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Moneto NFC Enabling microSD Cards Now Available for $30, Android App Too

Since there aren’t enough phones with built-in NFC chips, companies are looking for ways to make them NFC-enabled after the fact. One of those companies in Moneto who has figured out a way to embed a secure NFC element into a microSD card. That card pairs with their Android app which then allows you to make payments through MasterCard PayPass payment systems. It should work in a similar fashion to Google Wallet, however, you don’t need a phone approved for Wallet.

Their currently compatible lineup list only includes Galaxy S phones, so if you own a Moto or HTC device, you will be waiting a bit. They claim to be adding new models all of the time though.

The package for Android is $29.95, but that includes the 1GB microSD card, an NFC signal boosting sticker, a prepaid debit card, and $10 to spend as you please using their Android app. If you are locked into a RAZR or Rezound for 2 years without NFC, this is something you may want to keep an eye on.

More info:  Moneto | Market Link

Cheers Nelson!


    “What is the sticker applicator and how do I install it?
    sticker applicator is used in conjunction with the microSD to emit the
    signal required to make mobile payments. The sticker “boosts” the signal
    that originates from the microSD so transactions can be complete.’


    • KRS_Won

      All NFC use this or a form of it as an antenna. With the Nexus, it’s on its special battery, get a extended battery that isn’t factory, and you lose NFC funtions.

  • Lenny

     Fee Description


    Annual fee

    Monthly fee

    POS signature transaction—domestic

    ATM cash withdrawal—domestic

    Balance inquiry—on the phone, online or automated

    Customer service with a live agent

    Direct deposit

    ATM balance inquiry—domestic

    ATM insufficient funds/decline—domestic

    ATM cash withdrawal—international

    ATM balance inquiry—international

    ATM insufficient funds/decline—international

    POS insufficient funds/decline—domestic

    POS pin transaction—international

    POS signature transaction—international

    POS insufficient funds/decline—international


    Statement—electronic (online at moneto.me)

    Money move card to card

    Money move—card to bank

    Bill payment—electronic

    Bill payment—paper check

    Cash withdrawal from a bank

    Check printing fee (for refunds)

    Inactivity fee

    Card and microsSD replacement fee

    Replacement card and microSD express service

  • Craig

    I’m not too worried about having a non NFC equipped phone for two years. I honestly think I need this like I need a hole in my head 🙂

    • I think the saying is an extra hole in your head. Because you definitely need holes in your head for eating, smelling, seeing, speaking, and doing cocaine.
      Disregard this comment if you were likening this product to actual necessity of aforementioned holes.

  • KRS_Won

    Netcom has something similar, but with an 8gb card.. but still not enough. I don’t think NFC will pick up any steam until NFC/SD cards are at least 16gb, the *phone has it, and/or verizon okays it.

    BTW the market says it’s compatible with all of my devices, which include an OG, X2, and a MAXX.

    Maybe Verizon will give more info on ISIS at SXSW next month.

  • it seems to be for more than just the Galaxy S phones, the OG Droid, HTC thunderbolt, and HTC Incredible are all compatible with the App according to the browser-based Android market

    • and their promo image looks suspiciously like my Dinc….

  • Taglogical

    Why make poor thieves go through all the trouble of having to get in range of my phone that’s (“Securely”) broadcasting my personal and financial details to steel all my %&@$… does anyone have an email address that I could just email everything someone needs to steel everything I have?

    • Tim242

      You obviously have never used NFC, nor do you have a clue as to how it works. Your phone isn’t broadcasting anything. Two objects have to literally TOUCH to do anything. Then, you have to enter a PIN. It would be easier to pick your pocket. Ignorance must be bliss.

  • teleclimber

    2006 called, they want their UI back.

    • bob

      the 1980’s called, they want you to stop using their joke.

  • kixofmyg0t

    ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!!

  • looks like an iphone screenshot on that phone!!

  • Tim242

    I just want Google to get prepaid back up. It is frustrating to have money on there, and not be able to re-add my card.

    • tjpeco

      Its already back up.  It was back up 4 days after they took it down.

      • Tim242

        No, it’s not. They opened it back up for provisioning if new cards. However, people that previously had one cannot re-add them. They said in an email to me last night that it will be about 2 more weeks.

        • snowblind64

          Interesting. I have had Google Wallet on my G-Nex since December. I remember it going down (balance not updating, still seemed to work) for a weekend a couple weeks back but it’s worked fine since. Is this only an issue if you clear data on the Wallet app?

          • Tim242

            Yes. If you clear it, it will not reload. It will say, “Prepaid not available.”. I thought it was fixed for all, so I cleared it to update to AOKP 23. Now, I’m without my novelty wallet haha

          • C-Law

            I also still get “prepaid unavailable” in Wallet

  • sgtguthrie

    1GB??? REALLY??? That’s not nearly enough! How much of that is even user accessible? Maybe if it was 16 or 32, but it’s certainly not a good tradeoff for limited NFC functionality…

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    • Noyfb

      Moneto’s app under permission’s wants to be able to: directly call phone numbers, full internet, and gps. I can understand full internet maybe gps, but why directly call phone numbers?

  • EC8CH

    Verizon should block this app for “security” reasons


    1GB kills it for any phone that doesn’t have onboard storage. Having to use their app isn’t fun either. I guess if you don’t have NFC it gives you the option at least. You’d be missing out on other fun stuff like programming your own tags to do certain things when your phone is placed on them.

    • rynee

      Get NFC task launcher from play store

  • Me

    Awesome but 1GB?

  • Droidzilla

    Needs moar geebees.

    • Michael_NM

      Yes, and how do I get it into my white iPhon’t. 😛

      • Droidzilla

        Step 1: Go to eBay.
        Step 2: Sell iPhone.
        Step 3: Get GNex/RAZR/Rezound/SGSII/GNote
        Step 4: Frolic in the meadow out of happiness.

      • Noz

        They actually sell a case with the nfc built in, but I favor droidzilla’s reply

    •  luckily i have a microSD slot built into my wallet.  win win!