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Quick Review and Contest: Andru Android Charger Takes the Charging Cake, Win 1 of 4 Now! (Updated: Winners Picked)

The Andru charger was introduced a couple of weeks back and has since taken the Android collectible world by storm. As the coolest charger you will ever find, Andru lights up while plugged in, has bendable arms, movable antennas, and is your ultimate desk companion.

If your first thought runs along the lines of “Oh, another cheap plastic accessory,” then think again. This charger is actually much higher in quality than I had imagined it would be. It is sturdy plastic and rubber, the green and white matching cord feel of the highest quality, and none of the moving parts feel as if they are on the verge of falling off. It’s a great little charger for the Android enthusiast in the building.

At $25 a pop, you may have a hard time justifying it especially with the half dozen other chargers you have lying around your house. Trust me though, as an Android fanboy, this is definitely worth it.

Jump past the break for photos and contest details. Yep, we’re giving 4 away.  


Since we love to give stuff away and the Power by Gen team (makers of Andru) are awesome, we thought we would hand out 4 to the DL community in the simplest of contests. It wouldn’t be fair if a number of you didn’t have a chance to experience Andru and all of his eye-glowing glory for free. Ready?


  1. Follow Andru on Twitter.
  2. In the comments, tell us how many ugly OEM chargers you have lying around your house and where you plan to use Andru (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).
  3. We will pick a winner from the comments tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM Pacific.

Good luck everyone!

Update – Winners:  Our 4 winners taken from the comments are…

Logan Lopez – Hopes that this charger does it in style. It does, my friend.
RadicalPie –  Who has a flush outlet to charge with Bugdroid standing upright. Jealous.
David Larsen –  Just broke a charger and could use such a stylish one.
geedee82 –  Another office Andru on the way!

Congrats guys!

*If you would like to buy Andru right away, hit up the Power by Gen site.

  • aholland1

    Geez, at least 7 being an LTE device owner. Gotta have a good network of chargers to make it through the day sometimes, so that means one on the nightstand, one in the car, one on my desk at the office, one in my laptop bag with a retractable cord that travels with me at all times and doubles as a car charger in a pinch, one at my fiance’s place and a couple more for her phone…This one is the tits though and would definitely see heavy use if acquired 😀

    Ah, the joys of owning a smartphone!

  • I have enough OEM chargers to wrap my entire phone with! Having one, neat looking green one would match my green cruzerlite case, and fit perfectly in my room. 

  • Nickfloria

    i have like 4 or 5 oem chargers and would use it in my house more specifically my room.

  • I plan on using it at work, since I have a plug right on my desk.  It would be so cute here.

  • I would replace the nasty old HTC charger I use at work.  I have a couple wart style chargers I use at home…  :-/

  • Balls

    as a total android fanboy, i definitly want one

  • Justin M Demonico

    I’ve got 2 ugly OEM chargers but 3 phones (Droid Milestone, LG Optimus M and Huawei M835.) I will most definitley be using this in my bedroom from my ceiling outlet (Don’ ask why i have on there…) 

  • SleekGN

    Got five chargers (from my Droid X, blackberry, Bluetooth head set, wife’s RAZR, and my new Galaxy Nexus) and plan on using Andru in my bed room. I bet my kids will love it as a night light. He will help me keep the bad apple away. 

  • Danniel Rodarte

    I made a Twitter account just for the chance to win.
    I have about 4 Frankenstein chargers laying around my house. All do the job, some what, but whenever a chord or USB doesn’t work its time to piece together again.
    I would use it at home ( 3 iPhone using roomates) and work ( full of iPhone users)
    My thunderbolt needs andru! Ride the lightning!!

  • I have about 5 different charger for my Galaxy Nexus and to be quite honest they are not as unique as this one.  I plan on using this charger (if I win it) wherever I can show it off!  So that means, my bedroom, kitchen, and especially my office so I can make those Apple fanboys “green” with envy!  Here’s hoping I get lucky!!  😀 

  • evltwn

    I have about 3 different OEM chargers for old phones.  I plan on using the Andru charger at work so I can show it off.  Not that I need to charge my Droid RAZR MAXX at work because the battery life is ridiculously long in this phone.  😉

  • autoverse

    I have 2 OEM Chargers for Phones with Micro-USB connectivity. I have about 5 OEM chargers from non-mobile micro USB connected things (Logitech Harmony Remote among others). 

    I will use Andru in my bedroom. He will help me sleep. 

  • Well, I have 2 stock chargers; one that I got with my Nexus and one from my old phone. Andru would definitely be an upgrade.

    I’ll be using it at my workplace mostly; will be spreading the “Go Green” msg, Android fanboy way. Also, green is the color of envy… that will also show up on some faces when they see this cool new toy at my desk… 😉

  • I only have 1 OEM charger, bummer. And I plan on using/taking Andru Everywhere I go, just to show it off 🙂

  • I have… 2 Lenovo, 1 Dell, 1 Nokia small (+adapter for microUSB), 1 microUSB, 2 USB female A + micro/miniUSB cables, 1 iPod, 1 Sony Ericsson… 9 chargers (I hope I’m not forgetting any)
    Andru would, of course, go to the office… to show off! >:-) What better way to advertise Android than such a cool, useful gadget?

  • I have at least two OEM HTC chargers, a generic microUSB wall charger, a kindle charger, and a car charger. I’m throwing them all away if I win one! 😛

  • i have so many different chargers laying around that i could start a OEM Chargers Store out of my apartment.. Moto, Samsung, LG.. which do you guys need!

    This little Andru will be coming to work with me.. ive got so much Andy paraphernalia at my apartment, my office needs some love!

  • Well I currently have 5 chargers. I plan on using Andru in the kitchen, home office and at work. They are so cool looking!!! Fits perfectly with the Android bot on the back of my Galaxy Nexus case from Cruzerlite!

  • I want one just because I want one.

  • Chris N.

    I have 2 OEM chargers and would use Andru at the bars to help with the ladies

  • Dan

    I actually need a few more as this nexus is my first smart phone

  • I have 3 ugly chargers laying around..  I plan to use this in place of them whether it be at home or the office. 

  • crazyhobo5

    I’ve got about 4 OEM adapters (DOIRD, DInc2, Kindle and Kindle Fire) which are everywhere in my house. If I get this awesome charger it would probably be in my TV room because the power supply is most visible there.

  • My charger just broke yesterday so I have to rely on my car charger for now… 

  • It would match my green room! I should have green androids everywhere! 

  • rdnckcub

    have 7 total chargers, 2 from GO droid’s, 1 Droid X, 2 Droid RAZR’s, ad 2 verizon store chargers, and Andru would become my go to Charger everywhere! Work, home, even car! (would buy a wall to AC charger just to use it!)

  • John Jablonski

    This guy would definitely go in the dining room, so that he’s front and center for everyone to see when they walk in the house.

  • Aaron Rich

    9-10 brickly, ugly chargers around the house (LG Dare, HTC Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2 Global, Galaxy Nexus, BN Nook Color, Blackberry 9700  3 or so bluetooth headset).

    At work, I just have boring cables from machines to charge. Would love to have Andru instead to match all my Dead Zerba Androids (10 of them) and for when I travel.

  • David H.

    i swear i have a kabillion chargers lying about. droid og, droid 2, droid 3 droid 4, htc evo 4g, not to even get started on the tablet side of things!

    I’d use this in the office most definetly

  • I play on using this charger at work so I can beam the light onto the desk of the *Phone lover. War is on! 

  • Ankur Singh

    I have at least 15 chargers at home/my car but most of them have been chewed through by my 5 cats (pussy really CAN be annoying!) — this one, however, would be untouchable to them as I’d keep a nice fork so stab any of them with if they came near it. I would also consider promoting my Android Geekdom by suction-cupping this to my forehead as I walked anywhere socially acceptable. Yep, I said it. I’d use it at home, in my car, at my office, and pretty much anywhere else charging was possible. I might even play Unchained Melody whenever his eyes light up.

  • bsnarles

    I’ve have a couple OEM chargers and even a NonOEM car charger. If I got this charger I would show him off everywhere and would be happy to plug in my Galaxy Nexus when the battery becomes low.

  • The charger that comes with the Nexus isn’t that bad.  It is small and comes with a pretty long cord. Other third party ones i have bought however are just ugly and bulky.  This one might be bulky, but it does it in style!  Gimmie 🙂

  • finally replace all the OEM outlet charges and only need to hold onto the various USB cords that are tailered to my needs for length (Thanks OEMs for 6in or 6ft of cable out the outlet… not)

  • I have about 4 nasty oem chargers for my devices and I would use it at home to show off to the apple asses who flaunt their devices every chance they get

  • I have 6 OEM chargers and would be more then happy to use Andru Android Charger everywhere I need to charge! Show off at office, living room, traveling at airports, etc.

  • i have tons of oem chargers that are bulky and ugly just laying around at work and home and last but not least my car too lol, but this one is awesome i would definately love to have this 🙂

  • I got so many OEM charges….I have 5 all ready in my room, not in my house XD. If I got the Andru Android Charger that would be perfect for my desk. I got a surge protector on top of it, so it looks better when it charges from there instead of the wall.

  • Teng247

    have 5 oem chargers lying around all with short usb cords except my GNex OEM charger who my wife happend to vacuum the cord.. I plan to use Andru everywhere

  • Lax77

    I have at least 3-4 fugly OEM chargers around and I still find myself having to unplug and move them around to where i currently am…. This beautiful little beast would go in my office so I could show him off!

  • Rhecht

    I have at least 4 chargers now. Some from my blackberry days, some I have found at school and now some from my Nexus. I would used Andru in my geeked out dorm room where I can impress all my geek friends with it! 

  • Eze036

    I have about 15to chargers and ill use it mostly at work and home

  • Under my bed, deep in the crevices of my container store under bed thing, lies the Loch Ness charging monster. I can’t count the number of tangled chargers that lie within that charge old flip phones, my Samsung Convoy, Blackberry “insert pos name here” through my last Verizon Chocolate sensation. I would use that little dude everywhere. The phone is always on so it better be plugged in. The
    Galaxy Nexus will grab me the ultra sexy award next to Andru.

  • SeanRinVA

    We have 5 oem chargers. I would use the Andru charger at work.

  • Droidzilla

    I have three chargers at home, but none of them are awesome. With a charger this awesome, I’ll use it at home, at work (everyone here has an iPhone), and at all of my friends’ houses. I’ll probably even find new places to use it, like schools that I don’t even attend, Starbucks (I don’t even like coffee), and maybe I’ll install an A/C inverter into my car so I can use it there. Andru Android Charger and I will become best friends, and they’ll make a movie about our adventures where the part of Andru Android Charger will be played by that dancing Andy Android at the Sony booth a while back and the part of me will be played by The Rock. It’ll be called “Quick Charge,” or “Tough Charge,” or something like that.

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I actually took a dremel to my desk and mounted a powered USB hub flush to the surface. Works / looks really nice. If I get one of these, I may end up having to do the same thing with a 120 outlet.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Wow, this thing is so cool!

    We have 6 ugly oem chargers that i know of, and there should be another 2-3 rolling around in the cars from our recent move.  worst thing about most of the oem ones is you have a proprietary wall plug and pigtail, not a “universal” usb plug.  I was so glad my LG Dare came with a usb charger, first to do so.

    I will rock this thing at home, the kids will love it.  And it will also travel to work to get oohs and aahs from the other designers in my office!

  • I have around 7 chargers (I know, right?) 1 in my bedroom, one in my living room, car, girlfriend’s car, my office, and another office I spend a large percent of my time, and at a small local coffee shop that I spend the majority of my time hanging with friends.I may have more, cant remember lol.

  • I have about 6 chargers, from bulky usb ones to a plain, but nice OEM desk charger. If I get one of these cool things I’ll replace the desk charger at my work desk and take it home to use a nightstand charger. That way all my IT co-workers can come by and get jealous at the cool Andru charger I have at my desk! ::evil laugh:: Muhahaha

  • At least four or five (from OG Droid, Samsung Fascinate, now HTC Rezound and some spares), and it’d be on my desk.

  • Let’s see, I have 5 proprietary OEM chargers from Samsung, LG, and Palm.  I have 3 OEM miniUSB chargers from Motorola and Blackberry.  I have 6 OEM microUSB chargers from Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.  

    Andru would be my friend.  I would hug him and and kiss him and call him George..   Uh…  wait.  

    I would use him primarily in my kitchen charging station where I could see him most often.  And I see that his power supply specs are perfect for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Benjamin Chow

    Let’s see… I have 2 in my bedroom, 1 in the kitchen, 1 at work, at least 1 in each car, 1 in my office and 1 in my backpack… they are a mix from everything I have owned… HTC, Motorola, Samsung, even a BB… This little guy will replace the one in my backpack so I can take him anywhere I went 🙂 … like my own roaming Andru 😉

  • Daniel White

    I have 6 OEM chargers at the house that I have acquired in the past two years from my many android phone purchases for myself and my wife.  I would use the Andru Android Charger at my office to let the android presence be known.

  • I have 2 chargers around my house. I’d replace the one in my bedroom so Andy can guard over me while I sleep

  • MJ

    I have only one ugly OEM charger which is enough… The Andru will go next to Yoda on my home office desk.

  • Steve

    I’ve lost track of the number of chargers I have as they have been replaced over time as new devices enter my home.  However, Andru would have a very short-life at my home as there is no reason to show him off there.  My wife is electronically inept and simply does what I recommend.  At work, however, I have had a running debate with colleagues regarding the Droid v. i*hone and would like to display this where all could see.

