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Contest: Tell Us Why You Want an Android Tablet Instead of the New iPad, Win One of Two Transformer Primes and Docks (Update: Winners Picked)

We are teaming up with NVIDIA once again to offer you all a chance to win the top Android tablet on the market. The Transformer Prime along with its matching Lapdock station, was the first tablet in the world to sport the powerful quad-core Tegra 3 processor, capable of delivering an Android experience no other slate can. With the unparalleled gaming experience that the Prime and NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone can deliver, this tablet should have been on everyone’s Christmas list. But don’t worry if Santa didn’t bring you one, here is a another chance (for two of you) to receive one along with a docking keyboard station.  

Update: We have our two winners:

Sirlandry – I want a real pad to learn Android development and possibly effect the community in a big way with some fresh ideas and ways of thinking!

ONeal Pierce – Would be great to finally get a tablet.  Using my Thunderbolt screen is ok but would like larger screen, without lugging around a laptop on the road for work.

How to enter: (do as many of the following as possible, #4 for sure)

1.  Follow both @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Want to win an Asus Transformer Prime? Check out @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/BgBTJ #android

3.  Like Droid Life on Facebook.
4.  In the comments, tell us why you want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad.

Entry period:

You will have from the time of this posting, through Monday (3/19/2012) at 8AM Pacific to enter. U.S. entries only.


Two winners will both receive 1 (one) Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet along with 1 (one) Lapdock Station.


Two winners will be picked randomly on Monday (3/19/2012) at 9AM and announced shortly thereafter. The winner will be contacted through their choice of entry (Twitter, Facebook or comments).

Good luck everyone!

Huge thanks again to NVIDIA for hosting the prizes! Be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for some of the best mobile games you will find anywhere.

  • fajitatt

    ICS, more customization, open, true quad core processor… and the last reason, it’s not made by Apple 🙂

  • Skunk13

    Hmmm Android, need I say more.

  • lisa vaughan

    Because Android tablets run Android and not iOS !!

  • Mat Murdock

    Because it it can turn into a netbook.

  • peezwizz

    Because I am not a sheep! 

  • Zerocool_418

     First of all I have never been a fan of the iPad, I’ve a Android phone for a year know and totally love it , the fact that we have moved that system into a tablet is just simply genius and awesome, let make Apple run for its money. I enjoy it and find it user friendlier then the iPad in all honesty. I was messing with my friend’s iPad and git so frustrated at it I could not figure out how to do anything, but when I was at a store trying out the Asus Transformer it just made since its easy, simply and great. That why I would not get an iPad.

  • Wnagatani

    Reasons why my heart stirs for yonder Android Tablet (specifically the Transformer Prime) rather than the new iPad, oh let me count thy ways:

    5. My heart yearns, nay longs for the NVIDIA TEGRA 3 instead of an A4 processor
    4. My loins stir for the ASUS bootloader unlock tool
    3. I long for Ice Cream Sandwich
    2. I <3 Google

  • J.D. Freeman

    At some point you have to ask yourself what is the coolest phrase to say,

    “I am feeble minded and had to take my ipad in for repairs again”


    “Hey Buddy, hands off my Transformer Prime!  Go get your own Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • Zach Lindner

    I love Asus’s dedication to the customer. Have seen nothing but good things about all the updates and fixes to problems found on their devices.

  • Jonathan

    I just want to own a Android tablet.

  • Gotta have Android! And I just don’t really care for Apple. 😉

  • My organization is based around android, I have longed for an android tablet since the first galaxy tab and missed out on the touchpad liquidation!

  • 10 times the functionality at half the price. its a no brainier

    Someone should remake the ” 1984 commercial”  and insert Andy as the hero.

  • Bjork

    WOOT!  The new android tablets are technologically superior to the *Pad.  I want one!

  • Res219

    Because droid > apple

  • jaxxmjd

     I like being able to do what I want with my hardware.

  • Hyper67584

    In one word: FREEDOM

  • Russell Builta

    Because these ARE the Droids I’m looking for!!! 

  • James Stone

    It has real USB ports & a file manager

  • Stephen Mcknight

    Because the name “Transformer Prime” just sounds bad-a$$

  • i want a new android tablet because.. the ram is much more superior.. the response time is better.. the gaming experience is just awesome! i have an ipad2 and i am now selling it to get a android tab. i mean the prime with a keyboard dock is just pure awesomeness !!! plus i do not buy into the hype.. all it took for me was a og droid and i was hooked to android, the customization is far superior to any os out there!! plus the tegra three runs circles around anything apple has put out as of late

  • Andy Blystone

    I don’t need an ipad because i am not hipster enough to need a new status symbol… I’d gladly utilize the ICS goodness of the Prime and it’s super functional lapdock!

  • Wialaddin

    Followed Droid Life for about a year now and if I don’t win I wish everyone good luck

  • Because I want to be able to play nes game while on the toilet on a bigger screen. Who doesnt?

  • Power, choice, flexibility.  The Tegra 3 packing prime is more powerful that the iPad 3, there is more choice in Android with 2 major app stores and various device configurations (tablets w/keyboards, phones with docking stations, heck, tablets with different screen sizes!) and flexibility — it’s rather sad that a Nook Color can stream Amazon Prime video while the iPad cannot.

  • Because I am fiercely loyal to a brand (Nvidia) and a platform (Android) that have over the last decade set the boundaries of our technological frontiers.  Android has given our communities the opportunity to be self reliant, conversant, and well involved in its own growth and evolution…placing us the users at the center of the development brainstorm.  I want this tablet because it is on the forefront of another breakthrough created and advanced by ourselves.  I am very proud to be a a part of it, and I would be proud to own this device as well.  

  • TonyT

    Tegra 3, opensource, ability to customize as i see fit…keep your iCrap, I’ll stick with my Prime

  • The new iPad’s features are for show. I would use this for actual work, and be able to do things that I would never be able to on the locked down ecosystem the iPad lives in.

  • RoboRobP

    I want the Prime over the iPad because the iPad is just last years Android hardware.

  • George Pfeiffer
  • Robert Strayer

    Because I love widgets!

  • Because the asus prime is the way to go. Apple just has to much of their stuff locked up and just to clicky…and snobby

  • Because it’s better than the iPad 3 😛

  • geedee82

    Because I freakin hate itunes!

  • Seth

    iWho?  i much prefer android 

  • Fred Mei

    because I want a tablet and I don’t want to have the embarrassing conversation “yes I paid $800 for this thing and all I got was a retina”

  • Android is better.

  • Srshreve

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad mainly for one simple reason: Free Google Music Cloud.

  • the iPad is not even an option.

  • Fierogt5spd

    Android is just plain better than iOS!  Android Rocks

  • Yianni Mavrophilipos

    I would love to pop out the sd card from my canon and edit images on my transformer prime with the keyboard dock the next time I visit my family.

  • I want an Android tablet because it has usb-host support. Game pads ftw!

  • Android makes me feel like a grown man, the app store is so much nicer.  iPad seems like they’re trying to call me a dummy.  can’t move the icons around the way I want and stuff!

  • I’d rather have an Android tablet so I can install whatever software I want and not be limited to what Apple approves in their app store. Freedom!

  • Open source. Wide variety of hardware to fit your needs & price range. Standards in storage, ports, & connectivity. Affordable prices.

  • Joshua Harris

    Because with an Android product I have the freedom to actually use it as a computer rather than a toy.

  • Xevin

    Why? Cyanogen.

  • Mcalcagno

    My entire family are apple fanboys. My 2yr old son has an ipad2, my wife a 4S, my mother and father both have iphones, ipads, appletv, macbooks and imac. I’m the only android convert and I want a top of the line android product to show them why android is superior! That and it pains me to pickup my son’s ipad for a quick websearch. 

  • Because of control. Android lets you have control every aspect of the tablet…. the new iPad not so much… Plus I really like the widescreen format better than the 4 by 3 format…

  • rich w

    i hate apple,never owned an apple product..no flash player on apple.huge fan of android and cant wait till it grows bigger and better with more apps…been looking at the asus prime and its the best rated tablet for android out there for now..

  • Matt Emmert

    I want an android tablet instead of an iPad because I want a more versatile tablet and the transformer prime has all of that.

  • No iTunes!
    And it’s a flexible customizable platform.

  • Rob

    The iPads are not evolving. They are stagnant and dull. Android on the other hand continues to explore new technologies. Believe it or not, the company that I work for is starting to embrace Android as a supported platform on the same level Apple. The tablets are actually allowed to remote into the desktops as where the iPads are not. This would make my job much easier since I never have time to be at my desk for more than 5 minutes.

  • Dave S.

    Android tablets are better because of rooting and apps like setcpu.

  • Joshua Louden

    I would root it, and then build my own ROM for this.

  • wise

    Because it doesn’t require installing iTunes

  • The Android community are my kind of people.  A network of people sharing ideas and entertainment choices.  The Apple community are mostly arrogant and high strung thinking their junk is second to none.  Personally, I will always stick with Android.  My Android has been with me through thick and thin and good times and bad.  I have texted friends with lifes greatest moments and saddest letdowns on my Android phone.   It will always be part of my life.

  • Will Lemmon

    Because I’ve thoroughly invested all my apps, music, money and time into Google’s services.  I’ve done this because I believe Android is truly better than iOS in every way because anyone can contribute to it freely.  It’s open and encourages creativity rather than stifling innovation.  Google also doesn’t spread propaganda calling this the “Post-PC Era” like Apple and claiming that their tablet is better than a Tegra device without showing any statistics  I believe both of these to be false.  I’ve also really wanted to get into Android development.  

    I’ve yet to get a tablet, and my Droid X is getting really old.  Please help me out!

  • I would love to own a Transformer Prime for these following reasons:

    1. I’m a new father with a unemployed wife and can’t afford to buy this awesomeness on my own.
    2. Repeat #1 again.

  •  Several reasons why I would like an android tablet over an Ipad. 1. Customization: skins, widgets, interactive wall papers, themes and all without voiding my manufacturers warranty.
    2. Amazon app store: One free paid app every day and access to even
    more great applications, one of which my favorite is plants vs. zombies
    3. Google: Say what you may about their newer approach to social media
    but wireless and continuous contact, calendar, and document sync is
    amazing and you don’t need to download an external program to manage it.
    Oh btw free voice activated and voice navigated gps and places
    application? Duh. 4. Google Music: The ability to access my
    entire music collection wirelessly whether it is through itunes or not
    and not having to take up storage on my tablet. 5. Mascot: May be silly but hot damn that android is adorable. I love my andru charger and my think geek plushie
    6. Versatility: If I want it big, small, or super amoled+ I have a
    choice in the kind of tablet that fits me and my budget best. Not just
    something slightly better and almost identical in look to the last one.
    7. Flash: If anything that annoys me more about apple is flash and how
    a response to why flash isn’t on ios is because the company wants to
    invest more on html 5, so that means my current user experience has to

  • JMac726

    Because I want the actual best technology, not what the guy without a job who sits at Starbucks all day told me is the best.

  • staticdet5

    I can flat out do more with an Android than an iPad/iPhone anything.  Write my own apps?  No problem.  Connect with more services?  Done  
    Let’s not forget the better processors and the ability to “play under the hood”.
    Android lets me enjoy it on my terms.

  • rad187

    I want an Android tablet because over the IPad because the Android tablet it more useful in my opinion.  The IPad it locked down so tight you can’t even navigate the file system without first rooting it.  Also, everything on the IPad is proprietary which is something I can’t stand.

  • Joseph

    I’m loving me some Tegra 3!  See what I did there? It rhymes!

  • ericsorensen

    Android tablets go to 11

  • ericsorensen


  • Joe

    How can you pass up having flash and the ability to change anything you want on your tablet?  iPads are all the same.

  • Mark Christian

    I want a new Android tablet because I dont want to follow the cult of mac 🙂

  • ericsorensen

    I refuse to use the Apple proprietary connector!

  • ericsorensen

    Two words – Eye Tunes!

  • linda brooks

    Because the Android tablet is easier for mr to use

  • Zach Beals

    Because why get only a tablet when you can get a mini laptop?

  • it’s just a better tablet

  • I want one because my wife stole my Xoom.

  • dochill4u

    I want this tablet because android blows apple out of the water and it will help me be more organized!

  • The New iPad looks the same as the old ones and is still just a bunch of icons on a screen.  Android  tablets are only getting better (you see that Chameleon UI?!).  

  • Martyn Haigh

    because I don’t want to live in a walled garden – it’s my hardware and my software and I want freedom to do what *I* want to do with it, not what Apple wants me to do with it.

  • IceSlicer

    Two reasons: custom ROMs and widgets.

  • i love the customization the android OS gives you.  so many options, so much fun.

  • James Little

    Here are the Reasons Why I Choose a Android Tablet over a Ipad

    1)Android- Free Games Apps and Everything   1)IPad-Only 15 % of Free Stufff – That Sucks
    2)Android Just Rocks                                                  2)Apple Ipad Who

    Android Always Wins when it comes to Tablets because Apple just Stinks because they hold you back to your Full Potential and I have Used a Galaxy Tablet in the Past and Android Was just so Much Easier .

    I hope to Win 1 Of the Tablets and If I do I will be Doing a Video Unboxing For Everybody to see and Post it on Youtube and On My Most Favorite Site Droid-Life.com

    Ohh and 1 More Thing Why Android Is better then Apple

    Android Has ICS And Apple has nothing Close and Also When it Comes to Having the Newest Equipment with the Best Camera Who always Comes out on Top Android Does


    Droid Life you have a Great Day We will be Talking Soon

  • There are so many reasons I want an Android tablet over an iPad; first and foremost I like having control over my devices! Not sure how so many people get so excited about little square icons on the iPad but Android widgets give me all my important information without having to open the app. 

  • Treoberry

    Life is short. Why use an iPad and have that device control me when I can use a Transformer Prime to control my world?

  • Chu Da Wookiee

    As a former employee of Google, I bleed lil green androids! My favorite aspect of the andriod OS is the community the is behind it!  Great apps and a great tool for many aspects of all our lives!

  • One word: Freedom. 

  • Mary Ann Millman

    I love my Galaxy Nexus, my first Android device. I was hoping to look at tablet options later this year and because I have no Apple products, I intend to stay with Android. 

  • Ulnek75

    because i want a tablet that is customizable and flexible as far as what you can do with it. unlike an ipad, which is like a tablet with training wheels.  it’s like preferring a real car over one that’s on a track in an amusement park.

  • Benetnath

    Because widgets are the only way to use a tab !!
    widgets =! ipad 🙂

  • Dannielrodarte

    Aside from all the features that make a droid tablet a more desirable and better tablet, an iPhone or iPad has never kept me up at just the idea of owning one.
    I really need this tablet in my life, I will gopro myself using the tablet from the first moment I get it and post it online 🙂
    Please pick me!!!


    Why I want a Android tablet over and iPad? I’m over the iHype. Pundits and Apple Kool-Aid drinkers can say what they will but the co-creator if Apple, Steve Wozniak loves Android it should be taken seriously. I want an Android tablet because it is a more open platform than iOS and is feature rich.  Plus I’m a bit tired of Apple running to court ever other day to sue Samsung while Samsung supplies them with A5s, memory and Retina displays. Get a life Apple.

  • @I_am_orange

    It;’s simple, I prefer Android over aPple. 

  • LittleBiscuit

    I want a Prime tablet  over the ipad because the prime is made for gaming and ICS is pure joy. The ipad is made for hipsters who live with their moms. 

  • Marlon

    Thats Simple
    1. the software is asap updated!
    2. runs stable and fast!
    3. the best apps comes out, only for android!
    4. best battery lifetime!
    5. huge CPU  Quad Core for best performance, yeah! 
    6. no aluminum body, ha stable cases are for hipsters!
    7. retina displays are for people who needs magnifying glasses, hm, wait, what?
    8. Andi Rubin, the genius behind android (I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant, mh yeah, look what smartphones means?!), so its safe that android will rock even better each release!
    9. they reinvented the hole thing! no microsoft you’re wrong, its not a copy of icrap!
    10. last but not least, this user friendly OS, man, only 30 % return rate (http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/26/androids-dirty-secret-shipping-numbers-are-strong-but-returns-are-30-40/)

  • I’m sick of Apple. Ever since I gave up on the iPhone, I went straight out Android. Everything I use is now tied to Google. Long live Android!

  • ewilliams1009

    I want this tablet because it is a pure Prime ICS experience and I can game to my hearts content. I’m in love!

  • I want an Android Tablet instead of the new iPad because I can’t stand ios. I want clean home screens and freedom to do what I want with my device. In general I just don’t like the iPad or the iPhone. Plus I don’t want to have to worry about buying all my games again. 

  • Brett Ward

    I can’t use Apple products. They insult the very fundamentals of my intelligence and independence. Therefore, having the best of the best Android gear keeps me satisfied. After a rough entry into the Android world with the Droid X, I’ve been having a great time with my Galaxy Nexus. I love having a more open, standard piece of equipment. Although school has been in the way, I’ve been working on some pretty nice projects as well for ROM development.

  • HDotBaines

    I want the Transformer over the iPad because I prefer innovation over imitation.

  • Willtron

    Because I value my hands and i don’t want them catching on fire.

  • Scottyb112

    Cmon, I wouldn’t be on Droid Life if I wanted an iPad… Im Android all the way, and I really want to win that Transformer Prime.. ~Team Droid~

  • Justin

    I strictly believe in the old adage,

    “an android a day keeps the apple away”

    and that is why I want a new Android tablet instead of an ipad.

  • Justin Betancourt

    I want one because it would intergrate better with my galaxy nexus and google tv than an iPad

  • aj34

    I want the Transformer Prime because it has ICS goodness! YUM, YUM!

  • I want one because of Androids openness. that is the number one reason out of the thousands of reasons Android is better than ianything.

  • Bm0403

     I want an android tablet with a Terga 3 because I am all about power, what American isn’t?

  • Adam Klein

    Simple…open versus closed

  • tiptoptommy

    i have loved android since i first laid hands on my ogd and have abandoned apple since…… that’s all i have to say about that…..

  • Benjamin Green

    I want the Asus Transformer Prime because it has better battery life than the new iPad, a better aspect ratio than the new iPad, more flexibility than the new iPad in the way of widgets, and has a keyboard dock and Nvidia Tegra which make it far more powerful than the iPad. And that is all.

  • Benavidez19

    Cus I love the freedom that android offers.

  • Luis_lxxxix

    I want the power of Tegra 3 because my Tegra 2 Xoom running ICS rom EOS 1.0 is awesome! I can only imagine ICS on a tegra 3 Transformer Prime. Also looking forward to the gaming, (just recently started using my ps3 sixaxis on the xoom). The dock would be the icing on the cake, enabling me to almost completely replace my laptop.
    On the other hand, iPad is boring to me. No option for sweet physical keyboard attachment, no freedom, too simple, meh..

  • valjean615

    I want an Android Tablet over an iPad because I like ice cream sandwiches and the open source of Android!

  • An android tablet due to being open source and having such a wide developer support…plus OPEN Android > Apple iSteal

  • Zachary Gabet

    I want a Prime because I do NOT want any more Dr-Suess-ian-oversimplified technology that is destined to go the way of other status symbols like Members Only Jackets.  

  • I cannot stand the sight of the walled garden. Android loyalist, right here!

  • because i hate itunes

  • demolition505

    I want this tablet, so I can fully customize it to my liking. I’m really anxious to test out the power of the Tegra 3. The lapdock will be awesome for school, and I really want to play some Tegra Zone games on it.

  • Salsa2333

    I prefer an android tablet over an ipad for countless reasons. Customization and freedom to do what I want, how I want are just a couple. I have a better overall experience doing the things I do most on a tablet…internet browsing, email and gaming are flawless. I prefer Asus because they are a quality company. I build computers and every build has to start with an Asus motherboard, no exceptions…they’re that good! Award winning motherboards translate to award winning tablets to me.

  • The ipad is cool dont get me wrong with the retina display so vivid. But to me the quality lacks in every way. I don’t like apple products, they dont know how to evolve software wise. Android are the #underground kings- Drake

  • Would love an android tablet to accompany my android phone…

  • Kane_0316

    Because as an IT that I’m, I feel it meets my needs and it’s more customizable than the ipad or any other apple product.

  • Jdorant

    Because one button just doesn’t cut it

  • leimeisei

    Because I need to show all the people at my school who think they’re soooooo friggin cool with their iPads that there’s something better on the market…

  • I Robert O’Connor the 1st would very much like an ASUS Transformer Prime with an accompanying Lapdock Station, because with this power and only this power I will be able to end world hunger, bring about world peace and show all those smug black turtleneck apple fanboy freaks how a real tablet should operate. 

  • Tony Ward

    Times are tough and I just had to sell my Xoom to make my car payment this month. 

  • Kenton T. Goldsby

    I want an Android tablet rather than the new iPad because Android platform is so customizable compared to iOS. After getting an Android phone (Evo 3D), it is hard to imagine getting an iPhone.

  • Arglmr

    AnDroid Is Now, Here And FOREVER

  • BrianBrick

    I want an Android Tablet instead of an iPad because my android tablet can be whatever I want it to be (especially with the lapdock). sure the ipad is compatible with plenty of services, but i dont want to be limited to the apple app store. being an aspiring mobile developer myself, I’d have one more tool in my arsenal to eventually share my efforts with the world on all android platforms across many manufacturers, not just the overpriced iStuff

  • wrenchme

    “I don’t buy into the “Apple Ecosystem”, and the lack of memory expansion stinks.”

  • Khammy101

    quad core 

  • Yitzmail

    Because I love android and it would be the ultimate dynamic duo with my Droid phone!! Ipads are the hype but I love android which has soooo much more to offer!

    Leave the pads for the lads – us big boys need our droids – Droid life!

  • Grant M

    Because with Android you can make your tablet your own. You aren’t confined to the way Apple wants it. And the Transformer Prime specifically has the most power and best design out of any of the tablets on the market. 

  • Anth

    When the transformer prime came out I could not get one as the availibility was not there. Now the IPAD 3 is out and I had to take another look. My heart is still set on the transformer prime because Android is not restricted like Apple restricts their products. Well I no longer have the funds for either but winning a transformer would make my year. Android forever!

  • Calculatorwatch

    I want a Transformer Prime because anyone who tries to do actual work on an iPad just looks like a goofball… It’s all about the keyboard, baby.

    Plus Android is just better.

  • PuzzleShot

    I want a Transformer Prime instead of an iPad because I prefer Android to iOS. I had an iPod touch and I know what it is like, and while I don’t mind it, Android is more my cup of tea. The notification tray with icons visible at all times means I don’t have to pull it down to remember what has happened. The multitasking isn’t limited to seven APIs, so I don’t have to worry about leaving an app on screen for it to do what it has to do. I can have widgets (music player widget), apps that activate by touching certain parts of the screen (like Wave Launcher), change the keyboard, get a new lockscreen, whatever. I’m invested in Google so it makes sense to use Android, especially with exclusives like a native editor for Google Docs and a Reader app, as well as the fantastic Google Play Music. If I wanted to, I could change Android to look and act like iOS, but I can’t do the opposite, and that alone reflects the power of the Android platform. If I’m willing to learn and put in effort, I can make my Android tablet do anything, and even without that, it still does quite a bit out of the box, improved by clever apps from clever devs.

  • The Race To Die

    root. rom. enjoy android.

  • Ben Schulz

    I want to play games that have optimized graphic and turn my tablet into a functioning laptop.  It’s that simple.

  • jrgray27

    Because I want the best product that’ll have longevity.  And love trying the underdog product.

  • shawn thomas

    Owning an android tablet over an ipad is a no brainer.  The opennes of Android beats IOS hands down.

  • Rmoyer62

    I want an android tablet because of the freedom provided by open source. Root,overclock, custom software..yes please..a device named after a feminine product controlled with an iron fist? Thanks but no thanks

  • MKader17

    The simple reason that I choose Android over Apple is because of the Transformer’s dock and its ability to accept so much extra memory and other devices.

    Also, Android has much better flexibility. I’m confident we will see the community get Ubuntu booting on tablets in the future.

    For Android the possibilities are limited by your imagination. With iOS, they are limited by Apple. 

  • Ice Cream Sandwich is sooo delicious, that’s why I want it

  • because ICS > iOS

  • Clayton Ebeling

    iCrap suck because it cant/dosent: use Flash, Comes with USB Drivers (Mount USB drives including 500G+ Drive), mount SD and Micro SD cards, HDMI out, and more that i cant think off the top of my head. Bam!

  • Because the Crapple marketing engine will not trick me into thinking a simple feature change makes a better tablet…and that’s the bottom line, because Android Andy SAID SO!!!

  • Kevin Faaborg

    I want one instead since I have more options in the Android market than I feel I do with an iPad, plus the cost of many of them are much less than the same i device.

  • Robert Hanna

    I want a real quad core tablet. Not just a boosted dual core tablet. 

  • Emac4209

    I would rather have the freedom that Android provides.  Options are a good thing!

  • Trevor Mack

    Because I’m interested in a tablet and 1 don’t like anything Apple makes … too locked down and 2. Don’t think Micosoft will pull through with win…and that’s too long to wait anyways!

  •  I want an android based tablet because of how open it is.

  • Chris Pipkins

    There are many reasons that make the Transformer Prime a better device. My favorite reason is – flash.  This poster needs updating.  NO – not with, “your iPhone will now display flash”  No – we need to add ‘/iPad’ to the ‘no flash’ list. 

  • Because it isn’t 1-size, 1-choice fits all!

  • Billy d

    It’s simple, I hate Apple products and the sheep that follow Apple’s every word and product, yet can’t give an educated response when I ask why its better than Android products.

    Plain and simple, I want one because Android tablets are awesome!

  • Eff Apple. Android is the way to go… 

  • I’ve tested an iPad out for a couple weeks, the entire time it felt like I was handcuffed.  Give me something that won’t fight me while I’m suing it.

  • Eric_D

    There are so many reasons, but I definitely want it for its awesome name! The Transformer PRIME! 🙂

  • Robertvalentin

    The Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet would be a perfect addition to the family. I would give it caring home. I have been able to avoid the iPad this long, I would ratheer continue the Android streak which has between very satisfying for the last 2 years.

  • It seems like having anything made by Apple is more of a status symbol. I’d much rather have a tablet with more functionality than simply buying a name.

  • Rctp10

    Because I could really use an android tablet at work to replace my laptop. Ipad wouldn’t work for what i need it for.

  • Rajee
  • I am just looking for Tablet with excellent build quality backed by a dependable manufacturer like ASUS. A tablet that looks sexy, has plenty of power, and can be fully customised unlike an iPad. I believe the ASUS Transformer Prime has all the qualities I am looking for in a Tablet. 

  • Zachary Kellner

    I have found that while Apple has gone out of its way to create an accessible product, Android devices simply have greater potential to be used for both work and play.  With its “open” ecosystem, developers are able to create programs that bring viable tablet computing to those of us wanting to stretch mobile computing into a real world application.  Apple’s products are limited by the “closed” ecosystem Apple has enforced.

    There is no denying the quality product that Apple has designed, but it quite frankly just isn’t the device for me!

  • Rajee

    Like you on FB

  • Rajee

    Follow both on twitter

  • Rajee

    Love to win becos my pc is very slow and I can use it ony for twitter. I can also check emails with it.
    Keeping my fingers croosed super tight

  •  I swore off Apple products long ago

  • jafunk

    i don’t want an ipad because i like to have control over my tablet. i like to be able to customize my stuff the way I want, not how apple says it works.

  • 2.5 words, Ice-Cream Sandwich! 

  • [email protected]

    I want an Android tablet instead of the New IPad because I want it’s awesome new features to drop kick my friend’s IPad in the mouth!


    I’m not a pretentious hipster ‘nough said.

