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Is This Motorola’s First Tegra 3 Quad-Core Phone with 2GB of RAM or Just a Render?

Real or render? That’s the question on everyone’s mind this morning when referencing the picture above. The photo and spec list was apparently posted to Concept Phones at some point and then possibly spread across the globe quicker than Kate Upton on the Cover of SI’s swimsuit issue. The post from that site clearly calls this a render, but since it looks like an actual photo, people are running with it today as being legit. Can’t say that I’m ready to buy into it being real, but let’s still walk about what we are seeing.

Called the “Atrix 3,” this device (in theory) would have an HD screen, 10MP shooter, 3300mAh battery, quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 2GB of RAM. As long as the bootloader is unlockable, this would be a dream phone, right? Except for a couple of things. Moto is using 13MP cameras in its high end devices now (that would be their HD phones in China), plus we are still not sure if they would be willing to jump back in with NVIDIA. As you all know, their experience with Tegra 2 last year had all sorts of drama. But, with NVIDIA producing the only working quad-core chip at this point, you have to at least consider that they could partner up one more time.

So you guys decide if this thing is legit or just a dream. We first reported back in April of last year that Moto had two Tegra 3 concepts going, maybe this is one of them?

Via:  HDBlog, Tianjin Daily

  • mikeym0p

    I’m holding my breath until I see that the screen is less that or equal too 4.3 inches (or Gnex size without buttons)

  • if it was then it needs the finger scanner again

  • Already proven fake.

  • Jim McClain

     dont care if its unlocked or not, id trade this nexus for it in a heartbeat

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a nexus with some Photoshop Motorola on top…

  • Anonymous

    If the specs are true and the bootloader is unlocked Moto might bring me back.  Sure to piss of the Razr folks; I know I would.

  • Guest

    If this phone has a screen that’s BIGGER than 4.3″ then I want it badly!!!  All the other specs look good and I would hope that it would even still fit my Bionic’s Lapdock which would be great!!

    Bring it on.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think that that is the nexus. Looking at where the front facing camera is located, the gnexs ffc is located closer to the right edge of the phone while this is located closer to the center. Plus the overall shape looks much more squared.

  • Anonymous

    not at all this is a nexus with motorola photoshopped onto it the “motorola” is off center…this isn’t apple were talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Shopped…. you can see the GNex headphone port just slightly.  

  • Anonymous

    GNex + Sticker


    I would hope that the Motorola logo would at least be centered on the phone…..

  • Anonymous

     Droid MOTONEXS

  • Looks like someone slapped a Moto logo on a Gnex

  • Larry Mao

    You guys are enabling Motorola to screw customers left and right. All Android blogs should band together and have a policy of not reporting on new Android devices from manufacturers that fail to support their devices or unlock their bootloaders. Come up with some criteria and sign a petition to get this going. This would effectively mean that Motorola would lose out on all the free publicity you guys give it, and it would prevent other Android users from getting burned by their shoddy support.

    At the very least, each blogpost/article should contain 1 paragraph outlining how bad the manufacturer being mentioned is at supporting their phones or fixing software issues.

    Motorola fails in both.

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I’m curious what your problems are? I understand the locked bootloader.  I REALLY hope they come up with some solution for that and I believe they will.  However, not everyone cares all that much about it.  I would argue that MOST people could care less.  As far as support, I don’t get that argument either.  In the last few weeks, I think every phone they released last year has had an update of some sort.  I have the original Atrix and have had 4 updates in less than one year.  I had Samsung before and never got a single update.  They recently finally upgraded the Captivate to Gingerbread in the last few weeks.  Some might argue that Q3 update for the Atrix is too long but I don’t think it’s bad.  I will have had 4 updates in just over a year, including 2 major version upgrades (2.2>2.3>4.0).  I think Motorola is doing a great job and hope they come out with this phone.  It will definitely be my next phone!

      • Anonymous

        with such high expectations, you should probably buy an iphone instead.

