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Quick Review and Contest: Andru Android Charger Takes the Charging Cake, Win 1 of 4 Now! (Updated: Winners Picked)

The Andru charger was introduced a couple of weeks back and has since taken the Android collectible world by storm. As the coolest charger you will ever find, Andru lights up while plugged in, has bendable arms, movable antennas, and is your ultimate desk companion.

If your first thought runs along the lines of “Oh, another cheap plastic accessory,” then think again. This charger is actually much higher in quality than I had imagined it would be. It is sturdy plastic and rubber, the green and white matching cord feel of the highest quality, and none of the moving parts feel as if they are on the verge of falling off. It’s a great little charger for the Android enthusiast in the building.

At $25 a pop, you may have a hard time justifying it especially with the half dozen other chargers you have lying around your house. Trust me though, as an Android fanboy, this is definitely worth it.

Jump past the break for photos and contest details. Yep, we’re giving 4 away.  


Since we love to give stuff away and the Power by Gen team (makers of Andru) are awesome, we thought we would hand out 4 to the DL community in the simplest of contests. It wouldn’t be fair if a number of you didn’t have a chance to experience Andru and all of his eye-glowing glory for free. Ready?


  1. Follow Andru on Twitter.
  2. In the comments, tell us how many ugly OEM chargers you have lying around your house and where you plan to use Andru (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).
  3. We will pick a winner from the comments tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM Pacific.

Good luck everyone!

Update – Winners:  Our 4 winners taken from the comments are…

Logan Lopez – Hopes that this charger does it in style. It does, my friend.
RadicalPie –  Who has a flush outlet to charge with Bugdroid standing upright. Jealous.
David Larsen –  Just broke a charger and could use such a stylish one.
geedee82 –  Another office Andru on the way!

Congrats guys!

*If you would like to buy Andru right away, hit up the Power by Gen site.

  • EdsonDJ

    I have countless OEM chargers. From the Nokias to the proprietary LG plugs, and from mini-USBs to now the micro-USBs. I also do my best to hide these ugly black things behind desks and other furniture. However, if I had an Andru, I would plug it where it’ll be fully exposed and everyone can see that the phone that Andru is charging is no iPhone.

  • Sciontc12212

    I have 4 OEM chargers stuffed in my junk drawer from previous phones and 1 charger in my room for my current galaxy nexus. If I had andru I’d show him off in my room and living room in order to show my iPhone using girlfriend how much cooler android chargers are 🙂

  • Maizekid

    I have a total of 8 lying around. Pretty much one in every part of the house. I would use my android charger in the living room that way the glowing eyes can double as a night light on my way to the fridge for a midnight raid.

  • Houch80

    I have several from Recent phones and a box full of old chargers from back in the day. I would show this off at work in hopes it doesn’t get kidnapped and held for ransom from my android loving co workers.

  • I have about 9or10 OEM chargers/plain boring cheap junk most i don’t use while some i have to use still (sadly) quite often and sometimes out on the go in a coffee shop were ever an outlet is available to keep me going threw the day.I hate pulling out the unsightly things their important to me only that they get me through the day other then that trash.By the way i’m a android fanatic all the rage about ze droid bot and droid anything and most recently ANDRU!!:D this lil guy can get rid of all my trash chargers permanently.He should be wearing a superman cape cuz he will save my life from all that ugly and plain chargers.I would use Andru everywhere most likely in my bedroom but i would love to use it when i’m out and about like the coffee shop or local eatery pluging it in and see people take a look at this handsome lil buddy of mine(HOPEFULLY 😀 ) Lastly thank you droid for this contest and the awesome articles and news everyday 🙂

  • Opoel34

    I have one in my house, and if I have andru then I’ll bring it everyhere I go to show off to all of my friend.

  • RadicalPie

    I have about 5 oem chargers laying around. I would definitely use this at work seeing that I have a outlet built flush in my desk so he would just stand up 🙂 .