  • Stupidalphabet

    I want an Android tablet because i am tired of Apple invading so much of my conciousnesss. I pull out my Motorola Xoom hoping to sit down and endulge in some Android news and all i hear about is the damn iPad. At least a new tablet might make me feel better.

  • Justin Morea

    Want to continue to use all of my existing Android Apps!

  • scott braunworth

    Because Android has Uniqueness, style, and the great Android community. I love Android, and will always choose so over Apple!   I want a Transformer Prime!!
    Thanks to Droid-Life, Nvidia, and Asus for the opportunity

  • Eric Sweetheimer

    No dock for iPad! Ill take a android anyday!

  • Cliff Hoffman

    I want an Android tablet over an Ipad because I like the ability change everything, the amount of dev support for Android and the ease of having all my gadgets compatible with each other (phone, tablet, TV, computer)

  • I work at Best Buy and know just how much better some of the Droid tablets are. Asus, Sony, Toshiba, and others all have more capabilities in and of themselves that iPads do. Apple will forever fall short from Droid tablets because they would rather take intermediate steps with accessories rather than giving users ease of use and efficiency. 

    Asus Prime still blows iPad out of the water!

  • Himal Limbu

    so that i can make 101% sure that my NVIDIA powered ANDROID tablet can perform my everyday task in same manner but in fact better than my friends’ iPad.

  • Erin Hoffman

    I would like an Android tablet over an Ipad because Android is more compatible with my other devices.  Desktop, laptop, phone etc.  I don’t have to wait on files converting and if I have problems opening a file, “there’s an app for that” easily accessible.

  • Matthew

    I love working on my transformer tf101 be would like the upgrade.

  • Adam Metzner

    Because I don’t want a big iPhone.

  • Keithshelnutt


  • Darren Dorado

    Why would a Google fanboy want an open source, android driven, power tablet? Because I don’t have to fight a fruit company about my right to root my device 😀

  • Because I find iOS to be overrated in terms of its overall capabilities and it’s always good to be different. 

  • 3Fing3rSalute

    I’m tired of seeing baristas waiting in line for days for an over rated tablet. Not to mention This would make the perfect bday gift for the wife.

  • Dain Laguna

    1.because its free
    2.its different,most folks i know have ipads as tablets
    3. it has a keyboard, making it infinitely more useful!

  • Garet

    Because as of yesterday my laptop and I have something in common, we’re both broke.

  • i need a transformer prime so that when my gf uses her ipad i can use my prime next to her and basically show her how everythign about it is a billion times bettter. also it would be sweet to be able to dual boot ubuntu considering my laptop crapped out and i need something to replace it for the next several months =)

  • Brooks Barnes

    Because I want to be able to live outside the walled garden….And I don’t want to spend my life savings on a tablet.

  • lleims007

    Android is better with multitasking. Now imagine to use the real multitasking power in a tablet. Plus this is slightly bigger than the Ipad! The perfect size. The prime has 4 cores to handle everything I need plus it’s graphics are powered by Nvidia, something that I consider better than the Ipad as well. That’s why I prefer more an Android tablet and what better than getting the most powerful android tablet that is the Asus Transformer Prime.

  • Manco78

    I would want an Android tablet over an Apple tablet simply because Android products are the best!

  • Asteosarcoma

    Because its Android. Nuff’ said.

  • Its pretty simple, Android tabs are more versatile than Apple products in general. Android products have faster chip-sets , more connectivity, and the software can be customized more. I have been a believer since the OG_Droid

  • I heard the droid has more flexibility in setup than the Apple.

  • Android, ICS, Quad Core, Companion Core… What’s an Apple? They’re good to eat and that’s about it!

  • I liked Droid life on FB!

  • I tweeted!

  • Liked both on Twitter! @Jeansrhee:disqus

  • Because I am tired of having to explain in words to my colleagues why the transformer prime blows the new ipad away…this way I can SHOW THEM.

  •  Because you don’t need Itunes!!!!!

  • Kyle Green

    Because the Transformer is the best tablet going. Power at a reasonable price and I don’t have to use the app store.

  • Evo4emperor

    I want an Android tablet instead of an Ipad because I’m sick of hearing apple coming out with new phones/tablets every other year and not doing MAJOR upgrades.  Oh yeah I also love being able to have google behind my back and not apple

  • Javis sullivan

    I think there are some good stories explaining what happens when you take apples that you shouldn’t. Apples are not all they’re cracked up to be anyways.

  • xaerosum

    TF201 FTW. I would love to have a great keyboard that provides a mouse and extra battery life!

  • Estella miller

    because I’m sick and tired of seeing the “No Flas”message.

  • nacheeze

    I have been holding off on buying a tablet for over a year in hopes of something good coming out.  Bought a Transformer in November but my brother took it cuz he loved now.  Now I am waiting again.  This Transformer Prime will be nice till I am able to buy a 7in in the next 6 months or so.

  • Deadwolph

    I have had both ipads, and a transformer tf101. And i can say without a doubt, Asus puts out a better tablet hands down. Wish i didnt have to sell my TF101, but needed the money for a trip to see my new niecs.

  • Todd Snigg


  • Sue Barney

    I want a Asus Transfarmer Prime because its a Power House and it would be amazing to own one 🙂

  • Because Android Rocks! And IDK anything about the iPad anyways!

  • Because I love the open nature of the android ecosystem and the dedication of the people who love the platform.

  • The main killer feature for the Transformer Prime is the dock. It absolutely expands the capabilities of the tablet away from confined screen pecking, is a superior gaming platform, and really stretches the battery performance. Exceeds in business and pleasure.

  • Went to Best Buy and messed with the new ipad for about 3 min and got bored.  went to the transformer prime and i started to hear Marvin Gaye-Lets Get It On.   its beautiful!!

  • ericsorensen

    Because a tablet should be more than just an app drawer that can’t be completely customized.

  • Matt Hanes

    I want an Android tablet to use in my classroom because the stupid school district won’t buy me one to teach my Android Programming class.  It would be kind of hard to teach that class with an iPad.

  • Android to me means freedom to think and create something..Apple is rigid and no room for free-thinking..two words…ANDROID FOREVER!!!

  • RK

    Why are we comparing even?

    Where are the widgets?
    Where is the swype?
    Where is the interactive notification bar?
    Where is removable SD card?
    Where is the customizable home screen?
    Where is social clients integrated?
    Where is flash?
    Where is wireless sync?

    Above all, where is ice cream sandwich?

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Cool contest..keep it up guys!!

  • Michelle Bartley

    Because of all the Free Apps& I’m A Droid Lover!!

  • ILoveEgypt

    I want one because I’m not an Apple Fanboy!

  • Bigwavedave25

    I have the desire to make things personalized to the way I want to interact with them. This is why I have an Android phone and is what I live so much about the platform.

    If I were to buy (or win!) a tablet, you bet I would require it to be an Android tablet! Lots of design and interaction choices is what it is all about. 🙂

  • Rootable! Because when I buy a piece of hardware, I’d like to actually own it, not be borrowing it from Apple to use on their terms, as they see fit.

  • Easy – SD Card expansion, and the freedom to customize to my heart’s desire.

  • Eddieg28sp

    Knock, knock.. Who’s there? Apple!… Apple Who ? LMAO.
    Asus products kick ass and and have made real changes to their line of products on a consistent basis as well as progressing the technology of Android as a whole and that’s why I want a Prime from you guys for FREE!!! Never won anything :'(

  • wdeal

    Because I refuse to help Apple reach  $100+ Billion in cash  !!   

  • Jim Reed

    I want an android tablet and not a new ipad because im not creative

  • Would be great to finally get a tablet.  Using my Thunderbolt screen is ok but would like larger screen, without lugging around a laptop on the road for work.

  • TylerB2010

    iOS is boring
    10.1 is a better screen size
    asus’ keyboard dock is the best/most useful tablet accessory 
    I could go on but I think you get the point

    I’m a student in Portland who could really put one of these to good use, fingers crossed haha

  • Because its the best tablet out there!!!!!!!!
    and cause my bracket is really sucking right now. 

  • Cliff H

    Because I’m sick of the proprietary nonsense…the customer never gets the best deal.

  • Shootin4aces

    I am a broke Ohio State student majoring in computer science and engineering!!!  I could definitely use some no Android gear to get my work done in the pimpest fashion possible!!! My ultimate goal is to eventually work for Google… best to start now working with one of the best products created with their software loaded on!!!!  As for an Ipad, who the hell wants to waste excessive amounts of money on an inferior product that is essentially a locked down version of entirely free software with a lil GUI on top????? Innovative, HA, now thats a joke!!!!!!!!

    • Shootin4aces

      correction…..some NEW* Android gear

  • I would prefer android over iOS anyday. iOS is a fine operating system, but with android (and opensource in general) you get an actual community with your phone.

  • because I want a better home screen

  • I believe the Android tablet is better quality. I’ve heard too many complaints about the ipad

  • Mary Deane

    I’d like to have it just because……awesome and fun device!

  • there is no doubt that apple has great products but i like how customizable android is. there is much more fun in that feature alone. i can make my experience the way i want it to be. that is all

  • Because with Android I can do whatever I want, not just what Apple want me to do. 

  • Because it’s an Android tablet and not an iPad!

  • Smitty24

    The Prime comes with a dock the IPad doesn’t. Plus I think apple will be alright if one less IPad is sold.

  • I want one to help my work flow

  • letinsh

    Because this is how I roll…

  • Artistan

    Because I can do more with it!

  • I like the power of the Tegra 3 chipset and the Android 4 OS.
    Asus makes a great Tablet.  My kids love
    the original transformer.

  • George

    I refuse to purchase a device (read: own it), and being told by someone else how to use it.  Plain and simple.

  • This could be an actual laptop replacement, I have an iPad and it is not. 

  • Because one size fits none.  Why would I want to pay more for a tablet that I have to adapt to when I can find an Android tablet more tailored to my needs sold at much more reasonable margins?

  • Wobbler

    I prefer Android in every way, its more user friendly, more intuitive, more flexible and more MINE.

  • I want Android tablet instead of the new iPad because i never have understood the big hype of apple products. I love android better.

  • rlorenz

    Er. I want an android tablet because it’s not restricted by silly rules!

  • AndrewBuell

    I have been a long supporter of android, but my home has now been overrun by every Ipad. The Prime could give me a big the upper hand with console class graphics and a better chipset to smoke all the A4, A5, and A5X proccessors. Oh and because it out classes the Ipad in design quality I think.

  • rlorenz

    I want a new Prime because it becomes infinitely more useful when it’s docked! It’s like a mini-laptop I can bring to class!

  • Djenks24

    Because Android is better than apple!

  • justbaum30

    I want the transformer prime because I want a tablet that offers me the choice, not a locked down piece of hardware

  • david smith

    Prefer the open source platform of android. Custom rooms and such ya know.

  • …Because android gives you choices/options that IOS does not…

  • I want a Transformer Prime to act as a laptop replacement. And that sweet, sweet battery life. 

  • Onebigbrain

    For what I need a tablet to do, android is better.  Period.

  • Justin Grover

    Because ICS looks so tasty. 

  • I want an android tablet because apple sucks

  • Mike Brickl

    I would like an android tablet because I am an android developer and would like to develop for android tablets. Having a physical device to test with would be a huge help.

  • Adamindien

    Because I like an equal balance of minimalism and user control.

  • Donnielaplante

    I have researched tablets for awhile now and have decided i would absolutely only buy an android tab, particularly the asus transformer prime. The TP has hdmi out, effectively making it a portable media player. Who needs a roku now? Stream neflix, hulu and hulu plus right to your HDtv. No ipad has hdmi out. Want to store video files? No problem, with 32 or 64 GB of internal space, PLUS a microSD slot for even more space, you will able to hold many high def videos. No ipad has any type of additional storage option. Perhaps the coolest thing about the TP is the keyboard dock. Not only does it add the functionality of a full keyoard and trackpad, but it adds a full size usb port and full size SD slot. With the USB port, you can attach a mouse, a game controller, or even an external hard drive for the ultimate in storage flexibility. Or just slap in a 64gb SDcard for a more portable storage option. The TP is easily rooted, and Asus has provided tools to unlock the bootloader. Lastly, android vs ios? Please. Total freedom or proprietary frustration? Its simply not a hard choice. When i buy a tablet, it will definitely be an android tab, and most likely, the transformer prime.

  • Why? Because not everything in the world is ipad… There are other choices that are far better, this is both a laptop and tablet in one, it’s open source, it’s free ;), it’s from droid life 😉 x2, it’s android that alone makes it better, and it can play flash! Beat that ipad…

    (My other comment isn’t an entry, ignore it please)

  • sammy gumer

    i want an android tablet instead of an ipad because it is faster than the ipad and has more capabilities. it also has better games and i think the iOS operating system is whack. i think the nvidia tablet is 10x better than any of the ipad’s out there.

  • Android above Apple, not alone for tablets but also for smartphones. The reason is pretty easy, Android is a open platform, it uses Java as base to make apps and there are very less restriction when you want to modify the look and feel of it. For example the homescreen, dailer an sms “windows” are all just apps and therefore in interchangable! You gotta have to love Android!

  • japhule

    I need something to replace my aging viewsonic gtablet

  • Norman

    Because I’m all about Google.

  • Eric A

    I’d like one because my X2 probably won’t ever see Ice Cream Sandwich, and my TouchPad probably won’t either.

    Also, I work in an Apple-centric office and really enjoy bringing in non-Apple devices to show them that technology doesn’t need to have an “i” in front of it.

  • because android is so customizable. and i already have bought a bunch of android apps and never bought an ios app.

  • Eortiz12

    I would love an Android Tablet over an iPad because I am sick of hearing the word iPad or Apple.  Don’t want to join the Apple World.  Androids will take over.

  • Christopher Kadera

    Because other than the superior apps made for the Ipad, (imagine that the gap will close as kindle fires, and nexus tablets sell more), android tablets are far more useful and flexible, in my humble opinion.

  • Why? Because not everything in the world is ipad… There are other choices that are far better, this is both a laptop and tablet in one, it’s open source, it’s free ;), it’s from droid life 😉 x2, it’s android that alone makes it better, and it can play flash! Beat that ipad…

  • ryanrj1352

    1. Too expensive
    2. Overrated
    3. Apple users are snobs
    4. Did I say overrated?
    5. Its not Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erick

    I need an ICS tablet to go with my Nexus. No iPad for me as I don’t like walled gardens or iTunes.

  • This is much more versatile than an iPad because it can play Flash.

  • bwash

    I want this to show my wife the power of Android plus I need a good gaming tablet ABC you could never go wrong with tegra and the tegra zone

  • Kev S

    I prefer having the option to do what I like with my device versus what Apple says I can or more importantly what I CANNOT do with my device. I want to be able to pick my tablet out of a pile of tablets. One iPad is indiscernible from another.   

  • agordon10

    Because i donm’t want a closed o/s

  • I want an android tablet because being able to personalize my homescreens really makes my device my own. Having widgets to give me constant updates to my news, sports, and social information all from my homescreens is what sets these devices apart.

  • Ae George94

    Because I’m ready to experience an Android tablet.

  • Whiteblazer00

    I want the android tablet because I want true quad-core power, not the “it acts like a quad-core” iBS

  • Wesley L

    I want a transformer because Flash, HDMI, and ICS!

  • Latoya

    Mostly because the ipad is kind of over-rated.

  • Giper54

    I have enough fruit in my mobile world (blackberry bold and an ipad) I need dome dessert, how about an ice cream sandwich tablet!

  • Billy

    Because I want the ability to root and customize this thing to my personal preference.

  • I would much rather use an android tablet as they are more flexible and are not chained down like the  “Icrap”

  • I love widgets on android tablets. I makes no sense to have all that screen real estate devoted to icons alone.

  • Joey Lucas

    Winning one would make my day!!

  • Matthew Cohen

    Android is a flexible OS based on innovation rather than proprietary ideas. I enjoy tinkering with my devices and I dont want the manufacturer telling me what I can and cant do with them. That is why I will never own an ipad.

  • I hate that the iPad gets better press just because apple is a better known name. In reality Android tablets perform better in almost every aspect. 

  • Cronetim

    Ecosystem. Plain and simple.

  • I really want that lapdock attachment !

  • phud1066

    I want a tablet with a real keyboard.

  • oldarney

    Because with open source, there are no limits.

  • Android = flexibility, customization, and most importantly, choice. iOS = none of these. That makes the iPad not appealing to me whatsoever. The Asus Transformer Prime is sleek and sexy quad-core goodness meshed with the best mobile OS on the planet. Bring it!

  • milkman

    Lloyd is cool.

  • BigLa

    I grew tired of staring at a boring grid of icons back when I had Windows 3.1

  • Widgets!  I love widgets and the iPad has nothing even close!

  • Leatherman_pst

    Android rocks!! I can’t stand crApples dumbed down interface. What about widgets!?

  • Saburuko

    Give me the prime and nobody gets hurt!

  • g_what

    I want an Android tablet (and particularly the Asus Transformer Prime, because I’d argue it is the best Android tablet) over an iPad because of the openness and customization abilities of Android devices. I already have a Galaxy Nexus (and a D1 before that) and have absolutely fallen in love with the Android system. I have rooted both devices I own and ran/run custom ROMs. I overclocked my D1 (the Nexus doesn’t need it). There are so many ways to make a device more of “your own” than a generic item that many people have. One of the big draws of an Android tablet over the iPad is the fact that Android can have Widgets on the home screens showing a vast amount of information without needing to open an app.

  • I am a salesman at major office retail store. I get many customers who either run or are part of large businesses. I always make sure they leave the store with a Transformer Prime (plus the dock for their emails). I have even influenced one business in picking Transformers over ipads in their start up. The Transformer has the power, and freedom that is needed for a company to properly operate. It’s android platform helps companies control and manage their investments with their employees while giving them the freedom at the same time. Many of my customers wanted a device that can be transported easily but has all the usability as netbook. Real estate agents seem to be quite in love with the Transformer with it’s great screen and ability to DO anything. It’s a great presentation device. I sell one a week. I had to use a emulator and watch some YouTube videos though because I do not own it but it sells it’s self. The ipad is so limited in what it can do, as well as it’s inferior CPU power. I cannot stand apple products. I trust ASUS, it’s my motherboard. I cannot trust an evil company that cannot make a better product than the last. ASUS seems to quadruple their awesome products each time they come out. It’s amazing.

  • I keep trying to win something so might as well enter this..  and it will make a nice bday gift for mom.. 

  • Preston Kiser

    Because I like having quality hardware, functionality, and the ability to think for myself 🙂

  • Because I love having the ability to do whatever I want with my device and not locked by rules and regulations.

  • mMuk23

    Have you ever pulled the screen off of one in front of a clueless friend? Their face is priceless. Everytime. I want to promote those faces.

  • I’d much rather have and ice cream sandwich than an apple any day!!

  • EdwardZampella

    Because I’m not a novice with gadgets! I do not need apple holding my hand telling me how I should use my device. Android lets me do what I want with my device. Besides the Transformer Prime is way sexier!

  • MattD

    I need a tool. Not a toy!

  • P Reynolds

    simple..  android eats apples.

  • Jennifer Basler

     I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I love the apps available for the droid, I find it easier to fine apps I can use in the droid market and most of the time you can download the apps for free.

  • TheRealCBONE

    Because I like widgets and customization!

  • Dark_comartist

    An Android tablet you can actually customize.   I want something that even though my friend has the same model tablet, it looks completely different when you turn it on.  

  • Save me from THE DARK SIDE! My boss just gave me an iPad – I’ve been an Andriod devotee for years – since the first droid. If I win it, I’ll give the iPad back. 

  • TyphoonYoda

    Because I need to brag to all my iPad friends how awesome Android is!

  • Altr_Eg0

    I would choose an Android tablet over the new ipad because the “new” technology they implement tend to be features Android devices have been sitting on for ages. It’s funny really. I’m a student in college,with out a laptop or a tablet. And even if the choice is provided, I’d go with Android every time.

  • Rancer

    I am a budding android developer and having a tablet will greatly help in the compatibility department for applications. And who want an iPad anyways? I have developed for iOS before and it sucks 🙂

  • Daniel Rickman

    I want the best tablet out there!!

  • I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because using Apple products makes me feel imprisoned. 

  • MastaKing

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I have sold my soul to Google and any future purchase I make will be, if possible, a Google variant. 

    Seriously though, I have made an investment into Android, a wise investment, in which I have spent time and money choosing apps and games that suit my needs. I also love Googles direction. I started with Froyo and am now on ICS and cant wait to see what the future holds. As far as computing I have a Mac and have gone from tiger to lion and regret upgrading my OS, a feeling I have never felt with a Google product.

    I dont need a really nice screen to see how casualized the experience is on the “new” ipad.

  • Kcukaegbu

    I would like an Android tablet over the new ipad, because of the freedom and flexibility Android provides and continues to provide over their apple counterparts. I’ve never owned an Android tablet before but based on my experience with the phones and the sheer power and speed I could unlock by merely rooting my device, i would love to get some ICS love…

  • Flash flash and more flash !

  • Tsauer78

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I’ve been with Android since the beginning and now I’m too poor to afford a tablet.

  • Delrahim69

    I want the Transformer because im sick of the snobs at Apple thinking they can put anything out and call it great. The Transformer is much better than the iPad 3, I mean iPad HD, I mean the NEW iPad. Whatever the name is, its no different that the last model and Apple is getting lazy!

  • Capitum

    Because I don’t approve of Apple’s business model (re: Iphone4 attennagate, only allowing Siri on the newest phone to drive volume, etc). My work phone is an iphone, I’ve never bought any apps for it, and wouldn’t lock myself into an ipad for the same reason- Android is the way to go.



  • Customization. 

  • Jeanette Dieujuste

    I’ve checked out both, and I have so much more freedom to enjoy the android tablet than the ipad. I’ll pass on the ipad.

  • P Spraker

    I want an Android tab over an iPad because I like the flexibility and openness of Android, and honestly, Android is a lot more intuitive to me than any ios and its devices I’ve used. Also, my wife recently broke the laptop and a transformer prime would be a hell of a replacement!

  • I just want to show all my Apple friends how Bad A$$ Android really is!!

  • Dan Ma

    I don’t want to use that awful piece of software called iTunes and I don’t want to follow this damn Apple hype crowd. Also I like to know what is going on underneath the screen of my devices and not just be happy with the default system of a device, tweaking is amazingly fun and iDevices are limited in range of devices and tweaking and just in general, worse than Android. Woop!

  • Adam Bush

    Because I hate itunes.

  • Spookyfruit

    It doesn’t feel like a toy or a gimmick

  • Zakath

    Top 3
    1 I absolutly hate I-tunes. (With a passion)
    2 Ability to do what i want. ( to the device)
    3 My wife took my xoom. (Damn E-Book’s)
    I havent seen the xoom in weeks.

  • Mapekz

    I prefer a tablet that can dock into a laptop for productivity purposes, something the iPad cannot provide.

  • IOS is the “Call Of Duty” of Software, They see that it works and never want to improve it, therefore it is broken. Android isnt scared to change, therefore improve.

  • Because Android is just better and has the ability to change, as where IOS has really never changed. 

  • Carlos

    Why do I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad? One word—Flash. I know, all that hullabaloo that Flash is dead, at least on the mobile front; but pardon if I still need it for websites and webapps where Flash is still the only available option. And oh, yes, the USB port is likewise one hell of a big help.

  • Matt Johnson

    Because Android OS dominates Apple iOS in every way imaginable.

  • ericsorensen

    The last Apple product I owned was an Apple ][+, which was the last actually “open” device they made. 

  • I really hope I win, Im tired of all the stupid iTampon fans. I need it for college though, the portability would help me a lot.

  • ericsorensen

    Three words – Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • The price difference and Ice Cream Sandwich. (Software Variation)  

  • Dre_Mingo

    Because I’m tired of all the apple fans telling me if I get a tablet it has to be IPad why?  Because its apple It just works

  • Because who wouldn’t want an open source tablet that’s fully customizable instead of the overly expensive fan-boy tab

  • I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I don’t want to be locked down to apple.  
    Besides, I am Android for life!

  • I love the flexibility android gives you. I absolutely despise having to use iTunes to do everything. I used to have an iPhone when the first came out, but switched to a droid and will never go back. It annoys me that apple tries to use words like retina to make their products sound “better” than everyone elses… 

  • pd240

    Because android 4.0 is a lot better the iOS.  And I am sick of hearing retina display.  

  • tlspatt

    (a) I use tons of digital media in my university teaching, but (b) I can’t afford any overpriced iGadgets on my ridiculous grad student “salary,” which is more akin to poverty-level wages, (c) I want to actually “own” a device I purchase and personalize it to my liking, and (d) do so without being forced into an iEcoSystem that abuses its power like Wal-Mart. Cheers! 

  • Mojorizen

    Because it’s Android and not everything is the same, I mean Apple.

  • Chris Seward

    Because I want to be able to do what I want in MY tablet without being locked into apple’s ecosystem…. as far as Android tablets go, this is still the best design.

  • Andy2295


  • Xavier Fields

    I want the Prime because my little ol’ nook color isn’t cutting it anymore

  • I’m Android all the way. Gotta have the Asus Transformer Prime. No Ipads in this house!!

  • Because of the expandable memory, an actual lapdock station that connects to the tablet that now runs ICS, and of course the Tegra 3 processor. Sexy =)

  • ghostlobster

    The fate of humanity is riding on me getting one of these puppies.  I have to hold this up in front of  my artsy neighbor’s iPad, turning the iFruit device into a humiliated, quivering lump of impotent glass and metal, so totally in awe of the Android platform’s open architecture and flexibility that it is unable to bring itself to complete its primary mission: To go back to the late 1980s and kill Sarah Conner.
    Mankind’s very survival relies upon me getting this device.

  • Brandon Barlow

    i would like to show our company that there are actually other and more functional tablets that can be used for business. im sick of people wanting ipads, than getting them, than getting mad that they cant do what a pc will. 

  • My phone is Android and I want my technology to be the same.
    I want an android tablet with a Terga 3 because I want to be able to do all that I need to do.

  • Aaron Victoriano

    Android is better hands down. You get complete control and functionability on any android and you dont have to start all over by pressing the circle button because they dont know what a back or return function means. And of course better quality products that are faster, stonger, quick to respond and are fully supported by a gagillion people and developers. Oh and the latest angreatest technology like quad core on tablets coming out 1st. Numbers dont lie Android is best!

  • I need an android tablet because I’ve had enough of apple fan boys need to shut them up 

  • Scott Willenborg

    I like my Android systems for one very cool reason: connectivity.

  • TonyNoOne

    I would prefer the Prime as I support those who support me as opposed to a vendor selling me a device and preventing me from using as I see fit. 

  • Pikkewyn

    Apple reminds me too much of Microsoft. Both have a penchant for being proprietary.

  • The combo of the keyboard and lack of restrictions on android make it super versatile

  • I like the Android tablet much more than the new iPad because of its powerful processor and also I hate being limited to the same thing Apple has to offer.

  • Michael Francis

    I am so sick of everyone always asking me if I want an iPad, I can’t get passed iOS and its restrictions and baby interface. Give me a real tablet you can customize and really enjoy! Sure the new ipad screen looks great, but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  • Mark Strutton

    Because I don’t want Apple software anywhere near my home network.

  • Adam Worley

    I want a transformer prime because of the quad core processor and the ability to flash a custom ROM to it and change it (for the better) and personalize it any way i want. That is one thing that makes android so much better than i Crap..lol and im a huge gamer and this tablet is amazing for gaming!!!

  • Jared Krinsky

    Better capabilities for my work. I’m a designer and it is much easier to port things to android than iOS

  • allen spurr

    I’ve never owned any Apple products and refuse to go to the dark side!! But I still don’t own a tablet, so so hook a brother up!! 

