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Quick Review and Contest: Andru Android Charger Takes the Charging Cake, Win 1 of 4 Now! (Updated: Winners Picked)

The Andru charger was introduced a couple of weeks back and has since taken the Android collectible world by storm. As the coolest charger you will ever find, Andru lights up while plugged in, has bendable arms, movable antennas, and is your ultimate desk companion.

If your first thought runs along the lines of “Oh, another cheap plastic accessory,” then think again. This charger is actually much higher in quality than I had imagined it would be. It is sturdy plastic and rubber, the green and white matching cord feel of the highest quality, and none of the moving parts feel as if they are on the verge of falling off. It’s a great little charger for the Android enthusiast in the building.

At $25 a pop, you may have a hard time justifying it especially with the half dozen other chargers you have lying around your house. Trust me though, as an Android fanboy, this is definitely worth it.

Jump past the break for photos and contest details. Yep, we’re giving 4 away.  


Since we love to give stuff away and the Power by Gen team (makers of Andru) are awesome, we thought we would hand out 4 to the DL community in the simplest of contests. It wouldn’t be fair if a number of you didn’t have a chance to experience Andru and all of his eye-glowing glory for free. Ready?


  1. Follow Andru on Twitter.
  2. In the comments, tell us how many ugly OEM chargers you have lying around your house and where you plan to use Andru (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).
  3. We will pick a winner from the comments tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM Pacific.

Good luck everyone!

Update – Winners:  Our 4 winners taken from the comments are…

Logan Lopez – Hopes that this charger does it in style. It does, my friend.
RadicalPie –  Who has a flush outlet to charge with Bugdroid standing upright. Jealous.
David Larsen –  Just broke a charger and could use such a stylish one.
geedee82 –  Another office Andru on the way!

Congrats guys!

*If you would like to buy Andru right away, hit up the Power by Gen site.

  • gimlet72

    I have one OEM charger which I would leave next to my bed. I would take the Anduru to work to place on my desk

  • peezwizz

    I have a short OEM charger that doesn’t even reach my desk at work… I’d put Andru right smack dab in the middle of my desk so my coworker could get a good look at it everyday. I’m a tech support specialist at an elementary school that is 100% macs and he’s been giving me guff over buying the gnex instead of the i*hone… he’ll love this.

  • Jon Tobin

    I have almost half a dozen lame looking chargers lying around my house, and a bunch of them have busted wires. I am currently using the micro USB cable for my nook to charge my nexus s because the wire that came with it frayed and broke. I would use this charger in my bedroom! 

  • bob

    I have a few super ugly OEM chargers. The worst being the Samsung one. Why? Because it looks JUST LIKE the the i*hone one, only black. I’d use Andru in my family room so everyone would get to see how badass my charger was.

  • hooked on phoenix

    Right now my work phone and my droid are sharing a charger at my desk. All my other chargers are plugged into every outlet of my house (can’t be too careful!!!)
    I have successfully converted 80% of my office over to droids. Still have 1 i*hone holdout and someone who went back to blackberry from droid because they’re senile.

  • jleboeuf

    I have about 4 chargers at home/car. I plan on using Andru on my desk for work.

  • Xzombiex66

    I have 8 laying around almost one for every room, my daughters both have kindle fires and with my girlfriend having her htc, they consistently lose their chargers, so they take mine, I am now stuck with a piece of junk that i bought at a freaking pawn shop. It does the job, but i would love to have this sexy little charger and hopefully they will keep their hands off. I could even tell them it will only work with my phone only haha.

  • I’ve got 3 strategically placed around the home, 1 in the car and 1 at work.  None are as cool at this one, tho.  

  •  Can it be used as a nite lite? i would proudly display this in my bathroom, nothing worse then browsing on the can and getting low battery:)

  • I have 5 ugly OEM chargers lying around my house, 3 motorola, and 2 htc. I would definitely love to have Andru chillin with me here in my dorm room. Little guy’s gotta spread his wings sometime. 

  • Artistan

    Most OEM charger is so ugly I usually hide every part of it except for the connector. I will proudly show off the Andru charger on top of my desk at work!

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    I have a collection of mini and micro USB scattered throughout the house, in almost every room, all collected as part of my new device obsessions…

    I would send them all to the recycling bin to have a little green friend sitting next to me in my Rec Room watching TV with me.

  • I have six ugly EOM Chargers laying around the house. Having an Andru android charger will be very useful, since I have a Tbolt and everyone knows how much great of a battery life it has 😉 now I can charge my Tbolt with style everywhere every 3 hours 🙂 

  • JS629

    I have at least 5 standard run of the mill micro usb chargers laying around, two from motorola, one from HTC, one from Blackberry, and one from some random device. But I’ll more than likely use this at work where its full on awesomeness will be appreciated.

  • I can only count 4 OEM chargers, but this would be perfect for my office!

  • hfoster52

    I have 4 OEM Chargers and I plan to use this at work to show off Andy!!

  • I have about 6 different chargers for all kinds of various devices. I believe I would have to take Andru to work and use him there where he can be displayed properly for all my co workers to see and comment on.

  • daware

    I have two ugly OEM chargers, and I plan on using Andru in every room that has an outlet!

  • drparty

    Probably 4+ USB chargers, bedroom would be nice, perhaps right by the couch downstairs. would made a nice little conversation piece.

  • Sgiacomo84

    Can’t begin to say how many boring black chargers I have laying all over my place – at least one in every room, sometimes 2; also have 2 at my office. I would love to spice up either my home or office with this little beauty and make plenty of people jealous 🙂 Please!!!!

