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Original Asus Transformer Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now

Asus said it would be today and they weren’t messing around. The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the “OG” Transformer is available now to all users. From your tablet, cruise into Settings>About and then check for system updates. It should be there. Welcome to Android 4.0.

Cheers Mike61969, Adam, Colton, 

  • Debfj

    Be careful what you ask for! I have ICS on my ASUS TF101 and I hate it!! It’s a disaster. It turned a tablet that I love in to one that I hate! Wanna see how popular this release is? Go to ASUS’s facebook page and see all the complaints about this upgrade. Constant reboots, apps freezing, decreased battery life! I desparately want to go back to Honeycomb!! ASUS is radio silent! No response to requests to back out or fix the problem!

  • poolgod

    I bought the OG yesterday, OS was version 3.2.2 or something to that effect.  when I checked for firmware updates it came back saying nothing was available at this time.  Any suggestions for getting ICS to the device?

    • I had the same problem and I tried every possible reset et.c
      I called Asus …here is my fix
      Download manually from Asus support and unzip to Micro SD. Insert MicroSD in Transformer it will detect new firmware and update works fine
      backup your data

  • Joseph Caraccio

    mine says no update available

    • b00ky

      Same here…Just wrote into Asus. Have you had any luck yet?

  • Debfj

    I don’t like ICS. It has been problematic for me ever since I installed it. Ended up doing a factory reset (what hassle getting everything backed up!) The reset helped most things; but still get random reboots about twice a day. Guess I can live with it (don’t really have a choice). But if I knew then what I know now, I would have stayed on Honeycomb.

  • Jdarborist

    Lost all camera pics and files dont open and cantprint like i used to with hp eprint..help?!?!

  • At last! This is a completely new tab!

  • Rondamato

    Did the firmware upgrade yesterday…ICS is the best thing to ever happen to this tablet! Fonts smoother, tablet more responsive, better memory management…amazing. I have a few high=end games that are having issues but no big deal to wait for the next upgrades.

    Way to go ASUS! In over 15 years I have never had one of their products let me down.

  • Schroeder Priscilla

    Got it! What do I do now?

  • Roxywp

    Downloading now!!!!!! So exciting!!!!

  • wpscompute

    Just finished my update to ICS. Then immediately installed chrome beta. I saw the post about it being smokin fast… Not from where I sit. It takes time to load, but works well after that.
    Back to ICS, it looks so cool in the notification box… all the widgets right there. Menus did seem s little slow coming up at first… Still my favorite treat… Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

  • NYAvsFan

    I know it’s absurdly early in the “game”, but is there a method out to root this version on TF101? I lost root with the last update and have been dying to get it back ever since. And no couldn’t use rootkeeper, it didn’t exist yet when the last TF101 update came out. 

  • SMD79

    Love it!!! I stood in line for 3 hours at a Best Buy on the night before Black Friday. Never done that before. I was like 200-300 people away from the front thinking I would never get one because $250 for a new one was unreal. I almost gave up and left but decided just to see what it was like when you get inside. Midnight came. It was madness. People freaking out over TV’s and games etc. And suddenly there it was, two Transformers left. I was shocked. I approached slowly in shock that there were any left and a guy jumped in front of me and ripped one off the shelf, gave me a quick look and then ran off for something else. I quietly reached down and grabbed the last one and a $99 keyboard. I jumped in line, paid, and got the hell out of there by 1215am. Best Buy isn’t a Walmart, so there were no pepper spraying and no shootings, but holy crap, what a scene. Its a great tablet and now this update makes it even more snappy, more streamlined and I’m only beginning to see just what the big deal is over ICS on a tablet. So far so good!

  • Yay!!! ICS!

    Anyone see face unlock anywhere?

    • Jimmy Hogoboom

      This is what I’m wondering. I went to the lock screen options right away after the update, and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it. I wonder if it’s just a Galaxy Nexus thing?

  • does anyone WITH a transformer not receive the update yet today??  like the one i’m staring at…

    • b00ky

      I did not get it and manually checking for an update says there is no update. Have you had any luck with this? I wrote into Asus to see what they say.

  • zanderjh

    I knew nothing about this until just now. Way to brighten my day :).

  • transformer from tigerdirect through ebay 250$ ….enjoy

  • Bob Martin

    i spent yesterday afternoon in best buy looking to buy my first tablet. i couldnt choose between a xoom or og transformer. i eventually chose the transformer and when i went home the most recent article said the transformer would be receiving ICS today. im glad i made the right choice and got the transformer.

    • Drew

      Xoom wifi has had ICS for 3 weeks…

      • jbonics

        you could give the xoom jellybean and he still wouldnt touch it. r.i.p. 

        • Samvelavich

          agre with you all the way, not only is the og transformer a better looking device, it has tegra, and everythign else that the xoom has at a cheaper price…. no doubt about which one to choose

  • John

    Where can I pick up one of these at a discount?  Seems like with the Prime available, the price on these should be dropping.  Refurb is fine too.

    • Daryl Johnston

      TigerDirect has a good deal for their monthly Black Friday today. It’s refurbed, 16GB for only $329.


  • Scott H

    I wannnaaaa go hoooome…… (I forgot to check this morning, but that’s probably for the best)

  • Curtis

    This update was waiting for me when I turned it on this morning! After install I have only good things to say so far. It is much snappier, and cleaner than GB. I really like the new Notification/Settings menu UI. 

