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Samsung: Galaxy SIII Coming First Half of Year, Closer to Commercial Availability

Samsung quickly shot down reports on Friday that the Galaxy SIII was coming some time in April, but we were apparently one of the only sites to notice (check the update). Word spread across the interwebs today though, which eventually included Samsung providing a statement to The Verge. According to Sammie, the “successor” to the Galaxy SII will be available some time in the first half of the year, closer to its commercial availability. This aligns with the statement they provided early in February, but at least we know to expect the device within the next 4 months.

Personally, I’m glad that they didn’t show the device at Mobile World Congress last week. Nothing drives me more nuts in the Android world than OEMs showing off a device, but then not telling you at that same time when it will be available. Open-ended release dates are nothing but bad news. This way, Samsung can get the device fully ready for launch, announce it at a special event, and then release shortly there after while the phone is still buzzworthy.

Via:  The Verge

  • etg9

    Thank goodness +1,000,000. I’m all for them announcing a phone and then me being able to buy or at least pre-order it for showing up in the next couple of weeks. I hope the SGSIII is a real beast with a better GPU to drive all the pixels and better build quality than the nexus (although mine is still going strong) and coming to VZW as soon as it is announced.

  • JaeLim

    You mean with the Galaxy S3 that’s coming out a year after it’s predesessor GS2?

  • Iceywyte2781

    when is the galaxy s2 going to get the update to ics 4.0 coz if the galaxy s3 is coming out in April the GS2 should get the ics update hopefully in March so pls somebody that really no’s sometyhing about the S2 mupdate let me no peace 

  • FAL_Fan

    I’d get this over the nexus if it comes out on Verizon…

  • An idea just came to me, it could be announced at Google IO. All the attendees could get a free one then, and we all know how much Google loves to give out free stuff at the IO.

  • c_hack

    Here’s hoping it doesn’t have the typical crappy Samsung reception and cheap plastic body.

  • nightscout13

    They should learn from Apple: No official release until Best Buy and Walmart already have stock. THAT way when you officially announce, you can go straight to the store and buy it. Because when you announce a phone, but release it 5 months later, customers lose interest….

    • FortitudineVincimus

      wait, what are we talking about here?

  • Asus Prime

    Means nothing to me if it not coming to verizon.

    • MFG

      I’m sure it’ll come to Verizon…unless it doesn’t.

      • PC_Tool

        You are definitely correct…unless you’re not.

        • jawabba

          Which happens to be correct unless of coure its, well, wrong.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Which is why it continues to amaze me that they still post these SG stories here as it is NOT A VZW PHONE MOFOS!!!!

  • tomgillotti

    3 months* it’s March already!

  • Verizon?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      uhh… no

  • PC_Tool

    “the “successor” to the Galaxy SII will be available some time in the
    first half of the year, closer to its commercial availability.”

    So….it will be available closer to it’s…availability?


    Is it too late for a quick re-write?  😉

  • Michael_NM

    Isn’t saying it will be available “closer to commercial availibility” redundant? How could it be available before its commercial availability?

    • PC_Tool

      I do believe the first “available” was supposed to be “announced”. 

      Still, there’s always the chance Kellex was caught in some kind of temporal flux at the time(times?) of the writing.  …broken flux capacitor?

      • Michael_NM

        You’re probably right. Correction: I’m certain that one of your explanations is right. 🙂

  • Angryunibrow

    “announce it at a special event, and then release shortly there after while the phone is still buzzworthy.”

    Hmmm….Exactly what Apple does.

    • EC8CH

      Yes… but with a phone I’d want to buy

  • EC8CH

    So exactly opposite of what Moto did with the Bionic then 😛

    • Butters619

      You mean exactly opposite of what Samsung did with the SGSII last year?

      • EC8CH


        Yes… that too.

    • 1bad69z28

       The Bion who?? what??? was that a device???  lol

      • Noyfb

        It still amazes me that people still bought the bionic when there were 4 phones rumored to be better coming out 1-2 months after it

        • 1bad69z28

          I know right!!!!! 🙂

    • Michael_NM

      If it was Moto, they’d cancel the SGSIII, and then rename the SGSIV the SGSIII. Then they’d release “redesigned” SGSIII a year late and two months before the SGSIV. Okay, I just confused myself…

      • cooksta32676

        And then the sgsIV in every color, then launch a MaXX version that costs the same amount. OK, I’m confused too.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Please be 4.5″ HD SuperAMOLED+!!!!!! 4.8 is too big!!! And it will not be above 320ppi!

    • DigitalEnforcer

      4.8 is fine if they really do get rid of all that bezel. Then the phone is the same size overall, but with a bigger screen

    • Bionic

      Please.  Your telling me that you can actually feel and notice a huge difference with .3 inches?  Do you realize that bezels are getting smaller and that a phone with a 4.8 inch screen and a phone witha 4.5 inch screen might make the very same footprint?

    • cooksta32676

      With the small bezel, it would be no bigger than a Nexus.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    This WILL be my next phone…. IF it comes to Verizon. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll do

    • Please don’t kill yourself. The droid community is here for support. 

      • Dshudson

        I’m about too if i don’t get rid of this Galaxy Nexus

        • I’ll take it off your hands.  I’ll gladly take more awesome.

          • Bionic

            LOL, sucking samsung’s dick much, bro?

          • You bet.  I even thought about changing my username to the name of one of their phones and changing my avatar image to be one of their brand name logos.  For example, if I was a huge fan of Motorola I would change my name to Bionic and make my avatar image a Droid Eye logo or something like that, but that would be dumb.

          • Calvin Williams


          • Kevin


      • DigitalEnforcer

        Lol, I’ll do what I can… I’m still rocking the OG Droid waiting for a worthy Quad-Core Successor.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          same here.. waiting, and waiting, and more waiting. VZW is going to lag in this area, you can already tell. When there big push is a new color of a phone already out… we are doomed for the next few months.

    • Verizon will not get this phone.  And even if it does, it won’t be until next fall, right around the time the next Nexus comes out.

      • DigitalEnforcer

        Let’s hope otherwise

        • Calvin Williams

          There’s usually at least 2 flagship Androids from Samsung every year on Verizon so… I’m hoping there will be a summer-ish phone, and a winter 🙂 Summer being the GS3. They got the GS1 so it’s not like Verizon is against galaxy’s or something

      • Violator702

        And u know this how?

      • Liderc

        Yeah I keep thinking this for some reason.  I can’t see why they would pass over Verizon, but for some reason I think they will.

        I think 4G is still causing problems for Samsung and they’re really pushing the envelope quickly so I can’t imagine they like having to wait and wait to work out the 4G problems just so they can release the 3G version to everyone else.

        I think Verizon will eventually get this, but it will be 4-6 months later, which is a bummer.