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Battery Jealous DROID RAZR Owners, the RAZR MAXX Battery and Cover Will Fit Your Device – Time to Get Modding

The DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX really are identical devices in almost every way imaginable. Well, aside from the battery and slightly thicker body, the software is the same – something we detailed here – as well as the internals such as the processor, RAM, radio placements, camera, etc. This revelation pissed off a ton of original RAZR early adopters as they forked out $299 to get it early, all while being kept in the dark about a possible battery behemoth coming just 2 months later.

Thankfully this Android community continues to have your back. An XDA member by the name wardo5757 has realized that the 3300mAh battery in the RAZR MAXX will indeed fit inside the regular RAZR and work! It has the exact same height and width, but of course, is slightly thicker. What I’m saying is, that all you need to do to is purchase a replacement MAXX battery and cover (from a parts dealer), follow iFixit’s guide to figure out how to remove the back piece of your RAZR, and swap them.

There are really only two downsides here. You could screw up and break something important in your device or you won’t like to deal with the slight gap in between the SIM card door and the new RAZR MAXX back (pictured below). So if you are handy with the steel and want double the battery life, you may want to start replacement part shopping.  

Via:  XDA

Cheers Mike and everyone else!

  • mialynn

    Can a DROID RAZR maxx phone case cover fit a regular DROID RAZR?

  • mialynn

    Can a DROID RAZR maxx phone cover box fit a regular DROID RAZR???

  • orangepop

    Be wary! The external speaker in the razr maxx is short circuiting! Had my phone for almost 30 days and it has died on me. Thankfully, I’ll be getting a refurb (gags), even if it is the manufacturer’s peoblem. Epic fail.

  • Greg Mills

    anyone got a site for ordering these parts?

    • MadRAZRgirl

      Hey Greg – I was Googling about the battery life and found this blog. I was mad to say the least about the MAXX but found a site that looks like it has a promising solution. It was actually a referral from my friend because she has used them in the past to fix her phone (not the DROID RAZR). It says taking pre-orders and shipping on 4/30. Looks like they also install it for you too if you want (obviously for an additional fee). Just thought I would share! Here is the link: 

  • Dustinford19

    Just got done reading everyones comments……..
    Ive got three words for you blueletter…….
    YOUR MY HERO!!!!!

  • Dberry08

    Any step by step pictures to demonstrate how to successfully take the phone apart without destroying it?

  • RoadsterHD1

    I was thinking about trading in my Bionic for a RAZR and yesterday i did a side by side comparioson cause a friend of mine has a RAZR and what I found blew me away. 
    1. I compared data speed in a fairly good area for speed. My Bionic was faster in the up and down loads on about 7 test I took. The RAZR dropped to 3G and my Bionic stayed in 4G. The RAZR eventually returned to 4G and retested them again. The average score were Bionic down was 8Mbps and UP 5 to 6Mbps. The RAZR was 7 to 8Mbps down and 1 to 3Mbps up. My down at my home is 20 to 28Mbps and up is the same.
    2. The screen on the RAZR is more color saturated than the Bionic, but looking further I discovered the reason for the saturation on the RAZR is because it has a blue tint to it. You can really see it if you look at the RAZR’s screen side ways. This causes the brightness to go down.. Bionic screen is brighter. The gray scale really tells the story. Bionic’s grey scale is blacker and whiter more true. The RAZR is blueish even greenish at times. Look at the power widget and you will see what I’m talking about. Open GOOGLE-MAPS and it’s obivious that the clarity and color is better on the Bionic. To make this more interesting I compared the GNex screen and it was worse than the RAZR. 
    3. The RAZR was faster onthe bench marks but in everyday use you will not notice the difference. 
    4. All the Verizon 4G phones have data drop issues, Bionic’s “were” worse but are just like or better than most now after the 902 update. 
    5. Pentile Screen can be seen in direct sun light, the other HD amoled screens can NOT. Pentile will show what’s called compression on low resolution video but that’s because Pentile is more focused and clear than the others. I use “Vplayer Version0.99 and Daroon Player and play back High Def 1080i video and it looks incredible, no compression and no lag. The video recording at 1080p look incredible. But put crappy video in and it will give you crappy video out. Colors in my opinion are more realistic than the RAZR. For poor quality video the Bionic tends to favor reds, so I use “screenadjuster” and “filter your screen” to adjust for this. Netflix has different resolution streams and you can tell the two. For the most part Netflix does and incredible job and the streaming looks great. Please know that different player play differently on any phone. The old version of VPlayer is allot better that the newer versions. Daroon player play high quality HD video very well.
    6. The speaker is louder on the Bionic.
    7. I decided to keep my Bionic and not get the RAZR or the RAZR MAXX.
    We have high end phones with high end screens, use high end video and you will be happier…   🙂  

  • Ironguillotine

    Will this work with the LG Enlighten?

