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In Response to BBB Complaint, Motorola Says that the DROID X2 Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

A reader of ours filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) over Motorola’s bootloader and update practices, receiving a response back that will not excite DROID X2 owners. While the bootloader info in the response is exactly what we have heard for 2 years now (“where carriers will allow it”), the Ice Cream Sandwich update is a bit more disappointing. The DROID X2 is “not on our list” says the letter we have included below.¬†

Dear Ivan,

I am responding to the complaint you filed with Better Business Bureau regarding our Droid X2 model phone. I reviewed your recent case notes and it is noted that you received information from Motorola regarding Bootloader unlock and Ice Cream Sandwich.

We are working to balance the operator requirement for security to the end user, while supporting the developer communities desire to use these products as a development platform. It is our intention to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM on other devices, where carrier and operators will allow it. This process is requiring a good deal of consideration and technical infrastructure and we have no announcements to make at this time for unlocking any devices.

Droid X2 is not on our list of devices that are slated to get Ice Cream Sandwich, but that does not mean it is not continuing to get support. Though it will remain on Gingerbread it is eligible for software updates if it’s determined that any are needed.

Thank You,
Dorothy Hodges
Corporate Consumer Advocacy Office

After seeing Motorola’s initial ICS update list, the DROID X2 was listed, but in the same manner as all other Verizon phones with a “in evaluation and planning” tag. The device, however, did not make Verizon’s list which left us assuming that it would not receive the update. That appears to have been confirmed now.

Cheers Ivan!

  • Flawless73

    So how is it the Droid X gets the update but the X2 does not?

  • Havocpsi

    Motorola I hate ur FACE

  • Kjfxlab

    Love my DX2, best Ph I’ve owned to date and still a solid contender with what’s on the market today a yr after I got it. Sure I have a little maxx envy. ūüėČ but the X2 is no slouch in its own right. It was a little buggy after the initial gingerbread update but motor seemed to fix those probs relatively quickly and it seems to address probs continuously as it can. Tech is evolving so quickly bugs are going to be an inherent issue of this day and age. I would probably enjoy ics but I am happy with gingerbread and don’t miss something I don’t have. If motor can update me to that os later after it has explored the best possible way to do it then I’ll take it, if not then im comfortable knowing my next device 2 or 3 yrs down the road will have a solid os of this variety on it. I like MOTOBLUR and I love the solid build and top of the line hardware motor uses on its phs. It is constantly upgrading its offerings to ensure no matter when you choose to buy their next phone the latest and greatest offering is available for purchase whenever you choose to upgrade. I became a fan and loyal customer of motor with the original Droid and always know I am getting a top notch device anytime I purchase one of there offerings. The wife owns a DROID 4 and I can’t praise this Ph enough, simply amazing.

  • Motorola sucks their software sucks their phones suck (generally). I’m not sure what will happen when Google takes over. But it can only get better, they release the same phone over and over with small refinements.

  • Freygrimrod

    Worst company evar?

  • Cheong Anderson

    Totally disappointed. Moto, you lost all your loyal customers in 2012. 

  • HotwingCindy

    Whats a rom? Whats a kernel? And how is a locked bootloader blocking the gingerbread man from gettin fudge packed by an ice cream sandwich

  • Sporttster

    Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey GOOD-BYE Moto. Never again….tired of their BS. Here we see Samsung getting ICS out to their products as quickly as they can. And we see Moto blowing more BS for everyone to ‘enjoy’. Nope….done with em.

  • So, so glad I’m jumping ship from Moto after this Droid 3 I have now.

  • JeffDenver

    So glad I got a Rezound. I am not missing motorola at all. 

  • Underfundedmandate

    Thankyou vzw for beleving me
    when I said I needed a Moto- free
    life, and thankyou Samsung for
    my plastic ice cream goodness.
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
    Moto free for ever!

  • moelsen8

    i’m a cop you idiot!

  • John Poe

    I don’t even CARE about the locked bootloader. I was perfectly content to run the thing completely stock (and I have).¬† I just expected¬†it to work reliably and it hasn’t.¬† Not by a long shot… the buggy POS.¬† I also have ZERO faith that this¬†next forthcoming bug patch will help much either since the last one broke about as many things as it fixed.¬† No more Moto for me.

    • hkklife

      Well, it shipped with 2.2 which was ATROCIOUS.¬† The 2.3 update helped slightly but was still buggy.¬† But the most recent official 2.3.4 update made things a bit smoother and more stable.¬†I dumped¬†my¬†X2 in November when I ¬†Leaked 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 updates have made the rounds over the past few months, so I would imagine the X2 will finally be whipped into semi-decent shape with GB and then put out to pasture…just like the DX recently was.¬†

  • Yet more reasons on why I will never buy a Motorola device again. ¬†It doesn’t matter that they are now owned by Google. It is bad enough their updates are not stable and cause my phone to reboot once a day. ¬†I’m not putting up with their silly policies any longer.¬†

  • ocdtrekkie

    I wish the bootloader folks would stop whining and just get over it. Spamming the BBB, various social networks, etc. is just getting tiring at this point.

    • HotwingCindy

      Hell yeah

  • TBH custom roms are a lot better than the stock updates.¬†

    • Alexander Garcia

      i was just thinkin that. lol. root and rom baby!