  • Changito17

    I want the prime because even my xoom that’s been dropped sooooo many times and reverted back to stock 4.0.3 from a rooted 3.2, still managed to be better than the ooh so “fantastic” IOS and IPad. Even with the ghosting and random crashes from all the drops i guess. ;p what makes you think the prime isn’t gonna kill apple products for a while too?

  • lamenting

    I’m using my work’s Macbook Air at home for quick email/web and it’s really making me sad. A gorgeous Asus Transformer Prime would definitely cleanse the house since I would be able to return the Macbook Air to work.

  • jimvit1

    I would take any Android divice over an apple product

  • Rp780

    I want an Android tablet because I NEED FLASH!!!

  • Amie Heckman

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad. -better home screen, useful multitasking and a better camera app

  • Because getting an iPad is like using AOL for internet. I don’t want the training wheels- i want a full fledged, fully customizable  tablet!

  • Because I love how smooth the android tablet is

  • Travis Larson

    There are Many reasons to love the Prime and most have been covered, My reason for wanting a Prime is that dual booting Linux will be a reality on it and coupled with the lapdock, I’ll have a complete desktop exerience in adition to an already amazing android experience.  It will be the best of both worlds.  Let’s see iPad pull that off.

  • akingsfan

    iPad?  Why would I possibly want an iPad?  It’s not even a consideration.  I am 100% Android, and could REALLY use one of these bad boys!  While I’m sure the iPad is an amazing product, Apple will NEVER get my business.  

  • Boom175

    Because Android is Freedom!!

  • Because I work QA for a major iOS app developer and I love coming into work and showing off my Android devices. Would be awesome to have a Prime on my desk with a Droid Life background on it.

  • Lker

    Because I alreadyhave an Android phone.

  • Jodeysalazar

    I would rather have an Android tablet because the Android OS is the best thing to happen to geeks like me since Anime porn and nipple stimulating pocket protectors…(yes they make those).

  • I want a Transformer Prime as it has been rumored that you can not go to droid-life.com on an iPad. 
    I want a Transformer Prime as I have NEVER and will NEVER own an apple product. 
    I want a Transformer Prime because I want to have the crazy look from security people when you say “Can I bring my “Transformer Prime” through security with out opening the case” and then I have to respond “its like an iPad but its not”.
    I want a Transformer Prime because I want Apple to sue me for trying to be like one of their users.
    I want a Transformer Prime because Apples go bad :).

  • Gene Livshin

    Because of the flexibility of the dock!

  • I want to win the Android tablet over the iCrap because I’m all about Android and I hate feeling like sheep!

  • Because if I have to use my wife’s ipad again — I might throw up

  • Bakubomb

    The Transformer Prime is still the King of Tablets even with the “New iPad” on the market.

    Expandable memory, HDMI out, a keyboard dock that gets me 18 hours of fun time, and all this while still looking sexy!

  • The reason I want an android tablet is simple: Rather it be a kindle fire or a transformer prime, honeycomb or ice cream sandwich, I always have an option. Its nice to be able to buy a e-reader or a tablet for cheap and not feel left out. I just think its cool that both the software and the hardware is so versatile, that I can always get what I want.

  • Keith Enochs

    Apple’s iPad is a prepackaged solution, you can only do what it allows you to do. Want to change your home screen to make it more user friendly for you? Sorry, there ISN’T an app for that.

    Android allows you to completely transform (no pun intended) your device into exactly what you want it to be. Instead of no, Android says “Why not?”

    Apple had it’s heyday, but Android is taking over. And the Transformer line of tablets is leading the way toward the next generation of completely customizable user solutions.

  • Katie R

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because an android tablet is so much better. Plus, I’m already using android, so there won’t be a learning curve.

  • stephenw

    so much more sleek and i love the android interface

  • J Riggs

    I want an an android tablet not an iPad, because I want a tablet that can be customized to my liking and not Apple’s.

  • Because Android’s approach is so much more appealing. Out of curiosity, I made the mistake of buying a Mac Mini one time, years ago when they first appeared. Every review and demo I see of Apple products like iPad since reminds me of how much I disliked that Mini. Never again will I want anything by Apple. Never again will I buy anything by Apple.

  • This is probably the most enjoyable contest entry ever. 

    I want an Android tablet over and iPad for multiple reasons.

    1) I don’t want the same thing everyone else has. 
    2) I can do anything I want with an Android tablet. New launcher, new icons, new layout, etc. 
    3) The Android fan community is much more pleasant than the iOS community. (Trust me, I know.)
    4) The iPad gained some weight!
    5) There’s more to a device than the screen and a couple of new apps. 
    6) Open source!
    7) Not the cost of a small child. 
    8) I can easily hook it up to my TV to play videos.
    9) The screen ratio actually makes sense for watching videos.
    10) I don’t have to pay for every single app.
    11) Cloud services (that have been around for a long time)
    12) Fantastic Google services integration (which I’m very well glued into their system)
    13) Instant backup/restore apps
    14) Instant backup/restore contacts
    15) I don’t have to pay for every single additional “feature” that’s touted as part of the product to begin with. 

  • You’ll struggle to find a better tablet for the money…and it’s android!

  • Mister_Eff

    Freedom. Android gives you freedom while iOS works hard to take it away. The new iPad isn’t much better than the iPad2 which is not much better than the original iPad. I’l stick with android.

  • Michael

    I would like an Android tablet instead of an iPad because Android is open source and all my apple propitiatory tech is terrible to fix, mod, and improve!

  • I want the Prime over the iPad simply because Android is a much more versatile option than iOS and Asus makes the premier, top of the line tablet in that space.  Miss my TF101 🙁

  • Eric

    Because I hate Apple Fanboys.

  • First, let me say that I do not like Apple…in the slightest. Back when the iPhone wasn’t on my network and before Android was out I bought the 32gb iTouch. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was my first and to date my only Apple product. When it was time for me to upgrade my Blackberry to a new smartphone I stumbled on Android and immediately fell in love. I loved the customization of the OS over iOS. So it was out with the iTouch and in with the Droid Incredible (wanted the Nexus One but it never came to VZW). But, even as cool as Android is, I never really had a desire to own a tablet until I saw the Prime 6-8 months ago in person. The keyboard dock is what really sold it for me. The specs of the new iPad are awesome…I have to give them that. I think they are over every Android tablet on the market…except for one. The Prime! That keyboard dock really sets it apart from everything. The extra battery juice, the ability to easily type emails, and then the ability to go back to a normal tab. It’s just awesome. For me the choice is easy, I don’t want any tablet…Apple or Android…unless it’s the Prime. So, PICK ME! 🙂

  • I would love a Transformer Prime android tablet because it is so much more powerful than an ipad. It would be great to be able to have a true gaming experience on a tablet!

  • Corcode

    I would rather have an Android tablet because I prefer anopen platform and I can’t stand IOS.

  • There’s no denying that apple can build a solid tablet. However, there are many areas in which apple cannot compete with android. Android affords users the ability to use their device how they want, not how apple wants you to use it. To me, freedom is the biggest draw to android tablets, something apple will never be able to take away no matter how many lawsuits against android tablet makers, fancy tech terms, or gimmicky features.

  • bkerk87

    Becuase the android ecosystem is so much more synergistic.  I can buy one app and use it across all my android devices seemlessly and easily.  Also android customization is just so much more satisfying, Apple holds your hand Google gives you the control.

  • Hylandam

    The specs on this thing are awesome! And unlike apple, Asus let’s you use it the way you want to! I can’t wait to see the infinity!

  • Played with the ipad at the apple store yesterday. talk about underwhelming. give me that quad core processor please.

  • I want an android tablet over an ipad because I need the options to customize a tablet.

  • I want an android tablet instead of a new ipad simply because android is that much better. I cannot stand how the ios functions on a phone or tablet. I love the amount of development that is put into android as well. Being able to tweak my operating system to my own personal liking is still amazing to me, and would be a definite must for any tablet i decide to purchase/own. 

    Hands down android reigns supreme! 

  • Lol – I want the new tablet because I’m sick of Apple products and this one looks like worthy competition.

  • Armorthane

    I’ve had enough of Apple doing next to nothing for changes (yes the display is nice and the processor is faster ) and claiming that it’s an all new product. I also want freedom to put what I want on my new tablet and make it so that it doesn’t look like a million other ones!

  • John Jablonski

    Why? Unlockable bootloaders (hopefully anyways). Multitasking. Dev community for the custom ROMs. I could go on.

  • the reason why i need an android tablet is pure and simple….DROID DOES!!!!

  • android is open source! every tom dick and harry can bring his ideas to reality with the power of open source provided by android ,so android will grow better and better over the days than apple

  • I want an Android instead of an iPad so I can video chat without wifi!

  • Daniel Boucher

    I like being able to use my devices as I see fit.  Not how the manufacturer tells me to use it.

  • beyourgravity

    I’m entering to win because I refuse to own Apple products. Ever. =p

  • Pete Godbey

    Because Apple assumes I’m a stupid user and intentionally limits the device because I can’t be trusted with technology.

  • traymona

    I want the Android Tablet because of the quad-core Tegra 3 processor. I really just want a tablet of any brand. But if the Android is better than the ipad, then that’s the one I want.

  • mcmui

    I want a prime over the iPad because it is much more capability than the iPad
    And the games on a tegra are awesome

  • bartclantrash

    Why?  OS control–my phone is Android, so my tablet needs to be the same.  Sure version control can be a challenge, but at least I’ll be standardized.

  • Eddy Martinez

     come’on seriously who wants an ipad lmao ? ill take 4 cores and nividia over a ipad any day of the week ! even stevie wonder blinfolded would pick the asus !

  • Because with the prime, I can watch my porn with flash like our grandparents used to in the olden days on their pc’s.

  • Fish-inator

    I’d much prefer the Asus because I’m not an iDiot and while I love my MacBook Pro, I make purchases based on the merits of the product, not the brand.

    The Asus transformer prime clearly outclasses the iPad with class to spare.

  • there’s nothing better than an Android tablet!? ipads dont even come close to the amazingness that is an Android tablet! and with NVIDIA inside….this thing blows even computers out of the water!

  • john monsalve

    because there is nothing better than an Android tablet!? the Xoom i used to own(before it had a nasty spill thanks to a ipad user) was miles better than the new ipad! there is no comparison when it comes to tablets! Android rules them all

  • I would rather have the Transformer Prime instead of an Ipad, because of the great gaming capabilities 🙂

  • I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad, because I’m pretty certain that the working conditions at Asus factories or any other factory producing Android tablets are much better than the conditions at Apple’s iPad factories.  Thanks!!!

  • I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad, because I’m pretty certain that the working conditions at Asus factories or any other factory producing Android tablets are much better than the conditions at Apple’s iPad factories.  Thanks!!!

  • Aly Jazmine

    ANDROID POWER!!!!! i love my transformer and i would loveee lovee lovee to win the prime!!! Apple has some pretty cool apps i give them props but i well never everrrr betray android learn my lesson!! theres nothing like the freedom android gives you and choices from apple to blackberry apps!! if i dont win heck im still upgrading!

  • coz i hav had enough of the words retina and y apples dual core A5X chip is better than TEGRA 3…its just bollocks

  • coz i hav had enough of the words retina and y apples dual core A5X chip is better than TEGRA 3…its just bollocks

  • Guest

    Because it’s free, and I’m broke.

  • need to shut up all those apple fan boys around me 

  • Nick Genardo

    I would love to have the android tablet because I like the operating system and the apps better than apple.

  • need to shut up all those apple fan boys around me 

  • boagman

    Because I’m not a lemming.  Because I don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money to *be* a lemming.  Because I *do*, yes, happen to need a better way than my smartphone to compute on the go.  And doggone it…doesn’t it seem like Apple consistently holds stuff back in their “New and Improved!” releases?

    Transform me, instead, in a Prime way!

  • need to shut up all those apple fan boys around me 

  • theblakjak

    can’t stand the ipad end user mentality, so android is the best way for me

  • Mitchell Heisserer

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of early android tablets however, the prime has got me wanting one of these badly. I’m tired of constantly hearing about ipads, I want a device that I can have total control over not something that somebody else has control over. 

  • yaedmiki

    I want one because it’s simply the best, fastest, sleekest tablet on the market.

  • With Ice Cream Sandwich on the Asus Transformer Prime everything is possible, not like the new iPad its not support flash so that make it impossible to do my homework on it. 

  • If this tab will be able to run windows 8 it would be the perfect replacement for my 4 years old laptop!
    Hope to win!

  • Hmmm, let me think, Oh! I know! FREEDOM!

    I think this should should explain what I mean:

  • I want this android tablet, simply.. because it’s bad ass. Android IS the new Apple.. actually, it’s not even on the same level. It’s so much more!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Geekzilla

    I need this

  • I use a tablet for both work and pleasure purposes. Having the latest only seems to help both causes as I rely on carrying a heavy paper media portfolio otherwise.

  • Kelly Larry Jr

    Because i feel like a android table is more like a portable computer than a tablet, and you cant beat the multitasking capability of a android tablet.

  • Android OS>iOS

  • I would want this over the new iPad because:It has a more flexible OS, faster, and because Ice Cream Sandwiches are tastier than Apples xD

  • 1. Because ICS is the cat’s meow
    2. I refuse to buy Apple products for several reasons, mainly the fact that Jobs was an incredible d-bag

  • techiechic

    Because I’m fairly sure that Apple *is* the Anti-Christ and I don’t feel like supporting their empire.  Ok, maybe not seriously.  But really, I’m just appalled at how much more Apple thinks they can charge for technology that is on par with existing technology just by putting an “i” in front of the name.  A couple years ago when my husband was buying a new laptop we compared the specs on his laptop to Apple’s offerings.  His laptop beat out the Apple products in some major ways (power, preformance, hard drive space etc), lost out in some minor ways (weighed more, and some other minor things I can’t remember now), but we built it as close as we could. The Apple laptops cost DOUBLE what his cost.  You can get much better technology at a MUCH better price if you are willing to forego the Apple nametag.  I like having the option to get what I want and not what Apple gives out.

  • Frank

    because the ipad is to basic the android tablets have more customs !! thats y !

  • i want an android tablet instead of the new ipad because all iOS devices are almost exactly the same, minus a few hardware upgrades. every person with an iOS device can say “oh, look at my ipad!” but it’s almost exactly the same device as the previous ipad, as well as the one before that. the ipad is an oversized ipod touch. they also don’t differ from the next person’s ipad at all. at least if i had an android tablet, it would at least be different from my phone, or maybe someone else’s android tablet. also, rooting an android tablet makes more of a difference than jailbreaking an ipad.

  • I don’t like vendor lock-in, and I think Android is slick.

  • Having an Android tablet gives the user the huge advantage of you adobe flash!

  • Alex Griffin

    I protest Apple’s because they are so expensive! Seriously they need to use some of that money for the better good! 

  • Ddippel

    I want a transformer prime instead of an ipod because have been with android devices since the G1 on Tmobile. I love the open source minding behind android and believe if apple followed this thinking they would be capable of releasing a much better product

  • mary

    because i dont have anything like that and would really like it

  • Joe824

    Has the Ipad really changed that much from 1 to 3… No, other than a few little things.  I’d rather use any android tablet than an IFAD.  Every time I see an Ipad it sickens me because it just looks like an oversize iPod touch.  If it is such a statement to have an ipad than call me tasteless… I’ll have an Android tablet.  Better looking, Better performance, Tegra 3, and similar resolution Android wins.

  • HuskerDroid10

    I want to be able to root/unlock the bootloader. Love me some roms

  • played with it at best buy and love the quad core and the screen. Love the overall design and feel of the prime as well. 

  • DroidLifeWin

    I love the flexibility and customization of Android OS. The tiles on the other thing are just boring.

  • 99Mark

    No comparison really. iPad is more of a toy. You are locked down on every front with iPad. Android is so much more open; side-load apps, add more storage, USB connection (no need for itunes), standard hdmi out. Quad Core Tegra 3 opens it up even more with games and apps.

  • Soupy49

     quad-core Tegra 3 chip is calling my name lol

  • I deeply feel that the Android OS is superior to iOS in every way! I love the openness the Android gives to its users and all of the possibilities that come along with android as opposed to the limitations that come with an iPad or any apple product. I want my first tablet to be an Android tablet because I don’t want apple taking away the freedom that should come with every tablet.

  • AntiJeff

    I <3 android & NVIDA

  • Why a Transformer Prime over an iPad?  Two reasons: A) the name.  Transformer prime just is such an awesome name. B) It doesn’t have the same crappy interface that Apple has been handing down for the last 5 years.

  • WilfredNoel

    Because I’m tired of hearing that the new iPad is more powerful.

  • Djkaran741

    because apple only speak lie’s to their consumers that’s y i hate apple and their i pad,they said that new ipad processor is 4 time faster than tegra 3 but its not true ,appple shame on u ,your r just a lier

  • John

    I too am sick of Apple and their proprietary ways.  I just want a great tablet that I can modify and use the way I use my Android phone.

  • Because I want to be able to customize my tablet and use flash! 

  • The Android tablet is faster and sleeker than the ipad.

  • Fromo68

    Because I’m tired of Apple telling everyone how to use their products

  • Swagformer Prime 

  • Because I love Androi- FORCE CLOSE

  • MikeNasty3

    Because of the customizability of Android and because I refuse to buy into the Apple ecosystem!


    me please


    ME PLEASE!!!!

  • hmm more power and customization of course. 

  • Kris

    because it’s free of iTunes

  • Jamesd413

    You guys can stop posting comments, this Transformer Prime is mine!

  • Because I use Google Services for everything and let’s face it, you don’t get that kind of integration with iOS. I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that uses GMail for email and GDocs instead of MS Office. We collaborate on docs daily, makes work a lot easier. It sure beats the hell out of iCloud. I’d love to do G+ hangouts on a tablet and that’s not gonna work on an iPad. Again, FaceTime just doesn’t cut it. Then there’s the inflated prices of Apple products.

    For all of Apple’s talk about “post pc” and “innovation”, they’re the only of the Big 3 (Google, Apple & Microsoft) that doesn’t seem to be working toward those ideals. There really hasn’t been a significant innovation since the original iPhone. I can see a time when the tablet becomes our desktop computer when we’re at home and our laptop when we’re on the road. This is why I like the concept of Transformer series so much. Apple isn’t even looking in that direction.

    Plus I’m dying to have ICS and it doesn’t look like my Moto Droid is getting upgraded.

  • John ed

    I like the freedom that Android allows versus the iPad, but most importantly I do not like to drink Kool-Aid

  • Shawn Stover

    Because the Android tablet is way cooler looking and is a lot more flexible than the iPad

  • burntcookie90

    Sure, I can dig this!

  • Caden Hjelseth

    Well to start with the prime is customizable, ipad not so much. Apple has terrible business ethic (can’t beat em, Sue em). Prime has an unlockable bootloader and incredible processing speed. Need I say more?

  • Balls


  • I would love to have the Asus Prime as my wife wants the Xoom I have, and I just want something where graphocs count!!!

  • Dstreng27

    The Transformer Prime is fast, smooth, sexy, and sleek. Runs an insanely fast processor, great graphics, Android ICS, expandable memory, and great build quality with the Gorilla Glass. The iPad 3 is over-priced and not fully user-customizable. Apple really did not improve the battery and the Transformer battery should hold up much better. Plus the future of the Android OS has much more potential than iOS, in my opinion!

  • JaleelM

    I like the operating system better.

  • Paine

    Because I was born with a soul.

  • Ryan O’Malley

    Because I want a tablet that can do MORE!!!! Like a Transformer Prime!

  • i want a transformer because i’m love the way android works, google music, calendar, gmail etc etc. I don’t want to be stuck in the brainwashed world of apple

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    Because great hardware is worthless with crippled software.

  • I want a device that I can customize, unlike idevices!

  • even with the retina display, apple cant beat the configurations and flexibility of the transformer prime.  asus is really becoming the htc of yester-years, no one knew who they were and then, they are all over and make quality products.

  • Because I simply love android.  🙂

  • I want something with core processing power not just for the GFX. I have a lingering feeling the 4x GPUs in iPad are to handle the added resolution. Lame. Not much use for me.

  • Sts86gt

    Open source vs.not open source equals no brainer for the Android pad.

  • Because I want something with core processing power not just for GFX.

  • I changed the location of the unlock spot on my GNex from the right to the left so I wouldn’t look like I was unlocking an iPhone.  Why would I want an Android tablet over an IPad?  Because if I wanted to, I could change the way I unlock the device.

  • Because I am an Android girl…always have been, always will be. 

  • Can’t use flash with the ipad. At least 1 and 2. 

  • Matthewpcaplan

    I have never liked apple products and I never will!!!!  Simple as that.

  • chromiumman (at) mail (dot)com

    because i prefer a more open platform

  • Lyty

    I want a Transformer so that I can run Flash

  • Blaudy Rodriguez

    It’s simple. iPad sucks. A T P Rules.

  • Simple. It’s the same reason I have a Nexus S. Glance-able, actionable information; otherwise known as widgets.  

  • Yaelxis Peguero

    I want it because i wanted my galaxy Nexus to be called Nexus Prime… and it wasn’t. Now i want my Transformer Prime, not a pad with an i and a different number than the previous model. 

  • Yaelxis Peguero

    Just because Asus Prime doesn’t need to be married to a software (iTunes) in order to be awesome !

  • I want an Android tablet because not only is it an awesome piece of hardware, it also comes packed with an awesome community of developers, that will take the Transformer well into the next level

  • Cabalja

    THE PRIME FTW! Why? Because it lives in the present and runs my favorite Flash websites (LIKE PRON:-) HTML5 is the future, but my pron and I don’t live there yet. All of the iPad loving sheApple can keep their HD display. The only tablet worth lining up for is the Prime.

  • Scott

    B/c it’s better than my Galaxy 10.1 Tab.  Pretty simple – eh?

  • Gwapojoe

    Though iPad3 has a nice display, it doesn’t do with google what my andriod phone does, show all my google calendars, google tasks, easy syncing without iTunes of videos, pdf’s and mpeg4 videos.  No google talk like andriod has and the apps that are worthanything are costly.  I am invested in andriod apps that work great, and I didn’t even like the apple comparison apps.  My daughter likes the iPad 3, but I will blow her away when I show her the transformer.

  • cloud36426

    I can’t stand Apple.

  • because i want a tablet with possibilities that does what I want it to do not what i am told i can do with it

  • I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because the new Transformer Prime is totally awesome!

  • Brian

    That is why would I want…

  • Brian

    I would I want a locked down 3rd gen product that provides no options when Android is all about options.  

  • mike

    I just want an Android device at the right price point. This would be free and meets that requirement. Thanks.

  • I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because it’s the one being offered up in this giveaway 🙂

  • Brian Powers

    I am looking forward to having an Android tablet so that everyone who sees me with it will wonder what this amazing piece of tech is and how could it possibly put the iPad to shame. I’ve never been an iSheep and never will be!

  • I’d rather have an android tablet than the ipad simply because I’d rather have a choice about what I can do with my tablet and not just be limited to what the manufacturer decides. I’d also like to have a tablet to start my own developing for apps and such, just short on funds to buy my own….this would definitely help 🙂

  • Wg Kincheloe

    Let’s see . . . Better app prices, customization options, much more fun OS, sweet lap dock, better cameras . . . Main reason, though, is Asus doesn’t try to tell me how I want mushy device to look and operate, that’s my choice!

  • Rk20817

    Like Google services better on android than ipad

  • scubabumster

    Expandable storage.  Widget.   ICS.

  • sam4327

    Truth: Because I’m a fan of an open operating system who doesn’t over charge for a name.

    What I want to say: Because the only use an android user has for an ipad is for heavy flow months

  • westau

    Because I want a tablet similar to my phone and more powerful than the ipad.

  • Because I want something that works well AND works the way I want it to. I believe in individuality in my world and the things I bring into it. To quote Coco Chanel, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”    

  • Because I want to correct everyone who will ask me “IS THAT THE NEW iPAD?”

  • Andy2295

    I want a homescreen that doesnt bore the hell out of me!

  • outlawbishop27

    I really can’t afford a Transformer Prime but I really would like to have a tablet my family could use around the house. My kids love to YouTube and my wife face books, and of course for.me some serious Tegra 3 gaming and Android enthusiasm.

  • Because i have a galaxy nexus running ICS and there are already too many i pad fan bots in the world. Nvidia Tegra 3, check, ICS, check, ASUS check, FLASH SUPPORT check. Bottom line, i want the Transformer prime because IT IS WHAT THE IPAD ISN’T.pjholt59

  • I am beginning clinical rotations for med school in two months and really need a tablet for work on the wards. Plus, I also need it for all of the distractions when I’m getting yelled at as well!

  •  I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because it has Tegra 3 processor.

  • Hunter Costa

    A little while back I bought a Galaxy 10.1 and took it with me every where and when I took it to my mothers house she kept asking me about it and asking if it was an iPad and she kept telling me how  she wants to get an iPad over and over and no matter what I said her mind was made up so I did the last thing I could think of I GAVE HER my tablet just to keep her from buying an iPad and now she is officially over her iPad craving and I completed my task of making another android convert. So now I’m out a tablet and would love to get the asus. So Droid-Life make this the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

  • on_it_man

    bc that quad core tegra is a beast and well fitted for the prime, i want to tell a eyepad user “you got droid’d” when they see me with the prime

  • Mark

    I love installing new ROMs

  • Sarah Perez

    Because it looks amazzzzzing

  • Kyle Brown

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I want the freedom of an open OS and want to be able to prove to my friends their iPad’s aren’t the best option.

  • I’d rather an Android tablet because I want flash so I can play Facebook games!

  • Nicole Cone

    I have an iPod Touch (sorta like a mini iPad imo) and my husband has a regular Transformer.  I’ve been allowed to play with his Transformer and love it; therefore, it’d be fantastic to have one of my own especially the newer version to tease him with.

  • I will shave my head like the tablet if I win.

  • Because android tablets truly innovate instead of rehashing the same thing over and over.

  • Brendan Linton

    I want an Android tablet to write weather reports for my school TV station on the go and for real time document collaboration with my other TV production classmates on Google Docs.  The iPad doesn’t support Adobe Flash content, so I can’t look at the National Weather Service forecast models on there!  Android for the win!

  • Mr Bee285

    I’m an Android man. I don’t like being held captive. Not drinking the kool-aid, well in this case the Apple cider

  • windschange

    I would choose an android tablet over the iPad for the ability to customize, and I’ve been a fan of Asus for a while. 

  • truss

    I want  an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because Android is more open compared to the walled garden of Apple.

  • MatthewJohnston

    Better OS, form factor, usability, build quality, processor (way to call apple out NVIDIA) and of course the dock.

  • mipd1980

    I love Android because you do no need any special software on my pc to make it work. Android Just Works…..

  • ericsorensen

    Two words:  Custom Roms

  • yazan hasan

    quad core CPU and not just GPU LIKE THE IPAD  plus an extra 5th core and it has good battery life  good design and it would be my first tablet i really want one and i am a fan of android so i would love one i hope i win iv never won anything befor

  • ericsorensen

    Because I hate iTunes and refuse to use it.  Kind of like when you got sick at that one Chinese Buffet that time and refuse to ever go there again.

  • Arjun Meda

    I can do more in Android which I cannot do in iPad.
    I can play all flash content in Android tablet.

  • ericsorensen

    Because I can plug in a USB  cable to an android tablet and actually access all the files. 

  • I would prefer an Android over an Ipad because I can truly customize my experience and its not smoke and mirrors. Besides, I would have less reasons to view great sites like this if I owned Apple devices. 

  • ericsorensen

    Because I own the Android tablet and can do what I want with it.

  • Dowitch

    I’m a recent convert to Android OS, and like any good convert, I’m a fanatic!  I must have an Android tablet — and I love an ice cream sandwich!

  • Bmb79

    I would love a Prime so i can prove my family wrong and rescue them from the mire that is Apple. They are lost! And think there is no alternative to ipads!

