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Chrome Beta on Android Updated – No Changelog, But Whatever They Did Made It Incredibly Fast


There is an update available for Chrome Beta on Android that I highly suggest you all download immediately. A changelog is not included, but whatever the Chrome team did, we 100% approve of. We haven’t noticed any new Labs features like quick controls, however, the browser itself is insanely fast now. Jumping into your tabs view, loading pages, or flipping between screens never felt so good. At first I thought it could have been my loading of CM9 coupled with the update, but our Twitter feed indicates that the speed improvements are noticeable to everyone with the newest version of the browser. We’ll be on the lookout for an official list, but for now, get to browsing.

*Note – For those that are not running phones with official ICS support (Incredible, Sensation, etc.) aka ROMs, this may break Chrome for you. Update with caution.

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Cheers Michael!

  • Love Chrome on my computer. It’s a shame they do not offer a version that will work with my Droid Bionic!

  • Chrome >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Safari

  • Towelie420

    Flash yet?
    Ability to easily request full desktop versions of websites?  

  • PuzzleShot
  • MrEnglish

    Just personal experience of course, but it’s slow as crap compared to Browser+ and the lack of quick controls is a bit of a pain. I like the simple interface but I don’t see what the hype is about even with pre caching on. Maybe (probably) will continue to improve, but right now, ICS Browser+ for me.

  • Dmzman

    Where can I download this from?

    • Dmzman

      Finally found it, but won’t work on Gingerbread?  :o(

  • ABerry5

    I noticed the bug (like most all browsers including stock) was fixed allowing you to actually accurately select places in text during text input like where I’m typing now.. it always did error correction thank god but when u tapped to edit somewhere it would sporadically choose where the cursor went

  • Samvelavich

    chrome is amazing… I updated my trasformer to 4.0 today and got it! the tab experience is just awesome!!

  • Azndan4

    It needs inverted rendering.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    is this a new feature?  Long press a link, it’ll pop open a bubble of that area magnified – and if it’s a list of stories, it will do so with the choice you held and the one above and below it – from there, you can choose the correct one you were trying to hit.

    • Tripod4

      It was in the original (last week) version too – but you’re right, it’s the balls.  Great for link-heavy pages.

    • ed5275

      Nope. That was in the first version as well. Love that feature.

  • Somebody

    The wording in the note is really confusing, is the double negative on purpose?

  • summit1986

    Working fine on Codename

  • Steve

    I hate there desktop version, why would i put it on my phone.  I dont like a zillion tabs, I just want to hit a dam favorites icon and see my links that all and yes a home icon would be nice too.  Until then get bent Google.

    • Tripod4

      Eye h8 ur crappy grammur steve

  • YES PLz



    • Josh Groff

      Really? Sweet!!!

      • Tripod4


        • Josh Groff

          I’ve been trolled :/

          • Tripod4

            That’s -1 demerit.  Now go take a lap son, and think about your mistake.


          • PC_Tool

            “That’s -1 demerit.”

            Hey…did you just take his demerit?

          • Tripod4

            MTI’s used to hit cadets with that at field training.  Figuring you were already down 1 demerit, you’d lose another for not understanding and quibbling; double negatives work wonders under stress!

    • slide83

      Nice troll..

    • summit1986

      Dont feed the trolls.

  • skitchbeatz

    Broke on CM9 Alpha. Running 
    teamhacksung’s CM9 ALPHA for Captivate (BUILD 16)

  • They reenabled the debug menu!  just hit up chrome://chrome-urls/ and start poking away.  Not much you can change right now, but the backend stuff does make for some interesting digging.

  • Marshatherton

    Honestly? Who cares. It’s only compatible with like 3 phones. And it doesn’t have flash. Find something else to write about for the people that don’t have the brand new top of the line phones..

    • ddevito

      No one forced you to read this article.

    • KevinC

      here’s an idea.  either get an new phone and enjoy the article, or don’t read it and quit complaining.

    • Go.  Away.

    • PC_Tool

      Here’s a thought: Why don’t YOU find something else to READ about…

      Just a thought.

      Give it a shot.

      Let us all know how it goes.


    • ABerry5

      Lol your logic is incredibly idiotic.. so DL should only post information depending on the amount of phones it effects? What would be your criteria for how many phones before it is post worthy? Does that mean posting info about a single new upcoming phone should not be allowed? In the back of my mind I was hoping you were joking but I don’t think its possible u wete

  • Dean Rossano

    I  really like Chrome, but no flash is a dealbreaker. Dammit Adobe. Hopefully a dev can hax it in.

  • KevinC

    Still not using it until they fix the issue with the bookmarks page ‘refreshing’ when opening it up.  The stock browser is instantaneous.


      not sure if i am understanding you correctly, but when i open up a bookmark, it takes me to the updated page…i just commented that i dont recall this happening with the old version, but now it refreshes!

      • KevinC

        it’s the page the displays all of your bookmarks refreshing.  when you opening it up it there’s a progress bar that goes across the top like you were opening a webpage.  what does it have to load?

        • BGRUGGER

          not sure…my guess is the syncing bookmarks between desktop chrome and phone

          • Noyfb

            tried chrome on my gnexus and og droid, stock browser is still faster on my gnexus phone.
            never could get chrome to phone to work between my pc and either of my cell phones

        • Tony Russell

          I wonder the same what it has to load… I don’t sync either my desktop or Android Chrome because I use them independently, but maybe it’s still syncing to my account anyway in case I start using sync afterwards.

