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XDA Member Ports Beats Audio To Any Gingerbread ROM Via Flashable Zip File

Since HTC went and bought out Beats By Dre to use exclusively in their handsets, the rest of the Android world was a little jealous. Put the awesome Android developer community behind that jealousy and you have the news that we have today. XDA user fuss132 has found a way to port Beats Audio to any ROM based on Gingerbread. One questions we have had since this audio software came out is “does it really help?” Fuss132 has evidence to back up Beats’ claims, and we have the shots below.

(Audio test on Samsung Galaxy Slc without Beats Audio)

(Audio test after installing Beats Audio, more red is better)

The two pictures are proof that Beats Audio actually does have a measurable difference on the sound that your device will output after installing it. The fact that any Gingerbread ROM can have this installed now makes it very exciting. Hit the source link below for the flashable zip. Anyone going to install this?

Via: XDA

  • Juarren6

    Does anyone know how to remove Beats Audio from your phone?

  • Chase Dixon

    Does this make it so you can use the smart controls from beats on your phone?

  • Apex

    The link is dead :/

  • nicotinic

    Also keep in mind the original Thread has been removed from XDA due to a conflict. Supposedly someone else was the originator of the port and a tester took credit and released it. Yikes. Droid Life should probably update the link. 


  • nicotinic

    Okay, I installed it with a workaround file for the Droid X on Liberty 3 ver. 2. I can definitely tell the difference. The details come out better. Unfortunately I don’t like it. Since mp3 files already have a bit too much Treble depending on how low the quality of the file is, this tweak enhances that portion of the sound too and the voices are now too loud for my taste. I do NOT get the subtle bass thump I was getting before because my earbuds can even produce lows that low. 
    Again you can tell the difference. I even Plugged my phone into my car stereo and I had to flatten out the bass in my car. It was Thumping but again the voices were a bit to strong. 
    It’s kinda like a highly tuned Loudness equalizer adjustment. The mod does work!

  • cardi

    I wonder if 50 cents sms headphones can compete i like the wireless function of his with the volume & play control on the headphones as well. They need to do a beats vs sms video on you tube

  • Mauricio Guerrero

    I’ve read that it doesn’t work without enabling it via some shortcut/toggle on the notification bar, and headphones need to be plugged in, but this may or may not apply, so the question is how can we know for sure it’s running at all if it’s not evidently clear to us?

  • Rich

    nice, invalid…

    way to go

  • 5646 Edwards

    Is this the new “loudness” button like the old receivers had?

  • Topsitee

    Do we have anyone confirming this download and flash is working on the Nexus. I use my phone for car/home so I think this would at least be something worth trying.

  • enigmaco

    I’m using it on my droid 3 with hashcodes ICS rom and there is a major difference, I was playing john with lil wayne and rick ross and I could tell an increase of both the treble and the bass.  I’m using winamp to.  I was using gogroove bluetooth headphones and the sound output was already great with them, this just doubled it.

  • Apparently the OP in that thread was posting files without permission from the original developer.  Also, the file wouldn’t install on my D2.  The file from the original RAZR port worked fine on my D2, though, and I DID notice a difference on both my cheap ear-clip headphones and my car’s sound system — just enough to say so.

    Here’s where the OP is asked not to continue sharing the files:


    And here’s the original file if you’re interested:


  • Wonder if anyone has read the xda post…apparently Fuss132 just pretty much took the mods from another dev and removed some files and called it his own.  I still haven’t gotten this to flash on my X (I get an error in CWM) so I don’t know if this works yet…but for some people that said it does nothing…that might be because it didn’t install correctly…according to the xda post.

    • enigmaco

      It helps me I flashed it using safestrap and have noticed a difference

    • Waiting to try this on my Droid Pro running CM7, apparently people were having success with extracting the files and placing them into a certain directory.

  • How do you know if it worked?  Is there a change in your player?  is there some beats logo or anything?

    • peter

      No beats logo or anything visual to tell you that it worked. I can tell a slight difference, it makes the bass seem to kick more clearly and everything is crisper to me. But then again it diffidently could be placebo…

  • Ahsan1223

    Operation aborted when I try flashing. Droid 2 global cm7.

  • Stephen D

    1. Beats audio sucks and is basically a bass and treble boost. Get a pair of quality headphones instead. 2. This violates HTC and Beats licensing agreements and shouldn’t be on this site.

    • Magnus100

      Shut up! And keep your comments to yourself.

