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Google Prepping Semantic Search Results, Will Make Google Assistant That Much Smarter

Search, the cornerstone that Google is built on is getting ready to receive an overhaul pretty soon. Coming “over the next months” are semantic search results that can tell what you are looking for based on how and where you type it. The difference between searching for “an apple” or the the company Apple will be more apparent to the search engine and should make things much easier to find.

Aside from using the search functions on our browsers, where can we expect to see this? Google Assistant will most certainly make use of this feature whenever it rolls out. It seems inevitable that the two become closely related because the applications primary function will be to find things for you. One of the biggest complaints of Siri is that she is a “dumb search engine” that doesn’t always recognize what the user is looking for. Could this give Google the leg up in the voice actions department?

Via: PhoneArena

  • EricTheRed

    I’m sorry, but I still don’t want to talk to my phone like a human being.  It’s a freakin phone and I would feel like a TARD doing so in public.  Assistant, call me TARD from now on…

  • TC Infantino

    I just want my phone to be like the computer on Star Trek TNG Enterprise.  I ask it for information and it not only finds it from multiple sources, but compiles it to give me the most accurate answer.  A Holodeck would be wicked cool too.

  • Chris

    it’s so obvious that people in here feel so threatened by Apple it’s not even funny and they’ll say anything just to feel better of owning an Android – embrace what’s available today that gives us options. Apple has its pros and cons and so does Anrdoid. it’s all a matter of preference so grow up! you know who you are.

  • sdian120

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  • jdrch

    Somehow I thought Google already did this? 

  • Google is WINNING, Assistant will assist siri on where to go!!!

    • Noyfb

      siri already uses google to answer questions when it doesn’t have an answer.

  • WickedToby741

    I think Assistant is, or at least should be, larger than Android. Assistant shouldn’t just be a feature of Android but a feature of Google search. Android can obviously have Assistant optimized and buried within the OS itself, but I think Assistant should be present in Google’s search apps on various platforms as well as the Google homepage.

  • MikeCiggy

    I would expect Google to blow away Apple when it comes to search results. After all that’s where they came from and was once there main focus. Let’s hope they can compile that into an AI and really stir things up in the smartphone market. I still feel like I don’t need to talk to my phone for doing things but who knows.

  • Why is there such a fixation on Apple here?  There’s hardly an article that doesn’t mention Apple.  I get the Siri comparison, because it’s obvious.  But ”
    The difference between searching for “an apple” or the the company Apple will be more apparent…” couldn’t have been said another way?

    • MicroNix

      I thought the same thing.

  • I am sooooo waiting for this

  • Sirx

    As long as Google marketing doesn’t decide to rebrand it as something stupid when it goes live.

    Google Playmate, anyone?

  • Droidzilla

    I’m going to abbreviate this as G-Ass when it comes out.

  • John2288

    Who would’ve thought one of the biggest search companies in the world would be able to beat siri?! Gahh I can’t wait.. thank god I got a nexus!

    • I think you mean THE biggest search company in the world.  Google knows information, that is ultimately what makes the best assistant.  First you need the information, then you have to know how to get it with minimal input, then you have to present it properly.

  • ddevito

    This is one area where Google can kick Apple’s ass. Kudos GMen!

    Apple builds nice hardware, but know jack sh1t about the web.

    • I’d say more specifically they don’t know jack about data and information and how to get the information a person wants with minimal input.  Google, the search engine, basically is Siri already, you just have to give it the ability to interact with a human using natural language and give it the ability to interface with apps, and voila, you have Assistant.

      • ddevito

        No trust me they don’t know the web. That’s why Siri sucks so much. It’s hardly ever available anymore. It’s seriously the most overrated piece of tech, ever.

        The idea is great, but the execution was lousy.

        • Right right, I agree with you.  I just meant specifically, in addition to not knowing the web, they don’t know limitless information and data and how to deal with it.

          Siri is a fancy layer on top of voice commands (like Google Voice Search). Assistant will take it orders of magnitude beyond that.

          • ddevito

            I know.  :p

            I hate Apple. 

          • I don’t hate Apple.  They’re good at what they do.  They “make” great hardware and they’re very good at advertising that hardware.  To me, they are useless, but to a lot of people out there (like my mom), they are great.  People who have an iPhone don’t even realize how limited and outdated it is, but oh well. As long as I have Android, at least I’m happy.

            And you must remember, Apple is VERY good at making products look pretty and behave smoothly, which influences Android’s design, which is never a bad thing. Without iOS, ICS probably wouldn’t be as aesthetically pleasing as it is. They finally realized they can’t just get by on specs and features alone. Android also has to look and feel good.

  • N8shon

    I’m excited to see more and more added to the voice command functionality. It already works amazingly well and incredibly fast on LTE on my Razr Maxx and I’m sure it’s only going to get better once “Assistant” rolls out. This is more great news in my book .

  • I don’t think there’s any question Assistant, or whatever it will be called, will blow Siri out of the water.

    • N8shon


    • iKing_5

      Lol! I guess u wishful-thinking fandroids missed the part that says that Siri is in BETA…..they haven’t even scratched the surface of the planned expansion of Siri’s capabilities….don’t fool yourselves….something that happens far too often on this blog.

      P.S. I thought Almighty Andy declared that “people SHOULDN’T be talking to their phones”?????? I guess selling 37 million phones in 3 months was enough to get ole Andy to flip flop! 🙂

      • Mike

        Wow, you sure showed us.

      • MicroNix

        If Siri is in beta, what *fool* would advertise it as the biggest feature and reason to buy their newest phone?  Or don’t you ever watch TV and the commercials for the 4S that almost exclusively feature Siri?  (there really isn’t any other compelling reason to buy it obviously)

        Just so you know, Android had people talking into their phones for years now to not only have the phone execute a function but for search as well.  In fact, its been proven for searches that Android *today* blows Siri flat (and the search function actually *works* every time).

        I guess 37 million phones in 3 months meant a lot of 3G and 3GS people upgraded.  Despite that figure, Android’s market share is still growing faster than that of iOS.

        Any questions?

        • iKing_5

          “Any questions?”

          Uh, yes…..several, actually:

          “it’s been proven for searches that Android *today* blows Siri flat (and the search function actually *works* every time).”

          Uh, proven BY WHOM? Care to provide evidence? Links? Test results? Or are u just another clueless fandroid talking out of your ass? (bingo!)

          “I guess 37 million phones in 3 months mean a lot of 3G and 3GS people upgraded”

          Correct fandroid…..including a lot of ANDROID people:

          • Burghschred

            U mad bro?

          • iKing_5

            Quite glad, actually….

  • EC8CH

    Assistant… Call me Rock God.

    *displays this image*

    now that’s a smart phone

    • N8shon

      My Rock God, I hate that commercial.

    • Then calls you a scruffy looking nurf herder.

      • TC Infantino

        Wouldn’t care as long as I got to be with Princess Leia.

      • JandSB

         I am the Clit Commander