          It’s kind of annoying though. I’d expect the home page with favorites to load up instantaneously so I can get to the site I want quickly.

  • Mattyb1085

    I noticed that alot of sites are opening to desktop view by default now after the update. Unless i am mistaken this wasnt possible before the update. correct me if i am wrong. 

    • My annoyingly “mobile” sites remain mobile.

  • JohLS

    Sorry I’m a little behind gang but I’m assuming this browser is only compatible with ICS correct?


      correct sir

      • JonLS


        • BGRUGGER

          you are welcome.

  • James_C_L

    can you actually close the program now?

    • lamenting

      why would you need to?

    • KevinC

      can you close ANY Google Android App?  why would this be any different?


    I do notice that when i switch between tabs it auto refreshes to give me the most current page…didnt notice this before the update.  *stock ICS galaxy nexus

  • sc0rch3d

    it’s b-b-b-b-b-b-beta!! that’s why no changelog! 🙁

  • Broke on CM9 Alpha 2 for Touchpad “Chrome s not supported for your version of Android.”


  • ddevito

    BrowserMark benchmark results (on 4.0.4 stock):

    Stock:              104218
    Chrome Beta:  108258

    Sweet. And it’s only going to get better.

    • ddevito

      In comparison, the GSII scored around 50,000 and the iPhone 4s around 53,500.

      • Myglassprison

        I just tested running Chrome 19 on windows 7 and got 645,861

        • ddevito

          Dev channel right? I’m running 19 on my Cr-48 but would never be brave enough to run a benchmark on that thing

          • Myglassprison


      • snowblind64

        Haha, I got 951,293 on Chrome v17 on my desktop. I’m running a Core i7 OC’d to 4GHz though.

    • i got 129874 on Chrome Beta.

    • Parrothead

      117,223 on same settings and 2% battery life.

  • Inquizitor

    Does it now correctly launch links to other apps like Maps and Youtube? That was the dealbreaker with the last build. Will give it a go, though.

    • Maps, yes.  Youtube, no.  Weird isn’t it?

      • Inquizitor

        Weird, I managed to get Youtube to work. Maybe. Gotta test more. It is weird, though. It seems like the Chrome team didn’t consult much with the Android stock browser team, unfortunately.

  • work in italy now! 🙂 G-Nex 4.0.2 GSM Stock 

  • PC_Tool

    Any word on battery drain?

    • It is definitely a slong drainer now.  Super fast.

  • I don’t notice a huge difference in speed.  It still stutters a bit when dismissing tabs and when flicking through open tabs.

  • JBartcaps

    Incredibly fast now, no lag so far

  • jdrch

    Maybe a newer version of Webkit?

  • just updated and still getting crashes on my SGS2 running the latest LPH leak 🙁

  • DJ Rose

    Well crap… I’m running a custom ROM and this update just broke it.  

  • ddevito

    Hate to be so AR, but I still hate the omnibar lag when opening a new URL

  • Mahmood Ali

    i have htc Sensation .. Android 4.0.3 with htc Sense 3.6 and i was have graphical issue..it’s gone now after the update + Chrome is faster than before

  • Borks with the latest build for Evervolv on the Incredible too

  • masterodst

    Still no love for ICX… Blank screen.. 🙁

  • Please note the update also makes it “incredibly broken” for users running ROM’s on phones other than the GNex.  Many comments on the Market confirm this.  I’m running ICS on a fascinate and am unable to use Chrome due to an error message saying “Chrome is not supported for my version of Android.”

    • r0lct

      I bet a bunch of idiots will give it 1-star for not working on a device/rom combo it wasn’t made for.

    • Rob

      Yep, same thing on my G2 running Andromadus v12.

    • It’s working well on Scott’s ICS CleanROM 3.0 for the HTC Rezound.

  • Jeff

    Quite a bit faster now! Zipping through tabs…

  • John


  • JustisLewis

    Better than stock ICS browser?

    • John

      it’s definitely getting there – speed wise

    • It’s still missing some features from the stock browser than many people like, but it’s faster than stock browser that’s for sure.

    • r0lct

      If you can live without Flash there is no reason still still be using the stock browser.  Yes, I know it doesn’t have an easy way to pull up the full desktop site yet, but that’s about it for big negatives.

      • And if you can’t live without Flash, you should probably do some deep soul searching.  Flash needs to die.

        • r0lct

          Agreed, I installed Chrome and set to default the day it came out and have had no inclination to look back.  The only issue that came up could be solved by linking youtube videos from Chrome to the app easily unless i am missing something.

        • Qbancelli

          You must be a Macboy

      • Jake

        Some sites that ordinarily use flash video can load an alternate video that can play without flash. When I visit those sites using the stock browser the flash video loads, even when I have “on demand” enabled for plugins. However, when I visit those sites with Chrome for Android, it does load up the non-flash version of the video, which is cool.

    • jdrch

      The UX is better, but stock ICS supports Flash while Chrome Beta doesn’t.

    • ddevito

      Not to me – I still find quick controls 1000% absolutely necessary. And I find the stock browser to be much smoother at scrolling yet

      • Marvin de Pano

        True, they need to fix the screen redraw too. But all in all it’s looking good.