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Verizon 4G LTE Sale: HTC Rezound and LG Spectrum Just $99 on Contract

If a new smartphone is in your near future, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a screaming good deal on one. Not only does Amazon drop prices the minute new phones are released, but even Verizon is doing their best to get in on the low-pricing scheme. Two examples are included in their latest “online” only 4G LTE sale. The LG Spectrum and HTC Rezound can be had for as little as $99.99 as long as you extend or add on a new 2-year contract. One phone has been out for a couple of months now, while the other is barely a month old. Both run 1.5GHz dual-core processors and have two of the most beautiful HD displays we have ever seen on a smartphone. If the RAZRs or Galaxy Nexus were never your cup of tea, these two might be worth a look.


Cheers Kris!

  • I went online yesterday to make the rezound purchase yesterday and I got to the end of my transaction and to my surprise I got the phone for free!  That makes this phone an absolutely AMAZING option!!!!!

  • guest

    only super techy people like the nexus, it is the most returned phone we sell. The majority of cell phone users actually appreciate a user interface that makes the phone easier to use, rezound is the most popular android phone we sell at my store

  • Willgreer1

    Freaking verizon rep told me I couldn’t use my upgrade discount on this real.

  • Buckgrad

    Now that it’s rooted, anyone looking for a good deal on a great phone should go into a VZW store and check out the Spectrum themselves, then buy online.  Don’t go by what others are saying who haven’t made the hands on comparisons.  I did make the comparisons (Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, and Spectrum), and chose the Spectrum–before it was even announced that it had been rooted.  Oh, and one thing people aren’t aware of, because reviews tend to focus on non-important things like fingerprints, the Spectrum does have Dolby sound through headsets, and it sounds great.  Give this phone a chance guys.

  • cooksta32676

    The nexus is a great phone, but owners are starting to think their stuff doesn’t stink. They have a large inventory of Rezounds and are matching other online dealer’s price, so they push them heavily. If you go to a car dealership, do they push their most expensive car on you? No, they push whatever they want to get rid of based on inventory. Oh, and by the way, Rezound, rooted without sense absolutely punishes the Gnex on speed. Better camera, better radio, better screen. Yes sense isn’t for everyone, but 98% people walking in and out of the VZ store don’t care.

  • impulse630

    This is GREAT news.  I purchased my Rezound 11 days ago at a corporate store for $199 to replace my Thunderbolt.  Just got off the phone with Verizon who has credited my account $100.  After i sell my Thunderbolt, that means my new phone was FREE!

  • KRS_Won

    I would have considered this. I’ve had my Maxx for a week from the BOGO sale. Very happy with it. Had seriously considered getting the Rezound beforehand. But, the BOGO price along with the NE2 discount made me take the plunge.  We can’t all afford Nexi, so we get the best phone we can afford.  Of course, if I can’t afford something of quality, I will wait and save 🙂

  • Sapan Dhora

    The people who have the rezound. Hows batt life with stock battery?

    • Davidbavinpvcs

       WAY better than Galaxy Nexus! I tried both worlds… and I gotta say Rezound is better. To top it all of to get even better battery life I installed CleanROM 2.3 (ICS 4.0). It may have Sense, but still I’m not really hating Sense. Rarely lags now :)))

  • Wtsamatta

    amazon has it for 79.99 w/new 2 year…..$100 more for upgrade

  • Wtsamatta

    The rezound has been $99 w/new 2 year for a while now @ walmart.com….They always have the best prices on phones…

  • John

    Wow that sucks i just bought a rezound through verizon yesterday for $199. Oh well can’t complain I love the phone the display is second to none

    • cooksta32676

      Call and they will probably give you an adjustment.

  • Dolphfins2000

    These deals are as bad as the razr for $2,250.

  • Jonyauger

    I prefer the rezound over any vz phone, BUT the battery life is keeping me away. I have a TBolt and with stock battery I can squeeze out 12 hrs but I want something I can get from wake up to bed time. I know only extendeds with get ya that and HTCs extended battery design is the worst on this planet. I dont know if I can handle another phone with thaT much junk in the trunk. MOTOs design on the bionic and the MAXX is what I want to see from HTC to get me to buy another one. I love everything HTC has to offer EXCEPT for battery life. If nothing better comes from HTC in next 6 months MAXX at a cheap price might be in my future.

