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Quick Review and Contest: Andru Android Charger Takes the Charging Cake, Win 1 of 4 Now! (Updated: Winners Picked)

The Andru charger was introduced a couple of weeks back and has since taken the Android collectible world by storm. As the coolest charger you will ever find, Andru lights up while plugged in, has bendable arms, movable antennas, and is your ultimate desk companion.

If your first thought runs along the lines of “Oh, another cheap plastic accessory,” then think again. This charger is actually much higher in quality than I had imagined it would be. It is sturdy plastic and rubber, the green and white matching cord feel of the highest quality, and none of the moving parts feel as if they are on the verge of falling off. It’s a great little charger for the Android enthusiast in the building.

At $25 a pop, you may have a hard time justifying it especially with the half dozen other chargers you have lying around your house. Trust me though, as an Android fanboy, this is definitely worth it.

Jump past the break for photos and contest details. Yep, we’re giving 4 away.  


Since we love to give stuff away and the Power by Gen team (makers of Andru) are awesome, we thought we would hand out 4 to the DL community in the simplest of contests. It wouldn’t be fair if a number of you didn’t have a chance to experience Andru and all of his eye-glowing glory for free. Ready?


  1. Follow Andru on Twitter.
  2. In the comments, tell us how many ugly OEM chargers you have lying around your house and where you plan to use Andru (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).
  3. We will pick a winner from the comments tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM Pacific.

Good luck everyone!

Update – Winners:  Our 4 winners taken from the comments are…

Logan Lopez – Hopes that this charger does it in style. It does, my friend.
RadicalPie –  Who has a flush outlet to charge with Bugdroid standing upright. Jealous.
David Larsen –  Just broke a charger and could use such a stylish one.
geedee82 –  Another office Andru on the way!

Congrats guys!

*If you would like to buy Andru right away, hit up the Power by Gen site.

  • Well, I have 2 stock chargers; one that I got with my Nexus and one from my old phone. Andru would definitely be an upgrade.

    I’ll be using it at my workplace mostly; will be spreading the “Go Green” msg, Android fanboy way. Also, green is the color of envy… that will also show up on some faces when they see this cool new toy at my desk… 😉

  • I only have 1 OEM charger, bummer. And I plan on using/taking Andru Everywhere I go, just to show it off 🙂

  • I have… 2 Lenovo, 1 Dell, 1 Nokia small (+adapter for microUSB), 1 microUSB, 2 USB female A + micro/miniUSB cables, 1 iPod, 1 Sony Ericsson… 9 chargers (I hope I’m not forgetting any)
    Andru would, of course, go to the office… to show off! >:-) What better way to advertise Android than such a cool, useful gadget?

  • I have at least two OEM HTC chargers, a generic microUSB wall charger, a kindle charger, and a car charger. I’m throwing them all away if I win one! 😛

  • i have so many different chargers laying around that i could start a OEM Chargers Store out of my apartment.. Moto, Samsung, LG.. which do you guys need!

    This little Andru will be coming to work with me.. ive got so much Andy paraphernalia at my apartment, my office needs some love!

  • Well I currently have 5 chargers. I plan on using Andru in the kitchen, home office and at work. They are so cool looking!!! Fits perfectly with the Android bot on the back of my Galaxy Nexus case from Cruzerlite!

  • I want one just because I want one.

  • Chris N.

    I have 2 OEM chargers and would use Andru at the bars to help with the ladies

  • Dan

    I actually need a few more as this nexus is my first smart phone

  • I have 3 ugly chargers laying around..  I plan to use this in place of them whether it be at home or the office. 

  • crazyhobo5

    I’ve got about 4 OEM adapters (DOIRD, DInc2, Kindle and Kindle Fire) which are everywhere in my house. If I get this awesome charger it would probably be in my TV room because the power supply is most visible there.

  • My charger just broke yesterday so I have to rely on my car charger for now… 

  • It would match my green room! I should have green androids everywhere! 