  • Tony Brandner

    I have quite a few, but they’re spread out over a few desks and areas, so hopefully it doesn’t look like a mess. Andru looks like a neat USB charger.

  • I’ve got about a dozen OEM chargers laying around, only half of them in use. Andru would get used at my home computer desk.

  • I have at least 4 Ugly OEM Chargers 3 from Moto Devices and 1 from HTC. I’m planning on using this in my office so everyone at my job will know how much of a Android Fan I am 😀

  • Brian Cohen

    I have probably 15 OEM chargers (that are for Micro USB) and that doesn’t include old non used once anymore.  I would use this at the office…too many apple stuff around here.  Need to balance the scales.

  • MikeD675

    I probably have 3-4 OEM chargers lying around. This one will look great on my desk.

  • I have at least a half dozen OEM’s laying around… Totally going to use it at work… make all my co-workers jealous!

  • Justinlightner

    I have seven oem in my house. I would use this charger in my bedroom.

  • I have about 4 chargers just lying around from over the years. I’d use this charger in my room.  When I wasn’t charging, he’d have a cozy spot in front of my computer monitor.

  • I have about 15 OEM chargers from various devices I’ve owned. I plan using Andru as my mobile charger, plugging it wherever I can whenever I need to recharge my Nexus.

  • Tweekex

    I have at least 5 chargers laying around my house, however the main one I use at home is tucked behind my bed so no need for this.

    At work however with my iPhone toting co-workers I would LOVE to have this on my desk 🙂

  • jdomann

    I’ve got some in my room, but all the horrid-looking ones I take with me…. 🙁 I need something to show my android pride!

  • I’ve got about 8 OEM chargers at home.

  • MKader17

    I have 2 Moto chargers (1 lost on my desk, another in a “storage” box) and a (quite descent looking) Samsung charger next to my bed.

    I’ll definitely have to put Andru in a prominent location on my desk. I may have to work some magic and run a custom cord from the wall to him, so that I can sit him on the desk and use him as an easy to reach charger.

  • Cory Parker

    I have about 5 chargers. One Samsung, the others HTC. This little guy however I’d most likely bring to work for one main reason. To further show my love for android. I’m actually the sole android (first with the OG Droid Inc. Now with the G-Nex) user here. Everyone else here has there iphone 4’s and ipads and i everythings smh…

  • Bob

    I have like 6 OEM chargers. I will use Andru in my dorm room. I hope I win because in college I has no money to even buy time to think about purchasing one of these.

  • Meridethp86

    I have a charger at my house, car, and each of my two jobs. My husband has a few chargers laying around the house as well. I would take andru with me to both jobs to show him off to my coworkers who are also avid android users/fans!

  • DanWazz

    I, sadly, only have one OEM charger. The ones from my ex-cell phones, I gave to people who needed them. With Droid Life’s help, I can double my my total number of phone chargers, and show everyone at my office which mobile OS is the best. It’s always been a dream.

  • I have at least 4 or 5 OEM chargers lying around (probably threw out quite a bit more), and I love this little guy. I would use it in my office and in my bedroom.

  • Revdan67

     I have 5 lying around the house, this one would be for the office

  • Holy Wow! This charger is stupendous!  Would keep it in my pocket so I can show off my little guy to every single iP**e user and yell “my little guy is nicer and higher quality than yours!”  Hmmm… might as well show off ANDRU too!
    Have probably 10 different OEM chargers and all but one is fugly!  Got to give credit to Palm (wife’s hardly used palm-pre), their chargers are even nicer than apple.

    Gotta have some green in my hand, WOOT!

  • I have several old blackberry chargers that are bent and need to be contorted to charge my nexus.. I’d use the Andru charger at work, home,  friends places, etc.

  • 1bad69z28

    This is so cool, between the wife and I we have several chargers alone around our home office, UGLY, WIRES hanging ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!! We are definitely an Android family with our Sony S wires hanging around too lol  Winning this bad Andru would spice up our home office desk and my office at work. 

    Hopefully my wife doesn’t take it away for her office lol!!!!!!!!!!  I can see her kidnapping Andru and turning him and his awesome eyes against me LOL

    THanks DL for chance to win this killer charger 🙂

  • I have 7 various OEM chargers from my years with smartphones. I would use the Andru at work to charge my Nexus with pride!

  • Richard Boren

    Over the past 7 years, I have amassed a staggering 43 of these wall-usb chargers… from new phones, to tablets and bluetooth  devices, to mp3 players, to various crapgadgets recieved as that ugly gift you get from your hightech grandma (if such a creature is truly anything less than fiction). People have left them at my house when coming from out of town, and I have even recieved them from neighbors who don’t know what they are for…

    The only reason I keep them, is that; for when people come over who “need” to charge their phones or tablets or whatever the hell that they thought was important enough to NOT juice up before ending up at my place. I let them use one or more, then when they leave, I send them packing what I let them use 🙂

    This little gem, however, would live happily on my desk as a king amongst the other desktop guardians that I have amassed over time and would possibly even follow me to work to serve two purposes… One, to charge my GTab 10.1 or GNote…and two, to fly my flag loudly, proudly, and in adorable fashion!

    Viva Le ANDROID!

  • I have all the chargers that I have gotten with phones and all the ones my wife has for her phones, but not are green, light up, or nearly as cool as this one!

  • I have 2 android chargers are home and one at work. The problem is my Andrea (female Andy) at work is lonely. She needs this little guy to put a little spark back in her life.

  • Ricky Schleining

    I have 3 chargers we currently use and a drawer for ones we aren’t using. I really don’t want to look in that drawer…

  • I have a OEM charger plugged in to each room of the house except the kitchen at the moment.  This will sit in my office at my desk. Everyone at the office knows I am the go to android guy and it will look great next to some of my other Andy stuff.

  • Adartilth

    I have roughly 12 OEM chargers.

    I’d pack the Andru Android Charger in my laptop bag and take it with me wherever I go so that everyone can enjoy the awesomeness that is this charger

  • Ben

    I only have one ugly OEM charger. It would be nice to not have to carry it around all the time. I could hide it in my bedroom where no one sees and bring the nice one out into the kitchen.

  • Tomwhite86

    Unfortunately I only have 2 chargers as I just made the jump from a phone with mini USB. Definitely looking to add another for the office, especially one as cool as this.

  • das0527

    I just cleaned out my study and garage this past weekend and collected all my old chargers to be recycled. I have 23 OEM wall chargers and nine car chargers, plus a few non-OEM wall chargers. I’d love to win Andru – he’d sit on my desk at work and keep my Rezound charged.

  • Claytonhoppe

    I’ve got 4 OEM chargers lying around the house.
    I will use Andru at the office to show it off to those iUsers.

  • ryan_mcfadden

    I have several chargers that this could replace. The HTC and Motorola ones are really ugly but the new Samsung charger isn’t too bad. I would like to display the Andru in my kitchen to charge my phone though!

  • I have 7 complete chargers.  and two usb cords only with no ac adapter.  this new bad boy would be shown off at work.

  • I have four chargers around my house and I would love to use to show to all my iPhone friends who think their phone is the coolest. 

  • I have 5 chargers over the house – 2 in the bedroom, 2 in the kitchen, and 1 in an office room. That doesn’t include the one I carry in my bag. I would use this at work.

  • I would take him and use him everywhere with me, probably keep him safe in my pocket.  That way people could say is that an Andru in your pocket or are you happy to see me. 

  • Illinipoke

    I have 10 – 15 chargers and parts of chargers laying around the house and office for all sorts of different phones.

    This puppy would go to the office to proclaim my nerdom for all to see.

  • Vonny571

    I don’t even know how many chargers i have anymore. Half of them are lost in a closet somewhere. I’d use Andru at home, in the office, on the road. He’d be my little charging buddy.

  • Brian Getchel

    I sadly still have 4 blackberry chargers that are laying around the house so I always one handy. If I won this, though, those chargers will have to stay there because I would have this at my office. Need to show off the Android pride!

  • nwd1911

    I have a few OEM chargers that came with my last 3 phones.  Couple of car chargers as well.  I would use this bad boy in my office and love every minute of it.

  • Jeffrey Hewitt

    I have 20 different ugly ass OEM Chargers at home.  Andru would go right on my nightstand proudly charging my Motorola Photon and possibly my wife’s evo (if I let her use it!)

  • I have only 3 chargers. Andru will be replacing my office one.

  • picaso86

    OEM chargers are ugly period. 

  • Danielseymour4

    My crappy Samsung charger SUCKS! I have to bend it for my phone to charge. I would put the andru charger near my bed

  • BikerBob1789

    Only 2 or three chargers at home. 

    Andru will be used in my office.

  • I have at 4 OEM chargers in my apartment, each in a different room, and 1 that I keep with me at all times (normally in a cargo pocket) for charging at work, at practice, or anywhere else I end up. This one would definitely replace the one I keep with me!

  • ticktock

    7 OEM chargers scattered between home, office, and car.
    This Andru will be replacing my current Samsung charger in the office

  • Bill Slowey

    I am responsible for over 60 phones at work, so I have several chargers at my desk. At home, my wife and sons are always taking my charger. Having this little green guy would let everyone know that this is my charger.

  • I have 4 OEM chargers laying around LOL.      I plan to use the Andru charger at work on my desk since my coworkers are all iPhone fan’s.  I’ll show them whose boss ! lol

  • StealieSubie

    In my office right now I’m counting 18

  • I’ve got about 3 OEM chargers lying around (2 wall, 1 car) as well as a couple of cheap no-name USB wall chargers. I’d rock this guy at work and show it off to all the other android fanboys in the office!

  • 4 ugly ones this would be perfect on my desk

  • I have 2 OEM chargers in my bedroom(1 for me & 1 for the wife). 1 OEM charger in the computer room. 2 OEM chargers in the Living room downstairs. 1 OEM charger in the kitchen. 1 OEM charger in the garage and 1 other OEM charger in the basement. 1 OEM charger at my work and one at my wife’s work. if my wife and i both had the Andru charger at our work places all the other android users would be so jealous of us. AND i be able to show us the apple fanboys at my work cuz there is alot of them out numbering the Android users.  

  • I have an epic crap ton of ugly chargers in my house.  I would use the Andru at the office though where I can show my Android pride!

  • gimlet72

    I have one OEM charger which I would leave next to my bed. I would take the Anduru to work to place on my desk

  • peezwizz

    I have a short OEM charger that doesn’t even reach my desk at work… I’d put Andru right smack dab in the middle of my desk so my coworker could get a good look at it everyday. I’m a tech support specialist at an elementary school that is 100% macs and he’s been giving me guff over buying the gnex instead of the i*hone… he’ll love this.

  • Jon Tobin

    I have almost half a dozen lame looking chargers lying around my house, and a bunch of them have busted wires. I am currently using the micro USB cable for my nook to charge my nexus s because the wire that came with it frayed and broke. I would use this charger in my bedroom! 

  • bob

    I have a few super ugly OEM chargers. The worst being the Samsung one. Why? Because it looks JUST LIKE the the i*hone one, only black. I’d use Andru in my family room so everyone would get to see how badass my charger was.

  • hooked on phoenix

    Right now my work phone and my droid are sharing a charger at my desk. All my other chargers are plugged into every outlet of my house (can’t be too careful!!!)
    I have successfully converted 80% of my office over to droids. Still have 1 i*hone holdout and someone who went back to blackberry from droid because they’re senile.

  • jleboeuf

    I have about 4 chargers at home/car. I plan on using Andru on my desk for work.

  • Xzombiex66

    I have 8 laying around almost one for every room, my daughters both have kindle fires and with my girlfriend having her htc, they consistently lose their chargers, so they take mine, I am now stuck with a piece of junk that i bought at a freaking pawn shop. It does the job, but i would love to have this sexy little charger and hopefully they will keep their hands off. I could even tell them it will only work with my phone only haha.

  • I’ve got 3 strategically placed around the home, 1 in the car and 1 at work.  None are as cool at this one, tho.  

  •  Can it be used as a nite lite? i would proudly display this in my bathroom, nothing worse then browsing on the can and getting low battery:)

  • I have 5 ugly OEM chargers lying around my house, 3 motorola, and 2 htc. I would definitely love to have Andru chillin with me here in my dorm room. Little guy’s gotta spread his wings sometime. 

  • Artistan

    Most OEM charger is so ugly I usually hide every part of it except for the connector. I will proudly show off the Andru charger on top of my desk at work!

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    I have a collection of mini and micro USB scattered throughout the house, in almost every room, all collected as part of my new device obsessions…

    I would send them all to the recycling bin to have a little green friend sitting next to me in my Rec Room watching TV with me.

  • I have six ugly EOM Chargers laying around the house. Having an Andru android charger will be very useful, since I have a Tbolt and everyone knows how much great of a battery life it has 😉 now I can charge my Tbolt with style everywhere every 3 hours 🙂 

  • JS629

    I have at least 5 standard run of the mill micro usb chargers laying around, two from motorola, one from HTC, one from Blackberry, and one from some random device. But I’ll more than likely use this at work where its full on awesomeness will be appreciated.

  • I can only count 4 OEM chargers, but this would be perfect for my office!

  • hfoster52

    I have 4 OEM Chargers and I plan to use this at work to show off Andy!!

  • I have about 6 different chargers for all kinds of various devices. I believe I would have to take Andru to work and use him there where he can be displayed properly for all my co workers to see and comment on.

  • daware

    I have two ugly OEM chargers, and I plan on using Andru in every room that has an outlet!