    A couple of initial observations:

    1. Google +, without having opened the app, says it has to close (several times). Edit: G+ is built into ICS and cannot be uninstalled. I have cleared the cache and app data and that seems to have worked.
    2. After opening just about anything for the first time there is a 1-2 second lag. After it opens everything is snappier and when opening for the second time, even after closing the app, there is no lag.

    Looks great and feels great. Camera, even panorama works great.

    • J Dub

       You were running GB on your Transformer? It shipped with HC. Which is very similar to ICS.

  • Jetidwell2

    I received the ICS update at about 5:30am and everything was great. I just walked in on the Transformer stuck at one of the Asus load screens (not the one that say something about innovation and persistence). It would flash the screen for a few seconds then go blank and flash it over and over in a loop. Finally after messing with the power button since I can’t just do a battery pull, I got it to restart and boot into Android. I’m using it right now but that bothers me a bit.

    • same thing JUST happened to me. I got the update yesterday and everything seemed fine. This morning when I woke up, it was looping on the first screen. on for about 3 seconds, then  off, then on again… like it was trying to start but it just couldn’t. Then I held the power button for about 30 seconds… all of the sudden, the ASUS logo came on… holy cow – I started freaking out cuz I need this for a weeding tonight – playing the piano for 2 hours with no music would STINK.

  • gorkon

    Got it installed now….no need to wait for baking.  It works GREAT!  I DID have to wipe mine, but that’s because I horde apps.  I cleaned up a lot of stuff I did not need in the process too and it’s smooth as silk.  Loving the Ice Cream!

  • I have a B40 unit, so I’m gonna wait until an nvFlash or CWM update comes out for it that has root baked in.

    • Greg Gerhardt

      That has been available since today at 6:50 AM AZ time: 

    • b00ky

      My serial starts with B40 as well. What does that mean as far as this update? Since I am assuming we have the first-gen version of the hardware was there an issue with the ICS transition?

  • Daryl Johnston

    Smooth as butter! Loving the ASUS Customized Settings addition. Very nice job on this update.

    Only 1 issue so far. Anyone else having FC’s with Google+ after their update?

    • Tom

      FCs on Google+ stopped for me after I updated Google+

      • Daryl Johnston

        Thanks, Tom! The G+ update seems to have fixed it.

        By the way, Chrome Beta is freakin’ sweet!!! I love the sync’ing of my open tabs from desktop to tab. Really cool stuff!

  • ddevito

    ICS update news is always good news. More peeps using ICS. Welcome!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Gotta love this tablet. I am reaffirmed on my purchase all the time. This is yet another one.

  • jdevore

    Update went fine. Smooth performance. Very Nice ASUS…………..

  • Raven

    And word on how rooted Transformers are behaving with this update?  Is being rooted having any effect on getting the update to ICS?  Is OTA Root Keeper allowing you to restore root after the update?

    • Lars Kappler

      I am rooted but did not have CWM installed. OTA rootkeeper allowed me to retrieve root, I updated with no problems.  I think if you have CWM recovery installed you might run into some issues, but I can not confirm that

      • Raven

        That is exactly what I was hoping to see.  I am root with no CWM and I have used OTA RK so I should be good to go (tonight) as well 🙂

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  • MightyQ

    Got it, and it’s good. 

  • Rlarson_mn

    Installed this morning. Issue with TV Guide app. Tablet is faster using the standard browser and typing with out any lag. Great upgrade so far as I can see. Thanks Asus for keeping your word. Now just waiting on my Razr Maxx to get Android 4 upgrade. waiting, waiting, waiting. LOL

  • Darkseider

    Now that ICS is here officially it’s going to be awesome seeing what the performance is like with a nice custom kernel.  OC to 1.4 Ghz you say?  Yes please!

  • Mikeg1969

    Give it some time to “bake”.  Mine is smooth as butter after installing it at 7am and allowing it to settle.

    • ddevito

      Or “harden” (ice cream after all)…  :p

    • Soldierjim

      I was shocked at how much smoother it is now.

  • zach471

    Just installed and it seems to bog the machine down significantly.  Lags on launcher (tried stock ADW and Nova), couldn’t get some ICS apps, like Chrome, to load.  Tried rebooting it three times.  Hopefully speed improves.

    • Chrome loaded fine on mine. I did notice some heavy lag/lock up at first.

      • zach471

        Oh, good.  I tried it when I first updated to ICS.  Will try again.

    • Shannon Kerr

      Wow, sounds like CM9 on SGT 10.1, which is pre-Alpha, is running better than the Asus official.

    • Warlike1919

      every think it maybe its your machine? my wife got the update this morning and  i havent notice the machine being bog down and install chrome with no problems at all

      • zach471

        It could be, don’t know.  I have noticed that it froze from time to time, my thought is that ICS would fix that.  I’m not writing it off at this point, sometimes these machines need a few reboots to settle in.

        • bakdroid

          Try a factory reset. Sometimes the cache gets all screwed up after updates. Had to do it with the XOOM after a few HC updates but after that all other updates and ICS ran great.

  • Popcornguitar


    • Jospeh


  • Mezmryz03

    Nice work Asus.

  • yessss finally! Cant wait to get home from work and check!

  • EC8CH

    You’ve just been Ice Creamed Samiched

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      I remember where you got yours..;)

      Sweet huh?

      • EC8CH

        best android update yet