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Google Music and Books Receive Updates, Google Play Branding Included

We love coordination like this. Moments after Google’s new “Play” media market went live (a rebranding of the Android Market), we are already seeing the first updates to their suite of apps with Google Play branding on them. If you jump into the market, you should see Google Books and Google Music updates, changing the names to Play Books and Play Music respectively. That is really all that is changing though is the branding, however, the Books update does mention that it is “now integrated with Google Play.”

Market Links:  Play Music | Play Books

Cheers Albert!

  • Dchawke1

    The Google Play icon takes up a quarter of my Droix X2 screen.  No way to minimize it or make it stay in a corner.  Just because you *can* take over my phone, doesn’t mean you have to!  And I’m not a fan of the icon highlighting new apps to entice me to buy them.  As for the name change, I don’t really care what they call it, as long as I can download apps.

  • Jpslanda

    That is the ugliest triangle I have ever seen.  lousy change for google music

  • Havrin

    To everyone that doesn’t like the new icons on your homescreen, check your launcher to see if you can change the icons and rename them.  ADW launcher lets you do that, it’s what I’m using.

  • master94

    My friend saw this and thought google was no longer supporting android since no product list google anymore and went out to buy an iphone. Bad move Google, should have milked the google brand name, not this play crap.

    That being said, I dont personally care if they call it your souls google’s now market,as long as I can get my apps I’m happy

  • Aac230

    OK…wtf.  App drawer calls it Play Music, Manage Applications calls it Google Play Music.  When I click on Play Music, it launches camera…..Droid Bionic fyi.

  • Aac230

    Nice….when I click on Play Music, my camera launches.  

  • chudilo

    How about making actual changes that matter.
    1) Shouldn’t a music app that resumes playing something as soon as you start it.
    2) If I pick a song to play, shouldn’t something else play after it. (like whatever was playing before I picked it) this is a music app. It should be about making sure “the beat goes on” rather then I won’t play anything until you pick something.
    3) if I uploaded my own stuff, and it was in a foreign language. Even though I am in US (land of immigrants) shouldn’t MP3 tags still work ok ? (if  you force me to pick Text encoding during upload .. fine)
    I can keep going!

  • SirCharles

    My Crystal Ball is saying that they are working on releasing a better Voice Activation App like Siri and this will help that work. It’s not for the now but for integration of Google Assistant. Come you techies, didn’t you seen it?

    • SirCharles

      Woops, sorry for typos above.

  • EC8CH

    Seriously Google… all you had to do was change the name from Android Market to Google Market, but instead you screwed up the names of everything by adding “Play”?!?

    Bad move.

    Now admit it was a mistake and change it back.

    • moelsen8

      i agree.  google market would have just been fine to unify the products.

  • If they wanted unity they should have just discontinued all the apps and made them all in just Google Play, in which is your music, books, and movies are selected inside it.

  • Fawzi94

    What’s next? Play Phone and Play Tablet? This new naming scheme just gave all of their products a very childish tone. None of it sounds professional at all. 

    • Sven Enterlein

      EXACTLY my thoughts. Not everyone uses their phones as a mobile gaming console. Does Google want to imply that everything is “fun&games”!?!? Stupid move. If they wanted to group their products why nor choose a more professional term?

  • ElixirBlack

    At least I still have Winamp, which has hardly updated its name, icon, or premise since 1997.  Stability in these troubled times.  I love Winamp- it has been my default Windows media player for almost 14 years now.

  • N8shon

    As for the alphabetizing of apps, Google and their marketing team are doing this on purpose. They want everything preceded by Google Play so that you will see all the apps right next to each other and it will drive home the message that eveything is together now. They are not stupid. This is completely intentional, and I think it will work.

  • N8shon

    I may be the only one here in the comments so far that actually likes what Google is doing here. For example, Google Music isn’t doing well right now. This change will help unify everything and will make it easier to get the message across to people that it’s all your media, together on all devices, synced. View content online, view it offline, whatever you want to do. The marketing is even more important than the product itself. This will only benefit Android in the long run. 

  • Play Movies too

  • moelsen8

    yeah, i like android market better than this play crap.  i hate how they’re listed alphabetically in the app drawer now by “Play …”.  i went to look at the icons and couldn’t find them for a while.

    • My thoughts exactly. I can live with most changes, but don’t freakin’ mess with my alphabetization.

      • ElixirBlack

         Is there a launcher that lets you rename app titles?

  • jjrudey

    I don’t like this new name at all.

    On side note, I like what Microsoft has been doing by removing the names Live and Zune. And now Google is adding Play to everything.

  • new icons are atrocious. I thought the ones we just had (the new ICS logos) were supposed to be unified. loved the matte look. this glossy look is terrible

  • KB Smoka

    Is there a way to make it so the screen doesn’t turn off on the Google Music app?  It’s the only thing stopping me from using it full time instead of Audiogalaxy.

  • sylent101

    This is garbage the icons are ugly and play music? Really?

  • fvqu

    I’m not happy about this update Google. The new icons are horrible and my music shortcut sticks out like a sore thumb on my home screen. This change is very random and unnecessary.

  • ElixirBlack

    I’m not a big fan of the “Play” branding or icons.  Sounds like something a marketing firm came up with instead of Google’s teams. 

    Definitely turning off “Autoupdate” for now.

  • N8shon

    Yup, just got Play Music, and Play Books. The Play Videos seems to be the same. It asks me to update but when I select it it only asks if I’d like to open it, not update it. 

  • Hcoboy1987

    Where is podcast support?  If they want to put everything under one umbrella they need to hose google listen and put it under this.

    • N8shon

      THIS! Google Listen looks ancient at this point. Why is podcast support not included in Google Music?! Ugh. I was hoping this whole update would remedy that. 

      • Mallahet

         I was also hoping for gapless playback to finally be included in the stock music player.

  • Michael_NM

    Add Play Movies to the list. Looking forward to Play Maps & Play Navigation.

    • ElixirBlack

       Please no Play Maps!

      • Sven Enterlein

        How about Play Mates?

  • Samuel Lehman

    Google Play Movies went live now. Also, Icons went live on the Chrome Apps as well.

  • enigmaco

    They have this section called  “play of the day” it has where’s my water for $.25

  • Michael_NM

    Does Play Books work on the BB Playbook?

  • Benleonard79

    My gosh those are some ugly icons….can I not update?

  • The new music icon is hideous.

    • Jdstell

      Yea not only are they hideous, but the little icon that shows up on my desktop Chrome browser bar is now just a Google Play icon for all the services. They used to each be different; market, music, videos, etc.