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Galaxy Nexus LTE Landscape Dock with 3-Pin Connector Appears at Samsung Site?

After looking around the Samsung accessory site, we have stumbled upon a 3-pin landscape dock for the i515 (US version) Galaxy Nexus. Previously, we had not known whether or not the US would be lucky enough to see a horizontal 3-pin dock like this, but it looks like we’re getting closer to being in luck. The unit goes for about $90 and is listed as “Out of Stock.” We will get a hold of Samsung to find out what the deal is. Also, you can “backorder” it now which will at least set you up to receive notification when it becomes available. 

Who here has been waiting too long for this dock or any Nexus dock for that matter?

Via: Samsung Accessories

  • fartbubbler

    these appear to be available, there is no “Out of Stock” tag on the website anymore.

  • RC

    I think I will use a card holder….$90 is way too much…Can’t believe that there isn’t a decent dock for the verizon galaxy nexus…

  • A few other sites had links to launch an email campaign about the 3 pin docks. One site had over 300 responses with replies from Samsung.

    Maybe they’re listening and introducing the products?

  • Jdstell

    You’ve got to be kidding. Screw you, Samsung.

  • Jeff Metzger

    $90? No thanks, I’ll keep that $90 towards my next phone, and keep plugging my Gnex in manually. Or just grab a knock off on Ebay for $25.

  • Barrybostwick

    For all of those who are looking for a car dock, I bought this universal car dock and it works great!

    • Anon

       interesting you link some generic car mount without the three pin addition….thanks for wasting my time.

  • xiaohua22


  • Tybalt2011

    It has a line out audio output… that’s tempting.  Certainly not $90 tempting though.  For $90 I want wireless networking to stream data to my computer.  Oh, and to make coffee for me in the morning. : )

  • Liderc

    I’d probably pay 50 bucks for this, but 90 seems a bit out there for this type of dock.  I’ve really been looking forward to this dock to put it on my desk to charge, but no hdmi out and only one port on the thing?  Seems like a pointless dock except for maybe just an alarm clock that charges the phone without plugging it in.  I wouldn’t mind paying 40-50 bucks for it, but still seems pretty limited in functionality for the high price.

  • Davros

    Anybody else ever get a small shock when plugging in to charge when your finger was touching the three pins?

  • $90???? For a dock?

  • MikeCiggy

    Only thing about this is that it probably wont work with my case. It’s a thin tpu case with extended battery but chances are it wont make contact even though the pins are exposed. Maybe they left some room? But probably not. 

  • I hope both the i515 and the future car dock work with the extended battery!  Seeing as you must have the extended battery if you want to use your phone for 8-10 hours while at work.

  • Omgitzjose

    I can’t understand why theyve released no accessories for this phone

  • Ordered the Car dock and desk dock on december 12th and still waiting.

  • Steven Machado

    I cant find this damn thing anywhere

  • Jim McClain

    anybody else notice that when you have an incoming call and the person is on your contact list with a picture of the person, the pic blows up to fill the screen and its so blurry its hard to tell who it is

  • yinyin22
  • $90!?!? That’s crApple pricing!

  • Redflea

    Will never, ever buy at anything near that price point…just insulting.

  • Threeply

    still 2 pricey but I like it if only there is a extra battery charger 2

  • PC_Tool

    There’s no need for this to work with the extended battery folks.  It charges…your battery.  Save the extended for trips and use the normal one during the work-week. 


    …and it’ll sell on Amazon for $45 easy.  $90 is the MSRP, and very few idiots even pay that.

    • Not to mention, Amazon loves to punch their wireless competitors in the childbearing area. I’m sending them an email now 😉

  • Zebra

    A lot of bad things can be said about Motorola, but at least they have good accessories.

    • EC8CH

      and they launch when their phones do for the most part

  • ravik212

    I’m just going to say this,. I’m highly disappointed in VZW, Samsung and Google in the way they’ve handled the Galaxy Nexus phone. From the, what seemed to be forever unknown anticipated release date, to the updates of ICS and to the accessories. Galaxy Nexus is on 4.0.2 still. There’s no hardware accessories to stand out. The only thing its got going are case, you can buy online, if they fit.

    Its like they know this phone is great, but there’s no backup for it. I guess in that sense Moto has done good. There’s already like 3 variants of the RAZR, not including colors. The nexus feels like a project they threw out there just to try out ICS. There’s not backup for it. I mean, they do realize this phone is a major milestone for Android don’t they? After all, its a Nexus right?

