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Two New Devices: DROID Fighter and LG Cayman Headed to Verizon Wireless

Verizon has been quiet since CES with their plans to release new devices, but we may now know a couple of them that have been kept under wraps. According to sources of ours, a device called the DROID Fighter and LG Cayman are on the way and could be here within the next two months.

There is no way to tell if this “DROID Fighter” is Motorola, Samsung or HTC by this screenshot. It could be the new Incredible-esque device from HTC that leaked a week or two ago and that we assumed was the HTC Fireball. Or it could be another release from Motorola, although we have yet to hear of anything in the works that would be out by April. A follow-up to the DROID Charge? Eh, not sure.

The LG Cayman could be on the low-end since they just released the Spectrum, but shouldn’t be written off just yet. Every other device on this list is by no means on the “low-end,” so we’ll have to hold off from speculating too much until we have more details.

We should point out that this is not a release date list, so you shouldn’t necessarily target 3/29 for the Cayman and 4/12 for the Fighter. They are Thursdays though, and you and I know that Big Red loves to release phones on Thursdays.

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  • idcomm

    HTC puts out droids too

  • idcomm

     it dose not have to be moto

  • JohnPA2006

    I’m going to wait for the DROID X-WING FIGHTER !!!

  • another droid 2 months after the one before 

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I would bet money it is not a Motor device. Motorola always puts there name in the title. Example: Droid 4 by Motorola. The Droid Charge was the only one to leave the name out. Obviously because it was a Sammy device.

  • drfaustus71

    You know, Astromech Droids docked into fighters… maybe a Padfone style device? Please oh please oh please?

  • Mr Obvious

    Keep adding new devices so you don’t have to support old ones. At this point they are reusable as condoms.

  • Everybody was Kung Fu fighting….

  • Dave

    Gosh, there’s never a news article where no one is bitching about something. Let’s complain about the little things.

  • master94

    They are really abusing the droid name here. 

  • thebluegod

    Please let the DROID Fighter be a 4G LTE HTC device with ICS out of the box. With respectable battery life. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

    • You want HTC AND respectable battery life?! Lolwut? Get the Nexus -.-

      • thebluegod

        I need my phone to last at least 15 hours a day. I don’t want to keep toggling 4G/3G either. Till I get a phone that does that and has ICS, I’m sticking with my Droid X (which is starting to show its age).

  • How bout the Droid Knight…kinda looks like dark knight which is good marketing w/ new batman movie.  =)

    • Johngi

      work at verizon, nice idea!

  • Slapi

    They are running out of names for their phones smh

  • MKader17

    Future commercial (if HTC):
    I’m a DROID Fighter (What?)
    I’m not goin’ be stock (What?)
    I’m full of sense (What?)
    It makes me work harder (What?) 

    I’m a DROID Fighter (What?)
    Keep on DROID Fightin’ (What?)

    Future commercial (if Moto):
    I’m a DROID Fighter (What?)
    I’m not goin’ be unlocked (What?)
    I’m like a Blur (What?)
    It makes me work harder (What?) 

    I’m a DROID Fighter (What?)
    Keep on DROID Fightin’ (What?)

  • Dwjr82

    I agree marketing department needs to be fired and publicly kicked in the groin….. one reason I call my gnex…. just a nexus when people ask…..dipshits…

  • slide83

    Why are they having Galaxy Tab training?  That launched last year.  Could this be the sequel that will be announced at MWC?

    • MKader17

      They did announce a ~7″ Galaxy Tab 2

  • NemaCystX

    Second worst name under Xyboard

  • Droid Fighter? What, does Incredible 3 make too much sense to use as a name.

    • bored

      get it? sense. no? ok ill stop now

  • Jason Purp

    I never saw the article about that HTC phone. It looks very sexy. That is all.

  • tjpeco

    Droid Fighter?



    I do not want to FIGHT with my phone.