  • duke69111

    ahhh man…too bad I upgraded to an Ice Cream Sandwich phone.  Just Kidding. 

  • OldMan

    I was skeptic about this, but after flashing and playing the same song before and after, I can definitely tell the difference.  The sound is crisper and clearer.

    • Dono Tippett

       I am in the same boat, Droid Razr with Axi0m ICS port, Beats is awesome with Beats Pro headphones, can def tell a difference

  • ddh819

    does Beats Audio only affect audio coming out of the headphone jack? or would it also affect audio coming out of an HDMI port, or transmitted by bluetooth?

  • jjrudey

    Going to try this on my Galaxy Nexus. Backing up now. Will report back.

    • SD_Scott

      Had such high hopes…

    • Did you read the headline?  “XDA Member ports Beats Audio to any GINGERBREAD ROM.  

      I suppose it’s possible that you didn’t realize the Galaxy Nexus has an ICE CREAM SANDWICH ROM, not Gingerbread – if you’ve been living under a rock!! 

      • jjrudey

        If you even bothered to read replies in the thread on XDA, users are reporting it working on ICS. I was expecting an app to be there which is why I said nothing seems to have changed. But after I listened to music I noticed it was louder and definitely more clear. 

  • warren harding

    Downloading as I comment

  • Michael Lewis

    Why can’t companies such as SRS labs or Bongiovi labs put their software as a download in the Android Market? That might get people to have some REAL sound enhancement. Not the crap that is Beats.

  • Tim Swann

    when can we see this for ICS?

  • LewisSD

    What an amazing difference this has made in sound quality!!

    JK, I honestly cant tell the difference but I guess this is cool

  • Mmoreimi

    On my Rezound, the Beats equalizer only activates when using the internal player “Music”.  Are there similar restrictions as to what media players enable Beats Audio?

    • EricRees

      Go look at our story that we just posted 🙂

      • Mmoreimi

        That’s excellent news sir

        • DrEmoJWatson

          Why are you talking like such an ass?

  • Can you port me a G Nexus while you are at it, clearly he has the ability to port hardware…

  • Dirk Diggler

    Very interesting. I always thought it was also part of the Kernel and the sound department in the hardware. Great job Devs, and Beats DOES make a difference in a car just make sure you don’t up the Volume in the phone. Leave it around 80%, it sounds crisp and clean.

  • sgtguthrie

    II can smell a c & d letter on its way from HTC 😉

  • Tweekex

    As Spotify is my primary source of music (Google Music as well at times), which I listen to in the car via aux cable. This is exciting! But, needs ICS support.

    • EricRees

      Remember that Beats Audio doesn’t work on a streaming service. Only with music that is on your SDcard. 

      • Does this mean it would work with Cached/Stored locally Google Music on my phone?

        • Blood

          I would also like to know this if it’s cached will it still work?

  • This software EQ is designed to matchup with their crappy earbuds.  I would just use the Equilizer app and tune for your own listening pleasure.  This is more marketing than useful; e.g. mostly useless…

    • martyjones

      So it’s mostly smoke & mirrors?

  • Andrew Elliott

    Really cool but that GB ROM isn’t doing me any good.  Think once a beats device get ICS then it will be able to port over to ICS ROMs?

  • ddevito

    Off topic, but does anyone know if ICS officially supports slow(er) latency audio? Been waiting forever

  • ddevito

    This is THE reason I will never leave Android

  • p_droid

    Ice Cream Sandwich support please!

  • while this is cool, the difference in audio quality is negligible, especially if you are playing your music through cheap headphones or the tiny speakers equipped in our phones. If you really want a better audio experience, go out and purchase a quality pair of headphones (no I don’t mean Beats). 

    • Jake K

      ad-700 reporting in!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I find this BA in cell phones utterly useless. That above nebulous and vague “sound” screenshot is all neat and shows a diff in “red”, okay.. but that does not mean (1) the ear can hear it (2) anyone cares.. its a cell phone, not a car or home stereo.

      • bibbyboi

        Exactly. Unless you are an audiophile you more than likely won’t notice a difference. And if so you wouldnt be listening to music from your phone anyway. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if that added red wasn’t just clipping, which is terrible for your speakers.

        • Deltaechoe

          If you are a true audiophile, listening to anything other than an analog source and/or through less than 500 dollar cans and a tube amp is taboo.  I’m only a semi audiophile and I find that (given the right equipment) the DAC’s in recent smartphones are actually decent

          • AudiophileBandwagonMuch

            That’s like saying, if you’re a true car fan, you wouldn’t drive anything except a million dollar Lamborghini.