  • drparty

    Probably 4+ USB chargers, bedroom would be nice, perhaps right by the couch downstairs. would made a nice little conversation piece.

  • Sgiacomo84

    Can’t begin to say how many boring black chargers I have laying all over my place – at least one in every room, sometimes 2; also have 2 at my office. I would love to spice up either my home or office with this little beauty and make plenty of people jealous 🙂 Please!!!!

  • Joshyz73

    Counting all OEM wall chargers that use USB, I’ve got 6:

    1 from my OG Droid
    1 from my OG Droid dock
    1 from my D3
    1 from my wife’s phone
    1 from my tablet
    1 from my Nook

    Could make it 7 if you count the one for my Zune.  At any given point, I can find probably 3 of them.

    I’d use Andru at work.  Where I charge my stuff at home, no one would ever see it.

  • Champlification

    I probably have at least 5 or 6 OEM chargers.  My wife and I each have one in our bedroom, I have 2 by the computer, and another one in the living room, and one at work.  Plus more I’m probably forgetting.

    I would use the Andru at work, so I could make my coworker jealous since he would definitely want one.

  • peggsie

    I have two ugly chargers at home. I would use cute little Andru in my bedroom since I charge my Bionic at night. I would also take Andru on vacation with me. I would have to buy Andru several different wardrobes since I travel the globe.

  • I have 4 OEM chargers at home but they will never be as cool as the Andru will.

  • mising

    No less than ten chargers throughout my house, but this guy would be going in my surge protector on my desk at work.

  • Let’s see…3 people x 4 previous phones….that would be at LEAST 12 crappy, individualized OEM chargers lying around here.  Thank goodness chargers are universal now!  And if I had my very own Andru Android Charger, I would use him here in my office to charge my Droid X.  Here he would reign SUPREME overall the other lowly chargers.  “There’s a new sheriff in town…and he goes by the name ANDRU!”  On the seventh day…God didn’t rest…’cause his battery was low on his Galaxy Nexus and he lost his charger!  So he went online, ordered himself an Andru charger…and then took the rest of the day off. 

  • tagrzadz

    I have about 5 ugly chargers that I use throughout my house.  The Andru charger would definitely improve the appearance of my office.

  • Just sitting here at my desk at work I have 7. Probably another three or four at home. Definitely need one of these for the office to go with all the rest of my Android swag!

  • I have possibly somewhere around 50 ugly chargers that keep falling off my desk and collecting. This would be absolutely perfect! Thanks in advance 😉

  • I have way to many fugly chargers laying around my room in drawers in my travel bag in the bathroom (yes I have a charger in the bathroom) but what I don’t have is the coolest Andru charger in the world! I will most likely be using it mostly at home but will without a doubt be taking it to the office to show it off!

  • john0214

    Well mines pretty ugly . This would go great next to my bed

  • Grinwell

    I’ve got 2 barely functional chargers in the house.  Andru would be proudly displayed at work to make all the Apple fanboys jealous.  I want one!

  • Benjamin Clay

     I have 5 chargers and they are all ugly.  I hope to get Andru for my office to make my coworkers jealous.

  • droidify

    I have 2 primary chargers. I would use this one at my office just to be obnoxious to all the crapple fanboys. Go Android!

  • I have 4 ugly OEM chargers, I would use Andru at my work desk I’m PC Tech/Phone Geek, so show North Dakota some love, we are still part of the US and like to win stuff!

  • Eric To

    I have about 2 ugly OEM chargers.  This little guy looks so awesome, I’d set him up next to my bed.

  • Patrick McAfee

    I have at least 5-6 oem chargers laying around that I would be rgoung replacing with Andru. This would be going in my home office.

  • AlexB

    I have a collection of Motorola, Samsung and (for shame) blackberry chargers lying around at different parts of the apartment. But only Andru can be good enough to charge my precious Galaxy Nexus. He will hang out with me in my office where he can gaze at me with his bright eyes and he fills my Nexus full of life.

  • Joey Miranda

    i have 3 oem BLOCK style chargers at my house looking for another one for my office to shove it to all the ios users and their weird HUGE block chargers lol.

  • Nybandit2000

    Will use it at work to to tease my android using co-workers.

  • scijohn

    I have about a dozen very jealous chargers between my house, my office, and my back pack right now. They know they are inferior to the Andru. The Andru charger is the only one I would display on my desk.
    Added benefit? It will annoy the crap out of my iPhone-toting co-workers.

  • Nybandit2000

    I have about a dozen. Most don’t have the phone that go with it.

  • Adam

    I have 5 hanging around the house that I can think of. Andru is awesome and I’d use it both in my home theater and when traveling.

  • RW-1

    I have about 30 chargers of various manufacturers lying around, would trash 20 of them to get one of there for my desk, where he could sit in all his glory, and the others being tossed would finally free up a junk drawer to fill with other android goodies!

  • Trindale85

    I have at least 4 oem chargers. I would use this charger near my computer so I could see it all day.

  • Bbjunkie23

    I have 11 OEM chargers total laying around. None of them super cool like andru tho. I would definitely bring him straight to work.

  • Adam Crawford

    I have at least 5 OEM chargers plugged in around my house, two from my OG Droid, one from my wife’s Continuum. and two from my GNex.  This does not include the one OEM at work and the one that stays in my car just in case.  At work I am known as the Droid guy, I would definitely be using this as my work charger.  It would just fit.

  • Mastabrozif

    I have about 7 ugly OEM chargers from my regular phones like my env2 and env3 and such.

  • That’s pretty sick! Followed. I’d probably use Andru at work. Gotta show that dude off on the work bench.

  • ramifications

    I only have one extra ugly charger lying around (from my old Incredible).  I will put Andru on my nightstand as my new plug in! 🙂

  • EdsonDJ

    I have countless OEM chargers. From the Nokias to the proprietary LG plugs, and from mini-USBs to now the micro-USBs. I also do my best to hide these ugly black things behind desks and other furniture. However, if I had an Andru, I would plug it where it’ll be fully exposed and everyone can see that the phone that Andru is charging is no iPhone.

  • Sciontc12212

    I have 4 OEM chargers stuffed in my junk drawer from previous phones and 1 charger in my room for my current galaxy nexus. If I had andru I’d show him off in my room and living room in order to show my iPhone using girlfriend how much cooler android chargers are 🙂

  • Maizekid

    I have a total of 8 lying around. Pretty much one in every part of the house. I would use my android charger in the living room that way the glowing eyes can double as a night light on my way to the fridge for a midnight raid.

  • Houch80

    I have several from Recent phones and a box full of old chargers from back in the day. I would show this off at work in hopes it doesn’t get kidnapped and held for ransom from my android loving co workers.

  • I have about 9or10 OEM chargers/plain boring cheap junk most i don’t use while some i have to use still (sadly) quite often and sometimes out on the go in a coffee shop were ever an outlet is available to keep me going threw the day.I hate pulling out the unsightly things their important to me only that they get me through the day other then that trash.By the way i’m a android fanatic all the rage about ze droid bot and droid anything and most recently ANDRU!!:D this lil guy can get rid of all my trash chargers permanently.He should be wearing a superman cape cuz he will save my life from all that ugly and plain chargers.I would use Andru everywhere most likely in my bedroom but i would love to use it when i’m out and about like the coffee shop or local eatery pluging it in and see people take a look at this handsome lil buddy of mine(HOPEFULLY 😀 ) Lastly thank you droid for this contest and the awesome articles and news everyday 🙂

  • Opoel34

    I have one in my house, and if I have andru then I’ll bring it everyhere I go to show off to all of my friend.

  • RadicalPie

    I have about 5 oem chargers laying around. I would definitely use this at work seeing that I have a outlet built flush in my desk so he would just stand up 🙂 .

  • ajm531

    I have atleast 5 or 6 lying around the house. one my mom uses. and like 3 just as ugly ones on a big power strip for my kindle fire,samsung galaxy tab, and my bionic. It will definitely be in my bedroom since i have android figurines around my pc, a android plushy by my bed, and a teamm android 2011 poster from the SXSW android event in austin which has a pretty sweet looking android on it. So would love to add this to my collection. I NEED MOAR ANDROID!!!!

  • jcorf

    Eh yeah there’s probably about 3 or 4 oem chragers lying around my house. I will admit though that the GNex charger is not all that bad, but andru defintely looks wayyy better. 

  • adam

    I have three or four chargers at home, however this would be used at work, to try to stop the seemingly unstoppable tide of I phones flooding the office! I live in the UK, so this would perch proudly stop an adaptor increasing its stature even more.

  • Justin

    I have 2 ugly OEM chargers around. I would most defiantly use this in my rocket ship. 

  • bullhonkie

    Hmm let’s see, 5 OEM chargers from various phones all around the apartment. If I got an Andru, I’d definitely use it on my desk in my office loft, not just as a charger but also a figure piece!

  • Almostadr

    I have about 4, i would put this one on my desk at work. When i take clients back to see x-rays they will see my cool droid charger

  • I have about 6 OEM chargers in the house, I would take this charger with me everywhere!

  • Fjnardo

    6 plain old boring OEM chargers…I’d use it at my firehouse in my office!

  • I have three ugly OEM chargers around my house. I would gladly let those collect dust with my new Andru! I think Andru would go in my bedroom, where most of the charging gets done…

  • GazaIan

    I have 4 ugly OEM Chargers (and tomorrow I am getting a Sensation 4G for my birthday, so we’ll see how that looks). This one is ultra sexy and I’m going to get an extension cord, so I can have this on my nightstand in my bedroom.

  • robotsforeveryone

    The charger cords wrap around my various Android figures (like they’re holding it) in the bedroom/living room/office.  This is like the best of both worlds.  This charger was made for me! He’d be sitting in my Android figure case mocking all the other Androids with his awesomeness 😀

  • Ollie

    I have 11 of the damn things. 4 are proprietary..2 for really Samsungs and 2 for god knows what! So, you see, I really need another one! 🙂

  • duke69111

    I have five OEM chargers lying around the house and office.  I would defiantly show this off at the office. 

  • Strashunm

    After 9 years of iLife I made the switch to the greener side. My room is a graveyard of white bricks and ropes with my lone nexus charger. A little green guy would be the finishing touch to my desktop.

  • Tittbags

    I have 8 between 3 cars, work, and home. I would definitely use this at work to get oohs and aahs from everyone.

  • Aaron

    i have 4 ugly chargers around the house and in my travel bag.  I would use it out where it could be seen for sure.  I would also take it with me for a travel charger!

  • I have so many chargers I can’t count them all.  Everything from old laptop chargers to old cell phone chargers, my HTC charger for my DInc, several LG ones for the wife and daughter’s phones, and countless others for various other devices.  The ugliest by far though is the white charger for the iPad my work issued me. Andru would find a proud and happy home on my desk!

  • David E.

    Because of this fun post I actually went and counted. I found 14. From Nokias, Motorolas, HTC but currently I carry my Samsung OEM charger everywhere school and at home. My phone (the Amazing Galaxy Nexus) already gets me enough attention at school, with this charger……Nerdgasm. The “Andru” goes everywhere. (battery life isn’t too bad on my phone, I just hotspot a lot). 

    Please Kellex……

  • I have at least 6 old chargers lying around the home.  This bad boy would definitely be getting a prime and visible place so every time my friends visit they can see how awesome it is~

  • cloud36426

    I have 4 laying around. I plan to use mine at home and office. 🙂

  • Wesleyanderson0688

    I have 0 OEM chargers I dont have alot of spare money I take my charging cord that came with the phone everywhere so having a 2nd would be nice so I can keep one at work so I dont have to worry about forgetting it at home. 


  • I have an OEM charger for my Nexus and my TouchPad charger, but the Touchpad cable is not OEM due to it being a POS and not fitting perfect in the charger port. I’m in need of a sweet looking charger! I’d use my charger in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and basically anywhere else I go! Mostly my gf’s to make her jealous of my sweet new charger.

  • I have two – I’ll be using this one in the bedroom since it’s where I end up charging my phone for the next day. 

  • right now i have 4 OEM chargers. 2 actually are blackberry chargers to replace my dead nexus one charger, and the short charger of the galaxy nexus.

    i would mostly use this at school, home and when traveling.

  • I have a shoe box full of ugly chargers. I plan on using this awesome Andru in my man cave.

  • Tybalt2011

    I have five plugs for my mobile devices littered throughout my apartment. This won’t cut down on the number, merely add, but at least it will look cute in the living room.

  • John Lane

    about 13 if my count is correct as i sit here on my couch this would definitely go in the bathroom so guests would see it. also it makes it so I can charge my phone blaring music while I shower much easier without me needing to unplug a different charger

  • I have three sets if you count my roomies,I plan on showing this badboy off in the kitchen at my house so everyone will see it! 

  • 2 OEM chargers.  I’d use this at home.  Fortunately, my wall plug is above my desk so everyone can see it in all its glory!

  • plattyMAXX

    iPhone sucks I don’t want to charge my phone out of a half eaten apple but this little guy, is indeed the beep knees when it comes to making all my peer computer engineering classmates drool….. at least the cool ones that have an android.

  • sd70feb

    I have 3 plain generic chargers……would be awsome to have Andru as a unique charger AND a night light… 🙂

  • Gnexlover

    ive got three OEM chargers just in my the house two in my car.
    i plan to use the 
    Andru in my car.

  • I have about 5 OEM chargers but they’re just too plain.  I plan on using Andru mostly at work cause my boss is an i*hone lover and I just wanna annoy her with it .

