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Quick ICS Browser – More Custom Quick Controls for All Your Surfing Needs

Yes that is right, another Ice Cream Sandwich web browser. With so many choices out there like Chrome for Android, ICS Browser Plus, and Dolphin, it may seem a bit overwhelming and frustrating when trying to choose one that suits you. Quick ICS Browser is just like the stock ICS browser that comes with the Galaxy Nexus, but with a ton of added features to help maximize your experience.

With custom quick controls and gestures, you can easily share pages through whichever app you choose, refresh web pages, add bookmarks, and quickly browse the Internet. From just an hour surfing sites, there is no doubt that this browser shall be replacing Chrome on my device until I find something better. And yes, it supports Flash Player.

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Cheers Patrick!

  • oddity98

    i would love chrome if you could change the user agent. 

  • i like chrome. but i don’t LOVE chrome.
    chrome doesn’t do FULLSCREEN, flash & quick controls.

  • ddevito

    Quick controls are great, until you have to click a link or a button on either extreme side of the page.

    • Kiter86

      it has an option if you click the quick controls and not pick anything you can touch the edge of the screen without the controls popping up

  • Christopher Riner

    Really, Tim?  Replacing chrome?! I am definitely gonna have to give this bad boy a look-see.  

    I swear, on my droid charge I had to replace everything– my mms, my browser, my voicemail (gvoice of course), my launcher.  I was blown away when ice cream sandwich came out, and I was at a catch 22–  I finally had enough processing power to handle all of those things that I had, except this time I didn’t need to, bc all of the stock apk’s were the best option.  Even when chrome came out, I wasn’t sure which browser to use.  I love the way chrome is and I love how it ties into my gmail account, but the stock web browser is just so kush.  I loved the quick controls, and I gotta say, yeah, thats one bigass thumb control in that picture.  But as long as its customizable, and just like stock (with all the extra features) I’m all for it.

  • AC


    • Christopher Riner

      lol, I think you put this one under the wrong article, buddy. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Social networking icons in the Quick Controls!!! Are you f***** kidding me. Jesus!!! enough with that crap already.

  • mustbepbs

    What the **** is that monstrosity on the screen? Quick controls? More like Suite of controls. I don’t know about you guys but I had a hard time reaching and hitting the right button with the last batch of quick controls. This is absurd!

  • Azn_Android

    I have been trying to get myself to fall in love with the chrome browser for android but I simply can’t. The ICS browser is ideal to me especially with the quick controls. As for this, it seems pretty overwhelming and I don’t see any benefits of this over the stock ICS browser.

    • John

      Stock ICS > Chrome Beta.. it’s still beta, and it shows.  ICS just performs better.  I don’t care about added features at this point.

      I only recently started using quick controls.. not a fan at first, but now it’s super fast and easy.   

  • That app has waaaay to many unexplained permissions for me to bite.  Also, Chrome is pretty sick, so I see no need to risk it.

  • Eric Richardson

    I’m with the rest of the Chrome lovers. There’s too many bonuses to using Chrome, especially if you use Chrome on your other stuff. 

    Also, Flash needs to die. True Story. 

    • Davel

      Chrome Beta needs to use flash. True Story

      •  i agree…….. i still need flash.

  • John Dengler

    The thing I like about this Quick ICS Broswer the best is that it has the setting to reflow text after zoom.  

  • Michael Forte

    Everyone else seems to love the Quick Controls but not me. I like the way Chrome handles tabs and everything else. To each their own I guess.

  • r0lct

    Is this for people who do not get the Chrome omnibox? Everything on the web you want (thanks to them having all your info) will come up within 3 or 4 chars and usually in order of how you want it.  Unless you’re doing a search in which case you are already where you need to be anyway.

    • S_T_R

       Except…you can usually get to your bookmark in less than 3 taps in 2.x Browser, or in 3.x+ on tablets. That’s fewer than the 4-5 you’re talking about (tap url and type 3-4 characters) I think we can both agree that these quick controls are indeed horrible UI-wise, they’re obscure, and unless you read articles and posts by dragging your fat finger right down the middle of the screen, they’re constantly popping up when you don’t want them to when you run your finger along the side of the screen.

      A bookmark button on the URL actionBar, even if it’s only when in landscape, is what Chrome or Browser really need. Fewer taps to get things done=better.

      • r0lct

        I don’t do 4 or 5.  Usually I tap to get to the omni box the same as touching the side of the screen.  I then type 1 – 3 chars to get what I want.  Sure if it is one of those 2 bookmarks on the side menu it might be faster, for everything else the omlibox is faster, at least for me.  Especially for websites like Facebook or anything else I visit regularly.  I type F and it’s already there.

        And I’m talking only about phones. Not commenting on tablets as I dumped mine a while ago.

  • Smooth918

    What! Flash Support, Goodbye Chrome – Sorry!

  • Yikes! Cluttered as hell. Maybe if you could choose which quick controls to display.

    • You can enable/disabe certain controls. 🙂

      • Then this is awesome!!

        You couldn’t do that when it first came out…so I made an assumption. 

      • Royal2000H

        You should mention that in the post. Otherwise this thing looks ridiculous

        • cizzlen


        • Jdstell