    No wonder Apple smashed sales records in Q4 when its competition labels things like Droid FIGHTER…


    • Binglut9

      Obviously you don’t want to fight your phone numb nutz

      • tjpeco

        Then why would I get a phone named “Fighter”?

        • chris125

          Why get an apple product if you aren’t going to eat it? Really why do you care so much about a name?

        • kretz7

          You realize it’s just a name, right? If you’re buying a phone strictly for the name than you might as well just close your eyes and point to a random one. If a device meets my expectations than it could be called the Droid Bukkake, who cares it’s just a name. 

          • cooksta32676

            Is the Droid Bukkake black, or can I pick up a white version?

          • kretz7

            Don’t all bukkake’s end up white?

          • DroidGuy?

            I actually prefer the name Droid Bukkake over the Droid Fighter.

    • rals

      You are exactly right. How can anyone wanting to compete against the Iphone taken seriously?

      • lockett

        Do you rendezvous in your Buick?

        • PC_Tool

          Well yes, actually.  Bad example.  😛

    • PC_Tool

      Do you challenge your Dodge Challenger?

      Do you party in your Ford Fiesta?

      • ddh819

        do you bm in your bmw?

        • TheDude

          You did it wrong

    • Zebra

      Fighter is bad but I still think Droid Xyboard takes the cake.

  • Wonder if that is why the Rezound is priced at $99 currently.

  • Eazy

    Lame ass name thats for sure

    • ddevito

      better than XYBoard


      • Anything is better than XYBoard, I would agree.

    • Captain_Doug

      I’m sure you could come up with better…

  • ddevito

    Droid Fighter – Star Wars anyone??!!


      Droid itself already comes from Star Wars.

      • ddevito

        Yes, thank you. I know that.  :p

        I meant it as a DOUBLE star wars themed name

        • ERIFNOMI

          I just mean that they’re already paying Lucas Films for the rights, might as well milk the Star Wars fans.

    • What happened to Moto saying they were going to release fewer phones this year? Droid phones have been becoming less and less appealing, they almost always seem like mid range devices, and please stop letting Moto make them. 

      • ddevito

        no one’s confirmed this is a Moto phone (yet)

      • balthuszar

        If this is a moto phone it’ll be the first one this year… They could go the rest of the year with no new ones, one is less than however many they released last year

        • Charlie

          First phone? Really?  So the Razr Maxx and Droid 4 don’t count?

          • balthuszar

            Forgot about the D4, the maxx is the exact same as the razr spec wise… Same phone

          • balthuszar

            also, should point out, Moto released 9 phones in 2011, as compared to 13 for samsung, 5 for LG, and 5 for HTC, 1 for Sony, and 6 for Sony Ericsson

      • jj

        They said “release,” not announce. With typical Verizon delays, Moto will keep their promise and this will go on sale in 2013.

      • Zippitydoodah!

        It’s an HTC Phone. “Fighter” was a leaked codename from months ago along with Vigor. PocketNow confirmed it today.

      • Tonygus89

        yea the razr and droid 4 are deff mid range devices :/ the razr maxx is prob the best android phone out right now and droid 4 is easily the best with a sliding qwerty

        • droid4 screen is horrendous though, droid razr screen is pixelated

  • Captain_Doug

    I’ve heard one of them, (I assume the LG) will be just a basic slider phone with a touchscreen designed to replace the LG cosmos.

    • Captain_Doug

      Hopefully, the Droid Fighter is the Incredible 3/fireball. If it’s released any later than April it’ll be considered a low-level phone, not a mid-level

      • Qeegan

        I dont think that the DROID Fighter is going to be a HTC … sounds more like a Moto

        • Evan Knofsky

          The DROID Incredible would like to have a word with you

          • Captain_Doug

            Funny stuff. I guess it could go to either HTC or Moto. Personally the whole DROID branding is just silly. It’s not like all the DROID  phones have been the best of the best. It really has no meaning besides confusing people about the carrier and the difference between DROID and Android. I hate answering that question.