  • I have no less than five ugly chargers. I’d use Andru at home to charge my phone and, for old times sake, my iPod to see if I can get Steve to roll over in his grave. To soon? 

  • Madelinedao

    Got 7 OEM chargers and if I were to win I’d put Andru in my room. 

  • Tim_Horton

    Got a pile of stuff in every room of the house I think, I am parasitic draw central…Motorola, Samsung, Griffin, Kensington, brown, white, black, etc.  None green and mysterious enough that anyone would ever ask “whats that”. I just want a usb charger that isn’t some pokemon crap that looks like something interesting.

    My plan is to bring it to the office and anytime the iDorks say “I know you gotta charger I can borrow” – this will be the charger.  The only rule is it has to use the outlet strip on your desk and you will be glad the god of Android has permitted your device to consume electrons through it.  First step will be one of those security rfid chips in it like we do for lab stuff so they fockers can’t make away with it.


    • Tim_Horton

      …I should have added, the principal duty will be occasionally feeding maxx or nexus while sitting at my desk.Only occasionally will I share.

  • I currently have 3 chargers in my house, all of them are ugly as sin, & my original one that came with my phone is about to break! I would use Andru in my bedroom, & he would be best friends with my collection of cute erasers.

  • ChiefW

    I have 4-5 depending on what I find that day…..but I have many more pre-android in my storage that gets all tied in knots.  

    • ChiefW

       I would take it with me everywhere and use him to his fullest potential….all my toys will love him.

  • I have 3 OEM charger…..
    The andru will be my all-time on the go Traveling TRAVEHOLIC charger…. 
    The First charge will be on Carnival Cruise

  • Youllreachus

    Ashamed to summit that I have a drawer full of various ones,some of which should have already been thrown away. if I win I will definitely user the chargers in the family room where every visitor will get a great view of my all time coolest charger!

  • I have 7 chargers. one in every room, one in my car and one at work!
    I;d use andru at work. Show him off in the hospital while i charge my let nexus!

  • Greg

    I must have a dozen or so OEM chargers in the nightstand next to my bed.  Accompanying the chargers in the graveyard are their fallen smartphone brothers. Reminds me of a day when universal chargers were not required by law. If I won this I would have to fly my android flag at work to show everyone what a boss I am while charging my phone.

  • I have about 10 OEM chargers lying around and Andru blows those out of the water! I would use it every time my gnex needs some juice

  • Inquizitor

    Gah, I have easily more than 10 with my old dumbphones and nintendo handheld taken into account. I would probably use this on my nightstand, so I could have bugdroid guard me whilst I slumber.

  • Craig

    I probably have a half dozen chargers lying around. I might use this in the bedroom or car. Yes, I have an inverter and I use the desktop charging station on the desk 🙂

  • Gary Patrowicz

    Imust have at least 30 from the 5 phones in my house plus all the upgrades for the last 5 years kindles tablets cameras it is expensive having teenagers but this would have a special place on my desk

  • David Hayden

    I have a butt load of chargers. I have one for my Rezound, two for my OG Droid, one for my old LG VX8350, and some charger for a phone I don’t even dare admit to having due to its age.

  • Mustang5Oh

    I have about 4-5 OEM chargers and half of them have ugly ripped up cables and they are short and stupid. I want to use the Andru charger at work to show off my fanboy nature for Android to scare away all the iSheep!!!

  • The Race To Die

    definintely have 3 or 4 chargers laying around the house and if i get one of these ill probably end up taking it with me everywhere in case i need a charge and to show off my nerdy affinity for android

  • Steven Gawanda

    I currently have 3 Motorola, 2 HTC, 1 Samsung, and 1 LG OEM chargers laying around…I hate them all…they’re all boring and ugly. I would use this in my bedroom next to my bed…and I would take it everywhere to show it off!!! Way too cool!!!

  • I’ve got about 4 OEM chargers around my “house” at the moment. I say “house” mind you cause I am currently living in a college dorm room, and they are All my chargers, my roommate has a cheapo prepaid. I plan to use Andru right on my desk in the base of my light where i currently have my gnex charger plugged in.

  • Jmonteiro829

    2 at work and 3 at home.  Oh yeah… let’s not forget the car!. Andru is definitely gonna get used in the office.  I converted 3 guys I work with to Android and if I win I will be king of the geeks for at least a few minutes.  😉

  • I’ve got at least 6 or 7 Motorola chargers from my OG Droid/Droid 2/Droid X/Replacement Droid X/Droid RAZR. Probably a few from LG from the days of my Chocolate, oh and the hideous looking ones that apple manages to design for the iPod touch. Then countless Verizon branded ones (those are probably the ugliest).

    I’ll have Andru right on my kitchen counter in plain view!

  • Daniel Budzenski

    I have a bunch of different chargers and docks laying around my bedroom and house and girlfriends place. If I win one ill make sure and use him in the open plug next to my shelf containing my new and growing collection android mini figures.

  • HighDef

    I have a good half-dozen chargers of various sorts. Andru can go in the bathroom, where I spend most of my time, anyway. I never want to be caught short… on battery power for my HTC Incredible.

  • Palmer Nyako

    I have about 2 micro usb and 1 mini usb lying around in my house.
    I would use Andru for when i’m at school, since the bright green color would be hard to ignore/forget about during class.
    I do not have a twitter but i surely hope this does not make me ineligible for this contest since favoritism like that/exploiting this contest as a way to increase twitter followers is beneath droid-life correct?

  • nightscout13

    F*ck Twitter!

  • I have 9 (yes, I counted, unfortunately) ugly black chargers lying around my for all my devices.  I plan to use Andru to show my 3 roommates, or as I call them ‘the disciples of apple,’ why Android reigns supreme!  Plus, all the Apple in my dorm makes me feel like I’m living in an orchard; a little android flare would be a nice change of pace.

  • I have 3, one next to my bed, one on the desk and one in the living room, my mother has to have things “just so” in there so she is constantly removing it, I’m going to put this in there just to piss her off.  People will come over and be like “oh you’ve done such an amazing job decorating…ahhhh!  what the hell is that and why is it glowing!?”

  • Jon1029

    I have 10+ ugly OEM chargers around the house. and, I will use the Andru charger on my job sites (home builder).
    thanks for the opportunity!

  • I have shockingly few OEM cables in my house, only 3 or 4. However, I would throw all of them away if I could get one of these gorgeous Andru chargers. I’d use it primarily in my room, but…it looks so cool that I’d take it everywhere with me to show off to my friends. =)

  • Bigredandroid

    where can i purchase this cuz i never win any contests!

  • Between school and home too many, but I was keep mine right on my desk to just annoy all the iPhone users I live with haha.

  • Cjl1092

    I currently have 47, yes 47 OEM chargers riddled throughout my house; so many that I cant for the life of me remember what charger goes to what phone (personally I have 14 and the rest belong to my the other three members of my family). 
    I plan to use Andru at the University I attend. I would love to be able to pack him away and use him to charge in my dorm and in class (that way i cant mess around with its bendable arms and his little antenna and watch him light up while I “pay attention” in all my classes). 

  • Mlarson6

    I have about 5 old crappy chargers sitting around somewhere but would make this sweet new one my travel charger so as many people as possible could see this android awesomeness!

  • NooRotic

    I’ve lost count of the ugly chargers I have, I do a lot of on site client web development and would have this charger on many a desk. I’d even charge apple devices with it as I laugh at envious co-workers with their bland, boring, ugly, stale chargers. I must be chosen….please?

  • Obviously past the 3PM deadline (curse you Google Reader), but I’ve got no fewer than 6 of those brick things.

    • The Race To Die

      thats 3pm tomorrow

  • Waaay too many OEM chargers lying around my house…been stocking up on the since the G1 days. Andru will look really good in my office.

  • kselby

    I have one charger for my Galaxy Nexus and I had two for my OG Droid. I would use Andru in my dorm room, and I will proudly display it in plain sight so everyone can see it.

  • I have at least 6 including my OG Droid cube that failed, most don’t double as data cables, and they are ALL black.

    I’ll be using this charger at work to show my Android pride.

  • Jerome Rhodes

    I have three oem chargers. one is on my desk and the other two and back ups i always keep in the backpack. andru would replace the one on my desk, it shall be my trophy

  • Ive got 3 OEM chargers, 2 Motorola 1 Samsung one, but I think Andru would proudly be perched on my desk at work to show off my Android style!

  • Mr ilheis

    Cubicle Style!

    I’m going to run an extension cord onto my desk and have this baby pluged in so everyone can see.

  • I have 7 OEM chargers, all from either the Droid 1, Droid 2, Asus Transformer, or my newest toy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If I win the Andru, I’m going to place it in my home office for the clients to see ^.^!

  • Naqzar

    I have 2 chargers around the house and just as many at work and in my car
    Id use it at home somewhere people could see its awesomeness!

  • John Murray

    I can not even begin to explain how many Verizon, Motorola, etc. chargers I have… They’re all awful too. So many fail to actually charge anything because they don’t fit properly. I’ve woken up many a time where my phone has been dead because of the cords. The only one I have that actually works for my Galaxy Nexus is the Samsung one it came with, which is unfortunately threaded behind my bed for charging at night. The Andru looks awesome, I love that it has a plug cover which lets it stand up. Definitely something to have on display on the desk, and perfectly in reach when the 4g radio kills my GalNex’s battery.

  • I have three motorola chargers, a samsung charger, two HTC chargers, and a BlueAnt charger. I’d love an Andru charger to rep Android at work while charging my Galaxy Nexus!

  • dsnotgood

    this is stupid.

    I win.

  • ZachD

    I have so many UGLY chargers around my house… its almost rediculous…

    I would definitely use Andru in the office! something like that has to go on a desk, not sticking in the side of a wall or on a nightstand!!

  • Devosmith40

    I honestly can’t keep track of all the chargers I have between the house, the car, the office and the bottom of my laptop bag.

    Andru is definitely going to the office though to be the coolest charger around.

  • jhardy93

    I have two other chargers. I would leave those at hom. Andru would have to come with me where ever I go. It woul be very nice to use at home and to show off at work too.

  • Heather Alvarez

    We have 2 chargers in our house. One for myself and one for my fiance. Although he has his own he always steals mine to follow him around the house. I would gladly give him my old crappy one and keep this green Andru Beauty for myself to follow me around my house where needed!! 

  • Joseph Pojunis

    I have…
    2 Motorola DROID chargers
    3 HTC DROID Eris chargers
    1 Motorola DROID X2 charger
    1 Motorola DROID Bionic charger
    2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 chargers
    2 Samsung Galaxy Nexus chargers
    4 Android chargers that fit Motorola devices, and the Galaxy Nexus (and probably many more devices)
    So in total, that makes 15 chargers. 15. Yes, 15.
    If I were to add this new charger to my collection, I would definitely keep it in my bedroom.

  • Eric Payne

    I have at least a dozen old chargers lying around, got my first cell in 98 and for some reason have never thrown any of them away. I would love to have this at work to make everyone there jealous, lots of big droid fans around these days.

  • J. Mo

    I like the size of the square USB chargers from Apple and Samsung, but I would definitely carry Andru around with me whenever I know I would need to put some spare charge on my battery away from home.

  • Cabraswell

    I have about 10 OEM chargers laying around the house. Some I don’t even have the matching phone for… I’d definitely use this at work to show my love for Android.

  • Hollis Howell

    I have a ton!! Moto, Samsung, LG, HTC…this one is by far the coolest! :] I’d use this thing everywhere!!!

  • Wade Wilson

    An astounding total of…2…little squares are so much less appealing than a little green robot. …I believe a better question is where wouldnt I use it? I would use it everywhere I need, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,  maybe I could even talk to it like iSheep talk to Siri

  • ncsurob

    I have at least 5 different chargers spread through the house and office.  A couple apple, htc, and my samsung in my bedroom.  This would definitely be for the home office.

  • Ivan92116

    I have 4 chargers. 
    I would use Andru at my office to show everyone how big a geek I am. 

  • tedbrian

    I have no less than six OEM chargers between the one at work, two here at home and the random ones in the junk drawer and maybe a back up one in my car. This one would definitely be showcased at home so I can make the kids jealous. Lol

  • I have one ugly Verizon eco charger, but it does have a nine-foot cable!  And I also have the nice little Samsung charger from my Gnex.  This little guy would become my travel charger, and make all my android friends jealous.

  • I have 4 chargers at home- and they aren’t even the nice OEM ones. Cheap monoprice cables that barely connect, lol. I need some Andru!

  • I must have at least 10 OEM chargers lying around my house. One for my OG Droid. One for it’s docking station. One from when insurance replaced my original droid. The list goes on and on. If I got it I’d definitely use it on my bed stand to charge my new GNex at night.

  • onDroid

    I have 4 OEM chargers. All of them ugly. I would put this in my office and take it with me when I travel

  • I have 5 chargers  in the house 1 in the car and 2 USB cables, one on my laptop one on my PC at work . If I win this guy he’s going on my desk at work. 

  • Xlinuxtrancex

    I have more than a dozen ugly chargers at different locations around the house, but I would rock andru at work so everybody could use him!

  • HollywoodWebber

    I’ve got 3 OEM chargers. This little guy would keep me company at the office along with my red stapler and stack of TPS reports. Yeaaaaaah.

  • from a house with three 4g phones having to be close to a cord at any given time I have them plugged in everywhere I have about 2 dozen total.  I’d rock Andru mainly in my Car & on my desk at work! 