  • erica best

    i want to be able to use adobe flash player on my tablet

  • TxdoHawk

    Flash, of course.

  • Bad_assenza

    Why do I want the transformer prime? Flash, slimmer, lighter, android, more open than the iPad, can move files freely, expandable storage, quad core processor and not just quad core graphics. Google rules!

  • Doug M

    Because honestly…what beats a transformer! Roll out!

  • Freedms

    I want an android tablet so I can use flash.

  • Jamesdies

    I want an android tab to match my phone.

  •  I want an android tablet because it is in my sweetheart’s birthday wish list!

  • ironick

    I prefer the freedom of android to an ipad prison.

  • Shayyan Arshad

    So I can prove to my own brother, the power of the Tegra 3! Not to mention it really is just AMAZING! 

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Because I never win

  • Vlee0205

    Because android can slice up an Apple with its laser beam?

  • the ipad is over priced and you can do the same things with a droid that you can with the ipad.

  • clownboytad

    I would love to win one of the two Transformer Primes because I would give it to my wife so that she could use it for her work as a graphic designer to show clients files, network with other graphic designers, and video chat with her grandmother and my mom. Please give me the opportunity to deliver a late birthday present for the love of my life.. And show it off to her ithing loving uncle. Show him why his ithing sux and her Transformer Prime Android pad is superior…

  • Aaronosman2

    Because everyone knows the iPad is for losers.

  • Jason Ward

    Honestly, and simple answer here, I feel I can do so much more with an Android tablet, especially with that badass tegra 3. I feel it would pretty much replace my laptop. 

  • I like the openness and freedom of Android, being able to choose the hardware I want, and tweaking the software to my liking is a must.

  • Mollequin

    Because if I wanted the same vanilla iOS products that everyone else has I know where to go. Instead, give me something with widgets, customizable home screens and the freedom to install whatever I want from wherever I want!

  • Lauren Little

    I am an Android girl by far. Much easier to use than anything Apple. 🙂

  • SamPark6

    I want an Android Tablet like the Asus Transfromer Prime because I’m tired of Apple making the same design for their products over and over and over again. None of the Android devices have the same design. I also want an Android tablet because it will all start to have quad-core Nvdia 3 processors. All the tablets have much camera too. Also the Android market may be small but it has about %93 of free apps while the large apple app store has about only %65 of free apps. Soon Google will kill apple anyway. I also want something simple but also complicated and Android says it all. Apple states that they have the most advanced technology in the world be who upgrades from the iPhone 4S to an Adroid device? About %83 of all people!! Google has way better tech then Apple. So what if the iPad has 4G but many of the Android tablets already had 4G. Also who underclocks their devices? Apple. Also who got 4G first? Android! This is why I would like an Android device/tablet.

  • Gregbrowne

    Because of the tegra 3 processor !!1

  • Raymond P.

    Because of the ability to tinker and customize on the Android OS.

  • Widgets – ’nuff said.

  • Because dear Droid-life. Android is just Awesome!!! enough said. 

  • It’s awesome

  • Jjwhite420

    Why waste money on any apple product? Beside apple’s frivolous lawsuits, their lack of choices in product and content, the greedy business practices of apple and inferior specs on all their products only hyped by their retarded followers. The fact that apple pretends their products are innovative and new when they use technology android already has just adds to the couldless reasons Android is a better is and the prime by asus is far superior in quality, features and expandablity. Yeah, give me a transformer!!

  • Sonyguy89

    I would like an android tablet for more than one reason number one being that i currently own an android device but I would for certain say that my best reason for wanting one is the fact that not only the iphone but the ipad as well are liked by many for it’s simplicity but me I enjoy the “free roam” of ideas that you can produce at any given moment to make an android unique. If possible id like to be contacted via email

  • Smitty258

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I’m not a fan of Apple and their business practices. I also love the openness of the Android platform! Been with them since the OG Droid and have no plans to ever change to any iOS device!

    Thank you nVidia and Droid Life for this great giveaway! I’m sure two lucky fans will love their prizes!

  • its the bomb

  • i want a transformer!

    I want one so I can transform my iPad and laptop into giant paperweights !!

  • Empyre

    The ipad is restrictive in it’s software and Android is not.  The ipad doesn’t allow for theme changes on par with Android’s.  The ipad does not have the backing of a developer community dedicated to all things Android like Droid Life.  Apple=outdated.  Android=innovation, healthy competition, and user preferred changes.

  • cdhabolt

    Because Santa didn’t bring me one last year and I really love the 8MP camera with flash (that the iPad does not have) and the scratch-resistant Gorilla glass (I have toddlers) Thank you for this great giveaway.

  • rox

    I want a tablet but I won’t buy Apple products, so I really, really want an Android table!

  • Stephane

    much prefer the openness of the software given to us by the android platform over the ipad’s. 

  • I want to show my friends with an iPad that there are other things in the world other than the iPad.

  •  I want an Android tablet instead of an Ipad because my friend has an Ipad, and he is kind of a tool.

  • CLA

    I prefer android over ios because it is a more customizable platform to begin with and it gives you more options.It is also more diverse as far as size goes not every one want’s a ten inch tablet some of us like the seven inch version to carry around . It all comes down to choice, android does everything ios does plus more.

  • Because Apple sucks!

  • The Transformer Prime is the perfect tablet for me. I need a laptop for school to take notes on, but I don’t have the money to. For this reason, A Transformer Prime and QuickOffice would make a stellar combination, where as with the new iPad, I would have to buy the tablet and a keyboard (but the keyboards aren’t nearly as good as the Transformer Prime dock).

    In addition, I will be continuing to develop for Android, so the tablet would be extremely useful, with that new IDE app for Android.

  • Bo Lee

    I would choose a transformer prime over a new iPad because, even though it has a shiny new screen, the iPad still has the same boring operating system. I find android to be much more enjoyable to use.

  • zapote21

    Because even a G1 is better than the new iPad…  

  • PalmerAdam

    Because apple is the forbidden fruit. I never challenge authority!

  • Chrysnthmm

    Transformer has an actual keyboard an trackpad dock and android is so much better.

  • ken777

    Because it has Android! I’m tired of iOS.

  • Jonrojas

    Because I don’t support apples slave labor policy NUFF SAID

  • BadServo

    Been dying for a tablet of my own.  Getting one from my favorite motherboard manufacturer would be doubly sweet.  I prefer Android devices to Apple ones because I need choice. Whether it’s an alternative keyboard, and extensible browser, or a modified ROM entirely, Android gives me teh choice I need.

  • Why do I want an Android tablet?  Widgets, mother#@$%er.

  • Because because.

  • Playin4nine

    Power and the Droid life!

  • Tom Dwenger

    i want an android tablet so i can give my ipad to my mother that probably will find more use for it then i do.  Also i can finally put use all those free apps that i got from the amazon app store to some good use. 

  • Mortween

    Ipads are designed by Jon Ivy.  Jon Ivy designed toilets and bathroom tiles before designing Ipads.  Designers are human.  Humans are repetitive.  Ipads, and most Mac hardware, suffers from this design repetitiveness.  I don’t like the way the Ipad is shaped like a bathroom tile from Home Depot.  It’s not sexy, unique, or interesting. 

    As for the internals and the display of an Ipad, they are what they are…debatable list of pros and cons that a large group of mindless consumers will never understand or look into, but purchases and praise all the same.  On top of all of this, most of the ipad will be constructed by a company called Foxcon; this company maintains its employees at a mere click above slave labor.  People have actually committed suicide to get away from the demands Foxcon put on them in the construction of Apple products. 


    For me, not that I am an ethical giant, but I don’t want people to suffer so I can run angry birds and check my email.  It might be that way with most products, but Apple has a long history of going above and beyond in the not caring for dollars game.

    Android has a lot going for it.  For example it is open source.  Open source has let many companies develop there own android devices.  The more companies the more choice.  The more you can avoid negative production techniques.  Your designers can make your device like a tile or like something unique and independent.  This Asus Prime for example looks a lot like my Samsung TV and would go better in my living room.

    I like android. 

  • jeesung

    i want an Android tablet because I’m lost on my g/f’s iPad with no back button . . .

  • Alan Wilmers

    I want an Android Tablet and not an Ipad because i don’t want to be part of the Borg collective. I want a device that I can set up my way not Apple’s. I want a device that I can grow into and not out of. And I want the freedom to expand it and customise it and not be forced to do everything through Itunes.

  • Corey Morreale

    the android tablets blow away the ipads for the mere fact of how customizable they are out of the box.

  • Imbornone

    I prefer the Android OS over the Apple OS.
    Android is more flexible for my needs and is not tied to iTunes.
    Besides, Asus & Nvidia sure know how to make some quality products. No complaints here!
    Also, I have massive tablet envy and would surely love to get my hands on that bute!

  • Kash6747

    I want an Android tablet over an iPad because iOS grid homescreen makes me want to kick someone in the face.

  • The new ipad will undoubtedly be a good device. I would have a good experience with it but it would never feel like mine because I would be unable to customize it the way I can with an Android tablet. 

  • I want a Transformer Prime because 1) I can’t afford to buy one outright at this moment.  2) I would really like to play some of those Tegra only games.  3) It would make my work life more productive than using these prehistoric Dell comps.  4) The wife says it will make me perform better in bed.

  • Kperales25

    Simple because I want flash on my tablet!!! That would make a huge difference when surfing online =]

  • CodeToJoy

    Because I want a tablet that can do what I want it to do, when I want it to do it – not be limited by the ‘walled garden’ that is Apple.  AIDE to develop and compile on the tablet is enough to make me want to choose Android Tablets over an iPad, and with this and a lapdock, I could see it becoming my primary development device.

  • ritesh golani

    because iPads are for babies!

  • Jacky Kimes

    I want an Android tablet because all of my stuff is on Android. 

  • Jon

    Because an android tablet actually has innovation involved and not just a reliance on a cult following to sell!

  • thedonxr

    I want an Android tablet more than an iPad because I enjoy modifying things I own or at least having an option to do it if I wanted to. Androids openness allows me to do whatever I want with my device unlike the iPad.

  • DanielS98

    Because I want to run flash on my tablet! And because the android market is vastly superior to the app store!

  • Brian Thiellen

    Both are great choices but I prefer Android tablets over the iPad for the same reason i choose PCs over Macs. I like to customize my device so that it unique. The majority of time on my Galaxy Nexus is spent mixing and matching roms, kernels, and themes. I’m excited by the extra power of a Transformer Prime and what it means for my tinkering.

  • Because Android rocks!  It’s more open and I can really make it my tablet.

  • Slmiller91

    Because I want something different, I want something that isn’t the same as it’s last version but with a slightly better screen.

    I want a tablet that won’t penalize me for wanting to do more with it than comes in the box.I just want a better tablet.

  • Mlauriemma

    I prefer Android tablets to the new iPad because the new iPad is so huge and bulky, while the Transformer Prime seems to be perfectly sized. It also has a nicer keyboard. I’ve played with a few iPad keyboards and the Transformer Prime’s just is so amazingly awesome.

  • Jared Pannell

    Because I want to make my tablet my own by rooting and customizing it.

  • ericsorensen

    Because I don’t want a bigger locked-down Ipod. 

  • It’s simple to explain why I want this over the I fad. It DOESN’T say Apple on it!!!!!! I want a tablet and am so tired of hearing about the over hyped I pads. They sound like a feminine hygiene product. Android and open source fan for life! Now gimme my tablet please, lol.

  • Because I am the only android user in the family. All of my family has Iphones and my father in law is getting the new Ipad. I would love to have the Asus transformer to show him he made the wrong choice!!!!

  • I want an Android Tablet over an iPad because I want more power and versatility.  With Android, I can choose anything I want with regards to keyboards, widgets, browsers, and more.  Especially with the Transformer Prime, I can even choose if I want a tablet or the more familiar laptop dock.  I want my tablet to do it all — not just what a big company thinks I should be able to do.

  • Apandoga

    Because simpletons get I pads and big boys get android… and I am a big boy.

  • Because Android tablets provide more customization options, more stability and more POWER.

  • because I’m not an apple drone.

  • soccorgoddess

    I an android tablet over an ipad because I like to use my brain instead of being told what to own via mass media.

  • Mike54321

     I want the quad core processor.

  • ipads are so common. ooh widgets

  • Chris Clark

    I want this more than the iPad for one simple reason – Ubuntu for Android. That and it is simply superior in every way!

  • coolsilver

    I want a transformer because I am a complete android fan. I do not own any iPads nor do I ever want one. I do have a older Galaxy Tab which is nice but it doesn’t have a keyboard. It barely made it to gingerbread.

    Also I been looking into learning to develop for android. I been downloading the source for a couple days over my slow dsl. It would be nice to have a powerful tablet that I can use and learn all about android.

  • Jsandler18

    I would like an Asus Transformer Prime over the new iPad because Android tabs have much more capabilities than the iPad. The iPad is a large iPod, with no extra features other than high definition. Android tabs have capabilities that match and at times exceeded laptops. If that’s not a reason to want an Android tab over the iPad,I don’t know what is.

  • Jon

    Because it is a fast, beautiful device running the newest version of my favorite OS, and the only tablet that I would consider (unless Google comes out with an awesome Asus-built Nexus tablet for $200)

  • One word can sum up why I want an Android tablet over the “new iPad”, customization, its my device so I should be able to make it my own and Android allows me to do that, who wouldn’t want that? 

  • Frow86

    I want the prime because its Android and I can customize to my liking . The new IPad isn’t. Simple as that.

  • Android is loads better than iPads

    No need to be stuck to just one store for your downloads and get a MUCH more powerful device.
    I for one rather have a powerful device with a much nicer community than a iPad which is pretty much just a fashion accessory.

  • I need a tablet that will sync up with everything I already have on Google. Even if I wanted to start over, Apple doesn’t have anything that competes with the seamless integration of Android and Google’s cloud.

  • briandroid

    I like to tinker bro

  • john_h_r

    I would want to use this as a laptop replacement, something that can’t be said for an ipad.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I need a tablet that will sync across everything Google that I already have, the iPad can’t do that, and apple has nothing that can compete with the seamless Google cloud.

  • Barry Taylor

    Because I love smugly listening to iPad owners gloat about the “features” their tablet has. Also, I love the buzz-words they use when describing it! I then grab my circa 2001 Nokia phone and transfer files to my Android tablet via Bluetooth..

  • derekross

    That iPad may have on hell of a screen but, I want to do more than drool over how many pixels my device has. It want to drool over functionality.

    TLDR: I would love one.

  • Ben

    I would like a Transformer Prime because I’m a solid fan of the android ecosystem and when paired with the keyboard dock the Prime becomes a good ultra book.

  • Matthew Dougherty

    of course I need an android tablet. This is mission critical to our program

  • mrbill187

    I want an android tablet because im sick of the retina marketing hype and i want something with a multitude of ports and a dockable keyboard.

  • Because I’m a developer, and I enjoy the freedom that Google allows us. I don’t have time for each of my apps to go through scrutiny that is the Apple approval process.

  • Peter Jang

    No one has a laptop-like tablet (even Apple)!!

  • i travel on business and the laptop that the company offers is very outdated and slow.  This would be a great companion to tie me over and keep me entertained, maybe even a replacement!

    • Ndarvishev

      I’ve been thinking of replacing my laptop with tablet too! I don’t do a lot of heavy work. Most of the time I use my HTC HD2 with Android 4.0. Lately, I barely power up my laptop. 

  • Ndarvishev

    I want an Android tablet because of 
    1) the open, comfortable OS;
    2) tons of free and high quality apps;
    3) free from iTunes (seriously, in iOS can’t copy a music without iTunes);
    4) freedom over iOS restrictions (Simple example, no jailbreak required to install softwares from other sources); 
    5) continuous development of the platform;
    6) Having more than 2 years of experience using Android I became very much accustomed to the system. I have Android 4.0 installed on my HTC HD2. And I want my mobile devices to be in synergy. 
    7)  As one my friend said, first time you use iPad you scream “I want it!” but after a few days you ask “Why the hell did I buy it?” iPad gets boring. It is just a mobile media device, not a universal powerhorse.
    I want Transformer Prime over new iPad because:
    1) 1920×1200 pixels beats my laptop screen resolution and at 224 ppi in 10.1 inch display vs. 246 ppi in 9.7 inch display. What’s the difference?
    2) Gorillal glass protection
    3) Real quad-core Tegra 3 chip instead of slightly boosted dual-core A5x with quad core GPU.
    4) MicroSD card slot availability
    5) 8Mp camera vs. 5Mp camera. I don’t really trust iSight. To me it is another Apple trick the same as their claim that A5X is 4 times faster than Tegra3 which hasn’t been proven yet.

    • I forgot to mention that Android is second to none as to content management! In the era of information it is very crucial to be constantly updated on the latest news. Pulling up a widget onto your screen does all that trick!
      And another thing is real time multitasking! Switching between apps has never been so easy as in ICS!

  • Because I want the ability to customize everything and have widgets!

    • Ndarvishev

      Agree. Android is best for content management! You can pull up a content widget onto your screen!

  • goodkodiak

    because my fiance wants an ipad and i won’t buy an apple product

  • Seventy6vette

    So I can rub it in all the apple fanboys faces here at work and show them what their missing

  • big asus fan, hopefully i can win something soon with my luck with tablets 

  • Athensjohn

    Because its an android tablet.  I don’t dislike iOS, I just prefer the control and flexibility of Android.

  • I like to use the amazon app store

  • evltwn

    I choose an Android Tablet over the iPad because I love the openness of Android.  There are lots of options when it comes to Android.  Some might say this dilutes Android, but I believe this makes it available to more people.  Not everyone can afford to spend $800 on a tablet.  Thank you Android.

  • S Pierce

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because Android allows me to make it my own, not just have the the user experience that someone else wants me to have.

  • darus77

    Because it isn’t an iDevice.

  • Looking forward to a Tegra 3 tablet or phone. Can’t wait to lord it over the Apple fanboys at work. 

  • Shannon Curtis

    Because I really want one and can’t afford to buy one. 

  • BiGE9
  • Greg Robinson

    I want to win because I am tired of hearing about Apple.  Android is the best!!

  • xalmasterx

    Because their is nothing like the freedom and homescreen customization of Android
    I don’t want a big iPod touch but a complete tablet capable of doing anything I normally do on a computer

  • Jeffrey Badger

    Simple. Android is better that Apple. Like I need another reason than the obvious one. 🙂

  • SeHyun Park

    I’ve stuck with Android from the beginning and never looked back. Need I say more?

  • Mhermann596

    Android is simply better!

  • thunderbolt13

    I want an android tablet because there is such a large support base. Many do-ers rather than those that complain (apple). I want the product tailored to me (roms,support, etc) and not a cookie-cutter product like the ipad.

  • harryharry

    why would i want an ipad 🙂

  • Android gives me the freedom to do what I want to do. To customize it, use a bluetooth mouse, keyboard and even dock it to use as a laptop, Android gives me the options not guidelines. 

  • Justin Harkey

    I want an Android tablet over the iPad because it will do more for me in Grad school. More power and  the freedom to use it the way I want to.

  • Dustin Hughes

    What other than Tegra 3 do you need as a reason for wanting a new Android tablet?? Quad-Core baby!!!! Pure Power

  • I prefer Android’s tasty treats (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich) over Apple’s fruits….

  • Cause Google kicks Apples @#%$

  • whosinaname

    I want  an android tablet because I love the customization of my devices and Android is the only way to go.  other tablets don’t have near the customizations possible, also the Transformer Prime in particular is awesome with the keyboard attachment (extra battery anyone?)

  • I want an Eee tablet to replace my Eee netbook,  because I consider Android my preferred mobile OS now,  even over Windows or Linux.   I want the freedom and flexibility that Android tables provide, and Apple products lack. 

  • Adam

    I simply can’t stand anything Apple. Reason enough?

  • Chris Baxter


  • Aidan Follestad

    I’d love to win a transformer prime because I’m 16 (almost 17), I love Google and Android and refuse to use any Microsoft/Apple products. I’ve done programming since I was 11 and now mainly create software for Android, I’m part of Team Boid who’s developing Boid for Android (http://play.google.com/store/a…, https://twitter.com/boidapp). Having an Android tablet to test my apps (and even write code using the new Android apps for development) on for tablet layouts with would be very useful, and I would also be able to use it to take notes at school.

  • Bubbasixx

    Haha, Why would I want this beauty over a whyPad? I would hate to have myself locked into Steve Jobs’ monotonous operating system. I love the customization of Android and the fact that I can do just about anything I want to it without worrying about breaking it.

    Plus, Droid-Life rocks, and there is no stinking Droid-Life app on the whyPad!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Montero

    I will be able to use the tablet however I want and customize it to be me, something only Google allows me to do and Apples iPad doesn’t.

    Besides Google is in it for the people, Apple is obviously in it for their own greedy reasons as you can see from their Apple v. The World law suits.
    Google product > Apple product anyday

  • Michael Fazio

    TF Prime over iPad 3 in order to continue saying “I have never purchased a product from Apple in my life.”

  • First of all whats up with the naming scheme of the iPad. More over I want a tablet that isn’t and over-sized phone. Loved taking a class this last summer on developing apps for android and would love a tablet to help me put the skills to use.

  • suchashorttime

    Because I can do more with an Android Tab.  Easy enough!

  • Mikedminor

    Nothing to prove to anyone, regarding my technology choices. I simply want/need the best and most capable products to help me get the things that I need to do done. Period. ASUS is the company that consistently delivers for me. So, for me, it is a natural desire to put my hat in the ring to see if I can get more of the best that ASUS has to offer. DL please keep up the great reporting, and ASUS please keep up the great engineering. Win or lose, you both have a fan for life!

  • I want a true tablet, not a “pad”. One with more power and flexability where I’m free to try and experiment – not a “leased” product from Apple.

  • QtDL

    I want an Android tablet because of the power, openness, and versatility….plus Andy Android is just so damn cute. 🙂

  • Jonik Cannon

    So i can say “you just got droid’d” to apple users

  • Chris W

    Most important, I want an Android tablet because it’s not an iPad.

  • Jonik Cannon

    B/c retina is sounding more and more like anal, and i cringe everytime i hear the word

  • I love the power, openness & hack-ability.  My entire family has Android devices. My wife wants an ipad, I’d love to give her this to try! It is more powerful & useful.

  • I want the prime for the same reason I drove a honda civic in the seventies.  I was an geek then, and I   haven’t changed much (except for being fatter and having less hair).

  • Admalek04

    I want an android tablet over an ipad because of how much you can do with android, rather than *OS

  • I want the Android tablet because “Apple changed the world”, but Android perfected it.

  • Brah. I still need that mobile FL Studio Application for Android. On a tablet it’d be from scratch, instead of an application already on the App Store with a step sequencer tacked on, Apple.

  • Juston Li

    Theres a new iPad??? Guess I didn’t notice cuz it looks the same with with minor upgrades, also I dont care for communist Apple.  Prime is so much better, crazy quad-core(5 actually) CPU and 12 CoreGPU (wtf?!?)  And ICS

  • Steve Gaskins Jr.

    I would love the Transformer Prime because I am currently using a Nook Color on CM7 as my tablet and my 8 year old laptop died a few months ago. 

    Also, I don’t like being told by any company what to do with my product after I purchase it.  I enjoy being able to tinker with things.

  • Larry Thomas

    This is a little upsetting…I have to tweet something to enter? I don’t use twitter. Although, I do use facebook. Its disheartening that I have to be a social guru AND avid technobuff to enter this contest. =(

  • Maybe it is just me but I don’t find i*Anything* easier to use than Android.  So for me there is only one OS for a tablet, Android!

  • Dennis Chen

    Because Ipads are not as fun to own as an android tablet. jailbreaking a device and then not being able to update is a horrible feeling. There are also no custom roms for ipads.

  • I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad due to the openness of Android. I already have a Galaxy Nexus, and I’d like a tablet that will work seamlessly with it. Based on this, I would never purchase an iPad.

  • Andrew Barth

    Android is more customizable than iOS.  

  • Akppatel25

    I want a prime……so macho than ipad

  • bingho

    Can I say thinner, lighter, and better looking? Oh wait, I thought this sign up was for an iPad.

  • Nolerltw

    It has become increasingly obvious that Apple products will be behind the technology curve when it comes to hardware and software and yet millions of people will buy into the marketing and hype and insist that their ipad or iphone is better than anything else ever. I enjoy my Android phone immensely and would love to have a brand new Transformer Prime to use at work. Not because I believe that having Android products makes me better than other people, because I have a choice and am intelligent enough to know when a product is better, not just well marketed and blindly followed by a mass of lemmings chasing Apples off of cliffs. 

  • Nick Notte

    Android > iOS

  • Xraytedjim

    Because iWant a tablet that isnt locked down and overpriced!  Android FTW!


    I want an Android tablet over the iPad simply because Apple sucks, and Android RULES. ‘Nuff said.

  • Ben Mebust

    I would like an Android tablet over an iPad because i have owned an iPad before and it was junk. I started off on the iPhone/iPad bandwagon. After about 2 years I tried out an Android phone. I made the switch almost immediately and never looked back. I think iDevices are so imperosnal and restrictive. With my Android I can personalize pretty much any aspect of the phone. I feel that having an Android tablet would allow me to have complete control over how the tablet preforms. And performance wise, looks like ASUS Transformer Prime would run circles around the new iPad.

  • time_span

    Since I am studying electrical engineering, using an iPad (or iOS in general) to interface with my projects just isn’t as easy as Android is (especially since we have Amarino now!). I have my senior project coming up and it would make our presentation/demonstration look so slick if we were controlling it with the Transformer Prime. 

  • Dustin Billings

    I don’t want an iPad because I’m not a dirty Apple hippie

  • ‘Cause I want to be able to do ANYTHING I want with my tablet, not just what Apple thinks I should do.

  • Qbrisco

    I’m an educator.  SO many of my colleages use iPads and other apple devices in their classrooms with decent results.  I would really like to see what ANDROID can do in the high school math classroom.

  • simran_cheema

    Cause its an android duh. and has a dock

  • Jason Wilson

    Because I choose freedom, not blind devotion to a man who stood for everything they claim to hate in this world.

    Actually, just kidding.  I just like their motherboards and think I am ready to upgrade from my P5A.


    Because apple is the new blackberry. Re-re-release the same product, except this time, we will throw in a cookie. Next time, the recipe to make the cookie. ZING.

  • Paulxcampos

    This android tablet is better than the new iPad simply because of the customizations it offers, and because of the better hardware specs. The Prime has expandable memory, an 8 megapixel shooter on the back side, it is thinner, quad-core, 12-core GPU, amazing battery life, and an outstanding keyboard dock. And most importantly, Ice Cream Sandwich makes IOS look like something that came out of Job’s rear end.

  • Alex Schweid

    The new iPad is a let down. I am fully committed to android with my GNex! I would love a 4.0 tablet to match. The keyboard dock with the transformer is amazing and would let me actually use the tablet for school.

  • cburgess2383

    Quad core and dock. Retina screen is overrated.

  • B J Books

    I would not even think of buying an Apple product.  I like Android people much better.  Plus this device is much sexier than any iPad.

  • Dresdon Lim

    Because I want optimus power. And that sexy dock. And that original quad core power. And the creator of the next Nexus.

  • Jonik Cannon

    i choose android because i’m for democracy and apple is communism…………..

  • Jerry Sprague

    I would love an Android tablet instead of and iPad becaust iOS is pretty blah. Customization and openness FTW!

  • CoolSaluki

    I want an Android tablet because I won’t have to buy an Apple device but still have all the fun.

  • AndrewHart

    The great Jack Donaghy, CEO of Kabletown (30 Rock) says it best,  ‘Apple spends most of there time focused on coming up with a hip, edgy name for their products; something that will appeal to the marketing holy trinity: college students, the morbidly obese, and homosexuals.’

