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LG Announces the Optimus Vu – 5-inch IPS Display, LTE, Dual-core Processor, and Just 8.5mm Thick

LG has announced the Optimus Vu today ahead of Mobile World Congress. The device – as was rumored – will sport a 5″ IPS display with 4:3 aspect ratio, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, LTE, 2080mAh battery, Gingerbread and is just 8.5mm thick. It’s one odd device, to say the least. If you thought the Galaxy Note and its 5.3″ screen was pushing the limits, a phone with a 4:3 ratio is even crazier. While the device is incredibly thin, I’m not sure that many will jump for a phone that is built like a square. That is certainly a ton of screen real estate – we’ll see how the public reacts when it goes public at MWC later this month.

Via:  LG

  • Imam88

    why would get that ?

  • Missthetrain

    Yep, perfect size for me. Oh…and the phone is a bit too big.

  • Anonymous

    Ice cream sandwhich was released? Gingerbread should be good enough.

    Phones screens are 16:9 now? 4:3 should be good enough.

    Some phones sell really well? This should be good enough.

  • Dominick_7

    I LOVE that more 5 inch devices are coming out. The form factor being a square is.. weird.. but I have an open mind. My heart is set on the Galaxy Note coming to Verizon, if not then the International version on At&t, unfortunately moving from Verizon after over a decade of service with them. If the Verizon version came with an Exynos CPU, and then of course LTE, that would be amazing.. but an IPS screen PLUS Eexynos processor…?? Or even a Quad core Exynos..?? Wow. That would be the smartphone to rule all them all. I like the specs on this smartphone for most part though. Its definitely interesting.

  • Anonymous

    LG, you are going backwards…

    I don’t have any idea why you and Apple are doing this… 🙁

  • shopDroid

    fail.  bad form factor – almost square.  Ugly.  Better be cheap (<200) or another bust.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely not.

  • Charlie

    If this even does make it to the States, it probably wouldn’t be until Q4.

  • Interstellarmind

    if i didn’t have my g-nex, and didn’t have na aversion to buying an LG phone i’d get this. this form factor is the best, in my opinion. it’s just liked a “padd” from star trek – and since star trek got the cell phone right, i cna’t imagine this idea can’t be the future.

  • That aspect ratio looks like it would be better suited for an embedded device, say an interactive display for a refrigerator, with a front camera for barcode scanning…

  • LG fails at making phones.

  • How am I supposed to hold this to my face with one hand?

  • I can only guess that the 4:3 ratio fits that two-page book layout they’re showing and possibly for low-bandwidth tv shows maybe?  But I do applaud their willingness to “Think Different” so to speak.  

    That’s the great thing about Android phones – the decision on what form factor you want is up to the consumer. I’m toting around a Galaxy Note myself and I love having the combo phone-tablet device.

  • Sp4rxx

    It looks like someone hacked in to a digital picture frame and installed Android on it.

    That is absolutely hideous.

  • Anonymous

    Why won’t they just name it mini tablet, I mean just look at that thing. LG Does not mix with Smartphone at all. 

  • seems more like a tablet to me. it’s awkward, and no better than anything in Nov. of last year. I can only see women who carry purses wanting this tank.

  • Weebeethem

    I see a pretty lady holding a fail. 

  • Joey

    Anyone want to make a chart based on actual screen area? Units of in^2… 

    • Anonymous

      if you figure a^2+b^2=c^2…if it has a 5 inch diagonal…a^2+b^2=5^2(or 5^2=25) 16+9=25…now take the square root of that…you get 4+3=5…to find the area of a rectangle its L*W=Area…length is 4, width is 3…so 4*3=12…the screen area of the vu is 12 square inches

      • Joey

        Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant this phone vs. other phones. This one looks huge in terms of screen area. But thank you for the math and explanation. We might need some calculus for for the Nexus’ curved screen.