  • ajm531

    I have atleast 5 or 6 lying around the house. one my mom uses. and like 3 just as ugly ones on a big power strip for my kindle fire,samsung galaxy tab, and my bionic. It will definitely be in my bedroom since i have android figurines around my pc, a android plushy by my bed, and a teamm android 2011 poster from the SXSW android event in austin which has a pretty sweet looking android on it. So would love to add this to my collection. I NEED MOAR ANDROID!!!!

  • jcorf

    Eh yeah there’s probably about 3 or 4 oem chragers lying around my house. I will admit though that the GNex charger is not all that bad, but andru defintely looks wayyy better. 

  • adam

    I have three or four chargers at home, however this would be used at work, to try to stop the seemingly unstoppable tide of I phones flooding the office! I live in the UK, so this would perch proudly stop an adaptor increasing its stature even more.

  • Justin

    I have 2 ugly OEM chargers around. I would most defiantly use this in my rocket ship. 

  • bullhonkie

    Hmm let’s see, 5 OEM chargers from various phones all around the apartment. If I got an Andru, I’d definitely use it on my desk in my office loft, not just as a charger but also a figure piece!

  • Almostadr

    I have about 4, i would put this one on my desk at work. When i take clients back to see x-rays they will see my cool droid charger

  • I have about 6 OEM chargers in the house, I would take this charger with me everywhere!

  • Fjnardo

    6 plain old boring OEM chargers…I’d use it at my firehouse in my office!

  • I have three ugly OEM chargers around my house. I would gladly let those collect dust with my new Andru! I think Andru would go in my bedroom, where most of the charging gets done…

  • GazaIan

    I have 4 ugly OEM Chargers (and tomorrow I am getting a Sensation 4G for my birthday, so we’ll see how that looks). This one is ultra sexy and I’m going to get an extension cord, so I can have this on my nightstand in my bedroom.

  • robotsforeveryone

    The charger cords wrap around my various Android figures (like they’re holding it) in the bedroom/living room/office.  This is like the best of both worlds.  This charger was made for me! He’d be sitting in my Android figure case mocking all the other Androids with his awesomeness 😀

  • Ollie

    I have 11 of the damn things. 4 are proprietary..2 for really Samsungs and 2 for god knows what! So, you see, I really need another one! 🙂

  • duke69111

    I have five OEM chargers lying around the house and office.  I would defiantly show this off at the office. 

  • Strashunm

    After 9 years of iLife I made the switch to the greener side. My room is a graveyard of white bricks and ropes with my lone nexus charger. A little green guy would be the finishing touch to my desktop.

  • Tittbags

    I have 8 between 3 cars, work, and home. I would definitely use this at work to get oohs and aahs from everyone.

  • Aaron

    i have 4 ugly chargers around the house and in my travel bag.  I would use it out where it could be seen for sure.  I would also take it with me for a travel charger!

  • I have so many chargers I can’t count them all.  Everything from old laptop chargers to old cell phone chargers, my HTC charger for my DInc, several LG ones for the wife and daughter’s phones, and countless others for various other devices.  The ugliest by far though is the white charger for the iPad my work issued me. Andru would find a proud and happy home on my desk!

  • David E.

    Because of this fun post I actually went and counted. I found 14. From Nokias, Motorolas, HTC but currently I carry my Samsung OEM charger everywhere school and at home. My phone (the Amazing Galaxy Nexus) already gets me enough attention at school, with this charger……Nerdgasm. The “Andru” goes everywhere. (battery life isn’t too bad on my phone, I just hotspot a lot). 

    Please Kellex……

  • I have at least 6 old chargers lying around the home.  This bad boy would definitely be getting a prime and visible place so every time my friends visit they can see how awesome it is~

  • cloud36426

    I have 4 laying around. I plan to use mine at home and office. 🙂

  • Wesleyanderson0688

    I have 0 OEM chargers I dont have alot of spare money I take my charging cord that came with the phone everywhere so having a 2nd would be nice so I can keep one at work so I dont have to worry about forgetting it at home. 


  • I have an OEM charger for my Nexus and my TouchPad charger, but the Touchpad cable is not OEM due to it being a POS and not fitting perfect in the charger port. I’m in need of a sweet looking charger! I’d use my charger in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and basically anywhere else I go! Mostly my gf’s to make her jealous of my sweet new charger.