        • Daniel Rosseau

          I wouldn’t use an iphone if it was given to me.  What are my high expectations anyway?  It looks more to me like I made observations.  My only expectation is they will unlock the bootloader at some point I guess…..

          • Anonymous

             I hate to be the grammar nazi but the phrase is *couldn’t* care less. In other words if you could care less then there is something worse that what you are discussing.

      • Gunther

         That’s because you are not a Droid X owner. They made that phone unusable after Gingerbread and have yet to fix the mess

    • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

      You do realize the name of the site you’re currently on is DRIOD Life right lol? Good try, but I think you’re just spinning your wheels here.

    • Jak_341

      I like the way you think.

    • Zebra

      The vast majority of consumers don’t know what a bootloader is let alone care to unlock it or root their phone. Everyone here can internet rage all they want about Moto, but the bottom line is Moto’s going to continue making phones the way they do and they are going to continue selling well. 

  • Anonymous

    That moto logo looks a bit off center.. 

  • Anonymous

    Motorola is dead to me.

  • Anonymous

    Those specs plus un-molested ICS(with no physical buttons) and i’d actually consider moving away from my GNex. But yeah that looks like a GNex with a moto logo.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Moto isn’t even centered on the phone, which makes me think it is photoshopped.

    As far as a G-nex, I don’t think it is. If you look at the glimmer of light next to the ear piece and compare it to the GNex, it would be right in between the sensors and the front facing camera.

    Also the top looks slightly more flat and the ear piece is closer to the top.

    I guess someone could go through the trouble to change that but I don’t know why they would go through the trouble of changing that “glimmer” and removing the front facing camera.

  • Dickbag

    The motorola logo isn’t even centered correctly haha

    • DroidGuy?

      haha well i guess that answers if it’s real or not

  • df2rools

    i would drop my galaxy nexus if those specs were real, locked bootloader or not!

  • Kris Brandt

    This is a pretty bad photoshop.  If you don’t believe me, why on Earth would Motorola walk away from its current design of angled corners and go with a shape that is most likely going to cause Apple to file a lawsuit?

  • Anonymous

    That looks like a render to me. If you look closely at the Motorola branding there is a faint square box of pixelation around it which would imply that Motorola logo has been added to the picture after the fact

  • Anonymous

    This is an incredibly bad photoshop job. It’s a Galaxy Nexus that someone threw Motorola on top of. If you take the photo into Photoshop and bump up the brightness with curves, you can clearly see that the visual noise around the Motorola logo is dramatically different than the rest of the photo. Zoom further in and you can see the exact edges / pixels (left & right) of the Motorola copy-n-paste hack job.


    • Ben

      I can tell by the pixels

  • Jak_341

    Blur + locked bootloader + limited or delayed updates = Phone dead on arrival.

    Yet another Moto fail.

    • Butters619

      I am not quite sure why people always say this about Moto, but don’t bash HTC or Samsung as hard.  Last I looked HTC sense is worse than Blur and Moto updates their devices as fast or faster than the others.

      • deez

        Uhh…where are you looking exactly?

        • Anonymous

           HTC Thunderbolt awful performance and poor battery life. Samsung Charge good screen but again poor battery life and no updates what so ever. more examples??

          • Telerien

            I’d have to agree here.  Seeing as sense I’ve owned a moto I’ve had 2 updates 2.2 and 2.3.  HTC is about the same with there updates but Samsung…..your lucky to get one update before they leave you out in the cold.  Heck the Nexus S started with 2.3 and people are still waiting for 4.0 on a developer phone….stock 4.0 and still waiting.  So out of the three Samsung should be getting the flames not Moto

          • Zein

            The Nexus S update has nothing to do with Samsung, that is all Google. You can’t push 4.O if it is not ready, plus it will get it before any Moto phone. It will also get future updates before all the other phones.

