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DROID X Build .621 SBF File Released, Should Fix Fears of Bricking Phone

DROID X owners should download and keep this file in a safe place immediately. As previously reported, we have heard from multiple sources that attempting to apply an SBF to older build versions from the newest update of firmware .621, could potentially spell disaster for your device. Thankfully, an SBF file for this newest version has been released. You may not be able to go to previous builds, but at least you can revive a potentially dead device and have it running the newest build available.

Via: XDA

Cheers Ken!

  • calidroid31

    Will this get rid of cwm I want to return my phone I rooted with petes one click unrooted but now cwm wont come off

  • Gerry T.

    So this may be a dumb question but anyone got a link for the sbf? I have a phone that was rooted but was then sbf’d all the way back to froyo then ota updated all the way to .621 and now I can’t get the sbf to take stays in bootloader mode after the flash no errors just ok to program…I think I have the wrong sbf file…

    • Gerry T.

       Nevermind guys noob issue…lol all it took was a battery pull and a restart…looks like rsdlite kept restarting the phone in bootloader mode

  • Terseajun

    I’m confused…so my phone is rooted…no custom roms can I install this update?

  • xiaoxiao22
  • Alaxhix

    DROIDX. I’m rolling with it. Enough said..

  • tengya


  • ElyEsq

    If a Droid X is not rooted and has only received the OTA updates, does one need to worry about this?  What is a ‘SBF’?


    •  If you’re not messing about with your phone (installing custom ROMs, etc…) then you really don’t need to worry about this.

  • Holy crap! This phone, and D2 global for that matter, are still around and receiving updates. 

    • Mike

       Yes, things older than 90 seconds still exist!

  • Eric

    Can this be applied from older versions (i.e. froyo) without going through the verizon updates?

    • Lanehw

      You won’t be able to update to 621 stock without following their sequential update path (froyo > Gingerbread 596 > 602 > 605 > 621)

  • Waiting for July for my upgrade….

  • kixofmyg0t

    Its nice to see Moto(actually its just 2 guys at Moto that convinced the higher ups to let them release the update) still support this phone. Say what you want about Moto(and MANY will) they STILL support their products. 

    • Azndan4

      Motorola Devour? Motorola Cliq?

      • kixofmyg0t

        Who the eff still uses the Devour and CliQ? Its 2012 now man, if you had either of these phones youve already had at least 1 upgrade and or coming up for a second. 

  • Dude

    Can this be rooted? Otherwise, welcome to your new desert island.

    • GNO

      Great question. Anyone try this yet? Better yet, anyone try Voodoo Rootkeeper on it?

  • *grumbles about root and the bootloader while prepping a flaming bag of crap for Moto’s porch* give me the whole shebang already you gang of douches!

  • Stephen Morrison

    This phone will not die. I love my Droid X.

  • Azndan4

    Go motorola! Just kidding

  • 🙂

  • Firelight

    Until December I would have been oh-so thankful for this. But me & my GNex are oh-so happy now that the DX has been put out to pasture.