  • Nate Davidson

    No more motorola phones for me. Period. This damn phone had potential and they fucked it up.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Why do people who care about bootloaders still deal with Moto?  The only thing they are going to listen to is the bottom line so stop using Moto products.  My last Moto phone was a Droid2 and will never go back until they unlock the bootloaders.

  • darkseider

    Luckily I dropped Moto after the OG Droid and never looked back.  Hopefully Motorola will just fade away and die off and leave Android to manufacturers that actually work with the consumers like Samsung, HTC and LG.

    • Mikes

      “Hopefully Motorola will just fade away and die off”

      Uh, you do realize that Motorola Mobility (the Motorola which makes phones) is becoming part of Google, don’t you?

  • angermeans

    The bigger surprise is that there is honestly still Motorola fans out there that can’t believe this. Motorola is the geeediest company out there and since the original Droid have managed to fumble every device and subsequent update on every phone since then.

  • Keifer Hofacker

    Say what you want about each device… but the iPhone 3GS, which was released almost three years ago, got the iOS update that came six days ago. It’s rumored that Apple plans to drop support for the 3GS this upcoming June, meaning that it got three years of actual updates and support.
    Contrast this with the Droid X2. This phone came out less than a year ago and Motorola already doesn’t plan on upgrading it to the new version of Android. I’m here with my Droid X1, with its locked bootloader and all, and I’m feeling pretty forgotten by Motorola. This is probably going to be my last Android phone, because this seems to be a universal trend (apart from the Nexus line)

    • summit1986

      The hardware demands of Android move along quite a bit faster than iOS.  Regardless though, Google needs to crack the whip on manufacturers and increase longevity of support for devices.

      • Joshyz73

        Except in this case (and most with Android), hardware isn’t a factor. ¬†For example, the HTC Rhyme is getting the ICS upgrade (according to Verizon and HTC), and it has inferior hardware to the X2.¬†

  • I thought everyone already knew that moto doesn’t really upkeep current models.¬† They just pump out marginally better ones each month instead. ¬†¬†

    • just like samsung huh

      • Uh, No.¬†

        Samsung really is not that bad. Quite frankly, they aren’t bad. They typically release 1 or 2 phone, 1 GSII per carrier, and one ‘other’ phone that Verizon requests. AT&T would be an exception with the Infuse, GSII, Skyrocket, and soon to be Skyrocket HD, but they are reasonably spaced and this was most likely at the request of AT&T. If it were their choice, we would have the international GSII.¬†NOBODY is on the level of Moto with a new phone literally every 3 months.

        Also, they plan on updating most of their phones from all last year. A value pack is better than nothing.

  • ¬†All I can do is sit back and smile having had the fore-site to get a Galaxy Nexus after dealing with Motorola’s crap with the Droid X. It is these practices by Motorola that have left a bad taste in my mouth and have steered me away from them. I recommend to anyone looking to get into Android to avoid Motorola like the plague simply due to their bootloader policy.

    • summit1986


    • Jak_341

      I think the failure to produce a successful device since the OG Droid tells a lot. I believe the knowledge told right here about Motorola is swaying consumers. Why else has Motorola’s sales been flat?

      • shooter50

        Right, thats why the RAZR is outselling the GNEX . And you must be really vain to believe most consumers even know you exist much less care what you think. In store the RAZR sells itself when compared to other Android phones including your beloved GNEX

        • summit1986

          The RAZR sells more because of the marketing blitz that is shoved down our throats by Verizon and Moto themselves. ¬†Believe it or not, the majority of the customer base does not read Droid Life. ¬†Look at Apple… They make a solid product (much like the RAZR) but I guarantee 60-75% of their sales are based upon ads they see, celebrities that use the iPhone, and word-of-mouth. ¬†Let’s face it, the Nexus is a bastard child to Verizon due to the lack of control they have over the platform. ¬†Nothing against the RAZR, personally, I would have bought one if it weren’t for the GNex.

          • shooter50

            I don’t know. I went to the Verizon store to compare the GN and the Maxx. No, I didnt take a magnifying glass to compare the screens. They both looked good to me. I don’t care about bootloaders, I just want a new phone that works 100% of the time. To be honest, the GN seemed cheaply built compared to the Maxx. Kinda sloppy if you know what I mean. Sure, it had the latest specs, but they were jammed inside a Yugo like package compared to the Maxx.
            As a non-nerd consumer it was a simple decision

          • summit1986

            To each their own. ¬†I wanted the unlocked bootloader. ¬†No argument that the MAXX is a better built phone, but I don’t regard the Nexus as ugly. ¬†Sure the back is plastic, but the clean buttonless display is quite svelte.

          • moelsen8

            for all the plastic, it both looks and feels very premium.

          • Tyler Cameron

            Cheaply built? You have no clue what you’re talking about. Its one of the most solid phones I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

          • shooter50

            Then you’ve never seen the RAZR because its shames the gnex, unless you have a plastic fetish.

  • Davros

    Motorola is like a cheating bitch of an ex wife. They lie to everyone to cover up being in bed with verizon. I got divorced when I met Mrs. Nexus and am much happier now. ūüėČ

  • Jak_341

    AAnother reason not to buy skinned UIs and locked bootloaders. If this was opened, ICS would have been on it already.