  • rdnckcub

    have 7 total chargers, 2 from GO droid’s, 1 Droid X, 2 Droid RAZR’s, ad 2 verizon store chargers, and Andru would become my go to Charger everywhere! Work, home, even car! (would buy a wall to AC charger just to use it!)

  • John Jablonski

    This guy would definitely go in the dining room, so that he’s front and center for everyone to see when they walk in the house.

  • Aaron Rich

    9-10 brickly, ugly chargers around the house (LG Dare, HTC Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2 Global, Galaxy Nexus, BN Nook Color, Blackberry 9700  3 or so bluetooth headset).

    At work, I just have boring cables from machines to charge. Would love to have Andru instead to match all my Dead Zerba Androids (10 of them) and for when I travel.

  • David H.

    i swear i have a kabillion chargers lying about. droid og, droid 2, droid 3 droid 4, htc evo 4g, not to even get started on the tablet side of things!

    I’d use this in the office most definetly

  • I play on using this charger at work so I can beam the light onto the desk of the *Phone lover. War is on! 

  • Ankur Singh

    I have at least 15 chargers at home/my car but most of them have been chewed through by my 5 cats (pussy really CAN be annoying!) — this one, however, would be untouchable to them as I’d keep a nice fork so stab any of them with if they came near it. I would also consider promoting my Android Geekdom by suction-cupping this to my forehead as I walked anywhere socially acceptable. Yep, I said it. I’d use it at home, in my car, at my office, and pretty much anywhere else charging was possible. I might even play Unchained Melody whenever his eyes light up.

  • bsnarles

    I’ve have a couple OEM chargers and even a NonOEM car charger. If I got this charger I would show him off everywhere and would be happy to plug in my Galaxy Nexus when the battery becomes low.

  • The charger that comes with the Nexus isn’t that bad.  It is small and comes with a pretty long cord. Other third party ones i have bought however are just ugly and bulky.  This one might be bulky, but it does it in style!  Gimmie 🙂

  • finally replace all the OEM outlet charges and only need to hold onto the various USB cords that are tailered to my needs for length (Thanks OEMs for 6in or 6ft of cable out the outlet… not)

  • I have about 4 nasty oem chargers for my devices and I would use it at home to show off to the apple asses who flaunt their devices every chance they get

  • I have 6 OEM chargers and would be more then happy to use Andru Android Charger everywhere I need to charge! Show off at office, living room, traveling at airports, etc.

  • i have tons of oem chargers that are bulky and ugly just laying around at work and home and last but not least my car too lol, but this one is awesome i would definately love to have this 🙂

  • I got so many OEM charges….I have 5 all ready in my room, not in my house XD. If I got the Andru Android Charger that would be perfect for my desk. I got a surge protector on top of it, so it looks better when it charges from there instead of the wall.

  • Teng247

    have 5 oem chargers lying around all with short usb cords except my GNex OEM charger who my wife happend to vacuum the cord.. I plan to use Andru everywhere

  • Lax77

    I have at least 3-4 fugly OEM chargers around and I still find myself having to unplug and move them around to where i currently am…. This beautiful little beast would go in my office so I could show him off!

  • Rhecht

    I have at least 4 chargers now. Some from my blackberry days, some I have found at school and now some from my Nexus. I would used Andru in my geeked out dorm room where I can impress all my geek friends with it! 

  • Eze036

    I have about 15to chargers and ill use it mostly at work and home

  • Under my bed, deep in the crevices of my container store under bed thing, lies the Loch Ness charging monster. I can’t count the number of tangled chargers that lie within that charge old flip phones, my Samsung Convoy, Blackberry “insert pos name here” through my last Verizon Chocolate sensation. I would use that little dude everywhere. The phone is always on so it better be plugged in. The
    Galaxy Nexus will grab me the ultra sexy award next to Andru.

  • SeanRinVA

    We have 5 oem chargers. I would use the Andru charger at work.