    • srh12

       I have the Tbolt as well with the extended hunchback. And I agree, I want my next phone to have what this thing is missing…Big battery, slim profile.
      I’m watching maxxes on ebay like a hawk, I just wish the nexus battery was a little more substantial or I’d pick one up in a second. The extended battery for the nexus is pleasantly unobtrusive but its hardly any more power, in my opinion.

      • CORYK333

        Check out SWAPPA.c0m

    • ilikebikes

      stick a rezound battery in the tbolt.  i did and i get an extra 2-4 hours.

  • JulianZHuang

    rezound is just another sense android phone. nothing new and boring looking. 

  • seems like Rezound is a good deal compare to any any other phone i.e. good audio, screen, unlock boot loader etc.and it will get ICS also
    Nexus is just getting an edge of having ICS and which is more 150$ more 
    but I will wait to see what is coming up this summary….

  • tech247

    I rock a Nexus but the Rezound is a very good phone (even with the fucked up name).

  • Rezound is a great phone for that 2 year contract price.
    ICS is coming to it soon, which is even coolerer !
    Very nice.

    • Sense Android 4.0 is not ICS, it is a bastardization of it.

      • shdowman

        Bastardization is being VERY generous…

  • Anything above $0 for something running Sense is too much.

    • srh12

       Jeeze louise, does this google bootlicker make any comments that arent about “pure android > sense, blur, etc.” We get it already. You like the nexus  and pure google, sense is everything else bad. Understood.
      Its just a UI skin there little fella, go take a cold shower and get a hold of yourself, maybe consider the fact that some people might like it and that theres more to a phone than “purity” and “zero lag”.

      • srh12

         Correction: I rescind my prior question. This guy DOES NOT make any comments that arent about how the nexus/stock ICS is better than everything else or that anything else is inferior. It is literally the only thing he says.

        • cooksta32676

          Every comment he has made for months is about that. Put the two phones on LTE side by side. What phone has a better screen, better radio, better sound, and loads apps and web pages faster? Rezound on all counts. Nexus is great but it’s not the only decent phone.

  • Droidzilla

    The Rezound is looking more and more like the new Incredible (legacy wise, at least): competitive hardware, unlocked bootloader, and a great dev community. I’m still happy I bought my RAZR, but if I were still into ROM’ing and such I’d be very strongly considering this phone.

    The LG? Not so much. I’d pass if only because they make the iPhone’s screen (not that I care for the screen on the Rezound, which is worse, but it’s the principle of the matter x-D).

    • AlexKCMO

      I’m so tempted to jump on this right now.  I’ve been eying the Rezound since the Boot Loader was unlocked.  I just want a confirmation of CM9 support and I’ll jump on it.  Even if I could put a full blown CM7 on it now (last I checked none are 100% working) I’d consider jumping all over this. 

      • Droidzilla

        If you’re starting a new contract (which I’d only do if you’re not grandfathered into unlimited data), you can go Amazon and get some killer deals right now. GNex/RAZR are both $99, and the Rezound is $79. If you’re into hacking and such, go for the GNex.

        • AlexKCMO

          I’m tied to VZW for Unlimited Data (so essentially a lifelong customer).

          Problem with the G-Nex is build quality and camera.  Feels very plasticy and poorly built (the store display units have the battery cover almost falling off).  I want a camera I can use when I’m out and see something funny I want a quick picture of.  It’s 2012, my phone’s camera should be better than it was in 2002 (Droid X owner).

          Also… I don’t care if there are 999999 different ROMs, I just want a good, solid, stable one that I know will be updated and not left in the dust, like Liberty has been for the DX.

          • r0lct

            As a former DX user who used Liberty and others I would say Gnex/AOKP is a far superior replacement.  Of course it’s not fair comparing ICS to GB, but it also is ahead of it in customization.

            The camera on the Gnex is 1000000x times better than the DX, if you can’t see then you must be trolling or partially blind.

            Not saying to get Gnex, but just saying the negatives you list either don’t exist of are way over blown.

          • AlexKCMO

            Yes, the camera is better on the GNex, I can’t deny that; but it’s not nearly as good as the Rezound’s (nor is the screen). 

            The build quality still leaves something to be desired.  It just feels very frail compared to my DX.  I’m pretty good about handling my phones, but I don’t want to feel worried about dropping it.

            The price on the Rezound is a big selling point to… especially considering the headphones alone are $100.

