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Contest: Win 1 of 5 Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Nexus Cases (Updated: Winners Picked)

So we’re a day late on the contest, but you will live, right? Since we are handing out 5 (five) of Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Galaxy Nexus cases in the next two hours, I figured you’d forgive us.

The Neo Hybrid is the two part case (1 part silicone, 1 part polycarbonate) from Spigen that gives you the ultimate fit with a touch of protection on your Nexus without adding a ton of bulk. The two-tone color snazzes it up a bit too, in case you were looking for some added flair. You can read our full review of the case here.

We have all 5 of the colorways to give away:  white, red, yellow, black and silver. The silver one is the case I reviewed, but I promise it is still in excellent condition and may be the hottest of them all. Ready?  

Update: Winners picked on Twitter:


Check your message inbox. Thanks to everyone who entered.

How to enter:

1.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet the following message:


Win cases for your Galaxy Nexus from @droid_life – only 2 hours to enter – http://goo.gl/N4IVF #android #contest


2.  At 12PM Pacific, we will choose our 5 winners and DM them on Twitter.
3.  The first winner gets to choose a color first, the 2nd winner gets to pick from what’s left and so on.

Good luck! And stay tuned, we have 5 more cases to give away later this afternoon.

And be sure to head over to the Spigen website to check out all of their Nexus products.

  • Manthas

    This case appears to have been removed from their web site.  This makes me sad because it appeals to me much more than their other cases.

    Kellex – any idea what is going on there?

  • MikeD675


  • With my luck, I’ll win and be stuck with pink.

  • GSAI

    These cases look seriously awesome. Waiting on my Seidio Active, if I don’t like it then I’ll definitely go for these.

  • droidify

    all my tweets are from droid-life. Awesome!

  • Amenemhat1


  • Jim McClain

    cruzerlite is the best cover for a nexus

  • Jim McClain

    why do people waste their time on twitter

  • Done!

  • Please be me!

  • It’s Noon O 3! – Is it sad that this is the highlight of my day?

  • black and white please

  • Barlog

    I really need a Nexus case please

  • Jack Hoffman

    Does Spigen make pogo pin docks?  If not, they should…   #samsungdockfail

  • Done and done!

  • Benjamin Chow

    I wouldn’t mind winning any color 🙂

  • Paul Rogo

    Sign me up!

  • That Red one would match my Cherry Gum theme great.

  • Tweeted… Tweet Tweet

  • dieringer scott

    Im in the same boat as you

  • I hope i win. I am in need of a case but don’t have extra funds to buy one. 

  • fsfadfasdfa

    Id love the red one

  • BrianWalls


  • Blomgren23

    Sweet! git r dun!

  • James_C_L

    yay, i love casez!

  • mjmedstarved



    • Josh Groff


      • mjmedstarved



        • Josh Groff

          Why would you complain about a contest requiring something that you don’t have to pay for and literally takes 2 minutes to set up. Also, you can ignore it except for when a contest is being ran, problem solved.

      • MKader17


  • From product website ”
    This product is not compatible with US-Verizon LTE version. ”  …..seriously?

    • napes22

      I noticed that earlier.  What’s the deal?

      • Bartemus

        Did you also earlier notice Kellen’s video where he puts the case on an LTE GNex?

    •  Click the link in Kellex’s post.  It was just reviewed like 2 days ago and it fits, fit is preferred over the GSM version too. 

  • Manthas

     Hehe, well I always liked this quote of Mark Twain’s regarding stats:
    “There are three kinds of lies.  Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

  • I am very optimistic but a little pessimistic in DL picks winners.  never feels random.  

  • napes22

    Anyone realize on the website that it states the following:

    “This product is not compatible with US-Verizon LTE version.”

    It’s in red lettering on the product page.

    • Bartemus

      Also tho in Kellex’s video review he put the case on his US-LTE GNex and it worked….

  • Kinfolk248

    lol i made a twitter account just for this contest, so if i dont win im gonna be pissed…lol 

    • Josh Groff

      I made a twitter for contests then started using it to follow my favorite developers. It’s pretty useful.

  • Bartemus

    Don’t have Twitter. Figured you guys would do the “or comment below” option also as not to discriminate or require Twitter 

    oh well, its just cases this time around…

    • Josh Groff

      Not hard to make a twitter 😉

      • Bartemus

        True, equally as trivial to say “or comment below” so I don’t have to make a twitter account to win a case.

        • mjmedstarved

          I’m with you…. I don’t want a twitter but would like to enter into contests.

        • Tom Luley

          But then the Droid Life name isn’t being advertised. By tweeting something all about Droid Life, all the followers of that person see it spreading the word. I can see completely why they want it to be done through twitter.

          • Josh Groff

            My 8 followers will be very happy to hear about droid-life. 🙂

          • Tom Luley

            And my 6 followers as well, but those add up! All these people that tweeted it is connecting DL to thousands and thousands more people!