    I’m tired of their perfect marketing and inferior products…it actually stopped bothering me since I got the new Nexus but now I am an ICS addict….a Prime would be the greatest gift for my Apple loving wife ever!  

  • Michael Abernathy

    I want to give my 17 year old son a GREAT graduation gift.  He’s always wanting things my wife and I can’t give him.  He knows he’s not going to get stuff but he always says that it never hurts to ask.  This is another thing that we can’t afford to give that I know he’d want.  An expensive gift like this would be awesome.

  • SparkyGuy

    android ables you to customize your tablet. lots of variety. i want one more than ipad

  • I want this tablet to use it for playing games, reading books, watching movies, taking photos(editing them too), blogging, social networking and… (is anything left?)

  • The Transformer Prime’s specs make the iPad look like a child’s toy. What you get with the iPad: A proprietary port, no memory expansion, 9.7″ screen, and iTunes–really? What you get with the Prime: Tegra 3, 10.1″ screen, mini HDMI, unlocked bootloader, etc. I want this tablet!

  • Mikedmor

    Because I’m sick of how apple releases a new tablet every year and claims to revolutionize the market when in all reality they are spoon feeding people a tablet that is essentially the same thing they were selling last year. The only real tablets are android. Crapple is not worth it.

  • I prefer android over apple. The amazing devs we have, the open source code and how customization I can do. I have never liked apple and doubt I ever will. Linux all the way!

  • Landscape Android is just so enjoyable!

  • Justin Howard

    I would love to win an Asus Transformer Prime. I love all android devices but I’ve never had a tablet, unable to afford one right now. I think Apple charges WAY to much for their products, especially ipads and you can’t customize them the way you can with an android device. I’ve never won anything in my life and this would make my day if I won this, my birthday is in a few weeks and if I won this it would be one of the best presents I’ve gotten in a LONG time, I’ve heard and read so much excellent qualities about the Transformer Prime.This tablet is MUCH better than any ipad in many ways, I’ve always wanted to say that I’m a tablet owner and thanks to Droid Life I have this wonderful shot at being one. Thank you Droid Life I read your website everyday. Droid Life and NVIDIA, Thank you very much for this opportunity  🙂

  • Rob. T

    Very Simple. I choose an Android tablet anyday over iPad.  Android tabs = More power, more choices and more freedom over iPad.

  • I would use the Prime for
    games and movies while on travel to various clients while telling
    everyone how much better of a tablet it is over that overly hyped other
    tablet that was just released.  Android tablets allow you the freedom to root, crack, flash whatever you want while still having the better hardware specs.

  • Gsynyc

    Because I won’t drink the kool aid!!!

  • JolleyMan

    I want an Android tablet so I can give my iPad2 back to my company.  They standardized on Apple because someone convinced our owner that they were better for business users than Blackberry (this after he had purchased a Blackberry mail server).  They told me to swap my Blackberry for an iPhone4S, but I told them that the BB is doing just fine sitting on a cradle forwarding calls to Google Voice which I take on my RAZR.  When they later gave me the iPad2, they told me I would have to pay $25/mo for 3G.  I again told them no thanks, I’ll use my rooted RAZR to share the 4G connection.  When I showed the owner the Android apps that I use to access our company business systems, they asked if there were Apple apps that would do the same.  I replied that there apps available, but that they are extremely limited due to the fact that iPhone users refuse to pay more than $0.99 for an app.  I paid $15 and $30 for a couple of Android apps, then promptly expensed them back to the company and, as a result, set a company precedence for others to get reimbursed for the same apps on their personal phones.  Therefore, our users are more productive with their personal phones that with the company-provided Apple products.  So, I would like nothing more than to turn in my iPad2 and being able to whip out a Transformer Prime in sales meetings.  After all, several of our products work on Android devices.  Almost none of them work on Apple.  But, I digress.

  • Edgar von Trotha

    II’ve been a fan of the Android OS since the G1 on tmobile. Apple locks their stuff down tighter than fort knox. I absolutely HATE itunes. Open source is the path to unity.

  • vremennyi

    I don’t like square scrren of “new ipad”. Wide screen is more comfortable =)

  • Dennis Kelley

    I, like others have had the opportunity to use both an iPad and a Transformer. Certainly, the iPad is a great device, but after using the Transformer, I would opt for the former every time. I would make this choice largely for the same reason that I have an Android phone versus an iPhone. Working on any iOS device gives me a sense of confinement, having to conform to Apple’s way of doing things. By contrast, the Android device gives me a sense of freedom of operating and customizing and tweaking that makes me feel that I own the device as opposed to borrowing it from Apple. And while many may disagree, I feel that there are a lot more quality programs on Android than on iOS. I use an iPod Touch daily, and it is a great music player. But for serious applications and communication, the options, menus, and interface on the Android are superior to the iOS devices. As far as being user-friendly, why am I always having to show people how to do things on their iPhone or iPad? “Oh, I didn’t know you could do that!”

  • Jonbloom79

    I want an android tablet instead of an apple because of ICS-and the tegra 3 processor.

  • Jnmigr

    Because I like to customize my tablet like this guy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kptguUktJA&feature=youtube_gdata_player we can’t do that on a iPad.

  • architortured

    simply put, autobots rule, decepticreeps are, well, Apple sheep

  • Kismet769

    Simple, Android > iOS

  • Mlouie23

    I love the features/capabilities of the Android platform.  The multi tasking and fundamental philosophies of ICS combined with NVIDIAs chip in an ASUS tablet is AMAZING.  It totally beats out Apple’s specs and capabilities.  I’d love to win the Transformer Prime!

  • EMan24

    Because android is better, duh.

  • OGDroid

    One word …. its ANDROID!

  • Because I’m broke and we’re an ANDROID only house!

  • Logpace

    I love android, nuff said

  • Frstsaxman

    I want a tegra 3 asus transformer prime just to rub it in the faces of all the other grad students who bought the IPAD 2 last spring break and the ones who are buying the new ipad this semester by showing them what it looks like when a quad core android tablet has a keyboard designed by the manufacture for productivity, while they all sit there trying to figure out how to connect their third party keyboard up in class and prop the screen up with a crappy case just to show off that they are using an IPAD in class. 

    Last year everyone who got an IPAD 2 and they know I’m an android fanboy, so they kept saying saying “can an android tablet do this? can an android tablet do this?” showing me features of their IPAD. I will be fun to say can your stupid IPAD do this!?! Especially with the addition of locale or tasker and a properly designed keyboard.

  • Mikel61101

    Because I like Android and not a$$hole I mean apple!

  • 99ctsv

    I will be honest, I am simply not a fan of apple products. I will take an android tablet anytime over an iPad. I believe in open source and I like the freedom that I get with android devices. I like to be able to have choices., Oh and like some one else some where in this blog said although apple does make good products, I do not believe in their values.

  • lukaN

    I want the Transformer Prime because I cannot bring myself to just let go of all the freedom that I have gotten used to with my Galaxy Nexus (and Droid X before that.)

  • Juan Arroyo Flores

    The possibilities
    with an android tablet are endless, the capacity for personalization and
    tinkering is mindboggling. While on the iPad you just have the same crappy look
    with the same crappy limitations. Android is for the real tablet enthusiasts
    like me 🙂

  • Aaronneyer

    I want a new android tablet(Specifically the transformer prime), because it can do much more of what I want than an iPad can. I’m a computer science student, and I’m currently trying to get into Android development as well.  I have an android phone, but it would also be awesome to have a tablet to develop on, as well as just for everyday use(It would replace my current crappy netbook).  
    The main part of Android development I’m trying to get into is not so much app development, but more the actual tearing apart of apps, where you can decompile an app and read the individual dex files(Basically assembly), and having different things to test this out on would be great.

  • Steven Letourneau

    I want the tablet because I have a tired old netbook that needs replacing.  And I just don’t like apple products.

  • etg9

    Because iWantToChoose how my os looks, feels, and acts. 

  • ubrnostrum

    I want this tablet because my android phone is lonely and it doesn’t have apple fever.

  • benjamin piorczynski

    Because I have cyborg eyes and they have no retinas DROID 4 LIFE

  • Just because it says new does not mean there really is anything NEW!

  • Zngr55

    iPad = walled garden:
    Prime = freedom, expansion, everything a tablet should be.

  • ppm

    Open source, Google integration.  Make life simpler.  What else is there to say?

  • Honestly,I have never owned a apple product(seriously,my mp3 player is a to toshiba gigabeat).I think apple products are all hype.I would love an asus transformer (robot in disguise!)  because I’ve used asus products for many years building my pc’s and their always quality products.So I would love to own one of these bad boys and laugh at apple fans as the IPAD 4 comes out in 4 months with one new feature for 700.00.I must get the last laugh!

  • Why do I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad? I don’t want a future of a totalitarian society controlled by a company with a fruit logo!

  • megatec45

    An Android Tablet has USB Ports, iPad doesn’t. Android Tablet has THOUSANDS OF FREE Apps, iPad doesn’t. The Transformer Prime has an optional Dock/Keyboard that extends battery life, iPad doesn’t. Apple sucks! Android DOESN”T!!!!! 🙂

  • Glhodnett

    Simple…open source. Plain and simple. (come on…do you really need all those pixels??)

  • Because I want to develop on an open platform!

  • Because I want to own a product based on it having the best specs, not the best marketing. I want to own a product that allows me the freedom to do what I want, not what the manufacturer allows me. I want a product from a company that puts people in front of profits and will constantly update it to make it the best they can. Thats why I NEED an ASUS TRANSFORMER PRIME

  • I prefer an android tablet over the new iPad because the android community is so much more intelligent than the iOS community. Developers and modders work their butts off to optimize the experience for all, and no matter what device you may have, you aren’t just “forgotten”, people try their best to support you and push the hardware to its limits.

  • Benjamin Cox

    I would want to have one because apple is s joke. Yes you prrtty much are stuck with whatever size iPad you choose so no upgradeable memory, second the iPad has no built in GPS and with google maps they are constantly being updated, third google is the most powerful search engine there is, fourth apple loves to make people pay for some of the apps that are free on Android, and last but not least Android is so much more customizeable than the IPads. I would use this device to help me get through school and my major being computer science.

  • xboxkid

    I want one so that I can rub it in all of my friends faces, showing them how much better it is than their precocious apple products!

  • I would rent a hotel dating room for it and my Nexus S. He’s been alone for a while. Im sure they would both be more than happy to satisfy my gaming addiction. Last time my Nexus met an Ipad he got an STD 🙁

  • John Anderson

    Because rather than releasing a new version of the same tablet every 6 months, Android actually supports their tablets by releasing upgrades, keeping consumers happy.

  • cheetahink

    An Android a day keeps the apple away!

  • Xzombiex66

    I would love a Prime simply because im phasing all apple products out of my electronics life. Im sick of being tied down and restricted with them. hell even this Mac mini im using right now sucks. After all of the suing they have been doing lately, they are cut off. I am looking to replace my mac book, and this would be perfect for me.

  • Because I need something android, after I got my Nexus S stolen I’ve been going through serious Android withdrawals, and I need to get back to the android realm.

  • Boaguy

    I like my tablets open source not haunted by the ghost of Steve jobs

  • mbentley311

    I would rather have an Android tablet due to the openness and all of the customization that I can do with it. While the i*Pad may have a great screen and good camera, I find Apple products boring and if you were to compare one person’s to the next, there would be few (if any) differences. I like to make my product my own and thouroughly enjoy when someone sees me on my Android phone and goes “Wow, that looks cool!” or “What phone is that?”. Hopefully, if I win, I can get more of those same reactions and steer some people away from thinking the i*Pad is the only tablet out there or the only one worth owning (because it’s not!).

  • Because Android is the the true Revolutionary, period.

  • I think the new iPad is a wonderful piece of engineering and the screen is absolutely stunning. But, having owned both Android phones and an iPhone, I can’t emphasize enough how much more intuitive Android is. 

    In the world of Android tablets today, there are two winners, the Transformers and the Galaxy Tab. Of the two, the Tab was always the aesthetic choice with the Transformer being the king of functionality. With the Prime, Asus has surpassed the Tab in form as well as function and has become the only tablet to get.

  •  Android rules! iPad gives too much of a “standard” experience, I want choice. Android lets us have a bazillion choices as to which tablet is right for us. This doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality, the Transformer Prime is a good example of tablet that is superior to iPad. With Android it is a win-win

  • Muellerj307

    Being in IT Apple devices are to tight and not compatible with anything Intel based.Android all the way!!

  • chris125

    I would like an android tablet over an ipad for the simple customizations that can be done with android over IOS and the ability to get an android tablet in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and specs. I also like the little green robot over a half eaten piece of fruit on my devices.

  • I want to stay with Android. I don’t want to be locked in to Apple’s all about “I” attitude.

  • Simple. The iPad is like a swiss army knife. Sure it can do a lot of things, but if you try to multi-task, say use the knife and the scissors at the same time, you will end up hurting yourself. Android actually respects the hardware enough to let you use it like a computer for work and fun, not just a toy. 

  • kman965

    I like the Android Platform and would like for my tablet to be the same OS as my smart Phone, the Galaxy Nexus; plus the closed platform that Apple maintains on thier products doesn’t appeal to me

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    I want the Prime over the iPad because Android is 10-fold better than Apple’s software. Plus you can put it on the keyboard dock helping me as a college student without money for a laptop.

  • Dogbird

    Because the new iPad is hardly a significant update in hardware

  • scottinma

    I must defeat the iPad giant. This will be my sword.

  • David Myers

    I just enjoy the fact that 1) You are not hamstrung into apple products and 2) the operting system just makes sense to me and I am not a techy 3) I already have a paper weight, so I do not need an i-anything

  • Tommyboy585

    I despise apple and everything they make so its a no brainer for me to choose the prime over an ipad 3. Plus android is and always will be a better choice over apple.

  • JGreen1280

    There are endless reasons why I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad, but here are just a few:
    1. Swype
    2. Device can be changed (if I find something that I don’t like -like keyboard)
    3. Notification bar (Android had it first)
    4. Google ‘Cloud’, not to be confused with the iThunderStorm (iCloud) – again, Android from day 1
    5. Not locked to one manufacturer on one platform – using #4 noted above, if I chose to explore other operating systems (WP, WM, iOS, BBos, WebOS, or any other smartphone OS), all my contacts and data Congress with, if you use the new iPad and decide to explore, sorry, Apple hold your data now….you want it back, come back to Apple..
    6. Google actually listens to user-feedback for suggestions and enhancements to the OS – Apple tells you your doing it wrong
    7. I also prefer too refrain from using products which can be confused with feminine hygiene products, iPAD, -don’t get me wrong, they’re a good thing for people who need them, I however have no use some I am not feminine

    8…..must I continue? I think the case speaks for its self

  • Trick question. I mean, why wouldn’t I want an Android tablet – they’re amazing. 

  • Phil

    Integration: How is an iPad going to integrate with my Android phone, my Android-based e-reader, my Android-based television, my Android-based toaster, and my Android-based sewing machine?

  • AndroideX

    Because Nothing can beat a Prime but seriously because of the FREEDOM of Android.

  • Chris D

    Because Asus is a top notch customer focused company that strives for substance and performance and value and not just locked down, over priced, shiny eye candy.

  • Troy Haskett

    Because I want to feel the raw power of Android on one of its best tablets yet, with the customization to do whatever i want. Plus, I want a tablet that makes me think of Transformers.

  • chdir

    I want an Android tablet because I like the customizable interface and the wider selection of hardware configurations. Expandable storage!

  • Skitals

    Because I prefer android, and I’m already invested in the Android Market… Er… Play Store?

  • Team220captain

    I want this tablet because of all the things I could do with it that I can’t do on the iFad.

    Things like:
    – Customizing my home screens
    – Hiding the apps I don’t use very often
    – Having access to the largest library of open source and free apps on the planet
    – Using a keyboard dock that actually works well
    – and many more that I could list here

  • Jblackwell1014

    Im sick of hearing about apples “new technology” when Android has had quad core devices for months now. Android enables way more customization and has more to offer

  • I’m tired of everyone calling every tablet an iPad even when its not an iPad.

  • Derek Lehrke

    Because The Transformer Prime has a true quad core processor, a micro SD and HDMI port built onto it with out having to buy a ridiculas attachment, and it has a real keyboard dock that adds true functionality (SD, USB, Battery, Trackpad).

  • Clinton Mikel

    It is all about the OS. I do not want to be locked into Apple’s box.

  • @faceofgay

    Choice and selection. I love the idea that while similar they are all different so I can find the one that is just right for me.

  • Super Shep

    One main reason, unlocked bootloader > jailbreaking 

  • dragon19104

    I have built the core of my personal productivity and entertainment capabilities around Android and Google services. There’s no going back!

  • I want an Android tablet instead of the new ipad because Android is an awesome OS that wasn’t made for children by children

  • I want an Android tablet instead of the new ipad because Android is an awesome OS that wasn’t made for children by children

  • I just think it’s a superior operating system!

  • Do I really need to explain why I want this instead of an iPad?  Really?  On this site?  How about so my RAZR can have a friend?  It doesn’t play nice with i-things.

  • Darrell Zuniga

    Because the Android devices are way ahead on the tech curve….do I really need a retina display? Customization is always nice too.

  • GazaIan

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because the Android tablets and it’s apps are much more Intergrated (and fun!) than iPad. For example, Overskreen is awesome (and goes great with the Lapdock Station), these Ubuntu installers awesome… I just feel that an Android tablet will be something I love, rather than just some toy.

  • Because after using my bosses ipad I really know how much they SUCK! I want to be able to customize my pages and add widgets and apps the way I want, not the way apple thinks I should.  I love my droid razr and he needs a big brother that he will be happy with and play nice together.

  • Because the android experience is seamless with gmail and all of googles products. You login to your google account and everything is there on your tablet or phone.  

  • Cause I’m tired of having to defend Android to my ifriends and I’d like to have a pretty new tablet to accentuate my point.

  • because I am addicted to this damn site

  • Guest

    Because i am not an isheep and apple devices just aren’t my thing

  • I want an Android tablet over an iPad because it runs a real OS full of customization.

  • N.Daly

    To me it’s always been about freedom.I enlisted during the cold war.  Now that I’ve retired it irritates me that a company thinks it should retain control of devices it’s sold…. If I buy it it’s mine to modify.  That’s why I love Android.  Don’t like keyboard, email, messaging launcher or even complete ROM just change it.  I don’t have to have my apps justified to upper left corner.  Multiple widgets giving me access to what I want without having to open an app every time is  assume.  iOS still isn’t making use of dual core CPU most of the time…. it wasn’t designed with SMP in mind.   Android can use 4+1 cores of the Tegra3.  

  • BigChuck Rossetti

    I want this tablet rather than an iPad because i don’t want to be locked into apples small world of control over it’s users… with this tablet… the world is your oyster and the only limits are your own imagination

  • LinkinParkFTW

    I want a Prime because it offers a superior level of customization, superior specs, and of course it runs android, which is much better than iOS

  • Dkcomputes

    Tranformer Prime beats the ipad hands down.

  • ChanZeuz

    I want to win this so I can give grandma the Ipad!

  • I have never been a fan of apple products.  Granted their marketing team does a great job of attracting lemming customers who don’t even have a valid reason for wanting an apple product, but they have to have it because its apple.  I want an Android Tablet becuase of its true openess and not having to conform to something just because it’s “cool”.  I am an early adopter of Android with the OG Droid and current Droid X and would love to take my android experiance further to a Tablet!

  • Tyreemcgrone

    Because i like Android and don’t care for the other guys company, my he rest in peace.

  • MikeOliveira

    i would love a transformer so i can show my wife how cruddy her ipad really is and all the stuff that is possible with android systems. so i can maybe get her to want one so that i can get rid of that blasted ipad in our house.

  • Hmmmm

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I’m on an iFan of iAnything.

    • Hmmmm

      NOT. NOT an iFan. Dammit.

  • Prsills

    2 reasons..

    USB port

    Open source

  • C_michaelym

    I want a prime so I can replace a very old notebook, with the best tablet ever, with the best os ever.

  • Same reason I prefer a manual transmission car. It’s great that iPads are easy to use, but I want something I’m in control of. I want something where I don’t have to use any particular software suite to transfer files to/from my computer. I want something where I have control of file management. I want something that has the ability (even if I don’t use/need it all the time) to view all forms of web pages (specifically flash). I want something that does what I want it to do, not what it thinks I want it to do.

  • Because I want a tablet that is mine, look, feel, and all androids possibilities… unlike iPad.

  • laytoa

    I don’t want to support a company who thinks $829 for a tablet is acceptable or appropriate.

  • Competition!!!! I can buy my books, movies and music from who I want. Google Music and Amazon through some great deals out there that Apple never will.

  • Alain Alemany Arana

    Because versatility is still the best thing about Android, which Apple could never have, and for other hand ASUS has been the best tablet manufacturer in the world.

  • Ponokyo

    Because I’ve been in jail and I like my freedom much, much better!

  • GaryPasler

    I am an Android family and appreciate the its openness and the many options it brings for customization.  I believe this & the number of devices will bring us more and better apps.    

  • Paul Long

    I’d want the Prime because Android evolves both in hardware and software. Apple hardware changes and software changes are lacking

  • Cyclone_Cy

    i like customization.

  • Jdbradley82

    I want one for the simple fact that it has expandable memory…oh and the fact that I’m too poor to buy one myself.

  • I want an Asus Transformer Prime because:

    1. Tegra 3 graphics are 4x slower than the A5x, lol.
    2. Transformer Prime is a cooler name than iPad3
    3. Owning an android device makes me a geek not an iDouche without an iLife

    Top Reason: Because Droid Life and Android ROCKS!

  • Because ICS is light years more advanced than iOS

  • Hmmm why do i want an android tab over an IPAD, do I really even have to explain. ICS FTW!!

  • Gostang69

    Icecream Sandwich tastes so much better than any type of Apple.

  • Jmad

    CM9 baby

  • because android is just well better overall. because no one will buy this for me and i cant afford it and because i am a nice guy that never wins anything! why would i want a already bitten apple anyway?!!???!!

  • I would prefer an Android tablet because I prefer the open ecosystem of Android to the closed world of iOS.  Google respects it’s customers and the open culture of the internet.

  • roosterk506

    I want an android tablet over an ipad because android sold me from day one and why try to fix what isnt near broken.

  • I want an android tablet instead of an icrap because androids are far more customizable and hackable. People only use icrap who are technologically challenged

  • Brandon Schreiber

    I’d take the Transformer Prime over the iPad 3 for one straight forward reason — the Tegra 3 is about delivering on performance and not hyperbole!

  • because i dont want something that is just hype, i want something that can back up the hype with power! who wants an already bitten apple anyway!

  • If I wanted a heated placemat I wouldnt buy it for $600 from apple I’d go to Ikea…

  • androidarmysniper

    I really want this.
    *puts on shades*
    And Chuck Norris sent me.

  • Lazyass32200

    I enetered the contest because I want a chance to hack the Prime, ofc. The iPad was never in the running to fill my tablet desires.

  • Why do I want a Prime, instead of an iPad? Simple – the dock & tab combination would greatly enhance my note taking and calendar scheduling abilities while commuting to class, all while allowing me to play console quality games in between the aforementioned classes 😉

  • Far superior to iPad in every way. Let’s go Android!!!!

  • TooBigToFit

    I want an Android tablet instead of the iPad because I actually need to get things done.

  • Kris Ray

    2 words – Custom ROMs

  • Cehlr7

    I want a new android tablet because Apple still does not have flash.  

  • That’s easy.  I spend much of my day either on foot, or in transit between multiple venues.  I am rarely working at my own desk — usually squatting at someone else’s workstation, or using my poor old Droid X as a mobile computer.  I need a portable device that is designed for more than just playing Angry Birds or music from iTunes to be truly productive on-the-go.

  • LaneMeyer

    I need a tablet with easy connectivity while I’m on the road.   The ipads propriety connectors and lack of a micro-sd slot limits its value.

  • Jeremy Helland

    I would like a tablet that can compare with my friends iPads.

  • Pbruenen

    I haven’t had a personal phone or an upgraded computer/tablet/ or pad for a long time.  Not trying to use the guilt play, but going through a divorce for 2 plus years and it’d be nice to have up to date electronics for the kids while they are with me.  

  • Hector E. Gaxiola

    who wants an Ipad that is not inovative.. its the same thing since 2007. I want freedom.. Andorid is the way to go..

  • Ohsanp

     Because android tablet needs more users.

  • Charles Ramsey

    I’ve never owned a tablet and I’d want my first one to be Android.

  • shakypete

    I think Android w/ICS is on the right track, and iOS is playing catch up. The Google Account integration is much better integrated, and I already put all my chips in that camp. iOS works great, just not for me, moving between apps is annoying, surfing the web is clunky because of the keyboard. Swype has made a huge difference for me and my experience. The Google Voice integration, the speech to text, both work better on Android. The Google search integration and HMI/GUI is fantastic, I love the new “arrow” function to speed up variations of searches… Hook me up!

  • tyguy829

    I really need something portable for school. Netbooks are slowww and are going out. Ultrabooks are definitely too expensive. So I began looking at the new iPad, but then I realized that I wouldn’t want to type on an IPad all day long. The lapdock would be a perfect solution, and its extra battery would last me 2 or 3 school days. Plus I wouldn’t mind some quad core gaming on the side :). On top of everything, I’d rather have android with an Nvidia chip over an iPad any day.

  • J. Wolf

    I want an Android tablet because ICS is my favorite snack, everyone else can have an apple.

  • Michaelama

    I want a tablet so i could use it for school

  • Spencer Rosengarten

    Because the new iPad just seems to be an evolution of the platform…whereas Android tablets seem to bring one revolution another.  Viva La ICS!  🙂

  • Kyle

    Because android can multitask, integrate with Google apps, I can have the full web experience with Flash, customize my home screen instead of only having an app drawer as the home screen, add widgets, flash custom ROMS if I want to, not support a company who can’t innovate and decides to sue every company out there who can, and I can choose my hardware based on specs (not being an iSheep and buying it because the Apple overlord told me to).

  • Damonlbeaty

    I head a second gen iPod back in the day. Since then I hit anything that wasn’t apple. Got rid of that iPod and never went back to apple. I would like Transformer rather then an iPad simply because I an Android for life! I think that over all, transformer is a better product and with the tegra processor,damn! Hook me up!

  • I love the open source nature of android plus i want to shut all of the apple fan boys 

  • I love the open source nature of android plus i want to shut all of the apple fan boys 

  • I want an android tablet over the Ipad ANY DAY for a lot of reasons. Customization, freedom, and could you imagine owning a ‘mobile computing solution’ that cant load anything flash based? Lol

  • Portability with functionality is double win!

  • Eric Allen

    Because I am tire of Apple telling me how I can use my devices.

  • I love the open source nature of android plus i want to shut all of the apple fan boys 

  • I think OS’s are like beer.  as long as you know what you like and can APPRECIATE that other people may prefer something else, we can be friends.  My wife’s an iperson.  I’m Android.  You don’t have to like IPAs for us to drink together.  But you better understand their place in Beerdom.  My wife and I get along fine with our mobile devices of choice.  we understand that customization and personalization is born of Android. and there’s also an understanding that idevices force you into a bit of a mold with options.  I want this puppy to show my wife just what breaking the mold looks like.

  • Doug_schamber

    Flash player

  • P5stover

    Im trying to convert my sister to an android user from apple. She will see the light with this!

  • Infinite81

    Because of FREEDOM!

  • Why do I want one?  Besides having Tegra 3, making it the best android gaming tablet on the market… my wife’s birthday is next week and she would love it!

  • Justin Fawell

    I want an android tablet opposed to an ipad because with ipads they’re really nothing more than an over grown iPod touch. There are so many limitations to ipads where as with an android tablet you have more freedom to personally customize you tablet. The android tablet also has the nvidia Tehran chip, so the processor is a lot better, and the graphics are better.