  • James_C_L

    Go pure google or go home.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    all moto owners should post to every message moto sends out
    If your still waiting for a update from moto or for them to unlock your bootloader please repost this to all moto announcments!!!

  • Spoken Word‚ĄĘ

    Oh well. Such is life. Get over it and move on.

  • SH

    Wow, not even a year of support. Looks like the OG will be the last Motorola I ever own, unless they make a nexus.

  • enigmaco

    This is a load of crap, if the developers who do not work for motorola can get ICS on my droid 3 why can’t Motorola do the same thing? Wow this really pisses me off, thanks to the developmental community this phone is worth keeping, but motorola can go to hell.¬† I truly hope Google starts cleaning house sooner rather than later.

    • moelsen8

      probably not enough room for ICS and their bloat/blur to coexist.¬† god forbid we don’t have blockbuster on our phones at all times.

      • enigmaco

        That is true, could also be the fact of Verizon wanting to force people to jump to the 4G phones.¬† And what would be a better way of them to do that by denying the 3G the ability to have ICS on their phone. Only thing Verizon has to do is say jump to motorola and they would reply “how high”.

        • moelsen8

          they would, wouldn’t they.¬† they are verizon’s monkey boy.

        • staticx57

          Just you wait and see how late the update is for the Bionic.

    • Droidzilla

      I rooted and ROM’d the hell out of my OG Droid and Dell Streak 7. The thing is, it was very rare to find a fully functional, stable release until a good couple of months after an update (and even then it usually coincided with the official release of the next OS on the device). For retail customers, things like data loss and poor camera performance are deal breakers. It’s safer, as an OEM, to keep to an older OS version that’s rock solid stable rather than to upgrade to the new OS version but have a few bugs (most end users neither know nor care what their OS is, much less the version). Case in point: the Droid X. Gingerbread wasn’t stable when they released it, and, though many “power users” thought it was cool to have GB, regular users only knew that their phone went from stable to unpredictable.

    • Of course they can. But why would they do that? Verizon will not pay Moto to upgrade to ICS. You will not pay Moto¬†to upgrade to ICS. And money Moto got from these X2 sales are already spent.

  • there’s plenty of ROMs out there..

  • Daniel Suraci

    Didn’t think about it – should have filed one of these when Moto broke the DX with an OTA update that took 6 months to fix.

  • Get a ROM and quityerbitchin

  • who the hell cares about gosh darn bootloaders, rooting is not the best thing in the world, geez!

    • Dave

      Unlocking Bootloader != Rooting

      • Unlocking Bootloader = Roming¬†

        • Diablo81588

          No.. you can still flash roms with a locked bootloader. Only thing you can’t do is flash kernels and radios. So many people on this site bash moto, having no clue what they’re talking about..

    • HotwingCindy

      Tell it!

  • tjpeco

    Updates do not generate revenue!!!!! People need to understand that moto is running a business and every resource that is spent on programming, debugging and testing updates to existing sales are pulling resources away from programming, debugging and testing software on new, revenue-generating products.

    This is the simple business calculus of the matter and the only way that you’ll escape this brutal reality is by buying into a phone/OEM that markets updates as part of their business practice.

    As a launch-day Xoom owner, I felt the sting of moto’s lies personally. ¬†As a businessman however, I cannot fault them for not devoting resources to an existing product that in their eyes, is no longer generating revenues for them. ¬†The only way to change this behavior is to show them that they are losing loyal customers with this practice, like they did with me over the Xoom upgrade.

    • Daniel Suraci

      That’s not true at all. ¬†You may get one purchase but after having a Moto product and seeing how bad their support is, I won’t buy another. ¬†They may have had a great quarter or two, but their long term revenue will go down with their reputation.

      • tjpeco

        It may be that the “phone nerd” community of which is very tiny might care enough not to purchase another Moto phone – I certainly am never going to buy another moto product again until they can properly support their devices – however we are not the typical consumer.

        Take my wife for example – she still owns an iPhone 3G, wont get rid of it because she likes it, and has NEVER updated the iOS version on it… ever.
        She’s more representative of the general consumer base than you or I are.

        In this respect, updates could be considered revenue depletion since you’re convincing people to stick with old hardware for which you’ve already been paid.

        • Daniel Suraci

          Agree, but even normal consumers check out reviews before buying phones quite often. ¬†If Moto gets poor reviews, word gets out there. ¬†This is more true with Android phones with a variety of manufacturers than that other phone. ¬†People also ask their ‘phone geek’ friends for advice before buying phones. ¬†I know when my friends buy phones, they all ask me what they should get.

          Companies want the kind of “solid” name that companies like Apple has, Nintendo has, Sony used to have, etc. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†
          I mean after the OTA update that broke the DX, my phone was practically unusable.  Even an average consumer would notice that.Definitely agree with your second paragraph.

          • Bob Campbell

            Exactly.  My wife is not a nerd but noticed when her Droid Eris stopped getting updates and could not run the next app. She does not want to be locked out again.

          • Tyler Cameron

            But that’s a completely different case – the Eris is an ugly low-end android phone. You shouldn’t expect such a low end device to get updates at all. But it did. And by the time it did, I’d bet she was due for an upgrade anyway.