  • I stopped counting how many ugly OEM chargers I have and other off brand chargers. I have owned 4 smartphones (4 phones to be exact, never owned a phone until almost 19.) So I have at least 4. But then I also have 1 in my car, 1 at work, and 1 at my grandparents. I believe I have 7 laying around total. 

  • OnMy2ndGP

    I’d love to replace the plain-jane stock black Moto chager with this awesomeness!  It’s going with me everywhere. So long stock. Hello Andru!

  • Beniscool

    All of my oem chargers are so ugly. They take up all of the wall space and make it so I can not use any other outlets on the wall. They do not light up or do anything. With the Andru I will be able to charge wherever and when it is finished charging, the eyes will light up 

  • Andyu11

    haha! i’d be psyched to win this. 

    i have one at home, one at school, n’ one that i carry around for the train ride from home to school. I’d probably show Andru off at my apartment to upstage the iphone users. he’s definitely the new badboy in town!

  • Josh515

    I have a whole drawer full of them (20+). I would love to use the Andru right next to my bed in my bedroom, I like to use my phone until I finally fall asleep.

  • Pmagent2013

    I have 6 chargers spread across my house. I would put this in my dads office(he has an iPhone and Mac) that should teach him.

  • I have three OEM chargers at home, but I honestly plan on using this at work. I’m the only nerd at Sprint with a Galaxy Nexus, and I’d like to further that nerdship by having little Dru to charge up my traitorous, yet superior, device. 

  • Joe Cross

    I have probably 5-7 different chargers laying around and I would love to use Andru in my bedroom/office where I’m learning to make some Android magic happen!

  • crazysamz

    I’ve got 2 HTC chargers, a samsung, an extra iphone one I used in Florida, and a really ugly old HTC one from 3-4 years ago. They’re all basically the same boring cube design. I’d use Andru on the go, keeping it in the car. What other way to show it off/get to look at it when I’m using it?

  • I have four USB chargers at home and im always bringing one to school with me since 4G destroys my battery. Being a computer science major im sure this little guy will turn some heads in the class room.

  • Josh Parish

    I have 4 or 5 OEM chargers lying around. If I won, I would take this charger to work and have it displayed proudly, mainly to scare off the Apple fanboys.

  • I have about 6 chargers lying around in a box in the garage. I only use one right now and thats a Samsung charger. I plan on using Andru in my bedroom, in the bathroom while i use the can and surf the net on my phone while doing so. 

  • I have 10 Half of which don’t charge my nexus. And bedroom because it lights up.

  • Mikeg1969

    The 3 or so chargers at work would be replaced by Andru.  Everyone knows I’m an Android geek by my phone now they could see Andru with me at work (except when he would go home with me to send my 5 or so chargers at the house scurring into a drawer.

  • Aw! The Andru charger looks awesome!! I have two old HTC chargers from my dinc and an awful horribly wrong LG block charger in the living room, I would love to put the Andru charger in my office for people to see!

  • Sapko82

    i got 3 all hidden from view, this one will be shown off at the office

  • I have many ugly OEM chargers throughout my house, including the ugly Verizon chargers. I’d use Andru at my office to show off

  • Rob Haney

    I only have the one OEM charger actually. I will use the Andru in my office, where I currently use my PC’s USB port. Good luck all!

  • 2 smartphone OEM chargers. Dunno how many dumbphone ones.

    I’d use Andru in my office so people can see it (him?).

  • I have three standard chargers, a car charger, and a hybrid car/home charger.

  • I have a bunch of OEM chargers laying around and all of them are disgustingly ugly. I don’t like the look of them next to my other plugs.

    I will probably use it in the bedroom because that is where most of my charging goes on. 

  • QtDL

    I have 2 OEM chargers – one from my OG Droid and one for my GNex. My Moto charger follows me around in case of emergencies and the Sammie one lives in my kitchen. I also have several microUSB cables floating around at various computers I use. Andru would be very special. He would stay in my bedroom. 🙂

  • Imbakhle

    I’ve got 2 really ugly, blocky chargers that would be replaced in a flash by Andru, who would go in the outlet right next to my bed

  • I want itttt

  • Chris Padar

    I have around 20 chargers around the house but Andru would be going to the office to show up the iPhone geeks.


    I literally have two og Droid chargers that fumble about my apartment, or end up getting stolen by my girlfriend for her to charge her iphone. A GalaxyNexus charger that goes with me. if I get this it will be my goes-everywhere charger. I’d prefer to only use it in power strips, so that it looks like my main man Andy is staring me down.

  • I have 2 boring oem chargers – my o.g. droid’s and my gnex’s.. i’d use this as my travel charger because it’s definitely a head turner!! 😀

  • at this point, i think i have maybe 4 different OEM chargers. one that came with my OG Droid, one that came with the spare battery for the OG, one that i had to buy from verizon to use at school because that one broke, one with my G-Nex, and i know it probably doesn’t count, but i have a usb charger on the clock i built in one of my classes.

    i’d probably use andru in my dorm, because in a suite that has 3 android users, and a mess of other people that have phones that use micro USB, you can NEVER have enough micro USB chargers!

  • easy1jay

    Why can’t my other USB chargers be this cute?

  • I have 8 chargers laying around the house. All drab black with no pizzazz at all. Now this Andru charger takes the cake!!! If won I plan to use this charged up work of art at the workplace to make everyone jealous, and at home so I can marvel at the magnificence! Waiting for you to light up my life Andru!!

  • ngomez

    Well, I’ve had 7 phones in the past year, so i would have to say 8 oem chargers and few Verizon stragalongs but i would use my andru charger everywhere! why hide? be proud of your inner android! I would use it at work, school, home, in the bathroom, in the kitchen where ever my phone needs chargin, andru will be the one feedin mah baby lol

  • Brandito

    I have three.  This one would go on my dresser in my bedroom to charge my phone over night.

  • fiveHellions

    I’d use it at the office. I only charge there and on my nightstand. I don’t think the wife would dig Andy as part of the bedroom decor.

  • I got just 1 OEM charger, but not as nerdy as this one.  Would love to use Andru at my office workspace to show-off.. 😉

  • zachjen

    have about 6 all over the house. This one would go in the living room right next to the chair where we can hang together. Oh the hi-jinks that will ensue! 😉

  • I’m pretty sure I have one micro USB charger in every room of my house at this point, as well as the 3 I gave my dad a week ago, because he keeps losing his. I don’t even know where they all came from, but most of them have the huge power boxes on the plug end, and my strip switches are sporting a few useless outlets because they’re half covered by a stupid charger.

    I’d love to have half a dozen Andrus, but if I have only one, it’ll be in my office in the strip switch mounted on my desk extension.

  • Kristen

    I have about 20 various chargers lying around taking up space and adding to the nice collection of dust.

    • Kristen

      I plan to use it in my bedroom.

  • joeyfeffer

    Oh gosh pretty sure I have like 6 OEM chargers. It’s kind of a problem when I work for Sprint and take the chargers from our demo phone’s boxes when we get new ones haha. And I would use Andru at my work so that I could show off all its glory and awesomeness.

  • drathos

    I currently have 7 OEM chargers laying around..  3 Moto, 1 HTC, 1 Samsung, 1 Logitech, 1 Jawbone.  All interchangeable, so I mostly use the Samsung because it’s smallest and least annoying.
    If I get this, it’ll be at my home desk, where I spend too much of my time.

  • Ive got a whole collage in my desk drawer full of old and ugly chargers with all of their long cables attached to them.  I would use my new Andru in my girlfriends room to re emphasize to her that Android really is the best [: .

  • Lisa

    I have at least five OEM chargers around the house, and that doesn’t include the three in my travel kit. I would bring Andru with me on the road (I travel about 4 days a week) so my coworkers and customers can appreciate him!

  • tryptech

    I can count a good 12 chargers in my house and, boy, are they an eyesore. The first Andru I’d get would go right in my bedroom so every morning I’m greeted by that green glory.

  • Sipidation

    Way too many chargers to count. I plan to use it everywhere. Of course I may have to get another to leave at work.

  • I have about 6 oem crap chargers two of them are even my old blackberry storm chargers. I plan to use this charger everyhwere I go not just my house I will take this with me and show it off as much as possible.

  • Lakerzz

    I just have to say that I would love the opportunity to be able to plug into a little green android any day!!!!

  • I have too many OEM chargers lying around the house…ones that came with any phone I’ve had, car chargers, even those multi charging stations…I would use this in my custom desk, I will flush mount an outlet that way when this is plugged in, it will look like Andru is stuck in my desk…lol

  • Eric Wilborn

    I’d be the envy of many coworkers, so I would definitely put this to use at work. That and there’s the fact that I have 8 OEM USB adapter chargers here at home.

  • MJZ

    Going on my nightstand, thats where I charge my DX 🙂

    • MJZ

      Oh.. and I have 7 ugly OEM chargers laying around.

  • I have about 10 different android chargers around the house, only a couple still work with the GNex. Would love to sport this on my desk at the office.

  • I have 3 OEM chargers (1 moto, 1 samsung, 1 htc). I would use Andru at work to stick it to those iPhone lovers.

  • Jason Kirk

    I have 3 chargers and none are as cool as this guy. The one that came with my Rezound is big and ugly. This guy is going right in my office to make sure everyone is properly jealous of it 🙂

  • Arcospark

    Not only are OEM chargers UGLY – I work in a FISHBOWL (glass all around and people walking by like I’m the chimp at the zoo!) – and Andru would make a FANTASTIC statement about how cool Android phones are, regardless of the UGLY OEM chargers.  The color is sure to attract attention, and those bright lights will be staring out at the after-dark crowd at the restaurants in the area.  Send me Andru to care for and enjoy and I’ll send you all some pictures 🙂

  • finlay123

    I have about 9 lying around from my phone and tab and my family’s phones and tabs!!  And I would have to say I have about 9 or 10 chargers lying around… upstairs alone!  I’d put this Andru charger right on my work desk!  My twitter is @jh123416:disqus

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    I have 3 OEM chargers around my dorm room.

    I plan to use Andru as my main charger, in the most open place in my room. So I can see it more often.

  • CivilDroid

    One HTC charger in the kitchen, two moto chargers in the bedroom, an old LG one downstairs on the bar, a USB plugged into the back of the Wii (for CoD MW3) and another moto charger at work. One of these little guys would definitely be going to work to make the guys jealous!

  • Carlos

    I have enough chargers to fill the back of a pickup truck, if I win this I will use it in my office and will trash half a pick up load.

  • I have like 4 OEM chargers, they are all black and bulky (moto, htc, sammy)

    I would use mine while on campus and make all the other kids super jelly

  • herooftimeloz

    i have 4 oem chargers and i plan on using Andru at work

  • androiddict

    I have 6 different OEM chargers laying around here for just my phones…  Not to mention all the damn chargers for my tablet, nook, laptops, etc…

    I need this bad boy for my desk at work!

  • mustbepbs

    I have a few ugly OEM chargers that I really need to replace. The one I am currently using for my GNEX, my cat had a fun day of chewing on. They all have ugly electrical tape all over them :< I plan to use this for my bedroom, my livingroom, and the office. It looks so cool I can't wait to show it off!

  • derekross

    Ugh. Don’t get me started. Seriously… I have about a dozen or so from the dozen or so phones I’ve owned in my life. They take up space and are UGLY.

    I would use Andru at work… to show off my Fanboy-ism. And of course take mad pics and show my 14,000 followers on Google+ 🙂

  • Eric

    Well the one charger I have, was rigged to charge the battery out of the, so now I’m forced to charge my phone in my car every day. (yeah, I screwed up. Dead phone+ soft brick=no fun), I’d probably put andru on my nightstand so I can actually charge my phone at night and also have the cute little guy be the last thing I see when I hit the sack. 🙂

  • RickyGrundyJr

    i have 3 ugly Samsung chargers laying around. i would use Andru in my room the most. 

  • Caveman419

    I have an OEM charger in every room of my house except for the bathroom. I also have two at work (one for me and one to lend when needed), on in my backpack and my car charger. If I had one of these chargers, it would definitely be on display at work where everyone would see it.

  • i have chargers in the kitchen, living room, garage, car, i have the thunderbolt 4g, a droid incredible that i use for music and podcasts, and a kindle fire, could always use a charger that looks this cool

  • 3 that came with android phones but another 5 that I use because they have a usb port at the end. 2 of those have mini to micro adapters, that just adds to the ugly.
    I will place this plug prominently at my desk to further help the world know how awesome android is.

  • ShadowSeeker69

    i have 3 motorola chargers, 2 htc chargers and 1 samsung charger
    i would take this charger with me everywhere!! home, work, public
    Just because it looks so awesome haha

  • amosque57

    ive got about 5 or 6 but obviously none as cool as this i would put this in my room and show it off to everyone that enters and ask if they have ever seen a charger this cool haha

  • Sp4rxx

    Why is it always twitter?  I personally stay away from the thing cuz I don’t want everyone in their brother hearing about how sharp my toenails were after a clipping or how good my cereal tastes in the morning …. heck, I am even trying to pull myself from Facebook – but unfortunately, it’s the only REAL way to win anything around here …. that sucks.

  • miketb34

    I can honestly say I have a charger in every room in the house and even the car. Thunderbolt 4g enough said. I could definitely use of these bad boys in my office since most of my time is spent there

  • Scott Willenborg

    Thanks for running another great comp!  I’ll take one for free from this comp and I’ll buy one as well.

  • I have easily more than 12 generic usb chargers.  Some of them don’t work and I wake up (late, no alarm) with my phone dead.