  • JohnPA2006

    Pfft, all you guys are crazy
    Original Motorola Q is still my main phone.
    its SMOKES all these Robots and fruity phones.
    Pretty soon Im gonna “upgrade” to the Blackberry Storm 9530.
    Then you will all be in awe of my awesomenessness !

  • Mobileman0102

    If you use the smart actions at all you can really extend your battery a lot. I use the smart actions all the time, when I am at work it shuts down data to save battery, whe. I am sleeping and not chargeing it, it turns data off. Very cool idea with the smart action app.

  • ryan

    Too bad Verizon doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth.  The network doesn’t mean much if you can’t use it.  

    •  I still have Unlimited. Older accounts remained intact.

  • duke69111

    I don’t own the phone, but I’m guessing that a case would cover the gap. 

  • ssgjaygee

    Ive had my Droid Razr since day one. I was mad as hell when the Maxx came out and the Razr dropped $100. VZW has a trade in deal going on now..So I just traded in and got $230 for the Razr..paid $19 and got the Maxx..best phone ever!

    • how exactly do you get this trade in deal?

    • Zebra

      Except you also had to sign another 2 year contract….

    • Cutlass350

      Did you have a current contract and they just extended it 2 more years?

    •  did you do it online, over the phone, or at the store?

  • Fixit4u

    Actually it’s fairly easy to find replacement parts for the Razr & Maxx. I just got a replacement LCD display to fix a customer’s phone. I’m sure you could find a new door cover with a little google-fu & some sense.

  • Sporttster

    Good luck finding a parts dealer that has the back and battery….right now, there’s a wait till 3/12 just to order a Maxx online from Verizon.

    • EngineerGA

      I’m not sure why it says that on their site. I ordered a MAXX on leap day about noon with that “ships by 3/12” note on it, and I got shipment confirmation that night. Should be here tomorrow.

  • MKader17

    If other manufacturers could fit big thin batteries like that we could all have big extended batteries that isn’t a friggen hump.

  • LAmDroid

    my sister was interested in the d4 to stay w a slider but decided against b/c of the built inn battery, after looking at the teardown from ifixit, i had this same thought as well.  if someone makes an extended battery and cover for the d4, u can juts swap out the battery. i thinkthe only thing holding down the batt on the d4 is a sticker and possibly a screw.

    • Kuboo99

       I think there is also a ton of glue in there though

  • Now if a case help cover the gap, wouldn’t be a bad little project,

    • Droidzilla

      You can use the frame from the Maxx and it’ll be a complete conversion.

    • Is it still water resistant with that BIG OLE gap sitting on the side telling water “enter here to ruin my phone”? What would be nice is either Verizon or Motorola stepping up and saying “YES, THE RAZR BATTERY IS DEFECTIVE” and giving us Razr owners some kind of concession or deal. THAT would be stand up business.

  • EC8CH

    DROID RAZR MAXX Frankenstein Edition

  • fd2blk78

    Will this work with Bionic?

    • Just_Some_Nobody


      • fd2blk78

        How different can the battery’s possibly be?


        • RadicalPie

          Lol no it’s not possible

        • Very different.

          • 4n1m4L

            very very…very

    • kixofmyg0t


    • *insert picard facepalm here*

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

    • Daniel Rowen

       the Bionic has a removable battery and you can purchase an extended battery with a new back from Verizon or anywhere else on the interwebs

    • dmagicp

      You are either being hilariously sarcastic, or painfully honest, of which the latter being the case, the only thing that will work for your bionic is swapping it, and its battery for an iphone.

  • Motorola should provide free upgrades from RAZR to RAZR MAXX or maybe top up $50 – $100 for that extra battery capacity! It’s worth it for that extra juice! 

  • Not that I expect many to be surprised by this, but just FYI, I’m pretty sure this voids any warranty you may have for your device…

  • EngineerGA

    I asked if this was possible in the Motorola owners forum and was told by Matt (mod) that it was impossible. Lol

    • FortitudineVincimus

      wow.. what a shock.

