  • Zerocool_418

     First of all I have never been a fan of the iPad, I’ve a Android phone for a year know and totally love it , the fact that we have moved that system into a tablet is just simply genius and awesome, let make Apple run for its money. I enjoy it and find it user friendlier then the iPad in all honesty. I was messing with my friend’s iPad and git so frustrated at it I could not figure out how to do anything, but when I was at a store trying out the Asus Transformer it just made since its easy, simply and great. That why I would not get an iPad.

  • Wnagatani

    Reasons why my heart stirs for yonder Android Tablet (specifically the Transformer Prime) rather than the new iPad, oh let me count thy ways:

    5. My heart yearns, nay longs for the NVIDIA TEGRA 3 instead of an A4 processor
    4. My loins stir for the ASUS bootloader unlock tool
    3. I long for Ice Cream Sandwich
    2. I <3 Google

  • J.D. Freeman

    At some point you have to ask yourself what is the coolest phrase to say,

    “I am feeble minded and had to take my ipad in for repairs again”


    “Hey Buddy, hands off my Transformer Prime!  Go get your own Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • Zach Lindner

    I love Asus’s dedication to the customer. Have seen nothing but good things about all the updates and fixes to problems found on their devices.

  • Jonathan

    I just want to own a Android tablet.

  • Gotta have Android! And I just don’t really care for Apple. 😉

  • My organization is based around android, I have longed for an android tablet since the first galaxy tab and missed out on the touchpad liquidation!

  • 10 times the functionality at half the price. its a no brainier

    Someone should remake the ” 1984 commercial”  and insert Andy as the hero.

  • Bjork

    WOOT!  The new android tablets are technologically superior to the *Pad.  I want one!

  • Res219

    Because droid > apple

  • jaxxmjd

     I like being able to do what I want with my hardware.

  • Hyper67584

    In one word: FREEDOM

  • Russell Builta

    Because these ARE the Droids I’m looking for!!! 

  • James Stone

    It has real USB ports & a file manager

  • Stephen Mcknight

    Because the name “Transformer Prime” just sounds bad-a$$

  • i want a new android tablet because.. the ram is much more superior.. the response time is better.. the gaming experience is just awesome! i have an ipad2 and i am now selling it to get a android tab. i mean the prime with a keyboard dock is just pure awesomeness !!! plus i do not buy into the hype.. all it took for me was a og droid and i was hooked to android, the customization is far superior to any os out there!! plus the tegra three runs circles around anything apple has put out as of late

  • Andy Blystone

    I don’t need an ipad because i am not hipster enough to need a new status symbol… I’d gladly utilize the ICS goodness of the Prime and it’s super functional lapdock!

  • Wialaddin

    Followed Droid Life for about a year now and if I don’t win I wish everyone good luck

  • Because I want to be able to play nes game while on the toilet on a bigger screen. Who doesnt?

  • Power, choice, flexibility.  The Tegra 3 packing prime is more powerful that the iPad 3, there is more choice in Android with 2 major app stores and various device configurations (tablets w/keyboards, phones with docking stations, heck, tablets with different screen sizes!) and flexibility — it’s rather sad that a Nook Color can stream Amazon Prime video while the iPad cannot.

  • Because I am fiercely loyal to a brand (Nvidia) and a platform (Android) that have over the last decade set the boundaries of our technological frontiers.  Android has given our communities the opportunity to be self reliant, conversant, and well involved in its own growth and evolution…placing us the users at the center of the development brainstorm.  I want this tablet because it is on the forefront of another breakthrough created and advanced by ourselves.  I am very proud to be a a part of it, and I would be proud to own this device as well.  

  • TonyT

    Tegra 3, opensource, ability to customize as i see fit…keep your iCrap, I’ll stick with my Prime

  • The new iPad’s features are for show. I would use this for actual work, and be able to do things that I would never be able to on the locked down ecosystem the iPad lives in.

  • RoboRobP

    I want the Prime over the iPad because the iPad is just last years Android hardware.

  • George Pfeiffer
  • Robert Strayer

    Because I love widgets!

  • Because the asus prime is the way to go. Apple just has to much of their stuff locked up and just to clicky…and snobby

  • Because it’s better than the iPad 3 😛

  • geedee82

    Because I freakin hate itunes!

  • Seth

    iWho?  i much prefer android 

  • Fred Mei

    because I want a tablet and I don’t want to have the embarrassing conversation “yes I paid $800 for this thing and all I got was a retina”

  • Android is better.

  • Srshreve

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad mainly for one simple reason: Free Google Music Cloud.

  • the iPad is not even an option.

  • Fierogt5spd

    Android is just plain better than iOS!  Android Rocks

  • Yianni Mavrophilipos

    I would love to pop out the sd card from my canon and edit images on my transformer prime with the keyboard dock the next time I visit my family.