    I would use mine in my dorm room to keep my phone alive (usually run it out fast).  I would also use it in the classroom in one of the highest and most visible wall sockets I could find and laugh the entire time.

  • B J Books

    I have 5 ugly OEM chargers laying around the house.  Plan to use Andru on my night stand in the bedroom.

  • Peteeerw

    My current adapter is an apple adapter, and nothing is uglier than that :O!

  • Emshhh

    i’d use the Andru at my office… we’re all android nerds cept for the one apple fanboy.

  • Morpheus282

    Three chargers in the house, one in each car, and an AC and car charger in my laptop bag. Andru will take the place of my home office or travel charger, maybe both.

  • Currently, 8 ugly OEM chargers clutter my house, and Andru puts them all to shame.

    I’d charge my phone in bedroom (during the night the light-up eyes could be my friendly light in the dark!), kitchen, living room, or even er — the bathroom. 😀

  • thunder_perfect

    I have three OEM chargers that need to be vamped up. I would carry Andru around in my backpack to charge my phone on-the-go.  🙂

  • evan brown

    4 oem chargers…i would use Andru all around my college campus to showoff to all the iSheep

  • Joe

    I have so many chargers in my place. I have back up chargers hidden everywhere. 4g phones are bad with battery life.

    I would bring my new andru charger to work so everyone could see it.

  • Brien

    I’ve got three OEM chargers in the house, one in the car. Plan to use it in the bedroom for night charging.

  • Tommy T

    I have too many chargers laying around the house, too many to count, lets say over 10. I’m in the process of building a new desk for a new battle station, this would make the build complete.

  • 5, Office…. have to show off my love for Android.

  • Kid.LA

    I have 5 from all the android phones I’ve had over the years… I usually keep them hidden away in shame as they ruin the Fung Shui of my house (behind the bed, couch, tv, etc)… But this little guy!? This little guy DESERVES to be seen! He’ll be used in every room of the house! And since the kids just chose Android as their tablet of choice (over the iPad), I can put it in their room as a nightlight too!!


  • I have 2 ugly chargers, one for my touchpad, one for my nexus s. I would like to use the Andru charger in the bedroom.

  • Predictablyerratic

    I have several boring chargers but this one will be proudley displayed at my work. I love being the blatantly obnoxious fandroid boy at my office.

  • BostonFan87

    I have 2 ugly OEM chargers and I would rather use this one in the office


    Between all of my phones I easily have 10 chargers. I would definitely use it at work to make all my coworkers jealous.

  • jmu33

    I have 6 chargers lying around the house, well 6 between me and my wife……but I would use Andru at my new job at the post office so everyone can see how cool he is 🙂

  • Tyler

    I have 2 good OEM chargers then I have an Apple charger for my iPod laying around somewhere. Probably use this instead of the charger that came with my Galaxy Nexus. But why wouldn’t i want to have a charger that lights up!

  • I have 6 chargers. 

    I will definitely have to use this to pimp up my office! 

  • Andrew Scott

    My place is like a bone yard. I have seven chargers. Most are from old LG phones but I managed to find my original moto razor charger. oh the memories!

  • Droid X oem charger, and Galaxy Nexus charger (although that one is not ugly, imo)
    My office!

  • Bently Wong

    I have at least 3 different OEM chargers.  I would use Andru at home.  I would be too worried that my co-workers would steal it.

  • MiaVia187

    I have about 5 of those unsightly chargers floating around my apartment, one of which goes with me pretty much everywhere I travel. I’d definitely be replacing that specific one with some Andru charger goodness to go along with the rotating stock of five Android shirts I wear 😀 It would look incredible coupled with my Galaxy Nexus!

    Tl:dr- 5; everywhere!

  • I have probably 5 or 6 OEM chargers.  I’ll probably use Andru at my desk because it is definitely nicer to look at than an OEM charger.

  • i have so many chargers it’s ridiculous. i have one at work, one at home by my nightstand, one upstairs in the living room, 1 in the car and an extended battery pack in my pocketbook. that’s only mine, that doesn’t include my husband who has even more….he has a whole box full.

  • Kie

     i keep them all in a bag with little labels on each one. Don’t even want to begin to count them. I could actually probably through a number of them away… Should get on that

  • Evan

    I have way too many of those ugly chargers. I’d love to have one of the awesome green guys to make my nexus look even more badass

  • Lancerz

    I have 3 OEM chargers all over my house and 2 in my locker at work. I would use this one at work to show off to my friends!!!

  • I have 2 OEM chargers; 1 is from my OG Droid and is plugged into the USB port on my computer, the other is my Galaxy Nexus charger and is plugged into the power strip between my bed and computer. I plan to use Andru everywhere. On campus, in the house, where ever I find the need to charge my device so it wont die during use.

  • Andrew Knighton

    I have 4 oem chargers. But most likely I’ll be using this charger at work to show off to everyone.

  • thatguy

    I have about 6 HUGE and ugly OEM chargers, I plan to use this in the bedroom (^_-)

  • Only have one ugly one and its not really a charger but a power supply and that would be the one for the xbox. 

  • Jaime Morris

    I am currently the unfortunate owner of five rather plain and down right ugly chargers. They are a mishmash collected from various phones through out my storied phone ownership. I think he would fit in nicely on my night stand so that he can keep my DROIDX company while it acts as my alarm clock.

  • I have 7 ugly android chargers, 6 in my house and 1 at my work. I plan to use it at work though so that I can show off and make people jealous 😀

  • I have a Prime and a GN, both with very similar (similarly ugly) OEM changers. The Prime block is bigger than an elephant, and very easily confused with the charger for mah GN. I just got myself a dead zebra andy, plush andy, and was thinking about getting this. Andru would help my collection of andies (?!) grow. 🙂

  • I have 6 chargers in my house, but this would be my favorite!

  • Nomi Tiwi

    I have 7 ugly android chargers, 6 in my house and 1 at my work. I plan to use it at work though so that I can show off and make people jealous 😀

  • Well, between Me, my mom, my dad, and my two sisters; and spanning about 4-6 years of phones; I would say we have about 10-15 either lying around the house, in the car, and in the walls. Andru would be a great addition to upstairs game room. #projectgetachargerforeverypluginthehouse  

  • yourlove3

    I have around 20 different chargers from every phone and device I’ve ever had. I will honestly be taking that charger with me everywhere; in my pocket, charging in the socket of my matrix, to everyplace it’s needed. (: it will be awesome.

  • G_Ret

    I have about 10 chargers, they come in handy but definitely don’t look pretty. I’d put this little guy next to my alarm clock 🙂

  • Jbrez2468

    I have been with Verizon for 11 years I am in my 22 second phone and the kids and wife about 5 each. Needless to say I have a USB charger for dang near every outlet in the house. Not to mention the laptops. And tablets haha and 2 for my work bag lol. There are some different styles but most black and terrible to look at a little green man would sure spice up one of the outlets!

  • Natalie Campbell

    i have a ton of old chargers laying around and would love to have one that i like to use!

  • Kevinharris2011

    where do i start :/ the OEM chargers lying around my house in every corner you see, are a nightmare to look at, ugly black cords that get in the way of everything, Andru looks awesome 🙂 id really appreciate having the little guy 🙂 android for LIFE.

  • Justin Howard

    I have several OEM chargers from the new one (smaller that looks more like an iphone OEM) that came with my Droid Razr to the bigger one I got with my Droid X which is more of a rectangular shape. I also have different ones that I have purchased for cheap that are universal. I would love to have a Droid charger that looks awesome so I can rub it in my roommate’s face on how much cooler the android phones are compared to his Iphone. He is a Iphone fan so I would love to show off the new charger for myself and would love to tell my roommate “so what kind of cool charger do you have for your precious Iphone?” haha I would love to win this cool new Andru Android Charger. 

  • I have two OEM chargers in the house.  I have one that is about to bite the dust in the bedroom, so this would be PERFECT to replaced that one.

  • i have like 8 chargers around here somewhere…. none of them are cool or awesome like this one:(
    i would put the awesome andru charger in my room so that i am happy when i see his happy green face:)

  • Imagineer87

    Droid-Life was the driving factor of my first smartphone purchase last year, so until now I had 2 Samsung proprietary chargers (do those still exist?) withOUT a USB port *gasp*, and I also had 2 Moto chargers back from the flip phone RAZR days, and now I actually have one USB charger! They’re all the standard black cord, black writing, run of the mill design. I think Andru has such an awesome design that it has the potential to charge my phone even faster than any OEM charger. If I won an Andru I’d probably keep it wherever anyone, and everyone, could see it so that I can show him off to all my iFriends, they won’t know what hit ’em!

    Thanks for the contest DL!

  • Bruinsfan18

    Have 5 chargers charging phones, kindles, other devices. All cheap, light, ugly blackberry chargers with the wires about to rip out.

  • wtm1417

    I have about 10 OEM chargers. this piece of android awesomeness would never leave my side, charge everywhere.

  • RBI411

    Depends how were counting. If its just plugs for the wall then I’ve got 12 or 13. Then again, I don’t have the micro SD cables for at least half of them. Either way, I have many at home.

  • Twofourturbo

    I have more chargers to count around the house and the ones I have at work. Counting multiple generic chargers, hp tablet charger, Nexus chargers, HTC chargers, Motorola chargers and much more.. I also carry one in my pocket to work and everywhere I go. I’d be proud to have a people ask me “is that a Android or are you just happy to see me” 🙂

  • Edsanchez10

    I have 3 ugly chargers from verizon all over my house. I woukd put the abdru in the front of my living room in its own wood stand handcrafted by me. Maple and african mahogany preferably.

  • Lito31

    I have about 4 OEM chargers at home in almost every big room of the house.I’d use this new guy at work

  • Big Tom

    I have 9 atrocious OEM chargers that are incomparable to this beautiful creature named Andru. I would carry Andru all around my college campus, advertising the wonderful world of Android. Hopefully, in the near future, next time I tell my friends I’m getting a new phone, they won’t immediately ask, “Oh, you’re getting the new iPhone?”. This is my mission, please help me!  

  • Matt Ford

    How many OEM chargers I have?  Well, between myself and my fiancee, we probably have a dozen, thanks to the Nooks, old phones, etc.  I would definitely use Andru at the office though.  I have a power strip on top of my desk for setting up computers and such and would love to see people come look at him do his thing while my phone is plugged in.

  • i have too many chargers…they include the Xoom, Droid 4, HTC Trophy, iPhone, iPad, 3DS, PSP, and soon to have PS Vita…and these don’t include the chargers I keep at the office for my phones/tablets.  I would love to have one that looks cool, and not “blah”

  • My wife and I both have had a Droid X since the first day they came out, so we have at least 10-15 different chargers. None of them are as cool as Andru! My Twitter handle is @scottbalentine. Pick me!

  • David Larsen

    Well I just broke my car charger, so I’m down one, but between the four of us here and the several upgrades or replacements that came with new chargers, there’s gotta be at least 12 butt ugly micro-usb chargers, and several car chargers on top of that.  Andru would sit right at my bedside, faithfully watching over my G-Nex as I sleep.

  • I have FIVE OEM chargers lying around. I’m going to put Andru at my girlfriends townhouse so everytime she see’s the little green guy that doesn’t match her room, she’ll think of me, and be annoyed.

  • Austin Flygare

    Uhhh well hmmm I have around six laying around my house, the uglies I have is the LG, the best looking (by a small percentage) is the HTC one. For me I would use it on he desktop, that way I could play with the little guy:3

  • Joshu

    I have a charger pretty much anywhere I have an outlet. I never like to be without the option to charge my devices while I play with them. I’d put Andru in my cube at work since the one I had there died recently.

  • Andru is gonna get plugged into the outlet in my room since thats the only outlet thats not hidden behind something. He deserves to be shown off!

  • Bendroid55

    2 at work, 2 in the car, and 4,000 at home.

  • Geovany Hernandez

    I have three wall chargers and about 2 usb’s. Two in my house, one at work, a charger in my car, and cord in my backpack and gf’s car. I’d probably keep that cool looking one at the office.

  • I’d say we’ve got about five OEM chargers around the house. If I win I’d move to bring Andru to the office where it’ll just add to my geek cred 🙂

  • bigslam123

    I have 13 chargers for my various devices. I would proudly use/display the Android charger on my bookshelf, next to my Sphero, to charge my Incredible 2.

  • Jonathan

    I have 11 OEM ugly chargers through out the house, car, office, workshop, home office, kitchen, and more.

    This charger is going to have a place of honor front and center in my office workstation!

  • Drewfus0929

    I have only 2 OEM chargers, so another charger would be awesome!

  • bikerbill

    Lefsbsee I have 4 phones and 3 tablets plus at least a dozen left over spare chargers that the cord is way to short. So I have 19 chargers and 2 in my car .. and I plan on using this at work to piss off my iPhone toteing boss and ant manager and the vice president of our company who I bust on about his iPhone daily . Would look nice on my desk next to my android background on my computer .. ease I will be indebted to you if I get this..v

  • Stevenpokemontes

    Easily have about 10 from the many cell phones and accessory bundles I order. Would show off Andru at the office for sure!!!

  • MJ Lindamood

    I have like 6 chargers laying around. I have one from my wife’s previous phone, my LG Voyager, my original droid, wifes Incredible, my Thunderbolt, and my new Galaxy Nexus.

    I want to use this at work to flaunt the awesomeness of Droid-Life.

  • jcuvs

    I only have two ugly chargers, thankfully. I’ll definitely use this in my bedroom. It could even double as a nightlight to keep away the monsters!