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      Even hint at the word “rooting” and you’ll get banned. 

    • kixofmyg0t

      Of course he would say that. You have to realize they are protecting themselves. One idiot tries to do this and sets his phone down and his toddler goes and puts it in their mouth and it overheats or whatever and thats a class action(somehow it would be a class action suit….they always are) lawsuit from hell. 

      • EngineerGA

        Understood. Litigious babies ruin everything.

  • baldypal

    I’m wondering if the SD card slot door still closes nicely or does it just flap in the wind?

    • WAldenIV

      Either way that slot is now a lint magnet.  

      • Sporttster

        If you get the clamshell cover with holster, it protects the slot and covers it nicely.

    • T4rd

       Can you not replace that door with the Maxx door so it doesn’t look so bad?  I guess that small part isn’t available to purchase separately though.

      • Droidzilla

        You can replace it with the Maxx frame to make it perfect. There aren’t any replacement parts out there, yet, that I’ve seen. Give it a month or two and this’ll be a $60 mod.

    • LAmDroid

      perhaps some foam to fill the gap?

  • Motorola should offer something like this in their stores.

    If you want it, go for it!

  • subiedude85

    I’ve been on the fence about this for a while but I think i’m about ready to try it out.

    • subiedude85

      …anyone recommend a particular parts dealer?

      • kixofmyg0t

        I bought a replacment ITO for my Atrix awhile back. Ill look for you. 

  • KeIIer

     Where?  Ive searched and came up empty.  All I have found is a replacement screen.

  • KeIIer

    Good luck finding replacement parts

    • kixofmyg0t

      Huh? Replacement parts are easy to find. Cheap too. 

    • picaso86

       aside from the battery cover door you still have to find a 3300mAh MAXX battery to replace it with… mmmm not worth it.

  • Too bad there’s no way to fix the crappy software.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Ever heard of a ROM? 

      • Thedudeisright

        Ever heard of locked kernel.

        • Meticode

           This is exactly what I was thinking. I just upgraded from the Droid X2 to the HTC Rezound simply because of the lock bootloader. I was getting fed up with Motorola on the issue. Plus if I had to choose between any the UI’s it would be Sense, even though I perfer stock ICS, but I’m sure when the official ICS comes out for the Rezound they’ll be stock roms for it as well.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Yeah. I have both locked and unlocked phones jack. To me it doesnt make a damn bit of difference. I can still ROM and overclock my Bionic and the radio works just as well as I expect. Tell me this, what is wrong with Moto’s kernels hmmm? Please tell me what you would change in the kernel. 

        • Droidzilla

          There are a few ROMs out for the RAZR that completely remove Blur (and some that keep the good Blur elements in).

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      No one cares what you think.

    • Jak_341

      Lest we forget about the worst screens in the mobile industry and lack of updates. I simply launch at those who buy Motorola, especially when superior devices like the GNEX is out.

      • Jak_341

        Launch = laugh.

      • staticx57

        Don’t forget the Rezound which is also better.

        • JohnPA2006

          Rezound, its beefy, its nice.

      • Superior?  I bought a Nexus and took it back a week later.  The external speaker isn’t up to snuff and the radios are…well…they’re Samsung radios.  And the screen rotation time?  This may have been unique to my particular phone, but I had to shake it like the proverbial Polaroid picture to get it to rotate from portrait to landscape or vice-versa.  I won’t argue with anyone about the quality of the display on the Nexus, because it’s beautiful.  The other stuff, though, I couldn’t live with.  Since I don’t spend all day watching movies or playing games on my phone, the display isn’t the important thing to me.  So, don’t laugh at someone else’s choice of phone when they may think you’re the one with the POS.  What works for you, works for you.  What works for me, works for me.

        • Zrpmyo

          I bought the galaxy nexus and my wife got the droid razr and at my house I had zero bars of signal and she had all five!!!…nuff said! I took my nexus back for the razr too!

          • Zrpmyo

            also forgot to mention when I toggled off data on my nexus…sometimes I had to do a reboot to get it to come back on and my buddy that has the galaxy nexus said he had to do the same!!! crap crap crap…that is all! And this is coming from someone that was sooo excited about the galaxy nexus!!!…epic fail samsung!