    • Bob Campbell

      I disagree that updates are not tied to revenue.¬† I loved my original droid but when it came to update it I looked at several phones.¬† I ended up with the Nexus not because I wasn’t interested in the Razr, but because I did not trust Moto/Verizon to support it to the level I expect.

      Still have not rooted the Nexus, but I can.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      As a “businessman” surely you understand the importance of customer retention. There are only so many people you can screw over before there is no one left buying your products.

      • Droidzilla

        This is true, but is Motorola losing customers due to their encrypted bootloader signatures? I hope so, but I don’t know that it’s the case. We can’t really assume either way.

        • shooter50

          You seem to be the most reasonable person here!!! After the Xoom, I hated Motorola. After the buggy Thunderbolt, I hated HTC. After the ever crashing Google I/O tablet by Samsung, I hated Samsung. I’ve run out of Manufacturers to hate. So when the RAZR Maxx was released, a beautiful bug free phone, I went back to Motorola and I’m happy I did. My guess is that most of the complainers here would go to Motorola in an instant if they released a Nexus. I believe I’m representative of many people who want current technology in an attractive package that WORKS all the time. I dont need the latest operating system. I do need a phone that doesnt shut itself off, maintains a decent signal and gives good battery life. I no longer have brand loyalty. ‘Ill buy whatever works best when I need a new phone.

      • tjpeco

        They aren’t losing that many customers because of the lack of updates.

        I know the idea is foreign to most people who comment on a site devoted to smartphones, but the overwhelming majority of smartphone owners don’t give a lick about updates.

        One of the fundamentals to running any business is to know your customer. ¬†Moto knows that the community of developers and gadget freaks are a vocal minority and they are putting their resources towards generating more customers, knowing that they aren’t losing that many by not updating their existing devices.

        • GotSka81

          While the general consumer *now* may not be aware of moto’s poor support model, the amount of people who know this compared to the number who knew a year ago is far higher.

          Support in any industry (especially technology-related industries) is a big deal.  Consumers want to know that if they have a problem, they can turn to who made the product and get it fixed.  The more moto lies and manipulates their customer base, they will grow their negative reputation.

          Example: Ebay Sellers. ¬†Everyone knows that buying something on ebay is a roll of the dice in a lot of ways. ¬†It was initially marketed as a consumer-friendly way to save money, and the public at large embraced it. ¬†As more and more people got burned, the public has started to turn away from ebay. ¬†It’s a loose example, I know, but look at ebay’s popularity today vs what it was 3-4 years ago.

        • John Poe

          They lost this one!

  • T4rd

    I don’t see how Moto can blame the carrier (Verizon) anymore when every other OEM has a high end phone with an unlocked bootloader on the same carrier.

    They straight up lied when they said they would unlock their bootloaders at the end of 2011 and they’re still lying about it.¬† Until they unfuck themselves, I refuse to buy/support them, which is sad because I think they have some of the best hardware and design of any other OEM.¬† My wife wanted a Droid 4, but I talked her into a Rezound instead partially because of this nonsense.

    • Tyler Cameron

      You should’ve talked her into the Nexus. You know why?
      We want as many Nexus phones to sell as possible, because if Verizon see’s “Oh! This phone was very unpopular. Almost no one bought it. We shouldn’t try to bring another one on our network!”

      But if the sales turn out good, they might MIGHT just realize “Holy Jesus this phone is hot! This is a popular phone and we barely even promoted it! We need to push out more phones like this!”
      See what I mean? Supply and demand. Your decisions today will affect Verizon’s in the near future. That’s why I ALWAYS try to¬†convince¬†people to choose the Nexus over any other phone. Because Verizon NEEDS to open their eyes. We don’t want devices with their ugly logo on the front. We want unlocked bootloaders. We want freedom. We want devices as good as the OG Droid was. Verizon just has to see.

      • T4rd

        ¬†I tried to talk her into it, actually.¬† But it wasn’t for her.¬† It’s just too big for her hands and wasn’t comfortable for her to use at all.¬† Same with the Razr variants.

        I agree with your points, but I wouldn’t want her to get a phone solely just to make a statement if she wasn’t comfortable with it at all.¬† I’ve swayed several of my coworkers into getting the Nexus anyways, so I’ve did my part in that respect too ;-).

      • MicroNix

        Remember, HTC is unlocking their bootloaders and the Rezound is one of them.  The Rezound would definitely be my 2nd choice right behind the Galaxy Nexus.

  • HTC is unlocking a ton of their phones, even on Verizon, so it CAN be done. Motorola is just using Verizon as an excuse if you ask me.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m very back and forth on that one. On the one hand, Samsung and HTC have unlocked phones (well, unencrypted bootloader signatures) on Verizon and Motorola does not. On the other hand, Motorola has unlocked bootloaders on some of their international devices where the Verizon counterpart is locked.

      I think it may be due to the marketing push Verizon gives to Motorola phones. This is the big difference between Moto devices on Verizon and other OEMs. I can’t prove it, but I think this is a possibility as to why Verizon requires more from Moto devices than others when it comes to being locked down. Still stupid, though, since I can’t think of a single reason for Verizon to do this. You can WiFi tether without even rooting, ROM without kernel access (and brick to boot), and screw up your phone in uncountable ways without ever having the ability to modify the kernel. Just let us play with our toys, please.