  • Tex

    As the only GNEX owner in a small office full of fan boys I will use it there. I’ll have to make do at home with 3 other chargere

  • George

    I have at least 7 OEM chargers that I can find, counting a couple in the “what was the manufacturer thinking?! Last Resort only!” pile…
    I’m going to use Andru in the main office/living room, where everyone can witness his awesomeness.

  • N8shon

    Followed Andru on Twitter!

    Hmmm let me see here, 

    I have one Motorola charger with a lame extension cord (since I have no end table next to my bed and music studio stuff takes up most of my room) to charge my OG Droid. I also have two Verizon car chargers laying around–those are not really helping me much are they? They are all ugly. Who wants lousy ugly Motorola and Verizon branding on a charger, when you can have one as cute as the Andru! No contest. I mean c’mon, Andru has bendy arms and the eyes light up! 

    Andru=coolest fanboy charger I’ve ever seen. I want one!

  • I’ve collected so many of those OEM chargers that I started selling them to my friends! 5$ here and there really added up! Coming from a bbstorm-Og-Inc-D2-DX=Fascinate-Dx2-INc2-And finally to my beloved Nexus I would love to have this little green guy charging my phone! I already purchased the Android cases posted here a few weeks ago and this would compliment my green one nicely=) I would most certainly keep him right next to my bed where everything important stays 😉

    Thanks for the contest DL!

  • Kylebrodeur

    I have about 5 USB chargers from various OEMs including: HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and no name brands. These chargers are ugly, bulky boxes that I must hide behind couches, beds, and speakers.  I would like to get a new charger, that works great and looks great and the Andru charger could be the solution.  The charger that came with the GALAXY NEXUS is a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

    I would keep the charger at my home office, showing it off to my fellow Android friends. If I brought it to work, it would most likely be stolen.

  • Kevin Raymond

    I have two OEM charges and multiple USB charging cables. If I win an Andru charger I would bring him to work with me. I could use some company in my cubicle.

  • I have a few, but most of them have been given away with past Android phones to friends so they could get in on the Android fun!

  • jaxxmjd

    Got about 4 OEM chargers around the house.  Would love to have Andru to help decorate my home office.

  • Aaron Victoriano

    Seriously… i know i have more than 12 lying around my house somewhere.

    If i have andru I will use him everywhere i go; next to my bed as my nightlight keeping away the boogeyman, bringing him to work and school to show him off to all the lousy looking apple chargers out there, in my living room while im watching tv and playing with my phone and of course wherever i go when i need andru to hook my gnex with some juice!

    Man now i really want my very own andru now… like right now right now!

  • I probably still have 10 charger after getting rid of several. 3 Jawbone, 4 Motorola, 1 Tablet, a handful of others in the shed…  I’d use the Andru in my office.

  • Kiter86

    I have 4 chargers and plan to put Andru in the kitchen

  • chdir

    I probably have only five or six chargers lying around, but this would be the one I take with me to steal a charge wherever there is power.

  • I have 2 ugly OEM chargers lying around my house and I will use Andru probably everywhere actually….

  • Only one “ugly” OEM charger.  Andru will be right next to my bed, watching over me as I sleep …

  • g_what

    I own 3 chargers:
    …one is always next to my bed
    …one is always in my backpack (in case I need it on campus)
    …one is always at my girlfriend’s place

    Then of course there is the car charger (so I guess I own 4).

    Andru will be with me in my backpack so I can show-off in public 🙂

  • mplacido9

    I have 4 ugly OEM chargers at home and one at work. I’d probably use Andru at home in the bedroom or living room next to my touchstone. I might just bring him to work though because he’d look awesome on my desk.

  • All my OEM chargers have been left in various places, and now I only have a walmart charger that screws with my touch screen when charging 🙁

  • DrScrubs

    Three OEM chargers. I would use this charger downstairs in the living room where all my friends come to study. That way I can show off the greatness that is Android!!

  • Lets see…

    1 for the Nexus, 1 for the old Droid X, one for the Thrive, although that really doesn’t count… Plus I have two from old Nooks…
    Andru would definitely sit right by my bed, since that is where I do most of my phone charging. Sadly, I can’t come up with a more clever thing to say there.

  • Jeremymshores

    I am must have 4 different chargers around the house, but this one would definitely be a work charger. It would make all of my co-workers jelus.

  • I have a few chargers at home,work,car,and even at my parents. but nothing would make me happier then to show off at work ( the guy i work with is a huge Iphonie) 

  • j4s0n

    Over the years I’ve owned Samsung, LG, and Motorola phones… resulting in a flurry of different chargers for each one. It’s nice to see that manufacturers are starting to agree on micro usb! I will use Andru on my desktop which is right next to my bed so it could serve as a nightlight too!

  • jab416171

    I’ve got half a dozen micro USB cables and AC adapters strewn about my house, and I’d proudly show off and use Andru both at school and in the office.

  • akazerotime

    I have 4 charger’s randomly placed at my house and 1 at work. Would love to retire some of these for this guy!

  • Tojo

    I have tons of OEM chargers around my house, still awaiting the magical unicorn that is the Samsung three prong landscape charger.  Andru will be a nice addition while I wait for samsung!!

  • Phil

    I have 3 moto charger, 1 samsung charger and 1 htc charger at home BUT I will be using this charger at work if I win it because I work with a bunch of iPhone users (fanboys?) and can’t wait to see their faces with this charger.

    Now following on twitter

  • FALO

    14 total. I would show off Andru in my office!

  • D C

    one horrible charger in my apartment that is always freaking out, i will use Andru in my bedroom!

  • I HAVE 5 chargers 🙁 I plan to use this one though to impress chicks. 

  • kylosma

    I have about 4 OEM chargers, and I’d use it around my dorm room and all over campus to spread Andy awareness!!

  • Smoovebcoffee

    I have 2 ugly OEM chargers around the house and 1 atrocious, cobbled together AC to USB/ USB to micro USB cable “charger” at work. I will use Andru at my office where and put my power strip desktop for all to admire this swank charger.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Ugh, four lying around the house and office…one more in my travel bag. I would PROUDLY display him at my office, right in front of my monitor so we can talk to each other and help each other power through our days. Bad, I know. Had to go there.

  • i have around 10 ugly chargers around my house, i will definitely use Andru in my living room to convince more people to go Android!

  • Levi Wilcox

    Got 6 OEM micro usb chargers lying around… Andru would definitely have a home at my office though.

  • James Collyer

    chargers on chargers.. this would be great in my plain white room

  • elemeno

    I have at least 4 next to my bed. I’ll definitely use Andru there.

  • smokeey

    I’ve got 2 ugly chargers, they suck, the cords they came with are starting to rip and they take forever to charge my Galaxy Nexus…PLEASE I NEED A NEW CHARGER I wanna put it on my office computer desk XD

  • I have 2. My HTC charger and my LG charger from when I used an Optimus V. This charger would definitely go in my study so it can be used in all its glory….while I do homework lol.

  • CGull

    I have several ugly chargers all hogging up my power outlets. I plan to place Andru in my dorm for all to see!

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    I only have 1 OEM charger lying around. I have a Kindle Fire charger, a Samsung charger, a Pantech charger… funny thing is, I can’t find my own charger anywhere. Man, if I had this thing, I’d never let it out of my sight! I’d take it everywhere. Bedroom, living room, dining room, work, maybe even the bathroom. (Not really the bathroom.)

  • HuskerDroid10

    3 chargers…bedroom (dorm room)

  • Ive got at least 10 OEM chargers plugged all over the house. This would replace most, except where I can’t see the cute little guy when he’s plugged in. And have one charger I could take on trips that everyone would ohh and aww over.

  • Jay Kamdar

    I have two OEM chargers. They are useful but all of them are just so boring. They are black and just sit there without keeping me company. On the other hand, Andru looks amazing and will keep me company when I am working. I plan to use it in my “office” which is technically my living room. I work there most of the time so Andru can keep me company and sane when I am working all night   

  • tjmonkey15

    2 OEM Samsung, 2 OEM Moto USB cable/wall adapter combos, 2 Moto Wall adapter with built-in cords.  Probably a couple others.  It makes me a little sad to think I just wasted 90 seconds figuring out how many chargers I have….

    My Andru charger will get thrown in my backpack that I take on vacation so I’ll always have a kickass charger with me, no matter where in the world I am at the time.

  • Finire

    I’ve got everything from Motorola to HTC chargers laying around all over my apartment… All in all, probably about 12 of them total.

  • Jake

    I have about 3 OEM chargers, not to mention about 3 crappy generic USB charging cables.  Pick me!

  • jparker0201

    My apt is riddled with ugly OEM charger hanging out of every wall socket in every single room. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

    I would definitely put Andru in my bedroom right next to my bed. 🙂 

  • Peter Yanni

    I have 4 OEM chargers in various locations around my house. I plan to use Andru everywhere I go. The battery life on my GNEX doesn’t always get me through a day so it’d be nice to have cool charger that I can take with me to work, school and everywhere else I go!

  • ten2o3

    I’m down to 3, just gave 2 away. I also have 2 car chargers. I would probably display this front & center in my living room for all to see. On a side note I converted an iphone user this weekend, yeah buddy!

  • tomgillotti

    I have more chargers than I can count… Seriously, between my girlfriend and I we have a ton. This beauty would be awesome at work to show off my Android-ness!

  • I’ve got five. One connected to my desktop in my apartment, one in my bag with my Linux laptop, one in my backpack with my MacBook Pro. I’ve got two more from my older phones. If I count all the broken ones, that would add up to about 30 or so. But I’ve got five working ones, excluding my two car chargers.

  • Cole Edmundson

    I have to use a huge ugly china charger with a north American adapter

    If I get Andru charger then I plan to use it in my room as my main charger

  • OMG, where do i even start? I have an ugly LG charger from an LG enV, a messed up Moto Razr charger lying around, many many many broken HTC Incredible chargers bought from eBay due to them being so fragile, and now i have my main Galaxy Nexus charger.
    If i win this though, I plan to use this it at school 😛

  • subiedude85

    only have one OEM charger at the moment for my razr but have 3 USB cables for various computers at work and home (need lots of them for the razr) Andru would stand guard next to my bed at night.

  • I have about six OEM chargers in the house, all are the horrible that are not as cool as Andru. I would plan to take him with me anywhere I go to my room, school and work or even when I’m snowboarding.

  • Will McCoy

    Have waaay too many chargers to count. Still have my ancient Moto flip phone charger floating around somewhere. I know that I have at least 5 usb wall warts, and around 10 micro-usb cables.
    Would totally put that little guy on my desk at home. He would fit right in.

  • Literally over 20. My office is a Verizon Retailer and we have micro usb’s hanging everywhere. I need one!

  • Yancey

    6 chargers! Plan to use it at my work, good conversation piece.

  • I’ve lost track of how many OEM chargers I have. When I open a cabinet, there’s a cluster or five or so, and that’s only in one cabinet. I plan to carry this EVERYWHERE! It looks sweet, and it will definitely serve well as a charger, and a distraction from work.

  • Kenneth Warness

    I have 3 chargers lying around. I would use it on my desk.

  • baldypal

    I’ve got 9 different chargers. Funny thing is they are all being used. I’d use this one in the office to show it off.

  • Joe Vasiliauskas

    I have at least 6 of those ugly guys, plus cords coming out of computers at home and work so i can bump up the charge throughout the day.

    I would use this little guy at work so as many people could see him as possible…and leave jealous!

  • ChuckDz3

    The ugliest ones has to be the OG battery chargers. I never understood
    why the A/C adapter had the USB come out of the side and not the top?
    Very strange. Anyways I’d love to use one of these at the office to show
    of some Android pride!  

  • I probably have about 3 OEM chargers and about 10 aftermarket chargers…. But I have a nice spot on my desk for Mr. Andru… An integrated power jack to my desk is the perfect spot for him!

  • gilmourd

    Between my wife and I there have to be at least 6 chargers with a USB port on them and 8 or 9 with the cord integrated that terminates in a microUSB connector. That doesn’t even include all the older miniUSB chargers and proprietary chargers. LOL

    Andru would probably stay in my messenger bag as my traveling charger companion.

  • I have around 4 OEM chargers around the house.  I would use the Andru Charger at work to show everyone what an android fanboy is all about! lol

  • Paulqg

    I have 2 ugly oem chargers lying around. I would use this badass charger in my bedroom! Hopefully the cord is long enough to reach my bed! I WANT ONE!

  • Jamesdies

    I have 12+ junk chargers laying around from old phones and I never even cared about getting a stylish one… Until now! I’d use it at work to show off to the fruit worshipers.

  • I actually really like how my G-Nex charger looks so should I not count that one as one of the “ugly” chargers I have lying around my house? I have one ugly charger at work and use the G-Nex one at home, so I guess technically none. Andru would definitely replace my G-Nex charger. 

  • oem chargers I have:

    1 for my nexus
    1 for my dx
    2 for my old bb curve (i now use one of these as my primary charger due to its length)
    1 for my old moto Q

    If i won Andru, i would put him on my end table in my living room next to my sofa so everyone could see him and he would be under the dead zebra collection i have =)

    He would also become my travel charger and everyone would be jealous. MUAHAHA

  • Eric Richardson

    I have 17 Chargers laying around (4 if you count Android only). This would make a perfect addition to my Android-shrine at work (but it’s cool because I work at an app development place, they only stare at me sometimes).

  • 10yck

    I have too many older chargers to count.  This one would be displayed proudly on my desk, at work, to show all of the iPhone and iPad users in the office that Android rules.