          • r0lct

            If the Gnex was in fact fragile I’m sure there’s would be wide spread reports of them breaking (like the iPhone 4 glass backs), it hasn’t happened because the phone is not fragile.  I will agree it may not seem as solid, but I’ve dropped mine already with no more wear than when I did my DX.

            HTC does make great camera, love the camera on my wife’s Inc2.  Is the Rezound camera better than Gnex?  Don’t know.  But I know I get photos from off within 3 to 4 seconds on my Gnex that are clear and that’s very satisfying.

            For me personally I was a long time HTC user before the DX and if they can neuter Sense and get decent battery life out of a phone without a jetpack of an extended battery I would buy HTC again.

          • Droidzilla

            If you’re looking for overall quality and usability and aren’t too concerned with hacking, you can’t go wrong with the RAZR or RAZR Maxx. Don’t listen to the fanbois (seriously, some GNex owners are getting as bad as iPhone owners on here); go check one out for yourself. Also, go check out a Rezound. It’s not as good as the RAZR (stock; Sense slows things down) and the screen is worse, but it’s still a very nice device with some pretty good earbuds for freebies.

          • AlexKCMO

            I do want good stable ROMs that are going to be supported, but I don’t need thousands of different ones to flash every day.  I like to get my phone working well and leave it alone… I’ve been like that since the WinMo 6.x days.  CM updates itself so I want a CM version.

            I have 2 problems with the RAZR.  1) Motorola has been reaming their customers for the last year.  The Bionic > RAZR > RAZR MAXX deal was just terribly executed, and a real slap in the face to those who purchased any of the lesser versions for full price. 

            2) The size.  The bezel is pretty large, and I have big hands.  I felt like it was too wide to get a good grip on for using with 1 hand, and I am a 1 hand texter. 

            I just don’t see any decent development taking place, so I’m going to pass up what might be a fantastic phone.

          • Droidzilla

            I totally disagree on point 1. The RAZR (original, non-Maxx) has better battery life than the standard GNex or Rezound, so it’s no slouch. I have one, and it easily gets me through the day. I don’t know that I’d trade it for a Maxx since I love the thinness of my RAZR (it’s huge, but I literally forget I have it in my pocket sometimes because it’s so thin).

            As to point 2, that’s the type of thing that makes choice great! No matter how uber the device is, if you don’t like using it it’s no good for you. The bezel doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I’m not a one-handed texter. If you are, I could see how the size might be awkward and annoying.

            As for development, don’t count on it with the RAZR. We’ve had a few devs jump aboard, but not many and not much has come of it. You can root and de-bloat/de-Blur, but the phone’s set up so well out of the gate that I’m not inclined to do this (I used to flash a new ROM every week on my OG Droid, too).

            Sounds like the Rezound may be the best fit for you, if you like the screen. It’s good for an LCD, but it’s no sAMOLED (my opinion). Also, the CPU/GPU isn’t quite as good as the GNex/RAZR, but it’s no slouch. If you’re not a huge gamer, you’ll probably never notice the difference.

          • AlexKCMO

            I have a desktop for games.

            I have Android for Angry Birds :-D.

          • Droidzilla

            The Rezound should offer plenty of performance for your needs. I’m sure there are ROMs out there right now without Sense, which would make it fly. If you dig the screen, it’s probably the device for you.

          • AlexKCMO

            I’m pretty sure it is.  There are ROMs, but none with ICS that are 100% working.  I’m just sitting on CM9 right now and waiting for official support. 

            As I understand it, a big issue with “drivers” for all the components.  The Rezound’s processor is on the second wave of phones to be supported.  By then, there may be something bigger and better for me to purchase (but that price point is super sweet). 

            With the speed of tech these days, I’m in no rush because I know whatever I buy will be outdone sooner than later.  With the DX being my first Android device, I’ve made official CM support a requirement of purchasing another device.  Until 9 support is announced, I’m going to sit on my DX, which is still screaming strong.

          • r0lct

            Got tired of making your own WinMo roms in the PPC kitchen?  😛

  • RashadGattis

    Its a great deal but i will stick with my nexus.

  • Kinfolk248

    funny how vzw is trying so hard to push these secondary android phone instead of the PURE ANDROID galaxy nexus. Im pretty sure if vzw did a sale like this with the nexus they wouldnt be able to keep them stocked…

    • That’s exactly why they’re not doing this with the Nexus.  The Nexus is popular, no one wants a Rezound, so they gotta sell them somehow.