  • Joshyz73

    Counting all OEM wall chargers that use USB, I’ve got 6:

    1 from my OG Droid
    1 from my OG Droid dock
    1 from my D3
    1 from my wife’s phone
    1 from my tablet
    1 from my Nook

    Could make it 7 if you count the one for my Zune.  At any given point, I can find probably 3 of them.

    I’d use Andru at work.  Where I charge my stuff at home, no one would ever see it.

  • Champlification

    I probably have at least 5 or 6 OEM chargers.  My wife and I each have one in our bedroom, I have 2 by the computer, and another one in the living room, and one at work.  Plus more I’m probably forgetting.

    I would use the Andru at work, so I could make my coworker jealous since he would definitely want one.

  • peggsie

    I have two ugly chargers at home. I would use cute little Andru in my bedroom since I charge my Bionic at night. I would also take Andru on vacation with me. I would have to buy Andru several different wardrobes since I travel the globe.

  • I have 4 OEM chargers at home but they will never be as cool as the Andru will.

  • mising

    No less than ten chargers throughout my house, but this guy would be going in my surge protector on my desk at work.

  • Let’s see…3 people x 4 previous phones….that would be at LEAST 12 crappy, individualized OEM chargers lying around here.  Thank goodness chargers are universal now!  And if I had my very own Andru Android Charger, I would use him here in my office to charge my Droid X.  Here he would reign SUPREME overall the other lowly chargers.  “There’s a new sheriff in town…and he goes by the name ANDRU!”  On the seventh day…God didn’t rest…’cause his battery was low on his Galaxy Nexus and he lost his charger!  So he went online, ordered himself an Andru charger…and then took the rest of the day off. 

  • tagrzadz

    I have about 5 ugly chargers that I use throughout my house.  The Andru charger would definitely improve the appearance of my office.

  • Just sitting here at my desk at work I have 7. Probably another three or four at home. Definitely need one of these for the office to go with all the rest of my Android swag!

  • I have possibly somewhere around 50 ugly chargers that keep falling off my desk and collecting. This would be absolutely perfect! Thanks in advance 😉

  • I have way to many fugly chargers laying around my room in drawers in my travel bag in the bathroom (yes I have a charger in the bathroom) but what I don’t have is the coolest Andru charger in the world! I will most likely be using it mostly at home but will without a doubt be taking it to the office to show it off!

  • john0214

    Well mines pretty ugly . This would go great next to my bed

  • Grinwell

    I’ve got 2 barely functional chargers in the house.  Andru would be proudly displayed at work to make all the Apple fanboys jealous.  I want one!

  • Benjamin Clay

     I have 5 chargers and they are all ugly.  I hope to get Andru for my office to make my coworkers jealous.

  • droidify

    I have 2 primary chargers. I would use this one at my office just to be obnoxious to all the crapple fanboys. Go Android!

  • I have 4 ugly OEM chargers, I would use Andru at my work desk I’m PC Tech/Phone Geek, so show North Dakota some love, we are still part of the US and like to win stuff!

  • Eric To

    I have about 2 ugly OEM chargers.  This little guy looks so awesome, I’d set him up next to my bed.

  • Patrick McAfee

    I have at least 5-6 oem chargers laying around that I would be rgoung replacing with Andru. This would be going in my home office.

  • AlexB

    I have a collection of Motorola, Samsung and (for shame) blackberry chargers lying around at different parts of the apartment. But only Andru can be good enough to charge my precious Galaxy Nexus. He will hang out with me in my office where he can gaze at me with his bright eyes and he fills my Nexus full of life.

  • Joey Miranda

    i have 3 oem BLOCK style chargers at my house looking for another one for my office to shove it to all the ios users and their weird HUGE block chargers lol.

  • Nybandit2000

    Will use it at work to to tease my android using co-workers.

  • scijohn

    I have about a dozen very jealous chargers between my house, my office, and my back pack right now. They know they are inferior to the Andru. The Andru charger is the only one I would display on my desk.
    Added benefit? It will annoy the crap out of my iPhone-toting co-workers.

  • Nybandit2000

    I have about a dozen. Most don’t have the phone that go with it.

  • Adam

    I have 5 hanging around the house that I can think of. Andru is awesome and I’d use it both in my home theater and when traveling.

  • RW-1

    I have about 30 chargers of various manufacturers lying around, would trash 20 of them to get one of there for my desk, where he could sit in all his glory, and the others being tossed would finally free up a junk drawer to fill with other android goodies!

  • Trindale85

    I have at least 4 oem chargers. I would use this charger near my computer so I could see it all day.

  • Bbjunkie23

    I have 11 OEM chargers total laying around. None of them super cool like andru tho. I would definitely bring him straight to work.

  • Adam Crawford

    I have at least 5 OEM chargers plugged in around my house, two from my OG Droid, one from my wife’s Continuum. and two from my GNex.  This does not include the one OEM at work and the one that stays in my car just in case.  At work I am known as the Droid guy, I would definitely be using this as my work charger.  It would just fit.

  • Mastabrozif

    I have about 7 ugly OEM chargers from my regular phones like my env2 and env3 and such.

  • That’s pretty sick! Followed. I’d probably use Andru at work. Gotta show that dude off on the work bench.

  • ramifications

    I only have one extra ugly charger lying around (from my old Incredible).  I will put Andru on my nightstand as my new plug in! 🙂