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Google Earth Receives Update, New Layers Including Real-Time Flights and Earthquakes

Google Earth has received a lovely update today, which includes a nice selection of new layers and added stability. The new layers include real-time flights, real-time earthquakes and more. Users can now also share their current views with friends and family through applications such as Google+ and Facebook. If you’re still using Google Earth, then you will definitely want to go see what’s new.

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Cheers Derek and Steve!

  • Strydarsjunk

    Update works great on TF101. Can open local kml/z  using a file manager. ABOUT TIME!!!

  • Lancast@

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    • Angelrod111

      Go dig a hole and bury urself in it.

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    I’m always amazed and entertained by this app;..  Look amazing on my RAZR;..

  • guest

    What’s with the NFC permissions?

    • Geekout

      android beam i would assume?

  • no flights or earthquakes.

  • John

    cannot find flight paths or earthquakes in layers…

    what am i missing?

    • apparently you aren’t the only one missing it, because I don’t have em either.  Maybe that’s tablet-only?

      • I just updated it on my Transformer Prime and I am not seeing those layers either…

        • Michael_NM

          Menu > Earth Gallery.

          • HuskerHog

            When I hit menu I have Terms of service and Clear cache no Earth Gallery

    • I just found them. They are in the earth Gallery, not layers…

  • Michael_NM

    Google earth on a tablet is almost enough justification for owning a tablet in my mind. Love it and love this update!

  • feztheforeigner

    “If you’re still using Google Earth…”

    Is there an even remotely comparable application for exploring the world other than Google Earth/Maps?

    • Darthseph23

      Indeed!  I know its not something I mess with everyday, but what else would you use for its purpose?

      Yes, its not a native navigation or map app, but I don’t know what else you’d ever use to go exploring random places.

    • “Still using” as in, is it even installed on your device still. 😛

      • feztheforeigner

        Yes it is 🙂 very cool little app when I feel like exploring the wonders of the world that I probably won’t ever see in real life

  • I wasn’t able to update on my phone, it says it is not compatible with my device (Thunderbolt). I was able to go to the web Play Store and install from there though.

    • Fragmatic

      Quite a few razr phones are getting the same thing in the comment section of the earth app.Why do we need earth as bloatware, when we already have maps? They need to just combine Earth and maps and save some fraking space.