Is This Motorola’s First Tegra 3 Quad-Core Phone with 2GB of RAM or Just a Render?

Real or render? That’s the question on everyone’s mind this morning when referencing the picture above. The photo and spec list was apparently posted to Concept Phones at some point and then possibly spread across the globe quicker than Kate Upton on the Cover of SI’s swimsuit issue. The post from that site clearly calls this a render, but since it looks like an actual photo, people are running with it today as being legit. Can’t say that I’m ready to buy into it being real, but let’s still walk about what we are seeing.

Called the “Atrix 3,” this device (in theory) would have an HD screen, 10MP shooter, 3300mAh battery, quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 2GB of RAM. As long as the bootloader is unlockable, this would be a dream phone, right? Except for a couple of things. Moto is using 13MP cameras in its high end devices now (that would be their HD phones in China), plus we are still not sure if they would be willing to jump back in with NVIDIA. As you all know, their experience with Tegra 2 last year had all sorts of drama. But, with NVIDIA producing the only working quad-core chip at this point, you have to at least consider that they could partner up one more time.

So you guys decide if this thing is legit or just a dream. We first reported back in April of last year that Moto had two Tegra 3 concepts going, maybe this is one of them?

Via:  HDBlog, Tianjin Daily

Grand Theft Auto III Coming To An Android Near You, Get Your Bulletproof Vests Ready

10 years ago this month, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto III to the world. An open world game where you were a lowly thug on the streets of Liberty City and things happened, bad things. No one knew that this game would change how almost every other game after it would play. So to celebrate this benchmark in video games, Rockstar is planning on releasing a mobile version of GTA 3 “later this fall” to a “select new generation of Android devices.” Those devices include the Motorola Droid X2, Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S II and even support for the Motorola XOOM, ASUS Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Rockstar says to “stay tuned for more devices to be announced” on top of that list. Noticeably missing though is the Xperia Play, a ‘Playstation phone’ made specifically for games. Seeing as how GTA 3 made a name for itself on the Playstation 2 this is an odd omission.

It will be interesting to see how well the mobile devices will run this game, but it is 10 years old after all and it did not have the same graphics or size that games these days have. As long as this is reasonably priced I will definitely be looking into this as a game for my XOOM.

Via: Rockstar

Making the Lapdock Useful [Opinion]

One of the most interesting yet useless accessories to the Droid Bionic is the lapdock. When I first saw it at CES I thought it had some potential even though I was astounded that it came with Firefox instead of Chrome. As the reviews came out and I finally spent some time with it, it became obvious that it was hardly useful between the half-baked OS and the horrible mouse and keyboard. That said, I do think that Motorola had a great idea with a bad implementation.

As phones become more powerful and limitations are breached, we’ll still have the issue of trying to do something on a small screen that works better on a larger screen. Motorola’s lapdock and desktop adapter are both trying to give users other form factors to interact with their content on their phones. The problem is, I don’t think Motorola really understands what problem they’re trying to solve (if any).  (more…)

New Atrix 2 Pictures, Massive T-Mobile Device Sale, Unlocked Galaxy SII for Cheap [from AL]

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Motorola Edison Makes Its Way Into the FCC, is the Bigger Atrix Look-a-Like Only Without LTE [from AL]

The Motorola Edison first popped up when one of our readers noticed earlier this week that the name was listed in the DROID Bionic webtop app.  We were pretty clueless at that point as to what the device was, but now know it is the Atrix 2 or revamped Atrix look-a-like that made its way onto a forum back in July.  The device was once rumored to have an HD screen, however, we are only expecting this to be similar to the Bionic, just on AT&T’s network.  And speaking of networks, the FCC filing for this device does not mention the word LTE anywhere.

Continued coverage over at Android Life.

Developer Begins Porting Atrix 4G ROMs to the DROIDX2

Back in July, the DROIDX2 received 2nd-init support – like original DX users had been enjoying – bringing with it the ability to flash custom ROMs.  The only problem has been that there aren’t a ton of developers working on it, so ROMs have been scarce for the most part.  Thankfully, one dev in particular (navenedrob) has decided to start pulling from the massive list of Atrix ROMs and port them over to the DX2.  With both devices running pretty similar specs and chipsets, it shouldn’t be long now before you all have more than a couple of choices.  First up is a stock Android 2.3.4 ROM to get you feeling unBlurred again.

To keep up with the latest ports, follow this XDA thread.

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Comparison: DROID Bionic vs. Atrix 4G vs. Galaxy S 4G vs. Photon 4G

(Click image for full version)

If you were wondering how the DROID Bionic will stack up against some of its beefier competition, then you’ll want to click on the chart above that breaks it all down (excluding the Sensation and EVO 3D for some reason).  Also, if you wanted official specs on the device (like we haven’t seen them enough already), this would be a good place to look.

We get confirmation on everything:  4.3″ qHD screen, LTE, 8MP rear camera (shoots 1080p video), VGA front camera for video chatting, HDMI out, 16GB SD card pre-installed, 14GB (?) internal storage, Swype, “Motorola UI” (aka new Blur), LapDock capabilities, dual-core processor, and mobile hotspot for up to 8 devices.  It has all of the specs needed to be considered a top tier device in 2011.  Whether we think some of those specs actually are top tier is another story for another day.

Oh, and since when does the Photon run HTC Sense 1.6?  Is it from 2009?

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Best Buy’s “Free Phone Wednesday” Kicks Off Tomorrow: Atrix, Nexus S 4G and Fascinate Available at No Cost

When we received a tip earlier in the week that Best Buy was planning something major for August 17 and 22, we were hoping for the world, but were pretty sure they were going to be running free phone promos instead.  Free phones were confirmed today through a small press release.  So for one day only (tomorrow), you can cruise into a Best Buy and pick up an Atrix 4G, Nexus S 4G or Samsung Fascinate for free with a new 2-year contract.  And yes, I said Fascinate – the same phone that Verizon no longer carries.

Hopefully they pick a better Verizon option on the 22nd.

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