          • Josh Groff

            Pay it forward, true.

  • droidify

    I really want this case. Definitely the best looking case I’ve seen yet.

  • briderx

    That it does..

  • fvqu

    All the colors look nice, I entered although I already have an otterbox for my nexus.

    • MKader17

      Got to have your “going out” case. I have a Otterbox that I use when I’m camping, at the beach, etc. and I have a cruzer lite case I use for road trips, times where I may neglect my phone some.

  • John Davids

    Hey Kellex, the Spigen website says the neo hybrid case for the Galaxy Nexus is not compatible with the US version. Did you get your hands on the US LTE version? From their website:

    SGP Neo Hybrid Case not only protects your device efficiently, but also preserves the original design of your device. The Body part of the case is high polymer coated Premium Silicone case, and the Frame part is UV coated Polycarbonate Frame.This product is not compatible with US-Verizon LTE version.

    • Josh Groff

      There was a review the other day, it fits.

  • Mj Lindamood

    Hopefully I win. I hate never winning lol

  • maxkobi

    love the case, if i dont win might have to pick one up anyways!

  • evancomer

    I love accessories beginning to pop up for the gnex. anything in a masculine color please

  • 1bad69z28

    Just tweeted “c’mon, Pappa needs a brand new phone case” lol

  • joemega2010

    well I hope I win…

  • MKader17

    Checked my Twitter:

    All my tweets are to win a contest? Check!
    All my followings are companies that offer contests? Check!

    100% Twitter usefulness acheived.

    • Achievement unlocked: Slave to the man title awarded.  

      • magy.@

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    • Taokip


    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Same here. Only opened a twitter account for a Droid-life competition. Funny how you never hear anyone say, “give Droid-Life a shout out using a public Google+ post.” I find it strange how a website dedicated to Android pretty much ignores Google+.

    • mtkregs

      Something to consider…

      On Spigen’s website it states this regarding this particular case:

      “This product is not compatible with US-Verizon LTE version.”

      • MKader17

        Something to consider…
        Kellex did a review where he used it on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus with both the regular and extended battery

        This question has been asked  many many times already. Just scroll through the comments.

        • mtkregs

          I wasn’t asking a question…rather just quoting what is on Spigen’s website.

  • Manthas

    Worth a shot.  Looks like a case I just picked up for my iPod Touch. I like the combo silicon / polycarb case.

  • I always enter but never win. It must be rigged.

  • MudRacer

    Im so going to win this.

  • when can I expect my Neo in silver to arrive? =]

  • EvanTheGamer

    Entered…here’s hoping I get lucky enough this time…but all signs point to no. 🙁

  • these cases do look nice!! wouldnt mind getting the white or red one at all 😀

  • briderx

    Actually, that feeling isn’t too far from fact. The odds go in your favor the more you enter contests..

    • EC8CH

      but every time you enter the odds are the same… hmmmmmmm?

      • briderx

        Well, I meant that the better your chances.. It’s 10:00am here dude, I’m tired.

        • MKader17

          Your odds of winning a particular contest are not dependent how many you have entered before.

          Your odds of winning a contest do increase the more you enter, but not winning 50 doesn’t make you more likely to win this one.

          😛 Sorry, just a math nerd who likes statistics.

  • Done and Done! 

  • Tweekex

    You guys are awesome! 🙂

  • Michael Franz

    probably the 50-9329057432985 contest i’ve entered i hope i win this case is very nice

  • Tom Luley

    I feel like one of these times, just ONE of these times I am going to get lucky…

  • briderx

    My wife just dropped her Nexus on the pavement while waiting for the kid’s school bus.. Corner is now dinged and I’m raging. “This is the reason we can never have anything nice…” 🙂

    • briderx

      That’s the damage.. Screen is fine though!

      • fvqu

        You know that plastic film on the screen is supposed to be removed right? 😉

        • it makes for a cool wallpaper haha

        • briderx

          Ha. Yeah, I know. We are waiting to take them off until we get some good screen protectors. Just haven’t had time.

      • EC8CH

        I C UR TOES!

        • briderx

          Ha ha ha.. But no comment on my hawaiian shorts? It’s like 35 degrees outside.. Never a bad (good?) time to wear those!

  • Black on black would be great!

  • Kevin

    I’ve been totally using my G-nex bare. Here’s to hoping I win one of these puppies. If not, maybe I should buy a case soon. 

  • Bert336

    Neo in Red Pretty plzzz =D

  • First tweet should count for something!

    • Gottheguds112

      We’ll have to check the clock on that one…

    • EC8CH

      here ya go:

      • briderx

        Ha ha ha.. EC8CH.. Go back to playing with your tablet! 🙂

  • Hook it up Droid-Life!