  • I have two – I’ll be using this one in the bedroom since it’s where I end up charging my phone for the next day. 

  • right now i have 4 OEM chargers. 2 actually are blackberry chargers to replace my dead nexus one charger, and the short charger of the galaxy nexus.

    i would mostly use this at school, home and when traveling.

  • I have a shoe box full of ugly chargers. I plan on using this awesome Andru in my man cave.

  • Tybalt2011

    I have five plugs for my mobile devices littered throughout my apartment. This won’t cut down on the number, merely add, but at least it will look cute in the living room.

  • John Lane

    about 13 if my count is correct as i sit here on my couch this would definitely go in the bathroom so guests would see it. also it makes it so I can charge my phone blaring music while I shower much easier without me needing to unplug a different charger

  • I have three sets if you count my roomies,I plan on showing this badboy off in the kitchen at my house so everyone will see it! 

  • 2 OEM chargers.  I’d use this at home.  Fortunately, my wall plug is above my desk so everyone can see it in all its glory!

  • plattyMAXX

    iPhone sucks I don’t want to charge my phone out of a half eaten apple but this little guy, is indeed the beep knees when it comes to making all my peer computer engineering classmates drool….. at least the cool ones that have an android.

  • sd70feb

    I have 3 plain generic chargers……would be awsome to have Andru as a unique charger AND a night light… 🙂

  • Gnexlover

    ive got three OEM chargers just in my the house two in my car.
    i plan to use the 
    Andru in my car.

  • I have about 5 OEM chargers but they’re just too plain.  I plan on using Andru mostly at work cause my boss is an i*hone lover and I just wanna annoy her with it .

  • I have no less than five ugly chargers. I’d use Andru at home to charge my phone and, for old times sake, my iPod to see if I can get Steve to roll over in his grave. To soon? 

  • Madelinedao

    Got 7 OEM chargers and if I were to win I’d put Andru in my room. 

  • Tim_Horton

    Got a pile of stuff in every room of the house I think, I am parasitic draw central…Motorola, Samsung, Griffin, Kensington, brown, white, black, etc.  None green and mysterious enough that anyone would ever ask “whats that”. I just want a usb charger that isn’t some pokemon crap that looks like something interesting.

    My plan is to bring it to the office and anytime the iDorks say “I know you gotta charger I can borrow” – this will be the charger.  The only rule is it has to use the outlet strip on your desk and you will be glad the god of Android has permitted your device to consume electrons through it.  First step will be one of those security rfid chips in it like we do for lab stuff so they fockers can’t make away with it.


    • Tim_Horton

      …I should have added, the principal duty will be occasionally feeding maxx or nexus while sitting at my desk.Only occasionally will I share.

  • I currently have 3 chargers in my house, all of them are ugly as sin, & my original one that came with my phone is about to break! I would use Andru in my bedroom, & he would be best friends with my collection of cute erasers.

  • ChiefW

    I have 4-5 depending on what I find that day…..but I have many more pre-android in my storage that gets all tied in knots.  

    • ChiefW

       I would take it with me everywhere and use him to his fullest potential….all my toys will love him.

  • I have 3 OEM charger…..
    The andru will be my all-time on the go Traveling TRAVEHOLIC charger…. 
    The First charge will be on Carnival Cruise

  • Youllreachus

    Ashamed to summit that I have a drawer full of various ones,some of which should have already been thrown away. if I win I will definitely user the chargers in the family room where every visitor will get a great view of my all time coolest charger!

  • I have 7 chargers. one in every room, one in my car and one at work!
    I;d use andru at work. Show him off in the hospital while i charge my let nexus!

  • Greg

    I must have a dozen or so OEM chargers in the nightstand next to my bed.  Accompanying the chargers in the graveyard are their fallen smartphone brothers. Reminds me of a day when universal chargers were not required by law. If I won this I would have to fly my android flag at work to show everyone what a boss I am while charging my phone.