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Download: New Google Play Store Build 3.5.15


The new Google Play Store (build 3.5.15) that we first reported on last night, is now available for download after the break. Not only does it include a new tabbed experience in your “My Apps” section, but reviews of apps are more informative. You can see the device of the person leaving the review and also choose to filter by your own device if you wish. A very solid update, indeed. 

Download:  3.5.15.apk

Install right over the top of your current Google Play store just like you always do.

Cheers @lilcdroid!

  • Peeyush

    hey guyzz ma google play is not working… plz help

  • Jørgen Smith

    It _SERIOUSLY_ needs a Purchased tab. I have done many a purchase just so that I can easily get back to it after a fullwipe. Now this is ludicrously hard, I’m not interested in most of the apps I’ve evaluated that are now filling the list.

  • Jw5888

    make sure you unistall your original market place

  • coolsilver

    Does it bring back press and hold menu for updating apps? I miss doing that on manual updates, it skipped loading 2 extra screens.

  • Stewie

    Worked fine for me, no rename needed.

    Thru me for a moment, seeing Installed, then one has to scroll to “All”.

    Interestingly enough, though I disabled “My Verizon – Galaxy Nexus” it shows up in the list, and its status is showing “update”.

    Now is that showing up further down in alphabetical orde rbecause the market is finally ignoring an app I disabled, but yet showing its status? That would be the indication, because “You Tube” is separated and showing in manual updates.

    If this is ture, nice job to our Google overlords. Now if we could cancel out apps we no longer use, etc. or hated.

    On that note I saw that it appears that “Solar winds LP” has gone. I have v1.0 installed, and it sat on my update list of shame because AOI studios sucked – the update did nothing but take away features, add malware (search engines to your browser) and generally they were making people off site link to “try” to pay for the features back, which some reports said that those off sites were also malware breeding grounds.

    I say good …

  • Bamorris2

    Help!  I have a stock Razr Maxx (unrooted).  I downloaded and installed this APK.  I didn’t like it, so I went into manage applications and uninstalled all udpates.  Somehow that took the entire Play Store app off of my phone.  It’s still listed on my list of apps in my settings, but shows a file size of 0.0. 

    How do I get my previous version back???

    • Bamorris2

      Nevermind, a reboot fixed it. 

  • jdrch

    Thanks, works perfectly for me 🙂

  • MrEnglish

    Downloaded fine, installed with no rename. Works fine.

  • Ken912002
  • Qqq

    When you download a new app the automatic updates box is checked by default now, I don’t remember it doing that before.

    • Stewie

      Been doing that since GB …

  • Be advised, this market update breaks market tools in Titanium Backup at the moment.

    • AE35

      LOL true, it does. TB update to come shortly hopefully.

  • Jrod196

    I love everything Android, own a Galaxy Nexus, but HATE all the Android based tablets. They haven’t gotten it right yet. My ex has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the thing lags and stutters BAD. I owned the iPad2 and should be getting my new iPad today. Apple just got it right, thats my opinion.

    • Why would you preface your slight with ” I love everything Android,” when it would be more accurate to say, “I love most things Android” or ” I love small things android”?

    • djembeman

      What do leggy tablets have to do with the “Play Store” Market update???

  • Nice

  • Paul

    It’s a nice touch to be able to see what device is being used for the reviews. I’m always wondering.

  • Not installing on the galaxy nexus LTE says an existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.

  • Corymcnutt

    Worked on my Bionic…I just want to thank Droid Life for posting links when they announce an update or I’d still be waiting for a few upgrade notices!

  • Still don’t care for the name change

    • Lane Wollenweber

       Not many of us do but Google doesn’t give a crap what we think…

  • LiterofCola

    Workin’ on the Razr

  • ddevito

    Wake me up when they rename it to something that actually makes sense.

    • Plastic

       Sleep well ddevito, and may you someday wake up to a more beautiful world in the distant improbable future.

  • Paul Harper

    To install just rename the file Googleplay.apk and it works like a charm

    • Yep that did it dude, How the heck did you know that
      Thanks alot!

      • Amylbarry

        How do you re-name the app?
        Thanks! 🙂

    • Chris

      installed just fine with out the need to rename anything. 

  •  I got it right before it was taken down, very good update 😀 much more stable on my Gnex!

  • grimmsie

    I hate the new update … one of my biggest gripes with the Amazon store was the ALL tab … I like having a list of apps I purchased but havent installed (I have bought apps on 6 different android devices) … now with the Play store doing the same thing I have to dig and dig and dig throught the list of hundreds of apps I have downloaded over the last 3.5 years!  It is especially frustrating since I just upgraded to a Rezound!!

    • petrochemicals

      At least with the Amazon App store you can go on your PC and delete apps that you don’t want or do not work for your device anymore. Google still does not allow users full control by not being allowed to delete apps and devices form their account.

      • Hoff16

         I never knew that where on the site is that???

        • petrochemicals

           Go to Amazon on your PC. Click on “your digital items” in the top right. Now go to “you apps and devices” under Amazon Appstore for Android. On the right side of you listed apps is a button called actions. Click on it and select “delete this app”.

    • Lane Wollenweber

      You can also check out AppBrain (free in the Market/Google Play). Once you have it, it lists all your apps, the cost or says Free, and they’re listed under “Apps on phone” in a chronological sequence. Get the app on the phone via your Google account and then you can sync them to their web site. This is also a great way to back up all your apps and they can be viewed easier (on a bigger screen/display) from your desktop/monitor by going to http://www.appbrain.com

  • the update is working great on my Samsung 10.1 LTE and my Thunderbolt. I didnt know i had so many app in need of updating. 

  • FAL_Fan

    Works perfectly on my ICS DROID 4, I like it a lot!

  • I like!! Downloaded and installed with  no problems on my HTC Rezound =)

  • Dwjr82

    Can’t install …downloads as 3.zip file…when opened no APk…..what the heezy

  • Smooth918

    The File is deleted already, maybe it was defective.

    • Paul Harper

      still working for me

  • Brien Gerber

    anyone else having trouble installing on verizon nexus?

    • ddevito

      nope – installed fine on mine – but you’re not missing much. 

  • It say its downloaded but it showing download failed under downloads on my Nexus 

    • Loki

      my download failed twice, i went to the market, and the market was updated to the 3.5.15

  • jimbob

    I’m digging the update.

  • Blackbullet4749

    Can’t install anything now….joy

    • Rafaeldeoliveira21


  • asdfag