      • QtDL

        ¬†I have a feeling they are not unlocking because there’s some type of stipulation in their contract with VZ – but Moto won’t just come out and say that. “Hey Moto, you can put your DROID phones on our network, but you can’t unlock them….sign here please.” They probably don’t have such a contract on the international versions of their products. Just a guess, I could be totally wrong.

      • cizzlen

        Maybe it’s because an unlocked Moto phone would easily outsell all their other phones so they need to even it out in order to maximize their sales profit.

  • Michael Forte

    So much for that so called “Update Alliance” where phones would get updated for 18 months as long as the hardware was capable. I knew it was just a bunch of hot air to get the fragmentation monkey off Google’s back for a minute.

    • RedPandaAlex

      Updates are by far the biggest problem in Android. Google needs to figure out a way to push them out themselves.

      • hkklife

        Google obviously does not care. They have snared this much market share by doing everything half-assed and off the cuff. They point the finger at the OEMs for updates and the OEMs point their finger at the carriers and the carriers laugh all the way to the bank. It’s definitely a horribly broken model and it will only serve to plensure that many first-time Android users are also only one-time Android users.

      • Sqube

        As always with all this Android stuff, it’s not really Google’s fault. All the hardware manufacturers want to put an overlay on the OS. After that, the carriers want to poke and prod at it to make sure… whatever it is that they need to make sure. That they can put bloatware or something on it, I don’t know.

      • They do…. for the Nexus lines. That is the only hardware they support. Then they leave it up to the manufacturers to add support for the other devices.

        • Sam

          Yeah…Verizon didn’t touch the software on the Galaxy Nexus…not one bit. Oh, wait…

          • I didnt say that the carrier couldnt modify it. I was just saying that google handles the updates for the Nexus lines. Obviously GNex is the exception since its cdma and requires proprietary stuff from Verizon to work correctly. The GSM version isn’t under the same restriction.

  • KevinC

    Does Dell or HP automatically update consumers to the next version of Windows? Hell, no.

    • Windows is not free. Android is. This is nothing new getting the next version of Android on a phone.

      • KevinC

        WRONG. It costs money for manufacturers to develop the next version of Android for their phones. ¬†Developers aren’t free.

        • Isaac Weissenberger

          And yet Dragonzkiller (the best X2 dev) can get ICS running somewhat stable on his X2 WITH a locked bootloader and he is just one person… A busy college student at that… Why can’t they have a small team pushing out ICS updates to less than 10 month old phones in no time flat? Oh yeah… Because they are bent on putting their bloatware crap software and skins all over the place.

          I am with you Ivan, if I can help it I will never have a Motorola phone again. I get my phone through work so I have less of say on it, but I will fight to not have one of these awful phones again…

        • Yes, and the cost of the phone helps pay for their salaries. The agreement is to keep it updated for 18-months, whether it’s updating it to the next major release of Android or minor.¬†

          In fact, we haven’t heard squat about updates for the X2 until yesterday when emails went out for a soak test. Funny how after I’ve been hammering Motorola for months, this happens all of a sudden?

    • moelsen8

      yeah, but their computers have bootloaders that will allow you to install it yourself.¬† there’s a huge difference there.

      • KevinC

        You knew about the bootloader when you bought it.

        • moelsen8

          yeah, i think that’s one of the main arguments made at motorola going on right now.¬† not to mention their “promise” to unlock them.¬† they’re the only ones playing monkey boy to verizon anymore.¬† i just can’t fathom why they don’t get it?¬† even if we’re a small minority of their customers (you could argue that in favor of the unlocking argument).

    • speraider430

      They don’t but you can purchase the update as soon as Microsoft releases the new OS. ¬†Trust me I’m sure people would be happy to have that option with speedy updates.

    • randompsychology

      There’s a huge difference. With a PC, I have an upgrade path because I can change the hardware/software at will. If I upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8, I can even get some support from Microsoft.

      In the mobile arena, things are completely opposite. The only easy/legit way to get software updates is from the manufacturer/carrier. That puts a pretty big responsibility on their shoulders to keep people updated to the latest software.

      I’m not saying they’re obligated to give us ICS, but if they won’t, then they need to at least provide an upgrade path for those who want to. A simple bootloader unlock would put most of the concern to rest.

    • But you can buy a new version and install it yourself. Try this with the phone.

      I understand that OEMs doesn’t have the incentive to support/upgrade phones. But it you can’t or don’t want to support, then unlock the bootloader and release RIL source, so community will be able to support itself.

  • Stephen Morrison

    ignore this

    • moelsen8

      don’t you hate disqus sometimes?

    • Droidzilla

      I refuse to ignore your comment. In fact, I’m going to “like” it just so it has more prominence.

      Don’t tell me what to do! It’s my life!

      • Stephen Morrison


        • Droidzilla

          HAHAHA! Look at all the people now not ignoring your words!

  • Jay

    Wish that the phone just was dependable and performed normally.

  • When I received this letter/email from Motorola, it pretty much put me on the “ban Motorola” kick for good. Definitely looking at an HTC Rezound as my next phone and I will never get another Motorola product again.