            Even audiophiles have preferences and there are many who love the sound of less expensive headphones. Not to mention the ones that can’t stand the sound of tube amps or headphones at all.

          • Noyfb

            do they make decent portable speakers that you can use for your phone via plug in or bluetooth, i have a droid 1 and a galaxy nexus. 
            I’d like a portable speaker system because ear buds never stay in my ears and head phones are too clunky, and i like to listen when i walk out of the room.Thx for any recommendations 

    • majorhunadadun

      It definitely makes a difference! I had a pair of palm pre headphones and it made them sound quite nice! The ibeats headphones suuuuuck! All bass no highs. I now have the Bose IE. They sound pretty good and DON’T fall out!

    • mtkregs

      Beats headphones are a decent product with smart marketing behind them.  But, don’t pay 3 bills and get sucked in by a logo people.  There are equal and better sets of headphones available for far less coin.

      Regarding DSP, I’m willing to try it to find out if I hear a difference.  Quality DSP can be a good thing, sometimes, on inferior equipment.

      • Deltaechoe

        Beats cans are not decent products, they are 300 dollar cans that sound like 80 dollar cans.  If you want real value for your dollar, go with sennheiser or some other professionally reviewed manufacturer.  The only reason beats get such rave reviews has to do with their marketing and the fact that the people who buy them have never listened to and actual pair of high end head phones.  Beats are decidedly mid range quality for a high end price

        • mtkregs

          I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with me or not, but you seem to be saying the same thing, albeit with a few more words.  

          My definition of decent is (adequate; fair).  For $300, the headphones need to be pretty damn / very good; hence, my statement “There are equal and better sets of headphones available for far less coin.”

          • ATH-M50’s are 2x better for 1/2 the price

    • Stephen Vanderwarker

      I like how you added the (no I don’t mean Beats) at the end. So sick of hearing people rage about them. I own a $25 pair of Sony’s and honestly mixed with CyanogenMod’s built in equalizer I couldn’t be happier.

  • Matreyu Hermano

    That’s SO the Target stores logo

  • MiseryIndex

    It looks like that is running on ICS.  What is “red”, why is it better?

    • For the same reason that people think Beats audio matters.  Because that’s what we’re told.

      • CORYK333

        You are always so positive & upbeat about everything.

        • htc1

          this ^^^

    • EricRees

      It wasn’t explained but it does look to be showing a bit more definition in the sound as it’s playing. At least thats what it looks like to me.

    • pretty sure the colors denote how loud the sounds are at corresponding frequencies 

      • Mikes

        So, it does exactly the same thing as turning up the volume a notch?

        • sort of, but I think it attempts to increase frequencies at different levels to offer a more robust range of sound

      • MiseryIndex

        Sounds and looks like compression to me, that means better audio on Pop songs.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      why is is better? well, uh, it just is… because they say so. accept it.

      • Bodhiballer

        Because without Beats Audio, Jimmy Iovine will haunt your dreams.  

      • veRdiKt

        It makes the bass cleaner hits harder and sound is clear. I have a pair of bluetooth beats and it makes it way better. I would never pay full price for beats. Thank god for best buy employee discount!!!!!

  • MikeCiggy

    Needs some ICS love and i’d be happy to flash 🙂

    This is going to piss off HTC lol

  • Am I the only one who is still confused by what Beats Audio really is?

    • No, no you’re not.

    • EricRees

      I am confused as well!

    • martyjones

      It’s a high powered soundcard hardware you can download via xda.

      • Sheep1223

        lol true

      • MKader17

        You better put “/s” at the end of that. You are really going to confuse some DL readers

    • none

      It is a software equalizer.

      • So if I set my EQ a certain way in PowerAmp, I’ll have “Beats Audio”?

        • Dirk Diggler

          The update on Power Amp enables Beats well for HTC phones, im sure with this it will also be enabled to the rest of the phones.
          From my experience, it seems like beats changes its settings depending on the type of song. I can make one song sound just like beats but skip to the next one, it sounds completely different than the Beats player.

          • Gotcha. So it’s a dynamic EQ setting that will change depending on the song. 

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      It’s a marketing technique.

  • Why should I care about Beats audio?  From what I’ve heard it’s not much more than a marketing term.  I’m more of a “the less DSP the better” audio guy.

  • Swell I’ll test this out on my brothers Droid 2 and see how it goes.

  • Interesting. Might give this one a shot.