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Box for Android Receives Update – Hands Everyone 50GB of Space Just For Signing Up


Box – one of the top cloud storage options in the business – has been running free 50GB promos for a while now, only you had to have select devices in order to take part. Well, there was that one sneaky app that gave the promo upgrade to everyone, but let’s not talk about that. Because as of today and through March 23, everyone with an Android phone can sign up for Box’s service and receive a lifetime 50GB storage limit for free. And if you are already signed up, feel free to sign up with second and third email accounts to make sure your storage limit never ends.

Along with this storage upgrade, the app itself received a hefty update that includes the ability to view and add comments to files, invite collaborators, better uploading, and a new UI to match up with ICS styling.

I have to admit that Box has become my go-to cloud storage service over the last few weeks. Definitely a fan.

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  • Funny question — will you get 50GB if you’re using an Android emulator on a Desktop?

    • Spunker88

       Yes, just downloaded it in Bluestacks and it worked fine so it should work in Android x86 or SDK as well.

  • except for the fact that you can’t upload any file larger than 100MB. I have had the 50GB for awhile, but find little use for that since they want me to pay to be able to upload larger files. I’ll stick with my DropBox.

  • Wmsco51

    I want a cloud app to store apps and all for my phone and xoom. Any suggestions?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    BOX = BUNK

  • Hi

    Box is nice with the 50GB of free storage but still is to limited for my needs.I prefer Dropbox over this offer any time.And by the way for those who only have the 2GB on Dropbox you should visit their forums the have some ways to get more space for free I am up to 8GB now.

  • Marcus Reid

    they have to get rid of that upload limitation.  PERIOD!!!

  • I might use this for my pictures and documents, and use dropbox for the auto backup of my camera pics.  If I could get more dropbox storage for free, I have 2.5gb, then I’d only use dropbox.  

  • Larizard

    Preemptive strike on Google Drive? Hehe

  • NemaCystX

    Upload limit of 100mb, was a nice offer until I couldn’t upload my ROM backups

  • amosk

    Holy crap, it’s March already?!?

  • will use this for photos mainly so all is good IMO

  • N8shon

    Awesome. Thanks DL, got it! 

  • Shannon

    I don’t currently use anything like this so it’s worth signing up just in case. It’s worth it just to backup my pictures on my phone.

  • NAM37

    Does Box have a Windows client?

  • Escobarretje

    I’ve got a 50gigs Box account because of my LG phone. Works oke, BUT (yes it’s big)…. you don’t have a desktop syncer like dropbox. You can’t download multiple files at once, you can’t upload a folder containing multiple folders / files. All of them are really necessary for me. Unfortunately they try to force you to update with these methods. Because of that I will just keep on using my DropBox account. 10Gigs for free is more than enough for now and their desktop sync is awesome!

    • Morpheus282

       Don’t forget the file size limit.  That one was the big deal breaker for me.

    • Hak187

       you can indeed upload a whole folder at once. I just did it.if you hover over the upload button there is a little drop down on the right hand side of it. Click on “bulk upload” and you can upload a whole folder (as well as nested folders) from there.

      • Escobarretje

        Ah oke, just tried it and it worked. It probably was the size limit or something. But then still, you can’t download multiple files at once…. and that’s a must for me!

        • Hak187

           Sure you can. On the right hand side of each file there is a checkbox. You can select multiple files that way and then a download button appears. It will download as a zip file.

  • Droidzilla

    I signed up for this just because, but I really have very little cloud needs outside of Google services, I’ve found. Google Docs stores all of my documents (and the app is usable since the last update, finally; needs m014r theming, though), and now all of my songs on Google Music (I have way less than 20,000 songs, so it’s more than sufficient). Plus, both of these integrate in a very usable way with my computer, Chromebook (Cr48!), and Android. A big box to throw stuff in folders just isn’t that appealing to me, though I did get it just in case.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      exactly the same situation here. chromebook buddies! haha

  • boybert

    Dropbox is still the winner for me.  Desktop Sync works so perfectly and effortlessly.  Sharing (either selectively or publicly) is super easy, and the gallery feature is a nice touch.  The versioning functionality (roll back to an older version of a file or resurrect deleted files) has saved my bacon more than once.  From my limited experience with Box, it just doesn’t seem to stack up to Dropbox.

    And so my free 50GB from my Touchpad sits unused…

  • hldc1

    It’d be great if Box had a Chrome extension like Minus.

  • chrsdrshm

    Since i already have a 50Box account from my touchpad, would be cool if they doubled it to 100:-)

  • Rob

    Can anyone give a pro/con vs Dropbox?  I have no complaints with Dropbox (especially the sharing feature), but 50GB sounds too good pass up.

    • srh12

       I was just about to ask this. Whats the pros vs cons, I’m a heavy dropbox user, how can box afford to give this much more space for free?? There has to be a catch right?

      • Chrsdrshm

         no catch from what i have seen, you are limited to upload size….

      • Josh Groff

        Lack of autosync, upload size limits. Also, I have 54 GB dropbox from an HTC promo, both are pretty good tbh. Dropbox of course is better.

    • Chrsdrshm

       no catch from what i have seen, you are limited to upload size….

      • srh12

         So youre basically limited to smaller files like documents and photos?

  • Ben

    Desktop syncing is a must have for me to effectively use cloud storage.

    I admit that the $/MB on Box is more competitive than Dropbox when you consider their premium offerings (which does provide the sync), but I would be happy to compromise down to 25gigs if they threw sync in for free.

    • I agree, no desktop app means no go for me.

    • specboy

       Agreed.  I have had the 50mb for a month or so now but practically never use it due to the fact there is no desktop Sync option without a monthly charge.  i’d pay for the app for my desktop but won’t sign up with a monthly service charge.  4.5GB of Dropbox space works for me for now.

    • Greg

      Same here, tried for two days, without desktop sync and the limited filesize, the 50GB is sitting there empty… if the goal was to increase user count with incurring cost, they succeeded.

      Back to my 3GB very useful DropBox account…

  • Nemesis099

    Signed up this will be perfect for storing a backup of all the photos I’ve taken although I might need a second account.

  • Jason Purp

    That’s sweet of them. But my 2 gigs over on Dropbox is just fine.

  • Unless they get rid of the 100MB limit on files, I’ll have to continue to use Dropbox.

    •  Not sure I uploaded and shared a 350MB file yesterday on my box account. I have uploaded several files over 100MB

    • Hans Kwazneski

      That is my #1 reason I haven’t switched completely to box. I use box as a music backup place, and my 30gb on sugarsync for $20 bucks a year, and I have 24Gb of free space on dropbox 🙂 

      • How can you use Box as a music backup place when they only let you download a single mp3 at a time? I tried, for example, downloading a folder, and they told me it’s a premium feature.

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      • My only other reason I dont use box is box has very poor linux based support (None) and it has to be done using manual FTP which is a pain to fix when they do thing like switch servers and is nowhere near as nice as dropbox’s linux app

  • Josh Groff

    When my 50 GB dropbox runs out, I’ll have this to fall back on. I’ve had the 50GB box.net since the LG promo.