  • KRS_Won

    3! 3 ugly OEM chargers.  I will keep the lil Andru guardian, eyes ablazin’, protect me while I sleep, in the bedroom (maybe sometimes at work), as it takes 3hrs to charge my MAXX!

  • hollerwt

    I probably have 6 chargers stashed away.  I’m not twitter, but would love one.

  • Redoregon

    How many ugly chargers do I have laying around? Too damn many! This guy would look GREAT on the desk in my office… it’s *horribly* devoid of Andy gear!

  • angermeans

    Oh god I have so many OEM chargers I’ll try to list them all:

    – One for my Galaxy Nexus (also have the rechargeable battery charger)
    – HTC Trophy charger in my room
    – Motorola Xoom charger in my room
    – Motorola Razr charger (still in box as i don’t use)
    – My wife’s iPhone 4 charger
    – My a nexus one charger that has been retired and lives in its box (best phone ever made)
    – charger at work
    – charger in my car

    I would take this accessory to worm as I would use it the most there. I want one

  • I only have one charger.. But I would put the little guy next to my bed.

  • RiotPenguin

    I have countless charges strewn throughout the house. I think something like Andru would need a special place though, so I would keep him in the kitchen, where he can actually be seen. It would be cool to see the eyes light up at night too.

  • I have at least 5 OEM chargers sitting around the house.  I would use Andru to replace the one in my bebroom. 

  • I have 16 ugly USB chargers. I plan to use him on my desk and in my bedroom. I wish I had one to plug into my car, how awesome would it be to have Andy sticking out of my cigarette lighter? Please let me throw one of mine away? I hate them so much, most of them are like 2 foot cords, like, where can that reach? The outlet to my desk, barely, no room to pick the phone up.

  • je56751

    3 – one by the bed, one at work, and one by the sofa. All ugly black OEM chargers would love to have an Andru charger

  • EC8CH

    3 Motorola
    2 HTC
    and a Samsung charging constantly.

    I’d save that green feller for when I travel.  

  • Brandon Sikes

    I have 8. I have three car chargers for three different cars (two aren’t my cars, but are my chargers), one at work, two in the bedroom, and one in the living room. I have a HTC wall battery charger because my Incredible’s charge port broke :(. I would love to have one of these andru’s to put at work so I can further show my android love that I show every day up here.

  • I’d say we have 6 laying around the house and office.  We’d have more if my wife didn’t misplace them constantly!

  • I have one in practically every room of my house. Everyone one of my family members has a phone that charges through microUSB. I’d use Andru at my desk.

  • J V

    I only have 3, including the sexy little cube from the G Nex.

    I’m sure they’d all be jealous though, if a green, glowing eyed Anrdu showed up!

  • aczm1988

    I have one charger for my galaxy nexus thats it, ive been meaning to get another one to keep at home and the other for work. This charger would be pretty sweet to have available especially being a android collectable on top of that. Honestly it would be nice having it around if it glows bright enough i can use that as light when i wake up in the middle of the night.

  • masterxchief

    I have 4 chargers. 2 in my bedroom strategically placed to suit my charging needs at my desk and by my bed. 1 more in the living room and the last one in the kitchen. Keeps me covered throughout the house. The Andru charger would be great to replace my desk charger since the cable is too shore and once it slips behind my computer I gotta dig through a bunch of cables to find it.

  • James_C_L

    All my chargers are black, they say “once you go black, you never go back”….Unless you go Green that is.
    Be mine Andru!

  • Nick Miller

    I have 4 of the those ugly things laying around, this charger would look awesome in my office.

  • OMG! We’re an Android family so we have 2 each in the bedroom, living room, and office for a total of 6. I’ll probably be using this at the office though. Gotta show it off!

  • Ive got about 5 micro usbs and another 3 mini usbs all over the house and I’d use this on the power inverter in my car cuz of how cool it is

  • Tim Buchanan

    I have so many stinking chargers laying around my house.  They all ugly.  I’d use this thing in my office to go along with my robot collection.

  • I have about 3 or 4 chargers – I need one in every room of the house to combat my Incredibles battery life. This little guy would def get left next to my side of the bed where I will use it the most.

  • MR

    I have at least twenty chargers still around,  stashed everywhere. Most are for old phones but better keep, might need them some day. I will put Andru on the kitchen counter where everyone can see.

  • Right on top of the desk right next to my bed for my nightly charging! It will gladly replace my two chargers and my old blackberry USB cord i use on my computer for charging as well!

  • Forrest Tracey

    I have at least 5 OEM chargers laying around and they all suck! I’d love to have a really cool and fun charger for my GNex! I even have the green TPU case so this would match great! 🙂
    Thanks DL!

  • BenMock

    I’ve got at least 5 chargers laying around on my nightstand alone.  I would use Andru as my travel charger.  I can’t just leave that little guy stuck in the wall by my bed all the time.  I might even hang him from my rearview mirror.

  • Esco2540

    I have at least half a dozen.. All from the typical companies.. This one just has to be used right by the DVD racks out where everyone can see it.

  • Alex Kirkpatrick

    I have three motorola chargers, a samsung, a logitech, and two garmin chargers.  I would use it for travel, otherwise no one would ever really see it hiding under a nightstand or desk.

  • 7 lying around here and there. I would keep this on my bedside table, where my phone charges the most. Would be nice to have an Andy by my bedside every night!

  • Wyveryx

    Chargers? OMG I’ve so many that it’s not even funny. I’ve stopped giving them away and now just throwing them away!

    Bedroom: Multimedia Dock Charger
                   2 Regular AC Chargers
                   3 USB AC Adapter Chargers

    Computer Room: 3 Different USB Cable Chargers, including the OG Cable still 🙂

    Car: Car Dock Charger
           OG Car Dock Charger
           2 VZW Plug in Chargers
           USB Cable Charger for my inverter
           1 Generic Charger that I picked up from somewhere?

    Work: 2 USB AC Adpater Chargers
              1 Regular AC Charger

    I’m pretty certain that I have more in my garage with my computer parts and cables, just don’t know how many. 
    Since I started my phone experience with the LG Dare I’ve just started collecting these damned cables and started to put them everywhere I go so I don’t have to worry about battery life. 
    Last night when I cleaned out my computer room I was moving my computer and there were at least 3 more cables. It’s not a snake’s pit, it’s a bloody charger pit.

    These things aren’t natural, they’re like BeBe’s Kids. They don’t Die, They Multiply!

  • topherct

    I probably have 4 lying around in different parts of my house. This would be great to use at school.

  • Robert Walters

    I have at least 10 chargers lying around (stupid mini USB). I would definitely use this in my office to show off my Android fanboy love.

  • ssjnimma

    I have a dedicated “jour” for all my charges… and this lovely charger would go great on my desk at work!! 

  • Rob

    between my wife, son, and myself I have about 9 different chargers all over the house. Would be awesome to have this on my desk to show the love…

  • Sanchez41200

    I always forget my charger at home when I go to work. This one will definitely be hard hard to leave behind

  • IFragU

    I must have over 10. I would use Andru all over my house, but mostly in my bedroom

  • I have six! One in the bedroom, office, kitchen, work, sunroom, and one I keep in my laptop bag. It would be awesome to have this little sticking his out of my wall!

  • I’d wanna use it at school… To show off how cool android can really be xD

  • moelsen8

    i think i have 10-12 chargers.  this thing would definitely go into the cubicle.  you can never have enough novelty items in your cubicle.  it’s pretty awesome.

  • Between my wife and I we probably have a good dozen chargers. I can think of a few in the living room, one in the kitchen, a couple up stairs, few at work… the list goes on. I would use this at work though and have it sit next to my Android plus I got from Google!

  • Zakrytyobrien94

    i have about 5 apple ones:/ please i need this im an abonination using them..


    Have a motorola one, a sammy, an apple, 2hp/palm’s, and a universal oem. I mostly use them in my room to charge all my things like my ipod or galaxy nex, or a spare battery. 

  • I have 4 lame OEM chargers and I would take this guy into my office to keep me company. Since I work from home, my office is a sad, lonely place the needs entertainment like this

  • I don’t want one, I just wanted to say I have a huge box of all sorts of cell phone parts, chargers, and more that go back more than 10 years. And recently, 3 out of 4 of my motorola detachable USB chargers have stopped working, weird.

  • Keyan X

    Oh boy how many chargers do I have around? A drawer full atleast 10 from various phones, I still have some from my MotoRazr days (the non-smartphone one). Maybe with this I can give some away and clean up my clutter of a tech desk.

  • Where do I start.  I have SO many of those things throughout my house and office.  I’d for sure use this sucker at my office!  Nothing says Android fanatic than this glowing eyed Andy sticking out of my computer for all to see!!!!  The IT guys in my office would go nuts!!  HA

  • EvanTheGamer


    • ME1

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  • This thing looks awesome. I have 2-3 OEM chargers, but I’d take this with me everywhere I go and charge my phone at school, work, and at home.

  • Right now I have about 6 OEM chargers.  I have 2 upstairs, 2 in the kitchen, and 2 in my office at work.  One of the ones in the kitchen broke.  The cord did anyways.  So I need to replace that.  Since HTC has to have a funky looking cord that only fits HTC products, I cant use the one that came with the Rezound on my Nexus.  

    So I would use Andru in my kitchen for my G-New

  • Still rocking that OG moto charger with the 8 inch usb cable -_-

    Would love to show off Andru at my workplace (Sprint).

  • I have three OEM around the house and i plan on using the Andru in the office to get all the people talking about my new changer 

  • I only have 3 OE chargers around. I’d definitely rock Andru at work. Show off my love of the little green robots.

  • Kristian92

    I have about a dozen of these everywhere in every room of my house all ugly this would be amazing to have

  • ralphwiggum1

    Several ugly adapters. One uglier than the others from Verizon. I’d put this on my desk.

  • geedee82

    I have 8 chargers and I plan to use this Andru charger at the office, because that’s where I need it the most 😛

  • Haloruler64

    I have three on my floor right now… it sucks. Samsung ones are not good looking. Though HP webOS devices come with decent ones. This would be my betroom charger for sure!

  • Freddy

    I used to have chargers lying around my house but I threw them all away & the only one I use now is the one for my SGSII Skyrocket. I would use Andru at school so everyone can be jealous of me & I can show off my cute charger! I would love to use it at work but since its so cute it might get stolen!!!

  • I have about 5 Black Brick OEM Chargers around my house. -___-

    If I win Andru, I’d use him all the time in public, whether it be at college, or a local Starbucks to rub the i*hone kiddies noses in it. ^__^

  • I have probably about 7 or 8 laying around the house plus 2 in my bag with me at all times (I have 2 phones and a tablet, roommate has a phone and all my friends use microUSB to charge so we have tons)

    Id use this in my room as my main charger. Just have to figure out a way to proudly display it

  • OEM chargers copy either an existing version, or over compensate for a design that doesn’t feel future proof that usually complicates the current use of it with an existing power strip.

  • I have an OEM charger in every room of my house (except the kid’s bathroom, but they have their own in there). I’d have to say, there’s at least 15 scattered around.

  • Dean Rossano

    I have 3 OEM chargers and would love to use Andru in my bedroom

  • I have had about 8 chargers crawling out of my power strip at college.  Im definitely going to put this buddy right by my bedside in my dorm!

  • Cam

    Probably have 10-15 various chargers from new and old phones laying around. They’re in one of these drawers.
    This would look nice on the desk at work, and handy when I need a top-off.

  • Too many chargers.  They are all OEM either Moto or Samsung.  I plan on using Andru at work on my desk.

  • bonanzalarry

    one in my living room and bedroom
    one at the girlfriends house
    one at work

    this would go in the living room to rep android to all the iphone toting friends

  • I have at least 25.  I can’t get my self to toss them out.  I need one that I have an excuse for hanging onto…

  • Mckenzir

    Omg I totally have like 6 chargers bro. Need more.

  • xformulax

    12 ugly oem chargers…. well except for the sexy little cube that came with the galaxy nexus.

    I’d probably take andru to work, as charging via USB is a little slower for me on my notebook.

  • I have 5 oem chargers laying around.  Two from OG Droids, one from an Incredible 2, one from my Galaxy Nexus, and the final one from my ASUS Transformer.  I would definitely use the charger in the office, since I’m the only Android user/fan in the place.

  • curtis206

    Way too many to count and I would use it in my living room so everyone can admire Andru

  • willsours

    I’ve got to have at least 8 OEM micro USB chargers, but they all suck compared to this. This one will sit prominently on my desk at work.

  • Kal5el

    I only have one charger here, so I’ll be replacing it with Andru and moving the old ugly charger into my bedroom.   I want this little guy glowing and charging my phone next to me on the couch!

  • I have probably 7 or 8 OEM chargers, from Motro, HTC, and samsung. I will also use it in my bathroom, school, bedroom, and video lab!

  • Sweet! I currently have 3 chargers floating around along with many many extra cables. I would certainly love to show off this charger in an office, however as a student I’ll likely use this awesome guy at home in the living room.

  • mardenator

    I have 4 really crappy OEM chargers laying around, and 3 of them don’t work. I’d use Andru in the office, to charge my trusty G2X. 

  • Ryan

    Hmm have about 8 OEM chargers (2 moto from the og, 2 samsung, and 4 palm) and probably just as many cheapos from Meritline or similar that won’t output near what they advertise. The ones in the bedroom have been getting the most use since we upgraded to the Nexus as we’ve been sleeping with our phones instead of leaving them in the office.