  • I want an android tablet, because I have no friends and if I don’t have one…I’ll buy a guitar, sing some emo tunes, and post the videos on youtube. You know the vids, when you want to “hear” a song and you just get some bum and their cover song..I’LL DO THAT! FOR EVERY SONG YOU WANT TO HEAR!!!! Do you want that? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

  • Zachamavisca

    I want an android tablet because 
    a. My family has been with Android since it’s existence
    b. my computer and currently out-dated by to years droid are so bad I can’t use them
    c. I’m an over achiever… Always need the  best of everything. Apple IPad doesn’t fit the description 

  • Jetta01

    Because I can’t stand Apple and Android rocks! As far as Android goes, the transformer prime is the best there is now.

  • ouroborus2012

    The choice is simple… As a man, I can have an UBER awesome android tablet that is rockin’ the power of Tegra 3 and also contains the word “transformer”, which is an added bonus because we all love giant alien robots… 

    OR, as a man, i could have a tablet with the word “pad” in it..  And as a man, i refuse to be seen with anything with the word “pad” in it!!

    ANDROID/TEGRA/ASUS all the way!

  • Anon4495

    Because I like having the power to use my device as I see fit. Not necessarily as the manufacturers wanted me to.

  • Freshsb777

    … because it’s free? 

    Also because android is the best!

  • Jmellon

    I want an Android tablet over an iPad because I don’t want Apple telling me what I can and can’t do with my tablet.

  • Because Ipeople piss me off and I refuse to become one

  • Finire

    I want an Android tablet over the icrap because I want a tablet with some real power behind it, that I’m allowed to do what I want with.

  • liquidice

    I’ve been an Android fan since the G1!  There’s no question what the right tablet is for me – An Android one.

  • Volunteerwalrus

    Why do I want an android tablet instead of an iPad? Well, because of the user experience! I want choice not a benevolent dictator.

  • schwinn8

    Because Android continues to support the older OSes, while Apple forces you to BUY new upgrades to get new features all the time (eg Siri, iCloud, etc) making any Android device superior, in my opinion. My OG Droid is still rocking along, without falling behind on capability… even though it’s still Froyo!

  • I never want to be tethered to itunes. If something happens to Android, all I have to do is sign in to the market (aka Google Play)and download my items. With Apple, have to download itunes (HUGE FILE), attach cord, sign in, look through my cloud/itunes library and wait… wait… wait…. (Highspeed wireless network to computer to very slow and ugly data cable to iPad). Thanks anyways. PS. I know that the will selection with be small and funny but this is a true confession.

  • Android is the best mobile OS and paired with the best in mobile graphics and processing power its a win for everyone, besides who gives a hoot about the ipad anyways

  • Because I think the android operating system is great. 

  • I choose an Android tablet over and iPad because I refuse to be a lemming. 

  • Lannunziata1

    I want to win a Transformer Prime instead of a new IPad because the new IPad is not all that. IOS has fallen behind Android as far as UI and can do do much more.

  • Because I am fully committed to Android. I’ve been all android since launch day of the OG DROID and I’ve never looked back.

    “Albert, are you sure you don’t want to get a history degree?”

    “LeBron, tell us why you haven’t tried the competitive table tennis circuit?”

    Sometimes the shoe fits and you just have to put it on and accept it. For me, Android just fits.

  • Brianjohnston70

    I want a tablet that I can do work on, not just a toy.

  • Drew

    Because it still sounds like a feminine hygiene product…

  • jon smith

    I prefer transformer over the ipad because the 1 openess of the adroid system. 2 i dont have to install some dumb program on my computer to sync files.

  • Fenlon

    Slick looking hardware with great battery life and a chance to hack away at customization makes the transformer a winner over ipad

  • Mii

    As my friends and I were actually talking about this last night, the iPad is ok, but all they ever change is the hardware, better cpu, better graphics / display. But what about the os / rom what does apple ever do to innovate this aspect, or how many ipad roms do you see out there? Thats where android comes in and why I want an android tablet for pure innovation. Android doesnt just beef up the specs, they make something new or add new things into their current os and make it and worth wild. They also let you customize it however you want.

  • Gkupfer

    Apples are great i eat one everyday with my android in my other hand !

  • my reason is simple, i’m very anti-apple, and mock anyone that has one of their “products”

  • newbieguy

    I want an Android Tablet because it’s the only mobile operating system worth using!

  • I want true graphics and I love NVIDIA

  • It’s all about NVIDIA graphics.

  • grea8one

     I will never every buy anything but android!

  • number01pup

    If i was going for an iPad it should cost no more than $100 and be toddler safe, because that’s the all its good for a baby toy. Bring on that TRANSFORMER PRIME.

  • Joshua Banks

     sick power, fantastic screen,cutting edge processor, and a lap-dock … whats not to want?? 

  • EngineerGA

    I want a new Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I really like all the free apps available for Android. I don’t even use iTunes or any Apple product, and never have.

  • Shawn Maloney

    Don’t want to feed the man, especially with an Apple. Want the flexibility in a tablet that do with my Android phone and always want to promote companies that encourage innovation not control

  • Greekmanx

    I want the Transformer Prime because I am an android guy and I want an awesome tablet and am sick of all the iPad hype.

  • SMA

    My Xoom has served me well, but I’d like to get something with a little more oomph.  The keyboard dock will make programming with AIDE a breeze too! 😀

  • Argh, I’m failing at commenting.

  • My Xoom has served me well, but I’d like to get something with a little more oomph.  The keyboard dock will make programming with AIDE a breeze too! 😀

  • I love the open source nature of android plus i want to shut all of my apple fan boys 

  • Mrisco11

    I just really of new things amd I’ve been dying to get my hands on an android tablet. Unfortunately, babies are expensive and with one on the way I can’t justify the expense

  • Mr. Doc

    ANYTHING Apple does, Android does BETTER…!!!

  • I really would like something for me to use while reading to my child that he could interact with.

  • I just loved it.Thanks for great sharing.

  • I simply just like the customizations in Android devices out of the box. With Apple devices, one must use the jailbreak tool to get a widget or something on the screens from Cydia. This is from an experience from an iPhone 3G back 4 years ago.

  • Gerg04

    Because I want one

  • SilentPatriot

    Ice Cream Sammich > boring old Apple

  • too much ipads around

  • Because it’s better!

  • Mastabrozif

    The reason I want an Android tablet over the new iPad is because the iPad is all hype it is very limited in its capabilities whereas Android tablets can do more.

  • jimmur

    Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet vs iPad enough said.  Asus winner

  • JohnGaspardo

    I want to root it and run custom software and I hate apple as a company and a “person”. They do not deserve my money and I like Asus products have a graphics card and motherboard made by them. Cutting edge technology instead of the magic and glitter from apple not to mention factories that still seem to blow up from ipad dust 

  • Spc Hicks09

    I want an Android Tablet instead of an iPad simply because Apple would probably find some way to sue me if I bought their “tablet.”

    • Spc Hicks09

      Oh and because crApple sucks.

  • Kelli T

    We love Androids. We have Android phones and would love to add to our collection! 

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

     Not even a choice:
    USB Host, Keyboard Dock, Roms and …..
    The Green Android Logo 😀

  • Gritchu

    I want a transformer over getting an iPad because I want to build apps for it and having to buy the iPad along with a mac along with paying the $100 developer license doesn’t sound like much intensive.  Not to mention that the Android community has grown much larger and offers so much more support to developers.

  • Jmanin

    I have loved Android OS since the beginning. I loved my OG and am still using my HTC DROID Incredible. I would love to own a tablet which I currently do not and especially one with the power and performance offered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip. While I am looking forward to gaming I am also looking forward to the the video and other media experience offered by the big screen. The Transformer Prime also looks gorgeous which doesn’t hurt.

  • Because I want to use my bluetooth mouse with my tablet. No need to jailbreak or root to use a bluetooth mouse. Bluetooth stack on Droid can handle connecting to 2 devices.. Google Music 20,000 songs with out taking up any drive space. Freedom go customize and more control..

  • Dapke36

    I like the transformer vs an iPad because finally someone is beating apple at their own game. This machine has unparalleled tablet specs, yet beat the iPad to market by months. Its clever design let’s it be used by business types (loved the keyboard on my former OG transformer), yet detachable, light, and easy to use. Clever design, taking technology past the pad…love it.

  • McFingr

    I’m interested in trying out a tablet, but I find Apple to be oppressive.

  • Joe

    I want an Android tablet over an iPad because it allows each user to customize their device to what they want, and not have to conform to what the manufacturer forces upon you. You could literally have two of the same Android devices sitting next to each other on a table, and have two different experiences with each one. And, as Android has matured, you are guaranteed to have a great experience across all devices. The Transformer Prime is a great example of how hardware has grown to unmatched performance levels, and can take an already amazing OS, and give it ‘Chuck Norris’ power. 🙂

  •  Because of the programmability–the fact that you don’t have to own a new Mac, pay $90 for an additional SDK, and pass Apple’s questionable review process to make an application available.

  • rkeesler

    I want the feedom of asus android, not the restrictions of apple.

  • nforkner

    Because I want to decide how I want to use a tablet, not be told how I “want” to use a tablet.

  • Fsanzv

    Because I can choose.

  • Bitzobacon

    Because it would be easier to watch movies on than my Droid X–and easier to type on than any other mobile device thanks to the dock.

  • “In the comments, tell us why you want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad.”

    Where do I begin? For one, Android on tablets is far superior than iOS. The widgets allow you to have access to your most used data (email, text messages, G+, weather, etc) at an instant. The layout can be customized and fully take advantage of that screen real estate.

    The screen resolution, and I don’t mean number of pixels, I mean the ratio. The new iPad is still 4:3. Most TV shows and almost all movies are now 16:9, so you will have black borders with the iPad. The video on the Prime will fill the whole screen, and since it’s a 10.1 inch screen, you get a bigger video picture than the iPad!!! Also, the screen is still gorgeous on the Prime, even though it doesn’t have as many pixels. A lot of people say that it’s not needed to have that high of a ppi and screen that big, and I agree. It will only cause apple trouble because of the way iOS works. Android was designed to be screen size and resolution friendly, where as iOS is designed for two sizes, and now three.

    The keyboard dock. The extra battery life is genius. There is no accessory for the iPad that is like the keyboard dock. All the iPad keyboards are blutooth that I have seen. Why Apple hasn’t pinched this idea yet is beyond me.

    List can go on and on, like the expansion ports, the USB ports, being able to use blutooth joysticks (you need to jailbreak iOS to do that), and so on.
    What is there not to love about this tablet? No seriously, what is there? I can’t think of anything.

    Twitter: Imp_Y_Celyn(That’s a character from the Discworld series, btw 😉

  • I want the Transformer Prime over the iPad… no competition!! 

    The Google ecosphere has so much more to offer, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Movies, Google Music… just to name a few. And combined with Asus’s excellent experience in hardware, this device is more powerful, thinner and lighter than the new iPad. And with more ports, functionality and accessibility.
    I would be honored to win one, and would keep it and show it off to my friends, family, and co-workers!! Thanks Asus and DroidLife! 

  • D3nkianma

    I want the Transformer Prime instead of the new IPad because…wait the new iPad is out? Ohh yea I forgot I didn’t care about the first 2 due to owning an Android device!

  • badbeat

    1. So I can so access all my apps I have on my GNex on a bigger screen – full integration!

    2. So I can actually customize my tablet experience not “customize” by way of pushing icons around like on my wife’s iPad 😛

  • Linux4ever

    I want to win Android Tablet instead of iPad because android can be unrooted which iPad is all locked down. Android Tablet have more freedom then iPad like adding a keyboard to it, to make it look like a mini laptop… I love open source more than non open source coding…

  • Jay Kamdar

    Because I the android interface is much better than the ios interface

  • vic

    Isn’t it obvious, no restrictions!

  • because its not a rape your bank account apple product

  • HieuDo

    I want Android tablet because I want Ice Cream Sandwich and Tegra 3! Not some bland pages with rows of icons.

  • CompCrash

    Android better for everyone expect old people and kindergardeners.

  • Ali

     Because Android.

  • Benjamin Chabaud

    Prime me up!

  • Sk8erguy30

    I want one, because I feel like apple is the “man” and every non apple product I get, I’m sticking it to the “man”. Android is for the free minded no I zombies please.

  • Because I enjoy my freedom.  And the Android platform brings that to me!

  • Jeff

    Because I want an all around better user experience with an android tablet! Ipad 3 is over rated…

  • android602

    the truth..ive always love android..i dont own a single apple item.. the truth is the i simply cant afford it.. i fell in love with the first one and now that is lower on price i still cant afford it.. i would love to win the transformer prime… it would help so much.. what ive seen on reviews on it..its basically like a laptop..you can do almost everything..i know i would use it kinda of a laptop..i must be one of those few people that doesnt own a computer so it would help me a lot, specially for my school work..i usually use my tmobile g2 android phone to type my stuff than print it on my cousins printer..i know theres a lot of kids app on the market..and it would help a lot with my kid when were at the store to keep him entertained..not trying to sound cheesey but it would extremely make me happy..especially through these rough times were going through 

  • js

    simply android > apple

  • Doug Plowden

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I have been addicted to this OS since my first smartphone(Droid X). In my opinion, Android is an “experience”, an everlasting technological adventure. Apple has turned into more of a status statement than anything. Its all about showing off that logo and playing some annoying indy pop song to grab the iSheeples attention, just to let them know that there is now an update to that number after the device name. 

    I have been drooling over the thought of owning my very own Android powered tablet for quite some time. The Asus Transformer Prime would be a dream come true!

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I’ll take the quad core processor over the quad core gpu anyday! 😛

  • Andyu11

    I die a little inside every time I see that glorified app jukebox. I feel a majority of i*ad owners are rather simple minded and have deep pockets. just sayin’.

  • CC_Rs

    I would love to have a Prime to use for my new obsession of home automation. Filled full of camera feed widgets and switches to make any ipad owner realize there tablet is in control of what they do. Seeing me not only control my Prime but everything from garage door to thermostat would make many an ipad owner wonder why there’s can’t do that. ” That’s cool…oh,you spent $800 and waited in a line overnight. Ya DroidLife gave me this for free” Lol

  • Josh Houff

    Because Ice cream sandwiches taste better than apples and if I hear the word retina display again I will vomit blood.

  • Pleasebreathe

    I don’t dislike the ipad. It is a great device. But I love android and all it has to offer. Plain and simple, I want a transformer because it will compliment my android phone. It will allow me to be more productive and have more fun. Thanks to NVIDIA and Droid Life for the chance at winning. Good luck to everyone!

  • Kyle Sheridan

    I want an Android tablet over an iPad because it LITERALLY outdoes that iPad in every single way. 

  • sam_evans7

    Quad core, ICS, and 15+ hour battery life? Yes please!

  • Because Android is for everyone!!! NOT JUST THE RICH!!!! AND PLUS GREAT FREE APPS!!

  • Swsmac

    I want a Android tablet because it is the best on the market for pure freedom.
    My wife has an ipad an every time I try it I find myself going back to my Android phone for the ability
    to move with ease, as well as upload, download, and do what I want without hindrance.
    Set me free with the Transformer Prime.

  • Apple closed business model is the opposite to freedom. Don’t like a monopolystic world on which a single company decides what is available and the price I have to pay. That’s why I prefer Android and the open source model.

  • AlonsoRomero

    The answer is simple… would your rather have a more of a desktop/laptop experience with an Android tablet (with sofware optimized specifically for tablets, ICS) or an iPod/iPhone on steriods experience with an iPad (with software also for tablets but optimized for more of an over sized ipod/iPhone, iOS)… I think android wins this one!

  • I would like an Android tablet because im a smart mommy. My 3 year old even knows android has all his favorite games, he even knows how to search for them, makes his mommy proud 🙂 

  • James

    First quad core tablet plus the functionality of a laptop and a tablet all combined into one with twice the battery life of the new ipad with the dock. You just cant beat that.

  • Mjohnson1985

    Because 4:3 is for picture frames and old televisions , not tablets.

  • EdsonDJ

    iOS may have the coolest apps/games, but it can’t do half of what I like doing on Android. It mostly has to do with customization.

  • Because I shouldn’t have to take out a mortgage to buy something with a half eaten apple logo on it when I can get quality electronics for better prices with my little green buddy.

  • AlonsoRomero

    The an swear is simple… would your rather have a more of a desktop/laptop experience with an Android tablet (with sofware optimized specifically for tablets, ICS) or an iPod/iPhone on steriods experience with an iPad (with software also for tablets but optimized for more of an over sized ipod/iPhone, iOS)… I think android wins this one!

  • Kyu Jin Choi

    I always wanted a laptop replacement but still hold onto android mobile platform

    I think this is the only way to go
    Cant wait to try out the Nvidia tegra 3~ 

  • I can’t stand the way apple’s marketplace works. It’s not open, it’s not competitive, it’s just apple, all the way. Go Google, Nvidia, and Asus!

  • Robin

    So I can use it to catalog and liveblog my entire trip to Bangkok, Thailand, which will be my first trip out of the country, first stamp on my passport, and first time to fly over water, and the first time to see my best friend in the country in which he lives.

    A lot of firsts, and I’ve never owned a tablet or purchased a laptop.

  • iDont want A iPad because iWont ever support Apple. I’ve always been A droid fan and I currently have an Droid X. I never have been able to own A tablet but iWould love to own one only from the Best of the Best NVIDIA.

  • ive been waiting to dive into the tablet market. and now with ICS and seeing it become the universal operating system for all android i would love an android tablet. especially the prime. 

  • kadiaz

    because draw something is on android now. 

  • _Mytos

    i want it so i can use its gps and google maps to find where they buried steve jobs, wanna spit on his grave

  • I want a Transformer Prime for one reason, USABILITY. I bought an iPad 2 a while ago for school, but was instantly hit with a stack of limitations. Sure it was fun, all tablets are fun, but none are as usable as the Transformer Prime.  I sold my iPad 2 for a laptop so I could use it for school, and would love to have the opportunity to replace my laptop with a Transformer Prime!  Having the immense feeling of power behind a Tegra quad core processor I’m sure is unreal. So thank you, NVIDIA for giving everyone the opportunity to win a device that defines quality. 

  • I want a new Android Tablet and not an iPad, because I’m die-hard Android!  No stinking apple crapple for this white boy!   Please make my day prime!

  • Where to start? First off the iPad offers very little customization options. Sure I can have a wallpaper but when iOS covers that up with all its icons I may as well have a solid black background. Going off of that widgets! I like having an at a glace look at things and android offers that. I could go on and on but the power and android tablet hands over to the user is much better than the simple(not a bad thing for some users) iOS hand holding that ends up limiting you when you want to go beyond what basic users do.

  • Because I don’t want to be another Apple fanboy

  • topherct

    Because I’m sick and tired of people saying ios is better than Android.

  • Because Android is way more versatile than iOS. Also I need to be convinced that I need a tablet.

  • Letah75

    i would rather have this than the ipad for the same reason i have an Android phone as opposed to an iphone. I like the individuality that the Andriod platform allows. I enjoy being able to change the look and the feel of my phone on a whim.

  • J53113

    I want the transformer because android is better… duh! Who wants to surrender their music and not be able to share it to whomever whenever they want? Android for the win!

  • I would prefer an Android tablet over an iPad simply because it would synchronize the best with my Google Apps account. In addition, it would be the perfect compliment to my Android phone.

  • Tau626

    ipads are Lame…Overpriced app launchers…

  • pseudonym_b

    Because I would rather pay for a product than marketing.

  • Richard

    I want an android tablet over Ipad so that I don’t have to feed more money into a company (Apple) who rips the average consumer off by charging ridiculous amounts of money for inferior products.

  • Trigun123478

    Because I want a tablet and I feel I am the only person on earth that doesn’t have one yet. The prime has a quad core processor while the ipad only has a duel core. Why would I want a tablet with outdated specs the prime is for me.

  • I want an Android tablet rather than an iPad because of the differences in philosophy that Google and Apple use in their business plans.  It just seems to me that Google and the Android platform stand for something better and more ethical.  Apple is out trying to corner and monopolize the market through patent laws rather than focusing completely on even greater innovation.

  • InfrnalSky

    Android is PRIME time baby!

  • Tim

    This is definitely unoriginal, but I want an Android tablet over the iPad because I really don’t like Apple products.  I need more than one button in my life.

  • most of my friends have been iphone/ipad users since the devices came out. every time a new one comes out I try to give it the benefit of the doubt but it has failed me every time.  i dont care for the single button. i dont like iOS.  by the end of the first day of me getting any of my android devices i already have them customized to my liking. my friends with the i-devices have to wait till a jailbreak comes out.  
    I’ve been hooked on android since my OG Droid purchase. 
    and with informative websites like this one im never left behind on the latest and greatest that android has to offer!

  • Zodo27

    I want the prime over the ipad because android is freedom. Freedom to customize it the way you want it to be customized. Not the way they want it. Sure apple is user friendly. User friendly for those more simple minded people who take the simple path. We are advanced people with advanced technology. If we are paying so much for a magnificent machine we should be able to make it our own. Make it part of our selves.

  • ive yet to get one, mainly cause its out of my price range. 

  • I want a new Android Tablet because all the phones in my family run Android…..why waste my money on a Apple, when I can get those cheaper at the grocery store.

  • Robert Santiago

    Because I truly want to think different!

  • Dude customization, ipad is soooo restricted my wife has one and i just get annoyed with it’s limitations. My family needs more android in there lives. FYI dude i don’t have facebook but i did everything else you guys asked for so i hope that i will still be in consideration for this opportunity. THANKS.

  • Hype, Hype, Hype. I’m tired of the hype. I love my droids, love custom roms, love the android experience. I also find it ironic that many people I share my android based devices with find it as easy, or easier than ios! I’d rather have all that throbbing Nvidia power anyhow, pc gamer at heart!

  • Because ipad is an overrated outdated piece of technology that cannot and will not ever compare or compete on the same level with android!

  • papajohnny

    i want an Android tablet because i don’t want to be confined within the Apple world.  I want the freedom to customize and explore many other possibilities…

  • Kiran Mandrekar

    The new iPad is a dual core with a quad core chip, whereas the tegra running Transformer Prime is true Quad core. I would like to show the apple fanboys the true power of a Tegra powered device & prove that Apple was wrong when it stated”A5X is faster tahn Tegra 3″.

  • XoutlawX

    I want the Transformer prime because of the power of that Tegra3 Quad-core+1 processor!!!!! I actually thought that Apple might bring out a quad-core iPad to compete with Android.  Instead, they put the slightly misleading title in their features list quad-core graphics referring to the GPU.  4 core CPU/12 core GPU vs. 2 core CPU/4 core GPU.  Aside from this, the Transformer looks awesome, especially with the keyboard dock, and it has such a cool name (although Hasbro might not agree with it 😛 )

  • Tung Dang

    Because iOS is boring compared to Android and the new iPad just isn’t worth it.

  • Tung Dang

    Because iOS is boring compared to Android and the new iPad just isn’t worth it.

  • Calmm1

    I want the Android tablet for my birthday (the 18th) so that when, bc it’s not a matter of if, some a**le freak gets a little overzealous I have something to counter with.

  • I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I want to have flash on my tablet and I still have to pay for school so an iPad is too expensive.

  • Tuantsg

    So that I can travel back in time and give Steve Job the new iPad, what would be the world be like……

  • I want a Transformer Prime because I want the best tablet on the market! Hands down!

  • jay

    I like android devices better. You get more options for less most of the time. And all the features that Apple claims that you can’t live without? I can live without them

  • Kolin Shapiro

    i want an asus transformer prime to show off to all my friends why the ipad and apple doesnt have nothing on android. i have had a few android devices and all of them have been amazing and yet people think the ios is so much better. this would device would just shove it in there face and they wouldnt be able to say apple is better after seeing what the prime can do vs my friends ipad 3! 


  • Because I love that by the time I get randomly chosen and receive this awesome android tablet… a “slightly improved newer” iPad will have been released for those idiots.

  • jedijesus95

    Android gifves me way more choices than Apple will ever give. 

  • andy

    i have never won anything in my life

  • Danny Vegueria

    I want an Asus Transformer Prime over an iPad 3 because it’s just flat out better!! I am sick of Apple capitalizing on the gullibility of the consumers. Apple somehow is getting away with lying about the performance of their GPU without providing benchmarks or supporting data. Plus, Android is a better overall Operating System. iOS is simple, and flashy, but doesn’t hold a candle to the possibilities offered by the Android OS. I graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University in April with a BS in Youth Ministry. What better way to send me off into the real world than with a brand new Asus Transformer Prime?!?! 


    Would be awesome for school! I’ve been taking notes on my EVO4G which draws attention from all my MacBook/iPad using peers. I can only imagine what it would be like with a Transformer! 

  • This would show the iLovers I work with what a reael tablet is capable of achiving!!

  • Mcgyver512

    Rotten Apples

  • Evilrid3r

    Beecause I like saying no its not an ipad its something cooler!

  • Mcgyver512

    Because the Apple garden is loosing its leaves

  • anapsoundsgud

    Android is better than Apple.

  • NDroid

    The only tablet I’m interested in is the Transformer Prime, because, with it’s thin keyboard dock, it is the perfect hybrid of tablet and laptop.

  • Because I’d rather not be a slave to Apple.

  • Aaron Rich

    Options and freedom to use get the most out of the hardware. Simple.

  • PrimeCandidate

    Need the quad core love

  • Don’t care about retina display. It’s all about that super bright Super IPS+ display. ^_^

  • Shawn Hangman

    From what I understand, Apply will never do Flash on any of their devices and I cannot wrap my head around that. That is just one of many reasons that keep me using Android till I die!

  • Ray Conn

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I need to personalize my devices to fit me.  I also wouldn’t want to limit myself and my web experience by being stuck with no flash.  The Transformer Prime is amazing and the NVIDIA Tegra 3 is the best tablet processor out there!

  • SuperTongue

    Because I can root it and go crazy! 😀

  • I just want a device that doesn’t think I’m stupid. I know how to use a PC, so I can figure out how to use Android. I don’t want Apple telling me “this is the way you should do it” with everything and removing my freedom to choose how I use what I buy.

  • i just love android. apple sucks!!

  • Because the Android OS is much better than iOS

  • samfitting

    apple could have gone quad core but did not; charging exorbitant rates for storage and the same apps I get for free on Android devices cost money on IOS

  • No other OS is more flexible and powerful than Android. Period.

  • Because I want a computer named after a Transformer.

  • jonboi78

    I want a Transformer Prime because it’s a great device that gives me the options that the Ipad is lacking. I can customize it, it costs less, and in most cases has more updated hardware. I already have a transformer and I LOVE IT. 

  • bungadudu

    I think it’s best!

  • Michael cheatwood

    Android gives me the power to hack and mod to my liking, oh and I like using flash. Plus once you go android you never go back. Posted from my iPad 🙂

  • Because I would rather have Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert. Apples leaves something to be desired. 

  • Kmarkos

    My wife has an iPad2. It drives me crazy! Sure the screen is amazing and the graphics are smooth as butter. However, trying to actually be productive is a pain! At least at my house, the WiFi connection with the iPad oddly seems much slower than the WiFi on my Galaxy Nexus. I am actually more productive on my Nexus than on the iPad. I would love to have the Ice Cream Sandwich experience on a tablet!

  • meijin3

    Because Android treats me like a big boy and let’s me do what I want to do with my (hypothetical atm) tablet!

  • monorailmedic

    Android offers significantly more flexibility and customization than iOS, especially on tablets.  From setting up your own homescreens to interfacing with hardware that is well, anything but Apple, the options are really endless.

  • Martin Pelant

    Because Android is all I do.

  • Justin Walters

    I feel more at home using android, fits in more with my personality. the ipad is nice but I just cant get used to it after using android for so long.