    As for the 18-months, they are still providing updates to it. Just yesterday I received an email about an upcoming soak test. I’m sure it’s not ICS (even though they swore me to secrecy about not talking about what the update was), but it does fall under the 18-month category of updates. Cheap, I know. I’d rather have ICS, but I guess that’s not to be after getting the email I received in this article.
    Shame. Motorola does create good products, but sorry, when you gyp your customers like this, it tends to tick them off and drive them away. Hopefully, this will do enough damage that Motorola will rethink their strategy and appeal to their customers rather than the stingy carriers like Verizon.

    • Droidzilla

      If you’re into having the latest OS and plenty of ROMs to choose from, you really ought to get a GNex. Unless you absolutely need the MicroSD slot, the GNex will be better than the Rezound in oh so many ways; for the screen alone, it’s worth it (I personally can’t stand LCD screens anymore).

      Of course, the Rezound is looking more and more like the spiritual successor to the DInc, and that can’t be a bad thing.

      • The SD card slot is the big seller for me. I know I can get the GNex with 32gb of internal memory, but I have a 32gb SD card, so the 16gb internal plus the 32gb external with the Rezound is a big seller for me. I’ll still have to wait and see, though. I might still go with the GNex when my upgrade comes due.

        In any case, with either phone, I’ll get ICS (Gnex already has it, Rezound has been confirmed as getting it), so neither one is a losing bet.

        • Droidzilla

          If you can live with the screen, the Rezound is a really nice handset. You really can’t go wrong with either one, but the GNex is a hacker/ROMer’s dream come true. I see it, right now, as a choice between the RAZR and the GNex. The RAZR is a solid handset with pretty much zero issues, and the GNex is the most open thing on the planet. The Rezound seems to me to be a kind of middle ground; not as solid as the RAZR, not as open as the GNex. Still, that middle ground may be the perfect fit for your usage needs/wants, as a lot of DL users don’t fit the “norm” (which is a good thing).

          • GNex. I have the RAZR and GNex and I’ll tell you to get the GNex every single time you ask me. (i know you didn’t ask me) I used to like motorola, but they’ve really¬†peeved¬†me about this update crap. GNex has so many roms and mods.¬†

          • Droidzilla

            A lot of people have felt the exact opposite using both the GNex and RAZR. There is no one answer for everyone; the beauty of Android’s ecosystem!

          • ^ This!

          • Kyle Fullmer

            I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the Charge I got off swappa in February. ¬†I believe it is a ram issue as v6 supercharger indicates the charge has 374mb of ram available. ¬†Compare that to even the droid 2’s 475 and you notice the 100 mb missing. ¬†Not sure if that is part of the samsung GPU or the 4G radio or what but I definitely want more ram. ¬†I just dont know if getting the gnex now or waiting until there are 2gb phones would be better. ¬†They can’t be far off right?

          • Droidzilla

            I have an upgrade coming up, and I’m waiting for the A15 phones with 2GB or the GNote to come to Verizon. Of course, you can always be waiting for the next big thing, since the tech will always be improving. Find something you’re happy with and be happy with it; device envy is all too easy with the hardware refresh cycle most OEMs are on (though it does almost guarantee a killer device will be out no matter when your contract renewal is).

          • Kyle Fullmer

            Yeah, the thing is I am not completely sold on the nexus. ¬†The fact it is a nexus and has a great screen are good selling points, otherwise the phone feels cheap, no¬†removable¬†media (not huge). ¬†Haven’t really heard about the durability of the glass, some have said it is crap some say its fine. ¬†I hate screen protectors so a tough screen is important for me. ¬†Meanwhile if a couple months means I can get a 2GB phone IMO thats worth the wait.

          • Droidzilla

            A 2GB phone with a Qualcomm Krait S4 processor (ARM Cortex A15 big.LITTLE architecture) will be awesome; better than the Tegra 3 quad-core A9 for sure. Wait for those, then snag the best one. There will be better out, of course, but those will do almost anything a desktop will.

          • Kevin Medeiros

            Kyle – ¬†My X2 is the same way. It states it has 512mb, but really 100mb of that must go to the tegra 2’s graphics? I end up having to run V6 or ATK to manage the memory on my phone in order to have it run smoothly. That’s just unacceptable in a new phone. No more Motorola for me.

        • I can upgrade in 3 days but I am going to stick with my Thunderbolt. No point in switching to something that isn’t much better. I was tempted by the GNex but that lack of microSD ruined it for me. I think I’ll just hold out to see what HTC has in store. I had a Droid X before my Thunderbolt and I haven’t looked back since switching.

        • Frankly, I really don’t need that much of storage. 32Gb is plenty to me. Ever since I started using Google Music to store my songs, my storage need drop significantly. Come to think about it, I don’t really have much to “store” in my phone besides the apps. A lot of stuffs are stored in the cloud these days.

          • My issue is, I have the “unlimited” data plan with Verizon. Unlimited in that, once I go over 2gb, they throttle me when the tower I’m on is busy. That is crap as well. But, from what I’ve been told, I’m grandfathered in, so when I switch to 4g, I’ll get my unlimited data plan. I’ve been able to stay around 1.5gb max per month, so streaming right now is not an option. I suppose once I go 4g, then it will be an option and maybe then, I won’t need to have the music stored on my phone and keep it in Amazon cloud and Google as well. Unfortunately, I like to listen to live music and a lot of trance mixes which are continuous, and neither Amazon nor Google can provide gapless playback, so I stick with my trusty PowerAmp Pro app which can do gapless playback.