  • Droidzilla

    I have three chargers at home, but none of them are awesome. With a charger this awesome, I’ll use it at home, at work (everyone here has an iPhone), and at all of my friends’ houses. I’ll probably even find new places to use it, like schools that I don’t even attend, Starbucks (I don’t even like coffee), and maybe I’ll install an A/C inverter into my car so I can use it there. Andru Android Charger and I will become best friends, and they’ll make a movie about our adventures where the part of Andru Android Charger will be played by that dancing Andy Android at the Sony booth a while back and the part of me will be played by The Rock. It’ll be called “Quick Charge,” or “Tough Charge,” or something like that.

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I actually took a dremel to my desk and mounted a powered USB hub flush to the surface. Works / looks really nice. If I get one of these, I may end up having to do the same thing with a 120 outlet.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Wow, this thing is so cool!

    We have 6 ugly oem chargers that i know of, and there should be another 2-3 rolling around in the cars from our recent move.  worst thing about most of the oem ones is you have a proprietary wall plug and pigtail, not a “universal” usb plug.  I was so glad my LG Dare came with a usb charger, first to do so.

    I will rock this thing at home, the kids will love it.  And it will also travel to work to get oohs and aahs from the other designers in my office!

  • I have around 7 chargers (I know, right?) 1 in my bedroom, one in my living room, car, girlfriend’s car, my office, and another office I spend a large percent of my time, and at a small local coffee shop that I spend the majority of my time hanging with friends.I may have more, cant remember lol.

  • I have about 6 chargers, from bulky usb ones to a plain, but nice OEM desk charger. If I get one of these cool things I’ll replace the desk charger at my work desk and take it home to use a nightstand charger. That way all my IT co-workers can come by and get jealous at the cool Andru charger I have at my desk! ::evil laugh:: Muhahaha

  • At least four or five (from OG Droid, Samsung Fascinate, now HTC Rezound and some spares), and it’d be on my desk.

  • Let’s see, I have 5 proprietary OEM chargers from Samsung, LG, and Palm.  I have 3 OEM miniUSB chargers from Motorola and Blackberry.  I have 6 OEM microUSB chargers from Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.  

    Andru would be my friend.  I would hug him and and kiss him and call him George..   Uh…  wait.  

    I would use him primarily in my kitchen charging station where I could see him most often.  And I see that his power supply specs are perfect for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Benjamin Chow

    Let’s see… I have 2 in my bedroom, 1 in the kitchen, 1 at work, at least 1 in each car, 1 in my office and 1 in my backpack… they are a mix from everything I have owned… HTC, Motorola, Samsung, even a BB… This little guy will replace the one in my backpack so I can take him anywhere I went 🙂 … like my own roaming Andru 😉

  • Daniel White

    I have 6 OEM chargers at the house that I have acquired in the past two years from my many android phone purchases for myself and my wife.  I would use the Andru Android Charger at my office to let the android presence be known.

  • I have 2 chargers around my house. I’d replace the one in my bedroom so Andy can guard over me while I sleep

  • MJ

    I have only one ugly OEM charger which is enough… The Andru will go next to Yoda on my home office desk.

  • Steve

    I’ve lost track of the number of chargers I have as they have been replaced over time as new devices enter my home.  However, Andru would have a very short-life at my home as there is no reason to show him off there.  My wife is electronically inept and simply does what I recommend.  At work, however, I have had a running debate with colleagues regarding the Droid v. i*hone and would like to display this where all could see.

  • Tony Brandner

    I have quite a few, but they’re spread out over a few desks and areas, so hopefully it doesn’t look like a mess. Andru looks like a neat USB charger.

  • I’ve got about a dozen OEM chargers laying around, only half of them in use. Andru would get used at my home computer desk.

  • I have at least 4 Ugly OEM Chargers 3 from Moto Devices and 1 from HTC. I’m planning on using this in my office so everyone at my job will know how much of a Android Fan I am 😀

  • Brian Cohen

    I have probably 15 OEM chargers (that are for Micro USB) and that doesn’t include old non used once anymore.  I would use this at the office…too many apple stuff around here.  Need to balance the scales.

  • MikeD675

    I probably have 3-4 OEM chargers lying around. This one will look great on my desk.

  • I have at least a half dozen OEM’s laying around… Totally going to use it at work… make all my co-workers jealous!