  • Because I plan on turning this device into a very portable laptop with amazing battery life once Ubuntu is able to run on it. ICS Tablet when I just want something light, Ubuntu when I need to do serious computing on the go with the keyboard dock.

  • Joeadrianmendoza

    i prefer android over ipad because of the ease of use. I hate being tide to iTunes DROID rules!!!

  • DaPenguin

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I want my tablet to look the way I like, not the way Apple likes.

  • D4L(droid 4 life)

    Apple sucks case closed….D4L (droid for life)
     I have been with Andriod systems since D1 (OG) and never would i think about an iAnything.  I always love the fact of how user friendly the Droid system is; and as far as the firm ware it’s ever changing. The Android system is such a broad based program that the possibilities are endless to what can be done with them. You never know what they come up with next, which helps to keep any Android product always in the fresh.  iCrap ooops..imean iProducts always works within a box. It’s like this is what it is and that’s it…like it or not.  Android comes in so many froms that everyone can obtain and enjoy the Droid experience.  Apple says this is are product,cant afford it, too bad, kick rocks little people; cant you see we are busy making all this money from the extras you have to buy just to half-way enjoy are products.  Android is like the Microsoft of OS when it comes to phones and tablets. Easy to use and has plenty of freeware to actually gain access to a full Android experience. The TF Prime rocks and is top of the line. Do i want one HELL YEAH!  When in win this this contest and get my TF Prime…. i will be the envy of all iOwners; and they will either Transform or roll out…..

  • Adam Cargal

    I really dislike the idea of being led around like an isheep!  Give me some flavor and choice with Android!!

  • Dbond30

    android tablets are more open and WAY more customize-able, the new ipad is going to look just like every other ipad, android tablets are constantly evolving, ipad is waay behind the curve, thats why i chose android tablets 

  • I would like an Android tablet over an iPad because I have never had the Apple Koolaid and I don’t plan on starting.  I don’t have to be told what I like–I can form my own opinion.

  • well because i have a galaxy nexus and if i had the transformer prime, i can make my prime laugh at my nexus cuz we all thought the nexus was gonna be called the nexus prime, then my nexus, my prime and i wud laugh at my girlfriends iphone 4s and her i pad 2 aka dumb and dumber becuz Android rules and ios drools….

  • Jp1wildman

    I Want one simply to bring my wife back to Android, before we get a divorce over her icraphone.

  • Muhammed A

    If I win, I can make a video on my new Transformer Prime, post it on youtube and then watch it using flash as much as I want! Muahahahaha.

  • I want an Asus Transformer Prime over an iPad 3 because it’s just flat out better!! I am sick of Apple capitalizing on the gullibility of the consumers. Apple somehow is getting away with lying about the performance of their GPU without providing benchmarks or supporting data. Plus, Android is a better overall Operating System. iOS is simple, and flashy, but doesn’t hold a candle to the possibilities offered by the Android OS. I graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University in April with a BS in Youth Ministry. What better way to send me off into the real world than with a brand new Asus Transformer Prime?!?! 

  • IhateEverybody

    Apples attitude of “We know what’s best for you” sux. I want to set up my device the way I want it. Asus rocks the world and the Prime is a further example of that.

  • Because Apple purposely holds off on new technology to have something new to sell their customers in a year

  • Jeremy Kontelis

    Because I don’t want to think of feminine hygiene while using my tablet.

  • jorge22f

    Because its just better.

  • WetNinja

    Because I have an Android phone, of course, so I’m already plugged into that ecosystem.

  • Growlor

    I recently won a new iPad2 and while it it a very nice product, I really want don’t want to be that locked-down by the manufacturer. So, I gave the iPad to my wife and am looking for an Android tablet for myself. Some examples of freedom I see in the Android platform include not only the ability to bypass the market (if I so choose), but also the ability to buy different level of hardware. I have the option of buying a cheap one that I can toss in a bag and not be too upset if it gets dropped/lost/etc or I can buy the latest screaming hot hardware or anywhere in between.

  • Kwright510

    Because it is a ‘droid!

  • Edward E Aleman

    I want the new Transformer Prime because simply put: http://phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/960×854.png

  • WeBeWeasels

    I choose the Android over ipad because I don’t need someone else deciding what I should be allowed to run on my tablet

  • Derek Koerte

    Android tablets are affordable. You could get two dual-core tablets for the price of one iPad.

  • Cofoltman84

    I want a transformer simply because it’s far superior to any iPad3 or ‘new iPad’. ‘Nuff said.

    • Nevelos85

      I want the Asus transformer over the iPad simply because of the open nature of the android platform, if I have the ability to side load apps from my drop box home computer computer drag and drop my music photo’s etc at will. Best of all when I have it out and some asks “is that a ipad” I can say no its a transformer and pull out that sexy keyboard

  • JagQpopZ24

    Got an iPad 2 for family use.  God darn annoying that there is no memory expansion- Stuck at 16 gb and need to figure out what silly app to erase in order to make room for new ones.  Dumb proprietary connector- not everyone has one to spare for a charge. 

    But the worst thing- CANNOT CUSTOMIZE!!! Its just so boring to look at folders and app icons.  My Droid X is nicer to look and is MINE, not apples. 

  • Dustin Beare

    I already have a Transformer Prime and dock, but my wife really is wanting a new computer.  I’m hoping to get this as a gift for her, as a way to bring her into the Android family.  I love mine and I hope that she will love her Prime as well 🙂

  • 4n1m4L

    my reason: 
    $ repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest -b android-4.0.1_r1

  • Jonweezard

    iPad is overrated. My wife’s pads bring so much more humanity to the household. Android tablets evolves with humanity, symbolizing technology advancements of the human race.

  • Aram Peers

    I want an Android Tablet because there are no real “gimmicks”. Android Tablets are more focused on giving a better experience to the user, one that is unique and not just a blown already up version of an already overly simplified mobile experience. The newer android tablets provide an integral experience that is unique to both the mobile phone and tablet. Plus, Android has much higher potential because it allows for a wider range of people to experience it as a result of the varying sizes and feels.

  • I like Android better than iOS because the restrictions on applications are far fewer in number. Android is way better for us technology fans who love tinkering and customizing. This tablet is just an amazing piece of Android hardware.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    As if that was even a question…..? I like freedom, I like being able to change my tablet as I see fit but most of all, I don’t like the wool be pulled over my eyes bye biting from the forbidden fruit!

  • Jeff T

    Android tablets have an endless possibility of customizing and allowing savvy users to be truly “creative”. I’m not the kind of person who is happy living in an iBubble and not having full control over a device I pay top dollar for.

  • cha

    Android > iOS due to customization without having to jailbreak. 

  • Kakashiisagod

    Tegra 3 = Man of Steel. A5x = Man of Peal
    Id rather hang with the flash, than be destined for over priced trash. Oh yeah and Sonic 4 episode 2 looks amazing.

  • I want one because I refuse to own an Apple product and need a tablet..

  • Darin Mikesell

    Because it’s not about fragmentation, it’s about choice. I’d rather have a choice of what tablet I’m going to use instead of being told what tablet I’m going to use.

  • Jewaymire

    Because I can make android mine.  I can use it to help me teach the way I want, not the way they want.

  • Basically, I just want to stop hearing one of my closest friends quite saying the word “seamless” when he talks about viewing his iPad content on his Samsung TV by using his Apple TV. That and Siri is a slut.

  • Jim Quintana

    Android ICS all the way, customized the way you like. Widgets, live wallpaper, etc. 🙂

  • cfb

    I refuse to be part of the human centipad

  • Collin

    You can’t root or unlock the bootloader on an iPad.

  • ABerry5

    Because I want widgets and the hundreds of other features that make the transformer more than a kids toy

  • Matthewjones1994

    Well…. let me put it this way ANDROID > IOS

  • walt8791

    I’ll take 4 cores over 2 any day of the week.

  • I want raw, uncontrolled, uncensored power!

  • JDub429

    Of course I want an Android tablet!!  Who wouldn’t?  Wait…what?  There’s a new iPad?  I hadn’t noticed.

  • Well, that’s easy… I don’t want the new ipad.  😉  I’ve been an android loyalist since the OG Droid, and if I wasn’t using a company phone prior I’d have been one since the very beginning.  Apple makes some pretty stuff, but as someone who is running CM7 on my rooted Droid and ICS AOKP on my rooted Bionic, I feel pretty confident that IOS is not the platform for me.  I don’t need my toys dumbed down.

  • NYCdroids

    I will not succumb to the Apple Kool Aid!

  • Ryuuie Ryuu

    I want the Transformer Prime instead of the new iPad because I’m just not too impressed with iOS, to be honest. I have an iPod touch 4th gen and iOS 5.1 just doesn’t work for me as well as Ice Cream Sandwich (or even Honeycomb) does.

    I have an Android phone and it only makes sense to have a tablet that I can easily integrate into my life vs the iPad where I’d have to buy peripheral cords and whatnot. 

  • hoodieNation

    because iHate iAnything.  And i’m tabletless ;(

  • I want an Android Tablet because I’m waiting for the Ipad 4. 😉

  • Captain_Doug

    I would love to have an android tablet rather than an ipad because Android is the future. Especially the transformer prime. Tablets/laptops are what my dreams are all about!

  • Mosskingpin

    Because I can win a Transformer.I would have to fork over $$$750+ for the IPad. IPad has no SD slot. I think the tranny does…

  • I want a Transformer Prime instead of the new iPad because my sister-in-law already has an iPad 2, and honestly its nothing spectacular, you really can’t do much with it… Now the Transformer Prime on the other hand, the possibility’s are endless! The main reason I not only want but NEED this is because I will be starting college in April, and this tablet would be perfect for taking notes in class, recording lectures, playing games in my free time, watching movies also in my free time, and just utilizing its features in general. I already have 2 android phones (LG Optimus M and OG Droid) and I’m already so use to the Android interface that to get an iPad would be pointless… It would be like a Windows user switching to OSX… But anyways sorry for the long story, just felt I needed to be detailed on why I want the Transformer Prime compared to the new iPad.

  • Aishwarymehta

    i want an android tablet rather dan a new ipad because ipad sucks in my views although it hav more apps dah android market but where i live tat iz india der iz more demand of an ANDROID TAb dan a new ipad…and i love the android nd Droid Life… plzzz i want 1…

  • Jgplainc

    I want a prime b/c I am not a sheople

  • I like the freedom of choice that the Android ecosystem gives me–many phones, many tablets to choose from. And once you do settle on hardware, you can also try different launchers, different themes, and even different ROMs.  Having an iProduct would drive me bonkers, if it didn’t bore me first.

  • Tiezane

    Because Apple fans are a bunch of sheep, willing to trade their souls for a proprietary,  closed source architecture, while Android embraces the spirit of the early pioneers of computing and the belief that the ability to use your devices to their full potential should belong to the masses, and not be dictated by corporate suits.

  • Cjl1092

    cause Apple sucks. Need I say any more?

  • Mjm1996

    I wan’t the Transformer Prime instead of the new iPad because it runs Android, nuf’ said.

  • Easy enough…open platform.  I’m android through and through.

  • I want an android one….. and ICS

  • Aedwardw

    I would take an android tablet over apple iPad any day of the week

  • Phil

    I want the Transformer Prime because I dislike Apple and love Asus. Simple enough

  • BA_Carroll

    I would like a new transformer prime because it’s  Tegra3 quad core awesomeness in a 10.1″ screen of amazing 1200 x 800 resolution covered in gorilla glass candy coated protection. What I’m trying to say is it’s eye candy for you to watch movies, Netflix, Crackle or rent from Google Play. As for gaming your quad core powered monster laughs at those games and chews them up and spits them out like three day old corned beef and cabbage. Finally it’s Android, it’s open, it’s customization til the cows come home. My Transformer prime will not look like your friends Transformer prime. Because I am an individual and I can’t wait to try Ice Cream Sandwich too all the new widgets. As for the competition… the “NEW” iPad looks a lot like the “OLD” iPad… :O BOOM!

  • TimXer

    Apple just reminds me of communism or some cult – not gonna do it!
    Android is so much more versatile and this TP is the cream of the crop.

  • Erick Tang

    I want a transformer because I want a real tablet, with real power. I’m not in the market for. An xl hd ipod touch. Loving ICS on my gnex and would love to have it on another device.

  • Jason Rabideau

    Because I would never be caught with ANY crApple device in my possession!!!

  • Because I would much rather have a tablet named after an alien robot than one that sounds like a feminine hygiene product 

  • I would love an android tablet.  My wife has an Ipad, and I don’t like it.  An android tablet would go great with my Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Zerstoer

    Plain and simple, the customization options and openness make the transformer prime superior. Quad core processing is awesome too

  • Jerry Lisa

    I want an Android instead of an IPad because I really like my Thrive except for the bulk. I like having flash, and like the free App a day from Amazon. I like the replaceable battery. Hdmi, and the Droid apps that Apple doesn’t offer.

  • I love the fact that android tablets are open source and customizable PLUS it seems that most of the higher android tablets have better hardware specs and options…it’s a win win win…WIN situation if you ask me

  • Thekyguy11

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I want to be able to customize every little bit of my tablet to exactly the way “I” see fit. I prefer the freedom that comes with open source OS. I want to use the hardware to its fullest potential, without being limited to a single, proprietary, connector. I want an Android tablet because Android is simply the best OS in the world.

  • HamsterHuey

    I want an Android tablet because I want access to a proper file system, the ability to introduce custom fonts (symbol.ttf – Hello Apple?! You’re on your 3rd gen tablet and you still can’t read scientific papers with Greek symbols unless you reformat all your pdfs to embed all fonts) and for not having to suffer through pages and pages of square icons.

  • Crumbut

    Ummm let me paint the visual image….
    We open the scene with a bunch of uber geeks in aa Starbucks like caffee sipping lataes and watching the icon on the top edge of their screen on the xpads telling them they have little to no access….
    The free wifi sign on the door starts to skake and tremble… eveeyone gets out of their seats to look at the sign in disbelief… the sign suddenly stops… they all look at each other for the moment… then they hear some really hip music (insert your style here).. and a little boy walks by the caffea door.. stops for a moment and looks i know at the crowd still discussing the wifi sign… the little boy turns and continues walking by with a smile… as he exits to the right of your mental image a Transformer walks in from the left.. he yells to the little boy… wait up bro!

    Apple sux peeps 😉 stick with Android!

  • Rich Knolmayer

    Cause who really ants an iPad 3, same tab over and over again, no thanks

  • Chris Brinkley

    i want a tablet that will work when i want it to and not just be the one that everyone else has

  • Al Chandler

     I want the prime because in my opinion it is a true geek’s toy.

  • Christopher Ruiz

    I have an IPad, it was my first tablet, I got it to work with my Mac Book pro but it never really integrated well.  I also have android phones and all my Google apps just work well whether I am on my PC, Mac or Phone.  I figure a tablet running android must work better then IOS, it sure can’t work any worse!

  • Dacatalyst41

    I want an Android tablet because the ecosystem allows me to LIVE FREE!….unlike Apple’s tyranny.

  • Hail Sirius

    I want the Asus Transformer Prime instead of the new IPad because after all the hype and hullabaloo has died, I want to be left with tech that hasn’t.

  • IanKellogg

    i would replace my dying mac book that lost both usb ports. also video games.

  • I used to work for apple and they made me carry a “store iphone” around before they got ipod touch POS’s (point of sale/piece of …) and had to hide my OG droid in the back office.

  • I want a Transformer Prime instead of an iPad because I like options.. I hate looking at an i device because they ALL LOOK THE SAME!. Just a big ass grid of icons.. Thats not me, I love to personalize my GNex and do so weekly.. I love widets and being able to change my clock and skin and icons to whatever I want.. Having a Android powered tablet would be dope.. 

  • I want the Transformer Prime because I am new to “Android”, I love it on my galaxy nexus and I want more!

  • ICS is a true tablet OS instead of an enlarged phone OS. Having an android tablet will also allow me to stay inside the great android ecosystem and use the all the apps I have already bought. Seamless integration with Google services like GMail and Google Calendar are essential to my productivity as well.

  • The iPad is just more of the same. iOS feels like a sandbox. I need an Android tablet so I can do more than just putter around on the internet.

  • Gamer0014

    Because you get more freedom and flexibility with an android device

  • Because just like a James Cameron blockbuster, the “new” iPad can’t possibly live up to the hype.

  • Gamer0014


  • Tkampka

    i dont want a tablet, i need one, I am a poor musician that wants to get rid of my paper habit of reading music. I have a fellow player that uses an Ipad, gezz, that’s scary, and he has all his music for jobs on his tablet and reads it from there. I don’t have enough monies yet to get one for myself, so if you have an extra, god would that make my life playing music easier. Thanks, Terry

  • Vanfossenr

    I want one to hook up my arduino to. I want to use it to control stuff around my house. Or use it on my motorized lazy boy chair project. Make it the steering, gas, and brakes. Pick me.

  • islandak

    Better tech, more customization options, and a waaaaay coolwt owner community.

  • I would like an Android Tablet cause I have been an Android user since the OG Droid and prefer Android over Apple any day. Also the jump from iPad 2 to iPad 3 is just as lame as the jump from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S neither of them had anything special added to them. Just shows how people are sheeps and the will buy anything Apple puts out.

  • People with ipads scare me….I can fight them with my transformer

  • Justin Harris

    I want an android tablet instead of an iPad, to use my current apps and customize the tablet the way I want to get the best experience.   

  • David Gidley

    I just need a tablet so bad

  • Daniel Cranford

    Customization. I love me some widgets!

  • Southville1

    Because the android is compatable with everything i already have. If i go for the new ipad or iphone (which i NEVER would) i have to get a bunch of apple products just to be able to use it the way i want. With android I’m already set & the android has been my tech choice since black friday 2009 when they first hit the market.

  • luvmyandroid2

    I want an Android Tablet over the Ipad because of the freedom that Android allows.  I have always been Android and will continue to remain Android….to the extent of coming out of pocket for my Android phone when my employer went all Iphone.  I would have it no other way.  I also prefer the flash capability and the apps I use for daily work…that are not available in the Apple world. 

  • Kirk Haggard

    I want an Android tablet because Android > iCrap. If only people would see the light at the end of the iCraze tunnel!

  • Burke Foley

    Mostly all the same reasons I choose Android phones over iPhones:  choice, customization, and Google integration.

  • Barnaldo99

    My wife got an iPad, so I want to show her a real tablet!

  • angermeans

    I want an open OS

  • Trevin Wilson

    Because I can jam my own code on to it

  • miketb34

    I want an android tablet instead of an iPad because I want options and customization. I want to be able to take my tablet beyond its potential.

  • Why would I want a transformer over an iPad?  Honestly?  Just not that into fruit.  Android is the only real way to fly.

  • hijackerjack

    Because adding a new GPU and four times the pixels doesn’t count as a “new product.” At least on Android we have AOSP to keep our “old” and “weak” devices running strong.

  • Knlegend1

    I would like a transformer prime because its possibly the best tablet on the market right now. 4 cores and a soft 5th that’s incredible. Plus the unification with my phone and Google TV. I’m not going to lie the new Ipad is a good but its more of the same really. I honestly don’t think apple can compete with google its just they had a head start. Its all marketing and gimmicks with the new ipad. 

  • Steven Myers

    Because I’m love open source and Google is looking at the bigger picture with development. Apple is locked down on everything with everything they release. They need to open their minds and let the people be able to choose what they like instead of “its our way like it or not”.

  • Mike Marcano

    It’s actually funny as I keep arguing with my friends on FB about how Android Tabs like the TPrime are better in stats and user experience than the ipads. Hell, the Ipad and Iphone for the most part use 2010 and 2011 technology where as the Prime has quad core processing power and and just as beautiful screen. Plus Android is FULLY customizable where as even jail broken ipad’s truly aren’t. Android is for the thinking man….iOS is if you want apple to think FOR you. They are just amazing at marketing. THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • BuTbKa

    Really, do you really want us to tell why???? Because my Nexus would get a CPU attack if I bring iPad  home 🙂

  • Crgsmal

    Im not an Apple Fanboy!

  • NooRotic

    I love to actually multi-task properly, and a new Prime would do that perfectly!!!

  • tothethief

    Because an android tablet will just work better. Especially with ice cream sandwich.

  • Because my wife wont let me buy one.  I’ll show her by winning one.  DROID 4LIFE!!

  • the ipad is nothing compared to the  Transformer Prime !

  • I want a Transformer Prime over an Ipad because android > apple. USB OTG support, flash support (its dying, I know) and most importantly, I will never install iTunes on my computer due to the fact that it is inherently evil in nature.

  • Because open source software looks better on any screen and if I wanted to pay to not have options I would get married. 

  • Jamesthepikapp

    Because of flash, tv links saves lives

  • Darcmasta

    Its Apple… If I wanted to be like everyone else I would wear skinny jeans and listen to justin bieber all day…

  • anikko

    That’s easy I’d like this over an iPad any day! With it’s keyboard and quad-core NVidia CPU theres no question. 

  • Pearkel

    My kids are begging me for an ipad, I am anti apple so I refuse. Would love to show them a true tablet! #teamandroid

  • EJ McCarty

    FREEDOM!!! Previously owned an iphone. (you can hate me if you want) but i couldn’t take it anymore and bought a galaxy nexus; for many reasons. One being that I hate that i can’t even download music from a link on an ipad, it will only play it through quicktime. Everything in the apple system is a hassle to deal with. from the music to the chargers to just about anything else you can think of. Android has developed into a truly beautiful platform. I used to have the OG droid back when flashing bugless beast everyday was a necessity. The Ipad may be nice for old people who don’t want to get the most out of their devices, but when you want the most bang for your buck, trust me android anything is the way to go. Just got a motoactv and rooted it. What other smartwatch could you do that with? haha good luck doing that with a Nike+ device. But anyways, the prime is a great device that deserves praise and I think it would accompany my G’nex and motoactv very nicely 🙂

  • EJ McCarty

    FREEDOM!!! Previously owned an iphone. (you can hate me if you want) but i couldn’t take it anymore and bought a galaxy nexus; for many reasons. One being that I hate that i can’t even download music from a link on an ipad, it will only play it through quicktime. Everything in the apple system is a hassle to deal with. from the music to the chargers to just about anything else you can think of. Android has developed into a truly beautiful platform. I used to have the OG droid back when flashing bugless beast everyday was a necessity. The Ipad may be nice for old people who don’t want to get the most out of their devices, but when you want the most bang for your buck, trust me android anything is the way to go. Just got a motoactv and rooted it. What other smartwatch could you do that with? haha good luck doing that with a Nike+ device. But anyways, the prime is a great device that deserves praise and I think it would accompany my G’nex and motoactv very nicely 🙂

  • Scott42978

    I don’t use anything itunes related so there’s no need to have an Ipad. Iike the flexibility that android gives me compared to apple products.

  • Biggie213

    Apple blows!!  Plus I’m not a mindless lemming…that’s why I want an Android tablet.

  • Swift_LawnGnome

    I want an Android tablet instead of an iPad because I want custom ROMs and Chainfire’s DSLR Remote on a big screen, and all those awesome Tegra exclusive games and apps.

  • Just Cause

  • Mlauerster

    Because Ice cream sandwiches are much more yummy than apples…

  • Robert Hall

    I’m allergic to Apples

  • Mr_Beau

    I want an Android tablet over an Ipad, because I can think for myself and not into the mindless apple kool-aid.

  • DroidModderX

    I want an android tablet because icrud is always a step behind! They tout this quad core graphics prossesing totally forgetting to mention the a5x is still a lame dual core last Gen chip while transformer prime has been rocking the tegra 3 for months. Plus I can do whatever the heck I want on an android tablet. Not so much with the locked down icrud.

  • Refiler

    I’d like to win because I don’t even know what an iPad 3 is. 

  • Andrew Kennedy

    I had a 2 page (I copy-pasted it on Word) and still going post/rant
    about why I dislike the iPad iPhone and everything Apple but ill save
    that for a debate with an Apple Fanboy someday and try to keep this post
    to the point. 

    I regretted not getting a OG Droid when i had the chance but i started
    reading up here on Droid Life about a year into my contract on my old
    phone reading up on the latest and greatest. This past December was able
    to somehow convince my Dad to pay for my upgrade as my Christmas gift
    and got the G Nexus (I pay the monthly bill though) . As a  college
    sophomore i was able to avoid spending money i really didn’t have. First
    week back from Christmas break I was flaunting the awesomeness of the
    phone and the LTE and then unlocked rooted and slapped AOKP on it (CM9
    my be next). One day I even challenged a kid that sat next to me to see
    who could find and download and then open a massive pdf that we needed
    for the class (Iphone 4s vrs G-Nex)….. I won. Now if i had a
    transformer prime i would pare well with my nexus with ICS and I’ll see
    if i can stick it to those kids with an ipad. Or with the lap dock I’ll
    have a sweet replacement to my ageing laptop. Oh and the whole college
    thing kinda ha me strap for funds so a tablet is out of the realm of
    possibility. That is if I don’t get one for free….. but that not my

  • Michael

    I want an android tablet instead of the new ipad because of the customization of android.  I love the flexibility and openness of android.  Plus, I’ve already bought many apps from the android market  (edit: Play Store), why would I spend want to buy the same apps again through itunes?

  • Rob

    because nothing beats me being able to customize and make it mine…

  • ZachP

    The freedom to use the device’s full potential!

  • Michael Rango

    Because I am an Android lover like the rest of us who acknowledges and admires the freedom of Android. The android operating system allows us to take almost any idea and customize it to our liking. This for me is the core selling point of Android – powerful and beautiful devices with the ability to do what we want with it. Not to mention the Transformer Prime is one of the most remarkable tablets I have ever seen and it would make me the proudest to say that I own one.

  • Dolphinmarino

    Android > iOS.period

  • Gmanunited

    Apple is not innovative they are just floating along right now.

  • Nick

    Ipad? What’s an Ipad?

  • Dan Livingston

    Please save me from the iPad. The Prime is better in almost every way. Most of all it is not Apple. 

  • toysrme

    Because when the ipad 3 is obsolete, my rooted tablet will be running the latest version of Zucchini Bread.

  • Geziah

    I want an Android tablet because I need real functionality, expandable storage and the ability to connect to an external monitor. Oh, and because I choose to travel my own path rather than the path that Apple requires me to travel by owning any of their devices…

  • ShopDroid

    Better price…

  • Andrew Lichtenhan

    Mainly because Google backs it. The same can be said for Apple, but the liberties of the development community is hard to pass up. All iPads are generally the same as well, versus customization lives and breathes on Android.

  • Jake

    Because I love the freedom and customization freedom of the Android OS!

  • Daniel Lands

    I want an Asus Android tablet because Androids eat apples for breakfast. 

  • ErnestPenland

    I’d like a Transformer Prime instead of an iPad 3 because I like to own my technology instead of letting my technology own me.

  • Clist98

    SD Expansion slots

  • androidfan


  • I woulld love for this to be my first tablet and I will definitely
    enjoy browsing and watching videos, and playing games all day in the
    couch with this the most powerful tablet in the market.

    More powerful than the ipad with the quad core, more customization, and flash….LOVE ANDROID.

  • Because I don’t have to wait in a line to get what I want, and who doesn’t love the freedom that is Android. 

  • sjobs

    Because I am not here any more…

  • Jmasterj

    Same reason as always: I want an Android tab over any iPad because Android is open and hackable and because Apple is the biggest patent troll in the world. Also, HumanCentiPad.

  • ahokin

    Because I want to customize my experience without limits.

  • Resident_Psycho

    Who wouldn’t want Ice Cream Sandwich over apple juice? You gotta admit…Ice cream sandwich is SWEET! Silver apple? Hell no! Going green with the Droid! Even Mother Nature agrees, so how could you not want a Droid tablet? Besides, my ‘lil Bionic needs a bigger brother to look up to!

