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Android Booth Tour MWC 2012, Does This Bowl of Jelly Beans Mean Anything?

The Android booth at Mobile World Congress 2012 is now open to attendees. If you are in Barcelona this week, this is your new playground. With its smoothie bar, lounge, demo setups, device carousel, crane machine, looping slide, pin collections, Jelly Bean bowl (we’ll get to that later) and device bedazzler, it’s safe to say that the Android team has officially outdone itself. Do attendees even need to stop anywhere else?

Check out the gallery of the entire booth after the break, all thanks to Hugo Barra.  

Here is the entrace along with a view from afar of the booth. We told you there were a ton of demo setups for attendees to play with.

A look at the slide, smoothie bar, and that bedazzler we mentioned earlier.

Android crane machine? Can I have one for my office?

And what’s with the bowl of Jelly Beans sitting alone on this table in what appears to be a back room? As you all know, the next major version of Android is rumored to have been dubbed “Jelly Bean,” so being the Android conspiracy theorists that we are, we have to assume this means something. Or it’s just Google messing with us. Yeah, that is probably it.

More photos at the link below.

Via:  Google+

  • KRS_Won

    I want to see Jawbreaker instead of Jellybean.  It has a much more hardcore attitude with it.  And ICS was supposed to be a game changer, but Google also said that some stuff wasn’t ready for ICS.
    Jawbreaker>Mango or iOSx….. jellybean is too close to jelly belly.

  • superdev

    There is actually an Android themed store in Melbourne, Australia. Check out this link 

  • I fully expect there to be a trollface engraved on the bottom of that bowl.

  • jonny c

    would have been a nice touch to only include google colored jelly beans in the bowl.  not a bad way to tease nonetheless

  • JChitambar

    Those look like subtle “jelly” fish underneath the Android’s feet

    • Zachary Manville

      seen it. agreed. didnt even realize that were supposed to be rockets at first.

  • ddevito

    Sure does.

    Google I/O 2012 = Unveiling of Jelly Bean

  •  Hahaha!! I lol’ed. +1. Kudos.

  • Tom Luley

    Starburst jelly beans are the only GOOD jelly beans…Hopefully by the end of this year there will be another good jelly bean 🙂

    • htc1

      those are the best sir. Fellow JB lover here. Tried them all and starburst are the only ones good.

    • BrianWenger

      Agreed. I ate a bag this weekend.

  • 1bad69z28

    Google needs to open Android store’s across the US with this theme lol  If Google open a chain of Andorid stores with that theme Steve Jobs would turn over in his grave lol

    • Michael_NM

      Ha. I think it’s more likely he’d sue from the grave.

      • 1bad69z28

        LOL, 🙂

        • Noyfb

          Wasn’t steve Jobe buried upside down so Android could kiss his ass?

          • 1bad69z28

            No, I think Steve Job was buried head up so that way way Andy could stand over him and say “THESE NUTSSSSSSSSSSS BIAAAAAAOOOOTTTTTTCCCCHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        You keep saying what I am thinking and I am gonna sue…. That’s how it works right?

    • laughable

      Actually, he’d probably laugh from the grave.  Android branding is just tacky – if you’re advertising an OS with a mascot, you’ve got a problem.  The product should speak for itself the way iOS does.

      I feel sorry for the Android retail workers who are in charge of getting up to speed and answering questions about a dozen crappy new devices each month.   I can’t think of anything that would be more laughable to Steve Jobs.

      -From the owner of a Droid X who should have waited four more months for the iPhone 4 on Verizon.

      • Michael_NM

        Please redirect your browser to: http://goo.gl/36moZ

        Also, ignore that picture of a fruit. It’s not a brand at all.

      • Michael McCormick

        So the fact that the only thing I see advertised about an Iphone now is it’s mascot Siri?  Please.  Everyone has gimmicks ( the I in front of everything Ipod, Iphone, Ipad).
        Regardless of how it is advertised it comes down to what You like.  So if you like the Iphone, I say good for you.  And if others like Android good for them.  But put this silliness to rest and choose the phone you want.

      • Umm…cool story bro?

      • Towelie420

        I’m going to go set up at Starbucks with my trendy black square-frame glasses and ultra skinny jeans so I can show my apple logos to everyone and feel ultra important.

      • U jelly, bro?

        • Jovan Givens

          He’s jelly bean.

          ..I couldn’t resist.

      • So you weren’t smart enough to figure out what you wanted during the return period?  I feel no pity for stupidity.

      • Deltaechoe

        successful troll is successful /facedesk

      • AlexKCMO

        Why is advertising an OS with a Mascot tacky?  Why not a logo?  Windows has had it’s own logo for years.  Andy is a fun mascot.  People go all sorts of crazy for the Apple logo.

        Really, get over yourself.  An Android shop that was like a Best Buy’s phone section for Android devices like this with Smoothies, slides, and all sorts of Android devices from tablets, to watches, to phones would be incredible, and probably take tons of business away from the corporate stores (hence why it would never happen).

      • “Android branding is just tacky – if you’re advertising an OS with a mascot, you’ve got a problem.”

        I’m guessing you don’t care for Linux? Why would you? Open Unix platforms only power every OS except Windows.

      • so Hey

        Just like your username says everything you say is laughable

      • Mack

        I feel sorry for Apple store employees who have to sell a “new” phone with an almost identical feature set as the last one, and do it with a serious look on their face. The only reason I recommend the iPhone to some people over Android is because they want a dead simple user interface and aren’t concerned with customization. 

        -From a Droid X owner who is very glad and thankful that he didn’t wait two more months for the iPhone 4 on Verizon. 

  • My jealously level is through the roof, I’d love to be there right now

  • This pretty much destroys my hopes of the J being “Jelly Baby” … even though I saw one of the key guys @ Google I/O 2011 in a Doctor Who shirt… Oh well. In my own Head canaon, it will be named Jelly Baby, even if everyone else calls it Jelly Bean.

  • 1bad69z28

    Are those Jelly Bellie’s?? 

  • hldc1

    Google should call the next version of Android Jell-O. They could do plenty of cross-marketing with, well, Jell-O. Great OS, and a fantastic dessert. Everyone wins!

    • I personally think it should be called Jelly Roll. Jelly Beans suck.

      • Del Preston

        They should call it Jawbreaker…

        • Jawbreaker is a brand name, Google hasn’t used any actual brand names for any of the OS’s, why would they do that now? 

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Indeed! then they could use Van Morrison’s song in the commercials!

    • Smeckle

      And Bill Cosby commercials!

  • Bowl of jelly beans?  They be trollin’.

    • CeluGeek

       U jelly? 🙂

  • RumbaCembe

    Those jelly beans sitting there being wasted, could feed my children for weeks

  • pubasnacks77

    Black jelly beans are the worst j/s

    • Violator702

      Have u ever tried the Harry Potter vomit jelly bean?