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Android Distribution Charts Updated for March, Not Much has Changed as Expected

We Tweeted this last night, but here are the new Android distribution numbers for March 2012. Not much has changed other than a slight bump in Android 4.0.3 thanks to some new tablets receiving the update. Here are February’s numbers if you would like to compare. It’s going to continue to be all about Gingerbread until OEMs can get some updates out.

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  • kixofmyg0t

    Seems I was right after all. Everyone who wanted the “G-Nex” has one already for the most part. Lets tip the scales in the “ZOMG TEH NFC!!! Jesus phone!” favor and say that ALL 4.0 devices are the “G-Nex”….even then WAY more people are running Eclair. 

    More people have a Motorola Cliq than a “G-Nex”. Thats sad. 

  • sjobs


    • Blood

      That’s exactly how your brain is troll.

  • bakdroid

    This is exactly why Google needs to stop JB from coming out this year!  They need to wait a year to get everyone off of GB and HC to ICS and then upgrade to JB.  It is doubtful that JB will have any major changes to the UI anyway so roll JB and KLP together into a kickass OS with new UI the following year.

    Man, that was a lot of acronyms.

  • Guest

    I’m still on 4.0.2 on my VZ Gnex. I thought I was going to get timely updates. What’s up with that???

    • kixofmyg0t

      Meanwhile my Droid X is running 4.0.3, glad you got that “Nexus” huh? All joking aside you should take a look at the exellent ROM selection for the Nexus. 4.0.3 is just a few clicks away. 

    • Noyfb

      me too, I.m VZ Gnex 4.0.2 also, wth? 

  • What I hate the most about this chart is 61.5%. That’s the number of users on Gingerbread. With Jelly Bean set to release later this year, current gingerbread users won’t see jelly bean (unless they root) til late next year and by that time we’ll be on 6.0. this is where iOS wins. sure they’re inferior to android in many ways, but they make sure to update their customers to the newest version of their OS far quicker than android to their users.

    •  also, only 2% are on ICS? and we’re about to jump in to JB. pretty ridiculous.

  • 1.6% for all ICS sucks.. and they already are mentioning Jelly Bean? This is one area where Google needs to set some standards for their manufacturer to adhere to. Likely timely updates or make Windows phones!

  • Well, that would explain why a bunch of apps from my old Android phone don’t work on my GNex. Developers don’t see an incentive yet. Sure, they’ll need to update eventually, but right now I’m part of the 0.4%.

    • mons

      I haven’t had any compatibility issues.

  • pubasnacks77

    I wonder what the % is for those who have 4.0.4 installed

  • sciwiz

    I’m the 1.2%