          • Butters

             Really? I have a GNex + unlimited data and I have never been throttled even when using 4+ GBs of data, that may be due to LTE though.

          • That’s what I think it is. For us CDMA users, we’re getting hosed by Big Red. Maybe when I go to 4g, my unlimited won’t get throttled.

          • Kyle Fullmer

            Odd, I was doing some network troubleshooting requiring I take my home router offline.  Too keep all the devices on the internet I wifi tethered my phone.  Used 4GB in about 6 hours and never noticed any speed decreases, was getting about 10-12 mbps. EDIT: with a droid charge on verizon lte.

          • The throttling is based on the usage of the tower you are currently using. If at the point in time it’s not “busy” (who knows what Verizon considers “busy”), then if you have gone over 2gb for the month, you are considered the 5% of users that are “power users” and they will throttle your speed on that tower until it’s no longer deemed busy. Also, in order to get off of the “power user”, you have to stay under 2gb for the next two months. So, you may not notice the throttling because the tower you are currently using may not be busy. At that point, you’ll get the full speed.

          • MAXXimumBlur

            CDMA = 3G
            LTE = 4G

            You guys aren’t reading the Poster’s full post. Verizon throttles their 3G network even if you have unlimited data. They don’t (nor do they plan to) throttle their LTE network. ūüėõ

          • ceejw

            I have no doubts Verizon will start throttling LTE when they have to support an LTE iPhone.

          • Droidzilla

            I know that Verizon reserves the right to throttle, but this is the first I’ve heard of them actually exercising that right. I’ve also heard that they won’t be throttling (again, they’ll reserve the right) 4G phones because the spectrum allows more bandwidth usage than 3G did, so network congestion ought not be as much of an issue. Don’t know how true that is, since I can hit 34Mbps down if the network is not in much use (Thanksgiving is when I hit that), but I normally run at about 6Mbps down.

          • Adam Metzner

            If you are paying for the 2G plan now, changing to a 4G phone is going to do nothing. Only way that you get true unlimited data is to have an old account before they switched  to the tier data plans.

          • I think you may be getting confused between storage capacity (1/2/3/4GB) and network speed (2G/3G/4G)

    • Frayserboy

       lol htc rezound ur dumb, but we all already knew that because you bought a droid x 2

      • MicroNix

        The Rezound is one of the better Android phones out there. ¬†Don’t call people dumb when you are the one that is clueless.

    • Guest

      ¬†I’m fairly sure when you bought the phone, there were no promises for any future upgrades.¬†¬† If you incorrectly assumed there were, then that’s your problem.¬†¬†

      Never buy a phone for what it might be.  Buy it for what it is, and anything else is a bonus.

      • GotSka81

        That’s really how you feel on the subject? ¬†No, there are no promises in regards to anything in the mobile phone industry, but to blame the user for thinking their phone (which they are locked into for 2 years) won’t officially move from the OS it was sold with to the next version, ever? ¬†How can you possibly defend motorola?

        • Because a lot of us realize that we get what we pay for and nothing more. ¬†We don’t have the same feeling of entitlement that seems to afflict so many people. ¬†

          • GotSka81

            “Entitlement”?…Really? ¬†I think that consumers simply hope that when they spend $200-$300 on a phone…which, again, they are locked into for 2 years…the company who makes the phone would keep up with what most other manufacturers in the mobile industry are doing (see:¬†

            This is why I believe ultimately the lack of shits given for the consumers will bite moto in the ass. ¬†They are slowly and surely falling behind the curve. ¬†History tends to repeat itself…

            Justify this to me: Moto locks and encrypts their bootloaders, which effectively restricts a user’s ability to run custom ROMs and therefore the newest version of Android (should they so desire)…and then they turn around and stop providing true updates to a phone they released a mere 7 months ago?

      • angermeans

        Or just never buy a Motorola phone or device again

      • GazaIan

        With that logic, the iPhone is the best phone around.

        And i think the iPhone is overrated.

        • MicroNix

          Apple definitely set the bar.  If Android phone makers want to compete, they better get off the porch and update what they sell.  If Apple continues major updates on 2 year old phones, give them new functionality for free and extend their life, then anything less is well, less.  I want more.  And that is that.

  • I Only had the phone for about 6 months and already stuck with GB as the final OS. Really sucks when you aren’t eligible for a new phone until May 2013 and Google makes the long-awaited Android Chrome Browser ICS required. Thanks for nothing Verizon, since it is you, not Moto than determined the X2 won’t get ICS. Greedy bastards!


      y would u buy dx2 6 months ago when everyone knew what phones were on the horizon? ( rezond,razor,gnex)

      • moelsen8

        ¬†you could say that about any phone, at any point of cell phone history.¬† they should fully support the product with new updates and OS’s for a certain amount of time.¬† that’s a big part of being a good company, supporting existing customers.

      • hkklife

        Maybe he wanted to play some Tegra-exclusive games? Or wanted a slim 3G device or one that worked with all the DX accessories?