  • AndroidX

    Anyone who is willing to get a moto should wait 4 months after release date. That way you can actually buy the phone that should have been released to begin with. ATRIX 3XXX Dev Edition™

    • Anonymous

      These comments are getting pretty stale. Yes, we rubbed salt in Moto owner’s wounds and yes it was funny. But stop. Please.

  • droidrev71

    Happy birthday Kellex!!

  • ddevito

    It fits the same design of the Atrix phones, so it’s believable. I had an Atrix for a couple of weeks last summer – great phone, a true sleeper. Display wasn’t the best, but better than other Motos.

    Also the edge of the bezel looks different than the GNex. 

  • Greg Buxton

    Came to say “looks like a Galaxy Nexus with a poorly photoshopped moto logo on it” and saw that was already covered. =P

    • It’s definitely not the Nexus.  The top and bottom are too square.

      • Steve Benson

        No, sorry, it’s 100% the Nexus. 

  • Drewfus0929

    Like if you went and looked at Kate Upton’s SI cover picture after reading this!

    • Rick


  • bikerbill

    That’s the galaxy nexus with a Photoshop motorola logo on it

  • Anonymous

    This phone looks like the Atrix 2 with the screen off.  The Galaxy Nexus (from the front) has the same silhouette as the Atrix lineup.

  • That’s totally a G-Nex

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a sweet phone, to bad it has a 4.3″ screen and the on screen button it will look like a 4″ screen.

    • Daniel Rosseau

      Which I think is the perfect size! 

  • Butters619

    If this is real I would buy it. Love my Atrix for the most part.

  • Terrible photoshop job the motorola ain’t even centered on the Galaxy nexus its put on LMAO!

  • I concur, that’s a shopped GNex.

  • Mister_Waldo

    Sweet. Love my Bionic finally after all the updates. Can’t wait to see what Moto has in store next

  • Rizheno

    I didn’t know Motorola made the Samsung Galaxy Nexus..

    • Anonymous

      but with a locked bootloader.  it’s the moto way.

    • Lmao I was thinking the same exact thing

    • EC8CH

      Seems Legit

    • Anonymous

      Now I realize why I thought the phone looked so good.

    • shdowman

      Nice G-Nex with moto logo slapped on.. C’mon Kel, took less than a second for most of us to realize this.. /shakes head

      • Its not even centered. Shifted to the right a bit.

        • Noyfb

          Probably a Chinese copy of Motorola, since piracy and copyright laws are non existent in china and they believe they are allowed to steal anyone’s idea on the face of earth. I don’t like chinese made goods anymore, another reason to go with the nexus.

          • TheAnarchistGuy

            do you know that motorola is own by google so why dont you shut the hell up and stop with youre racist call

            sory for the riting mistake im not a anglish native speaker

    •  I dont mind about it, this seems to be a really great beginning for MOTOROLA & GOOGLE!!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like someone ‘shopped a Motorola logo on the Nexus. 

    • Calculatorwatch

      They could’ve at least warped the corners into some funky/stupid/angled design, then it would look more realistic.

      • Anonymous

        or remembered that Motorola almost always brands their phone on TOP not the bottom.

  • Michael Forte

    Like others have said, this looks so similar to the Nexus. Why couldn’t this have been the Nexus instead?

  • Anonymous

    I expect excellent hardware, blur, and a locked bootloader.


  • the chinese article is saying that they got the pic from overseas journalist,

  • Booboolala2000

    Thought Moto was gonna start using Intel chips?

    • Anonymous

      Moto plans to release the iRazr the Tazr and the RazOr with Intel, Tegra 3 and OMAP processors respectively.

      • Sven Enterlein

        I bet that Apple already TM’ed/patented the “iRAZR”

        •  Apple has trademarked all combinations of letters that start with i.

          • EC8CH

            the most appropriate of which is iDiot

        • Anonymous

          Moto said, “Ahh hell, the are going to sue us anyway. Let’s do it.”

  • Binglut9

    The sad part is they will probably ruin it with a crap display

  • Steve

    That looks just like the Nexus imo

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or does that look like the Galaxy Nexus with Motorola branding?