    • MKader17

      It really makes no sense to me. I really feel like Verizon couldn’t care less about the phone. They have their Droid flagship device and they are just selling this because the pressure was great enough and the money to be made was great enough to make it worth it.

      On the other hand I don’t get Google and Samsung. This is their respective flagship phone. Why wouldn’t they support it 100%. is there something wrong with the 3 pins that is causing the problem? If so, why not come out and say it? If so, why was it not fixed in the design phase??? It really confuses me because this is the absolute best iPhone competitor and they are not attractive average consumers, only enthusiasts…

      • Evan Knofsky

        It’s Google’s flagship phone, Samsung has the S2 currently and the S3 coming out soon.

  • Jim McClain

    cant even get updates for this thing, i’ll be damn if I spend another penny on it

    • staticx57

      How is the ICS for your RAZR coming? Oh wait, it isn’t at all.

      • Jim McClain

        i dont have a razor

        • beerme828

          whats a “razor”?

          • Jim McClain

            its what i feeling like using on my throat after buying this damn nexus

          • staticx57

            Then go return it for a RAZR which we all know you want. I hear gingerbread is great this time of the year. Plus as an added benefit you get to stay on gingerbread for the foreseeable future. Win-Win for you it seems.

    • lol the phone has been out 2 months. chill.

      • Jim McClain

        gettin tired or waiting for updates,none since day one, it was clearly not ready to be released, just want what I paid for that all, no more no less

        • MKader17

          Is the phone not good enough? If they never talked about updates would you care? I have had no problem with 4.0.2. An update to me is really just more icing.

      • Keii Graham

        Smartphones don’t have a very long half-life in the current market. Two months is a long time to wait for core accessories.

  • Jim McClain

    i wouldnt pay it, or the 75 or so for the car dock, bought a universal fit off ebay for 7 bucks , will have this thing for about 18 months, not worth it to me

  • Sqube

    I don’t need my phone to look like an alarm clock that badly, Samsung. $90?


  • EC8CH

    That’s like 30 bucks per seashell.

  • zUFC

    I’m probably wrong but i could of sworn i saw (in a few different places) that those pins do nothing on the verizon version? They said they are connected to nothing inside.

    again, probably wrong but i though i heard from one of the places being here….

    • EC8CH

      actually on the Verizon version they are connected to the internal bacon dispenser.

      • Tim_Horton

        This explains alot, horrible design as its just getting mashed about inside the gnex.

        That 90$ dock must enable the external bacon dispenser…bastages.

        • EC8CH

          yep, bacon passes through the pogo pins somehow

          gimme my bacon!

        • CORYK333

          BASTAGES!!!!!! You win today my friend (HIGHLY doubt most cats on here got it though)

    • yea,  i think samsung would sell a product that doesn’t work for the compatible phone.

  • ckeegan

    Car dock or nothing.

  • Barlog

    Been waiting for this, but $90 is way to much!

  • Give us the freakin Car dock!!! We are all willing to pay!!!!

  • For $90 it better give me a BJ every night before bedtime and wake me up with breakfast in bed.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    This is one of the few gripes I have with android…it’s next to impossible to find decent accessories for a phone as opposed to idevices..

    • Tim_Horton

      Once something sells 3 million the aftermarket will start to pay attention, but by that time there is something newer out. Its like aftermarket suicide.  Thats why most of us rely on manufacturers for some solid accessories. 

      HTC used to do that but their stuff was always cheapy feeling and weird looking to me anyways (or late like the Tbolt dock!).  
      Thats the one area Moto. usually does well in – their 90 flavors of docks are all sitting on the shelf on launch day. 
      Samsung just sucks for accessories, period. 

      The good news is Nexus devices usually at least have a measured lifespan as reference devices so a few extra aftermarkets will make stuff for em which is cool. 

  • fartbubbler

    $90 ?!!!  

    I guess if they wait long enough to release it, they hope we’ll all be desperate enough to pay that.

  • Wondering if that $90 isn’t a real price point, just a placeholder that will deter people from trying to find ways around the “out of stock” button.

  • Jikhead

    $90?  Are we sure this isn’t an over-priced Apple product?

  • Binglut9

    usually when the price is just a placeholder I wouldn’t get too crazy about it saying 90$

  • For 90 they better be sending me a south korean broad for a hummer along with the dock.

  • BrianWenger

    Let’s go car dock.