        By that rationale, what about people who bought a Charge, Revolution, Breakout, Stratosphere or Droid 3 instead of a Thunderbolt or Inc2? All those devices are not receiving ICS BUT they hit the market later than the HTC devices (which are getting ICS).

        VZW should have put the smack down on the hardware companies and mandated that all 2011 handset releases receive ICS.

        • SUPREME4LIFE

          Thunderbolt is getting ics

          • hkklife

            Yes, that’s exactly what I said, The Thunderbolt, Inc2 and Rhyme are all getting ICS, but many newer and even better-spec’d devices (namely Samsung and Motos)¬†are not getting it. What a sham.


  • wpscompute

    Well I guess the OG Droid remains the only Moto device that is worth having.

  • Rev1619

    Hate to say it, but there was really no reason to justify purchasing this phone when it came out. Not that people deserve it, but the Droid X2 was a very, very bad choice.

    • Skunk13

      ¬†Right, but what about those that were given this phone as a appeasment for a botched Gingerbread update that brick their Droid X1 like myself. I had no choice. My phone was useless and Motorola and Verizon refused to admit the f’ed up…. So now I am stuck with a phone that is less than a year old and won’t get ICS. This is not acceptable..

      • snowblind64

        It’s okay, your DX wasn’t going to get ICS anyway. Not sure why you’re complaining, you got a free upgrade. Less ROM’s for the X2 maybe?

        • Adam Metzner

          Ahh but the DX already has a running ICS rom, sans camera and HDMI out put. 
          Everyone is on the OG is the best Moto phone ever train. I still have have both and if you weigh the 2 side by side the DX is better phone in almost all respects due to the dev community.

      • jink333

        I actually got an incredible 2 as a replacement for my droid x and it’s getting ics, so I’m happy.

      • MichaelThomason

        I also got a DX2 as replacement for the droid x. When I called in I fought till I got a 150.00 credit toward the purchase of a new phone, and bought the nexus as soon as it came out. I was on phone bitchin for about 2 hours

    • ssj12

      Disagree, as an nvidia supposer I bought the phone in support of tegra2. I’m happy with the decision to purchase it, not happy with motorola. But cyanogen is working on it, and Google is buying motorola so there is hope still left for an unlocked bootloader and even 4.0.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Moto, you aren’t earning any new customers at all. You might wanna take some notes from HTC and Samsung.

    • Asdfadf

      90% of regular android users (those who don’t care about modding or developing) probably don’t even know what ICS is and therefore will continue to buy moto products

      • Replying.

        Agreed. I love all the stuff you can do with Android. I’ve rooted two phones before my Gnex and used custom ROMs. But I’d agree 90% of people don’t know what ICS is like you said, and what’s more, probably only 1% of total users know what a locked bootloader even is. Hell I’ve even had people ask me when I take out my Gnex, “Whoa is that an iPhone!?” Kills me. It’s not really a business problem for the masses…right or wrong.¬†

      • Stephen Morrison

        That’s true. I should have mentioned our demographic. My last phone was a Droid X. I love that phone. I still have it and I run MiUi. It’s as good if not better than a lot of new phones.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        If I had a dollar for everytime someone said that……. this is an Android Enthusiast blog though… that argument will never work here.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Typical. Nothing really more needs to be said. I am dumbfounded that the Charge is left in the cold too. While not a popular phone, its main drawback at the time was the price. The specs are there though.

    • hkklife

      I am stunned about the Charge and the Droid 3 in particular.¬† Heck, I know 3-4 people who bought the Charge last year because it was basically regarded as the best of the intiial trio of VZW LTE devices.¬†¬† I guess the 768Mb RAM on the TB¬† is coming in handy for something after all…¬† I wonder if the recent reports that Samsung will release a Gingerbread “value pack” for the Galaxy S and original Tab will carry over to the Charge? After all, it’s got mostly Galaxy S-based architecture.¬†

  • Oh, Motorola. You’ll never get my money again unless you change this locked bootloader policy.

    (Looks at Verizon with an icy stare)

    • moelsen8

      i really want to like motorola.¬† but F ’em.. ain’t never getting my money again either until some changes are made.¬† they still owe me for the money i spent buying the gnex at retail, way i see it.

      • Stephen Morrison

        How do they owe you money for you buying a gnex?

        • moelsen8

          it’s not like i’m trying to collect or anything.¬† no one forced me into the situation i was in.¬† but motorola does know how to f*ck with their customers real well.¬† so it is the way i see it.

          • Stephen Morrison

            Well, with that avatar, I can’t argue with you.

          • moelsen8

            i’m a cop you idiot!

  • Was Moto one of the companies that pledged to update their devices for at least 18 months?

    • RedPandaAlex


      • Another reason to be disappointed in Motorola. They won me over with the D1 and lost me with the Bionic.

        • moelsen8

          same here

          • Jacob121791

            me too…

        • Sqube

          They won me with the D1 and lost me with the D2.

          • El Big Chris

            Me as well ¬†ūüôĀ

        • Same here. I waited for Bionic to be¬†released, … and waited … and waited. And then gave up.¬†

    • Guest

       for phones launched after that announcement, not before.

  • Bakubomb

    What the **** Motorola?