        • Anonymous

          we’d just have to know if the 4.65 is across the curve or with the curve…we’d just have to find the length and width of any screen(curved or otherwise) and we could figure the area

  • Lgreg64

    Like someone once said.
    We’re bustin’ out of this L seven squareFreaks like you and I could never funk from there.

  • Anonymous

    Hardware buttons and Gingerbread are inexcusable.

  • EC8CH

    What’s more retarded…

    Device in her hand or look on her face?

    • CharlieSirfsteen

      Racist prick!

      • Joey

        While mean, that comment didn’t seem racist to me.

      • EC8CH

        Don’t know how you can imply racism… Pretty sure people from all races are equally capable of making goofy looking faces.

  • fartbubbler

    none for me, thanks.

  • joey.

    How the hell are you supposed to use that as a phone? LG is doing too much. Next!

  • Anonymous

    LG needs to stick to feature phones and let the big boys make smart phones 😛

  • Davros

    4:3 ratio? Can I hook my Betamax or vcr to it? 😀

    • Anonymous


    • Russ

       The Galaxy Note comes with a stylus. This thing should come with a chisel.

  • Anonymous

    i was just thinking to myself “self, i need a 5″ tv from back in my childhood to carry around in my po…oh, look, LG is giving it to me…at least the screen”

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        the tvs that they had before flat panel tvs were 4:3 ratio

  • It looks like a super low quality, no-brand, joke of a device in the picture.

    Does anyone really understand why they made this thing? 4:3 even. It’s mind bottling.

    • Honk

      Marketing ploy for idiots, who think because LG spouts it that 4X3 is wider than 16X9. joke is 8 to 10 yrs ago marketing retards said 16X9 is larger. It isn’t more real estate just shifted about. What would matter is if it was say 1280X1024 as in more pixels.

  • That is a puny tablet!

    All kidding aside though, are Samsung and LG all of sudden in a competition to create the ugliest looking device?  Because Apple already has that title.

    • Anonymous

      …-_- . .  . playing to the home crowd there buddy?

    • jesy

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    • Scott

       Apple produces great looking device in its own way.  These are just ugly and only Gingerbread!  Seriously?

      • Billyrouth2000

        Apple creates boring looging devices.

    • Anonymous

      To go along with their titles of top smartphone manufacturer, top tablet manufacturer, and by far and away the most profitable in BOTH categories 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. That phone is insane looking.

  • Worm

    Way to assert your position of making phones no one wants in the Android game, LG.

    • The funny thing is, they did really well with their Optimus line previously. I worked at Best Buy when they came out for multiple carriers. They weren’t phones readers of this site would probably buy, but we sold a ton of them to people buying their first smartphone, and they were really solid little phones. And they were shipping with Froyo when the Galaxy S line wasn’t, IIRC. 

      So clearly LG can get it right sometimes…just can’t figure out what they were thinking with this thing. 

  • Noyfb

    I wonder what other small things look big in her hands ; p

    I’m 6’2, a 5 inch tab/phone is perfect for me, but i don’t have a lot of faith in LG devices. Next to the Sammy Note though, the screen looks bigger, maybe because of those square edges.Doesn’t look like it would slide well in and out of your pockets. And the Note is getting or is suppose to have ICS as well.But the colors look amazing, but I am viewing this on my Nexus. I’d Definitely like to check this out and see a side by side comparison with the note.

    • Big Red

       I’m in the same boat as you. I do laugh though with the tiny woman making that thing look like a 10″ tab lol

      • LionStone

        Aw come on, if that tiny thing can handle 5″…I’m sure you can too. 🙂

        • Big Red


          • LionStone


  • Paul


  • Djenks24

    Awesome, as soon as Motorola makes a 5″ or bigger its mine

    • Because nothing beats a larger locked bootloader…YAY!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    4:3? No thanks. What the hell were they thinking?

    • Anonymous

      Probably will be binged, have random reboots, and get only one os upgrade in December. Just like my revo…

      No thanks….

    • Anonymous

      I guess they figured if Apple is selling millions of devices with that res, maybe we’ll get lucky.