      • Kinfolk248

        yea no one wants the lg and the rezound was way overpriced to begin with imo, because the way i see it is this….is the beats by dre a software thing or is it the headphone. because if its the headphones dont make me buy your headphones if i want tht phone. just a gimic…

        • John

          It’s both there is some software on the phone that make music sound awesome and the headphones make it sound even better. Not to mention it has the best display and camera currently available on Verizon

      • majorhunadadun

        Maybe in your closed off world nobody wants one! The Rezound is still the best phone overall on VZ. Camera, screen, feel,even battery. Now I will agree that nobody wants an LG!

        • Colin Zack

          if they were selling so well, why would Verizon have them at $99 knowing people would buy them at more?

          • majorhunadadun

            Because didn’t push it for shite. It’s a total darkhorse! That’s one of the things of like about it! If it had Droid branding, total different story!

          • Colin Zack

            didn’t push it? Everytime I watch TV there’s that Rezound commercial with the guy walking through the city. Now I do agree about the Droid branding, but there was definitely a fair amount of commercials for it.

          • majorhunadadun

            It got lost in the Razr and Nexus swarm. I had the Nexus and that thing went back a week later! Anyway the Rezound is truly a great phone. I’m not sure what you have but here’s your opp to getchu some for $99!!

          • Colin Zack

            I have a Nexus. I played with the Rezound. It was nice. I really liked what I saw, but not more than the Nexus. 

          • Nexus123

            Hey, the Rezound is a Great Phone…..for$99

          • majorhunadadun

            Cool man! I tried out the Chrome browser and really dug it! You using that??

          • Colin Zack

            Yeah its been great. For anything not requiring flash I’ve been using it as the main browser. Occasionally you can tell its a beta, but aside from that its great. Any ICS roms for the Rezound?

      • poeddroiduser

         Tried to get VZW to via phone to make me a deal on GNex and they basic told me to go to ATT if I didn’t like the $249 price.  My OG is on last legs but can’t get VZW to budge.

        • Undecided smartphone buyer

          Galaxy Nexus is still $219 at Costco with free extended battery and cover..

          • Nexus123

            And how much is it to join Cisco if you do not belong?

        • The GNex is $99 on upgrade at Amazon Wireless…

          • longhairbilly

            Gnex price on Amazon is $99 for NEW customers. He is a Verizon customer already so the price is $230.

      • Edwin M

        I beg to differ. I was on a budget when I bought my Rezound back on black Friday. I very much enjoy the phone. I think hardware-wise, its much better than the G-Nex. The bootloader is easily unlocked and the phone has great support from the dev community. Also, there are a lot of people who are just average Android users and they’re used to sense or blur so they will stick with what they know as well.

      • cooksta32676

        They have a large inventory, so they push them heavily. If you go to a car dealership, do they push their most expensive car on you? No, they push whatever they want to get rid of based on inventory. Oh, and by the way, Rezound, rooted without sense absolutely punishes the Gnex on speed. Better camera, better radio, better screen. Yes sense isn’t for everyone, but 98% people walking in and out of the VZ store don’t care.

    • S_T_R

       Or…the Nexus is selling itself right now and they don’t need a rush to burn out stock. For a business “out of stock”=lost sales. Nexus was the top selling Android on VZW in December without any marketing. No reason to think it’s been dethroned by skittle packs of RAZR and an LG phone.

      • Nexus123

        Really? Nexus was the best selling phone in December and had 2 weeks or less for sales. That’s pretty good.

    • Droidaddict65

       VZW is selling these phones cause HTC and LG will be introducing new devices at MWC next week. They will be replacements from those manufactures. HTC will be releasing the Fireball and LG will probably releasing something as well.

  • That price for the HTC Rezound is amazing. A great phone that is getting ICS with amazing build, and Beats Earbuds is fantastic!

    • S_T_R

       I’m not sure everyone has grasped what you have. The Beats earbuds bundled with this phone sell for $99 by themselves. It’s basically a free phone with an accessory bundle priced in.

      • hkklife

        Yup. I just told a buddy of mine to jump on this deal and Fleabay the Beats earphones that come with the Rezound. That sould essentially give him an awesome “free” phone.