  • MattHannah

    I want to win because I’m already ready for Key Lime Pie

  • Gary S.

    I’ve been a geek my whole life and Apple users remind me of all the “popular” kids from high school who drove the new cars, had the cheerleader girlfriends, and generally thought they were better than everyone else.  There is a kinship I feel with other Android users.  We are geeks. We like being geeks. We still have our Commodore VIC-20 (not the Commodore 64, the rich kids got those!) and our Atari 2600.  We rebuild our PCs on the weekends because we think it’s fun, not because the hardware failed.  Stand with me, my Android geek brothers and sisters!  Let’s show NVIDIA and Droid Life our geek pride!!

  • Dodge4bbl

    I dont like to talk about i-junk! Android all the way!

  • What is this “iPad” thoust lets slip from thine tongue? Surely thou speaks of a place thy wouldst lay upon while worshiping thine most treasured of items…..
    Asus Transformer Prime Android Tablet!!!

    To the swines pen be thou “iPad” wherest they may relieve themselves upon it…LONG LIVE ANDROID!!

  • JasonSznol

    Because Android has pimped the app development process. They knew we liked development so much they put an IDE in our Android devices so we could program Android apps on our Android devices and test them directly on the device. That and it would be so much easier to type on a tablet than my phone.

  • To destroy the DeceptiPad.

  • I want a new Asus Transformer Prime, and I promise not to nickname it “Optimus”.

  • I want a Transformer Prime tablet instead of a iPad for two reasons: Freedom of the Android operating System, and its made by Asus. Good company

  • sixohtew

    i would like a new tablet because i bought a hp touchpad after the fire sale, i paid over 200 for it… not bad in my opinion.. i bought it for the purpose of having an android tablet.. i love it. it does exactly what i need it to.. the reason i want this tablet is because my computer is a toshiba satellite from 4 years ago and has no power. i have been trying to get into rom building and have come quite some ways.. i started taking a java development class at my college and have been able to build a rom and add the features i wanted. the only problem is that it takes me about 12 hours to build one rom.. so if it doesnt work because of a mishap on code, i have to wait that whole time to find out it wont work. then i fix the one line of code (which takes seconds) and have to wait another 12 hours to see if it will build correctly. the real reason i want this tablet is so i can either use the terminal emulator or put ubuntu on it and use it as a development tool.. if i do win this.. expect to see some pure aosp roms for phones and tablets that are going to blow your mind… the roms i have made are pretty decent.. but a faster device would allow me to add more features to the roms.. i havent won anything in quite some time (im not going to say ive never won anything, because i have.. but its been a while) so this would be quite awesome. that is all.

  • Icecold715

    Because i want android to dominate apple in the tablet arena

  • I want da tablat cuz it behh dan iPad

  • Brandon Garling

    I like android tablets because they are so open for development.  In fact, if I won this I’d use it with the new Game Maker Studio that is being released so that I can make a game for android. It would be amazing to make my own games for Android!

  • db

    Because it isn’t an Apple product. It’s that simple.

  • It’s simple. Android is better. It’s not restricting, it has widgets, and most of all, ICS.

  • I would like to develop an android app for the new generation of android tablets which will (hopefully) have jelly bean/Android 5.0.  And I like intuitive interfaces with text.

  • Dodgesityballer

    I supporting Android in everything they do because there here for us.  I also love shoving my Thunderbolt in my i*phones using friends faces when they cant do something on there phone, but then they pull out there i*ad…….and i pull my Thunderbolt out again and crush there feelings. Me winning this Transformer will make my fun a fair but still easily won battle.

  • I want an Asus Transformer Prime and not the new iPad because Asus would name there second or third device something other than the New Asus Transformer Prime. 

    Just call it the iPad3 for crying out loud. 

    + Android FTW 

  • cobjones

    Because Android let’s me do what I want, and Asus is a great company they pushes updates like a boss.

  • ubrnostrum

    My android phone should be paired with an android tablet, it’s lonely and doesn’t have apple fever.

  • Because Apple products are always on time, but never are the first of their kind, we had dual and quad core way before Apple had ever!

  • MrCrusha

    We as people want to stand out and be different from everyone else.  Not one person I know wants to look and be identical to the next.  So why have a tablet that only looks like everyone else’s (iPad,iPhone).  Be different!!  Android for life!!

  • RickDawg

    Not an Apple fan..so i wont buy an iPad.

    I have several desktops that i built using Asus motherboards and all of them ROCK!

    I dont have a tablet mainly because i cant afford one !

  • TankerTuff

    I’d like an android tablet instead of an iPad so I can be different. Everybody and there momma has a freakin iPad so what is a consumer gonna do, buy the new iPad. So I would go out and get an android tablet because I will not conform to the masses. Apple will not assimilate me into their collective. Give me an android tablet so I can randomly change settings on my phaser and they can’t adapt to it. Futile this resistance apple.

  • rjonespe

    Because my purchases are not based on fashion statements alone… usefullness is important too!

  • Because I want freedom over what I buy.

  • Claytonhoppe

    I would rather have an Android tablet because Pad is overrated. I would rather have choice and not be locked down.

  • baldypal

    Simple. iPad sucks. Android rules nuff said.

  • Because I have about a dozen friends who can’t stop talking about their iPads, and I’d like them to finally realize I’m not buying one.

  • noahRHPS

    Because I want a bigger screen and faster device. Retina<IPS

  • i’d prefer android tablets over iPads for

    ipad =/= freedom of expressions in O/S

    and Itunes is the worst software i have ever used……….

  • I want an android tablet because of freedom, the choice of customization, and I’m already heavy invested into android apps via my phones. 

  • Mr Dejaygee

    I want an Android tablet because of the Android Community. Seriously, look at all the comments that are just one this post. And this web-site? Droid-Life? Been following it forever! 
    Android is where it is at, can’t wait for I/0, and the Prime is at the top right now.

  • Because the Android ecosystem is so far superior to iOS, and the freedom of the system, make anything based on Android superior to iOS.

  • Narynan

    Apple presents an environment of only being able to do what they want.  With 4 cores, I can now do ANYTHING I want on my tablet, all on a beautiful screen and a rocking keyboard.

  • srh12

    What’s an ipad? Oh that cute little toy? Nah, I think I need something capable of well….anything useful.

    Like a transformer pweeeze!

  • droidman101

    Because I want a tablet and a laptop, and the prime gives me that.

  • customization, widgets, open source, ROMS shall i keep going?

  • Wesleyanderson0688

    My dad and grams has a Ipad and I’ve played with them alot mainly teaching my grams how to use it and I hate the interface just so clunky and to the market for the Ipad is very blan. 

  • Holding a Prime tablet makes me feel more manly than an ipad.

  • greenlink23

    ipad? pft it’s way too mainstream

  • It’s android and not an Ipad.  I would be able to use it the way I want and not be part of a hype.

  • Davertr99

    Because you can customize android instead of stupid icons

  • Dustin Miller

    Root and all the customizing I can do to make it my own! 

  • ross feller

    Why the heck not?

  • Hiram Knickerbocker

    I like the flexibility of Android, with a few minutes time, I can customize the experience to meet my needs, not just the needs of someone designing the product in California.

  • Droidlover

    I simply love android!

  • Bdrsvt

    Here’s another…..



  • JDub429

    Of course I want an Android tablet!!  Wait..what?  There’s a new iPad?  Hadn’t noticed.

  • Hud

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because the new ipad is tired. Apple used to be the cutting edge company that blew everyone else away, but now Android is the real innovator, and leader in useful up to the minute specs, while iProducts play catch up. Features like 4G, WHOLE dual core processors, and “dictation,” are features that Android tablets have long offered. And I will gladly and proudly take the openness, customization, variation (and Flash!) that Android tablets offer over Apple’s closed down, restricted new iPad, any day…Besides, the name “Transformer Prime,” is infinitely way cooler than “The new iPad!”

  • fifteen10e56


  • Joewelker

    Because I want the flexibility that Apple doesn’t provide and the power that NVIDIA does

  • David Chitown Nexus

    I want an Android tablet instead of the new iPad because I define my tablet, it does not define me.

  • Foebea

    Prime over ipad for me. I want to use the keyboard dock for app dev now that AIDE is out and awesome. Keyboardless ipad can’t touch the prime in so many ways.

  • PureOwen

    Because I LOVE ICS on my Galaxy nexus, and the thought of having ICS on a 10.1 ich screen makes me giddy:)

  • yellowsnowh

    I would like an android tablet, because I hate file management on an iPad.

  • Mick Tindall

    One word: Android

  • Jamie E

    I’d like a new Android tablet because I like getting (new) value out of the money I spend on technology – I don’t like paying the same cost for the same repackaged thing with a few minor differences.  I’d rather buy an upgrade than sidegrade with a different name.

  • Jay Thompson

    Im a man I dont use pads

  • I’ve long been an opponent of Apple products. I just prefer the freedom and options to do with and use MY products as I see fit. With the addition of the ASUS Transformer Prime to their lineup, both ASUS and NVIDIA prove once again that choice and innovation are more important than stepping in line, and following the herd to the Orchard.

  • Rnewby3

    Quad core. Roms. Mods. In pure glory. Consider it a massive update for my galaxy tab!

  • Geovany Hernandez

    Because the iPad is the worst thing to ever happen to this earth … and I want to stand out in the crowd of hippie apple drones.

  • Mrwest45

    I want a Android Tablet because freedom better than being told what I want, how I can use it, and what I am supposed to like!

  • Ken Woodyard

    I prefer ICS over the apple OS having had both I prefer the customization ability and prefer to not participate in the herd mentality of the iPoop.

  • Frankly, Apple hasn’t innovated anything since the original iPhone, and iOS is completely stale to me.  Android has a living, breathing subculture with new features/ROMs and tweaks being implemented almost daily.  Not to mention, that not only are these features and tweaks perfectly legal and OK to do (thanks to open source), it’s almost as if Google encourages it, because they know it will only make the operating system better.

    Being a developer, I don’t see how a closed-minded “do it our way, or the highway” OS could ever be better than Android.

  • Daniel Flanigan

    simple…This wont cost as much

  • Bdrsvt

    I-rest my case

  • i want the transformer prime because of its quad core and ics instead of dual core and ios like another tablet i know. 

  • Because I love the customization and freedom that Android products allow.

  • Bdrsvt

    It’s quite simple for me….


  • James_Kernicky

    Because I’m tired of everyone thinking and saying that the ipad is the only tablet out there.  I want an Android tablet to show them personally!

  • I want one because I need it. And I’m not one of the sheeple. :oD

  • ChuckDz3

    I’ve been an Android fan since doughnut, and nothing will make me happier than showing this off to ALL of my friends that drank the Apple kool aid. 

  • kaoiv

    Because it’s Android.

  • cavyjason

    I’m ready for an Ice Cream Sandwich!  Widgets on a tablet are very appealing to me.

  • Mathew P

    Flash. Ah – Ahhhhh, saviour of my universe.

  • airos4

    I didn’t like Prodigy’s walled garden, I didn’t like AOLs, and I don’t want to get locked into another one.

  • ANTONkoolaid

    Simple: continuity.
    I enjoy having all of my products line up and able to sync. Since Galaxy Nexus is hands down the best smart phone, I would love my tablet to follow suit. 


  • Eric Younts

     I’m sure the display is great, but it’s still an Apple product.  Don’t like their way of doing things, never have.  Love my Android phones (past OG Droid and present GN).

  • Mike M

    I don’t like Apple, and I’m really digging ICS

  • Fizznubby

    I want an Android tablet because I freaking loathe anything that forces me to use iTunes. I don’t want to be lumped in with those dispicable apple device toting hipsters either.

  • Taylor Steele

    I want an Android tablet because I’m sick of iProducts that are described as “magical”.

  • As a teacher…
    I want an iPad because I have to sit through training sessions, but all teachers know about is the iPad. I want our school district to know the advantages that going Android can have, so that the entire school is not iPadded out without any of the older teachers not having the chance to give Android a try. I KNOW that many of them will be converts, if I win the iPad I’ll change the district!

  • Aidan Follestad

    I’d love to win a transformer prime because I’m 16 (almost 17), I love Google and Android and refuse to use any Microsoft/Apple products. I’ve done programming since I was 11 and now mainly create software for Android, I’m part of Team Boid who’s developing Boid for Android (http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boidforandroid.appbeta, https://twitter.com/boidapp). Having an Android tablet to test my apps (and even write code using the new Android apps for development) on for tablet layouts with would be very useful, and I would also be able to use it to take notes at school.

    I can be contacted via drummer.aidan[at]gmail.com and https://twitter.com/afollestad

  • Andrew Weckerly

    I want an Android tablet because I want to be able to put whatever I want in my tablet without big brother Apple deciding what can or cannot be put on my device!

  • LZMarine

    fours and double fours: 4 cores and Android 4; 8GB, 8MP, and just over 8mm thin.  With the best display around, this is the leader of the pad… I mean pack.

  • no silly button

  • I’d like to win one of these because I’m not part of the sheeple herd and want a real tablet.

  • graveghoul

    I left a comment on the Droid Life FB page haha! Wow! 2104 comments! I hope i have a fighting chance! Let’s just say that i’ve been an Android advocate to my friends and family since the G1. Needless to say they’ve never regretted switching! Why the Transformer over the ipad? Cause it’s a freaking ipad!! It serves more purpose as a diaper, toilet paper, litter box liner or any other useless object we’d all like to crap on! Transformer FTW, buddy! 
    <<—–Let the Android Gal Enthusiast win so she can train other gals who want ipads to open their eyes!!!

  • Chris

    Because you get more bang for your buck.

  • Davros

    “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” and I don’t like their Kool Aid, they can keep it.

  • Spoken Word™

    Because Android kicks iOS’s fruity ass.

  • Hodgewdm

    Because I want to have one when Crapple sues for patent infringement and loses…I can laugh as I read the info on my new tablet!!!

  • Apple tablets have been around forever first off. Granted they started as the ipod touch. They release a new tablet every year with nothing truly making it any better than the one before. My biggest issue is the lack of customization available on an IPad. Android devices all offer this with very little problems. One could simple purchase a new UI if they don’t like the standard one on there device, and if that’s not good enough, your free to create your own. Android for life!

  • r0lct

    I want the most versatile tablet on the market for both work and play and not a extra large app jukebox.

  • evilkokonut

    so I’m not stuck inside the itunes ecosystem

  • Jeremycase00

    Because I want a tablet that can handle what I throw at it.

  • 3 Simple Words. Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Mckittt

    I can’t be part of that cult and watching videos with adobe is great

  • Soapinmouth

    Cuz my dad has one 🙁

  • TechinCC

    To stay in sync with my Android phone.

  • Richard Fritzson

    I would like an ASUS Transformer Prime with a lapdock because it will be better than my ASUS Transformer with lapdock which I already love.

  • steven ross

    It’s Android not IOS,…  nuff said!

  • Youllreachus

    Because apple’s next tablet is going to be 10.1″ and they’re going to call it the maxipad.

  • punkorambo

    Just the fact that I can set up my home screen the way that I want makes me want an Android tablet over the iPad. 

  • I don’t want to have to install itunes to transfer stuff.

  • Matthew Hoffman

    Because I already have so many great Android apps.

  • Caluminum

    1. Android ICS on a tablet
    2. Tegra 3 Quad core (games being specifically designed to utilize it’s power)
    3. Extremely useful and well made lapdock (looks gorgeous when connected)
    4. stunning design (i have an asus gaming laptop which is amazing and is an excellent example of asus build quality)
    5. Amazing screen (screw retina why would i pay that much for a logo and a screen?)
    6. Excellent touch screen sensitivity (maybe should be under 5)
    7. Love being able to tinker with my android devices (unlockable bootloader)

  • Mwsamuelson

    Android tablets are better than IPads because Android is a dynamic OS with actual improvements, unlike Apple IOS 

  • Jproffitt2423

    I love the world of customization. Also, apple just sucks.

  • John Kernke

    The freedom and openness of Android makes it a much superior and easier to use phone operating system.

  • Cheryl N

    I want to win an Android Table because I am too cheap to buy my own and I want to see Android overtake Apple. Asus Transformer Prime is the way to go.

    • Phil

      Me too – I like  cour reasons

  • Phil

    I know an iPad gets the “Job” done and really “Cooks” these days but I want an android  Transformer Prime  because I want to “transform” my daily activities  from my desktop to my life.

  • I heard that if I win the world becomes a better place. 

  • I want an Android Tablet over an iPad because I prefer an open platform with tons of customization!

  • This is the most powerful tablet on the market AND it’s running Android. Who wouldn’t want it!? 

  • Shirondale Kelley

    This is true power that is powering true choice of ecosystem and software choice! Unlike an iPad our ecosystem is much more free, this will work in more places and it has a much more unique set of form factors and abilities!

  • George264

    I want a real mobile tablet, that I can actually have my OWN customizations. I want a computer, not a big phone. Hope I win! 😀 

  • John McEntire

    An Apple will will rot, and android will live forever. I like that an Android device is 100% customizeable. An apple is only the way Apple wants it to be for you…

  • Sixfourtykilo

    Because anything Apple can do, Android can do better.

  • Because I want more then just an oversized iPod, i want something good and functional, give me the android tablet plz.

  • DfrntPointOfView

    Because I would give my original Transformer (TF101) with keyboard to my dad who only has an old Dell laptop that is far outclassed by most tablets. I have already convinced him that android is better than iOS, and this would be a perfect opportunity to prove it.

  • Widgets. Thats why. Widgets.

  • bb79

    Because I want to save my family from dying from eating the poisonous apple fruit that promise the ability to know the difference between good and evil

  • piko

    I need a tool not a today

  • Because the iPad is just a huge, overpriced iPhone, so I want an Android Tablet since they offer many more customizations, and with the laptop dock, it will be great having one for my Introduction to C++ Class. I don’t have a laptop for it, so I can just use the laptop dock along with the Transformer Prime to take notes / test programs :). I will greatly appreciate it if I receive one!

  • kingsfan33

    My phone is an Android. I’ve purchased numerous apps and it only makes sense to get an Android tablet over Apple so I can use the same apps and not have to pay for new ones.
    (Besides, I hate Apple)

  • Dan Tillman

    I want an android tablet to go with my google tv, and my galaxy nexus.

  • Nick

    Because it’s better… what else

  • Mark Rabinowitz

    Because I’d rather watch Black Dynamite on a Prime than an iPad. If you have to ask why, don’t worry about it. 

  • I want an android tablet over an ipad because I value speed and flexibility. 

  • JT22knight

    Because it Android. Thats the only reason you need.

  • Michael Santoro

    Who doesn’t want everything android? The Ipad is nice but the dock with the transformer makes this the one for me!

  • Peteeer.

    Because the quad core processor can smoke the A5’X’ (oh apple, putting x’s at the end of things to sound fancy)

  • K Heemske

    I want an android tablet instead of a new iPad because I can’t install cm9 on an iPad…..

  • Francis Scardino

    I honestly have zero interest in an iPad. Mostly last year’s hardware with an impressive display but worst of all I can’t handle the tyranny of iTunes. I like to setup my home screen with more than just folders and app icons. Quad Core with Nvidia inside is the only way to go. I’m in.  

  • Because i was an android fan from day one.

  • Owewil3225

    Because i had the first ipad and i feel like i cheated on my girlfriend wi t h something less adequate. My nook tablet does more for me

  • It’s just more open, and allows developers to develop the way they want, not the way Steve Jobs wanted.  And lets be honest; Android kicks ass.

  • Trey Thomas

    The transformer prime has everything  I’m looking for in a tablet. A great gaming experience, fast processor, and of course… ANDROID! This tablet to me is far better than any iProduct which is why I would love to own one!

  • Jake

    I would love a quad core tab!!!! And Asus makes the best android tabs for sure!

  • Awesome Sauce

    I would like a new Android tablet over a new iPad so I can read Droid LIfe where ever I may be. Droid Life on an a Droid makes the universe just feel right.

  • JosephCabrera

    Because Siri touched me inappropriately  

  • H. Swizzie

    I want an android tablet because ipads are like aholes, every dbag has one and roses really smell like poo poo ooh.

  • ticker47

    Because if I do, I could win a tablet.

  • Matt R

    I prefer Android to Apple. Simple as that. And Asus makes quality products.

  • Android tablets are ever evolving, offer the customization that Linux does, and have a better lifespan overall. Apple products in general don’t change too much after launch and offer almost nothing in the form of making your purchase last longer. In the long run I’d rather have an Android tablet because I don’t care for Apple products, and I don’t think they’re worth the hype. Much like another poster, I’m tired of hearing nothing but “Retina Display” as the only real competitive edge that the iPad has over anything else on the market. Best of luck to everyone who enters, be well everyone.

  • Cheesse

    Customizable, functionality, fast, fun! Also new and exciting. Apple is old same old same old. I’ve owned one. Once you have there really isn’t anything new.

  • Kharl Martin

    Asus transformer prime is way better than the ipad. Tegra 3 from a well known graphics card company, yes please. And once games are optimized for this processor the competition has now chance, sorry ipad you have been dethroned. Plus a host of other features such the laptop dock is icing on the cake.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    Transformers! more than meets the eye

  • Jason Brown

    a nexus phone with ics goes hand in hand with a quad-core tablet that has ics!

  • Drunkwookiee

    With Google plans to overthrow the tablet and phone world in the near future, this tablet only makes sense. In addition to the amazing customability of the android os vs io, with the docking keyboard you can attach an external hard drive to the prime for limitless storage which isn’t possible with the ipad. Also simple drag and drop using this port is an amazing feature ipad just doesn’t have!

  • Matthew Hoke

    Because an over-sized iPhone with more horsepower is still an over-sized iPhone

  • Justin M

    Because of the personalization. It would be hard to differentiate between two iPads and their owners, but with Android the possibilities are endless.

  • Failurbydesign

    New iPad 9.39mm Vs Asus Transformer Prive 8.2mm

    Ill stick with thin”er”

  • stretch44

    So I can give my Xoom to my wife and get a brand new tablet for myself.

  • Eric Long

    Android is not the walled garden that Apple is.

  • Danbiechele

    My wife has a TPrime, it is amazing all that it does and how it performs. So much better than the iPad! Love the speed and how you can integrate chrome between all your devices: laptop, Nexus and TPrime.

  • JustinUnderscore

     Because it runs android, so I can actually write apps for it without breaking the bank. Plus the processor is also a few generations ahead of anything Apple will come out with in the foreseeable future. Oh yeah, and there’s the keyboard dock…

    I’m sure there’s plenty I missed, but that’s the main highlights right there. 🙂

  • Juan

    Because I am sick to death of hearing about Apple this and Apple that. Who cares? Give me Android or give me…I don’t know, but not Apple anything!

  • Tbruno94

    Open source pure and simple. Any proprietary BS just makes me ill

  • Negativerxn

    I want an android tablet so that I can use it to its full potential, while also streamlining my work and life just a little bit more.  Once you get that iPad, you’re basically stuck with what they give, and in this day and age that almost seems wrong.

  • Slow68

    I do not like iTunes and do not like the idea of being forced to use it. The whole android environment is good for the fact that the applications on my phone are available to my tablet.

  • tearminx

    Ive been a fan of android since my gf got the OG droid. Ive loved the community and all the fun ive had playing with it on multiple devices. I want the transformer prime to rekindle that love of android.

  • Ray Koch

    i need me some Prime!!!!

  • I want an android tablet because I could care less about the new iPad

  • Chris Heilbron

    Apple is way over rated. I would love to have this tablet over an ipad

  • Mustang5Oh

    I want a Transformer Prime because I appreciate innovation versus a stupid label called a “Retina Display” that sells technology. I like what Asus has combined in this tablet and the accessories made for it are great as well.

    Also who the heck wants to be trapped in the god awful ecosystem that is iTunes? Gross no thanks!

  • Almightyjoe82

    The prime and anything Android will be more fun the apple stuff

  • Josh515

    I want the Transformer Prime instead of the iPad because I don’t want to feel locked down and limited with my devices. I want the power to do what I want. I want to surf the web with a FULL web browser that is blazing fast and can play any content I throw at it. When I have school work, I need to have the ability to get it done fast and efficiently. The Transformer Prime goes a whole level above those needs and allows me to do anything I please with its endless capabilities.
    Transformer Prime > Any other tablet on the market > iPad

  • Eric To

    Why I want the prime over the new ipad?  By “new ipad,” you mean the same ol’ rehashed, walled-off ipad with just an upgraded screen?  …That’s why I want the prime.  

  • because I’d rather have a microwave that runs ICS, than anything IOS

  • Cayqel

    I can tweak and customize Android to give my wife the best. experience

  • Because Apple is worse than China! I hate that those automatons continue to flock to Apple who tells them what they need and offer no customization or individual thought.

  • Because I still haven’t seen the study of how the new A5 is so much more powerful than Tegra 3. Until that I still want the true heir to the most powerful tab throne!

  • Makyengo

    I would love to have an Android tablet over the new ipad because I love freedom! Freedom to put any widgets I want on screen. Freedom to put my own music files on the device without having to install crappy software on my computer. Freedom to do what I want with the device instead of being restricted or told no. To me Android means freedom, and that is why I choose any Android device over an Apple device.

  • Winterbr

    The new iPad is a hypebeast – better screen and a new app or two, BIG DEAL.  Give me a Transformer Prime so I can get some tableting done!

  • I want the prime cos i really dislike apple products

  • GNexisexy

    With an Android tablet, I get a unique experience. With the iPAD3, I get Tom, Dick, and Harry’s experience.

  • ASUS is just more fun to sat than Appl*

  • Because when someone asks me, “hey, is that an iPad?” I can say NO.

  • Estrada602

    I choose android over apple because customization is key!

  • I would love an Android tablet because of a few reasons.  One any android product, in my eyes, are superior to apple products and two, it has better apps all around.  Been down with Android since I got my OG droid (which I still have even after a 30 foot fall onto concrete and still works), I’ll never go with anything else again!  Makes me wonder if Android would ever go for a PC based OS….

  • I want a Transformer Prime instead of an ipad because it’s actually useful! Also, the keyboard dock is OMFG Amazing!! REALLY need something to replace my low-resolution Dell Streak 7 as well!

  • Seriously?  Why should I be told how to use my hardware?  Android and unlocked bootloaders win every time.

  • yankeesusa

    I want a new Android tablet over the iPad because I can do so much more with Android and Android os is always innovating unlike apple that try to stifle innovation to get ahead.

  • Ariel Pearson

    This is like the best of the best with specs. I want it bad. Plus android is the best as well. I need that.

  • EUVphysics

    Android is just better. The chief complaint I have against the apple world is all their price control. Once you’re in, you WILL pay the prices THEY set for all their goods. No comparison shopping, nothin…

  • Bear831

    Want the openness of Google mixed with the great build quality that Asus and Nvidia provide for a great on the go system with awesome performance.

  • Dave Goldstein

    Used a friends regular transformer and it was pretty amazing, so I’d love to get my hands on a prime! I’ve had an iPad in my hands for all of 15 minutes and hated it.  Never been an apple fan.  I prefer to have control over my hardware – if I’m going to pay that much for a device, I want to at least have SOME say in what I do with it!

  • Riseonfire

    Because that iPad looks just like his iPad which looks just like her iPhone and his iPhone and her iPad and her iPhone and his iPad….. Android allows personality!!

  • Keenan Singh

    The ipad sucks and the keyboard dock is quite useful for school. The transformer’s screen, is so bright and its viewing angle is better than the ipads, resolution isnt all that counts(: Tegra 3 ftw(: 

  • Harris

    I’m a dedicated Android user and have been since the beginning.  I recently went back to school and don’t have the money to buy an Android Tablet.  It would really help me out, as I would use it mostly for school and my classes..but also for recreational use to…Thanks…
    BTW for your instructions on how to win I really didn’t have to do much besides make that tweet and leave a comment because I was already following both and liked on Facebook!!

  • Jls100167