      • JonLS

        You guys are silly. I don’t buy phones every 6 months so replacing my OG with the Maxx was the best thing ever. Great battery life, 4g speeds and a faster processor. I can’t complain. This blur everyone complains about is hardly noticeable to me. “but what about the lack of an unlocked bootloader?”. I don’t have time for that stuff. At least I didn’t upgrade to an Iphone right? I thought that’s what we were against. Not GNEX vs Moto  but Android vs IPhone. Man times have changed within 2 years. It’s android civil war up in here.

        • GM

          Seriously, it’s not Android vs Android, it’s Android vs. that over hyped, outdated garbage iOS. 

          People should remember that. 

          • JonLS

            Meanwhile while us android users are busy arguing over which current android phone is better, I walk past this father telling his little daughter that IPhones are the best phones and my gf’s friend is telling her to get an IPhone because you can check your email, browse the web and use gps. 

            Android Troops! We should be battling them not our own fellow android users.

          • WetChicken

            But when the sheeple don’t know they are getting fleeced, it’s not a problem.

        • Anjanette

          iPhone is better

          • Dandamon2007

            I actually have an Iphone 4s and a Razr and you are so far wrong its scary.  The Iphone screen is small, its slower and not as user friendly hands down.

        • Good point, but what if you forked over close to $400 for the RAZR, only to have these bastards at Motorola release an EXACT replica of your phone with a bigger battery? Is that not admitting that your phone was defective???

      • BlueLetter

        Your grammar is ass, and that’s a whole lotta stupidity in two effed up sentences. I mean who starts a sentence with lest? The Razr’s screen comes from SAMSUNG, the same company that makes the Galaxy Nexus. And you launch at them? Who taught you english? You need to find them and beat the pee out of them, because they messed you up bad.
        It’s people like you who make me seriously reconsider buying a Nexus, I worry that everytime I pick up my phone the idea of you would come flying in like so much volleyed fecal matter and mess up that display.

        • angermeans

          And you start your sentence with “Your grammar is ass”? Come on my friend if your going to take on the job of grammar police then please at the very least check yours. The Razr’s screen where ever it has come from is garbage and screams last gen. 

          • BlueLetter

            I never said my grammar was impeccable, BUT there is a difference between casual bad grammar and ass grammar. However, feel free to act as if you don’t know the importance of scale all you want. And as for your opinion on the screen, I don’t really care. I never made a value judgement of any kind on it.

        • LiterofCola

          You forgot to capitalize “English” grammar Messiah.

      • jacktech

        except when the gnex dies after like 4 hours of heavy use

      • Zrpmyo

        I traded that piece of crap galaxy nexus for my droid razr! I love it!! So you can suc% my a$$!!

        • Zrpmyo

          and my battery is just fine! lasts all day no problem!

    • EdubE24

      What software is that….Android?

    • srh12

       God youre such a douchebag.

    • LiterofCola

      Too bad there’s no way to fix your crappy life

    • madcow

       AT needs a reality check:) My Maxx is turning out to be the best phone I’ve used yet. If you don’t like Blur, Run Go Launcher and you’ll be amazed at everything you can do. I had a Samsung Charge before this and worked for Moto for years. They have the best RF sections made. Even my blue tooth headset works farther. (I use a Class 2 S705 Stereo Headset that reaches over 100 feet). Call quality sound and signal is rock solid compared to the Samsung and it hasn’t missed a beat like the other one did while it’s averaging over 18hrs a charge on some pretty serious usage. I waited for the Nexus, saw all the RF issues people were having and the fact the ICS is brand new, apps aren’t even updated for it yet. Bottom Line: Samsung who? 

  • kixofmyg0t

    As a Bionic owner I was never jealous/envious/pissed/OMGWTFBBQMOTOFAIL of the RAZR. The RAZR MAXX however makes me get a case of the WANTS. 

    Im waiting for the XT928 though. 

  • evltwn

    Old news, thread is almost a month old. Are you having a slow news day Kellex?

    • U evil bro?

      • evltwn

        Yes I am.

      • EC8CH

        that works on multiple levels

    • Gotta let us know if you see things like this on forums. 😛

      • evltwn

        Honestly I thought you already knew about this.

  • droidify

    If I had a Razr and wanted a Razr Maxx that bad I think I would just sell the razr and buy a razr maxx at full price. I bet the difference you would owe in the swap wouldn’t be much more than the price of buying a new battery and back.

    • kixofmyg0t

      The battery and back plate are cheap. 

      • Freddy Morales

        What’s a good place to purchase them?

  • “handy with the steel” hahaha

  • EC8CH

    pretty sure zep called this a couple months ago.