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Asus Announces Original Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich Update…For Taiwan

Update:  It looks like it could happen as early as tomorrow for U.S. customers.

Taiwan isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear, but at least it’s a start, right? Asus has indicated through Facebook that Ice Cream Sandwich for the original Transformer will rollout to other countries “soon after” though, so hopefully that means weeks rather than months. After Prime owners were given the update basically at launch, the OG crowd has been itching for it themselves. Shouldn’t be that much longer.

Via:  Facebook

Cheers Colton!

  • I just got ICS on my transformer this morning…..seems a little laggy but i have to spend more time on it…but….we got it!

  • gorkon


  • it was announced on the main asus twitter account today also. Which included a US date in response.. Tommorow. 


    • Adam

      That is the best news I have heard today!

      I guess I can stop pressing that “Check for update” button for now, huh? Since getting the G-Nex my Transformer just feels old and clunky.

  • JasonDinghis

    Great, now can someone pull it so we can update manually!

  • jdevore